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    1. 15 Mar: Bus falling on a river and tiny people

      by , 03-15-2019 at 11:41 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With my grandpa on a bus that is on a road parallel to the Tagus river in Santarém. The river is so dry, he feels disturbed. I notice the lack of sand under the pillars of the bridge that crosses the river and soon enough part of the bridge collapses, when we were just at the beginning of it. When we fall, the bus lands partially on a platform at the river bed, but dangerously dangling. I call people to our side of the bus to make it tilt and it stays balanced. Then we realize somehow we and the bus have been shrunk and we are now tiny people in a big world. We don't know what to do but we find other tiny people like us. At first they don't want to help us, but I manage to at least converse with them. They seem fine with being tiny.

      (A secret dream about my guru)
    2. Shopping with Silas Weir Mitchell

      by , 06-22-2018 at 12:22 PM
      Morning of June 22, 2018. Friday.

      Dream #: 18,813-02. Reading time: 1 min 23 sec.

      The first part of my dream presents a shopping situation in an unfamiliar store. There is significant visual detail in what I am buying, mostly food. After finishing our shopping, Zsuzsanna and I (and our children) walk along what vaguely reminds me of the King Street area in America.

      Silas Weir Mitchell, the American character actor, is with us, though my dream self does not recall him as either a celebrity or a character he had played. He is an implied friend.

      We approach an intersection, though it seems a challenge to continue. Snow covers an embankment though there is no awareness of winter or being cold. Where the end of the sidewalk joins the curb, one must first go up and over the embankment before crossing the street. I am pushing a shopping cart full of groceries. Silas is helping me, although he soon seems to be annoyed.

      Upon going over the embankment, there is a sudden drop of about two stories, with the street far below. I look down and see that Silas has fallen with the trolley, though seems uninjured. There is annoyance at my lack of progress in getting home with our food as the groceries are now strewn on the street far below.

      I soon realize it is a dream and that it is the usual vestibular system correlation of the waking process. As a result of this emergence of dream state awareness, I mentally reset it, and immediately, Silas and the shopping cart are back near me on the sidewalk, but I still decide to wake.

      In this dream, Silas is the vestibular system personification, a projected simulacrum of the waking process (which typically comes with an imaginary perception of flying, falling, or rising as a result of not fully discerning the physical body or its orientation while asleep). An intersection is autosymbolism for RAS (reticular activating system) mediation and synaptic gating, that is, the choice to wake or return to dreamless sleep (or attempt to continue the dream).

      I explain this dream type in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15."

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    3. Elevator Ball

      by , 02-10-2016 at 04:10 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I used an "elevator ball." It's an elevator but shaped like a ball and it drops down (or floats up?) to its destination. I was in a hotel with some people. Friends?

      I was in an outdoor gym doing parkour with friends. A non-parkour colleague was leading the QM. I smelled/saw burnt food. I was in Crossing in our hometown. There was a memory of Animorphs.
    4. Humanoids and Space

      by , 11-26-2014 at 02:24 AM
      Outside the gym, parking lot right up against woods. Park my car on the edge. Right off the edge the woods goes downhill into sort of a giant ditch. Nighttime. There are random pumpkins throughout the woods on the ground. Friend goes to check it out, breaks a pumpkin. There was a humanoid trapped in the pumpkin. Kind of like a fetus, but it would have never hatched if someone didn't break it out. Once broken out of the pumpkin humanoid was normal adult size. They look different though, kind of fluffy, more teeth, etc. I break more pumpkins, friend leaves at some point. They're heavy and difficult to break, it's hard work. Suddenly they start coming uphill on their own and breaking out on their own. I'm a bit scared, they just keep coming out. I'm not scared anymore, they're greatful to me. Government shows up and starts fighting them for some reason. We hide, I am their leader. Lots of running around the woods, etc.

      Suddenly, I teleport to a different solar system. I fly over the outer planets (there are a few of them, then the two that are alike in color and size, then a small one near their sun. Their sun is a dull white color, as I fly into it, I become that star and I shine larger and more yellow (even though scientifically, the yellow is cooler, in the dream it feels warmer). Then I see from a 3rd person point of view, the sun and a moon hanging out in human form in a pool. They're in love, but for some reason it feels like it's wrong.

      Fast forward to the center of the solar system, I, leader of humanoids control the team of robots. There used to only be 450 of them, now there is a team of 1800. They're like robots or mechas (think japanese anime), they can also terraform, activated by me with the code 06. I experiment moving the terrain.

      Funny "WILD"-dj-solar-system-11.25.2014-smaller.jpg

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    5. Ball in the Air Game

      by , 10-16-2014 at 03:12 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Playing a game of "keep the balloon ball in the air" with a couple girls, we volley it around the living room for a bit, trying to hit it as few times as possible as we pass it between us, and keep it off the ground.

      I fall down as I dive for it, managing to keep it off the ground. They are amused by this. One of them is really shy and goes to the top of the stairs. The ball is slowly settling toward the floor. I use telekinesis to bring the ball directly to my hand, hold it there for a few moments, then send it against gravity up to the shy girl.

      They are both really surprised by this, and ask how I did it. I try to hide the fact that it was telekinesis and tell them it was just static electricity. The non-shy girl tells me to do it again. I tell her I probably shouldn't show off in public.
    6. Ld#105: From Lame to Sexy to Freaky

      by , 08-22-2014 at 10:32 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So a dream that goes from lame to sexy to downright freaky in one go.

      The dream actually started off in a rather strange way. I was watching some deleted scenes from Toy Story. I can recall them involving this toy moose who was made out a putty-like plastic and you could shoot these tiny little arrows into him. You could then blow into his mouth to fix the holes. He was talking with all of the regular toy story characters, and he seemed like a sort of perverted, inappropriate character for a kids movie.
      I can understand why that was a deleted scene.
      The dream then came to a minecraft world. I was mining a large quarry alongside a few other dream characters. I mined through a wall and came into what felt like my cousin’s house.
      The dream became much more stable, and lucidity began to come to me. Not all at once, however. It very slowly worked its way into my head over the next couple of minutes.
      I was in my cousin’s living room. There were about ten people sitting in there, some on plastic chairs, All different and all but one unrecognizable. They are all watching something on the TV but the screen is blurry.

      The one person I do recognize is Manei, my own dream guide. (In fact feeling her presence may have been what triggered my lucidity. If it didn't, then it most certainly advanced my lucidity a great deal.) I tap her on the shoulder with the ‘let’s go outside and fly around’ look.
      She gets up, smiles, and walks past me. I notice that she seems shorter than usual. Usually she is taller than me by a good few inches. She walks up the hallway into what would be my cousin’s bedroom. His bedroom is strangely much larger, and feels more like a mixture of my own bedroom and my cousins.
      Spoiler for slightly sexy:

      As soon as I hit the floor, things got weird. I broke through the floor into a black void and I slipped awake for a second, but immediately fell back into the dream.
      I was in a zero-gravity void. It’s a dark grey color. It feels something like I am floating in a very large sphere. There are large white prisms that are partially transparent moving ‘upwards’. They are very shiny and looks to be made of a crystal like substance. I can see my reflection in them. I am no longer naked, I have some beige pants on. While I am in the void, I can feel that Manei is still there. She’s above me? Next to me? I can’t see her, but I feel like she is everywhere at once. I actually thought that I might be ‘inside’ of her somehow.

      I begin to hear a rumbling sound, sounding much like a large waterfall. A bluish-white light appears below me, and begins growing. The prisms start moving past me faster. I fear what would happen if one were to hit me. I see one of the prisms is going to hit my head. I brace for the worst, but it passes through. As it does I can feel it’s energy.
      My lucidity has gone into a wild tail-spin. I enjoy being fully lucid to being completely unaware that this was a dream several times in the few minutes. I feels as though I am fighting something to remain lucid. Eventually the light is blinding and surrounds me and I am falling inside a heavy rainstorm, the crystal prisms have changed into the rain droplets. I hit the water below. The water is cold and feels thick, like floating in syrup. I look around at the bottom, and amongst the scattered boulders, I see Manei, still naked. One of the crystal prisms is stuck through her, right below her left breast, with a stroke of blood drifting off in the current. But I can still sense her energy; she is still alive. (Come to think of it, I don’t think she can really die in the first place. From what I can gather, she can only die temporarily)
      I grab her and pull her off of the prism, that is stuck into to the bottom of the water. I pull her back to the surface. She feels much heavier than she should. It’s terribly difficult to swim up until I remind myself that I am dreaming. I can breathe, even under this thick water. Weight means nothing! I pull her to the surface, and break through.
      There is rain falling all around us, like a heavy rainstorm. The sea below us becomes solid and heavy, like glass, and we are able to sit or stand on the surface. I’m still holding her, and her body is still searing hot. Then I realize. It's not heat, it's... electricity. No. It's energy of some kind. Whatever it is I don't like touching her. I put her down on the surface of the water, despite the fact that I am lucid, and I know that I cannot be burned. But I can’t stand that sensation on my arms any more.
      I realize she looks more like the ‘real’ Manei. There is a few moments of pause. All I hear is the water falling all around us. Then her eyes shoot open, she sits up and spits up bloody water all over me (gee, thanks). She clutches the hole left by the crystal prism and looks up at me.
      “I’m… I’m okay but what happened?”
      “You tell me!!!”

      And in a flash, I’m awake. No mess in the bed, luckily.

      Lesson Learned: That is the first, and last time I will have sex with anybody in a dream.

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    7. A friend dies and reborn as a baby

      by , 05-27-2014 at 07:52 AM
      I was in a place where two of my close friends were also available. They both fell from the third floor, the first one (a girl), then the second one shortly after (a guy). Then I noticed was in the building my apartment is in (3rd floor) but the other side of the floor. All were saying that the girl died, and as far as I remember, the guy didn’t. And I remember seeing his face in the dream, but not the girl’s face, though I knew it was her.
      I also remember feeling her blood flow through the vein in her neck. Tried to tell the people around that she’s still alive, but no body answered, as if they didn’t hear what I was saying. Then they took her, and I tried my best to get to her body to reassure and tell others that she’s still alive. Tried to get to her home, in case they took her there, which happens to be not so far from mine. I don’t remember reaching there, but I remember entering a room where her coffin was, and two men, one on each side of the coffin.
      I was waiting for her to knock on the coffin to alert that she is still alive, because for some reason I believed she is, but that didn’t happen.
      The men opened the coffin, but there was another cover covering her.
      I went to remove her from the coffin, and when I held her in my hands, I noticed I was holding a baby. And went to everyone saying that she is still alive, but she was reborn, and she is now a baby.
      After that I remember hoping that it would be a dream.
      Tags: baby, coffin, dead, fall, reborn
    8. first WILD, wow! napping on 21/5/14

      by , 05-22-2014 at 04:21 PM
      I'm taking a nap midday and i notice im falling into a dream so I tell myself to focus, but not too hard to wake myself. I feel the dream washing over

      as I lay in bed. I notice that I have a package in my hands, containing some extraordinary looking thing. Wait, the package I ordered shouldn't be coming for another couple weeks! I realize that I'm dreaming but my vision starts going. quickly, I recall stabilization and I focus on the package in my hands as I lay in bed. it's about 8 inches long and maybe 4 in on each side, cardboard, with packing tape to seal it. I open one end and remove the item, which I decide is going to basically act as a portal gun. It's enclosed in bubble wrap, and removing that I see that it resembles two black tubes with many coloured wires and bound with electrical tape. Yes, I will be taking this with me on my semi lucid adventure. I run out of my bedroom and into the hall where there is a large plastic storage container on the ground. I try to use this as a teleporter by lifiting it, diving under, and having it close on top of me on the way in, but I doubt it will work because my body is too long and my legs will get stuck. this doubt ends up interfering with the teleportation so I give another try at spinning or falling back. I cant recall which I did, but I manage to teleport this time. I wanted to go to some south american ruins, but I end up in a backyard. It's fall and brisk out. This isnt what I wanted... So I try to fly away, but there is more doubt in my mind, being in this semi lucid state. I manage to jump fairly high, at least one story, and I give a flap of my arms to lift me a bit higher, but no flight happens. damnit

      I wake
      and realized I totally forgot about the teleporter I got in dream mail...
    9. The Crustacean Monkey

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:49 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      24.11.2013 3/3

      Eu estava num quarto com o meu pai, minha irmã e a Mimy.
      Havia uma caixa grande na cama.
      Eu a abria e via um olho de crustáceo com haste.
      Eu observava o olho e o via piscar. Então me dava conta de que não era apenaso olho, mas um monstro vivo, porém atordoado. Eu o via respirar e me assustava.
      Antes de abrir a caixa eu pensava: "Vamos ver o que o meu irmão pescou".
      O monstro começava a levantar e meu pai e minha irmã saiam do quarto.
      Antes disso tudo e de abrir a caixa eu estava colocando a Mimy numa sacola e a sacola numa gaveta para colocá-la num tipo de caixinha para levá-la a algum lugar, mas ela não queria entrar.
      Eu saía logo após os dois e olhava pra dentro do quarto. Eu via o monstro quase de pé e a Mimy do lado com uma expressão de medo. Eu a chamava, temendo que a criatura a pegasse, mas o ser não reagiu e minha gata veio ilesa.
      Quando a criatura ficou de pé pude ver que era uma mistura de carangueijo com macaco, beirando os 2 metros.
      Ao lado da porta encontrei pedaços de madeira. Peguei um com a mão direita.
      A criatura pulou e se agarrou na janela. Aproveitei a chance para acertá-lo por trás da cabeça. Ela caiu e veio na minha direção, ao qual revidei com mais 2 golpes na cabeça, sem muito efeito.
      Voltei a porta e peguei mais um pedaço de madeira. Desferi um golpe com um salto e as duas madeiras ao mesmo tempo, de cima pra baixo.
      O monstro sentiu o golpe e fugiu.
      Agora eu estava em cima de um prédio com mais 2 homens. Estávamos caçando a besta.
      A vimos na beira do prédio e ela se jogou/caiu.
      Olhei pra baixo e pude vê-la caindo. Ela parecia diferente, meio bege e lisa. Antes era verde e azul escuro e peluda.
      Ela caía numa mesa redonda. Haviam pessoas lá em baixo, um tipo de restaurante/café ao ar livre.
      Não lembro se isso foi antes ou depois mas eu estava numa calçada com um veículo estacionado, o Sr. João do lado do veículo e a Ju do meu lado.
      Eu e a Ju subíamos num carro vermelho, ela como motorista e eu de passageiro. Ela dava ré e acertava um carro que estava estacionado na calçada.

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    10. Nov. 22 Dream Journal: Sick children and one-legged puppies

      by , 11-22-2013 at 07:52 PM
      I am helping to clear out tables in a gym for some sort of lunch event. At one point I shot a stray basketball, but I missed. I then shot my jacket (seeing as there's no other place to put it), and it hung itself on the rim. I remark something like "well, of course that worked."

      Things moved to the actual lunch itself, where I'm situated in the middle of a long table near the corner with a single push-door under a green EXIT sign. The food was mediocre at best, and I didn't really want to be there. The table next to us was serving "Mexican" food, but all I can recall were fries and fried chicken. They looked like they were enjoying themselves much more.

      At this point, C, someone I have a very poor opinion of, showed up, and he has a 2 or 3-year-old nephew that looks just like him. They both have close-shaved heads, and that makes the kid look like a kiwi, so I stuck a piece of red tape (missed MILD cue alert) like you'd find on bananas in the store on the side of his head. A mutual friend, T, appeared just to roll her eyes in disapproval.

      I reappear outside, and I'm by a bus stop in what looks like a rainy day in downtown Vancouver, probably somewhere in East Hastings judging by the condition of the buildings. I just missed my bus, apparently, so I run back inside to take a shortcut.

      It's now a mall inside, and I'm running towards one of the large department stores at an end of a wing. Along the way, I notice a gathering/event, and it's for -- I'm still a little distraught at this -- pairing dying kids with one-legged puppies. And Dream Me -- I need to make a distinction between the two of us -- hurdles over a sick, bald boy with tubes up his nose who's petting a one-legged collie that is sadly flopped down on the floor. Dream me didn't even look back.

      ANYWAYS. So I arrive at my destination, which is a theme restaurant/hotel much like the Hard Rock cafe. I sprint through the restaurant and head down a flight of stairs next to the bar.

      I re-appear in one of those Jeep/SUV hybrids, like a black Range Rover or something, and I'm barreling down a glass tube in the water like you'd find in aquariums (or maybe screens showing water/marine life, or both?). And when I say 'barreling down,' I mean a literal vertical drop off at least 30 stories, and towards the end, it looked like an elevator shaft. I wasn't panicking at the fall, but it felt more like "ooh, the bump at the end is gonna hurt my ass." This was still a part of the restaurant/hotel's architecture, by the way.

      I somehow exit the tube (not sure how), and now I'm out in the field on my motorcycle (Red motorcycle -- Missed MILD cue alert) in gray, autumn weather. I'm heading towards a large structure that stands out a bit like Scrooge McDuck's vault, except I know this is like a memorabilia building/museum for the restaurant/hotel. I also noticed that there is a money counter to the top right of my vision at something like $71,XXX/$154,000 (I'm surprised the values were this vivid). When I crash my motorcycle through some giant glass windows and start purposely wrecking the place up, I begin to meet my quota.

      At one point the lights go out, and security is walking about with flashlights above me on some sort of glass pane, but they don't notice me at all. So I keep purposely running into things, and I think I was at $151,XXX when I notice that I unplugged my router. Apparently, my earphones got caught, and this all somehow forced an end to whatever I'm doing. It's also at this point that a security notices something is going on, so I scoop up my router and earphone (I tried to untangle them first, even) and make my escape. It's night time at this point, and I see headlights on the road. It's wet and windy out, and the leaves are yellow and orange. My dream ends.
    11. My Dragon Flying Lessons

      by , 11-12-2012 at 01:44 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Nov 11, 2012

      The name 'Raon' came to mind. I'm trying to learn how to fly in my dragon form, but I keep falling. I find it hard to get up even to the second level of a building. I mostly just stay in my room in a dormitory. I occupy a room, but there should be an extra bed there, where I put my disorganized stuff. I'm told someone's going to rent the other bed soon. I have to arrange my stuff but felt so lazy.

      Direk A. comes in and talks to me. I think it was about my learning to fly. He didn't stay long. Just kind of reminded me.

      I am in a place outside, in the streets. I am with Red S. and a few people. We are talking about ghosts and stuff. Became partially aware of being in a dream, and that I should wake up.

      Woke up not feeling well still. Feeling anxious.
    12. Took revenge from my brain

      by , 10-22-2012 at 09:10 PM
      Today I had my revenge from my brain that is lately tricking me into illogical fears when in SP, and has led me to waste some good WILDs. So my brain tried to trick me again in an unconscious FA, but I turned the tables.

      So I'm having a false awakening, ultra realistic, thought I had woken up. I was laid in my bed thinking. I start hearing my parents' voices from other rooms, but I think "my parents are on a business trip, how the hell can I hear them?" I kept doubting for a little, then I reality checked, and I realised I was dreaming!

      I got up ran to the door and before opening it, I thought "how about a lightsaber?" so I reach my pocket and try to visualise it. Shit. Due to excitement of the moment, my dream starts to fade. So I lay on the floor with eyes closed trying to DEILD.

      I made it! And it wasn't a reset, I found my dream from where I had left it and kept on with it! I opened the door, walked through the corridor and jumped out of the window. I couldn't fly, I just fell down but wasn't hurt or anything. Suddenly the dream starts to fade, but weirdly! I am suddenly projected on a bike, now 3rd person and I control myself by thought, like a dream-video game! So I realised there was little to do about it and started driving on the streets. Suddenly, the dream collapses.

      This dream was really short because I was too excited and had poor dream control. But I fooled my brain back for being a dickhead, so I'm happy!
    13. Lucid: Rail Standing

      by , 09-13-2012 at 08:23 AM
      I could see bright blue skies out. Midday. I was standing in front of a painted white metal railing. Beyond that was a drop hundreds of feet down. Basically a large canyon. Beyond the railing was a wide ledge. There was a friendly looking guy (DC) standing next to me taking in the view.

      I decided to stand on the top rail, since it was not a direct fall. The rail was rounded. When I first tried to stand I lost balance and fell back right away. I told myself:

      "This is a dream, why is it so difficult to balance?" - I jumped up again, and this time landed on my knees. I tried to stand, couldn't quite manage it, so jumped back again. -Realistic physics, but I was determined, for some reason..

      Finally, I jumped up in one bound and landed on the railing. Looked around. I was stable. Then... I leaned backwards and was able to ease back, flat as a board. No effort. No gravity. I turned to the cool DC guy who was starring at me with interest and said something like:

      "Now I got it.. See? No gravity." He nodded with agreement. Impressed, but not excited. I feel like he is a DV's buddy.

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    14. The Demon God's Sword

      by , 08-25-2012 at 04:50 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      1:03 a.m. Candle, reverse day, subliminal audio 1.0 by ninja.

      Incubation: How to lucid dream?

      Around 7:30 a.m. Dream:

      Bathroom. Me. A towel. A woman. A guy with a mask. He asks her where his parents/fiance are/is. She said something. She only has one parent?

      An enemy falls. A futuristic place. I'm standing on a platform of sorts. Did I push him? Gods wagering. A demon god with a sword. My subordinate (female) attacked the demon god and stole the sword. She then passed it to me. The demon god attacked me. I blocked with the sword, holding it with two hands. The demon god used a spear, and with only one hand. He's strong/I'm weak.
    15. Running From Monsters

      by , 05-05-2012 at 04:05 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was being chased by some people or some monsters. I was inside a building. Dark-yellowish tint. I was in the hallway. Behind me, there's a humanoid monster. I ran, but then found there's another one up ahead. I found a small, open "space" seemingly "carved" on the wall, with a couple of small boxes. I went there and covered my head and feet with the boxes, hoping it's too dark, and that the monsters are too stupid to realize it was me. Then, a spotlight moved about, and found me. The monsters went after me. I struggled and ran out.

      I went outside the streets, jumped down the overpass, and grabbed on to the cyclone wire as I was falling down, and ran down the street to find a car. I found an auto and jumped in. I asked the driver where he's going. He said a word or place, but I forgot what it was. He looks cute, and he wears semi-formal clothes.

      He does not seem to mind I'm there, and I think he was even humming as we drove through the traffic. I keep looking around, in case we might actually be headed where I don't want to be.

      Then we were walking down the street. I keep looking back at him in case he gets snatched by the enemy. He looks very calm.

      Fast forward, we were "racing" on the street. Running. There are people and monsters ahead of us. I raised my right hand, and a great light shone from my palms, and the enemies scattered. Then the "road" was a river, and then suddenly, the water fell below us: a waterfall. Yellow sky. I grabbed him and "redirected" our fall to a nearby wall.

      We hid there. It's a small space on cliff, surrounded by low-lying walls. Just across, we can see it's a "base" of the enemy. We just waited there. Eventually, an ally passed by. A security guard who feels familiar. He probably has been in my previous dreams. He said everything's safe. We went "down" to the house. The one across has a new owner. Looked like my high school classmate Ken. He's with his family there. For some reason, I thought he might be angry at me for "killing" something or someone of his. A pet? I think I killed his "pet" to protect mine. Our eyes met.
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