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    1. A blink of lucidity

      by , 05-31-2019 at 02:15 PM (The Adventures of Dixon Hill)
      7 April 2019

      I'm in a mountain village late in the evening, rather inhospitable. It's dark, I have to buy something that Marta needs. I walk along a slope, arriving in this place that I thought was a kind of department store, but inside there are some women dressed as housewives who work with stone tools.

      I ask what I am looking for, with a mental command I have it launched. It's a box, I don't remember the content. I pick it up from the ground. I go out and explore the dreamlike environment - having understood by now that I am in a dream - when the damn alarm rings.
    2. 31 May: Sick at a GoT set and school reunion

      by , 05-31-2019 at 01:59 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Visiting the GoT set with the cast, been snacking with Daenerys (I don't even watch GoT!).
      Night is falling and people are going to sleep, right on the set, like a big camp. One actor challenges me for a jazz dance on the floor. I also try bonding with a cat who cuts my face real bad with his claws. As I clean the wounds I start swelling. I panic, but there is an MD and he examines me. He removes something from my neck that is kind of a yellow jello foam.
      I enter into shock and he lays me down, turns me over, injects something in my buttocks, then inserts a probe up my ass until I feel it reaching my throat and I start vomiting more of that yellow foam like there's no tomorrow. I feel relieved. He says that's what had been hurting me for some time.

      At a campus in London I re encounter school friends. We attend and art presentation, I spot Mara with a friend. I talk to someone from my university who is telling me stories about all the troubles he is getting with job interviews. Then I take a bus, it only costs 12 cents, find it cheap.
    3. Obe: Runespace

      by , 05-31-2019 at 10:02 AM
      After my relaxation and concentration training routine I fell into thoughtless state where only my consciousness remained. And I observed my mind. And I observed my body because I still felt it a little. I slowed my frequency of breathing further and further lengthening the time when I was exhaled... After some time I felt my consciousness to clear even more, to become light and bright... And I still only observed everything, I didn't try to separate from body.

      I maintained this state for immeasurable long time exploring the feeling of that state. My consciousness felt very fresh despite I felt very tired when I went to "sleep" at 00:30. And then, something strange happened, something which never happened to me: I felt as if my consciousness sublimed from my body and I stopped to feel the body. It wasn't like normal leaving the body, it was as if I left the body like some kind of vapor. I didn't loose consciousness as I became vapor like....

      And when it became whole again I had spherical field of vision... I was in space lighted inhomogeneously by weak violet light. There were points of light like stars... around quite a few of them there were rings made of violet ribbons. There were also ribbons connecting space between the stars with similar width as those ring like ribbons. As I observed those ribbons I became aware that it is not all what I can see. My vision cleared more... the space contained dull dust clouds which was forming those light inhomogeneities I saw in space at start... and those ribbons had shiny sides and dull center. In dull centers of ribbons something like runes shined... On each corner or crossing of the light line which formed rune there was point of bright light shining... And those runes moved, flowed inside confine of ribbons, sometimes mutating into something new... and I observed this for some time...

      And then I was back in my body, feeling that I'm breathing in- that was probably what distracted my vision... I didn't manage to get back and after some time I lost consciousness and I fell asleep.

      This experience was somewhat similar to projection into budhic dimension. The difference was that the space didn't feel to be overflowed by love. This space was completely neutral, careless, and very serene.

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      Tags: obe
      memorable , lucid
    4. Short

      by , 05-31-2019 at 04:21 AM
      2 very short Ld. Was during nap.

      First one I was lucid and saw people sitting around me. Their face was vivid and I had a feeling dream was going to end soon. It did.

      Second one was short as well. I think i was distracted by something when I woke. Still recalling.

      I recalled more of it. I tbink i was seeing the mountains and its forestry and thought to myself "oh I'm dreaming"


      Trying new technique of recalling things I did most recently. I decided on 3 things.

      Just very tired lacked sleep. Had to wake to do something so might be cause of reduced recall as well.

      Used practical alarm clock audio

      Felt like I had trouble sleeping so tried to find a mid way of focus and relaxation. That probably helps lucid.

      Combine meditation. Vestibular sound breath

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    5. 31 мая 2019

      by , 05-31-2019 at 01:35 AM
      Решил провести эксперимент. Вечером побрызгал свою подушку дезодорантом. Утром приснился сон. Я был в своём доме в подъезде. Подобрал внизу на ступеньках игральные карты. Стал подниматься наверх по лестнице. И тут я почувствовал запах. Запах был не хороший, похоже на гнилые яблоки. Стал смотреть по сторонам, откуда пахнет. Увидел мусорное ведро на подоконнике. Зашёл к себе в квартиру и стал спрашивать родных: "Кто и зачем оставил мусорное ведро в подъезде?" Проснулся.

      I decided to conduct an experiment. In the evening, I sprayed his pillow with deodorant.
      In the morning I had a dream. I was in my house at the entrance. I picked up playing cards down the steps. I began to climb up the stairs. And then I felt the smell. The smell was not good, like rotten apples. I began to look around, where it smells. I saw a trash can on the windowsill. I went to my apartment and began to ask my relatives: Who and why did leave the trash can in the stairwell?" Awoke.
      PS: Sorry for my English. I am writing through Google translator.
    6. Flying with Vagita

      , 05-30-2019 at 05:17 PM
      Bed @ 10:05pm

      2:52 am
      Flying with vagita
      Dreamed I was flying thru a cavern with Vagita. (We recently went to IFLY and that’s what the flying was kinda like except without all the wind.) I would lean to far one way and start to drift off course but then I could swim back to where I was trying to go. I was going slow so he could keep up. Over a hill there was a construction crew. We didn't want the crew to know we can fly so we hid for a sec to decide what to do. Then I decided we would distract them with girls. So I made a bunch of girls appear and we started flying over them.

      J had some weird model work truck called a tostada. Me and a couple other coworkers rode through a parking lot in the back of it. Me and my boss are walking back together and I tell him that when J gets his regular truck replaced I got dibs. My boss says dibs at the same time.

      Dreamed something that had to with my sister.
      Tags: flying
    7. The cave singing

      by , 05-30-2019 at 02:07 PM
      I was in a post apocalyptic setting. Inside a cave in Japan that was a museum site that had kiosks on the right sides explaining the origin of the world to the present. The beginning kiosks were from the north to the south where I was. It was a single path cave like l l.

      *may have seen this cave in a dream 1-2 years ago, but only saw the outside. Post apocalyptic setting with tanks. I was running through the forest hiding from army.

      My friend M headed to the left side where there was a certain comedian recording a TV show. It was an interview of some sort and I got mixed up into it. I ended up having to sing on the spot even though I was rusty. I got better mid way but not that good. The host kind of had an attitude. He changed or was swapped with a music nerd. He masterfully edited bits of my singing and created something actually good - something like vaporwave.

      *thought that my voice was getting rusty the day before

      They liked my singing and wanted more. They're was a country style guy with a cowboy hat there who b enjoyed my singing. I was picking out my instrument, the uke but the strings were funky, ++++++ shaped strings and could not find one i wanted.

      I was very happy though that people liked my singing.


      I was in a field trip of sorts, it appeared to be a small university building. The students were to compete for votes of their ads or something.

      I was hanging out near the cafeteria with a pregnant lady and who watched a movie. It was an action hero movie, only very long. We watched it but the film stopped. It was 1hr and 50 min into the film but apparently it was corrupted or was only the part 1.We could not finish the film. Students begin to show up who were doing the ad thing.

      There was some kids who tried to force my votes by sticking their fingers into my ears to grab my attention. Pretty aggressively. I told them I'd sue them!

      Find my dad there too in the next building. I told him about events.

      *This building is like the building in a pervious dream. Maybe the same one. The one with a kid bullied and me luring and trapping the bullies. My dad was also present in that dream.

      Notes: dreams all connecting?
    8. 30 мая 2019

      by , 05-30-2019 at 06:00 AM
      Я был у себя во дворе. Рядом со мной была группа военных. Один солдат передал мне санки с медведем. Медведь был небольшой, но тем не менее его стоило опасаться. Я провёз медведя на деревянных санках по двору. Затем увидел свинью (хотя это скорее кабан без шерсти). Оставил медведя там. Медведь задрал этого свина. Тут кто-то из солдат сказал, что сам Гитлер с войсками скоро придёт сюда. Мы с группой людей спрятались в моём подъезде. Я хотел зайти домой, но приказ был именно сидеть в подъезде. Было слышно, что на улице приказали фашистам проверять и подъезды тоже. Мы в целях маскировки стали невидимыми. И тут я проснулся.

      I was in my yard. Baside to me was a group of military. One soldier handed me a sled with a bear. The bear was small, but nevertheless it was worth fear. I drove a bear on a wooden sled in the yard. Then I saw a pig (although it’s rather a boar without wool). I Left a bear there. The bear killed the pig. Then one of the soldiers said that Hitler himself with the troops would soon come here. We with a group of people hid in my "Entrance". I wanted to go home, but the order was to sit at the entrance. It was heard that on the street they ordered the fascists to check the entrances too. We have become invisible in order to disguise. And then I woke up.
    9. Shadow Thalmor Attack

      by , 05-30-2019 at 05:11 AM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 05-29

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am playing Skyrim VR. I am in Windhelm. I see one of my least favorite people, Rolff, following a Dunmer and saying rude things. The Dunmer is Suvaris, she’s just ignoring him. I walk over and get his attention. I tell him stop harassing people. He calls me an elf lover and says people like me are as bad as they are. I tell him he is the scum that even bottom feeders won’t touch and he is good only for fus’ing practice. Suvaris turns around and starts to say Rolff isn’t worth getting in trouble over, but before she finishes her sentence I fus Rolff. FUS-RO-DAH! Rolff flies through the air and slams into the stone wall of Candlehearth Hall then falls to the ground in a heap. He isn’t moving. Suvaris asks if I killed him. I say no, it was just a fus. But I’m unsure… did the idiot go and die? I try to remember when I last saved, wondering if I should just leave him dead. Skyrim would be slightly better without him. But I see him moving when I go over to him. He groans and picks himself up. He says I’m crazy and was trying to kill him. I say if I wanted to kill him he would be dead, but if he stops being an asshole I won’t bother him. He says fine, he’ll leave the gray-skins… er… elves alone if I promise not to kill him. Before I can answer he disappears into Candlehearth Hall.

      I’m not sure what I was in the middle of doing before I saw Rolff being an asshole. Why am I in Windhelm? I go into the Palace of the Kings. Did I need to talk to someone in here? I see Galmar and Rolff in the back of the room, apparently Rolff snuck out the back door of Candlehearth Hall. From what I hear Galmar isn’t being too sympathetic with Rolff. He says he told Rolff if he kept up his behavior eventually he would get his ass kicked. Rolff sees me and starts insisting I’m there to finish the job. Galmar asks if I’m trying to kill his brother. I say no, if I was trying to kill Rolff he would already be dead. It was only a fus for Rolff being an ass. The fus is done, so unless I see him being an ass again… The doors open and a guard runs in looking panicked. He says they’re here, they’re at the gates! Without even thinking about it I ask who, but he ignores me. Galmar goes over to the guard, the dispute between Rolff and me clearly pushed aside. The guard goes to Galmar and tells him the Thalmor are here, and they have the black crystal. Black crystal? That doesn’t sound good… so I head out to see.

      Note: I wake up here, but I use a DEILD technique I read about and somehow manage to get back into the dream…

      I am in Windhelm again, now fully lucid. I remember there are Thalmor at the main gate. I make my way through Windhelm, which seems considerably larger than it is in the Skyrim video game. I come to the main gate, which is closed and barred. There are guards who say no one enters or leaves, the city is under siege so they can’t open the gates. I say I don’t need gates. I jump up to the top of the wall, ignoring the stunned looks of the guards. I look out and I see an army of weird spectral black things. They look sort of like Thalmor, but all in black. I see one normal looking Thalmor near the back, there is a black orb floating over her head like a miniature black sun. The scene is quite disturbing. How many are there? Hundreds? A thousand? I don’t care, this is a dream and they can’t touch me. And even if they can, the worst that can happen is I wake up! And I have a plan that’s going to be awesome!

      I jump down off of the wall and come face to face with a Thalmor. There actually are a few normal looking Thalmor in the group, the others all look like some form of solid shadow. I tell the Thalmor I am there to negotiate with their leader, and he doesn’t question it… he takes me through the ranks of shadow Thalmor to a woman I recognize is Elenwen. She says obviously there will be no negotiations, just a complete surrender or we will all be annihilated. I say I was about to say the same thing, but she and her shadow puppets will be the ones annihilated. She laughs at me and asks if I think the Stormcloaks stand a chance against her army. I say I never said anything about any Stormcloaks, it will just take me. So am I to assume she is refusing? Then kiss the army goodbye. She looks at me and says she can see I really believe I can do it, well no matter. I tell Elenwen I have one final thing to say, she says I had better say it fast then.

      I am thinking back to an anime I watched called Slayers. There was a spell used in it called Dragon Slave, but Dragonslave uses dark energy and that will surely do no good against shadow warriors. For a bit I think I will be unable to remember the spell, but then I do remember, and I modify it as I say the words to make it use the power of the light instead of dark. “Sunlight beyond twilight, pure light is the power that flows. Buried in the stream of time is where your power grows…” The shadow Thalmor are attacking with black fire, it doesn’t burn but it seems to suck my energy out. I continue my spell, gathering my energy around me… “… In thy great name, I pledge myself to conquer, all the foes who stand, before the mighty gift bestowed in my unworthy hand. Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed, by the power you and I possess… Dragon Slave!” The resultant explosion is a blinding light that makes it impossible for me to see what is happening, but when it fades all that I see around me is a handful of dazed looking Thalmor and Elenwen staring in stunned silence. The black orb hovering above shatters like glass and turns to dust that blows away. I hope any dark energy in it was fully neutralized…

      Elenwen is staring in stunned silence, I feel like I might pass out, which would most likely lead to me waking up. I guess it’s the dark energy draining my energy then the energy focused into the Dragon Slave. But I can’t look weak in front of these remaining Thalmor. I go with a video game power, I change my right arm into a sword like Alex Mercer on Prototype. I turn to the remaining Thalmor, preparing to fight with my Alex Mercer blade. They’ve had enough, however, and they take off. Elenwen is already gone, that sucks… I’d really like to fus her off of a cliff. I’m too tired to chase. Some Stormcloaks come out of the gates and chase after the Thalmor. Galmar comes out and pauses briefly, then seems convinced I’m fine and continues. So I’m alone? No one to see if I pass out. I’m about to pass out when I see I’m not alone. More Stormcloaks? I see Ulfric… I won’t pass out where anyone can see. The group that followed the Thalmor return, saying Elenwen and the Thalmor disappeared through a portal. Ulfric is staring at me as if I have grown a second head. Has he never seen a Dragon Slave? Oh, right… probably not. So I will go somewhere I can pass out and wake up in peace. I am walking away like a drunk, I almost walk into twin Ulfrics. This time I really do fall over, right on Ulfric, he holds me up for the brief moment before I wake.

      Link to a video showing Dragon Slave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QINNMT9TWIk

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    10. Melody Fragments

      by , 05-29-2019 at 04:55 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I had a couple dreams with music in them last night, and was able to transcribe some of it. I had forgotten almost all of the dreams themselves by the time I'd finished, but here's what I have:

      And, from a later awakening:

      Couple interesting things about these: first, that they're both in D major, which is the scale I've been practicing speedwork on for the past three weeks or so. I don't have perfect pitch, so this suggests some kind of residual pitch memory at work.

      Also, they both seem familiar, particularly the second. I want to say it's from a rock song? But it's hard to tell whether music in dreams only seems familiar the way things in general seem familiar in dreams or because I've actually heard it before.
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    11. Box

      by , 05-29-2019 at 02:04 PM
      My friend M's mother was eating chocolates. I think she was selling them on a store. Where? Middle of the street somewhere.

      -from eating too much sweets maybe


      I was lucid. There was an small opened box to the left. I willed something to appear as rc. And another. Worked both times. I was certain now. For the third item I thought of pills. 2 large finger sized semi opaque black ones appeared. I picked them up and tried to make them be lucidity pills. Swallowed them.

      Wake /FA

      I was in high school class. There was a boy from elementry school whose face I recalled but not name. He stole my DJ and made fun of its contents. I got it back and hugged onto my DJ like a bear to make sure no one else would steal it. Walking through the hall I find the stairs to the north west corner. Vietnamese gangster kids. There was a guy from hs what was his name? Long hair, reminds me of the programming prodegy from grandmas boy. I quickly try to get away to not get involved but may be too late.

      -Fear of judgment or someone I don't like.


      Saw a skinny white limo on side walk, limo but its width was half or normal ones.

      Notes :

      Remembered to experiment on lucidity when lucid but forgot to mediate first. Always mediate first!

      Mediate, then experiment.

      Perhaps not enough belief to make the pills work or transform them. Maybe needed to look away briefly or close eyes to transform the pills.

      Visualization skills appear to be improving rapidly still.

      Cycling of techniques appears to be important. Still experimenting.

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    12. High-End Restaurant Exhibit House - Man I Fucking Hate Gout

      by , 05-29-2019 at 03:16 AM
      Hello DVers, I have returned once again. Just a little update- I've stopped smoking weed (for now) and plan to at least have a few lucids, I've been working hard on dream recall and just taking things at a slower pace to avoid getting excited then losing motivation at the first sign of failure.

      Anyways, here's an interesting dream I remembered Non-Lucid

      Anything in orange is a potential dream sign for my own reference and improvement

      The dream begins in an open space, It looks similar to my old work, but a lot nicer with some more expensive equipment. I work on Interactive Media at work (virtual reality, augmented reality, motion tracking, etc)

      It appears that I'm also with mostly coworkers from said older company. I'm standing in front of what looks like 3 wooden shelves, all in descending height coming toward where I'm standing, creating some sort of augmented reality app in which the holograms have some placement element within the shelves. For whatever reason, I didn't seem to know the specifics of what it was.

      Then I see a Robotic AI tripod that has miniature tank track like wheels on it, on the top of the tripod is an advanced 360 kinect sensor I didn't see any details that would suggest it was kinect but I seemed to just assume as that's a sensor I use fairly often at work. But back to the AI Kinect (Let's call it KinectX).. this thing moved unexpectedly fast, and the idea of it was that instead of a person moving in front of a static Kinect, this thing would calculate the distance from itself to a person- then use it's tank tracks to accelerate around it's target and apply cool effects to their person and stream it to a display wall somewhere in the restaurant. I never gathered this from any DCs but for some reason I just had that information in mind. This device looked super high tech- it was jet black with some space white indents and really sleek looking rotatable joints where it could transform for different angles and such.

      Photo of concept below drawn from memory (drawing doesn't represent how cool it was, sorry)

      Couple of q's about jesus-kinectx.jpg

      Anyways Richard my old coworker came in, at my old company, he was always the one on the kinect applications, so this really fit the bill.

      After a little bit we had some user testers come in to try out the apps and vet out some bugs and any edge cases, which is fairly standard protocol. My testers consisted of about 10 guys, and one of those 10 guys was Lebron James. At one point during the testing we all jumped in unison, at this point I'm assuming it was basketball related but after the jump I did a nose plug reality and test and failed! I remember thinking "Yeah I'm busy but this might be a dream.. test.. nah".....

      After the failed attempt I seemed to just appear inside the seating area of the restaurant. Every table was filled, all people there had on black clothing.. suits for the men and flapper dresses for the ladies. There was a fancy plethora of Edison light bulbs chandeliers above all tables, for some reason I was going around switching out the lightbulbs in front of everyone eating...

      After that I saw my old boss walking around to make sure the installation was going good, then I saw him walk back to the staging area I was in before and he was sitting at a table with other old coworkers laughing and not helping .. I got hungry at this point so I found some raw pizza and ate that After this I went to the other side of the seating area of the restaurant and found that there was a resort attached to the side of this restaurant, so it was half outside and half inside, on the resort side it was a long strip of beach chairs that were in the water and a little further in front of those chairs was about 5 feet deep water that was super warm like a hot tub.

      I seemed to timeshift again and found myself traversing the water, I remember it feeling super warm- went to the end of the little pool extension and saw a few guys sitting on beach chairs. One of them was talking kind of loud and I just remember him talking and saying "Gout fuckin sucks man, yeah it just sucks bro", don't remember what else. I swam back and I remember there was a very busty woman in the water and she was getting in my way as I swam back, I don't recall doing anything with her but man it was feeling extra steamy at that point.

      I time shift one more time and I'm near where the pool extension and the restaurant meet, I then see speakers that are floating on a ledge and see the cord dangling, I was trying to find an outlet to plug it into then I heard my coworker from my current company on the phone and in a black suit and sunglasses saying "Man I fuckin' hate Gout, DUDE IT FUCKING SUCKS" right near where everyone was sitting and was just venting about it


      End of dream, not a lucid but it was interesting and vivid. I will have a lucid dream soon so stay tuned if you happen to read these.
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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. 29 мая 2019

      by , 05-29-2019 at 02:12 AM
      Сначала мне снился сон-кино про мальчика, который жил без родителей. Из родных у него был только вечно пьяный дядя.

      Потом я ехал за рулём камаза, точнее его передней части - сзади кузова не было. Вышел из кабины с маленькой девочкой и пошёл в магазин. Не помню, что именно я покупал, но мне поддавали много 10 рублей в качестве сдачи. Долго складывал их в пакет. Девочка тоже что-то купила и ей сдачи дали, но намного меньше 2 рубля 30 копеек.
      Вышли из магазина. Тут девочка мне объяснила, что эту машину я украл. Спросил её где. Она показала. Я подошёл к этой кабине на колёсах, положил на неё руки и телепортировался вместе с ней на другую часть дороги. Затем подошёл к мужику и сказал: «Я вам машину вернул». Затем стал телепортироваться поближе к дому и проснулся.

      At first I had a dream about a movie about a boy who lived without parents. Of his relatives, he had only ever drunk uncle.
      Then I drove behind the wheel of a KAMAZ, or rather its front end — there was no body behind it. I left the cabin with a little girl and went to the shop.
      I do not remember what I bought, but I was given a lot of 10 rubles as a surrender.
      Long put them in the bag. The girl also bought something and gave her the change, but much less than 2 rubles 30 kopecks.
      Out of the shop.Then the girl explained to me that I stole this car. I asked her where. She showed. I approached this cabin on wheels, put my hands on it and teleported with it to another part of the road. Then I went to the peasant and said: "I gave you the car back." Then I began to teleport closer to the house and woke up.
    14. 28 May: Kidnapped friend's kid, puppies in Mexico and meeting a god

      by , 05-28-2019 at 03:33 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I meet Laura, think she is in some kind of trouble and needs to hide. One of her kids is in the hands of some bad individuals, which we we manage to locate and bring to our place with the kid (an office at a university). We fight and the baby ends up falling down a window. Luckily there is a mattress below and he is projected onto a cradle that happens to be in the middle of the street, in a perfect safe landing. We want to go get her immediately but there are lots of passer byes who call the police and we are unable to retrieve the baby, because for some reason, despite the kid being hers, Laura is not exactly in good terms with the law and they can't know that she is trying to get her baby. Then the police comes knock at our door and start an absurd interrogation. The office is quite messy, because we fought there with the bad dudes and they find a book about birds on the floor and start asking us scientific names of birds to prove a point. But I know quite a few bird names and say I have them in my land, hence my interest in the book. I don't understand where they are going with that. They leave and can't connect us with the kidnappers or the flying baby.

      In Mexico with mom and another girl. We attend some expo in the outskirts of Mexico City. On return we find some people providing care to street puppies. One has a horrible thing in the eye but they remove instantly. It's painful to see because they don't use any sedative, but then we see the puppies after care and they are all fine, cleaned and healed. They are all black and with white spots, a bit scruffy. My mom holds and kisses one that is totally black. They will be returned back to the street and we feel so sad but we can't take them with us. We hope for the best for the puppies.

      As we walk down the street, a very poor area, we feel a bit uneasy, but I focus on the beauty of their simple way of life and how nobody is disturbing us, so the fear goes away. I feel the presence of my guru and I become lucid.
      I open a tear in the sky, just trying to get out of the dream, but from it comes out a god, a very hunky guy, who throws green energy blasts at me, apparently challenging me. It doesn't affect me, I fly towards him and kick him on the side. He is projected and although he laughs at me he stays on the ground. And then hold I his hand and I kiss it, saying I love him.
    15. Teeth

      by , 05-28-2019 at 09:05 AM

      I was in a building similar to the jap school again. I think i was on the second floor. About teeth falling out. Went to the first floor diagnosis counter where a couple of people tried to help you. I kept pressing my teeth against my mouth to stop them from falling out. Went to the wrong counter with the lady where they couldn't help me. There was another counter where the guy said he could help but it was too late. Telling me about how my teeth are rotting out etc and stuff about Thailand.

      -teeth falling signifying changes. Good or bad? I was trying to resist whatever the change was by holding them in place.


      I woke to outside noise. In one of them awakening I managed to remember to do a technique. I focused on vibrations and it got stronger but I was distracted by the outside noise.


      I was back in the building similar to the one before. I was chased by some dcs when they found me.

      Scene changed fa/or awakening

      I was in a pool park and it was a death survival kind of thing. Pretty grotesque. Related to previous scene, either this scene or previous could have taken place first.


      All nightmares I guess im tired lacking some sleep.

      Did remember to do something when awakened as intended even if not the perfect result.

      Visualization skills appears to have improved drastically.
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