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    1. Melody Fragments

      by , 05-29-2019 at 04:55 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I had a couple dreams with music in them last night, and was able to transcribe some of it. I had forgotten almost all of the dreams themselves by the time I'd finished, but here's what I have:

      And, from a later awakening:

      Couple interesting things about these: first, that they're both in D major, which is the scale I've been practicing speedwork on for the past three weeks or so. I don't have perfect pitch, so this suggests some kind of residual pitch memory at work.

      Also, they both seem familiar, particularly the second. I want to say it's from a rock song? But it's hard to tell whether music in dreams only seems familiar the way things in general seem familiar in dreams or because I've actually heard it before.
      Tags: music
    2. Box

      by , 05-29-2019 at 02:04 PM
      My friend M's mother was eating chocolates. I think she was selling them on a store. Where? Middle of the street somewhere.

      -from eating too much sweets maybe


      I was lucid. There was an small opened box to the left. I willed something to appear as rc. And another. Worked both times. I was certain now. For the third item I thought of pills. 2 large finger sized semi opaque black ones appeared. I picked them up and tried to make them be lucidity pills. Swallowed them.

      Wake /FA

      I was in high school class. There was a boy from elementry school whose face I recalled but not name. He stole my DJ and made fun of its contents. I got it back and hugged onto my DJ like a bear to make sure no one else would steal it. Walking through the hall I find the stairs to the north west corner. Vietnamese gangster kids. There was a guy from hs what was his name? Long hair, reminds me of the programming prodegy from grandmas boy. I quickly try to get away to not get involved but may be too late.

      -Fear of judgment or someone I don't like.


      Saw a skinny white limo on side walk, limo but its width was half or normal ones.

      Notes :

      Remembered to experiment on lucidity when lucid but forgot to mediate first. Always mediate first!

      Mediate, then experiment.

      Perhaps not enough belief to make the pills work or transform them. Maybe needed to look away briefly or close eyes to transform the pills.

      Visualization skills appear to be improving rapidly still.

      Cycling of techniques appears to be important. Still experimenting.

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    3. High-End Restaurant Exhibit House - Man I Fucking Hate Gout

      by , 05-29-2019 at 03:16 AM
      Hello DVers, I have returned once again. Just a little update- I've stopped smoking weed (for now) and plan to at least have a few lucids, I've been working hard on dream recall and just taking things at a slower pace to avoid getting excited then losing motivation at the first sign of failure.

      Anyways, here's an interesting dream I remembered Non-Lucid

      Anything in orange is a potential dream sign for my own reference and improvement

      The dream begins in an open space, It looks similar to my old work, but a lot nicer with some more expensive equipment. I work on Interactive Media at work (virtual reality, augmented reality, motion tracking, etc)

      It appears that I'm also with mostly coworkers from said older company. I'm standing in front of what looks like 3 wooden shelves, all in descending height coming toward where I'm standing, creating some sort of augmented reality app in which the holograms have some placement element within the shelves. For whatever reason, I didn't seem to know the specifics of what it was.

      Then I see a Robotic AI tripod that has miniature tank track like wheels on it, on the top of the tripod is an advanced 360 kinect sensor I didn't see any details that would suggest it was kinect but I seemed to just assume as that's a sensor I use fairly often at work. But back to the AI Kinect (Let's call it KinectX).. this thing moved unexpectedly fast, and the idea of it was that instead of a person moving in front of a static Kinect, this thing would calculate the distance from itself to a person- then use it's tank tracks to accelerate around it's target and apply cool effects to their person and stream it to a display wall somewhere in the restaurant. I never gathered this from any DCs but for some reason I just had that information in mind. This device looked super high tech- it was jet black with some space white indents and really sleek looking rotatable joints where it could transform for different angles and such.

      Photo of concept below drawn from memory (drawing doesn't represent how cool it was, sorry)

      Couple of q's about jesus-kinectx.jpg

      Anyways Richard my old coworker came in, at my old company, he was always the one on the kinect applications, so this really fit the bill.

      After a little bit we had some user testers come in to try out the apps and vet out some bugs and any edge cases, which is fairly standard protocol. My testers consisted of about 10 guys, and one of those 10 guys was Lebron James. At one point during the testing we all jumped in unison, at this point I'm assuming it was basketball related but after the jump I did a nose plug reality and test and failed! I remember thinking "Yeah I'm busy but this might be a dream.. test.. nah".....

      After the failed attempt I seemed to just appear inside the seating area of the restaurant. Every table was filled, all people there had on black clothing.. suits for the men and flapper dresses for the ladies. There was a fancy plethora of Edison light bulbs chandeliers above all tables, for some reason I was going around switching out the lightbulbs in front of everyone eating...

      After that I saw my old boss walking around to make sure the installation was going good, then I saw him walk back to the staging area I was in before and he was sitting at a table with other old coworkers laughing and not helping .. I got hungry at this point so I found some raw pizza and ate that After this I went to the other side of the seating area of the restaurant and found that there was a resort attached to the side of this restaurant, so it was half outside and half inside, on the resort side it was a long strip of beach chairs that were in the water and a little further in front of those chairs was about 5 feet deep water that was super warm like a hot tub.

      I seemed to timeshift again and found myself traversing the water, I remember it feeling super warm- went to the end of the little pool extension and saw a few guys sitting on beach chairs. One of them was talking kind of loud and I just remember him talking and saying "Gout fuckin sucks man, yeah it just sucks bro", don't remember what else. I swam back and I remember there was a very busty woman in the water and she was getting in my way as I swam back, I don't recall doing anything with her but man it was feeling extra steamy at that point.

      I time shift one more time and I'm near where the pool extension and the restaurant meet, I then see speakers that are floating on a ledge and see the cord dangling, I was trying to find an outlet to plug it into then I heard my coworker from my current company on the phone and in a black suit and sunglasses saying "Man I fuckin' hate Gout, DUDE IT FUCKING SUCKS" right near where everyone was sitting and was just venting about it


      End of dream, not a lucid but it was interesting and vivid. I will have a lucid dream soon so stay tuned if you happen to read these.
      Tags: fancy, futuristic
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. 29 мая 2019

      by , 05-29-2019 at 02:12 AM
      Сначала мне снился сон-кино про мальчика, который жил без родителей. Из родных у него был только вечно пьяный дядя.

      Потом я ехал за рулём камаза, точнее его передней части - сзади кузова не было. Вышел из кабины с маленькой девочкой и пошёл в магазин. Не помню, что именно я покупал, но мне поддавали много 10 рублей в качестве сдачи. Долго складывал их в пакет. Девочка тоже что-то купила и ей сдачи дали, но намного меньше 2 рубля 30 копеек.
      Вышли из магазина. Тут девочка мне объяснила, что эту машину я украл. Спросил её где. Она показала. Я подошёл к этой кабине на колёсах, положил на неё руки и телепортировался вместе с ней на другую часть дороги. Затем подошёл к мужику и сказал: «Я вам машину вернул». Затем стал телепортироваться поближе к дому и проснулся.

      At first I had a dream about a movie about a boy who lived without parents. Of his relatives, he had only ever drunk uncle.
      Then I drove behind the wheel of a KAMAZ, or rather its front end — there was no body behind it. I left the cabin with a little girl and went to the shop.
      I do not remember what I bought, but I was given a lot of 10 rubles as a surrender.
      Long put them in the bag. The girl also bought something and gave her the change, but much less than 2 rubles 30 kopecks.
      Out of the shop.Then the girl explained to me that I stole this car. I asked her where. She showed. I approached this cabin on wheels, put my hands on it and teleported with it to another part of the road. Then I went to the peasant and said: "I gave you the car back." Then I began to teleport closer to the house and woke up.