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    1. Working for Awareness

      by , 07-17-2019 at 01:21 AM
      I woke up with my second alarm and went straight back to lying down attempting to MILD again. I must have dozed off for a little bit as I come back to awareness with a bright white rectangle close to my face. I imagine it as a computer screen and sure enough, I start to focus on the URL at the top of the screen repeating to myself that I am dreaming. I feel my body start to enter sleep paralysis and I hear some strange noises. I try to wake myself up out of panic by trying to think of my bedroom, but I can only think about work and sitting at my desk looking at my computer screen. I let it happen and suddenly pop into the dream by WILD

      It's difficult to move at first, but I get out of the office chair I'm sitting in and do a reality check. My fingers pass easily through my hand and I feel that I am already more aware because of WILDing instead of DILDing. I want to get outside so I walk to the stairwell and find it blocked by a vending machine. It swings out of the way without effort, though, and I walk down. The stairs get very narrow with more blockages along the way, but I finally make it out into a grassy hill. In front of me are mountains with many homes built around the base. To my left it looks like some plains with a dust devil or small tornado. I sit down cross legged in the grass to boost my awareness. I once again perform a reality check which I do easily. I then say out loud, "Clarity now", in a calm but commanding voice and my vision becomes pixelated-like for a split second and a sound like a high pitched ring occurs. It subsides leaving me with a much clearer vision and more awareness, and I'm stunned for a minute that it worked so well. I decide I want to talk to my subconscious so I start walking down a street with houses on both sides. I imagine a bench on the left side while looking at my hands and sure enough, I look up and a bench is there, although a little lopsided. I sit down and ask to speak with my subconscious. Out of the right side of my vision, a blonde girl walks towards the house that I'm facing. She greets me and walks in some side entrance to open the front door for me. I thank her and walk inside. She starts talking to me but I'm trying to focus on staying aware and I tell her this. I remark that I need to work on making my awareness - boosting routine get my awareness in the dream to last longer. When I finally sit down, she starts talking to me again, but the dream fades out quickly.
    2. Subconscious became mad at me

      by , 04-08-2019 at 09:31 AM
      So I started using the Awoken smartphone app to train myself to do Reality Checks in my dream. It works like a charm, for me at least. After responding to the app for only one day, I had 3 lucids last night. The most interesting of them was the one where I realized my goal and tried to gain control over/access to it. Below is my DJ entry.


      I'm in this wacky world where there are all sorts of zany characters running around. It feels like a game mixed with a children's TV show. I have been here before in a previous dream and I become lucid.

      I remember my goal, the reason I'm lucid dreaming in the first place and realize I have no interest in this weird world and dream freedom. I'm here to talk to my subconscious. So I try to focus and clear out the world so I have complete emptiness. It doesn't work, so I treat my dream as a machine that accepts commands and tell it to "clear out everything". And it does, it literally removed everything leaving me in complete darkness.

      Now that I have what I want, I say to my subconscious: "Give me access to my subconscious." I do not get a response, but I can see my subconscious trying to force the world back in which I was standing before, forcefully trying to move it into place, I can even see white, bony hands trying to push the scene back together for me to walk in. I refuse and push it away with my mind and ask loudly: "Why won't you give me access!?"

      Then a feeling of fear developed inside of me and out of nowhere the mad Majora's Mask moon shows up underneath me and a dark, angry voice resonated throughout the world: "WHY DO YOU WANT ACCESS TO SOMETHING YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!?" The voice surprises me and I am shocked my subconscious is this violent towards me. It's not just shock because of the response. The amount of power this entity exerted towards me was of such a degree that I felt like it could kill me instantly if it wished to do so. I froze for a second when it appeared in that fashion.

      The voice keeps on talking on why I have no business trying to meddle in something beyond my control and it has me wake up to a false awakening again, but I am completely conscious of the fact that I am dreaming still. The house is very different. Not in the sense that the layout or location is different, but something else completely. It's dark, not only literally, but it feels like I'm somewhere I have no control. I feel fear inside of me as I see eyes on the walls everywhere, connected to each other like neurons and information travelling between them as electricity, as this voice keeps on rambling like a higher being, explaining that I shouldn't have access to things I will not understand anyway. I walk through the house and the walls are the same everywhere, with eyes looking at me. It feels really uncomfortable as I'm trying to explore the house. When I get to the kitchen, my dream has started taking over again, as my consciousness is fading and the last thing I see is myself walking back to bed. And that is where the memory ends.


      That was quite the experience. I think maybe I came on to strong. Tonight, if I become lucid, I'll try just talking to it first, just a conversation, rather than demanding access immediately. Hopefully it will be more agreeable then XD.
    3. Most LDs In One Night Ever! - September 29

      , 09-29-2018 at 06:14 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 29 2018

      Background - i didn't get nearly enough sleep during the week (b/t 5 and 6.5 hours a night) so i haven't had lucids since last sunday and have only been remembering 1-2 dreams a night on avg. so maybe this was sort of an extended REM rebound effect? i didn't sit down to meditate (although at many points i made myself hyper-aware) or visit the bathhouse, but anyway i remembered to do math in most of my lucids, got to talk to my dream guide (or it felt like it), and got my subconscious to play music. p. cool night!

      3 NLs - before waking at 5:30 (went to sleep 11:45) (fortunately i wrote all of these down)
      * in 9, my parents are talking to "Mr Jeff" in the front porch, talking about walking sticks as "staves", they examine one i found in the forest when we went to the cabin at the beginning of august
      * in 8, seeing an older woman out of the apartment who had just helped F and I with something or was maybe just visiting. she has the body of a younger person but has surface-level wrinkles, almost like they're a painted-on texture with no depth (they're white) and I think she even had black hair. but her skin also looks quite dry. she reminded me of one of my neighbors who walks two dogs
      * in 512 (grandpa's house) with F and my dad. F and I are sitting at the dining table across from each other, dad is to the right. i have tea and she has water, my dad asks for some of my soft drink because there's some rule that anytime i have soft drinks he gets a portion (he used to do this IRL too ;_ but i tell him i'm drinking tea and that i don't (or barely) drink soft drinks anymore, he points out a detailed list of times i've had soft drinks over the last year. i'm eating a wrap and unexpectedly i see a splotch of guacamole getting pushed out of the top like a tube of toothpaste, i lick it so it doesn't fall and i can vividly remember the taste - it was spot-on. really good guac!

      LD 1 - WILD after WBTB - after lots of HI coming close to successful WILD, finally it's sort of like an FA, in bed, can see light coming through curtain, sit up and move curtain (feel body shift into dream body). It's light out, I look around, look at body and try to transform, wake up. go back to sleep pretty quickly after that

      LD chain 2 - WILD, DEILDs, and DILDs - too many so I'll only write summaries - didn't write all of these down because after finally waking from the chain I just dove right in to the second chain
      * walking outside in area between 9 and neighbor's house, asked subconscious for music to play, got some symphonic. it came and went, but as it faded I would conduct it with my hands and it would get louder. after a bit the music changed to a medium tempo pop instrumental and I conducted it as well. I was focusing on the sight/sound/touch sensations involving the wood fence, white lattice, the foliage, grass, swingset, etc. very vivid
      * converted FA in 8 bedroom, summoning big cuddly dogs (F's grandma has a big dog so whenever we go over there like we did yesterday, I cuddle with it); in the dream they're very warm, i'm starting to feel temperature more in dreams whereas before with touch i would only feel pressure; one of my goals is to actually feel the bones inside my hands and the muscle contractions
      * something with F in 9, can't remember details now...
      * morning daylight scene, approach white service van and enter, there's a moldy (not really decomposed but with a green patina almost?) girl in the back sort of under the carpet (skin sort of the texture of the under-carpet material in floor boards) I try to move her head and her fully black eyes open, I kiss her (or do CPR?) and every time I do she blows air at me, weird weird weird wtf
      * there were a lot more (i'm getting vague impressions of more FAs and maybe one more outdoor one), they're just lost on me -- i'm giving it time and hopefully i'll catch a few more during the day

      LD chain 3 - WILD, DEILDs, and DILDs - too many so I'll only write summaries - had these after a brief wakeup and pee
      * met dream guide as pudgy girl (reminds me of an outgoing version of F's little cousin), talked to her about my thoughts and whether she was real. I didn't ask my subconscious for the dream guide, I just saw her and knew -- i asked "are you my DG?" and she said yes, we held hands and walked through a crowded mall and talked for a bit.
      * fight/murder in crack, blame - there are two men and a woman, the man and woman are fighting (they're married?) on a second-story floor with long cracks perpindicular to the hallway, so that you can see through to the first story (long fall); the second man walks up and says something to the first man that makes him jump through the crack. the woman is distraught but turns to the second man (her lover?) for comfort. at first i'm a semi-lucid observer but after this i summon my dream guide and he shows up in a doorway behind me as a tall built older man, feel his sides (like obliques) through shirt and they're warm. he says it's the only way he could get to me (like KPAX sort of - why is a soap bubble round) (when I first see him I saw other girls who looked similar but definitely different to the girl DG from before, their eyes were different)
      * red curtain in parent's bedroom and transition scene - cool technique where I was looking in a mirror and I summoned a huge red curtain and threw it sort of over and around me and wrapped myself in its suspended self to transition to the next dream, however the next dream was somehow "too small" and so it faded quickly as I couldn't get a grasp on it
      * lost a lot of these too... will keep trying to recall

      as i lay in bed trying to recall and recount these dreams, i'm perfectly still, when i finally do try to move there's heavy resistence and then a snap! and i awaken, it turns out i had been in a detailed FA the whole time, as a result I lost some of the lucids. before waking I could recall 13 lucids total. not too bummed though as I'm sure I'll have a lot tomorrow night too!
    4. Julbock (WILD)

      by , 12-21-2016 at 07:01 AM
      Ritual: I often wake up briefly during the night, but at one point last night I noticed that my husband was awake too, so we ended up having a conversation, probably around 3 or 4am. After that it was hard to get back to sleep, and I tossed and turned for a while. Eventually I realized that I was tossing and turning with the distinctive sensations that suggested I might already be asleep. I played with it a bit, rolling until I was sure that I was not moving in a physical way, and when I felt certain that I was in the dream state, I "got up."

      WILD, "Julbock": I realized that it was my first WILD since moving to my new house, but as is typical, I failed to recognize the ways that the dream environment was different from WL. In fact, it bore very little resemblance to the place I currently live.

      I remembered my intention to work on the last two TOTYs I haven't completed, but after my difficulties making rainbows the other day, the idea felt stressful. Maybe I could just relax and explore the dream world? But I knew that abandoning my intentions was a recipe for losing lucidity fast. I decided on a sort of compromise: I would work on the Basilisk—why do I keep thinking of it as Basilisk? This is a mistake I keep making in waking life, not in dream—I would work on the Chimera task, but rather than go through the motions and try to force things to happen, I would let my subconscious take care of it.

      I was actually surprised how well this worked. Normally, if I needed a goat (as the task specifies) I would deliberately try to summon one, but this time I just held the idea casually in the back of my mind as I walked through the my darkened apartment. Moments later, what should catch my eye, but a stuffed toy goat! It actually resembled an object that I possess in waking life, a little Beanie Baby goat that I have for many years brought out around Christmas time and designated the "Julbock." I have not yet brought it out this year, but it crossed my mind to do so a few times recently.

      Is this a psi-ball?-julbock.jpg

      "Would a stuffed goat work?" I wondered as I picked up the small toy. I tried to remember the wording of the task. Surely it just specified "goat," not "live goat" or "real goat," as if those terms could even be meaningful in dream, so I figured that this goat would be adequate for my purposes, and carried it with me.

      Since the task required the chimera to act violently against DCs, I didn't want to create it in my own apartment, what with the dream version of my husband asleep in the other room, so I left and went out into the hall. (It is worth specifying at this point that I don't live in an apartment, and have not for many years, nor have I ever lived in any apartment that resembled the one in this dream, which is what I mean when I say that this dream environment was very different from WL.)

      Across the hallway was an open door leading into another bedroom, apparently empty. Should I summon the chimera there? But I didn't know whose bedroom it was, so I decided to keep moving. To my right was a solid wall, the end of the hallway, so I turned left and walked down the corridor. The hallway was narrow to start with, and the walking space was further restricted by the many chests of drawers that were pushed up against the wall on the left hand side.

      I sidled along with barely room enough to pass through the corridor for about twenty feet, until I emerged into a slightly wider but still relatively cramped lobby area. To my left, a chest-high counter bordered a desk and work area where two women were seated, clearly employees of this apartment complex. Attached to the wall behind them was a row of large gingerbread men, a festive decoration for the holiday season—but also just what I had been looking for. I was impressed how well my subconscious was pulling through for me. You see, in my earlier WL attempts to plan how how I might complete the chimera task without harming any human-like DCs, the inspiration occurred to me: have it fight gingerbread men! I wouldn't feel the least bit bad about crushing some animated DC cookies, since I happily bite the heads off gingerbread men in WL. And now, even without any elaborate summoning rituals or focused intent, my subconscious had handily provided me with everything I needed to complete the task: I had my goat, and I had some gingerbread men that could serve as victims. All I needed now was to transform the goat into a proper chimera and cause some cookie mayhem.

      "Could I borrow those gingerbread men?" I asked the women politely.

      "Sure," one of them replied nonchalantly.

      "Okay," I said, preparing myself for the complicated part. "I'm going to try to keep this under control. Hopefully no one will get hurt."

      Though I intended my words as a subtle warning, it was apparently so vague that the women took no notice whatsoever. One of them asked the other, "Could you get me a Coke?"

      "Sure," the other replied.

      "Half," added the woman who had made the request. This puzzled me. I had assumed that the request was for a can of Coke from a vending machine. How would one bring back half? But I didn't put too much thought into it, because I was preparing to transform the stuffed goat into a chimera... everthing was in place...

      ...And I woke up, once again, just before I could get to the heart of the task. When I was at my best, early this year before my long recent dry spell, I could often keep from fully waking and DEILD-chain my lucids in order to finish complex tasks like this, but now I seem to be out of practice.

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    5. Elusive Dream Guide

      by , 10-24-2016 at 12:44 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am lucid.
      I fly over a blue city river and descend on to the city. I am on an street and people start to stare at me. I realize I am floating. I quickly will myself invisible. The street has a mysterious dreamy orange tint. People behind stalls are selling bizarre objects. Along the buildings there is a gap where a staircase is. I wander up it. It spirals round and round and it starts to feel like it going to go on forever. However I reach the top. I am in a temple sort of area and there are pillars standing tall. I ask "Show me my dream guide?" Nothing happens. I prostrate my self. I say "Please!". I eventually say in desperation, "God!" I should add I am a militant atheist. The scene changes. I am flying over a forest. A warm male voice says "She is traversing these slopes. You may not see her now." I wake up.
    6. LD Goals 1/10/2015

      by , 01-10-2016 at 01:50 PM
      1. Connect to Subconscious: Ask questions to learn more about myself and learn how to make a permanent connection with it.
    7. Training Real Life skills, and meeting my Subconscious' personification !?

      by , 10-19-2014 at 09:11 PM (My Lucid Dreams)
      So I had a pretty severe ankle sprain yesterday, which pissed me off because I'm not going to be able to train Parkour/Freerunning/Tricking for a few weeks... but then I remembered that my training space wasn't limited to the waking world
      And so last night...

      Lucidity: 8/10
      Control: 6/10 - didn't really use dream control, other than controlling my own dream body.
      Vivacity: 8/10

      I'm in my mom's car on the left rear seat; we're on a road with a forest on the right and some bushes on the left. I reality check for a reason that I can't remember: four fingers!! I tell my mom that I'm dreaming as I reach for the door handle, and my mom reminds me that I have important goals in mind (I asked my Subconscious to not let me drift out of high lucidity and do unproductive stuff - I find it easier to view my subconscious as a person, it makes it easier to ask for stuff ).
      I open the door and jump out of the car, and I start flying close to the ground. From my point of view it looks a lot like I imagine long boarding at high speed.


      My mom catches up to me in with the car.
      "You could train parkour!" she shouts.
      So we're finally working together, uh?...Thanks, Subconscious.
      I stop and step back onto the ground. I'm feeling a presence next to me. I can't really see him, but from a 3rd person view, I realize that there is some kind of half ghost, half human dude flying at my left. I immediately "know" that he is the dream personification of my Subconscious.
      "So, what do you want to do?" He asks.
      "I need to train here (in the dreamworld) so I don't loose all of my skills. What about corks?" (it's a kicking and twisting flip).
      I throw and land a few corks but I'm not rotating enough, it doesn't look good.
      "You could try to kick more towards your opposite shoulder," my Subconscious suggests.
      I take his advice, and almost magically, I land my corks much better; I am actually feeling like this would work very well in real life.
      Because I feel like I've learned something, I decide to move onto something else. As I walk under a bridge, I remember that some people on the forum believe that you can heal yourself from a dream.
      Meh, why not try? It's not like I'd loose anything.
      So I sit down and grab my injured leg; I concentrate on it and I try to send energy into it.
      "I'll see if it worked when I wake up," I tell my Subconscious.

      I wake up.

      My foot is feeling a little bit better, but I assume it's just natural recovery - I'll keep trying to heal it in my dreams though, you never know
      I'm obviousy not able to test if my subconscious' advice about corks works in real life, so I'll have to wait until recovery. Until then though, I'll keep training in my dreams

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    8. fighting with my subconscious for control over my mind

      by , 06-27-2014 at 05:38 PM
      first of all i would like to say that before i fell asleep last night i was watching the youarecreators2 youtube channel. with that being said i'll continue on to my dream. it started out with me laying in my bed as normal in my normal looking bedroom in normal night time lighting, everything seemed normal as far as my surroundings. i was telling my subconscious mine (with my thoughts) "this is my mind and my life i control my mind nobody else!" while "trying to visualize my modeling dream" and every time i did this i felt an enormous amount of pressure in my head it was soo much to the point where i felt like i couldn't handle it anymore. i said it again "this is my mind!" then i started visualizing myself on the runway modeling with camera flashes pointed at me and again the pressure started again this time it was too much and again it felt like i couldn't handle it so i let go of control then it stopped, i never saw my subconscious or heard it speak. i just felt alot of pressure in my head i knew it was my subconscious mind's presence it felt like something was being forced in inside my head like energy and power it felt weird but it was to much for me. it's hard to explain it was not painful only alot of pressure. the dream seemed so real because like i said before my surroundings seemed normal. the only thing that trips me out was the sheet i was trying to hide under after i let go of control but before i went to sleep i had no sheet only my blanket. so thats how i know it was a dream and not real because the sheet in my dream was actually sitting on the futon in my waking life. most of the time i have no control over any of my dreams and just going with the flow. whatever is happening it just plays out. when i wake up from some dreams i question myself "why did i do that?" but in the dream it would seem like the natural thing to do..... so weird i've never had a dream where i actually controlled how everything played out. i have the most weirdest dreams some where i see black figures with red eyes, one time i had red eyes with blood coming out like tears and blood from my mouth, i've been abducted by aliens where they were trying to give me a shot and kill me in a dream once, i've dreamed where my entire family (people i claim as family and people who claim me as family, i don't know my biological family) exiled me, friends family, everyone who ever knew me or people i ever knew talked about me, it was big time betrayal. i've had dreams where i can't walk straight like my legs area giving out on me. dreams where aliens walk this planet, dreams where the sky is purple and turquoise, sex dreams with people i don't know, dreams i've been kidnapped held captive and bitten by a mysterious bug that made me sleepy, and the second worst of all was when i had a beerbelly a mustache and i was short o.0 that one was too much for me in real life i'm tall, skinny and i have no facial hair. and lately when i have a dream i have thoughts. like i'm actually talking in my head in my dream ive never done that ever until recently i'll say like for a month now. this is too weird .....i don't know what last night's dream was about with my subconscious mind but it was soo weird,

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    9. Bye Bitch!

      by , 03-11-2014 at 07:35 PM
      I am in front of my actual school, on the floor. It's so cold and there's too much wind. The scene is similar to Silent Hill, but there're no ashes falling. I see a friend of mine in the window, walking. Another friend is on the roof of the school, then she jumps. I don't understand anything and expect her to die, but she just arrives to the floor and continues walking towards me.

      How did you do that? - I ask her. My other friend appears in this moment. I ask them both to stay because I feel strange and I'm scared. ''Wait...could this all be a dream?'' - I think and do a reality check by counting fingers, but it doesn't work. No, I'm pretty sure that I am dreaming, so I do a second reality check by pinching my nose. I can breathe and get lucid.

      I tell them that this is a dream and they get angry at me. They start punching me and I call my subconscious. A big blue brick wall appears flying towards us. ''Why the hell is a wall flying'' - I think. Suddenly I find myself in my old house. I start calling my subconscious again, but nothing happens. When I'm about to give up I start calling the dream representative, but he doesn't either appear. ''I'm dreaming, and I know that I am dreaming, but this all seems less 'real' after waking up'' - I think while going to the first floor. I stare at the window of the living room and see my neighbours.I go upstairs again and find myself in another place again. ''I have to try LSD here.'' - I think and imagine how papers of LSD appear in my pocket. I take them all but nothing appears until I reach the top, when I start to see colors and 3D images.

      When I open the door that's in front of me I am in a restaurant. A big modern restaurant, which also seems quite expensive. There's a couple having dinner, a guy and a gorgeous blonde woman. ''Haha you guys look so happy, do you want to learn how to fly?'' - I tell them, but they don't hear me, so I grab her with her chair and throw her to the street (it looks like we a are at a 30th floor). Noooo! - He screams, bu t instantly he continues eating. I continue walking and see a friend of mine having dinner too, but he's alone. ''Hey, what are you doing here?'' - I ask him, taking a sit. Nothing, having dinner with a friend of mine who's in the bathroom. - He answers to me. I give him a hug and wake up.
    10. Jack the Baker [Sat, 27th July 2013]

      by , 07-29-2013 at 07:32 PM
      I decide that to save bandwidth, I shall go for a walk instead of slaving away on the computer all day. Just going down the road outside my back garden. I see Jack L. with his little brother (he doesn't have one as I'm aware of.) I'm surprised to see him in my home-town as he lives in a city around 25 miles away, so we walk and talk, the discussion mainly been about how deep his voice is now and how old he looks. (I felt like I was myself at my own age and current looks, but I can't be certain.)

      As we're walking Jack goes into a 'bread-shop' owned by and old lady (looking in her 40-50's) who loves Stardoll. Jack puts some fresh bread into the oven and I ask if he's usually like this, responsible and a good big brother.

      He laughs, looks me in the eye and says "Never." He says this as he brings the now cooked bread out of the oven, then we leave the shop. I see people I should know but they strangely know Jack much more and they pay no attention to me. Although they do know me the attention was obviously all on Jack. Then I wake up from the sound of something falling in my room. I did a reality check just in case but it didn't overrule the real world so I knew it was reality and not just another dream.

      Maybe this was a dream from my subconscious telling me to be a good big brother, be independent and responsible for my actions. But also been social and getting to know people a bit more.
    11. Now Entering My Subconscious Dream [LUCID] [WILD Technique]+ Hallucinating In Real Life

      by , 07-23-2013 at 04:28 PM
      So it's 3am and I'm soo tired because I've never been to sleep in 2 days out of curiosity and stupidness. So tired I am hallucinating while awake that the lights all over my house were flickering really fast even though all the lights weren't even on (confirmed by my step sister laughing at me) and me hearing random people in my head talking(not tulpae if you know what I mean by that). I layed on my bed until I got sleep paralysis, closed my eyes and instantly got thrown into a dream or closed eyed hallucination?

      I am in what looks like a tunnel that is swaying me back and forward while seeing in front of me an odd spiral and feeling as if i'm about to be sucked in. After a few minutes of trying to stop this weird force of energy swaying me back and forward I hear a female robot like voice say "Now Entering Subconscious". Just to note, from when I closed my eyes I was already 100% lucid. A huge flash of light nearly blinding me came across my vision and within seconds I was standing in what I felt was my subconscious. There were blue transparent blocks everywhere and floating dream characters that I've seen from previous
      dreams. Unbelievable... Bill in US Congress Proposes Draft-sleep-paralysis-lucid-dream-e1297199806299.jpgUnbelievable... Bill in US Congress Proposes Draft-screen-shot-2012-12-31-6-23-44-pm.jpg There were pirates sword fighting, stars dancing, cartoon characters talking and a whole lot of words flying rapidly through the air. I leaped onto another block, and another block and another. I found myself in a black room that I can see clearly in. My brain was there and was vibrating so loud that the invisible floor beneath me were shaking my legs. There were 2 rooms, one labeled "Thinking room" and the other labeled "Extras" I walked into the thinking room which was a green room filled with green lasers floating around me. I pressed a blue button that was on the wall. I heard things like "Why are they staring at me,fuck this, waste, school sucks, am I normal?, do I look awkward?" and loads more. I went to check out the Extras room and it felt like my brain was going to explode. My thoughts were racing VERY fast. I heard over 100 different voices talking really fast and even some yelling. I could solve complicated math problems without even thinking and blue smoke filled the room. After a minute I couldn't take it and ran out. Then Kitana from Mortal Combat came around the corner and put her hand around me and asked if I was ok. Then, everything just started breaking. The floors, blocks, people, rooms started shattering like glass leaving me in an empty black space floating. I then woke up.
      Unbelievable... Bill in US Congress Proposes Draft-230840-science-fiction-inception-wallpaper.jpgUnbelievable... Bill in US Congress Proposes Draft-kitana_mortal_kombat_-2011-__04.jpg

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    12. Dreams (Cranberries reference)

      by , 07-19-2013 at 05:19 AM
      I... have this strong wish to transform everyday images, the sporadic imagined ones and the thoughts that go along with them, into.. well a dream like the ones at night: into a (visual) manifestation of all the thoughts, wrapped into a whole dream world. I know this is what happens at night, but I seem to be looking out the other end of my subconscious then, and not back onto my everyday life. I want this simple transformation of thoughts into images, essentially into actual daydreams, something that seems to be suppressed in most people generally, and inhibited further through tension and stress etc.
      The way I picture it is that I take some Choline, (in some idyllic place or peaceful room), and then start consciously molding my imagination once it comes, expanding fragments behind mere thoughts into lively (as in subtly changing) images, creating spaces beyond all these compressed thoughts and impressions of the day.
      Unfortunately I don't dare touch my Choline when I'm under stress, which I always am, and loosen the inhibited images out of hiding, because I fear.. hallucinations. That's what I fear.
      My dreams at night are pretty harmless so I don't understand this fear.

      But supposing it would actually release such things as visions of horror and violence - are these bad for you?
      Because with this issue in particular I feel that dreams are not just dreams.

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    13. The Subconscious Arcade

      by , 12-26-2012 at 04:59 AM
      This was the first of three LDs from early Christmas morning. This was my first time directly experiencing a creative work of my subconscious. I was grateful for the few minutes that I got, but I'd have enjoyed more. Some other night!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #48: The Arcade of the Subconscious

      I am "in" a side-scrolling video game that's drawn in the style of a pencil sketch. My avatar is a small stick-figure man who runs, jumps, and shoots his way across a grassy landscape where boulders roll and hop all around, presenting a constant danger of smashing him flat.

      I dart back and forth as boulders bounce over my head when I randomly
      realize that this is all a dream. The dream stays perfectly stable and I am able to continue playing further into the game. I (or my stick figure man) shoot at a boulder that's rolling toward me and find that within four shots it bursts into harmless fragments.

      I continue running further along the track and all the while more and more boulders make their way onto the playfield. It's getting difficult to avoid them and I'm starting to feel pretty stressed by the difficulty. A new enemy presents itself, some sort of mole that tunnels underneath the floor where I'm walking and blasts a huge column of dirt up at me. It's a big distraction, and it's not long before a boulder strikes my player, knocking him horizontal (and presumably dead.)

      The game ends immediately and cuts to a title screen.
      Why can't I remember the title? I watch the title screen, hopeful that it'll let me continue playing. After a few seconds of this, the game switches to a demo mode where I am no longer in control. I'm contemplating what to do about this when the dream ends.

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    14. The Dinosaur Petting Zoo

      by , 11-28-2012 at 06:05 AM
      I've been reading Robert Waggoner's book so I took the opportunity last night to ask my subconscious a question. I had to ponder the reply a bit, but in the end the message made a lot of sense. Cryptic, yes, but felt very relevant.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #34: The Dinosaur Petting Zoo

      I'm walking down a suburban road on a cloudy morning. I look up at the sky, noticing the way that the sun gently illuminates the back of the clouds. Even though everything in the scene feels as real as waking life, I know this isn't any place I've ever been before.

      When I shout up at the sky, my voice is loud but takes on a slightly buzzing, almost robotic quality. "Tell me something important!"

      There's no response, but I hear two dream characters chattering across the street. There's an Asian lady in her early 60's, dressed in a silvery fairy costume with puffy sleeves and fairy wings. She's talking to a young girl. (Her granddaughter?) I approach the lady and decide to talk to her directly.

      Me: "Will you tell me something important?"

      Her: "Yes. I'd say that you're not usually afraid, but sometimes you let yourself get scared."

      Me: "When should I be less scared?" I can see the scene shifting around me. The house behind her is turning into some sort of white wall, but I ignore it for now, keeping my focus on her.

      Her: "You're the kind who won't try the dinosaur petting zoo."

      Me: "The dinosaur petting zoo?" Now her face keeps changing. She's becoming younger, then older again, her hair lengthening and shortening while we talk.

      Her: "Yes. You're the kind that will walk right up and make a donation... and then be afraid to go in yourself."

      I see that we're in a bustling airport terminal now, all white walls and windows. The lady has become a young woman, and she smiles and turns away. I lose her in the crowd.

      Briefly, I consider exploring this new environment but decide that I want to remember every detail of this conversation so that I can think more on it later. No more exploration, and no DEILD. Time to just
      wake up.

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    15. [LSD iDoser Attempt] [Lucid Daydream]

      by , 09-23-2012 at 12:54 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, 19th, 2012] [After Midnight- before I had fallen asleep]
      I turned off the lights, turned on the LSD dose from iDoser (a binaural beat that induces a drugs effects), and lied down with headphones. I folded a shirt over my eyes and I zoned out and began counting down from 847. After awhile I became more and more relaxed, letting my mind become numb... I would recount numbers and forget where I was and restart at random numbers- this is when I knew I was in a trance. I felt detatched slightly... and tried imagining something.

      I imagined myself in a blank white room. Suddenly a potted plant appeared in the center. It grew and grew and grew until it became a Venus Fly Trap plant of giant proportions. It ate "me". But it was just the body, the vessel, for my consciousness- I understood this and made a new one, and walked up to the plant. "You are simply a creation of mine and you cannot hurt me. I love you because I created you." The plant did not try to hurt me again. I walked through the wall to the left with such force, it shattered reality. The scenery outside the white room was a beautiful beach scene; the sun just setting a dark red velvet and vibrant orange against a dark navy sky and ocean. I was high in the air, far above the smooth sand or the water, but I was walking on air, on invisible pulsating steps. I walked a distance and then decided to travel along the pulsating steps like monkey bars. I dropped down so that my hands could hold on to the level where my feet just were and I pulled myself along as if they WERE monkey bars. Still pulsating a clear crystal light.

      At that moment I reinvented the scenery. I was in a blank room again, but this time I was seated behind a table. I invited my subconscious and/or dream guide to appear and they did. Four figures walked in through the door instantly and each took a seat on the opposite side of the table. I made note of their appearance first... on the far left was a fiery feline female with fiery-colored hair, a mix of orange, red, and yellow. Second, was a huge muscular, black-iron-armorered figure with a fiery green skull with flames licking high into the air. Third from the left was a human walking-stick. Almost simply put, a bamboo man. Just a stick of bamboo going straight up into the air. Last, on the very right- I couldn't make them out very well. It was as if they were invisible, and I could only sense their Galka like presense.

      I announced the reason for this gathering first, speaking in a pronoun that was mixture of I and We: "I/We are in a state of great confusion and despair. I/We are broken and must do something. We must become one, and work together to solve the problems we face." I stopped after the sentence and asked if anyone would be willing to finish my sentence due to how cloudy my conscious mind was. The 1st aspect chimed in and tried to finish, as my conscious mind jumped into her body- I saw from her eyes and began to talk... but trailed off, most likely because I, without meaning to, took control of her. Someone else chimed in right after, it was the 4th invisible Galkan aspect... I don't remember what he said, but it was full of force and meaning... and it made perfect sense. After he finished I stressed the importance of lucid dreaming: "It would be beneficial to US to lucid dream. We could solve a great deal from it and the daily link between all of us. We need to lucid dream." I was conditioning all of us- we all knew that I was hypnotizing the whole room. I was strengthening the importance of my conscious mind being present in dreams. After this I asked: "Okay, so who are you?" I was referring to each individual aspect of me. The first, the female aspect spoke up immediately: "I'm your female side, and I'm the one who emits light! I keep you on track and keep you afloat with joy!". I believed every word she spoke. I turned my attention to the stick. It radiated the answer: "I am your intellect. Your intelligence. The one who collects wisdom and shares it with everyone here." I couldn't sense a strong color from him. The next to speak was the ghostly presense of the armored man. He spoke something like this: "I am the one who keeps you alive. I know what you need- I make the hard decisions that benefit you, that you don't want to make." I understood. He was the line that knew when he was crossed. I looked at the invisible aspects seat- but never got an answer.

      "Are you my dream guide?" There was no reply.

      I was thrust back out of my imagination and into reality. I could feel a slight tingling sensation all over and I felt slightly detatched from my body. Thinking about this re-inforced my attatchment and I was back in my room again, listening to the vibrations in my headphones. I lied there for awhile and until the crackling in the headphones that's ALWAYS there kind of made my neck-hairs stand and I had to sit up. I sat up slowly and looked around. I could DEFINITELY feel something. The room was dark, but I could see exceptionally well. The clock on the wall was stretching and breathing. The whole room was stretching and breathing! I put my hands up in front of my face and I can't explain how alien my movements were... I felt like I was viewing from far, far away. I looked down at my blanket and it resembled a tangled mess of brain. The light coming under the door pulsated gently a light green mixed with turqoise. The patterns on the pillow moved like vines- just like in Fear and Loathing's Casino Carpets. The wall to my right was Tiger striped; shadows dashed ever-so-carefully across the white. The entire room was a calming, breathing dark mess of storage- it was new to me, as if I had never been there before. I brought my hands up to my face again, not exactly sure what I was doing, and I drew a cross on my left palm with my right index, then drew a circle on my right palm- then I clasped my hands together gently.

      The dose still going on- I got impatient and took my headphones off. I heard a noise that did NOT exist in real life. My computer was making it... it sounded as if it was some sort of alien technology... making vibrating laser beam sounds. Like a woobawoobawoobawooba, but much faster and much higher pitched. I knew it was just my brain being confused from the binaural beats, but it was still fun to listen to. I crawled across my bed and crawled into the computer's chair and turned the screen on... after a few seconds of another strange feeling, I sobered up and typed this.
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