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    1. Finding my way DILD

      by , 07-07-2018 at 03:35 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself in my old house in father room where my mom and dad were talking. I get up and open the door and close it back once the thought occured that I must be dreaming. I turn around to look at my father as still everything felt real but I knew this was apart of the vivid dream. I open the front door in to the living and approach the back door, the door I use many times to leave the house to begin my lucid dream.

      I could see the lock was already unlock which would be odd but this only confirmed to that I was in a dream. I open it and walk out to see that it was maybe night but it was really breath taking. When I look to the dark sky there was 3 suns in the sky in different angles that gave it this solar eclipse look. I walk outside on the grass and immediately saw two men in trench coats walking about to confront each other.

      I decided to turn the other way in till my lucidity started to fade and for some reason I got the feeling it would return if I continue the original path I was on. I continue walking that direction in till I step in something that made me realize I was in quick sand. Out of no where not able to tell from their appearance as it was also shrouded in a cowboy hat and trench coat. Said hey Anfernee, I look up and said hello to the person on a horse that was able to float. Then I notice the building they were standing on.

      Wasn't able to tell by their voice either if it was a man or a woman. The person ask me if I needed help. I said yes and soon they had this wrench that was quite long brought down to me. I had my hand out and I could tell this person was seriously trying to help me from the quick sand. It was interesting to me to see a dream character care so much about helping me. I was able to get out of it and thank the shrouded person. I then ask how did they know my name.

      The person said I don't know this stuff is weird. Lol I understand the feeling. Another person with a cowboy hat appeared to me and I could now see the people faces. It look like I was in a western old style town. Everyone was dress in a old style way. I thought it was cool and I was told by this person to go to the customer serve to identify myself. I did so and notice people taking phone calls and filling out sheets.

      I approach one woman talking on the phone but notice she was busy. I decided to walk around to find more available area's in till I false awaken.
    2. [10-08-2016] #12th competition entry

      by , 08-10-2016 at 10:45 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was a doom marine, wandering around the dark UAC station. With double barrelled shotgun I cleared my way through corridors, tearing through demons. The corridors seemed endless and empty, but I haven't felt lonely. I was full of energy and rapidly cleared my way.

      Attempted WBTB, failed

      Second dream

      It was a western, wild west. Known outlaw Bumble Jack was terrorising a few bigger cities, in most of which he had his dark business running. He corrupted sheriffs of these cities to have no troubles, except for sheriff of city in which he had main base, as that man was no threat to anyone. I was a dozen of years older. With my wife and son we were just going to move into the city of Bumble Jack, unaware of that. As we approached town gates, we were ambushed by his thugs. They wounded me and killed my wife and son, I escaped to city's sewers and lived there for a dozen of years. One day when I was sitting and reading a book in my hut, which I made in a small cavern joining with city's sewers, a vice sheriff of the city appeared. She was a tall blonde woman, quite pretty. She asked me what I've been doing there for all these years. I replied that I was dealing with rats. She asked how many I've killed, and I said that none.

      At the same time, the sheriff of the city climbed up a neon on a bar, in which Bumble Jack had his base. All townspeople have gathered to see this. Sheriff shouted to them to climb up the roof, help him get upper and that they'd deal with bandits next. But nobody wanted to deal with them, people went back to their houses to watch tv.

      Then I appeared in front of the bar with vice sheriff. With strong kicks we busted doors to bar open. A huge group of thugs appeared to deal with us. No one used gun, it was a fistfight. Together we kicked their asses, not getting hurt even slightly. We entered one of side rooms and found women and children tied up. Bumble Jack was about to sell them at the black market and get really big money. We freed them and showe them the way out, but then I noticed that someone was taking some tied women for himself. The vice kept freeing people while I ran after that man - it was my friend's sworn enemy. I chased him into the bar room, barkeep haven't cared about him. The man said something to me, but I was angry and didn't listened. I grabbed his head and smashed it against a bar counter, then still holding his head, I gave him a strong kick in teeth. He have fallen on the floor, unconscious.

      Then the barkeep seemed suspicious, so I kept an eye on him. He weirdly leaned over a wall. I asked him what he's doing, and he said "I inform". I shouted "Informant!" then Steven Seagall appeared behind the counter and said "Calm down, everything would be fine."

      Third dream

      I was in my house, it was a dark night. We had visitors who have just left, the house was tidied so that nobody could find anything. I wanted to brush my teeth, but couldn't find my toothbrush. I asked mother and she said that grandma have hidden all teethbrushes. I searched around the bathroom and house, then I asked grandma and she showed me where the teethbrushes are. I took mine and went to bathroom.
    3. Not Quite a Western

      by , 04-10-2015 at 10:10 AM
      Morning of April 10, 2015. Friday.

      This was a very long meandering dream without much plot continuity, though somewhat fun all in all. Though it is not lucid, I am still aware of making most of it via some sort of background focus, which is probably why it goes a bit “haywire” as dreams tend to do when my own thoughts shift, sometimes with transient expectancy of the dream itself. Since childhood, a certain kind of dream I have several times a year relates to an older time period being altered by anachronistic features (typically caused by my thoughts shifting or becoming more aware while making a dream), though this one changes in somewhat of a humorous unexpected way regarding my in-dream role and character.

      It starts out with some sort of experiment in an unknown indoor location. A portal is opened after several other insignificant events and conversations occur. I have a desire to go through this portal, which is like a glimmering two-dimensional doorway or wavering plane that is just a bit taller than I am. Someone in unusual plaid pants goes through before me, but after a short time, he is seen to be going into a television that is barely big enough for his waist to clear (probably influenced by a similar movie scene relating to being “stuck”, in “Skinny and Fatty” from 1958 and “Housebound” from 2014), though he manages to go through into the implied alternate world or time. After this, my dream shifts to a western setting, similar to the set of “Gunsmoke”, and it is seemingly the 1800s, possibly the 1880s, because I believe it is mentioned at least once.

      There does not seem to be any drama other than a horse having a problem with his front right foot. He goes and rests in the corner of a barn and there is something about being fed a special food to accelerate healing though this scenario becomes odd as he eventually seems to have human-like toes, which will make it difficult to put on a horseshoe.

      I fly around in several different positions (including sideways) about ten feet from the ground for some time, including in and out of a hayloft from the outside. At one point, I seem to be in an old saloon (with batwing doors) and I notice my wife, though we apparently have not met yet. I embrace her and think about getting married at some future point (even though I already am in reality). She seems to have, as becoming Miss Universe, been getting ready to be in a remake of “Valley of the Dolls, though as some attempt at a "video noir” television broadcast (which also seems related to the minimal western sets) though I know little about video production as such. I am mostly in a very cheerful mood, though.

      As I walk into a different area, I notice my father sitting on a couch with several other people around in a semi-dark room. He is playing an accordion and I feel a strong sense of nostalgia. He seems to recognize me though is younger and has not had me as a son yet. We talk for a fair amount of time, but his voice sounds completely different as well as altered by some sort of electronic device. His entire eyes also glow a bright reflective silver at one point, shining in the otherwise semi-dark room. (For some reason, I do not find this unusual or off-putting even though it is a bit eerie.) I tell him that I am his son, or rather “will be” his son in the future. There are at least seven or eight longer exchanges, but I do not recall all of it.

      I notice a man who may be a doctor who is sitting at an antique desk. I ask him what year it is to confirm the old west scenes from earlier in my dream. He says, very slowly (almost as if a part of me is deciding what to make him say) 19… (and at this point I am surprised, as it is not 18…) …78. It is 1978, supposedly. He continues by saying that it is July 24, 1978. (I am not sure of the significance of this in context to my dream, though this was shortly after I moved back to Wisconsin.) I think about the people I had met earlier and wonder why this “old western town” exists during this time period (and for some reason I do not reflect upon it as possibly being a movie set), so I go outside to explore again. It seems to be around afternoon and everything is bright, clear, and realistically detailed.

      In probably the most vivid scene, I end up going down a long dusty road (through an otherwise featureless field of grass about a foot high) that is covered with old broken pieces of concrete as the surface (something I have never seen in real life). Some of the pieces are as big as my fist. I notice a few modern buildings in the far distance. I eventually decide to walk back after walking perhaps the distance of four city blocks. I see a car moving in the distance on a different (proper) road. I clearly think to myself how this road would not be suitable for cars (due to how very bumpy it would be as well as having sharp bits of concrete causing problems for the tires) even though it is likely used (or maybe will be used) as such at times. From here, I return to the isolated town with the intent to explore some more.

      Memory is a mysterious thing. Relative to the date mentioned in my dream (July 24th, 1978) the 1978 Miss Universe pageant was broadcast live on the in-dream referenced date. “Valley of the Dolls” was also aired. There was also an article in the newspaper we got for that date titled “Those ‘Perry Mason’ Reruns Keep Video Noir Genre Alive”. Additionally, I have a dream journal entry titled “Valley of the Dull” (from April 9, 1978 - my wedding anniversary, though long before I was married on April 9, 1994) where I had written about falling asleep while watching it, the audio and half-awake partly discerned visuals at times integrating with my dream. Memory is a very unusual, though vast precise “storehouse” at times.
    4. Ancient ages in Arabistan.

      by , 07-27-2013 at 12:46 AM
      Type: Lucid dreaming.
      Time: about 2PM

      I had an interesting dream. I was in ancient ages in arabistan desert. I was with my friend and another man in front of us and a girl in arabic dress was near moutain in right hand side. looked like the front man was enemy and decided to kill us and the girl was with him too.
      The dream became like western film. (lookes like we were dueling). He attacked my friend and killed him. When he wanted to kill me I defended my self and I won the battle. I feeled that the girl became friend to me.
    5. Lucid Dream 521

      by , 06-21-2013 at 04:09 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      June 19, 2013
      Lucid Dream 521: This is a Stick Up!
      Series: 108 Stars of Destiny, Episode 12
      Technique: ADA

      I'm sitting in a small, two room, log cabin. There are four of us and we all dressed up in "western" attire (cowboy hats, boots, spurs, stirrups, etc). Apparently, we were a gang of outlaws and were about to hijack a money train that was full of gold bars. The men kept arguing amongst themselves about how hte job was going to go down as I slowly became lucid for no apparent reason. Finally, it fully hit me and I became fully lucid. I jumped up from my seat and attempted to speak with an accent fitting for the setting. What actually came out, caught me a bit off guard. My voice was the exact same as the Sheriff of Nottingham's from Disney's animated version of Robin Hood (voiced by Pat Buttrum). I said, "I've heard enough a yer yapp'n. We are just going to go down to the station an yer all going to follow my lead." One of the men began to speak and I jumped in, "And I don't wanna hear any buts about it!!" They nodded silently and followed me out of the cabin. I looked around and noticed we were in a desert town. I walked down the road and saw a train parked at a train station up ahead. There was a large crowd in front of the train. I pulled up my bandana from around my neck to cover my mouth and pulled my gun out of the holster. I looked at the gun for a bit and it looked old, but in very good condition. It was mostly made of wood and had gold plates on it. It was pistol and it had Samuel Colt engraved on one of the plates. I glanced back and noticed the other three guys had done the same as me.

      I approached the crowd and noticed there were several present day style cop cars parked around the area. With my gun up I said, "Alright everyone. This is a stick up! Do as I say and you might not get hurt." Suddenly, this tall and very chunky teenager walks up to me and says, "Are you KingYoshi?" I was a bit taken aback, but I nodded and he told me to follow him. I told the other men to watch the crowd at gunpoint as I followed the chunky kid. We walked to the front of the train and he told me, "We have been expecting you." I said, "You have, have you? And who might you be?" He told me he was hired to help us get the money train to my castle. I told him that I want to speak with his boss and he was very cryptic and told me, "You can find him when the Willow Pines." I kind of felt like shooting the kid, but decided not to. I followed him onto the front car of the train. The conductor turned to greet the kid and said, "Hey, Joseph! I just..." The kid then shot the conductor in the head and rolled his body out of the train with his foot. He said, "Just follow the tracks from here and it'll lead to the castle." The kid began to make very strange movements as if he was trying to get comfortable in his own skin/body. I knew he was a "body snatcher" and had taken on another body. I told him thanks and started moving around levers and hitting buttons. He exited back into the previous train car.

      There were tons of buttons and levers, so I just started pulling and pushing all of them until the train finally started to run. Instead of having separate connected cars, the train was now all connected by one long hallway down the middle. I walked back into the previous section of the train and it was a fancy dining area. I saw the three other gang members from before and now noticed they were James Woods, Bill Hader, and Seth Rogen. I could also see bouncers/security lined up around the doors and the area. I could tell all the security men were "body snatchers." I reached around in my pocket for a while and found what I was looking for. A blunt. I joined James, Bill, and Seth as I fired up a blunt using pyrokinesis. I asked if Seth had joined Bill and James as a 108 Star of Destiny. He said, "Yeah, I'm the Chuckle Star. Because, I love to make people Chuckle and shit." I chuckled after that one.

      I heard the train horn going off, so I went to the front of the train and could the see the castle approaching. It had grown once again and was huge. I was excited to check it out, so I attempted to speed the train up with my mind, Instead, it began to lift off the tracks. I went with it and began raising the train off the ground. Even though I was doing it with my mind, it felt heavy as shit. I managed to lift it fully, but it felt pretty unstable. I strained a bit too much and began to wake myself up. I attempted to hold on, but woke up.

      Series Details
      Welcome to the epic dream series known as, "The 108 Stars of Destiny." Follow me as I build the most powerful army the dream world has ever seen. Along with the help of 108 key recruits, I take on the dream world and elevate to god-like status! Will anyone stand in my way? Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      108 Stars of Destiny
      NEW 18 - Seth Rogen - The Chuckle Star
    6. 6th May 2013 Western video game and some fragments

      by , 05-07-2013 at 10:34 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I was playing some weird western-styled game in coop with someone, we were going through some town and sniping some enemies, eventually we have found enemy leader and killed him as well.
      Later in dream there was scene where i was going to school apparently and then hiding from someone and there was a bunch of AI War building icons floating around. Later i was trapped in the bathroom which had two doors.
    7. The Good, the Bad, the Peanut Butter Jelly/ Volcano

      by , 12-26-2012 at 07:20 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      Hot Volcano

      I was at a school, but I didn't recognize what school was. It wasn't my school. I was looking for a bathroom and my art teacher guided me. We went upstairs and strangely the upper floor was open, with vulnerable wooden floor. I jumped many times to avoid the big gap between wood panels. The sky was cloudy. I jumped over the vivid, red muddy ground. It looked really weird. Here I was a little semi-lucid. Beyond the red ground there was a high hill that made me curious to go see what's over there. I walked up, and across the hill there was a huge, hot hole of volcano. I got scared and ran away.

      In the next dream, I was telling my friends about the previous dream.


      The Good, the Bad, the Peanut Butter Jelly [lucid dream]

      I lucid-day-dreamed of me riding a horse. Then I was instantly the good guy from the movie The Good, the Bad, the Weird, with his hat and coat and shotgun and everything!

      I was riding the horse really fast through the desert, shooting the guys in the car. I reloaded the gun by spinning it in the air so many times. The bangs were loud as hell. I was so astonished by this dream's full of epicness At some point I killed the evil gay guy from the movie Skyfall with his head chopped off. and the background changed to a modern parking lot. I threw the head on the ground and made sure that the head was dead by shooting one more time with a small pistol. And then these 2 curious Indian boys came to see the head lol when I was about to tell them that he was evil, suddenly the peanut butter jelly time's banana guy appeared chased us with the gun!!!!

      It was so intense. He backfired us and I ran up the stairs but my legs didn't move well DX I called my horsie on the road and I hopped onto him as he was running. I stroked his soft hair. I got off the horse when I saw this same the Good toy figure wearing black outfit. I thought that was cool so I changed clothes by looking at it. When I was wearing a scarf its fabric feeling was so vivid. I put the new hat on my head, and hopped on the horse and I woke up here. I checked the time before I went to sleep, and when I woke up it lasted only for 15 minutes. And I really felt that it took 15 minutes to dream this whole thing!!

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    8. Advanced TOTM (June 1, 2012)

      by , 06-01-2012 at 07:25 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Advanced TOTM

      I was running in through a desert that I think was somewhere out west. I was already in my black dragon form and lucid. I'm either getting better at becoming lucid at the start of a dream or there were other events before that I had completely forgotten. I'm not even sure what my objective was in this dream.

      From somewhere behind me I heard the sound of a train's whistle. For some reason the idea of riding a train came to mind. I ran over to the edge of a cliff that was to my right. I must have been on a mountain because there was a valley bellow. I saw some train tracks nearby at the bottom and knew the train would pass through any moment now. When the train was close enough for me to see it, I started to plan and estimate my jump. When the train got closer, I slowed down time so I could make a more precise jump. I made a powerful jump off the cliff and landed near the back of the train. I didn't really land on my feet though and somehow broke my right wing.

      I slowly rolled over and sat up. It hurt to move around a lot and I was worried about falling off the train. I placed my hand over the part that was hurting the most and started to use my healing magic. After about 5 minutes of healing I was finally able to numb most of the pain. It was still broken though and it hurt to move it around a lot. I was about to work on healing it completely, but I started hearing some odd noises from inside the train cars.

      I used my energy sense to try to take a look inside the train car below me. I could detect a bunch of people inside trying to open the doors, but I couldn't make a clear image. I pulled myself back onto my feet and walked over to the side of the train. I wasn't sure if this was the type of situation where I should help them get out or keep them locked in. It wasn't long before they broke the lock off and the door slid open. My energy sense started to become more focused and I could tell that their energies were more dark and sinister. I stepped back to the center of the train car and took a fighting stance.

      These monsters that reminded me of goblins started to climb to the top of the train from both sides. I decided to wait for them to make the first move because I wasn't sure of how powerful they were. For some reason it was hard to use my energy sense on them. One of them drew out a short sword and charged straight towards me. I deflected his sword with my claws and pushed him back. From this I figured that they were actually very weak unless in large numbers. I then focused my energy sense on the other train cars and learned that there were two more with goblins inside.

      I returned my focus to the goblins from my train car. They were carrying weapons like spears, swords, and maces. They had already gathered around me and prepared to attack again. As they charged towards me I focused poison magic in my claws and slowed down time. I managed to slash about 10 of them with my poison claws. A goblin with a spear came at me from behind and I barely had time to react. I quickly turned into a shadow cloud and the goblin went straight through me. The goblins then gathered around close to me because they knew I didn't have any place to run to and that my shadow cloud would wear off soon.
      I actually did have an attack planned if something like this happened however. I released the shadow magic around me all at once. It blasted all of the goblins off the train or into the air. I then released a lightning surge above me and zapped the remaining goblins.

      That one battle had already used up a lot my energy, so I decided to handle the next two train cars more strategically. I ran up towards the front of the train and stopped when I heard the doors of the second train car slide open. There was a rope hanging over the side of the train. It felt very out of place to me, but i decided to use the rope to my advantage. I grabbed onto it and swung pass the open door. As I did this, I shot out a powerful flame from my hand and lit the inside of the train car on fire. I swung back to the top of the train and ran towards the final car.

      By the time I got to the final one, the goblins were already on the top of the train and ready to fight. I remembered my wind element and figured that it would be more efficient here. Rather than fighting them directly I could just knock them off the train. I let the goblins surround me as I focused on my wind element. When they charged towards me I let out a blast wind in all directions. They were all knocked off the train and I knew they weren't coming back up.

      I started walking towards the front of the train again to make sure everything was taken care of. I looked out in front of the train and saw a bridge ahead over a canyon with a couple goblins on it. It looked like they were piling dynamite in the middle of the bridge. When the train got close to the center of the bridge, the dynamite exploded and left a big hole in the bridge. By this point I had already started running like hell towards the back of the train. I was running up the train towards the back as it was falling over the edge. When I got to the end, I had to jump up high to try to grab the bridge. I flapped my wings once to give me a boost. It hurt, but it was enough for me to grab onto the edge of the bridge and climb back up.

      I sat at the edge of the bridge and went back to fixing my wing. As I was trying to heal my wing I could tell that the dream was starting to destabilize.
      I woke up as I was trying to fix my wing.


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    9. Riverside Snipers, Basic TOTM, Advanced TOTM (May 4, 2012)

      by , 05-04-2012 at 09:16 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Riverside Snipers

      This dream started off at the pavilion at Riverside Park in Loudonville. The pavilion was rigged up like a bunker with sandbags and barbed wire protecting it. I was there with about 20 other people maybe. There were tons of different guns lying on the tables, but mostly sniper rifles. There were a few officers there that were giving orders, tasks, and equipment. Before anyone could tell me what exactly was happening or what my job was, bullets started flying towards us. "They're here! Get to your positions!" An officer yelled. I looked towards the other side of the park and saw a bunch of people with guns shooting at us. The battle had begun.

      I moved to the left side of the pavilion where there only seemed to be a couple other people. Because I didn't have any orders or any idea of the situation, I thought it would be best to stay out of the way. There were some automatic weapons on this side. I grabbed what I'm assuming was an M16 rifle and ducked behind the bags of sand before I could get shot. When there was a break in the bullets flying towards me, I got back up and started firing at them. I hit a few enemies before they started to hide behind the trees and park toys.

      It wasn't very long until my clip went empty. Right when I stopped firing, a girl with a sniper rifle came out from behind a tree. My danger sense activated on its own and I looked right at her when she fired. I then slowed down time and just barely dodged the bullet. Time control had saved me once again.
      I became lucid at this point because I recognized time control as one of my dream powers. I ducked back down behind the sandbags and thought about my situation. I figured it would be hard to hit people so far away with an M16. I decided to try my hand at sniping.

      I ran over to the right side of the pavilion while staying as low as possible. I then picked up a hunting rifle that was painted red. I looked through the scope and started looking for people to shoot. Using time control, I was able to speed myself up to quickly find and shoot targets. I was moving a little too quickly though and accidentally shot one of my own guys. He was just standing out in the open with an SMG, so i assumed he was an enemy at first.

      "Oh shoot!" I yelled when I realized my mistake. "Dude! You just shot one of our guys!" Someone to my left said. "He was just standing in the open so I thought he was an enemy! Well, I didn't like him that much anyways." I said. We then carried on with the battle and sniped more enemies. I started to feel really guilty about shooting the guy though. "Okay, just kill me now. I deserve it." I said. The guy to my left pointed his rifle at my head and said, "Okay." I wasn't afraid of being killed, but I remembered that guns are very loud. That didn't make me feel very comfortable about it being pointed into my ear. I really hate loud noises. "Wait! I change my mind! That's too loud for me!" I yelled to him. "Okay." He said and went back to sniping.

      I can't remember what happened after that. I think I might have woken up voluntarily.

      Basic TOTM

      I was somewhere in the desert way out west. I was standing outside some old west styled town. I was on some sort of mission, but I can't remember what exactly the goal was. I tried walking into the town, but a few snipers were hiding around the town. They recognized me as someone who is a threat and started shooting at me. I remembered how snipers were a theme of the last dream and became lucid. I slowed down time and dive rolled behind a building. Strangely, they acted as if I didn't exist anymore and the town's residents became active.

      I sat behind that building for a moment. I was trying to think of a way to sneak in without getting shot at. I could feel the energy of someone walking towards the building. I knew this person would see me and cause a panic. I suddenly remembered the basic task of the month for some reason and linked it to my problems. I waited for the person to come around the corner and prepared to turn into a shadow. A woman came around the corner and I turned into a shadow. Before she had the chance to scream, I phased into her body. I'm not 100% sure what I did once i was inside her. I sort of attached my shadow to her body while mixing our energies. I waited until it felt like her body felt like it was mine. I moved my body around a little to test it out. I had completely taken over her body and she probably wasn't aware of anything.

      I casually walked back into town. I watched the snipers out of the corner of my eye and they didn't sense that anything was wrong. I had a feeling that I would need guns for my mission. I walked into a gun store and looked around. Surprisingly, no one was there and there was only a few sniper rifles lying around. I would have expected to see some revolvers. I grabbed a rifle and walked outside. I was only inside for like 10 seconds maybe and there were already a few black cars parked outside. Some government agents like the ones in The Matrix stepped out of the vehicles. They could have been pointing their guns at me because I was holding a sniper rifle. I get the feeling though that they knew I was trouble.

      When they started firing at me, I slowed down time and started dodging bullets. I flipped behind the porch of a building and took cover there. I was doing my best not to get shot while in someone's body. When I heard their guns go click, I went out into the open while slowing down time. I looked through the scope and killed an agent who had an assault rifle. A couple agents with hand guns started shooting at me. I did an aerial to get out of the way. Half way through the aerial I shot one of the agents in the heart. When I hit the ground, I was still being shot at, so I rolled behind one of the cars. I then stood back up and quickly shot the last too remaining agents.

      As I reloaded my rifle, something started falling towards the Earth. It was some sort alien monster machine thing. It had four steel tentacle legs that it used for walking. The main part of the creature was a giant brain inside a dome. It landed on the roof of a building and showed me some spinning blades at the end of its tentacles. I shot it a few times with my rifle, but the bullets only bounced off of it. I tossed the sniper rifle to the side and summoned my crystal sword. It swiped at me with its spinning blades and I blocked it with my sword. When I knocked the tentacle away, I focused lightning magic into the crystals of my sword. I jumped towards the monster and slashed it a few times. It appeared to cause damage and pain to the creature. I was about to strike its brain, but a tentacle came from the side and grabbed me. It swung me around the air for a moment before throwing me back down towards the ground. I surrounded myself with earth magic before I hit the ground to absorb the impact.

      I got back off the ground and ran right back towards the monster. When I jumped towards it a blue bubble of energy surrounded both of us. We were then teleported to the monster's home planet. It was a dark, cold, rocky planet. Three more of those monsters appeared in front of us. Rather than killing me though, they actually started talking. "Junior! What have I told you about rampaging?!" The bigger one said. "It isn't nice..." The monster next to me said. "That's right! You're grounded!" The big one said. "But mom!" He said. "No buts! Come on, we're going home." The big one told him. The two other ones next to the mother started laughing. "Mom, you're embarrassing me!" He said. "You should have thought about that before you terrorized this little girl."

      After this very unexpected discussion, they all left to go home. I think there home was a giant hole in the ground. I waved to them as the walked away and the mother waved back. I woke up after this.

      Advanced TOTM

      I was sitting on the couch at my grandmother's house in Loudonville. It was night time. Bill offered me a cup of coffee and I accepted it. I've never had coffee before and I felt like trying it for some reason. I took a sip of it and it tasted horrible. I'm not even sure how to describe the taste. I then went to the kitchen to find a way to improve upon it. I found some maple syrup and decided to pour a glob of that in. Everything is better with maple! I also found a container of sugar. I poured that in until the cup started over flowing. After mixing it a little I tasted it again. It tasted better, but the coffee taste was still too much for me to tolerate.

      My sister came through the door and told me that it was Halloween night. We were apparently supposed to attend some Halloween seminar or something. I didn't really want to go, but it was either that or drinking coffee. The seminar was supposed to be in a big white building at the end of Main Street. It felt like it was too far away for me to simply walk. I like to run. I started sprinting ahead for a few seconds before my sister yelled at me. I forgot that she hates running and doesn't like being outside at night alone. So I ran back to her, lifted her onto my back, and started running. It was a bit of a challenge because it actually felt like I was carrying someone.

      By the time we got to the end of Main Street I was tired out. My sister had to drag me across the floor at this point because I was too exhausted and lazy. When we walked inside there was a huge crowd of people, a podium on the other side, and a bunch of Legos on a table in the middle of the crowd. A lady was at the podium giving a speech about something. I can't remember anything she said though, so it apparently wasn't anything I cared too much about.

      I stood there for a while and tried to keep myself busy during the boring speech. My attention was then directed towards the Legos. There was a little girl that was some how able to command them to magically walk on their own. I think this little girl was actually Lucia.
      I became lucid for what I am not quite sure. It might have been because of Lucia or because of magical Lego people. I remembered the advanced task of the month at this moment. I remembered that I wanted to make Lego people become life sized. There were two of them on the table that weren't moving. I did what Lucia did and poked both of the Lego people. They suddenly jumped to life and started moving around. These two Lego people then ran into each other, and the motions they were making looked kind of odd.

      I noticed that the Lego people had energies like living people. I focused on this energies and tried to expand them. When I did that, the two awkwardly moving Lego people grew to about my size. The attention of everyone in the room shifted to them now. It turns out those weird motions were them trying to have sex. Everyone in the room found this kind of disturbing. I summoned a camera and aimed it at the Lego people. "Let's try to remember this moment as insufficiently as possible" I said. I think by that I meant we should try to forget this as much as we can. I then took a picture of them and tore the picture apart. When I did this, the two Lego people disappeared and everyone forgot it had happened. I had captured a moment in time and effectively erased it.

      I can't remember much of what happened after that. I sat through the boring speech for a while. I decided that the speech was boring enough for me to want to remember as insufficiently as possible. So I walked outside with my camera and aimed it at the building. "Let's try to remember this moment as insufficiently as possible!" I said. I then took the picture, tore it up, and walked back towards my grandma's house. I think I woke up before I got there though.

    10. 30 Apr: The power to create worlds with rainbow light

      by , 05-01-2012 at 11:00 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I am at some large empty building with many other people. There is a huge window with view over a large river that seems to flow to underneath the building. The flow increases and it seems that the water will break the window and flood the building, but instead it creates vertical twirls with the seven colours of the rainbow, side by side, in front of this large window.
      Then someone says that now we have the power to create anything we want with the rainbow lights we can shoot from our hands.
      I make a beautiful dance with my arms and hands and spread a trail of rainbow light behind me in the empty space of this white building. Others are more creative and give rise to dragons, fishes and all sorts of animals, floating in the air like colourful metallic balloons.
      Slowly the white building gives place to all sorts of objects and places created with rainbow light.
      I meet a guy for whom I feel instant attraction. He is dressed in black and suggests that I join him in a Matrix-like character and together we create a Matrix-like scenario. I try, but all I manage is a cowgirl look, I don't know why. He laughs and decides to become a cowboy and join me instead. We have a minute of fun in a western like scenario, but then I see a wooden bridge to a zen garden and a japanese temple and probably sensing my sudden interest on it, he runs and disappears into it, teasing me to join him there. I decide to follow him, but before I met him again, I try to recreate my character, hoping this time to be successful. I dress myself with an olive green and orange kimono, but for some reason I have trouble in creating an obi to tie it up. While I struggle with it, he reappears in front of me, already wearing a kimono. Very silently, he slightly opens my kimono in a very provocative erotic move, slowly and barely touching my skin and even more slowly he closes it magically with an obi he creates with his rainbow hands. Then we walk in the garden, immersed in that erotic tingling sensation that fills us beyond our bodies.

      My lover is gone. I am now alone in this world of dream-like creations. Some of the creations become out of control. Two giant knights made of black smoke get involved in an epic sword fight, crushing under their feet many of the other colourful creations and nobody seems to be able to stop them. When all hope is lost, my love comes back. He fights with the knights to, but he also can't stop them. Tired, he lays in my arms. I feel his exhaustion and I cry with the sadness of all the worlds.
      I wake up sobbing and with tears in my eyes.

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    11. The Tiny Cruise Ship and Douchebag Cowboys...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 05:40 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      10th of January, 2012

      I kept dropping in and out of lucidity throughout the whole night.

      The dream, as far as I can recall, started off with us at some kind of western style ranch. We were having a campfire and drinking ol' style Whisky and such. I noticed a homestead a little bit away and we went up to it to check it out. I walked around a bit, admiring how interesting everything looked in my half-lucid state. After a little scrounging, I found this outdoor patio type area that had heaps (like HEAPS) of guns mounted all over the walls. Eventually things got a bit heated and some guys who I think owned the place approached me, at which point I picked two revolvers off the wall and started examining them. Evidently that was just the incentive one of the guys neded and he proceeded to shoot me in the neck. I lay dying for a bit and then things start to get hazy...


      On a cruise ship doing some fencing (the sword type, not the wooden type). I was wearing the usual mask and remember some guy being really weird to me about it- I'm not exactly sure why, but I recall thinking he was a total dick at the time. Suddenly I found myself on land and walked around a bit admiring the sights; it was a small village with water through it, similar to Venice or something like that. Again, I was partially lucid at this point but not really in control per se. I turned around and noticed the cruise ship was really small, more a yacht in the canal. I gained a bit more lucidity and attempted to make it big again but ended up making myself huge as well. I climbed onto the side of the ship and peeped onto the deck, attempting to see the tiny people aboard, but couldn't make anything out. While I was there, some narration started about dinner or something and I started having these overlaid image flashes of the most delicious looking food ever!


      The last one is really fragmentory. I know at the time it was a cohesive dream, but I forgot a lot of the content on waking.
      Nooks and I moved house into a less impressive apartment. The courtyard had an awesome harbour view that was for some reason obstructed by tall walls on all sides. Lots of time spent in the carpark fixing lights and flying around and stuff. There were HEAPS of cars- thousands of them. Something to do with fixing a graphics card by plugging in these bio-wires on the wall of one of the parking spaces.

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    12. Sing Dirty Nina

      by , 08-12-2011 at 02:27 AM
      I enter a lucid dream and I'm flying through darkness. I am determined to have an enjoyable experience so as I fly around I begin trying verbal commands like, "sun come up" or "daylight now". But none of them work, so I starting singing. I make up a cute little song and add in phrases involving sunrises and with feeling I sing, "let the sun come up". I'm basically just using verbal phrases in song form. My subconscious likes it. Perhaps he is grateful for my creative attempt, and the fact that I am asking, instead of forcing. Forcing never works with the sub.

      Now I'm flying in bright daylight over an icy ocean of arctic blue glacial waters. I change the song and start singing about warm Caribbean waters, and suddenly the glacier breaks apart and the sea froths and foams and dark debris flies everywhere. This was a scene from some horrible flood. But it was only a changeover. After a few seconds pass, the water is turquoise like the Caribbean and there are beaches formed from the glacial ice. It is so beautiful and amazing just flying through this scene and watching these transitions occur as I sing. My subconscious seems ready to give me anything I ask for. I sing for a beautiful lagoon, and immediately I watch as the sandstone is carved from a cliffside, the debris shooting straight into the air and into nonexistence. The water surges up and over the cliff, and when it recedes there is a beautiful lagoon with waterfalls flowing into it. Plants, trees, and flowers spring up around it. I just float in the air, and watch this amazing site, ready to plunge into the warm waters. But my alarm wakes me up. Snooze.

      I re-enter a lucid dream, but it's different. I'm in some sort of mall, but this mall has the most beautiful interior decorating I've ever seen. Each store has displays set up that are so intricately beautiful. They use color and light to make the customer's eye dance around the store. I had barely a moment to state in awe at this scene, when...again alarm goes off...snooze.

      I wanted so badly to get back to that store in the mall to take a mental picture of the gorgeous display, but instead I'm in a different place. Or a different time. It's a mall...but there's only western stuff...and it looks like the old west. I'm dressed up as a cowboy, my hair is hidden and tucked up under my hat. The people tending the store in this mall don't look too pleased to see me so I say, "I'll see you boys later," then I make a bull sound, and go charging off toward a wooden wall, head first. Apparently I don't make a very good bull, because I just hit the wall hard and fall to the ground.

      My head is aching but I'm alright, I'm more bothered that my boots got all dusty, so I wipe 'em off a bit. Two large men walk over to me, I see they're carrying rifles. The light is behind them so their faces are in shadow but I can see one has long greasy hair and the other is bald. "Howdy," I say, "I'm Dirty Nina." and I take off my hat and let my hair fall down. "You boys are mighty good looking," I say, trying to hide the sarcasm. The bald man walks closer and leans toward me. I can see that he has bandages over his eyes and he's looking really angry..."Well that's just fine little missy, but we got a debt to settle." He smiles, and I see a nasty toothless grin. The dust begins to settle and I need a plan, I see the spurs on my boots glinting out of the corner of my eye...but just then...my alarm goes off. And I have to get up or I'll be late for work.

      Very frustrating, this dream was going to be mighty awesome.
    13. The Woman Who Teleports

      by , 07-10-2011 at 06:23 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was watching (movie-like) a woman who keeps teleporting. She looks professional, with corporate attire of black overcoat and skirt, and white shirt inside (dunno what it's called), has straight blond hair, going a little lower than her shoulders, and she looks Caucasian.

      She teleports out of the hotel and onto the streets. But she can only teleport for short range. She was trying to escape. I recall something about Amway. I sense that she is trying to escape something.

      She teleports her way back to the hotel, but then can't teleport out of the hotel room, because the opening is too small. There was a man with her in the room. Unsure if it's an enemy or an ally. Also Caucasian, with curly, short brown hair, with 3-day beard (is that right?).
    14. Fragments for June 21 2011

      by , 06-23-2011 at 05:27 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. Playing D&D, which transitions from a traditional fantasy universe to a Western, and then into a LARP Western. I walk into a bar, where I meet a girl named Alice Smith, who's crying over some form that requires the sheriff's signature. I take up her case, and as I converse with her I read through a book of frontier law (failed RC). I eventually go get the sheriff's signature, but as I'm coming back to give her the form, I see a wanted poster for Alice as a Canadian spy. Disgusted, I leave, and meet up with the rest of my party in a nearby arcade. I notice a bunch of college friends at a restaurant table close to the arcade, but I don't go to meet them.

      2. I come across two very attractive women on the porch swing at the front of my old house. They are disdainful of me, but after a bit James Bond falls from the roof onto the porch in front of them, completely naked. They start cooing over his manliness, and this is so ridiculous I sort of wake up. I almost manage a semi-lucidity and insert myself into James Bond's body, but this is more of vivid daydream level of reality instead of true lucid sensation. I can't honestly count it as lucid, especially with poor recall as to subsequent events.

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    15. Entry for 5.19.2011 - Dream in the Old West

      by , 05-20-2011 at 01:18 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in an old West setting. I saw a guy sitting in a chair in a big room--a bar/saloon or something. I remember a wood floor. The room was very big and pretty empty.
      The guy in the chair had straight, dark brown hair. He was rich, though he didn't look it.

      I heard him saying under his breath what he would do if the business were his. He was saying something about a security system, and his thoughts beyond that were
      to fix the place up. He intention was to be helpful to the owner rather than simply stating what he would do if it were his in an ego-centric fashion.

      I went over to him and thanked him for being concerned for other people instead of being apathetic due to being very well off himself.

      Then there was another scene where an old guy, a real character comes into play.
      He had a crew cut due to being older and not having much hair. What little he had
      was gray. He is wearing old, sweaty clothes of gray. He was in a long-sleeve undershirt
      and suspenders. He wore a monocle, but it didn't make him look sophisticated. It had
      a film over it as though it hadn't been washed in...ever, and made his mouth kind of
      turn up to keep it in place.

      He had a silver bullet which was supposed to be valuable due to the silver content, but
      it was more than that. He came up to a guy behind an out-door sales stand trying to
      sell it. There was some lore behind the bullet. It was coveted for some reason. The old
      man had the bullet on a necklace. He pulled it out from his undershirt to
      show it to the man behind the stand. The man would not buy the bullet for the requested

      The old man explained in a raspy voice that the item was the real thing and he wanted a
      fair price for it. He put the bullet back under his shirt, squatted a little adjusting his pants,
      and snapped his suspenders, running his thumbs from half way up to his shoulders where
      he popped them.

      That is where the dream ended. I don't usually dream of anything half this interesting
      based on the visuals or content. It was really cool.
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