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    1. Dead Poet's Society (Not really); lucid dream house TOTY #1

      by , 04-27-2018 at 07:48 PM (Exterminate)
      The first dream happened the morning of the 25th.

      The dream memory was pretty jumbled when I woke up, so I am reconstructing based on memory, voice recording, and a bit of creativity.

      Earthquake / Movie Series

      I was trying to ride a bike, but it wasn't working correctly. A device I was looking at told me to visit two locations in town due to recent "embarrassments" that happened. My brother went with me to check out one of the stores. I recall seeing some items such as old gameboy advance SPs, UFO stuffs, etc. Thinking back, it reminded me of a souvenir shop.
      Next thing I recall I was in a shed behind the house I currently live at, when suddenly the ground started shaking fairly violently. I walked outside and the earthquake got serious. I could see the ground moving and I had to crouch to the ground and try to hold on to something. I then saw what looked to be a tree in front of the house topple over completely. I heard it crack and snap, and saw the top of the tree disappear out of sight. The earthquake stopped, and I went to go investigate. My family stayed back in the shed for some reason. Turns out the majority of the tree was still intact, but a large branch had snapped right off and was lying in front of the tree. Suddenly it started pouring outside. I had the feeling my family was just about to leave the house to go visit my niece and nephew. I went inside the house for some reason, and on my way up the stairs I noticed it was raining indoors! Like a minecraft glitch or something the rain was just straight and consistently falling from the roof, yet there was no visible holes showing the outdoors. I noticed how odd it was, then I saw the window was open, so I shut it, even though it didn't fix it. I went to my room and it had a layer of water on the bottom. It was also raining in this room as well. I started lamenting my computer as it had to be toast now due to the water exposure. I grabbed whatever it was I went into the house for.
      I then explored the house further for more damage and found myself in what seemed to be an attic. Again, it had a layer of water on the floor, so it was flooded. I noticed 3 distinct holes that were just spewing water. One spot looked like a drainage pipe that just came loose, so I pushed it together and it was fixed. The other two were a hole in the floor and one on the wall. I then noticed what I figured was either a hot water heater or otherwise a pipe of some sort. I turned off the water flow and let it drain a bit I opened the hatch to get inside and walked on in. I patched any further holes I saw inside these pipes, but on my way out a family member must have noticed the door open because the door suddenly shut and the water valve was turned back on. I then drowned due to the rising water level inside...
      Suddenly the perspective changed and I was watching the character that died, and he looked just like Jim Carrey did in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(Which I just watched the night before. Good movie, recommend).
      I get a glimpse of the character's funeral which included the typical black dresses, weeping, etc. The family was mortified. I then saw the outside of the home again. I'm just observing whats going on, and I see a few white statues gathered around the yard. I thought about how I could have shared with the family what I was doing before trying to fix the leakage. I then blamed myself for causing my family so much grief. Even though the character, or me, or whatever was dead, I was still walking around like a ghost or something. Feeling guilty, I left a message for the dream wife explaining what happened and apologizing for being an idiot. The white mages I saw before approached me, and called themselves dead poets. They invited me to join their group, under the condition that I abandon my old life and never contact them again seeing that I'm dead. They did recommend staying for the burial. They told me I would not be seen due to the SEP. (Somebody else's problem, an effect from HHGG that causes people to ignore the supernatural as if it wasn't there simply because they couldn't possibly be bothered to see it.) I replied that I kinda sortof made a scene my leaving a voice message on the wife's phone. They laughed it off and said that couldn't possibly have any effect. She wouldn't hear it, or it wouldn't have any ramifications, etc. They were wrong. My dream wife saw me immediately at the wake and chewed me out for "faking my death" and "Being an asshole" and "betraying the family..." RIP. She accused me of having an affair, that I didn't love her, etc. what a mess.

      The next dream happened the morning of April 26th, after my sleep cycle ended. I recalled no other dreams, so I set my alarm to snooze. Still no dreams. Back to sleep, and that's where this dream comes in. Tragically, I immediately lost many of the dream's details once I woke up, and even with grabbing the voice recorder right away, I could not recover many details I wanted to.

      TOTY / Lucid
      The dream was very hazy. I found myself floating which is a normal dream sign for me. I commented that I must indeed be dreaming, since this only happens in my dreams. I instantly became lucid, but I really wanted to stabilize the dream. I wanted to make it more vivid, make sure it doesn't end soon, and to increase my control in the dream. I did the nose plug RC and I could breathe well. I noted how unusual this was, since usually when doing this RC I have to struggle to breathe through the plugged nose, but this dream it worked as if there was no blockage at all. I did indeed stabilize the dream to where it felt vivid, but I couldn't fully engage my senses. I was there, but it was not as good as it could be. I started on my list of tasks I would like to accomplish. Step 1, teleport to dream house. One goal is to make my childhood home the center of my dreams. I want most dreams to start there, and I want it to be a hub to visit various persistent dream realms and projects. Anyway, I don't remember how I got to the dream house, but I recall seeing a table and thinking with expectation that I would spawn in a fantasia hat. This hat would allow me to make inanimate objects come to life and do what I wanted them to. The hat did not appear at first, so I then tried putting my hand in front of me and covering my sight of the table where I wanted it to spawn. I then said it would be there when I lowered my hand, and it indeed was there! The hat felt very fake though. The color was more purple than blue, and it was smaller than expected, so it didn't fit my head. It just sat on top. I made a small object come to life. It floated, it glowed, it made sounds, but it didn't do any chores. I then tried it on a vaccum cleaner and a broom. While it did work, I noticed each object earned a small black attachment that signified it was being controlled by the hat's magic.

      I then went exploring in the house, and found it was a mixture of 3 homes I have previously lived in. My logic was clearly not as it should have been at this point because I exclaimed several times how accurate things looked while at the same time fumbling throughout the place like I didn't know where I was going and the layout didn't make sense. I was sortof trying to recreate my dream house as I was walking around and it didn't quite work. I recall going upstairs looking for my old bedroom and I found 3 bedrooms that shouldn't normally be there. I was exploring my old bedroom and noticed it had purple paint on the walls and it was nothing like the appearance of any bedrooms I have had before. I did notice my old comforter on the bed though, so that's interesting. I did actually see the hallway and my older brother's bedroom upstairs as I remember them. The bedroom had a blue carpet and was empty. I called for my dream guide but she didn't show. I tried summoning her around a corner with no success; I called her name, and random children and pets showed up. I actually called out the name Melania at first before catching myself that her name should be Sarah. I ended up going back downstairs and I saw my two brothers eating a pasta meal, and I was going to sit down with them but the only open seat was covered in pasta..
    2. time travel and powers are back online , yay!

      by , 10-11-2016 at 11:56 AM
      D1 - On a football field that is totally uphill. Sarah who is miss perfect scores a goal, booting the ball high from one end of the pitch to the other. Some other work related randomness about refunds.

      D2 - In class watching a film on an old fashioned tv in someones front room, the kids want the lights turned off. I asked for a show of hands to turn lights off. I then have trouble working out which light switches to press. Then in the pitch black that descends a student looms up over me (I can imagine his dark hair and glasses, reminds me of a kid I did not like) asking what would I do if he tried to kill me. Nice.
      I made a joke about not liking the idea of getting blood everywhere and he backs off.
      I mess with channels but cant get right one for film.

      D3 - A going back and forth in time dream. One character looks a bit like sonic the hedgehog on a bad hair day, when I go back in time.
      In present time I am in spain (yay!) at a beach market stall. Where people are seliing fake crap.
      I use my powers to make my stall inflate out of a small bag to full size with a giant logo above it.
      When people come along I give them the stuff they want and even read their minds to see what they want before I produce it by magic.
      I go a bit far and also produce food for some guys which is a bit incongruous with the stall and freaks them out.
      Along comes some kid to take me onto the next part of the story. I can see the past, present and future laid out on the sand, like kind of blurry viewports.
      The past is a little dull but the future is super brightly coloured, with neon lights. (subtle hint lol)

      I am having some downtime and this energy has reinvigorated my dreams.
      I had lots of cool hypnagogic images too.
    3. It's MY dream!

      by , 07-30-2012 at 10:01 AM (Lucid dreaming with Rauwz)
      It's my dream! (MILD)


      I was with the class on some trip, and the teachers whas making some teambuilding games. The rules where simple, get a little mint from the a table, and give it to the first person in line. (In Denmark we call it stafet, but I doubt it's called that in english. I'll see if i can find the name later.) But here's the twist, you had to keep it in your mouth, and pass it by kissing. I was talking with a girl at the time, so we came a little late to the game. The teachers weren't happy, but we didn't really care.

      There were two lines. one with a two hot girls, and one with a REALLY ugly girl, and 1 boy. The girl I was with quickly took the line with the two girls before I could react, and I was stuck with the gross girl, and a fat kid.
      (I know the girl in real life, but I can't remember if I know the boy.) I looked around for options, and that's when I noticed. The field was changing in size everytime I looked away. And when I got there, there was also a house right by us, but there wasn't anymore. I guessed I was dreaming, and looked at my hands for confirmation.

      BAM!, lucid. It was kind of hard doing the first reality check, because my fingers looked pretty much normal, except for one finger bending 90degrees. (Now, I haven't been training lucid dreaming for a month or two, so I'm kind of prowd of remembering doing this, and doing it this fast) I fell down on my knees, and looked at the grass. I felt it, smelt it, and rubbed it. My face was all the way down in the beautiful green grass, and my hands was furiously rubbing away like a 13yr after a family vacation. After I was done "stabalizing" the dream, I got up, and looked at the teachers. They said something along the lines of "Pick a team, you have to play." I told them "NO, I WILL NOT PLAY YOUR FUCKING GAMES". They looked at me with a very unhappy face. "It's my dream, and I'm in control".

      This part ^felt amazing. I mean, Yelling at yor teachers that they are a pair of cunts, and telling them you're the one in power now? That's not something you do every day.

      I took the one of the hot girls from the line by hand, (Who shall remain nameless) and went on top of the hill. I took my arms around her, and started to kiss her. It actually felt surprisingly real for a LD, and kind of threw my off. The teachers and the rest of the class, was gone from the place where they where playing "stafet", so we went down there and started playing, just us two (which means, alot of kissing). We ended it off with a dream bj, but I was too close to waking up, and the excitement made me lose focus.

      At this point I woke up, looked at the clock, and saw that if I concentrated a little, I could do 2 more LD's!. So I laid down in my bed again, and tried focusing on dreaming.

      I woke up in one of my cousins house, and rather quickly felt the "dreaming sensation", and did my RC.

      Yup, 7 fingers on the right hand, and 3 really short ones on the left hand.
      (Right here, I should've been clarifying and stabalizing the dream, sadly I forgot. Also, I can't remember much of this dream, probably because of just that.)
      Sadly, I can't really remember much of this dream, but only the scenario, and that it involved alot of girls in bikini's. I was just going around, and observing the house. I think it's kind of cool to sometimes just look around in dreams. I mean, all of what you are seeing, feeling and hearing is in your mind, and you are laying in your bed. I also failed at flying at one point, but didn't really bother trying hard anyway.

      I woke up again, and saw that I had been dreaming longer than excpected, so I got up instead, and wrote this journal.

    4. Credit Party - 05212012 - Second Dream

      by , 05-25-2012 at 01:33 AM
      This is a fragment I had on the 21st. I woke up and simply couldn't recall the entire dream by the time I got to write it down.

      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Inside the house I find myself standing near a table withparty supplies on it. I seem to be cleaning up after a party that has takenplace recently. The room does not resemble my house but is akin to a party roomin one of those places where you can hold a birthday party for 25 people andrent a party room for everyone to eat cake in.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Sarah and Jen are helping me clean up stuff and pick uptrash. Napkins and plates seem to make up the majority of the offal. The roomseems surprisingly clean otherwise. No food or drink remains in the room, andeven the floor seems obscenely sterile.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Something in our conversation brought up the fact that Sarahhad recently been to Consumer Credit Counseling. She asked me, “Don’t you goanymore to Credit Counseling?”[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]“Me?” I replied with some degree of incredulity. “Hell no! Idon’t trust those people anymore!” [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I don’t recall what it was that led me to distrust them,though I think I remembered the fee they charged for every transaction,essentially charging me to do something I could have done on my own withouttheir help…but they had never told me that.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]This dream had more to it but when I woke up all I couldretain was this fragment.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      Tags: fragment, jen, sarah
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. THE RANDOM (Read title with the voice of a scary movie trailer narrator)

      by , 08-15-2011 at 09:07 PM
      I was in a town, next to me was a girl, who looked a lot like Goldilocks! She was pulling a red wagon. We walked in a small downtown area for awhile and entered a gated parking lot. The girl turned into my mother, the wagon into her car. I took my seat in the passenger's front seat. We tried leaving the lot when a large, fat man who looked like Ed from the movies, "Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead", and "Paul". He closed the gate demanding my mother to take him somewhere. My mom refused and got out of the car. The GATED parking lot then morphed into a regular, ungated parking lot. And my mother morphed into my friend Sarah C. We walked on the sidewalk and ran in to a park. We started jogging around the track. On the side of the track was my 6th grade P.E. teacher holding a timer. She yelled, "COME ON GUYS, YOU CAN DO IT!" We kept running and running when that dream, ended.

      I was in a room, painted a sort of orangey-brown color. An asian man... who I believe to be....(wait for it).... forceez..... was sitting on a wooden bench. From a 3rd person view I began to give him a blowjob... -__-
      Thank God, that dream ended quickly.
    6. Lying smoking bitch from my childhood?

      by , 11-08-2010 at 12:06 AM
      So I had this dream that I was waiting for the school bus, but it wasn't my usual stop. This girl from my childhood, Sarah, (we used to be friends but then she screamed at me over the phone) came up to me. She looked facially older and had a cigarette in her hand. I got really surprised and upset cause apparently I thought she was dead. I told her that and said that I saw it on a bathroom stall. Then an image came up of a bathroom stall with red lipstick on it and Sarah's name plus R.I.P. Then she laughed at me and told me not to believe everything I saw on bathroom stalls. I got embarrassed so I ran back home and ended up missing the bus.
      Tags: bus, sarah
      dream fragment
    7. Clyde Machine's Dream Journal

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:36 PM
      96: 5.16.10; 9:43AM Suburban Garden. (DILD)


      I'm at my picnic table with both my sisters when we see a basketball team walking by, the players on each others' shoulders in three-person stacks. My dad waves us over to follow them and to watch them play a game, so I run over toward them.

      The dream transitions slightly, changing the environment to a suburban scene with a great deal of plant life and shrubbery, lit up by the bright morning sun. On my way following the basketball team, I dodge into a small concrete garden/park to sit and think, knowing that I'd wanted to get lucid (but not yet aware I'm dreaming). When I sit down, I close my eyes and
      realize I'm lucid, feeling the great warmth of the sunlight on my face.

      Some people walk by me
      and I get taken back into the dream's plot when I run into a man from the group and start a gunfight with him. He falls against a small iron picket-style fence, where he dies, dropping the gun and saber he carried.
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Clyde Machine's Dream Journal

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:27 PM
      91: 5.11.10; 9:30AM Part 1: Zippos at the Gas Station. (Non-lucid)


      I am riding in the van with my mom and Sarah, and we stop at a gas pump at a local gas station. I go inside with a can of grape-flavoured soda and wonder if they'll give me any trouble over it, like if they thought I'd stolen it. I go inside to where they have lighters and Sarah walks in. The clerk mentions that she looks like an Erin, to which I agree and tell her that Erin is a pretty name. I turn my attention to the Zippo lighters and grab for one to do a trick, but find that it's one of the larger kind, and I look around at the rest of the selection instead of showing off.
      Tags: mom, sarah, van, zippos