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    1. February 5, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-05-2018 at 07:20 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The earliest dream I remember I was in Charlottesville over by the chipotle/taco bell but instead of those places it was a very empty parking lot with a Burger King. It seemed to be very early in the morning, about 3am or so. I was there trying to order food, I think eventually I did.

      Later on in that dream I'm in this building. It was sort of like a base, it seemed to me to be almost like a summer camp in a way. We were inside in this hallway that on one end had doors to lead outside and on the other side had stairs that led downstairs to this open area that had an arcade in it. I was part of a squadron of people, mostly guys from my high school. I was wearing goggles that were video recording everything I was seeing or doing. We were planning some sort of mission and I was walking around to each person and video taping them through the goggles that were higher up than my eyes but I somehow could still shift between the goggles and my own eyes. At some point I passed this girl in our group and all of the guys started to look amazed at her because the idea was she never dressed up or put on makeup or something like that so everyone was astonished to see she had done so. She was wearing full camo and had a buzz cut hair cut, I believe she was sitting down. She might've had blue eyes.

      As i'm doing this down the stairs, I turn around and see a big drill sergeant dude barking orders at my friend Sam H. The guy looked sort of like my forensics accounting professor, had a shaved head and was very strong. He was being sort of a dick to Sam and Sam wasn't taking any of it. He started to talk back and the drill sergeant threatened to beat him up. I got a dream feeling like "oh shit now we've done it, we're in trouble" that I rarely if ever get IRL. I run up next to Sam and say "so you're just going to solve all of your problems with violence huh?" That really ticked off the guy. Several other people from our group started standing next to us. We knew we were gonna take some heavy damage but if we all worked together we'd take the guy on. He jumped at us and threw us all into the arcade place. We were busting machines left and right. A couple of guys got him on the ground and I managed to get in a couple of quick hits before he threw everyone off. The dream ended.

      My last dream I was out in the country. There was a river that flowed underneath a bridge and then an old house that was sort of like a castle. The river went under the bridge and flowed right next to a back entrance into the house. I'm in the house on the top floor trying to find a key. I was going to go to some sort of river ride or something and I needed a key to make sure I didn't lock myself out of the house. I'm looking around and can't find it. Eventually, I'm outside walking next to the river on the left. There are barns and houses in the distance. I see people are taking care of cattle and some are playing in the water. I'm walking next to the river when I see a couple discussing something. Apparently it was like some sort of commercial about stds and the girl is telling the guy she has some sort of disease. I was in the water searching for the key when I decide to go back to the house. Walking up the stairs, I take the place of a girl who thought she had gotten a disease from someone else, specifically the random guy that I roomed with when I studied in China. Then I realized I was a guy and that story made no sense to me.

      I was checking behind doors looking for the key. Each door lead to an empty room or closet. I opened one and behind it was a dirty closet, and I could barely make out this little rat person thing. It was hard to explain but pretty much it was the size of a cat or dog but looked like a bald person. It was weeping in the corner behind a piece of wood that was leaning up against the wall.

      Suddenly, a giant rat jumped from out of the back of the closet and I went flying backwards, landing on my bed. Now, I was in my bed that I was sleeping in IRL, but I could hear this terrifying growling noise. I'm lying down and looking up I can barely see this giant rat at the end of my bed. He was facing sideways but was watching me. The growling was loud, and every time I tried to get up or stretch to get a better look, the rat would growl even louder and act like he was going to pounce at any moment. Eventually I get the courage to get up and the rat attacks me, but I'm able to throw it off. I look back in that closet but am very nervous that another rat is gonna be there. At the end of the dream I look down on a desk in the middle of the attic and see a key sitting there.
    2. 24th July 2011

      by , 07-29-2011 at 11:31 PM
      I am back at work for the police. My sergeant is here and also a few of my other colleagues. I have my baton but instead of it being as it should be it is instead just a long , black piece of metal. I also have another piece of equipment, it is black and long and has a hook at the top. ((lol)) I'm not quite sure what this is meant to be. I am holding them both in my left hand but they are awkward to hold and I keep dropping them. We are on a Police Operation, I have been told to get to a certain place so I am trying to get there. An officer has shouted to me, he tells me "It's in the other room above the door", I didn't know what he meant but I was looking above all the doors incase I found it ((lol)) I am still walking around, my Police Radio goes off , I answer it and it's a family member she say's " you might think i'm really stupid for calling you about this but I've just done the job and it's fantastic" I just think "ohh good" I am still walking around, my family member now passes me and she is wearing Police Uniform, I think she looks the part I also think "She's always wanted to be a Police Officer" ((notin RL she hasn't lol)) . I enter a corridore, there are Police guards standing along the sides of it. One of the officers is standing in the middle, he is the Sergeant and is shouting and pointing here and there. I am going through the corridore, I am now at the entrance of another room, I stand still and look around, it is a court room and it's empty. I know I shouldn't be here so I leave. ((dream skip)) Me and my Sergeant are in a room and are still in Uniform. I can see lots of washing machines in the middle of the room. Behind me there are about 5 tables and on them are different types of washing powder. I can see my Daughters head teacher, she is in charge, she shouts to us all "Right, go and get a box of flash" I run over to the table and i cant see flash but can see another that begins with F, I take that and think she wont realise. Myself and my Sergeant put the powder in one of the washers and ask my Sergeant to turn it on as I dont know how to work these ones. It doesn't fill properly, I say "it's not filling properly, somethings wrong, it's going to slow and it's too quiet" he says "it's ok , it's working fine" I look again and notice a piece of clothing is trapped in the door and say "there you go told you it wasn't right"
    3. 05/27/11 Sleep (2+1L) 12:00AM - 5:45AM

      by , 05-27-2011 at 01:21 PM (Graham's DJ)
      First, I had a dream I was driving with Aziz and Nick from school and we were talking about the types of security the richest people in the world have around their houses. Bill Gates had some kind of sticky grass that you couldn't walk in properly, and some fruits the size of swimming pools. Anyway, we ended up driving to a baseball diamond, pulling up to some weird kid, and telling him to get in.

      I could tell the dream had ended and I layed in bed to try to go back to sleep, I think I accidentally DEILDed or something, because the next thing I knew, I was laying down in some dimly lit room, with Nina from my school staring over me asking me something. I knew something was up, but didn't bother RCing or any of that. I was in shock (maybe SP?) because I knew something was wrong. I whispered rather loudly, "Purple skies". Nina and some other DCs who I couldn't see all made the sound the aliens make in Toy Story "Ooooooohhhh". I felt this euphoria that I could only describe as "going lucid". I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself being somewhere else, but when I opened them, I was back in my bed.

      I knew I wasn't dreaming anymore, but decided to RC anyway., not believing what I just experienced. It all happened so fast, but I didn't get to take full advantage of it. It had to have taken me another hour to fall asleep. I was so excited from my short lucidity (like 5 seconds maybe), that I just couldn't sleep.

      Interestingly enough, the next dream I had, I became lucid. I guess I was extremely skeptical of everything due to my earlier lucid experience. I remember being in a men's locker room, (a girl was in the men's room, but I didn't pick up on it) and I just blurted out "purple clouds" pretty loud. None of the DCs even looked at me or reacted at all. Imagine going up in a room of like 10 people and saying something like "purple clouds" really loud. Yeah, I went lucid off of that, oddly enough. I didn't even think to RC and oddly enough, I didn't have to stabilize. I asked the closest DC if I was dreaming and I don't remember what they said, but I had a short conversation with them. They seemed so absent-minded. Like every response was systematic. Anyway, I wasn't even thinking about flying or shooting fireballs or doing anything supernatural. I closed my eyes and decided I wanted to appear on the moon, which didn't work, and then I decided I wanted to appear on Mars. To my surprise, I didn't appear on Mars, but in a red lighted room with a drill sergeant yelling at me through an intercom system. He told me something that had to do with getting rid of my children if I wanted to fight in this war. Excited for action and ready for battle, I wasn't really sure what he meant by getting rid of my kids. He walked out of the closet beside me and I decided to ask him some things like I did with the other DC. He didn't respond the way the other DC did, though. His responses were shouted questions back at me, namely asking me about a paper on a desk. He asked what one of the drawings meant, and I explained I wasn't sure; it was just a doodle (it was a drawing of a steak I think). At this point, I think I lost lucidity and began to accept this dream as reality again. I don't remember making anymore conscious decisions in the dream. I remembered a fragment of the end of the dream where I was in my class and some kids were exclaiming to my computer teacher that it was possible to control your dreams. Everyone seemed rather intrigued. I was the only person who wasn't so excited and the teacher looked right at me. He looked back away and I guess the dream ended.

      False awakening. Forgot to RC. Rosa comes to wake me up and I tell her about my first LD. I was really excited and she was about to change her pants for some reason. Her mom suddenly walks through the door and she obviously thinks we were sexing it up. She doesn't really get angry, but Rosa is shocked and doesn't have her pants on yet. I can hear Rosa's dad coming around the corner, but the dream ended before he did, thank GOD.

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    4. Non Lucids.

      , 04-06-2011 at 08:45 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Key: Non Lucid Lucid

      Army Dream
      I was in the army. I was on some mission in Sweden. I was a sergeant and me and some other guy, I think his name was Sergeant Adam or something like that, were in front of a building crouched down and then it blew up. Earlier I was talking to Sgt. Adam on a walkie-talkie, that's how I know his name. Then I was at my Gramma's house in the basement with my cousin. When I walked down there, there were 2 sodas so I grabbed one. One of them was Diet 7UP and some other one which I grabbed. Then I was telling him about my job in the army and how much I got paid. I had to go up the stairs to see what my pay was, the first time I checked and told him, it was 400,000 dollars. Then I went up again and it said my share was 2.5 milion.

      Mom Dream
      My mom was younger and she was at some window. She saw a guy and he said something about her being a newbie. Then he touched her hand and she giggled like she had a crush on him. Later she was really mad about something, I can't remember what but she threw something like a small tuna on the ground.

      Wheelchair Dream
      This guy was helping someone get across the street. They were in a wheelchair. So he waited for just the right time and he pushed the person into the road and a silver Volkswagen just missed the guy.

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