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    1. Undercover, Temple of Gods, holy trinity

      by , 06-03-2019 at 07:41 PM
      I was the undercover from the hero association of sort to spy on the evil crime headquarters. I didn't have any special powers initially but gained one as the dream progressed. However I was discovered as the spy and woke. The dream lasted a while and I remember it being fun but didn't jot down much.

      Nap pt1


      Stormy weather sucking me to window. Snow filled the bedroom. The next bedroom was also filled with snow.

      Realize I'm dreaming.


      Immediately focus on creating the feeling. Leave body in bedroom.

      Blurry vision so i rub hands. Get clear. I remember to Meditate. Cross legs. My body begins spinning around the room and I have to do a sit up while cross legged to barely be in the pose. I am being teleported by the involuntary spinning.

      Teleport to temple/grave. Statues of gods. More like figurine perhaps 2-3ft tall made out of jade like materials. They were placed atop grey carved rectangular stones.

      I have an urge to hum the um sound. I begin to hear deep voices Chanting:

      Chanting - "boo haa, boo hoo heeh" in Tibetan chant like voices. It fills the place.

      I'm still cross legged floating around. I see more rows of gods. Some unknown. Some known. elephant headed.


      Needed to pee really badly, could have stayed or went back in dream otherwise.

      Nap pt2

      Couple of FA with lucid moment then

      Lucid somewhere in dream, realizing I was just dreaming in previous dream while I'm FA.

      Old wooden building upper floor. Professor studying physics defying technology. I look for the device. Few ladies crowding entrance. Baddies showing up from below to take technology. I go inside. Find old guy he melts into couch supposedly he is the guy. There are people laying on couch with a device. A steel ball on one end. I touch it and try to push hand in couch. I go in a bit. Touch it again and go deeper. Get stuck in rubbery leather couch space. It's very unconfirmed I really wanted to get out. Gets out after a while. Trying to escape from baddies. Head to stairs above and go through into ceiling. When I come out I see a event with the previous women downstairs. I am back in time.

      I needed to change my form. I find a figurine and transform into her form. The women were looking for the man so I point them towards where I saw the old guy before. I head to the left. The women come back telling me the man is right next to me. They were looking for the relic of "the man. "

      Trio of Golden figurines, of a man, a woman and a child. I touch the man and electrical feeling runs through my fingers. They are horrified. Apparently an artifact that electricuted people this artifact was the source of strange tech. I touch the other 2 there and it begins to turn into a warm feeling. Hot, it was buzzing with energy. I rather enjoyed the feeling. It was figurines of holy trinity mother father and son. I held them together as a family and they reacted. My body began to float up and through the sunroof window. The mission to find what was lost from heavens. I keep rising.

      Wake FA

      I am in an office people are doing coding work. Guy beside me telling me to work. I am still lucid, looking around at people keyboards, codes, and wonder about the mystery of life. That sequential output of all was the resulting output.


      Notes :

      The noticing meditation. The i am meditation.

      Different bed.

      Skippers guide

      Raduga alarm.

      Remembering last 3 things. (did not do it much today though)

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    2. 03 Jun: TV show on my late friend's house and storm back home

      by , 06-03-2019 at 02:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A tv showing some house full of abandoned stuff, neighbors talking about the people who died or left, cops going around. They say they'll open up the house to people interested in taking things away. Me and mom apply. it's like a game, they choose people and divide into 4 family teams each with a coach / guide who explains the rules and guides us orderly into pre-selected divisions. We feel very anxious because there is a team who is being clearly favored, they are some 6 people and they are the first ones allowed in the house, while our coach is just stalling us with talk. We pressure her and she starts saying she will block us if we pressure her too much. She finally takes us to the living room and explains what we can take. We look around to choose because we can't take everything. I look at the bookshelf and see some books I really like, but leave it for the end. I'm certain the other contestants won't care about books. I find family pictures and realize our late friend's Nela family members and there's pictures of her so I grab all I can. I tell mom and she agrees the pics should stay with us.

      I am at home. Riverstone arrives. It's a summer storm like we never seen. Strong winds. I suspect by the sounds I hear that our gutters are not holding on. I check through the window and they break, ending up pieces on the roof and others on the ground. I go outside to pick it up but it's very dark, so I ask Riverstone for a flashlight. He hands me a wet sponge. I'm puzzled and say how did he heard sponge and why would I need a sponge? Then he goes back and brings the flashlight.
    3. Prisons and Precognitions

      by , 06-03-2019 at 04:12 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      Prison Complex

      I am in a large underground prison complex. I have been arrested and sent there for absolutely no reason; the people running the prison even admit this, but they're apparently doing some highly unethical tests on human subjects and wanted me for some kind of chemical experiment. (This is very similar to a book series I read when I was young, "Escape from Furnace"). I am chained to a small metal lift platform in the center of a giant hexagonal steel-lined shaft, and one of the guards presses down on my hand, which is bound in a cuff just above a red button, causing the button to be pressed and the lift to descend.

      We arrive at some sort of "junction level" containing a large number of dormitories and various common areas such as dining halls and bathrooms; this is the last "normal" level of the prison, and below it are the "laboratory levels" where the experiments are done and which are home to strangely deformed-looking beings. I remember one in particular that was purple and consisted of a torso with four legs coming out of the top and four legs coming out of the bottom, all at right angles to each other. (I once saw a sculpture similar to this IRL.) I will be shipped down for testing tomorrow; for the time being, I have to clean myself up and find a bed to sleep in for my last night of normal existence. The dream leaves off here.

      Dream Machinery

      I have received a primitive computer-like device running a rudimentary operating system similar to Windows XP. This device will somehow help me "tap into my dreams." I fall asleep while holding the device and pass into a "deeper dream" where it is powered on. It seems I have "one hand in a dream and the other in a nightmare" (remember the "Prison Complex"?) -- there is a diagram of a clock to illustrate this, showing the hour hand and the minute hand at right angles (either 3:00 or 9:00, if I remember correctly) -- which means I'm seeing or am going to see a vision of something that actually happened in real life.

      A calendar application pops up on the computer; I need to use it to count the number of days that have passed since the subject of the vision actually took place. I'm having some trouble doing so because this calendar is labeled in a bizarre fashion; last month was apparently called "Mercury (HL)," and the month before that was "Mercury (HG)." I eventually click a button that has the computer count for me, and I discover something strange -- this is a rare precognitive vision. I am currently seeing exactly fifty days into the future. I also happen to see that it is the twenty-first of the current month in the "real life" timeframe of the dream. I am about to click a button to "enter the vision"... but then I wake up (a little after 8 AM)!
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. 3 июня 2019

      by , 06-03-2019 at 02:25 AM
      Вечером завязал шнурок вокруг запястья руки.
      Во сне оказался в школе. Там были мои одноклассники. Один одноклассник стал ко мне приставать, будто он "нетрадиционной ориентации (не знаю, как это правильно по английски)". Сначала я его отталкивал, но потом я разозлился и долбанул его кулаком. Тут я и увидел золотой браслет на месте шнурка. Как раз в это же время в кабинет зашли завуч и учительница. Меня вывели из класса.

      Проснулся, сходил в туалет, лёг спать.

      Я на первом этаже школы. Выхожу из школы, а на небе летит спутник в виде чёрного образования. Из спутника сверху в людей ударяет молния. Я прыжками отскакиваю от этой молнии. Пару раз она довольно близко ударила.
      Затем я прячусь под тентами палаток.
      Со второго этажа дома мне помахали рукой мол скорее к нам, спасайся.
      Поднялся к ним по лестнице. Там было два нерусских мужика и одна девушка.
      Я попросил у мужчины их национальную шапку. Он в ответ сказал, что в обмен я должен отдать своё ухо. Я согласился. Мужик отрубил мне ухо мачете. Однако у меня выросло новое. Я сказал мужику, что обладаю регенерацией.

      Снова вышел на улицу. Пришлось пару раз поотскакивать от удара молнией. Девушка из дома сказала, что никакой молнии не видит, что я просто отскакиваю на месте. Мужики подтвердили. И я обратил внимание, что остальные люди спокойно идут и в них молния не попадает. Девушка сказала, что это вроде виртуальной игры, которую вижу только я.

      Я пошёл дальше по дороге. Здесь смутно помню. Помню, что был на огороде. Помню в каком-то здании рассматривал фотографию своих друзей. Помню, что поднимался в своём подъезде, постучал в дверь и отдал кому-то своё ухо.

      In the evening I tied the lace around the wrist. In the dream was in school. There were my classmates. One classmate began to pester me, as if he was "unconventional (I donít know how to do it correctly in English)." At first I pushed him away, but then I got angry and pounded him with my fist. Then I saw a gold bracelet in place of the lace. Just at the same time, the head teacher and the teacher came into the classroom. I was taken out of classroom.

      I woke up, went to the toilet, went to bed. I'm on the first floor of the school. (I want to clarify the 1 floor - is it the first floor or the ground floor?) I leave the school, and a satellite in the form of a black education flies in the sky. Lightning strikes people from above from a satellite. I bounce off this lightning. It (or she?) hit pretty close a couple of times.
      Then I hide under the tents.
      From the second (or first?) floor of the house they waved to me, saying, rather, to us, save yourself.
      I climbed the stairs to them. There were two non-Russian men and one girl.
      I asked the man for their national hat. He replied that in exchange I should give my ear. I agreed. A man chopped off my ear machete. However, I grew new. I told the peasant that I had regeneration.

      I went out again. I had to jump a couple of times from a lightning strike. The girl from the house said that she did not see any lightning, that I was simply bouncing on the spot. The men confirmed. And I noticed that the rest of the people walk quietly and do not get lightning into them. The girl said it was a kind of virtual game that only I see.

      I went down the road. Here I vaguely remember. I remember that I was in the garden. I remember in some building viewed a photo of my friends. I remember that I went up in my entrance , knocked on the door and gave someone my ear.