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    1. Extra bonus dream.

      by , 02-27-2019 at 03:57 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Yet another Jamie dream. (Honestly is anyone surprised by this by now?) Hooray! In this one she is leaving an office building that is the exact one where I was having Dark tower dreams. Where Roland was brainwashed into thinking he was an average Jow with an average Job. Jamie was followed by the red haired fat and annoying woman from the lunch room. She was yelling at Jamie to give up on me. Jamie looked mad and concerned and was walking away. Good on her!
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    2. What happened?

      by , 02-27-2019 at 03:39 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I forgot a lot of non lucids. I'll try to remember some as I write these down.

      Jamie Dreams

      Early in the month.

      3rd person view dream of Jamie sitting by herself in a real comfy looking chair. She appears to be arguing with herself. But then I hear she is talking to voices. The closer I listen the more the voices sound like me. Some are negative and some are positive. She seems annoyed in upset. I try to get through, "This is MY voice." I say something like that. But all the voices argue I am a liar and they are the real voice. While I find her kind of adorable arguing with all of these voices, I know personally how annoying this can be *please lock me up.*

      In one dream I am in a bedroom with Jamie. I lie down like we are like a couple going to bed. She looks at me and says, "No." In another dream I find some ugly woman with glasses and decide to try to sleep with her. I hear Jamie's voice in my head say, "Robert no!." Is that what you you wanted, can't have you AND no one else? kidding.

      In one dream I am with my dad and we are walking around a city. We go up some steps to a c train platform where my dead grandma from 2010 is. She says to me, "I hope you know what you are doing with this girl." Implying that she doesn't like Jamie. At the top of the step I kind of victory jump. It's like my grandma is a part of those annoying spirits who are telling me to ,"Move on." from Jamie, are finally giving up.

      After about a week or so of Jamie not showing up in dreams I then remember one of her where I am trying to light a smoke. My lighter isn't working. Jamie comes up with her own lighter but can't get hers to work as either.Hehe she's trying to steal chelsea's thunder of dream cigarette lighting capabilities. Well: YOU FAILED!!! Really appreciate the effort tho :-)

      Some dream where Jamie isn't talking to me and driving away in her car. I'm standing with a woman, maybe her mother, She says, "She really likes you, you know." Really? Why isn't she saying anything?

      Another dream where me and Jamie are driving in her car. It's like the old dreams from last year. Can't remember the context of the conversation but she says, "Suicide is never an option." WOW. She's come a long way since the , "Let's commit suicide together," Dreams of mid last year. Good job. Was I being suicidal in the dream? I know I'm not, but I may have been being overdramatic in the dream.

      A dream where Jamie is merged with my body or something. Might have been because I was watching a really dumb show on netflix called, "Z Nation." a Walking Dead like zombie tv series that doesn't take itself seriously at all. Unlike the Walking Dead which Is why I can't stand it. Anyway in the episode some Hippy dude takes weird drugs so he can spirit walk inside someone and take control of their body. Maybe I saw Jamie in the dream and asked her to try it out. She kept trying to make me aroused in my own body, maybe to experience the sensation for herself. I get to the point where I almost burst and then ask her to stop. she does.

      Got back from seeing Alita: Battle Angel (Loved it by the way.) But after seeing it with my brother I had dreams about it. But it was Jamie. She was trying to put herself in a cyborg body like from the movie. The nurse lady from the movie was there and was saying that the body was having trouble merging with the body because she had no core... Very Strange. I know Jamie had once tried to convince me that she has BPD. and I've read that such people are said to lack a certain emotional center or core. not sure if that's what the nurse meant though. Interesting.

      Last dream. Was just me and Jamie lying in bed going to sleep. We may have been groping each other not sure... But, seems she is getting over whatever it was that was bothering her.

      Comments: This periods' dreams Jamie seems less happy than the end of december and january. Not sure what the cause of this is. She is resuming some of her affection though which I appreciate. That says it isn't me that's a problem. but she is having problems on her own that she is dealing with.

      Other Dreams

      Bunch of non lucids where a short blonde girl sometimes with long hair and sometimes with short hair keeps hitting on me. In one dream she makes out with me. these came after me and my brother went to a short concert in calgary where I kept seeing cute blond girls. Some were staring at me and smiling but they were all with guys, so I didn't think anything of it.


      Dreamed I was exploring some large building with some dark skinned girl. We wound up in a bedroom and started kissing on a bed. She tasted kind of sour, (IRL I have a slight cold so was just probably tasting my phlegm,) I suddenly Had this feeling like I was cheating on someone possibly Jamie. I stopped for a second but the girl looked at me with such wanting eyes that I resumed and tried to ignore the feeling. As if to stop it a bunch of guys manifested in the room on beds. They had donut boxes with treats in them and they started arguing with me. The girl left the room.


      I kept accusing some girl in my inner world, (Mine and Asuka's daughter i think.) of stealing my DVDs or something. I was filled with rage. Asuka said it wasn't the girl but she has no idea where the DVDs went. I checked the boxes again and they had a volume missing.

      *clap* BONUS DREAM *clap*

      This one I had a couple months ago. A dream with Jamie I forgot to write down. In this dream we are in The Dark Tower universe in Hambry. Me and Jamie are walking around the town and she is making fun of the accent of the townspeople. She's saying, "So it is," and ,"So it was." Then she laughs to herself.

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    3. war, planet earth self destructs & Aliens Part 2

      , 02-27-2019 at 01:50 AM
      So in the continuation from the last dream, Some type of humanoid Alien had saved me from earth which was self-destructing and I was now in a space vessel orbiting Earth.

      The alien was discussing with me about his different ideas and thoughts of how to save earth, undo what had happened, reverse time etc etc. Stuff, I don't quite remember. The alien had developed a clone of me which was in a 'regeneration' tank.

      Apparently, the clone was being used to try and help with extracting my memories of the events which happened but wasn't working. So the Alien now wanted to try something else.

      He showed me this headset device which straps over my head and instructed me to imagine being back in the memories of the disaster. Then, the device would record my memories and project them onto an outside screen in his laboratory.

      So, I put this device on my head, a little worried about the radiation. The alien re-assured me that it wasn't a problem.

      All was black at first, then I could start to see flashes of my memories of the previous dream. Very weird. Next, I'm back in the previous dream and I literally re-play the dream, with only a few 'idiosyncrasies' and differences.

      Feels weird to have re-played the dream later in the night in a Alien spaceship with a VR like headset strapped to my head!
    4. war, planet earth self destructs & Aliens Part 1

      , 02-27-2019 at 01:41 AM
      I dream that earth has been in a large catastrophic war, not sure who between. I'm standing up on a mountain with brother E near a large city looking at the effects of the war.

      The war has created a plague of black 'corruption' that is constantly spreading out and over the planets crust causing major tectonic plate splitting, earthquakes and general mayhem.

      Realizing that humanity is doomed, we take off down the mountain in our car to have some last minute 'fun'. We zoom around at top speed dodging cars, people and the odd pocket of black corruption floating in the air, a precursor to the disruption of the crust.

      At one point, we go inside a house that has a meeting of young people taking place. Meals are being served and the youth are discussing the disaster. We act cool and try and fit in...

      back outside we zoom off out of the city and decide its time to suicide. Somehow, we had gotten our hands on some kind of nuclear material in the shape of a gas cylinder. I graciously let my brother, E go first and he kneels over the cylinder while I gas him with the intense radiation.

      Just before I do it, something stops me and the dream blacks out...

      The next dream in the next dream REM cycle is a continuation of this dream, it seems.
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    5. medieval fight / Dream fragments

      , 02-27-2019 at 01:28 AM
      I a member of a primeval tribe that progresses from its base roots in tribal living to the medieval age level of civilization and technology.

      Their are two factions in this tribe. One is the founding faction, and the other, a separate group that slowly splits away from the original in both their physical appearance and culture.

      Their was much war over the centuries, slowly escalating in scale and violence, many causalities lost on both sides. Eventually, it comes down to a final epic battle in the medieval age.

      Our side occupies a Castle that the other side is trying to attack. The leader of our faction screams to the enemy forces, "...and if you keep fighting we'll decapitate your leader that we've captured and catapult his head over the walls to you!"

      They yelled back defiantly, "No, we'll save him, capture you and send your heads flying back!"

      Diplomacy having failed, we prepare for battle. I'm a high Priest, holy warrior serving in the army. I wear a special 'Epod' vest and wave a holy scepter around with magical incense. Perhaps I was blessing the army and cursing the enemies?

      Our troops are readying all their arrows, catapults and machines of war while the leader is shouting out orders.


      Dream fragments from earler:

      A lake and a River. Driving a car escaping...
      In a city...
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