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    1. Log 1502 - Zombie Attack and Brief Summoning and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 06-09-2019 at 11:26 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Sheesh, I should really start posting entries more often. Anyway, got some dreams, fragments, and LDs to note today.

      Spoiler for I sure do type alot...:

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    2. Resolution

      by , 06-09-2019 at 06:28 AM
      Had a dream about beginning to get along with a guy I hated for a long time. Never had a good time with them in dream but this time things got relatively better.

      It was a dream about being split into 2 teams of gangs as we fought. I was fighting lyn and hit his skull against the pavement as it spattered. I felt regret but he was alive somehow.

      Later we all met in an apartment allies or enemies. I bought a fake blood that comes from fake lips as a prank online. Overall we get along OK just hang out.

      -kind of a personal growth
    3. Bad Latin and Bad Art

      by , 06-09-2019 at 04:20 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      Dream Language Amnesia

      I was with a crowd of people who asked me what "I hope for you" would be in Latin. This is an extraordinarily simple sentence, and I would have been able to answer the question instantly in WL. They wanted to know so that they could yell it at another group of people who were leaving to do something dangerous. I struggled to remember the verb "to hope," coming up with the pathetic "hopere" before eventually having a flash of insight: "I hope" translated as "spero." At no point did I actually remember the infinitive "to hope," which is "sperare." I combined this with the ablative (singular!) form of "you," "te," and proceeded to tell them the sentence was "Spero te," which they went on to say. I then thought (and this is really inexplicable), "Maybe I should have told them 'petite pro vos' (Pray for yourselves, but "vos" should have been "vobis") instead."

      Art Exhibition

      I was in a large room that looked something like an art gallery. We had all been tasked with creating a work of art for an upcoming exhibition. Most people were working on paintings; I had decided instead to take a large rubber ball full of a mixture of glue and peach-colored paint and squeeze its contents (which never seemed to run out) into a large plaster mold hanging vertically on the wall shaped to cast the mixture into 36 brick-like blocks. I would repeat this process until I had enough bricks with which to build a large staircase. However, the mixture took an extremely long time to dry, and I soon realized I wouldn't be able to get all of the necessary bricks cast before the deadline. Also, my "teacher" (who only appeared once in the entirety of the dream) seemed to think I wasn't being "creative" enough by casting the same thing over and over and threatened me to dock me some points on her assessment of my finished work.

      I decided to switch into Creative Mode (the world was in Minecraft now -- don't ask) and go to a "void dimension" where I would be able to build infinitely in all directions without having to worry about running out of space, time, or materials. First, though, I had to throw away the rubber ball. Unfortunately, there was a boy (aged around senior year of high school or so) with his head in the trash can making sounds I interpreted as laughing blocking me from doing so. I told him to "please move," but he didn't do anything, so I just dropped the ball into the recycling bin next to him. As I was walking away, it occurred to me that he might actually have been crying, and after a little deliberation, I went back to apologize for being insensitive earlier. He still didn't react, so I left to go to the void.

      The void was a perfect workspace -- there was just one problem: Since this dream took place using the mechanics of Minecraft, I needed a single block already placed on which I could begin to build, or otherwise I wouldn't be able to place anything. There was no such block. I called in an old friend from High School (who appeared at the age he had been then) and asked him to help me. It seems he had become a LGBT rights activist; this wasn't surprising, since he had been openly gay in High School. However, his artistic abilities were more so why I wanted his help. He agreed to make a "seed block" somehow appear, and even offered to apply some distortion effects to the finished architecture that would be hard to achieve otherwise... if he got to give a seminar about LGBT rights to everyone who came to the exhibition. I figured this really wasn't much of a "price to pay" at all and told him to go ahead.