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    1. 1 июня 2019

      by , 06-01-2019 at 02:47 PM
      Я держал в руках рыбу. Кормил её муравьём. Положил рыбе в рот муравья, а изо рта рыбы вылез червяк.

      Видел остров. На острове была башня. Затем на остров стала наступать тьма. Впереди линии тьмы находился памятник всадника.
      На берег острова из воды стали выходить войска бессмертных. Прилетела "Капитан Марвел" и создала силовое поле возле берега.
      Вражеские войска ушли обратно в воду.
      Внутри башни "Шазам" дрался с какими-то людьми.

      Я проснулся и заснул заново.

      Я смотрел в окно. Видел речку. В реале река далеко, а тут была близко. Я видел в реке: брёвна, мужчина шёл посреди руки, уток.
      Затем я оказался в поезде. Сначала я ехал по железной дороге, а затем по асфальту. Видел за окном поля, дорогу, автомобили.
      Пальцы ноги у меня вылезли за стекло на улицу. Я увидел мужчину, который пошёл отлить.
      Я проснулся. Увидел, что моя нога вылезла из-за одеяла. Я сам захотел в туалет, как тот мужчина во сне.

      I was holding a fish in my hands. I fed the fish with an ant. I put the fish in the ant's mouth, and a worm came out of the fish's mouth.

      I saw the island. There was a tower on the island. Then darkness began to set in on the island. In front of the line of darkness was a monument to the rider.
      Immortal troops began to emerge from the water on the coast of the island. Flew "Captain Marvel" and created a force field near the coast.
      The enemy troops went back into the water.
      Inside the tower "Shazam" fought with some people.

      I woke up and fell asleep again.

      I looked out the window. Saw the river. In real life, the river is far, and here it was close. I saw in the river: logs, a man walking in the middle of his hand, ducks.
      Then I ended up on the train. At first I was driving by railway, and then by asphalt. I saw the field, the road, the cars outside the window.
      I saw the field, the road, the cars outside the window. I saw a man who went to “Fulfill the need for a little” - I do not know the translation into English.
      I woke up. I saw that my leg got out from behind the blanket. I myself wanted to go to the toilet, like that man in a dream.
    2. 01 Jun: Connected with alien lifeforms through biological material

      by , 06-01-2019 at 02:14 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Mom had a close encounter with aliens. She says there was physical contact and wants to show me and another person how they are still around and how the contact is made.
      On a balcony she points to a camouflaged UFO, she tells me how in a certain angle and conditions we can see its shape. And once we see it, it sends microorganism like material in filaments that make a connecting bridge with us and beyond. I can feel it growing and reaching and connecting with me and then further away. I can also feel other lifeforms, as these filaments connect us neurologically.
    3. 06/01/19

      by , 06-01-2019 at 01:40 PM
      Since I've been playing a lot of Va11-Hall-A lately it was only a matter of time before I had a dream based off it.

      It starts with me and some old co-workers playing Overwatch at work, I brought my laptop to work which is against the rules. Obviously every gets fired, except for me for some reason. Then it switches to the Va11-Hall-A game and all of the characters are mad at me (or the game's protagonist Jill) because they got fired from their jobs as a result as well. And essentially I had to choose between drowning in guilt and not do anything or try to remedy the situation.
    4. Floating animals

      , 06-01-2019 at 12:39 PM
      The beginning of this dream is very hazy but I remember being in a car on a dark street in the city. Someone across the street starts shooting at me. I for some reason go across the street and get in the car with them. They are paranoid about cops. I end up out of the car in a neighborhood and now I'm with Z. He leads me to climb up on this wall and into someone's back yard. There are several people there and animals running around. We go inside and I'm not exactly sure what happens next but we eventually end up sitting at a large table and the guy next to me announces that he's getting married. Everyone starts celebrating and cheering. People start giving him presents. I go outside and while I'm outside I see a group of animals walking in a line down the street. There are penguin and monkey like animals, but really none of them are real species. They are walking toward me so I decide to walk across the street and continue watching them. As I watch they start floating in the air. I see this and I'm thinking I've got to get a picture of this. I'm reaching in my pocket to find my phone and I feel a vape in my pocket but not my phone. I keep feeling around and finally it's there. By this time they are floating out of sight behind nearby houses. I immediately fly up onto a roof to get a better vantage point. As I do though they drift out of sight once again. Out of nowhere, I hear a voice tell me "Good luck flying after this". As if the voice has control of this? I respond back that I don't there help. I wake