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    1. Living with Amber D?

      by , 06-07-2019 at 05:44 PM
      Was in an unfamiliar house that I guess I was moving into. There wasn't much light except that coming from some side lamps. There was lots of stuff everywhere. There were other people living in the house. I was talking to someone in another room while I moved someone else's stuff out of the room I was going into. I wasn't sure who it belonged to but I hauled some of it to a room upstairs. At the top I heard someone coming out of the shower and the door was open. I realized it was Amber and didn't wan't to appear like a peeping tom and so literally slid back down the stairs.

      Next I was starting up my jeep which was full of people. Amber was in the rear passenger side seat. I asked if she had any suggestions for chill music to listen too while I drove. "hmm you could listen to what I'm listening too." she said. I realized she had earbuds in. I asked what she was listening too and she started to get really embarrassed. I think she was listening to a soundtrack to some very soap-opera-esk show.
    2. Boston Monsoon

      by , 06-07-2019 at 04:18 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I was on a school trip to Boston with my old High School History Class (a similar trip occurred a while ago in WL). Suddenly, the sky turned gray, the ocean became choppy, and we heard news that a colossal storm was going to blow in and flood the entirety of the city. Our entire class was funneled back into the bus we came on and evacuated, but several people, myself included, sat on the hood of the bus instead of inside of it for some reason. As the wind and rain picked up, it became progressively more difficult to hold on, so I requested the bus driver to stop so we could climb inside. She did, and we all walked around to the back of the bus and entered through the emergency doors because the bus's alternator was broken, so nothing electrical, such as the ordinary front door, was working. It was very dark inside, but we were safe, and we continued on our way.

      Eventually we reached the "pickup point" where our parents would be waiting to drive us home, and everyone got off the bus. My mother (but not my father) told me that the way back to our car was through a large warehouse-looking building that led into a parking garage. We walked into the building only to find that there was a Halloween party going on, making it difficult to traverse. I got a sudden sense of intuition that we could take a shortcut down a particular flight of red-lit stairs, but the party seemed to be in full force at their foot, and so my mother refused to descend them. I became inordinately frustrated at this and turned to complain to a Nintendo executive standing by about how I always know which way to go, but nobody else ever believes me. He asked me how many Pokemon games I had played, and how well I had been able to navigate the routes in each one; I told him I had played one set in every region but Sinnoh (not true!) and that I knew all of the route layouts by heart. This seemed to convince him that I really did know what I was talking about.