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    1. 4 Dec: Dystopian future, zombies and a middle-eastern market

      by , 12-04-2018 at 11:42 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something with Zilla. I am preparing toasts in a kitchen and I put lots of margarine on it. Can't remember details, but she and a friend are in the next room making arrangements for something and I can see and hear through the walls and I am feeling excited with this ability. There is a guy too and at some point they all take a bus and I know from my super-power that the the guy is carrying a good amount of money with him and they advised him to be discreet.

      Me and mom drive into a very degraded neighborhood, looking for the house of a lady to pick her up for something. Some houses are falling apart, people here are really poor. On arrival to the address, my mom crosses path with her older brother who doesn't get along with her and vice-versa, but he tries to get a ride from us. She pretty much ignores him and goes to sit on some low wall that surrounds he area. He then goes away with someone else. Then a third person says that maybe we should have been more sympathetic, that the man is down because one of his grandfathers died. But this grandfather isn't grandfather of my mom. He was a well known gypsy with a reputation. My mom doesn't feel any obligation of anything and anyway we also had family members dying and he never showed up.
      We pick up the person we came for, she lives with kids in the basement of one of these houses.
      We go to the city center, go through some place like a street market, looks like a dystopian future, but everyone dresses like the 80s, including us. There is a celebration of an election going on, but it looks chaotic and dangerous like in a Mad Max movie. And we are worried about two street kittens that mom used to feed in this area and were forced to move on to another area and now we can't find them.

      Visiting my university and particularly the student's association. All is so different, dark, degraded, once again Mad Max like. Instead of political work the kids are having hardcore parties and the association looks like a really shabby non-recommendable club.

      I go outside and walk the streets and I spot a little squirrel looking for food. I have some cat food with me and I slowly approach and try to feed him. When he finally caves in and comes eating on my hand, I sit on the floor against a wall. Then some guys come warn me that I am sitting against the Israel's embassy and that I'd better move on or they'll find suspicious and shoot me. I get up and as I walk towards their entrance, I am dragged by a crowd who is also in celebration mode and apparently welcoming someone important. I don't want to have anything to do with that, so I cross the road only to see myself in the path of a car with black windows, escorted by bikes and lots of security. Once again I really don't want to be in the middle of all this.

      At home, I check my non-lethal traps for rats. All empty. And then I hear noises in the walls and realize they are infested with rats nests. I open a few holes and there they are, some very large rats. And they look at me with their really cute eyes like challenging me, knowing that I don't want to kill them. But I think I need more traps and maybe will even try to catch them by hand, as they are so many.

      A post apocalyptic scene with zombies. I am watching from a distance a man on top of a car in the middle of water. He thinks he is safe there, but the water is knee deep and 3 zombies head towards him. Luckily we're dealing with slow zombies. So I have time to go there and try to help. As I fight through the zombies, a military jeep comes by with half a dozen soldiers, men and women, and they take care of it. They take the man who is injured and say are they can't take me as the jeep is full. But 3 ladies in the back seat squeeze themselves and still find a little space for me. On the way they are arguing with one of them who shoots black zombies more than whites and he does so also to those zombies who are not an immediate threath. Since there is an official program to find a cure, the protocol states they only kill the ones they really have to, but they noticed this guy is trigger happy regarding black zombies. He denies but everybody can see he is a racist and is using the opportunity to shoot some black people in the hopes that when the cure is achieved, the world will have less of them. We are shocked.

      Somewhere in a middle eastern town. In some compound with my dogs in a garage. My dog Lady finds a way to break the gate and they all run outside and disappear in the labyrinth of a street market. I freak out at the idea they get lost and don't come back, so I follow them and shout their names, so they don't lose me as a reference. I spot Maya and Soraia and lure them to me. Since they are the smaller ones, I grab them and then go look for the others. It is easier to get the other to follow if I carry these two. But on the way back, Maya and Tara become human girls and they want to buy scarfs from a salesman. I say no, Tara insists. She gets a blue scarf and somehow she has the money to pay, but she doesn't leave a tip. The couple of owners and their family start saying profanities and insulting the girls, but they speak in portuguese and I realize they are actually a portuguese family. I go to them and very politely I say that I understood all they said. They feel awkward. I explain she doesn't know about tips and the local customs, even I didn't know, but that they are the best people and don't deserve to be insulted that way. I leave a tip them and then we go away.
    2. Charlie Brown’s World

      by , 04-29-2018 at 07:12 AM
      Morning of April 29, 2018. Sunday.

      In my surreal dream sequence, there is eventually a focus on the “Peanuts” comic strip. It is supposedly an anniversary of when the first strip was published. (This is incorrect, as in reality, October 2, 1950 is when the dailies started and it was January 6, 1952 for the Sunday strip.)

      The detail eventually stabilizes on a stage that seems to be for a television show being broadcast live. The announcer says “Charlie Brown” vividly and clearly and extends his hand to the right, upturned for introduction. The “real” Charlie Brown walks out on stage and the audience looks on. It is a real man, but he is very old and has oversized ears, which are probably fake. He actually has the essence of a very old Charlie Brown in appearance (which is unusual as the comic strip character has hardly any facial detail, yet my dream includes a very precise essence somehow), but I consider it is mostly makeup to play the role.

      There is a shift and the same scene repeats. After this, a similar scene occurs, though this time it is a very old and “real” Sally Brown sitting in a chair. The audience looks at her as she is interviewed. In the last scene, which is supposedly part of a movie that is showing a new “Peanuts” event, two anthropomorphic rats are standing near the back door of a building. Apparently, they are being married, though I see no other characters present at this time. The rat is named Roquefort, though in reality has nothing to do with Charlie Brown’s world (as far as I know). Roquefort eventually says how he is “impotent”. The female rat (I do not recall any name) says, “We’re British. We do not use that word.”

      From here, there are detailed closeups of one of each rat’s ears (the right for the male and the left for the female). I see that while the male’s lobe is connected to his head, the female rat’s lobe is slightly raised, with a J-shaped groove. This seems to mean that Roquefort might change his mind about the wedding, but it is the girl rat that turns and walks off.

      In hypnopompic disclosure (the preconscious and emergent consciousness correlation where the clear meaning of my dream surfaces), I realize the whole dream was triggered by the vestibular system correlation of the waking process, the stage being autosymbolism for “watching” the dream state (as well as a play on the “stage” of sleep). The rest was surreal nonsense of which I cannot even correlate with a media influence.

      Many of my dreams have autosymbolism for vestibular system correlation as the waking factor (in fact, an average of more than one dream per sleep cycle for over fifty years includes this biological process), though typically related to flight. (Vestibular system correlation is a common dream factor as the dream self cannot viably perceive the conscious self’s physical form in REM sleep.) It has astounded me since childhood that the same processes repeatedly being rendered are completely ignored in favor of “interpretation” simply because of their uniqueness each time. Perhaps in a thousand years, more people will begin to see what dreams actually are. Still, from the evidence I see in society, including most people that pretend to understand or “interpret” dreams, I very much doubt it.

      Dreams, especially the preconscious transition, are not actually supposed to relate to waking life as they are meant to be a release of the conscious self identity (unless literally prescient or when overwhelming stress is literally borrowed by RAS modulation, the former being quite common for me, the latter very rare, and neither of those two factors requiring “interpretation" due to being literal), for the reason of contrast in the emergent consciousness activation, and they do not come from the unconscious or subconscious either. For example, the male talking rat using "impotent” (after a satisfying lovemaking session prior to sleep) and the female rat replying with “We’re British”. This is the opposite of anything in my waking life. (I do not even know anyone who is British or English in waking life, that is, where I actually live.)

    3. February 5, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-05-2018 at 07:20 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The earliest dream I remember I was in Charlottesville over by the chipotle/taco bell but instead of those places it was a very empty parking lot with a Burger King. It seemed to be very early in the morning, about 3am or so. I was there trying to order food, I think eventually I did.

      Later on in that dream I'm in this building. It was sort of like a base, it seemed to me to be almost like a summer camp in a way. We were inside in this hallway that on one end had doors to lead outside and on the other side had stairs that led downstairs to this open area that had an arcade in it. I was part of a squadron of people, mostly guys from my high school. I was wearing goggles that were video recording everything I was seeing or doing. We were planning some sort of mission and I was walking around to each person and video taping them through the goggles that were higher up than my eyes but I somehow could still shift between the goggles and my own eyes. At some point I passed this girl in our group and all of the guys started to look amazed at her because the idea was she never dressed up or put on makeup or something like that so everyone was astonished to see she had done so. She was wearing full camo and had a buzz cut hair cut, I believe she was sitting down. She might've had blue eyes.

      As i'm doing this down the stairs, I turn around and see a big drill sergeant dude barking orders at my friend Sam H. The guy looked sort of like my forensics accounting professor, had a shaved head and was very strong. He was being sort of a dick to Sam and Sam wasn't taking any of it. He started to talk back and the drill sergeant threatened to beat him up. I got a dream feeling like "oh shit now we've done it, we're in trouble" that I rarely if ever get IRL. I run up next to Sam and say "so you're just going to solve all of your problems with violence huh?" That really ticked off the guy. Several other people from our group started standing next to us. We knew we were gonna take some heavy damage but if we all worked together we'd take the guy on. He jumped at us and threw us all into the arcade place. We were busting machines left and right. A couple of guys got him on the ground and I managed to get in a couple of quick hits before he threw everyone off. The dream ended.

      My last dream I was out in the country. There was a river that flowed underneath a bridge and then an old house that was sort of like a castle. The river went under the bridge and flowed right next to a back entrance into the house. I'm in the house on the top floor trying to find a key. I was going to go to some sort of river ride or something and I needed a key to make sure I didn't lock myself out of the house. I'm looking around and can't find it. Eventually, I'm outside walking next to the river on the left. There are barns and houses in the distance. I see people are taking care of cattle and some are playing in the water. I'm walking next to the river when I see a couple discussing something. Apparently it was like some sort of commercial about stds and the girl is telling the guy she has some sort of disease. I was in the water searching for the key when I decide to go back to the house. Walking up the stairs, I take the place of a girl who thought she had gotten a disease from someone else, specifically the random guy that I roomed with when I studied in China. Then I realized I was a guy and that story made no sense to me.

      I was checking behind doors looking for the key. Each door lead to an empty room or closet. I opened one and behind it was a dirty closet, and I could barely make out this little rat person thing. It was hard to explain but pretty much it was the size of a cat or dog but looked like a bald person. It was weeping in the corner behind a piece of wood that was leaning up against the wall.

      Suddenly, a giant rat jumped from out of the back of the closet and I went flying backwards, landing on my bed. Now, I was in my bed that I was sleeping in IRL, but I could hear this terrifying growling noise. I'm lying down and looking up I can barely see this giant rat at the end of my bed. He was facing sideways but was watching me. The growling was loud, and every time I tried to get up or stretch to get a better look, the rat would growl even louder and act like he was going to pounce at any moment. Eventually I get the courage to get up and the rat attacks me, but I'm able to throw it off. I look back in that closet but am very nervous that another rat is gonna be there. At the end of the dream I look down on a desk in the middle of the attic and see a key sitting there.
    4. [10-11-2016: Rodents]

      by , 11-10-2016 at 11:08 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my backyard, it was a foggy but warm morning. I opened my car and a huge rat ran out of it, then started circling around the car. There were some other rodents too. I tried to catch the rat, but managed only to catch another rodent. It was a strange rat-dog combination with gray fur.
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    5. 14/9/2016 Minimal recall

      by , 09-14-2016 at 08:54 AM
      Slept through last night without any wakings, so poor recall.

      1) Went into a bedroom, I had to go through another bedroom to get to it. I knew it was going to be scary, for some reason, but wanted to experience the fright and get over it. I walked in and felt very frightened then looked around and changed the feeling into a nice feeling and all the fear went away and the room felt pleasant. then I walked out.

      2) Stood by an animal enclosure. I saw a cat chasing a baby rat. The rat was in the cat's mouth so I picked up the cat which I noticed was an odd brown/grey colour so it wasn't one of mine, and coaxed to to let go of the rat and give it to me.

      3) Fragment: serving up some food to a friend's husband, he wanted seconds so I served up some more, it was square chunks of odd looking but he said he wanted lots.
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    6. Non lucid black cat and rat

      by , 03-24-2015 at 05:25 PM
      Went back to bed around noon today, felt very tired. I listed to a two hour binary beat track on you tube. This did not induce lucidity but it did give me a very vivid dream. I was sat in front of a big field where I had set up a tent and small fire (u sure why I was there I think there was some sort of cattle sale going on. In the next field there were many people setting up big round tables and chairs, tents and bar b question. I didn't know them. As I sat and looked down the farm lane, I saw a black shape "ambling" toward me. As it got closer I could see that it was a lack cat who had a big grey rat by it's side. I knew that they were friends. As they got nearer still I noticed that the black cats two front paws were tethered together by black cable ties, both ends were sticking out. The rat was helping the cat walk. I shouted to my daughter to go get a pair of scissor or something so I could free the cats legs. With the scissors now in hand I turned back to the cat, but the legs were no longer the there'd together, but the cable ties were still on each paw. I tried to cut through them and as I did, they opened up to reveal electrical wiring. At this point I wondered if I should cut them off.........unfortunately the home phone rang and woke me up. I wish I could have continued the dream I may have become lucid, who knows
    7. Lucid: Learning My Guide's Name, and Seeing His True Form *Updated*

      by , 07-30-2014 at 12:27 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in an elementary school front office. I saw many women working there, and many working on computers in the back. I walked up to my mom, who was one of the women working on the computers. I "remembered" that this was her job now. She seemed content.

      Then, a girl at the front desk gave Dallas and I some drinks that looked like orange and red Kool-Aid drinks that used to come in the bottles (Kool-Aid Jammers?). She had stolen them to give them to us for the movie we were going to see. Her boss, a woman, asked her if she had stolen them. She said no, even though she obviously did.

      We were then leaving so we could get to the movie on time. This is around when I became lucid.

      I spoke to my husband for a long time. We spoke of past lives, I discovered he was in many. I asked about my mom, and saw an image of her as I did. I knew she was in some past lives as well; I knew before I even asked. A random DC appeared that had traditional African clothing on. I asked if he was in a past life, but he disappeared; he was just a regular DC. I remember something about the name Mary; it wasn't a coincidence that the people in my life have the names they do. I thought of all the Marys I knew (Mary Katherine is my best friend IWL, for example; I thought about this at this point in the dream). Dallas and I were on a lake at night for part of this dream.

      I then was walking through a mall. I felt the dream was about to end. Before I woke up, I saw many stores with signs lit by neon green lights. I felt like this is where the movie theater was located.


      I was determined to return to this lucidity to meet up with my spirit guide and find out his true form. I kept falling back into sleep and immediately being lucid, but I would wake again very shortly; the dream was not stable enough.

      Finally though, I re-entered sleep and stayed. I was lucid immediately; I felt SP and saw the dream forming. I waited a little bit before I went and did anything; I knew I had to stabalize first and foremost.

      The dream finally felt good enough for me to continue. To increase the stability a bit more, I examined my hands, and thought about what Hyu said to me about using your senses to increase stability. I used my sense of touch. I was walking through my family's kitchen, and felt everything I came across. I touched the counters, etc. The sensation felt a bit "muted" but it really did help. I thought for sure the dream would fall apart before this.

      I then was inside somewhere, walking down a wooden hallway, when I knew that I wanted to see my spirit guide. At first, I said
      "Dream guide appear!" but realized my error and corrected myself to
      "Spirit guide appear!"
      I then saw a shadow behind me. I looked behind me, and saw what looked like a girl I knew growing up named Jess.
      "Wow, this is tricky," he said, referring to taking on other forms.
      It didn't matter; I knew it was him. He looked like Jess, but had the voice of a man.

      I then started to feel as if I was losing the dream. I said to my guide
      "Please! Keep me in the dream!"
      He held onto me and things started to stabalize again. This happened a couple of times throughout the dream.

      We were then walking into a restaurant. It resembled a Cracker Barrel. We sat down at a table with a couple at it. He said to them
      "Excuse me, may we join you?"
      The table had dirty dishes and food on some of the dishes. We sat with them. We were across the table from one another. We were speaking, and I asked him his name.
      "Mike," he said. He then called me "Bethany".
      "Was that my name?"
      "Yes, you were very proud of me," he said. He was referring to a past life we had shared together.
      I had brief thoughts that he was a musician of some sort.
      "Mike, may I see your true form?" This was part of my goal for an LD.
      He replied, saying something about the way he would look, but I can't remember exactly what he said.

      We stood up. He then started to change. His head went down into his shirt; it was kind of comical. He then emerged, mostly, having his now tuxedo shirt and jacket part way over his head, which was partially stuck inside the shirt.
      He was a homely, red-haired middle-aged man. He was tall and skinny. I then asked him
      "May I see what I looked like?"
      I was then looking in a mirror on the wall. The mirror was a bit high for me (I'm quite short, even IWL). He instructed me on how to change my reflection. I don't remember exactly what he said, but I waved my hand in front of my eyes. In the mirror, I saw my eyes change. I kept going, and my whole face changed. I saw that I was missing a tooth also. I was a homely, kind-looking middle-aged woman with thin, fine wispy hair. I kept going even after this, and my face morphed into a rat's face. Oops, too far. I said something about this to my guide, and he joked about the rat face.

      We were then sitting down again, and speaking of something,
      when my husband's alarm woke me up.


      Alright, well I didn't end up going back to sleep after all, but I did get a chance to think a little more on this.

      Before I went to sleep, I thought about becoming lucid, about situations that could induce lucidity, etc. I imagined it happening as I was falling asleep.

      Wow, intention is such a powerful thing! I did not become lucid until early this morning, but that is the norm for my lucidity.

      I do believe that I am finally starting to see the power of my mind; I am finally being able to tap into things that I once thought I would never be able to do. I am finally, finally coming into my own, and being able to use my intent, and actually believe that it's going to work instead of having doubt tower over me. This feels legit. I am absolutely amazed.

      Now, I need to figure out what to do next. I think that I just need to let things flow, and when I meet my guide in my dreams, I'll know who he is now, hopefully, and that in itself will induce lucidity. I really hope that this journey I am on continues. I will, of course, keep you all posted.

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    8. Mmm tokah gee-ummmsh DILDx2

      by , 06-04-2013 at 08:14 PM
      Total sleep time: 7 hrs

      Early dreamlet: A guy tells me that whenever cheese is involved he is also there?

      Dream1 DILD after WBTB: Me and bf are queuing to enquire about financial help. A DC woman is behind me and she disapproves of me being there. The scene transforms and we are on some kind of platform that is taking us someplace. I see a strange theme park that reminds me of the island Pinocchio went to. We arrive at the destination, the DC woman is still behind me, I feel her body press on me, so I decide to sit on the platform’s stone steps. I look where we have arrived. This is something like a prison that a sect has, and they keep girls with strange clothes there.

      I enter the place and it turns into an ordinary apartment. I look around and it feels familiar, as if I had been here before. In the first room I see a girl that is kept there and she is clearly sad about her fate. She is naked and I feel her silky skin, and then hug her to console her. She is very thin and I cannot tell her back from her front, it actually gets distorted but I think it is because she is skinny and I tell her that…I move on. There is no one in the apartment and that gives me a strange feeling. Soon I discover another room where a girl is kept. This time it is an extremely dangerous girl. I try to peek through the keyhole but there is some metal in it. Of course, the door to this dangerous girl is not locked, so she starts moving the door trying to escape, while I am trying to close the door. She is stronger than me so she manages to escape and I face her. She is outright scary, because she is a vampire. Some game-like status bar that looks like a play paper card is there. I understand that I won’t be able to fight her, so decide to flee.

      I leave the apartment as fast as I can, and as I get to the stairs I run into Brendan Hines, who I recognize in the dream as a friend of mine and not the actor. I tell him we should get out of there and glide/jump on the handrails as fast as I can. We leave the building and I am on the street lucid. My first thought is that I don’t need to run away any more, but just to be on the safe side, I decide to increase the distance between me and the vampire girl, so I fly forward a bit. I am very happy that this guy (Brendan) is here and have some strange memory that this is the second time I am dreaming him? I want to use him as a partner during the lucid.

      I remember 3 of the TOTM (although I decided yesterday to do only two this month), and have a great clarity of mind. This worries me because I feel that this is end of the REM and I am going to wake up soon, so I go to do the tasks. I approach Brendan, but he has transformed into some ugly older dude, who is being engaged by two other DCs on a bench. That irritates me and I try to get his attention, with little success. I notice a small puddle on the floor and decide to look at my image there. At the same time, while walking towards the puddle I consider if I should take my clothes off, and I stretch my T-shirt a bit. I think that not being able to see for a while will disconnect me from the dream, so I abandon the task and concentrate on my image in the water. I am pleasantly surprised to see that it is actually me there, looking quite nice, and smiling. Normal clothes and hair. It seems that I am talking as I am thinking this because as I do, I see the image’s mouth move exactly in accordance with my thoughts/words. I find this fascinating, but soon I feel my real lips moving and I am back in my bed.

      I am on my right side, eyes closed and decide to risk and go for a DEILD. I wait quite a while and nothing happens, I am quite awake so decide to go to the restroom and take some key notes. I then go back with the intention of falling asleep and having another lucid. (Yes, that greed!)

      As is usually the case with me, this doesn’t work too well, so I spend about 50 mins doing all kinds of stuff trying to fall asleep. I got very sceptical about having another ld towards the end of this insomnia chunk and began contemplating whether I should get up and do something more productive, but I finally fell asleep.

      Dreamlet: some plant leaves

      Dream2 DILD: I am in what initially looks like my parents place and there is a rat-like creature on the floor. It is white, and has no eyes, so a bit creepy. It later becomes three smaller creatures. There was some kind of story about these but it is hard to remember. We also own some creature in my mind a horse, but then a dog/creature steals our horse and runs down the building. This is my grandma’s place for a while. I chase the dog to get back whatever is ours, which turns into my new handbag from real life.

      This person/entity goes down some stairs which lead into the underworld. It is scary. The underworld entrance is a subway station, where the escalators don’t work, so there is no turning back. I consider checking whether the elevator works but enter in a restroom instead. There are two people making out there, I chase them away. I look in front of me, and become lucid.

      Once again my brain is working full power. There is a mirror just in front of me, so I take advantage of the opportunity and check my appearance. My hair is a bit darker and my image makes grimaces. I think that I don’t want to be stuck here too long to avoid waking up, so I leave the restroom. The station is still there, and I want to talk gibberish to a DC, so I turn to a DC guy and say the sentence “I am talking gibberish”, but muffle the sound so it becomes something like “Mmm tokah gee-ummmsh” and look for his reaction. He doesn’t seem to understand what I am saying and I am disappointed with his reaction, so I repeat it two more times. He shyly smiles and looks away. Ah, he’s shy, I conclude, satisfied with the result.

      Then I decide to go with the next task, get naked. I look around and proudly announce to the surrounding DCs “I am going to get naked!” and watch faces of dismay. I concentrate on taking my clothes off, but it seems I have two layers, one fitting really tight. As I struggle to take them off, the dream fades away
      and I am back in bed, left side this time.

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    9. 4th Feb 2013 Jumping into Train, Rat Detective, Tank Game, some Warzone 2100, Shenanigans Inspector

      by , 02-04-2013 at 08:43 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee, my dream recall is back!

      Dream 1(fragment):

      At some point in dream i was in subway and i had to jump into moving train because it could not stop properly on the station. Also that train was really short.

      Dream 2(fragment, memorable):

      This dream was about some sort of rat that was a detective, there was something involving some slimy dudes and something to do with the sewers, i recall that i was being different characters through it. Also i recall some platforming segment.(i wish i recalled more of this dream...)

      Dream 3:

      I was playing some sort of turn based tank game which used models of tanks from WWII. One of the maps had big building in the middle and both sides starting on the opposite sides from it. Mix of what i was thinking were Panzer III and Panzer IV were used by both sides, i was just watching battle of two AIs from top down. Map had some positions somewhat randomized, leading to one side having units closer to each other than other side, which made them do more damage sooner due to being able to start shooting earlier. Ofcourse that side won that game.
      Then i started some single player mission and i was moving my tanks through some sort of city.

      Dream 4:

      I was playing some Warzone 2100, there was some small map where i started with small base and there was one scavenger and one NP base to the north and to the east, also one more scavenger base to the north-east. Also there was some sort of volcano in the center of the map.
      After completing it i found it too easy and decided to use some code restarted the map and switched sides to scavenger. They had some weird units, such as rocket buggy that could use only mg or some sort of hovertank unit that was out of place for their side. For some reason NP bases were replaced by bases of The Project, so i was having really hard time playing as scavengers.

      Dream 5:

      I was the helper of some dude who was Shenanigans Inspector, we have entered some big building to check if everything is in order. We forgot to eat before going in there and were hungry so Inspector used some shenanigans to get us food and also millions of $. Apparently we were required more money for reason i can't recall, so we have talked about what to do(i recall he was talking like he was from some comedy movie or something).
      We have decided to use some 'market shenanigans' that were happening somewhere in the building, when we have found place that we needed Inspector said to "leave everything to him and just watch". This was place of some market play, with various auctions and such, Inspector found an empty table and set up all of out moneys on it in some bizarre way, like each 1000$ were on it's mini-pedestal.
      Apparently he ended up losing some money and after a while the main dude in the place declared that he knew about shenanigans that we use and the whole building was built in a way to rely on completely different set of shenanigans(?). Inspector started laughing and the dream ended soon.

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    10. The Gauntlet

      by , 11-17-2012 at 06:53 AM
      non lucid
      Contemplated till one word came to me "Salesman" then Mind-Mapped into dream.

      note: I am about to start a new job and am looking furiously for a rental in the town where I will be working.

      A church was running a dormitory for single young women in a large five story apartment complex. It was light blue with white trim and square. Entry stairs led to the bottom floor near the center of each side. Beside each of those was a square stair case that wrapped itself up to the top floor. Each floor was then figuratively cut into quartiles where a slightly older, maturer girl could watch over those in her living zone and keep them out of trouble.

      I first saw this building from an elevated view and decided that I wanted to get in. The plethora of girls did at first cross my mind but mostly I just wanted to get in out of the cold and hang out. I must have gotten caught because soon after that I was given a testing feat in order to let me in.

      I had transformed into a rat and had to get from the bottom of the complex to the top floor by running along top of a pipe. These pipes were about four inches in diameter and were mounted along side the staircases wrapping with them as they went up. To add to the challenge, the girls would try and knock me off, catch me or even hit me with something non life threatening like a pillow. On top of that, I was supposed to eat a banana that I was located just before the fourth floor.

      This gauntlet was actually not hard at all because I was fast...blindingly fast. I could run so fast that they couldn't see me and when I ran the world lit up with sunset colors streaming past me. When I came the banana a big burst of sun like yellow illuminated the already beautiful sunset colors. All I could see was the sunset, yellow sunbursts and the end of a banana. Then the banana, like it was being sliced up by a butter knife, fell away piece by piece. In a flash I had passed through the gauntlet, ate a banana, and made it to the top.

      In addition to the girls, there was now a regular crowd standing mostly on lower stories and out in the surrounding parking lot. I particular member of the crowd who happened to be up on the same floor as me, grabbed me. He was a young angry man and wasn't to happy that I had beaten the gauntlet. As he attempted to slam me against the wall I started to grow and soon I was full sized again we were wrestling.

      Next to me I saw a container full of fish and I grabbed one. I was already overpowering my opponent when I slammed the fish, with its sides opened outward, up into his face. With that, he couldn't see well and tried to reach for the fish on his face. I easily threw him to the ground and proceeded to humiliate him further by rubbing the fish in his face. White oily fats where building up around his nostrils when I figured he had had enough. He was damn near on the verge of crying.

      After that the crowd was a bit put off by the violence and began to slowly disperse. Out in the parking lot below was a snake-oil-salesman type of man. He had a cart with him and was shouting into the crowd in a sort of nasally voice...."Shooows over folks...... Seee I told you he could run fast....Every things just fine.. allrighty.. showws over...".......
      Dream Faded
    11. Flag football and zombie rats (10-16-11 5:45am)

      by , 10-16-2011 at 02:07 PM
      All of my homeschooled friends were playing flag football in a massive stadium with lots of people watching. Most of them were actually playing, but about ten of us didn't know how to play, so we went to a separate part of the field. But since my brain actually doesn't know how to play, we didn't really do anything and I never saw anyone else play either. So I went to change clothes and caught C spying on me. I shooed him away and went to go find him, he has pet rats in real life. He had a remote cOntrol decayed rat and was playing with it, it got lost under a dumpster and broke. I tried to find the pieces but Onstead found the pieces of some alligator toy.
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    12. Flag football and zombie rats (10-16-11 5:45am)

      by , 10-16-2011 at 02:07 PM
      All of my homeschooled friends were playing flag football in a massive stadium with lots of people watching. Most of them were actually playing, but about ten of us didn't know how to play, so we went to a separate part of the field. But since my brain actually doesn't know how to play, we didn't really do anything and I never saw anyone else play either. So I went to change clothes and caught C spying on me. I shooed him away and went to go find him, he has pet rats in real life. He had a remote cOntrol decayed rat and was playing with it, it got lost under a dumpster and broke. I tried to find the pieces but Onstead found the pieces of some alligator toy.
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    13. Minecraft, Piracy, and a Mental Hospital

      by , 03-06-2011 at 08:07 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      Nicole and I were playing on a Minecraft server together. We ventured into an unexplored area and found some strange, circular platforms floating in the ocean. They looked like targets. Assuming the administrator had plans for these, I decided building on them was pointless; the buildings would just get destroyed. We walked back in the other direction, and I found an old cabin I had built previously to survive a night. I decided I would stay there until morning. I was glad I found it when I did since skeletons were already patrolling behind it. I looked around the cabin and quickly discovered the basement. I couldn’t remember why I abandoned the cabin… Until I saw the creepers hiding in the basement, that is. There were at least seven of them, and they all noticed me. Only one jumped up to the ground level, though. I backed into a corner to try to force it to blow up where the damage would be minimal. I knew I couldn’t fight a creeper in this small space. Unfortunately, the creeper knocked out nine blocks on the south wall, exposing me to roaming zombies! The open space was three blocks high, so I quickly placed a line of wood across the middle to keep the zombies and creepers at bay. This didn’t protect me from skeletons or spiders, though. I tried to find materials to use without going into the basement. I tried typing “/give Nephanim diamonds” to see if I had operator rights on the server for whatever reason. The dream didn’t seem to care that I typed the command incorrectly. As I worried that someone would see the request for items and complain that I was cheating, I got a red error message back from the server. It said that I had received a warning from the staff, and the item request had been denied. Boo… I decided to brave the basement for some dirt. To my surprise, it was now empty. Dirt was better than nothing… I don’t know why I had thought to put diamond blocks up instead of something less valuable. Anyway, while I was down there, I found these long, skinny lego blocks and put them together to form a red and yellow striped wall. It still wasn’t wide enough. The corners of the hole were still open, and skeletons were shooting me. I saw that my health was empty. I was alive, but not for long. Another arrow hit, and my items burst from my body. Apparently, my spawn point was close tot he cabin even though I expected to have to run across the island. I carefully returned to the building, collected my belongings, and went on my way.

      I met up with Nicole again, and we found a water purification plant beside a street. We filled buckets with water from the clean end and sampled it. The water was horrible… On top of that, we were stealing it. We laughed about all of this as we roamed some more. We found a car, I guess… Some people called Nicole and told her to pick things up from Chick-fil-A. We went there, but we didn’t buy anything for these people. Nicole spent $14 on something applicable to her diet. I saw that $5 of it went toward adding extra bacon. That plus my food and two drinks came out to $21.45. I misheard the amount, so I only pulled out a $20 bill. The drive-through was reversed as if we were in Europe, so I had to pay. To my immense surprise, when we pulled up to the window, the cashier handed us $21.45 instead of taking our money. Speechless, I put the money away. She passed our food over and closed the window. As Nicole drove off, we argued about what just happened. Nicole seemed to think she had gone to the wrong service window, but there was only one.

      “They just paid us to take their food,” I said. “That’s all there is to it. It’s not really stealing if they don’t ask you for money… They didn’t ask you to pay when you ordered, right?” Of course not – the woman just said the total was $21.45. It really was our lucky day! Free water, free food, free money! As we continued driving, I became aware of another reality overlapping with this one. I was on a modern pirate ship as we sailed away from the coast. The farther away we went, the more I worried about dying and being too far away to retrieve my belongings. I remembered that I could set up to ten warp points, though, so I kept resetting one warp point as we continued south of the shore. My crew mates discovered stitches on my arms just below the elbow. I explained that I cut them off in order to switch my arms with Nicole’s. I would probably have scars for the rest of my life. For some reason, my crew decided this was traitorous, so they dragged me toward the back of the boat. I was shoved overboard. As I flailed in the ocean, I returned to my former reality. I was in the same car, but my mom was driving instead of Nicole. Nicole and I moved from the middle seats to the back and sprawled out on top of a bunch of Chelsea’s stuffed animals. I kept lulling Nicole into sleep so I could carry her. It worked. She almost fell into a sea of stuffed animals behind the seat, but I caught her.

      Meanwhile, I swam back to the ship in the pirate reality. I don’t know why I bothered to go back there, but it was the only place I knew to go. Once I was safe, I switched realities again. Nicole stirred. She looked like she had lost all sense of time and place. She wasn’t wearing a shirt, either. I told her about the overlapping realities. She seemed impressed. I tried to have my way with her, but she refused. I kept asking until she suggested something else. She turned me into a child and herself into a babysitter (although we were like small action figures instead of people). We were going to roleplay. While we entangled ourselves together under a thin blanket, I began to wonder where we were going. We had been driving in one direction for a while. I looked at my mom beyond the shadows of the blanket. She made eye contact with me in the rear view mirror. I saw an infinite stretch of interconnected highways in front of us. There were street signs all over the place, and no matter how far we drove, the dream was always able to fill in the space with the same amount of detail. It could continue indefinitely, I realized. We were in a dream. If nothing changed, my mom would keep driving forever! I tried to use my intent to bring us to WritersCube’s canvas void by car so could get out and try teleporting to his Monolith Gardens dreamscape. I didn’t want to bring the car along. Strangely, I lost some time here… That doesn’t happen very often. The next scene I remember was non-lucid, but there wasn’t a rough jump in the dream like there usually is.

      I sensed that a police car would pull up beside us on the highway soon. I was lying across the area behind the back seat with all of Chelsea’s stuffed animals. I knew this wasn’t legal – for one, I didn’t have a seat belt on – so I tried to keep still to avoid drawing attention to myself. Sure enough, a cop car merged onto the highway right beside us. My mom ordered me to come sit in the middle seats once we passed the patrol car. She explained where we were going at last: to a mental hospital. I understood immediately that I had been tricked. I grasped at fleeting questions in my head, but I didn’t know how to respond. I would be kept in solitary confinement for my own good, she said.

      “This will keep you from polluting your mind on the computer all day,” my mom continued. “Think of it like this: you’re decontaminating your mind and body until you can function like a normal person in society. You don’t need all that bacteria.” I wasn’t sure I agreed (if I even understood what she meant). It didn’t occur to me that I was free to say no. Rather, I wondered how I would finish school… We pulled onto the side of the road beneath an overpass where a bunch of other cars were parked. My mom and dad got out of the car (when did my dad show up?!) and started moving luggage to a man sitting on a white couch. My dad put all of Chelsea’s stuffed animals in a suitcase.

      “Do you really need all of this?” he asked me.

      “Those are Chelsea’s, not mine. Ask her.” I looked over and saw that the guy on the couch hand his hand on a zipper. I thought he was opening a suitcase to see what was inside. “Don’t screw with my stuff!” I yelled. Everyone stared at me, clearly prepared for me to attack one of them. I realized the guy was just zipping up a compartment in the bag that had been open. “Sorry. I thought you were going through my stuff.”

      “Don’t you want these gloves?” my dad asked, showing me a pair of new winter gloves. I saw an old pair of gloves on top of one of my suitcases. “Those old gloves are falling apart… These are flame-resistant, too, so they won’t burn in the summer.” I quietly accepted the gloves. I still felt awkward because of my previous outburst. I walked over to a woman sitting in a chair. She had a computer monitor for a head. She asked if I had any questions about the hospital.

      “Yeah, will I have internet access…?” I asked. No response. “Because… Well, that’s how I keep in touch with people… And I keep a dream journal online.” At least one good thing came of this, I realized. I would be able to devote most of my energy to dreaming. I had argued briefly with my mom about this in the car, but the more I thought about it, the less I felt like struggling. If everyone felt I belonged in a mental hospital, I wasn’t going to fight it… The computer woman still didn’t respond to my question, though! I scrolled through a list of frequently asked questions on her screen. It seemed the hospital made every effort to provide patients with internet access, so I was basically content. An IRC window popped up. I saw “Tande” at the top of the chat and thought Kelsey was running the hospital until I scrolled down and saw Nicole’s IRC username in the user list, too. “Oh… IRC just recognized me as Elita.” I closed the chat and walked away from the computer woman.

      I heard a girl screaming behind a closed door. When I opened it, I saw a large rat jumping around in a garage. The girl was terrified of it. I grabbed a broom and said I would save her, but I had to wait for the rat to move away from the door so it wouldn’t see me. The rat chased her into the corner. Then, it came back toward me. I slammed the broom down on its back, pinning it to the ground. If I could just hold it there, I could kill it with something… It was a perfect hit, but this rat was tough; a broom wasn’t enough to bash the life out of it. The rat squirmed free of the broom. It went straight to its attacker, jumping onto my chest and sinking its teeth through my clothes. I swatted at it. As I awakened, I sat up frantically in bed to get away from the dream rat. I did this twice before I realized I was in a different reality.
    14. Night of the Rat [dual narrative form]

      by , 04-08-1978 at 10:08 AM
      Night of April 8, 1978. Saturday.

      [An interesting aspect of dreams is that they are more closely tied to biological patterns than clearer rational thoughts, the neural energies which are free of conscious self distractions; a more natural flow of circadian rhythms. Sometimes.]

      I am semi-lucid, though it has been a challenge to not have my thoughts fall upon concerns relating to rats being in Cubitis when that has never been a problem before. It is ironic in regard to having had a pet rat named “Ben” that had just happened to become trapped in a cage with a black micro-bantam rooster in the chicken shed.

      [In reality, at least four large rats started to become active in the plenum space of our home and the rafters of the chicken shed for the first time and only a few months prior to our move to Wisconsin. There was a part of the ceiling in my room that had been damaged by a leak and the softer tile eventually sagged down to be directly open to the space below the roof, which the rats sometimes occupied (though no rat had ever come through that opening in my ceiling despite my wariness at times). My father eventually covered the opening with a piece of plywood. They sometimes ran across our clothesline even though they seemed too big to do this as easily as they did.]

      I am in my Cubitis bedroom in the middle of the night but I am somehow aware of the presence of a giant rat in the now empty chicken shed. There is also a sense of isolation, an illogical idea that no one else is around for miles. I can see the movement of this giant rat in the background behind the first partial wall of the shed, mostly only moving from left to right and back again at which point it does not seem to be aware of me. It is about the size of a horse. Even though I am aware that I am dreaming, I seem unable to focus on something other than this potential threat.

      [Rat symbolism seems to be related to biology in some cases, having proven to appear in dreams as a symbolic precursor to a flu or other illness when there were yet no outward signs.]

      At one point, seemingly while standing outside somewhere but in a semi-dark area that is mostly featureless, yet also sensing that I am in bed at the same time, I look directly up and see the giant rat leaping down upon me, vertically from above, headfirst, and it almost seems cartoon-like, even flexing human-like fingers. Despite the rat’s mouth seeming not that close or even very large, even as it is almost upon me, more of a comedic essence than realistic, I soon realize that I had been swallowed and I am then suddenly apparently floating inside its stomach. My waking is very slow. There is the sustained sense of being in hot liquid and floating on my back. This disturbing experience seems to last about twenty seconds until I rise through liminal space and feel of a normal physical presence upon waking.

      [This was an immediate precursor to a virus, and yet also seemingly of a precognitive connection to my brother Dennis (half-brother on my mother’s side), regarding negative associations after my move back to Wisconsin. He even had a cartoonish tattoo later that was identical to the imagery in one part of my dream, the second-from-last rendering of imagery. What is also interesting is that some of the imagery at the beginning of my dream had a very eerie but unrealistic appearance; a superimposed aspect that is identical as that from the “Night of the Rat” segment from the movie “Nightmares”, which did not come out until 1983. The rat was rendered much more realistically in the first segments than it was in the last scenes.]

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