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    1. Some kind of battle? Epic dream

      by , 08-02-2017 at 04:26 PM
      I had a very deep dream last night, deeper than usual but it was a cool dream nonetheless despite what may be said I did enjoy it.

      I don't remember the sequence of events really well but what I remember earliest was waking up (in Dream) to a disaster. I must have been in high school in my dream because there was a whole class with me, some people I recognized, one person who wasn't even in a class with me, but most I don't remember. My mom was there too, something terrible happened. I woke up and we were all in a large auditorium but everyone was down, knocked out, moaning, wounded or all of the above. I don't know what happened but my mind just wanted to think I was tortured but because I woke up and noticed it I think something else must have happened like a large fight with something else, my whole class was like this so we were not fighting amongst ourselves.

      When I woke up my serious wound was my hand, it was covered in blood, a large amount of blood and there was a gash on the bottom part of my pointer finger that starts in the middle and goes to the part where it connects with the hand itself and it was bleeding pretty bad. I remember looking off and seeing my mom was injured as well and my nephew was there with a similar wound to mine. There were nurses who rushed in to help all of us but I had to yell basically to receive attention for my ever bleeding wound and they pulled out a needle and string to stitch it up. I didn't feel pain throughout the whole thing until they started to stitch me up. From my notes there was something about underground student clubs, I think it was to teach us how to be detectives and also how to fight with weapons.

      I received training on how to fight with a knife in close quarters by Agent Gibbs (From NCIS) of all people and I remember it quickly, in a training exercise he said: "How are you going to fight me?" and he had a holstered knife on his left side, I asked "Dirty or Clean?" "Clean," he said. I grabbed the knife and went for his throat because I couldn't think of a clean way to fight with a knife, he stopped me, twisted my hand and threw me to the ground and said it was too obvious. Had he said dirty I was going to take the knife and aim for the stomach in a stabbing fascion.

      L from death note was there and a friend in real life who was dressed to look just like him, he was there to help us solve the case of what actually happened to us in the auditorium but he (The real L) was murdered and the murderer was another detective. Right afterward the detective who murdered him went into this room where the fake L stood and the fake L said that the real L was a bad guy pretending to be him and claimed that he was the real L.

      The next part of my dream took place in a large bathroom, there were 3 stalls and in front of there were toilet fewer toilets if that makes sense, just a hole in the floor that can expand and leads directly to a sewer below. My Nephew was hiding in the one farthest from the entrance and was sitting in the corner, still wounded with a bloody hand similar to mine. The man who murdered L walked in with a hooker (yes you heard me) and they stood in front of the toilet less toilet and they were arguing about something, he killed her and stuffed her in the hole and used a toilet plunger to push her into the sewer, he then checked 2 of the stalls to see if anyone was hiding there and was about to check the third but changed his mind last second and left. The next part shows our class in the auditorium but we were all better and happy, we were going to watch a movie there and we were celebrating a big victory, I don't know all that happened because I was knocked out during the fight where we all were wounded but it would seem that one of our classmates had a magical item in the shape of a square or box that stopped the attack. Everyone was cheering and we looked at him as he was the one sitting in the back but in the middle and he held up the box shaped thing into the light of the projector and it glowed gold.

      The last bit of the dream was almost a flashback I think, it showed my nephew and I walking down the stairs from my apartment and we both were wounded, my hand was still bleeding pretty bad in this scene and he was too, we walked with a limp and I was also clutching my shoulder. The world seemed grey but we walked down the stairs him leading and we both had to keep a hand on the wall to steady ourselves leaving long blood smears on the wall where our hands touched it.

      That was the end, overall it was an amazing dream despite what most people would think, it was like a movie and it was very deep. I loved it.
    2. The Other Monster

      by , 07-01-2016 at 11:13 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was gathering with a group of people, training or preparing for something. I was practicing my flips or trying to practice my flips.

      It became a Team Fortress themed scene. We were preparing for invasion.

      I was trapped in an outdoor area that they (the military?) are going to close soon. I was hurrying to the exits, but it looks like it's too late. I saw the guards closing the exits while running on a plaza area. I reached the closed gate. Nearby, a guy wearing white buttoned shirt and glasses called to me to follow him, presumably to their hiding place. I followed him. It seems there are monsters that come out during this time, and the citizens have to hide. I was in their hiding place. The hiding place became mobile, like a tank. They were busy chatting about it more with excitement than fear. We passed by some areas where there are body parts and blood lying around.

      Somehow, I realized I was the monster, so I felt I have to leave and move away or everyone in that tank will die. When we were nearing the border gate, I saw a woman arguing with a guard (female?). I'm not sure if she wanted to leave or stay, but she looked fearless. Then we heard a roar or something. From the opening of the building to my right, something came rushing out. I jumped out of the tank, turned into a monster, and clashed with the other monster.
    3. Teleportation Practice

      by , 06-30-2016 at 12:40 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Teleportation Practice part 1 (DILD)


      I am at my college at night and want to go to sleep because I vaguely know that I was trying to WILD but the rational parts of my brain aren't working i guess. I try to find a place to sleep but can't. The dream changes and I am in my mom's office helping her with something. I randomly do a nose plug RC and realize I'm dreaming. I fly out the window before I consider my goals. I am in a difference building and city than my mom's real office. I land on a roof and feel the roof to stabilize. That's right, my goal is to practice teleporting. I close my eyes and picture my bed room because that should be my most familiar place. When I open my eyes there is nothing and I can tell I'm waking up. I try and feel the carpet of my room but feel my bed sheets instead. I wake for a short WBTB. I tag this dream and try WILD again.

      Teleportation Practice Part 2 (DILD)


      I am in some sort of bizarro sandbox world where I can make what ever I want. There is infinite flat grass to the horizon. There is a bunch of random technicolor stuff built around me like if someone was building with lego but didn't have enough to not use random colors. I am working on the colors of some furtniture. I have an eye dropper that is more like the size of a turkey baster to copy the colors from one place to a another. I am making a bed have blue bedsheets and remember that I am in bed. I remember that my goal is to practice teleporting so I give it a try. I think about teleporting home but based on the previous dream that might just lead to a FA or destabilization. I close my eyes and imagine the ally way in a neighborhood near my apartment. I should be able to train there without any DCs around. The ally way appears and flys in beneath my feet. Everything on the left looks right but on my right there is a soccer field behind a chainlink fence with DCs playing. There is also some DCs talking in the ally. I practice some telekinesis on a rock but deside against it because of the DCs and that I should keep training teleporting. I up in the air and remember I want to talk to Androx. I yell,"Androx, I summon you." Wait didn't I want to go to LA and see if I can find the DHL headquarters and I start flying in that direction. "Wait, wasn't the whole point to teleport?" I get a bit overwelmed with different goals. If I can fly as fast as last time I should be able to get there in less than a second. I think as I start to fly over some mountains. I hit some fog though and loose my vision.

      The dream changes to me in a tunnel under the mountains. A guy in a green robot suit is attacking some cars. Suddenly, Iron Man flys into him and pushes him into a room connected to the tunnel. I run in and see Iron Man get blasted in the corner. "Oh so you brought your friends? I will take care of them too." the titanium man looking guy says and shoots some sort of energy beam at me. It deflects off my body and I start throwing random things at him to taunt him. "Grah" he says and throws a sticky bomb at me. I TK a wooden palate into the bomb and fling it away. I pick him up with TK and fling him into a trash compactor in the corner and pull the lever with TK. I hear a crunch and think he is dead but I hear him say, "I can still breath. Help!" I guess it broke his suit but it protected him from death. Iron Man steps out of the rubble in the corner and takes off his suit which turns into a brief case. He asks who I am and I explain that I am part of a new superhero team from a different timeline. I think he would actually make a useful ally for the Dream Hero League. "Your timeline is about to get really bad. Come with me to my timeline where you can make a difference. If you really want to go back after I can teleport you to right before I came here." Tony and I walk while he considers it. Hawkeye and Captain America run into the room. I pat them on the shoulders as I walk by and whisper to Tony "We don't need people like them. Only powerful people like you. Oh and Thor. We should find Thor." I consider Hulk but I think he is to much of a loose trigger to be helpful. This is pre Age of Ultron Tony so Vision and Scarlet Witch aren't around yet either. While we walk down the tunnel Black Widow and Nick Fury jump out and hold guns to me. They tell Tony not to listen to me and I might be an enemy. I say to Tony, "About that teleport." I grab his arm and close my eyes. I have never tried teleporting someone with me before but it's good practice. I imagine the DHL headquarters and teleport us.

      I open my eyes and I am in some sort of government building. Tony is no longer Tony but a handsome but average looking man. Teleporting has made me loose track of my goals again. I think I am trying to insert this man in the FBI as my spy. There is a guard at the door checking if we have clearance. The spies name is John. Wow what an average person. He has clearance. The guard looks at me suspiciously and say "Your guest needs clearance too." And starts looking through his paperwork. I punch him in the jaw and he drops to the floor. I look through the paperwork and sure enough my name isn't on there. John and I run inside. It looks like a plain office. "Wow this place is so boring." John says with a British accent. "Oh, yea, I guess this is the FBI in the default dream timeline. They pretty much don't do much exciting stuff in real life. Maybe the CIA in the James Bond timeline would be more your speed." I see a really bored looking woman in a cubicle. I say to her," Hey, want to go on an adventure?" She says yes and looks excited to do something actually cool. The guard runs into the room holding his jaw. He looks furious. I grab John and the womans arms and we run through a door. We a few floors up on a balcony over looking the loby. I jump over the banister and pull the DCs with me. Here goes. I close my eyes and picture myself landing on solid ground without falling.

      My feet touch ground right away. That means we teleported. I think the feat of falling makes it more effective. I open my eyes and we are at the bottom of a staircase. The banister is now pat of the staircase. There are people in suits and dresses mingling. I pull them into the staircase and find a place where we are alone. "You are both in the CIA in this timeline now. Tell me your names so I can find you when I need information." Wait, wasn't I trying to find the DHL headquarters? Why am I infiltrating the CIA. I think I need to be more careful to hold onto my awarness when teleporting. The woman says her name is Rosa something or another. I touch her shoulder and repeat her name. I turn to John to ask his last name but wake up right away. I try to DEILD and get close but it feels a bit to late in the dream.

      I am pretty happy that I did my goal and learned a lot about teleporting. It should be a much more reliable way of traveling if I can maintain lucidity and my goals. Now I have to decide what my next goal should be. Should I try and teleport to the DHL headquarters and fight the armed men. Or should I summon Androx and ask him about my dream world and dream guide. He might give me new powers too. Write in the comments what you think I should do.
    4. Parkour Obstacle Course

      by , 06-13-2015 at 04:14 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in an area near the sea. There's some kind of obstacle course. I was with others from parkour training. We were going to go through the obstacle course. I was afraid but I was able to pull it off. I jumped over obstacles and climbed, and I even rode that line thing from one area to the next.

      I think I skipped my turn because I was afraid at first but then built up the courage. I jumped in line.



      - I was on/off sleep coz I was very tired.
      - I was supposed to do tricking training but skipped coz I was too tired.
    5. [05-05-2015]

      by , 05-05-2015 at 07:38 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Training with warriors

      It was in the middle of barren land. I was standing on a hill side, surrounded by warriors in full plate mails. We were training for a great war.

      Bus drive

      I went out of my home, and entered the bus at the bus stop. People were talking about nothing in particular. I was looking through the window. It was dark, spring day. Storm clouds were gathering on the sky.
    6. Parkour Office

      by , 03-15-2015 at 06:16 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      7:36 p.m.

      I was with some parkour (PKPH) people in some sort of office I was practicing some stunts, flips, jumps and twists. I felt I was too active in that limited space. Ken told us to meet the nurse/doctor via e-mail/text. I went as soon as I saw the message, which was already late. The doctor/nurse (male) was with Ken, but then Ken left us alone. The doctor/nurse told me to take care of my bones, particularly on my right knee. He then said something taking care of myself that somehow related to sex, but I didn't get. I asked him to clarify. When I got it, I just smiled and told him I'm not sexually active. He smiled a knowing smile, probably a smirk, and said "Yeah, you're not."

      Then I heard him talk to Ken about how I very easily let him (the doctor) "in" through my mind. The context was hypnosis. I was walking around the office. It was late. It's probably dark outside and some people went home already. Reminded me of the night I trained in Ninja Academy.

      Strangers arrived. New group. Complaining about not getting attention.



      - I had parkour training the entire morning.
      - I slept at around 4:30 p.m.
      - Woke up at 7:36 p.m.
    7. Strange Preschool

      by , 03-01-2015 at 04:32 AM
      I started out in one of the dollar stores somewhere in the neighborhood(I don't remember which one). I was shopping with my mother. As I was walking, I noticed this individual staring at me giving me a nasty look. He was a lot taller than me, so I knew I wouldn't stand a chance against him. He then came charging after me but before he could touch me, I flew up in the air and hovered above the aisles in the store. As I was flying in mid-air, I kicked him with my feet as hard as I could and taunted him.

      Later on in the dream(after waking up, I think), I woke up in a preschool(one I haven't seen before in my life). I saw one of the teachers I worked with back at the preschool I volunteered for in waking life. She was helping me out with how I'm supposed to handle the classroom. We were both inside a classroom with a full set of kids and a couple other teachers. It felt happy. It felt so happy good to be in a job like this because there was happiness all around.

      At one point, the person teaching me have done an activity that required us to remove our shoes and socks, walking barefoot. I'm not sure why, but seeing how this is preschool, I didn't question the creativity of improvised activities. I was sitting down somewhere in the back of the classroom where I was talking to the teacher. She wanted me to go somewhere, as confusing as that may sound.

      I then somehow appeared to be at an assembly along with a large crowd of people around my age. We were all seated in desks. In front of us was a huge black screen television(as big as the cinema ones). When I was in there, I noticed every student(what I thought) belonged to a specific group based on their past, kind of like the scene in Mean Girls where the geeks sit with the geeks and the jocks with the jocks. I'm not sure which group I was in. I just seemed to be observing everything in the area I was in.

      Later on, it was time to leave. Everyone began leaving the building. I was getting my items together but I remember having trouble finding one of the objects. Because I didn't know it was a dream, yet, I kept looking for it. Sooner or later, without knowing how exactly it happened, I became lucid. I'm not sure how, but I did. I didn't perform any reality checks. Once I did become lucid, I spent most of my time observing the room I was in. What seemed to be a huge theater, was not a small bedroom.

      I walked around this bedroom figuring out what to do. I couldn't think of much to do after becoming lucid. I enjoyed the feeling of it, though. After a while of staring around the room, I had a sudden sense that the dream started to fade. I didn't want to leave yet. I performed the spinning technique to try and prolong the dream. I remember trying to focus on my body as I turned and turned. I even tried telling myself that I was dreaming and that I want to stay in the dream longer. Seconds later, my vision began becoming darker. The dream ended. I didn't even try to attempt the DEILD technique because I knew I would have a hard time going back to sleep uncomfortably with my arm laying just under my body.
    8. Stairs on a cliff

      by , 02-19-2015 at 09:11 PM
      That pilgrimage again, but sometime before we reached that mountain range. We're camped out somewhere green. I'm walking through the camp with that woman leading the pilgrimage, and although it's her visions they're following, no one pays her any particular attention as we're walking around. We come to the top of a cliff with a long series of wooden stairs leading to the bottom, crossing back and forth. Far below, two of our people are fighting, sort of - a soldier and a man I recognize, it's clear she's training him. I wonder why he'd want to do that - he's really not suited to fighting. The soldier sees us watching them and they both stop.

      Time skip over all those stairs; we get to the bottom, and they're both sprawled out on the ground. She's asking him to list the three things he's learned. He goes um, ah, "Give me a minute. I just had it." She does give him a few moments, and then she gives him this expectant look. He seems surprised she didn't just drop it. He says, "I'm finished," and laughs.

      An enormous raven, three times the size of any I've seen, lands on a fence post nearby; then it's a very elegant woman leaning against that fence post instead. I'm thinking, that would have been much more convenient than walking down all those stairs.
    9. Soccer team

      by , 10-27-2014 at 07:34 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Soccer team (Non-lucid)


      I was about to start training for soccer, as apparently, I was not very successful with a different sport that I was trying earlier in the dream but can't recall.

      I wanted to become a real pro whatever it took. The trainer told me I had to run 30 miles every day and he also adviced to buy specific footwear that would enhance my energy or something.

      I was able to kick the ball super hard.
    10. Shark Slaying

      by , 09-14-2014 at 01:46 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I can't recall exactly the setup or motivations of the characters, but this is some kind of training or test to become an action hero. Today's lesson: blowing up a shark. Yes. A live one.
      The setting is this lake. But there are these modular plastic platforms placed out on it that make a swimming pool like area. There is another smaller pool with a huge shark in it. The instructor, a middle aged man who's black hair I recall vividly for some reason, tells me to get in. He then gives me what I need for the mission. One Katana and one block of C4.
      Then he releases the shark into the main pool and tells me to go. I take a deep breath and dive underwater. The shark has been starved so it swims straight toward me. I remember my training and that I am actually supposed to swim toward the shark and time it so that I go in without getting injured by the teeth.
      I swim forward, very quickly and manage to shoot right into the shark's open mouth. The jaws close behind me and I am sucked down into the stomach. The stomach is a weird place. It's hot and there is actually an air pocket, but it doesn't seem like I can breathe the air. I still have the block of C4 in one hand. I feel for the button to arm it (it was dark in there. The only light was from an LED on the side of the explosive.) When I press the button I see 15 seconds come up on the screen.
      Now for the hard part. I have to cut out of the shark. I remember in training when you do this, Ideally you want to do it from the side. I try to figure out based on how I am oriented what the side of the shark is. I cut through and see water starts coming in. Good, that means my blade went all the way to the outside. I make a wide cut, about 3 feet and then abandon the sword and squeeze through. This was by far the hardest part to do. But eventually I managed to push through back into the water.
      There is a big cloud of blood in the water. But how often is it the shark's blood that makes the big cloud? When I think about it, the shark already looked dead at this point. I swim up to the surface gasping for breath.
      After one deep breath- Ker-Blam goes the shark. A big plume of water shoots up behind me. I take a couple more breaths and the instructor says that I get a passing grade on this test. I ask the instructor about killing sharks. He tells me that the sharks are grown from clones and are mindless and cannot feel pain. This doesn't make me feel much better about it though.

      I am now swimming in the lake outside of the pool area with a couple friends. The instructor is there too. He tells me about this skinny blonde kid who was his last student and actually died doing the shark test. Apparently he forgot the part about swimming toward the shark and getting past its teeth.
    11. Clones, teleportation and sparring with my dad.

      by , 07-22-2014 at 01:51 PM (My Lucid Dreams)
      I've decided to try and DEILD from normal dreams more, instead of doing MILD only. DEILDing didn't work, but I got an awesome lucid anyways !
      I got way lazy when I woke up from it though and I didn't write it down until I woke up for good, so my recall sucks.

      Lucidity: 7.5
      Control: 7/10
      Vivacity: 8.5/10

      I'm at a skate park outside, I did a little bit of parkour training. At one point an old friend of mine does a really awesome trick on his skate board. I walk up to him like "dude that was awesome !" and he answers that my stuff wasn't bad either. He gets to my side, his hand on my shoulder. An other one of my friends (which I rarely see anymore) is standing to my left, as I observe the sky.
      The moon is very bright, and it's got red, glowing scars on it. I check reality.
      "Guys ! We're dreaming !" I say before I realize that I'm the only one dreaming there. "Well this is a dream, anyway."
      The guys are not showing great excitement, they answer like "Oh, yeah, it is."
      I look around, there are a few trees around and a road in front of me. The looks of the trees makes me think that we're in fall; the don't have many leaves on.
      I let my friends there, and I set out to explore the dream world a bit. I'm really happy to be dreaming.
      I'm walking on the road in a place which looks a bit like a fusion of New York and Paris. This could be a false memory, but I'm pretty sure that I climbed onto a yellow taxi and took off to fly a bit.


      I'm in my Dad's apartment, I think I came in from the window.
      At first I find the apartment empty, but then my dad comes in with a lot of clones of himself. I automatically assume that these clones will behave like robots. I am surprised when I realize that each one of these clones behave just like my dad does in rea life. My brother comes in too with a few clones of himself.
      Oh, if everybody has clones in this house and they all behave like real people, then I might as well go look for myself !
      I turn to my right and open the door which leads to my bedroom, and a younger clone of me appears behind it. He looks like I used to look when I was 13, except he's about as tall I as am now. His hair is longer and straight, whereas mine are now shorter and almost curly. He's also a lot bonier than me: I used to eat a very little bit and I didn't exercise much back then then. His cheeks are rounder though, like when I was 12 or something like that. I was about to ask him some questions but I'm interrupted by my dad.
      "Hey, [Higat]," he calls, "come here, I got something to show you !"
      I turn around, leaving my clone hanging there.
      My dad tells my brother and me that since this is a dream, we can run really fast. He starts running and I see glowing red copies of himself behind him, like in comic books or stuff like that.
      Oh, the clones turned into that !
      I try it out too and it's fun, but it reminds me of teleportation which seems way more fun.
      "Hey dad, you wanna try a little in-dream fight !?"
      He smiles like "Ok, but I'll win."
      I decide to try something that I've thought of in real life: when I try to teleport at short disctances, I usually try to see myself teleporting in 3rd person. This time, I decide to go 1st person.
      Now this might not seem like a friendly fight, but it was. lol
      I run and, all in slow motion, I teleport next to my dad and I kick him in the ribs. I teleport in the air in front of him and spin kick him in the side of his head, and I teleport again in the air behind him to kick him in the other side of his head. I teleport back in front of him.
      When I'm teleporting, I'm just willing to be at the place that I want to be at as I'm already engaging my next move.


      I'm in my grandparent's front yard, and I'm showing off to DCs as I run super fast onto walls and around them with the same red glowing copies of myself behind me. At one point I notice that I'm so fast that people can barely see me. The DCs don't really care.

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    12. Fighting, again.

      by , 06-27-2014 at 10:57 PM (My Lucid Dreams)
      I still didn't get to accomplish any of my main goals, but this dream actually had a plot so I'm not frustrated this time
      I have a shitty recall though

      Lucidity: 6.5/10
      Control: 6/10
      Vivacity: 6.5/10

      I have absolutely no idea of how or when I became lucid, but I am in a post-apocalyptic world, near a kennel. There's a puppy in some bushes at my right. As soon as I notice him, the dogs start barking and I understand that they are zombies trying to eat the puppy. I take him in my arms and slowly walk out of the trees, as another dog follows me.

      There's a group of people in the street. I walk up to them (the puppy disappeared) and we talk about the apocalypse (don't remember what exactly). We're in a middle class neighborhood, that you could find in a hot, wet and flat country.

      At one point I notice a guy standing on the road (he's a French humorist IRL), he's looking at us with no expression, like one of the agents from The Matrix except with a shirt tucked in his pants.
      My new companions and him run at each other and start fighting. He's pretty strong. I pull a shuriken out of my pocket, holding it in front of me.
      Holy sh*t ! This technique ! Finally !
      I swing my arm towards the guy and throw the shuriken at him. I join my hands together and the weapon multiplies itself. I open and close my hands and they multiply once again. There probably is 30 copies of the shuriken now, but that's still not enough for what I want. So, I mold the spinning shurikens into a snake-like shape and move it around the guy, cutting the sh*t out of him. Then, I move it back in front of me and multiply the shurikens again to form a much bigger "ball" and I force it towards the guy: it engulfs him as I play with the shape of the ball. Then, just for fun, I swing my right arm to my right, and a "shuriken Chinese dragon" shoots out of the ball, into the neighborhood.


      I am with one of the guys from earlier, the enemie' s chief is standing right in front of us; she's a 35-ish years old woman wearing a tight, black suit. She runs at me and clones herself to attack me and my "friend" at the same time, throwing tons of punches and kicks... she is fast as hell. I barely have time to think about what I am doing and my telekinesis is not working, so I jump out of her range to think for a second.
      Imma have to use sage mode... but I need some time.
      I don't feel like I can clone myself with my current control, but someone appeared at my right (I think he's an old friend of mine IRL...).
      "Can you keep her busy for a second ?" I ask, slapping his shoulder.
      He nods and runs to help the guy from earlier.
      I sit down like "well, let's get going then". Closing my eyes, thinking "sage mode, sage mode."
      After about 4 seconds I stand up, and throw a shuriken at the woman as I jump back, and as the weapon is still spinning towards her I do a hand sign, duplicating the shuriken into about a hundred
      ... but as I said, my recall sucks.


      We're in a tower, and I'm fighting the girl from earlier in a hand on hand combat. A friend of mine helps me and we get her to fall off the huge drop in front of us. I look at "Morpheus" (our leader?) and when he nods at me, I do a few hands sign to send some water on the ceiling. Then, I do another hand sign and throw my right hand down, sending a super fast dragon of water down the drop, and inevitably onto our ennemy.
      Just making sure.

      I think I had a false awakening somewhere around here.
    13. Fight to the death... against penguins

      by , 06-14-2014 at 12:17 AM (My Lucid Dreams)
      A lucid dream from 2 nights ago.
      In my opinion I had the perfect amount of control over the dream: not god-like, but enough to do some awesome stuff.
      Also before you read the dream, I just want to let you know that I'm not a murderous d*ckead IRL. I'm actually really loving and peaceful

      Lucidity: 7.5/10
      Control: 7/10
      Vivacity: 8/10

      I'll skip the first part of the dream: it was just a normal day at school.
      I'm walking back home from school in the streets of my hometown, back in France. I take a right on a narrow street when I realize that I forgot my bike. I find it on the corner of a street, attached to a pole. As I take my keys out and unlock my bike, I notice that the sun is especially big today; it's got these solar storm kinda things on it. There are also a bunch of shooting stars spelling my last name in the sky (lol).

      i remembered-619px-ultraviolet_sun.jpg

      I check reality without really but it doesn't work. My mom is waiting for me at a door just at my left. I enter the small apartment in which my whole family is eating dinner on a small table. I look through the window, curious about what is going on in the sky. My mom looks worried about it and I understand that she thinks the sun' radiations might overwhelm the Earth's magnetic field and kill us all. As I think about this, a star explodes in a supernova way too close to the Earth.
      I know that the explosion will eventually hit the Earth and I start getting seriously worried, until I Check reality a Second time.
      I take a few seconds to look at my hand a little more closely. Even though I only have four fingers, my hand still looks normal... weird.
      I step outside rubbing my hands together and take a look at the sky again: I don't get many of these.
      I look around for something to do, and fly up to a flat roof. I want to summon a beast.
      I do the naruto hand signs, without really knowing who I want to summon. I slap my hand on the floor, and even though I can see the ink writings appear on the ground, no one appears.

      i remembered-summoning_technique.jpg

      Assuming it's because I didn't know what I wanted, I take a few seconds to stabilize the dream even more. There's a forest at my left and the sun is back to normal; it's shining in front of me. I take a few steps on the roof and turn around. This time, I got a good Idea of who I want to summon: the Nine Tails from Naruto (... I've been reading a lot of manga with the current Florida weather).

      i remembered-kyuubi.jpg

      I quickly do the hand signs and punch my right hand to the ground... The ink writings progress from under my hand to form a cool symbol on the ground. I start to doubt myself after two seconds, but then I get propelled upwards by a crazy force. When I get my balance back I find myself standing on the giant beast, my feet digging into its dark orange fur. I run a few meters on its back, and front flip off of it. As I find my self upside down, time slows down to let me admire the beast's humongous face. He's growling, his red eyes looking straight at me. I finish my flip with a 180 right before I hit the floor.
      Ok, now what?
      I'm just standing here looking at this beast, I don't really know what to do with him. I decide to set him free and I jump off the roof onto the empty, narrow road. The place reminds me of where the cinema was at in my hometown.
      I walk around a little bit, until I notice a video game inside a store's "display window".
      A girl walks up to me and explains that she is the one who created the game.
      The game's goals is to escape killer penguins by jumping into portals. I visualize the game, and when I snap out of it, I'm in a workshop, surrounded by these killer penguins. The ceiling is really high, and lots of penguins are standing on small cornices made out of the minecraft element "Iron".
      The penguins rush at me from all sides.
      I push my hands to my sides, using telekinesis to hold them back. I quickly release the tension in my arms and push again even harder, sending the first layer of penguins flying back. I notice that the ceiling is slowly moving down. It's a trap that the penguins set for me.
      F*cking hell.
      I try to use telekinesis on the ceiling as well, but I have to retain it with my right fist (I hurt my wrist IRL and I can't bend it).
      It's not enough. I have to use both of my arms to hold it, and even then the ceiling is still advancing down.
      I have an idea.
      I push up with all my strength, sending the ceiling up a few centimeters. As the ceiling falls back down, I quickly do the hand signs from earlier, and slap my hand down on the ground, summoning the Titan form of Eren from Shingeki no Kyojin.

      i remembered-eren_titan.jpg

      Somehow Eren gets rid of the ceiling (?), and I'm able to fly up in the air somewhat quickly. As I fly up, I raise my hands at the same height as my hips, my palms facing out. I use telekinesis to take down all the penguins on the cornices.

      I land on on of the cornices. I look around and notice that there are some "coins" around me, forming different paths. I jump back down, collecting all the coins in the air like in a video game. When I land on the ground, all the penguins have disappeared, along with Eren.
      There's a girl from one of my classes from school. I walk up to her and ask for any item. She pulls a piece of cake out of her bra (lol). I thank her and grab her boob, then walk away. The cake's got a brown crust but's its yellowish inside. I take my first bite. It's the first time I ever eat something in a dream... to be honest I was expecting a little more. I mean it tastes good but it could be much better.

      I walk into another room, where there are lots of cutting machines and all that. It also appears to be a store. There are a few people walking around. I use telekinesis to push a few products onto the ground, triggering a guy's anger. I look at him for a second.
      My fight from earlier made me feel real powerful.
      For my defense, I was very lucid and knew nothing was real.
      There's a guy in a weird plastic suit testing a machine. I hold my left hand to my side, palm up. I look at the guy in the suit and close my hand. His suit starts to condense rapidly, crushing the guy in it, who stops moving.
      There's a cutting machine with a big blade attached to it (~1 meter in diameter). I use telekinesis to make the blade spin really fast, and then detach it from the machine.
      The blade it levitating, I have small control over it. I clumsily move it toward a guy who's cutting wood, and the blade cuts straight through his arm. I can see that he's pretty horrified, and I decide to let him live. I move the blade to the left, but it's slowly hovering towards me. I bend backwards but the blade keeps moving and cuts deep inside my chest. I jerk my arms forwards and the blade shoots into a glass door and falls to the ground.
      Surprisingly, I'm not feeling any pain. I am waking up though, and I am too slow to stabilize the dream.
      I wake up.

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    14. Crane Diving and Massive Water Bending

      by , 06-03-2014 at 03:05 PM (My Lucid Dreams)
      Being evil is fun ...
      The first dream is pretty short and my control was bad, but then I DEILDed and got a much better LD
      Also, with summer coming up, I can clearly tell that imma get a lot of nostalgic grand-parents/dad/school/old friends related dreams

      Crane Diving

      Lucidity: 7/10
      Control: 6/10
      Vivacity: 6/10

      I'm in an apartment, it's supposed to be my grandparent's but it doesn't look like it at all. In the bathroom, I realize that I'm not supposed to be in France just yet. I check reality. I got six fingers. I take a bit of time to analyse my hand, and try to see more clearly how it looks. Sadly the image is very unstable, it's sort of like looking at a confusing optical illusion. The amount of fingers changes from four to six to five to six again. I feel the dream fading. I rub my hands together as I walk out on the balcony. One of my dogs is here with me, and he asks me what I want to do.
      "We'll find out," I reply.
      I jump off the balcony onto the road. There's a beach at my right. The city that I'm in looks a bit like Miami, but a lot "cleaner".
      My dog followed me.
      "Coming with me ?" I ask.
      I walk under another balcony on the other side of the small street, and then fly right through it. I land onto the balcony, and my dog jumps up to it. He grabs onto the fencing with his little paws and clumsily climbs it.
      I look at him for a few seconds to make sure he's ready, and then I start running and jumping from balcony to balcony and from building to building. I can see my dog following me until we reach a crane. I start climbing it and so does my dog, who transformed into my sister. We get to the "arm" of the crane, which is hanging over the ocean.

      I'm LEAVING DREAMVIEWS.....-50213b5c56ed9.jpg

      I decide that I want to dive. I'm a little frightened, the ocean is pretty wavy. It feels like the waves are gators or something, just waiting for me to jump so they can devour me. Eventually, I just let myself fall into the water. I can feel the strong wind as I fall until I reach a wave; I only have time to plunge a few meters under the water before
      I wake up.

      Massive water-bending and telekinesis, being evil

      Lucidity: 8/10
      Control: 8/10
      Vivacity: 7/10

      As I try to DEILD, I can already tell that imma have to stabilize that dream a lot: it took me almost a minute to DEILD because I've already overslept (it usually lasts 3-10 seconds).

      I land on a high building's roof, in the same city as in the last dream. I look around and realize that the architecture is similar to the one in the game "Mirror's Edge". I rub my hands together.

      I'm LEAVING DREAMVIEWS.....-mirrors-edge-2-21096-400x250.jpg

      To my left, there are huge stone carving, like the presidential ones in the U.S.A. The Ocean is still on my right, and I decide to try and water-bend a bit. When the dream becomes more stable, I extend my hands towards the ocean and focus. At first nothing happens and I consider entering sage mode to get more control, but as I think about it, The Ocean's water shoots up in the air, as if there had been a strong explosion underwater.
      I don't even need sage mode right now.
      I focus a little more and bits water from the ocean slowly gravitates upward, all converging towards a common place in the sky, some 200 meters up in the air.
      After a few seconds I can see a ball of water forming, getting bigger and bigger as it is filled with water from the Ocean. I concentrate more to make the ball denser, and the ball condenses to form something similar to a blues crystal ball. The ball gets darker and darker as it condenses, and smaller, too.
      The ball could probably fill about three Olympic pools, and I use telekinesis to bring it, over the city.
      From the top of my roof, I swing my arms to my right and the water ball comes crashing into a building, destroying it and soaking the streets all around.
      There is someone to my left, a guy. I can't clearly remember his face but he had black hair, and he was also dressed in black.
      I rub my hands together.
      I look at the face carvings at my left and point my arm at it as if I was asking for something, and then move my fingers towards me, just life if I was saying "come at me" in a fighting movie. I can feel the weight of the face carving, but that doesn't stop me from ripping the stone face off the cliff by telekinesis. The huge rock (same size as the building I'm standing on) falls onto the sand (which apparently just appeared there) and probably kills a few persons sitting in it (the sand).
      I let go of a malefic grin, and jump to another building.


      We're in the forest, with my (fake) dream guide. I'm walking around and doing some telekinesis on small rocks and other stuff that I can't remember.

      I have a false awakening in which I write my dream here on DreamViews, and then wake up for real.

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    15. Forest, Telekinesis and Sage Mode !

      by , 05-29-2014 at 12:00 AM (My Lucid Dreams)
      Lately I've been looking for a way to get rid of the "Imperium" and find a another way to get more dream control easily without relying on dream items. I decided to adopt naruto's Sage mode !
      I don't know what imma do with the Imperium yet... maybe give it to a worthy DC ?
      Anyways, it had been over a week since my last lucid dream, so it's nice to get an interesting lucid dream to start again.

      Telekinesis in the woods

      Lucidity: 8/10
      Control: at least 6/10 (didn't get to experience much)
      Vivacity: 8/10

      I'm walking in the woods with a bunch of people, one of them is a girl at my school, I don't recognize the others. We're in a coniferous forest with lots of leaves on the ground; I can't feel the temperature but it looks like a rather hot area.
      I notice a pound in front of us; there are big, smooth rocks around and in it. I become lucid with a hand RC and suddenly remember both my goals: meet my dream guide and master Sage mode.
      ...meh, I'l just do that later
      There's water here, and I haven't waterbent a lot of times... why not tonight ?
      I walk up to the pound with the intention to make huge water dragons and stuff like that and I try it out for a second... for some reason I'm not pushing it, I don't feel like focusing too much. Instead, I just get on my knees and lift up less than a cup of water by telekinesis. I can see the distorted trees' reflections in the small ball of water that I've made. The ball is no bigger than a small tangerine.
      I let the water fall and ripple all around in the pound, and then try again. I'm sorta frustrated from earlier (the water dragon failure) but I'm still not really trying, maybe because I want to try and enter Sage mode and I know my control will be much greater then... it's almost pretentious of me, like "oh I won't spend my time on water bending, I can do much more impressive!".
      I quickly get up on my feet and take a few steps backwards. I sit down in the leaves, and "meditate". I wasn't planning on closing my eyes, but after a second, I feel confident enough do do so. I close my eyes, and slowly start to count. I'm having an internal battle with the dream, trying to stabilize it without moving.
      I open my eyes. I am not seeing my face, but I can feel that I do have the orange "stuff" around my eyes.

      Secret To Flying,(i think)-naruto%25u00252bsage%25u00252bmode%25u00252b2.jpg

      I stand up, and make a rock levitate in between my hands.
      I walk up to a trees, and notice that lots of rocks are scattered around it. I nod to the girl from before, and go "watch."
      I lift my hands up and all these rocks lift with them. As usual, I can feel the weight of the rocks when I lift them up, but it seems lighter than usual.
      I let my arms fall back down, and so do the rocks. A (blond?) guy turns around and asks me do do it again. I do it again and hold the rocks in the air for a few seconds, then back down. He says that it's cool that I can do this with such ease.
      "I can do much more," I say.
      I feel like showing off a bit more.
      I walk to a big rock, about one and a half time as tall as than me. I concentrate on it for two seconds and lift my arms again, still without really trying, and the rock lifts up in the air. I move it backwards, and then turn around and let it fall. I'm looking at the guy waiting for his reaction
      , when I have a false awakening and loose my lucidity.

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