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    1. Prisons

      by , 06-16-2019 at 04:32 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      After a large portion of the dream that I forget, I found myself in a large complex of prison-like factories operated by what appeared to be a sentient rat. The rat wanted me to "break in" to a nearby recycling plant by destroying one of its windows, since he was too small to do it himself. The plant looked like a single huge conveyor belt onto which recyclable items were dumped, and the window in question was on the rear wall just above a second-floor balcony. I did what he wanted; he immediately appeared beside me and used some sort of advanced technology to link the window opening in a wormhole-like manner to the rest of his complex, thanking me for providing him access to recyclable materials.

      Some time later, I was assigned to build a prison cell as some sort of examination, and I was brought into an actual prison in order to select an inmate to build the cell for. I chose a thief who turned out to be "the only Native American man in the prison," according to the warden, named "Wiki" (pronounced "weekee"). Since he was nonviolent, I was allowed into the same room as him, though of course he still couldn't leave the prison.

      Now the building looked as if it were in Minecraft, but all of the people continued to appear as they previously had. I set about building a small cell and learned as I was doing so that Wiki had a bizarre, addiction-like fascination with music -- if he ever heard it, he was uncontrollably drawn towards its source. He also told me that his spirit animal was "a bird" (never specified which), for which reason he wore a wing-like cape at all times. Eventually the cell was completed, but Wiki refused to enter it, so I got a miniature radio of some sort, turned it on, and placed it in the cell, causing him to walk into it, whereupon the door closed and he was locked inside.