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    1. Short meeting

      by , 06-06-2019 at 10:47 PM
      In this WILD I flew for about 15 seconds through dark tunnel into room which had mirrors all around. When I got into room a lonely woman stood close to one mirror. She didn't have any reflections in mirrors, nor I had reflections... I looked behind myself and there was also mirror... It looked like I got there through that mirror, without sensing it.
      I turned my attention back to that woman. She was tall, in simple dark clothes which were made from one piece of cloth... With dark about 5cm wide belt around her slim waist. She had brown hair and looked familiar from behind... As I was closing the distance she slowly turned... the clothes had deep cleavage... And I focused on her face... It was my soulmate... She smiled and waved her hand on me... and then everything pixelated into nothingness. Pity.

      The experience lasted for little more than one minute.

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      Tags: wild
    2. Just a nightmare

      by , 06-06-2019 at 08:21 AM
      Just some nightmares. Had a stomachache that may have caused it.

      Dream was about being chased by pH. D students and fat guy. There were fish involved. They were trying to kill me while I fight them off.

      Also dreamed of getting a magical 5 star bow or some sort in second dream.

      notes :

      Maybe did not sleep well from stomachache or from meditating too long at bed. Was getting tingle on forehead and just being too awake while body was asleep. Could also be caused by a new supplement I took. Dream likely took place during sws.
    3. Thinly Veiled Parody of Elon Musk

      by , 06-06-2019 at 04:15 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I am at a "space center" of some sort watching a presentation on the possible origins of life in another solar system (I forget its name) close to ours, from which it spread to several other nearby systems, including our own. The presentation room is highly reminiscent of the floor of the US House of Representatives, except that there's also a projector screen at the front of the room on which an animated simulation of the origins of life is being played. I turn to my parents (who are much older than and look nothing like my WL parents) and tell them that if only NASA would get moving on their plans to send people to Mars, soon we would have the technology to investigate the possibility of life in other solar systems. They reply that "people said the same thing a hundred years ago, and look how little progress they've made."

      Soon the presentation shifts into telling us about an ideal utopian society that is currently being developed by a nearby entrepreneur. He has found a way to create a computer simulation of reality in which one can move freely through both space and time, with no restrictions due to physics, and live forever. He has been tirelessly working for months constructing a vast metropolis within the simulation (which apparently requires real materials to be digitized and used by human workers to build it, for some reason) in which this glorious new society can properly be housed. Footage is shown of a farm-covered hill being entirely dug out of existence so that the stone within it can be used for the city; this almost brings me to tears as I lament the loss of the hill, which I half-believe was sentient. The presenter then goes into more detail about how moving forward and backward in time would work, saying something about "cutting a hole in spacetime"; I get the idea somehow to try to cut a piece of spacetime out of the surrounding fabric if I ever go there and eat it to gain even greater powers.

      Soon the simulation opens; it costs $4 for children to enter and $7 for adults. My parents take me to the point of entry, which is a suspicious-looking decrepit shack in the middle of nowhere with thousands upon thousands of people lined up outside waiting to enter the utopia. The shack is a converted general store that still sells various miscellany in a side room; the way into the utopia is through a large, industrial-looking metal door in the center of the store lobby. Many of the people present are dressed up in elaborate costumes in order to celebrate their passage into a new form of existence. I myself am now a small child dressed in typical 1950's clothing.

      Since we arrived so late, we have to wait until almost everyone else has gone in before we can, which takes quite a while; I get distracted in the meantime by an old bin of quarters off to the side dating from the building's days as a store and begin to dig through it to see if there are any rare coins in it. There are indeed; there are a few commemorative Hawaiian coins designed by the old King of Hawaii. I have most of them already, but there is a silver coin with an image of "Hawaiian Festival Day" in near-mint condition, which I decide to take with me. Realizing that I would probably lose it in the transition from real to digital, I hide it under a loose shingle in the store's siding and promise myself to return for it someday.

      By the time I make my way back to the door to the utopia, everyone else has already gone in, and the shack is deserted except for the doorkeeper. He bluntly asks me for four dollars, and I timidly reply that my parents have already gone on ahead and should have paid for my passage when they did. He replies that ordinarily he would require proof, but since he's feeling generous today, he'll let me in for free. I step into the utopia... and find myself in a really poorly maintained concrete stairwell, of the sort commonly found in parking garages. The lights are fluorescent and flickering, and many of the stairs are worn down from the huge amount of foot traffic they must have received over the past few days. I descend them anyway, but stop when I overhear some people talking.

      The people are a group of explorers who have apparently discovered a note from the year 872 claiming that "Everyone else in this realm has killed each other... we nine friends are the only ones alive, and now we can never leave this terrible place. Do not repeat our mistake -- do not enter here in search of paradise..." They have just found a second note, this one from the year 1942, about people's life-force being harvested for some sort of government project and giving a similar warning. The explorers begin to speculate that this "simulation" is actually a magical trap used to harvest people's souls for nefarious purposes and debate whether or not they should try to leave immediately before something bad happens to them; I sneak past them and through the door to the utopia proper.

      I soon encounter my parents in what looks like a large Target-like store in which various people are walking around. They say how glad they are to see me, but then my mother turns to look at a news reporter next to her and says that even if she can't keep engineering dangerous situations in order to do heroic deeds and win awards, she deserves an award in this case for parenting her child well enough for him to know to find her even when it was so difficult. The reporter enthusiastically agrees and hands her a "good parenting certificate." The two apparently have a history together, since time passes strangely in the utopia due to people's ability to move through it.

      We continue walking, and my parents ask me if I'm going to overheat (I'm wearing a sweater, but it's fairly warm out). They remind me that everything is free within the utopia, so I can go change into whatever clothes I want. I reply that since "we no longer have physical forms," I doubt we would even be able to overheat. My father then casually mentions that several people have actually passed out due to "overheating" so far, mostly people who tried to enter some sort of water-filled cavern rumored to have magical properties. He figures they added the mechanic in as a security measure. The dream ends as we walk towards our luxurious new home.