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    1. 4 Aug: Robert Mueller at nudist swimming pool, terrorist at nerd convention, friends in Lisbon

      by , 08-04-2019 at 09:21 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a nudist swimming pool with my mom. We go take a shower before going to the pool and it's all genders mixed. Robert Mueller is taking a shower there. He is to friendly and gets to close and his penis touches me. I feel very uncomfortable but my mom seems to like him... until he kisses a younger guy that arrives and then she feels a bit shocked. He asks if we are ok with it. I say I am (now his dick touching me doesn't affect me much) but my mom is suggesting it isn't ok by her. We have a bunch of stuff to put in the lockers, but they are all taken. She decides to just leave stuff on the ground over a towel, but I go back because I think some one will steal it. I find a Chinese and an Indian or Pakistani dude putting prices on our stuff and trying to sell it. I have an argument with them, they get a bit scared, asks me for proof it is my stuff. I raise my voice and say I am ready to fight and they back of. (sorry for this sort of racist dream)

      In a nerd convention with Riverstone. We are sitting at a table, eating and drinking. I won some contest but it's because I followed a hint from him. Something about a quote that I guess it's from Star Wars. They call half a dozen winners to the front of the stage to hand the prizes (several electronic items). They are all marked with our names but someone used a marker that disappears on touch causing a chaos. Meanwhile, some Latin dude in a camouflage jumpsuit is walking among us, and someone yells he wants to kill someone. I look back and he has an electronic command in his hand and points it over all our heads to a nearby stand. There is an explosion. He is pinned down by people and some of us run to the stand to help whomever needs help but luckily everybody is ok. There were also some kittens on a box for adoption and even they are ok. I pick them up and kiss them gently. Then I meet Riverstone who had lost me in the chaos and is sick worried.

      Lisbon is very changed, lots of tourists, even more than nowadays. I am taking a tour under the theme of urban art. At the Anjos area, some guy spots me at a distance and starts yelling announcing me. I don't remember his face but I go check if it is someone I know. It is some guy from my activism days. And he was yelling at his friends, but a bunch of them has already left in a car. They get however suck in traffic not so far ahead, so they wave at me. They aged, some are fatter, other grew beards. The one guy left behind takes me to visit a girl who now works in a fancy restaurant of a famous chef. She looks like Guiomar. She shows me around, the chef is baking some cakes and I say I am hungry but are they vegetarian? The chef says no.
      Then my friends have some gifts for me that they say I must absolutely take: a kind of wooden centerpiece with colorful paintings.

      Then I get to see through the eyes of some guy who robbed a museum with some friends and he is now on a wheelchair. He wants to revisit the place and a friend says not to or they'll catch him, but he is not worried. They do catch him but he doesn't feel so bad about it. Asks what's in the menu in the prison. I think he actually wanted to be caught.
    2. The Usual Preconscious Simulacrum Evasion

      by , 11-18-2018 at 01:03 PM
      Morning of November 18, 2018. Sunday.

      Dream #: 18,962-02. Reading time: 2 min 42 sec. Readability score: 53.

      One would think that after over fifty years, the same dreaming and waking processes in the same order and with the same foundational autosymbolism would trigger more viable threads of conscious self identity and recognition beyond subliminal RAS mediation than what occurs at certain stages of the sleep cycle. In this particular case though, my subliminal recognition of the dream state resulted in me resetting it, as had often happened before. My dream was mainly from the influence of a movie, “What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?” (1969), that Zsuzsanna and I watched last night, despite it being of the typical transition through the nexus, which in this case, is a supposedly hidden room rather than, for example, a porch.

      The focus revolves around someone I had supposedly killed, a younger male, possibly accidentally. (The backstory, again based on the movie, is unclear). The urban location is unfamiliar and unknown. The person’s remains are under a commercial business building near a corner. I had somehow done this even though I was not involved in the construction of the building. The Sleeper (the “dead” person) transmutes into a cheerful emerging consciousness simulacrum in the last scene before the offset dream, without my dream self finding it unusual.

      There are many typical scenes of evading the authorities, one of them (the preconscious simulacrum) in particular. The emerging consciousness travels with me after someone finds their remains. The building is already being taken down during this time. (In the movie, the remains were under pine trees.) He (the activated Sleeper aka previously “killed” character) helps me find a secret panel in the wall of a nearby building, in a hall. I first try to phase into the wall (as with many past dreams in subliminal, liminal, and lucid manipulation of the dream state). Instead, a panel opens, and we step into a supposedly hidden area. I reason that going deeper into the area will result in us being less likely to be found as well as being farther from the entrance point (the same “logic” as in hundreds of previous dreams of the same type). (This scenario, naturally becoming the most vivid segment of my dream, replaces the typical porch-as-nexus event, in correlation with enigmatic space as the association between dreaming and waking. It includes “puzzles,” associations with detectives, ambiguity relating to where my real physical body is, and so on. Of course, it is not possible to “hide” from the natural preconscious transition.)

      However, upon walking into another area, the avatar tells me that “this is his office,” meaning the office of the police sergeant that had been after me. I notice how it looks like an ordinary office and is not hidden from public access on one side, finding it annoying that there is not much prospect for a genuinely hidden room. The police sergeant eventually comes in. I reset my dream, and it becomes a scenario where the police sergeant is the one responsible for the “death.” He is supposedly a vampire, which I tell a few people - and I have film footage to prove it.

      I then liminally reset my dream into an offset scenario of the typical vestibular system correlation process. I am helping someone, though only at times, who is in a wheelchair, as we descend an unlikely staircase built of various big stones in an outdoor rural area adjacent to a mountain. (In other cases, I am consciously aware of using this process to sustain or vivify a dream.) We have a little trouble, but we cheerfully descend several steps without incident, even though some of them are two to three feet high. He seems to find it amusing and mostly maneuvers his wheelchair on his own. There is no preconscious simulacrum at this point, only the emerging consciousness (as the otherwise typical vestibular system avatar) in the wheelchair. (This stems from both “What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?” and the new “The Flash” television series, where characters are in wheelchairs without needing to be as a part of their “disguise.”)

    3. [10-02-2018]

      by , 02-10-2018 at 06:45 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Pant-less adventure

      It was a warm morning, I was roaming around the university with a friend that I haven't seen in a while. I was wearing only a t-shirt and underwear, it bothered me a bit but nobody seemed to care or even notice. After a while of walking we met one of my pals, she left a building with her boyfriend, then she sat on a wheelchair and her legs changed, they were somehow inflated. We moved on, I really wanted to help my friend get to a bus station and I did it even though I was almost naked.
    4. Vivid nightmare and Lucid sky castle of eagles

      by , 12-16-2016 at 07:15 PM
      Went to sleep and dreamt of being in a bunk bed like when I was a kid. It was incredibly vivid.
      It felt very oppressive in the pitch dark, closed in by darkness and silence in the room.
      (When I was a kid and lived in the countryside it was silent and pitch dark at night).
      I could then see myself 3rd person view from above, looking stark white in the dark of the room, huddled up.
      In my head I was thinking "come on bring it on, do you worst!" whatever you are. And tensed for something to strike me. Nothing happened.
      It was all so vivid and intense that when I woke, my mind was awake but i was still half a sleep.

      So when I went straight back to sleep I was lucid.

      I was inside a broken down school, there was a dark corridor with a pipe broken spraying water everywhere and broken masonery. Two boys in green school uniform were heading towards me, hands in pockets.
      I thought to myself last time I was lucid I couldn't control much, so I took direct action.
      Grabbing the first boy that came towards me by the face, I said take me to see the person I want to see, now!
      He didn't have much say in the matter,looking at me wide eyed, he complied. We moved on and through some double doors met a giant man about 8 to 9 feet tall, wearing a blue medical gown. We were now in a hospital. He was blind and I could see wounds where his eyes had been. He was very strong, I could feel power pouring from him and without speaking I went with him (there was no need to speak).
      We went along a corridor which which led into the front reception area of a large hospital.
      There a large number of patients were sat in wheelchairs, in front of a row of glass doors to the exit.
      The sun was shinning brightly into the entrance foyer.
      The person I wanted to see was there in the closest wheelchair, her hair was fine and blonde hanging straight, she wore a silky white robe.
      She got up from the wheelchair and took my hand. The giant took my other hand and we left the hospital and went out into the sun.
      The site before me I will never forget. The sky , a beautiful greek blue, and the sun dazzling.
      Above was the most amazing site, towering dizzily high above me was an immense floating castle.
      The highest towers were in the shape of gigantic eagles. All parts of the tower were so black that it was almost hypnotic to look at them. I don't know if they were black because of the shadow from the bright sun or something else.
      We flew together up, higher and higher with a feeling of great power, security and happiness washing over me. The giant was in the lead pulling me higher, then me, then she.
      We went higher and higher, this bit went on for a long time, hard to describe but it was wonderful

      Had two false awakenings where I tried to write dream up in journal, but was only dreaming it lol

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    5. The giant purple Octopus!

      by , 11-15-2016 at 07:44 AM
      So I had this dream about 5 years ago but I still completely remember most of the details. I was in a boy scout group walking down a trail in the forest, just walking for about 10 seconds when a page turned I dont know how but a page just turned,and I was about 10 yards from my house, that was in the middle of a prairie surrounded by a circle of trees, and I saw a huge purple octopus attacking my house! I ran to my house and went inside I saw my family panicking. I told them to calm down when the octopus grabbed my dad, who was in a wheel chair for some reason. I ran into the garage and took a knife. I was hiding behind a heater when it ripped a hole in my roof. I ran as fast as I could jumped out a window and landed on the octopus. I cut off the tentacle that was holding my dad and shortly after cut off the rest of the tentacles. I then abruptly woke up!

      Does any of this have any type of meaning if so please tell me! Thank you.
    6. Disabled Seminar, Rangebank Choir, Box of Protein LD#41 (2.9.14)

      by , 09-02-2014 at 11:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      Some guy giving seminar in a wheelchair. He tells everyone to stand up, making fun of himself. Everyone laughs, and i stand up as If I didn't get the joke at first. The man in wheelchair stands up. He talks about his arse, and what it looks like since he's been in a wheelchair. He makes his arse blow up outwards to about the size of a head.

      I'm playing a video game with Daryl. It's FIFA. We are taking shots for goal from free kicks. Daryl hasn't really figured out how to shoot properly.

      Dream 2

      I'm with Daryl and we're at our primary school. We are walking passed library when I see Soyer. He's sitting in the drivers seat of a car where the new portables are.

      Daryl and I are now at the preps toilets. I see a crowd of people singing where the gym is. I avoid going that way due to having to get involved. I see Troy Ost and one of his mates, maybe Hobs?
      Daryl is looking at a 20c coin and I happen to think that his face is on the coin, but soon after realise that's silly, and wouldn't be the case.
      Harley walks towards us and I jokingly tell him that anyone that sings in the choir can't be friends with us. He doesn't crack and smile, and I tell him he doesn't look too well. He agrees with me, and kneels down and farts. He now cracks a little smile. It's a silent but deadly one. It smells like diarrhea. Daryl walks over towards Harley and I tell him to not go too close cause he smells like he shat his pants.

      Dream 3 - DILD - 9:05AM

      I'm in a car with Josh Alford and a couple others, maybe my other mates? We're talking and I'm kinda avoiding getting in a convocation with Josh A. We pull up at the bottle-o near the settlement. It seems to be a protein powder store. We walk over and the boys get their stuff. I'm thinking of buying some, but only if it's pure protein and not with the junk additives they usually put in. I grab a box without telling anyone, and drag it around the store. I eventually put it back under the table where the rest of the supplements were. I see a row of what looked like glass pineapples.
      I walk out of the store and I see John Rickard on the foot path. John has something or is about to buy something. As I pass him I say "hi john" but he doesn't respond back.
      I walk over he road where the old Reece plumbing shop is, except it looks different to RL. I start to become aware that it's a dream. Not sure if I reality check considering I just knew it was a dream. I rub my hands together as the dream seems faded or fading, which doesn't help. I brace myself for a DEILD as the blackness takes over my vision.

      I visualise the last thing I saw which brings on a false awakening in my room. I do a reality check and realise I'm dreaming again. I get out of the bed and decide to do the spinning technique with my eyes closed hoping that a random dream scene appears and not my room for a change. I begin to think what if this isn't a dream and I start banging into walls while spinning, which would probably wake people up. I open my eyes and I'm slumped against the wall in my room. Dream fades again and decide to DEILD again. Same thing happens, end up in my bed. I do a reality check and my hands are blurring as I move them. I struggle to get out of bed, and feel half in and half out of the dream. The waking body wins the was and I awaken for real
    7. ATP Douga; Morning Party; Fight; Stairs; Wheels

      by , 11-24-2012 at 05:31 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      ATP Douga

      A couple days ago IWL I was studying ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). This is a phosphorus molecule that can lose a phosphate group to become ADP, thereby powering the body to do most of what it does.

      I had a dream that there was a guy named Douga, and he could "lose" the a when he needed to to become "Doug".


      Morning Party

      One of my kids friends J then knocked on our back door. I told him it was 5:00 AM and it wasn't time to visit. He was crying and said that they were arguing at his house, so I acquiesced.

      Then his sister came over. Then there were a total of 4 kids at our house; a party for my kids.

      A girl did a backwards somersault down a flight of stairs. This terrified me as she could obviously have hurt herself. I started yelling at here, "Allison! Allison!" but she wouldn't look at me. Then she said, "You don't know my name, do you? It's Glenda."

      I guess that was the end of the dream.



      I was fighting an army type. There were rifles, but they had been used up or something. Now my enemy had dynamite. I think he threw some and it blew up, but he didn't really throw it at me. I was looking at the remaining dynamite and thinking when the dream ended.



      I was in a strange contest with a girl in a house. It wasn't really a friendly contest. I was running around the interior of a house by running up and down stairs. I remember being determined to beat this girl. I would jump several steps at a time to a landng platform, then jumping another half flight of stairs to another landing platform, but she was still passing me.

      I kept running up stairs that started to be more like a hill made of rock with grip-tape on it to make it easier to climb. This went on for a little while.



      My fgf was in her BMW. In the dream it cost 200K. I thought how odd it was that her car cost more than her house which, in the dream, cost 120K. Then she was in a power chair. She was very happy about it. It wasn't like a wheel chair in th dream. It was more like a luxury item.
    8. 26th February 2012

      by , 03-03-2012 at 12:18 AM
      Last Nights Dream

      I'm in a Hospital, I'm not sure why but I'm ill. I walk down a corridors and come to a room where there is a boy in a wheelchair, I look at him and then I go into a shop, I forget what I go in the shop for and the owner says "what do you want?" I say "ummmmm..you got any of those things for a sore throat?" I see some herbals and a Woman says "what tooth for?" Lol I think "uhhhh!!" and say "the back left" she says "these are what you want" and she throws me a packet of herbals.
      I have now gone back to bed but all the beds have disappeared apart from mine, they now bring in lots of baby cribs, people are lying on the floor wrapped up in blankets, these people all have a disease and are all being sick, it's really thick, cheesy like sick all different colours..it's totally gross . I'm walking in sick, I can smell it and it's getting all over me. I see a woman lying on the floor wrapped in a blanket, she is about 40 or so and has beautiful black hair it's in a up-do style, she looks old fashioned and I hold her hand and I say "it's ok, you can go now" she then dies but then comes back to life again, this happens about 4 times before she actually dies. I now look for the boy in the wheelchair, he's sad. I now sit and paint with a red pen which turns black aswell which I find a little odd, he comes but goes again ((the boy in the wheelchair that is)).
    9. Non Lucids.

      , 04-06-2011 at 08:45 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Key: Non Lucid Lucid

      Army Dream
      I was in the army. I was on some mission in Sweden. I was a sergeant and me and some other guy, I think his name was Sergeant Adam or something like that, were in front of a building crouched down and then it blew up. Earlier I was talking to Sgt. Adam on a walkie-talkie, that's how I know his name. Then I was at my Gramma's house in the basement with my cousin. When I walked down there, there were 2 sodas so I grabbed one. One of them was Diet 7UP and some other one which I grabbed. Then I was telling him about my job in the army and how much I got paid. I had to go up the stairs to see what my pay was, the first time I checked and told him, it was 400,000 dollars. Then I went up again and it said my share was 2.5 milion.

      Mom Dream
      My mom was younger and she was at some window. She saw a guy and he said something about her being a newbie. Then he touched her hand and she giggled like she had a crush on him. Later she was really mad about something, I can't remember what but she threw something like a small tuna on the ground.

      Wheelchair Dream
      This guy was helping someone get across the street. They were in a wheelchair. So he waited for just the right time and he pushed the person into the road and a silver Volkswagen just missed the guy.

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    10. Fragment for December 16 2010

      by , 12-17-2010 at 06:07 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      I'm hanging out with one of my advisers from my summer internship. He's filming a documentary about global warming, and he walks through the halls of his university as I follow him in a powered wheelchair (having great fun as I do this). He and the film crew then take off for London, and I follow them onto the plane. I realize that I haven't packed anything for the trip and start to freak out.
    11. Susan Faludi flies away

      by , 11-02-2010 at 12:10 AM
      (Good -- um... afternoon, everybody. On the weekdays, I usually write my dreams in the morning, on my subway ride in to work. But this morning I didn't think I remembered any dreams.

      Then, sitting at work (really stressing over something, in fact), I suddenly recalled this dream. Weird.

      The dream is weird. I'd say at least part of the influence on it is the fact that over the past couple days I've been reading Jack Kerouac's Book of Dreams. In one dream, Kerouac meets Dinah Shore. That dream was so charming, I think I also wanted to have a dream where I met a celebrity. So my unconscious obliged... kinda.)

      Susan Faludi was out in the desert doing research on a new book she was writing. The book was similar to The Terror Dream. But this book had less to do with feminism and more to do with some general national conspiracy. I probably identified with Faludi or saw through her eyes.

      Faludi had discovered whatever it was she had been trying to discover. She may now have been standing by her car in an empty road in the middle of the desert. Faludi may have slammed down the trunk or hatchback of her car with an air of finality.

      She intended to go somewhere. Instead of taking her car, which now may not even have existed, she flew up into the air, possibly by means of a red and white striped parachute.

      She flew away to her right, along the road. She knew that she actually needed to head along the road, but in the opposite direction. She flew over a small overpass. This overpass was a landmark telling her she was definitely going in the wrong direction.

      The wind was carrying her in this direction, although she "had control" over "her power of flight." She kept telling herself that she would work up the momentum of the wind in order to get swinging around in the correct direction.

      But she kept flying and flying in the wrong direction. It was now night. Faludi was in the woods. It was cold and snowing. Still flying along the highway, I/Faludi (I definitely was part of her decision making process here) saw a billboard. The billboard was on a 50-foot tall, steel column.

      I knew that if I/she grabbed on to the guard rail in front of the walkway before the billboard, I/she could stop the uncontrolled flight and at least get my/her bearings. So Faludi grabbed the railing and did some kind of elastic flip onto the walkway before the billboard.

      The walkway was snowy and lit by a few fluorescent flood lamps. Othewise, everything was snowy, cotton-grey dark. Some pine trees may have reached as high as the billboard.

      Faludi huddled behind some weird, clear, plastic rectangle which I figured was some kind of a solar panel for powering the billboard's lights. Faludi thought she could call someone, perhaps her husband, to pick her up here. But it was just so cold, and she felt like it would take forever for someone to get here.

      I had a false awakening. I was going about my "daily life" when somebody, possibly my mother, told me that Susan Faludi had died. I was really surprised and upset. I regretted the fact that I'd never gotten to meet her.

      But it also seemed weird that Faludi should have died. She had always seemed like such a healthy person to me.

      Somehow I saw a photo of her -- possibly on the web. The photo showed Faludi in a motorized wheelchair, like they have at the front of grocery stores, the kind that look almost like cars or scooters with baskets on the front. Faludi was overweight, with short, grey hair. She wore a white t-shirt and black slacks, both of which were sloppy and tight on her.

      Again, this didn't make sense. I thought, There's no way Faludi could have changed this quickky. I began to doubt seriously whether Faludi was in fact dead.

      (Just one small note on this, from November 14th. After looking at some news images, I realize that the image Susan Faludi is hiding behind in the snow is a teleprompter. I'm not sure why a teleprompter is hanging out on a billboard. And I'm not sure why I thought it was a solar panel.

      But, then again, I'm still not sure why this dream involved Susan Faludi. The actions in this dream are completely the opposite of what I feel Falud's actions would be. They're more like what I think my own actions would be. So maybe the dream is saying I wish I was like Susan Faludi, but that I'm just still horribly, embarrassingly like myself. Oh, well.)

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    12. Fighting with a table leg

      by , 10-18-2010 at 07:24 AM (Delenn's dream journal)
      My dreaming was pretty intense.

      At one point I was in a bed. There's a female with me, a friend, I think. I cannot see. Then I am aware of several males around me. They are pinching me, hard. I do not like it. I squirm away. I know that the female friend has arranged this. I am betrayed. Somehow I can see again. I am angry. The friend says something like, "Come on, it's not like was going to let them rape you or something." I have the leg of a chair. I start whacking people in the head and neck. I succeed in hitting some of them and they all go away.

      Not sure what quite happened next.

      This may be a separate dream-- not sure -- but then I was with 2 friends, one in a wheel chair. We are trying to find a car. One large white sedan appears.. it has three seats across the front, plenty of room. But when we get in it later it only has 2 seats.

      Something significant about the first part of the dream is that I fought people and actually landed blows, and perhaps even won the fight. Usually when I am fighting I can't land a punch or other blow, and I definitely lose the fight.

      I also remember detail about the table leg I used-- it was similar to the legs of the small chairs from my mom's house. Tan color, with rounded ridges. Maybe 18 inches long.

      There were 5 males and 1 female (the friend).

      I didn't recognize any of them from my waking life. I don't remember much about what they looked like, actually.

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