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    1. Commentary on my written out "perfect dream" idea

      , 02-28-2019 at 10:20 PM
      This is not a dream. A long time ago, I wrote a short story of sorts trying to imagine how I'd beat the dream. The story with no commentary except at the end is here, and the TLDR is basically the following elements I analyzed from previous amazing dreams combined together to create a story that sounds like my ideal dream:

      • Companionship Focus.
      • Fantasy element.
      • Conflict.
      • Light/dark balance.
      • Novelty element.
      • Vague location.
      • "Softened ending"
      • Use of music
      • Use of conversation

      The story is as follows:

      It is complete darkness. [This is inspired from True Synthesia, where I gave myself the ability to see music as colors, which was greatly helped by the pure black background)

      There is a timer and a robotic voice .... The display says 300 SECONDS in all red. Then the robotic voice counts down as the clock displays 299. [The sci-fi nature always appealed to me, and SERENDIPITY showed this off perfectly. The "number in red" actually occurred later in [I]Bittersweet Lovestory[I] where a number in red appeared]

      I am instantly aware ....In a good old underwater bazaar, I'm walking down the streets, with medieval Scottish music playing. There is even a piano there... [Underwater was from OZ&SHIOM, and I thought the music theme might help along with my love for the piano]

      270 on the timer I saw; I still had a lot of time, so I decide to play a nice melody that synchronizes and echoes the medieval music well, even though it is more of the science-fiction remix Skrillex style. After I play.... I am looking for something as a birthday present for my friend Jamie. [Jamie was actually the girl I liked from the time that I had written this]

      I wonder what to buy, but nothing seems good. People are selling scraps of metal, paint, and hot dogs among with other foods...With great tension, I search more carefully. Then, I see a man also selling fireworks. Finally, something decent, I think, then go to him and try to haggle for him. Time was running low, so I quickly managed to get a low price. 215. Close call... [Fulfills the "conflict" aspect with little risk of pain]

      I teleport to a different place where I will execute my mission. Wearing a casual-business style outfit, my heels click against the fancy marble floor as I walk forward to an elevator. It is mysterious and a bit dark but I am only filled with the emotion of curiosity along with interest. [The "business but mysterious" fits the mood that Mastermind bought me from OZ&SHIOM] A mysterious narrator whispers incoherently, before finally stating: "I will show you... Selcarim." I walk into the elevator and enter a palace of wonders. The art is amazing, along with ultra-realistic scuptures. The air is fresh and the mood is breezy along with being quite relaxing. 196 seconds left. I walk onto a gateway where I see Jamie there, sitting on what looked like a fancy boat polished with yellow and orange flames painted on the metal, and she invited me to join her.

      I sit beside her. The narrative once again whispers something incoherent before stating once again: "I loved taking those rides on the Retsoac." The song "Burn" begins to play in the background. And with a whoosh, the boat rushed forward. 170, 169,168. Food rained from the sky and we took the hot dogs, hamburgers, and mexican tacos, eating them up, the hot salty taste sizzling in my mouth. The flames became real, but both of us only felt a reassuring unharming heat, warm and friendly, almost as if it was sentient. 140 seconds left. The time was reaching short. ["Adventure of Tasting Meat" showed that food tasted great in dreams]

      ... The narrator continues his explanation..." Lights appeared below, great lanterns floating up to us,the grand sky opening. 110, 109, 108... As the song still playing in the back transitions to its chorus-- "And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn..." -- Blue diamonds dazzle all around us in the sky, flashing from left to right, feeling as if they are passing through us, with blazing fireworks all around the blue diamonds. The diamonds seem to be a sentient being... [the "Lantern festival" was one of my goals, and the blue diamonds was inspired by a dream involving "Merkaba" from dream journal]

      .... "Yes, he is--I am--the Rotarran." A blip indicates I was speaking in code all along. Rotarran rewinds to Narrator. Flashing back to the boat, Feileb was belief, and cigam was magic. Even before that, Retsoac was coaster. Flashing even before that, within the market, I had actually bought from every single person there and used all the products. Despite their looks of simplicity, I had managed to make the result very fancy... [This mystery is a bit stupid if you think about it, but I found the idea of reversing things kinda cool]

      "You don't always have infinite time," 40 seconds, "You have to manage your resources carefully....it's not about what you have. It's about how you use them. Selcarim does not exist without persistence or hard work,"....Even little moments that are not considered Selcarim must be treasured." ..."... Because, in reality, Selcarim is..." And as I kiss Jamie with a meteor shower flying over us-- 10 seconds....the title in fancy font appears. [I tried thinking and writing out a valuable lesson, compared to other dreams about friendships, this is actually quite deep]

      SELCARIM -- The timer quickly counts down the final seconds, as the landscape shifts around us, flowers growing, anticipating reaching a higher level.

      Then it is reversed, with the result being...
      [The mystery is finally solved and it's like a movie's credit scene]
      0:00 SECONDS. Perfect timing.

      The kiss lingers on my lips as I wake up. [This goes back to a lot of romantic dreams where it ends with a great kiss]

      So to recap, I basically believed that a combination of a countdown, medieval scene with music, transitioning to a cool business-like scene, preparing a surprise for my crush, and eating food on a rollercoaster with her all leading up to a surprise ending, would be able to beat my favorite dream. I do still believe that this story is strong enough to beat my current favorite (which is actually still the same), but the countdown and the twist are indeed very hard to pull off, and the business scene seems a bit unnecessary, even if adding further mystery to the story.
      side notes
    2. 19-02-XX Back in School

      by , 02-28-2019 at 05:16 PM
      The dream took place in the present, but took place in two of my former high schools. The first was at the Sint-Agnes school, on the small courtyard by the street. I told Mr. Ferret how much things had changed, but then I realized it was always that way.

      In another part I was at KTA Brasschaat, possibly with my father. I remember running through the empty hallways, knowing exactly where I was going. We also went through some classrooms. At some point I went down stairs really quickly. So quick, I started to hover. There was much more, but I forgot. Later that day in real life, it turned out that there was a high school reunion at that very school, to which I hadn't been invited for some reason.

      Updated 02-28-2019 at 05:25 PM by 17412

      Tags: school
    3. The colonial boys' adventures in the old diary

      , 02-28-2019 at 10:48 AM
      I dreamed that I was looking through my attic when I came across this old diary. It was the diary of a boy back in the wild west colonial times in America.

      Flipping through the book I came across a very unique page. The page was displaying the stories in diary on a moving screen build into the page, which felt like every other page. Watching the moving pictures, I was drawn into the story of the and part observed, part participated in a number of adventures.

      Inside the diary now, the boy was one of three. He had a brother and a sister, Dad and Mum. They were quite a wealthy family in the upper class of that time frame. They had black American servants and wore fancy dresses.

      The boy was lonely though, and he had a pet cat. Him and the cat had fun playing together and romping around their country estate.

      One day, the boy was wandering in the woods and he came across a Indian brave. Him and the Indian brave became good friends! The Indian brave used the friendship of the boy for his own purposes and got the boy to help him sabotage a key Industrial building...

      So, the brave got the boy to help him collect kegs of gun powder and dynamite. Then, they sneaked down one night and planted it around this building, a very important one for the boys fathers business. It was located near a swamp and a river. BOOM, it went up in smoke and ashes.

      The boys father held a meeting. In their large hall in the main house, there were many soldiers, servants and the whole family was there. The father was very angry!! He was discussing with the soldiers there about who had done it and interrogated the servants.

      Later on that day, the boys younger brother found his diary which had all his mischievous adventures recorded in it and gave it too his Mother. She instantly know what had happened and quietly put it back down as the boys father was in the room then.

      "Huh? Whats that? Let me see that Diary" The father swaggered over...

      "Its ok dear, its Allen's Diary. You know, boys that age need their privacy" she reasoned as she nonchalantly took it from his hands...

      __________________________________________________ ______________________________
      Next fragmented Dream:

      I dreamed that I was an opera singer performing in a large Orchestra. Some musical people in my family were there and I was trying to impress them with my voice. I had to sing some songs that I hadn't sung before....
    4. Hitch hiking to the cricket match / Its all in the perspective....

      , 02-28-2019 at 10:21 AM
      In this one, I'm on a road with my friend and we're have just come from a party. Now, we are trying to hitch hike to a nearby cricket match!

      we try and flag down a few cars with no success, then two more guys hike up the road and join us. Some more thumbing at cars and a truck pulls over with room for us all. We pile in the truck.

      One of the guys is worried about losing his stuff in the truck and the driver tells him not to worry. Then, we talk about a few different topics including inflation of products like....bottled water! We yarn with the driver about how the price of bottled water has gone up due to inflation from this amount....to this amount!

      Arriving at the cricket match, we pile out of the truck and walk down. My friend is auditioning to join the cricket team or something like that. He goes out to bowl on the field while we watch, then something weird happens.

      I'm seeing him bowl from the perspective of two other senior members of the cricket team, a guy and lady. Its like I'm watching their imagination in my own dream mind.

      The senior cricket lady watches him bowl and sees a super sexy strong athlete. She admires his long hair ( was't that long ) and gives it a extra sheen and also adds more muscle definition.

      The senior guy in charge of the team watches him bowl and well, his imagination is boosting my friends bowling skills! In this guys mind, some of my friends ball actually curve in mid air and one actually bounced twice in the opposite direction before landing in the middle of the stumps. Weird right?

      Of course, my friend was accepted into the team and he thanked me for my support. haha
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Significance of colors in my dreams

      , 02-28-2019 at 05:45 AM
      This is not a dream entry. For all my dream entries, visit http://dreamjournal.net/journal/drea...ame=9spaceking.

      I've noticed color being significant sometimes so I wanted to mark down what they meant to me in my dreams:

      1. Synthesia (I gave myself ability to see music as color in a few dreams)
      • Wake Me Up (Avicii) creates a vast multitude of colors
      • Hey, Soul Sister creates soft pink and blue colors
      • Nuvole Bianche is slight tint of blue with hint of pink
      • The Magic Inside is violet
      • Burn (Ellie Ghoulding) is orange into red
      • Crystallize is light blue
      • Replay is autumn orange into green trees
      • Breaking Free is silver
      • Bad Apple is dark violet
      • Any Other Way is blood red

      2. Abilities
      • True Talent/Invincibility is marked as gold
      • Table-turn usually causes the scene to become white(r)
      • Efficiency power (imagining myself doing something in a montage within 20 seconds) causes the scene to grow dark with focus
      • Konami Code (a fence of invincibility) causes rainbows to flow around it

      3. To mark special events
      • A beautiful garden was green (with flowers all over)
      • A crush I had wore a beautiful red dress (in a dream) but I still chose my friend over her
      • I purposefully had a black-and-white detective adventure but color was used to mark important clues
      • The sky is only blue in peaceful/calm dreams
      side notes
    6. Tuesday 26th February 2019

      by , 02-28-2019 at 03:19 AM
      This dream was from a nap i took because i was feeling ill.

      I was laying on my back and i entered the dream still hearing sounds from outside my bedroom. Even though i was conscious of this, and even though the transition from waking reality to the the dream was very smooth, i didn't have a WILD. I started the dream in a train/bus. It had windows and i was seeing we were going around London city. We were going to a park where there was an event, but we were going to get lost. I was travelling with my sister, although when i looked around i also saw some of my friends from school. Anyway we decided to keep going even though we were going to get lost and i was saying out loud semi-lucid "i don't care if we get lost, we're in London, this is amazing and so beautiful!".
      The bus/train (sometimes it was a bus, sometimes a train) had a mechanism where you could take an SD card from it and you could replace your phone's SD card with it. BUT before leaving the bus you had to put one back. If you didn't the driver will notice (100% of the times because the bus had a sensor or some advanced technology lol) and the bus wouldn't continue.
      When the train reached the final station i almost panicked because we werent exactly in land. The rails were up like 20 meters in the air and if the train kept going we were going to fall. But it stopped. Anyway we had to get out and step on the rails... it was kinda a challenge to get out but not really because the rails were different. There were big squares in between where you could step. Of course if you stepped out you'd fall because there were also empty spaces in between. We went out of the train and entered the station. From outside the station seemed like abandoned and inside it was deteriorated and it was a place where homeless people would sleep. But it was the final stop of the train nevertheless, and a lot of people got out in that stop. Since we were all going to the event we all got out there. I saw some people, including my friends, starting to run because they didnt want to stay in that station when the sun went down, which was going to be in like 15 minutes. So far that place was safe, but soon when people would leave it wouldn't be apparently. Even though i did not fear the place i didn't like it and didn't want to stay there. There was like a bad vibe there. So i was going to follow the people, run if i had to, why not? Walking sometimes is boring. But i woke up.