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    1. Comedian, pool, long train ride lucid

      by , 06-04-2019 at 10:44 PM
      Pretty good DEILDs on nap


      Dinner with comedian

      I was in an apartment where I lived at university. It was dark there and I was waiting on friends or something. I met the famous japanese comedian Hamada and hang out. He took me to a nice restaurant in a hotel that had a gambling section to the top left.

      *always wanted to meet this comedian



      Pool in school

      I was going around some strange building. It had many locked doors and things somewhat futuristic. I found my friend M there but she was a little kid. I just took her and walked around until we were near the pool at school. It was the highschool structurally but slightly different.

      Maybe FA/wake

      I begin wandering around the school by myself. I think m went to pool. I could not find the pool but I knew I was close. I found a sink with some pretty peaches and a few were flat. I ate one or two and they were pretty ripe and sweet.

      I find I'm near the change rooms and look for a way in. But a black teen tells me he and his friends are lifeguards and gotta clean pool soon. I thought about helping but thought forget it. I leave as I watch people clean the pool. I find m.

      *no pool in school

      I see peaches again may have ate another. I head out and finds a sink to wash my hands. A black guy comes and he washed his hands in same sink he couldn't find soap so I showed him where it was and I squeezed too much soap. He gives me rest of soap after washing. I finish washing my hands.

      *every part after is lucid or mostly.

      I may have had FA here maybe not. Just became lucid. It was an waiting area with benches and I decided to mediate. Maybe people were waiting on the train in the next dream.


      I am back near the area and find my friend Alison.

      Wake, stronger awakening

      Long train ride - many DEILD, order may be slightly wrong (seperated by FA/wakes)

      I am still lucid and in a train ride. Some people from last steam. I decided to mediate.


      I find my friend Alison again.


      I asked if anyone knew how to be omnilucid, no one answered . I walked deeper into one way of the train looking for a sage i find someone.


      I am decided to play a video game. I wanted to see what it s like. Tried playing Mario, pretty realistic, worked ok but left button didn't work properly.


      Senses weakened from playing video games so decided to stop.


      Still on train. Getting bored and couldn't think of what to do. Looked for 2 ppl my type to play around.


      I was stretching legs in ways likely not possible. Needed to pee pretty badly though. Was afraid of waking from the need to pee and indeed I do.


      Legs 100% numb when awoke fully was in tree pose. Residual numbness of dream stretching. Was numb until I stretched.

      Notes :

      Slept in the other bed again for nap

      Same meditation technique just noticing things

      Used raduga alarm only on nap wanted good sleep for night

      Fear of waking woke me up, or maybe DEILD is difficult if you really do have to pee - is it the fear or need to pee that wakes you more?

      Every dream after meditation in dream lucid

      Another dream goal would help

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    2. 4 Jun: Flirting with the devil, Gilmore Girls and fire at my mom's

      by , 06-04-2019 at 09:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Next door is a guy, which I believe to be a demon. He has a crush on me and has been trying to be my friend but I feel creeped out and have been avoiding him. Me and mom we go to his house on his absence, looking for some evidence, but we have to leave on a hurry and we forget a light on. I imagine him arriving and realizing what we did, and coming full force at us, so I decide going back and take a different approach in case he finds me there, which he does. I pretend to actually wanting to bond with him and say sorry for having entered his home uninvited. He is obviously pleased and invites me to stay. Not sure how well he bought it, but I end up spending some time with him, we watch something on tv and he gets uncomfortably close to me. I look at him and realize he is actually very good looking, with black hair and piercing blue eyes. I decide to focus on that and the fact he's been so friendly, but I can see his true nature just below his skin. I try to be compassionate, but at some point I argue that I really must go. I fear his reaction and for some time later at home I fear he will somehow come after me, like an obsessed psycho, but nothing happens.

      Watching the first episode of a new Gilmore Girls season, but so totally different from the original. Luke and Lorelai are divorced and she became a nun. Rory is blond. And the whole story is sad and boring.

      At my mom's and there is a lot of people with us. My dad is sick in her bed, my friend's daugther Leonor is eating lunch that I provided, but I leave her for a moment and when I come back she is eating a can of cat food. I am shocked at first but then ask her if it is any good. She says it's ok, but not very thrilled. I remove it from the table and scold her. Then some stupid guy is burning things with a lighter, since he heard many household products have flame retardants and wants to test it. He burns the tip of a bed duvet and then the mattress itself. I scold him hard and he just feels disapointed that things really don't go up in flames. But the fact is that they slowly burn anyway and the combustion of the mattress is spreading. I ask my mom for a fire extinguisher. She says the only one she has is being fixed. I then ask for buckets and ask everybody to help. By now, the entire mattress is burning inside and generating heat that is starting flames in the surroundings. We remove all covers and drench it in water and cover the outside flames to extinguish them. I just want to punch the stupid guy who did this.
    3. 4 июня 2019

      by , 06-04-2019 at 06:36 AM
      По сюжету сна я пошёл учиться в школу в дополнительные классы. А именно изучать тайные правила русского языка, редкие произведения литературы, психологию и ещё какой-то предмет. Перед тем, как заходить в кабинеты, я кидал апельсиновую шкурку типо гранат. Таким образом в моих снах всплыл запах с реальной апельсиновой шкуркой. Хотя запах во сне я не чуял - просто видел. Ещё в школе помню смотрел расписание и буквы читались нормально. Хотя что именно было написано, я не могу вспомнить

      In the story of the dream, I went to school to additional classes. Namely, to study the secret rules of the Russian language, rare works of literature, psychology, and some other subject. Before entering the offices, I threw an orange skin like a pomegranate. Thus, in my dreams, the smell arose with real orange skin. Although I did not smell the smell in my sleep, I just saw it. Even at school I remembered watching the schedule and the letters were read normally. Although what exactly was written, I can not remember
    4. Wait what?

      by , 06-04-2019 at 01:38 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie Dreams

      First one is a flash of Jamie standing in front of me wearing a wedding dress, she is smiling. We're getting married? Okay, these dreams are really out there now.

      The next few dreams mainly consisted of me trying to visit Jamie but she wasn't available and/or was avoiding me. Definitely a pattern here. Even when I knew her this was her: Wanting to get closer. I say: yes, okay. She: Backs off. Gets closer next time. Asks for more. I say: okay. She: backs off again. Wash rinse repeat. I think this is to be expected by now.

      Next I have a dream where I confront her. I remind her of how she would say things that highly indicated she really liked me/ felt close to me. But then would cover up a moment later and down play it. the most comical being she was suggesting sending me a picture, you know the kind long distance couples might send. Then after a long pause for what must have been a full minute or so. She says, "Well a PG version anyway." Still waiting on that one BTW. And after so long She better send the full version . Kidding.

      Anyway what she said back to me in the dream was really disturbing. "Well, I was just messing with you because it was funny." Um wait. What? Is it really necessary to say such a thing? I almost believe her. But then i remember When I spoke to her last in person and said, "I'm really gonna miss you," She looked like she was hit in the stomach, almost fell over and said something quietly that i barely even heard, "I'm gonna miss you too." Followed by a cover up a few seconds later as if she had said nothing at all. Yeah, who does she think She is fooling? That looked like it hit her pretty hard too.

      Next day: First, I have dream where she apologizes for saying that. She's almost crying, her face in a weird smile, or more like a grimace of pain. I always forgive of course. Next dream is us just laying in bed cuddling
      . Maybe a second one like that.

      But how would she know over the span of a few days that she said that? I never posted dreams until now. So how would she know? I remember I once had a dream where she was talking to voices in her head that sounded like me. Does she really do that? I do. And this weekend we argued a lot. I really should have my head checked I think. I mean how deep does this rabbit hole go? I've linked the voice directly to my dreams, and also her doings directly to my dreams. so either it's actually her sometimes, or... Familiar spirits, (demons) that sometimes repeat what she is saying to herself. I dunno. I wish I had answers... If they are demons. They REALLY have her personality down.


      I'm working with Val, The lesbian. She asks me if she is the kind of girl I would marry. I say, "Yes." she looks really offended at that. Then why ask? When I said ,"yes," i mean the type of person not their orientation.

      Death Squad

      I'm in a gymnasium with a crowd of people. Some blond guy in his early 20's is being voted to be put to death. The vote goes through. I go hide in another room somewhere as they take him outside and shoot him because I don't want to see it.

      also why am I getting ads for women's lingerie on DV?
    5. Bullet Jumping

      by , 06-04-2019 at 01:37 AM
      This dream occurred during my brother in law's bachelor party, after heavily drinking, went to bed at 12:30 and passed out quickly.


      I was walking through a long exit hallway out of a building, I find myself to be in what seems to be the city I live in. As I'm walking towards the exit, I see a cartoon-like ghost floating by the exit- I become lucid immediately. I do the nose plug reality check to ensure I am in fact in the dream world. The odd thing was that ghost was outside of the building but I could see it both when it floated in front on the exit and when it went out of the exit's view (aka see thru vision).

      After that I go outside and my friend and my brother are there with me and I run over to the train tracks and feel the rocks with my hands to ground myself in the dream, it seemed to work. After this I wanted to travel a fair distance and ended up performing what I called a Bullet Jump
      1). Run and Jump
      2). Morph into a bullet
      3). "Fly" a distance of 100-200 feet
      4). Morph back into a human and land

      how many ld's have u had-bulletjump.jpg

      We then went to some store and bought some stuff.. I suspect I was slowly losing control though because I don't remember wanting to do this or if I was just following along. Either way I'm in line waiting for one of them to buy stuff and I open up my phone which has a notification for 3000 points... I don't know what for but I felt happy.

      I turn around and I notice I'm in an airport. At this point I know the dream is falling apart and I just want to have fun. I take all of my clothes off in front of everyone sitting down at the airport and look for a dc to have sex with As I'm walking around I see nobody that looks appealing and rather everyone just seems sort of hostile and some people are just pissed at me. Then someone knocked all of my belongings over and I feel as though I need to get them back, I start looking for my clothes as I realize this venture was unsuccessful then all of a sudden
      I time shift and I'm on the ground picking my backup and belongings up.


      Planning on working more on my dream stability, I had a good start but I want to try out verbal commands next time.