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    1. A blink of lucidity

      by , 05-31-2019 at 02:15 PM (The Adventures of Dixon Hill)
      7 April 2019

      I'm in a mountain village late in the evening, rather inhospitable. It's dark, I have to buy something that Marta needs. I walk along a slope, arriving in this place that I thought was a kind of department store, but inside there are some women dressed as housewives who work with stone tools.

      I ask what I am looking for, with a mental command I have it launched. It's a box, I don't remember the content. I pick it up from the ground. I go out and explore the dreamlike environment - having understood by now that I am in a dream - when the damn alarm rings.
    2. 31 May: Sick at a GoT set and school reunion

      by , 05-31-2019 at 01:59 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Visiting the GoT set with the cast, been snacking with Daenerys (I don't even watch GoT!).
      Night is falling and people are going to sleep, right on the set, like a big camp. One actor challenges me for a jazz dance on the floor. I also try bonding with a cat who cuts my face real bad with his claws. As I clean the wounds I start swelling. I panic, but there is an MD and he examines me. He removes something from my neck that is kind of a yellow jello foam.
      I enter into shock and he lays me down, turns me over, injects something in my buttocks, then inserts a probe up my ass until I feel it reaching my throat and I start vomiting more of that yellow foam like there's no tomorrow. I feel relieved. He says that's what had been hurting me for some time.

      At a campus in London I re encounter school friends. We attend and art presentation, I spot Mara with a friend. I talk to someone from my university who is telling me stories about all the troubles he is getting with job interviews. Then I take a bus, it only costs 12 cents, find it cheap.
    3. Obe: Runespace

      by , 05-31-2019 at 10:02 AM
      After my relaxation and concentration training routine I fell into thoughtless state where only my consciousness remained. And I observed my mind. And I observed my body because I still felt it a little. I slowed my frequency of breathing further and further lengthening the time when I was exhaled... After some time I felt my consciousness to clear even more, to become light and bright... And I still only observed everything, I didn't try to separate from body.

      I maintained this state for immeasurable long time exploring the feeling of that state. My consciousness felt very fresh despite I felt very tired when I went to "sleep" at 00:30. And then, something strange happened, something which never happened to me: I felt as if my consciousness sublimed from my body and I stopped to feel the body. It wasn't like normal leaving the body, it was as if I left the body like some kind of vapor. I didn't loose consciousness as I became vapor like....

      And when it became whole again I had spherical field of vision... I was in space lighted inhomogeneously by weak violet light. There were points of light like stars... around quite a few of them there were rings made of violet ribbons. There were also ribbons connecting space between the stars with similar width as those ring like ribbons. As I observed those ribbons I became aware that it is not all what I can see. My vision cleared more... the space contained dull dust clouds which was forming those light inhomogeneities I saw in space at start... and those ribbons had shiny sides and dull center. In dull centers of ribbons something like runes shined... On each corner or crossing of the light line which formed rune there was point of bright light shining... And those runes moved, flowed inside confine of ribbons, sometimes mutating into something new... and I observed this for some time...

      And then I was back in my body, feeling that I'm breathing in- that was probably what distracted my vision... I didn't manage to get back and after some time I lost consciousness and I fell asleep.

      This experience was somewhat similar to projection into budhic dimension. The difference was that the space didn't feel to be overflowed by love. This space was completely neutral, careless, and very serene.

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    4. Short

      by , 05-31-2019 at 04:21 AM
      2 very short Ld. Was during nap.

      First one I was lucid and saw people sitting around me. Their face was vivid and I had a feeling dream was going to end soon. It did.

      Second one was short as well. I think i was distracted by something when I woke. Still recalling.

      I recalled more of it. I tbink i was seeing the mountains and its forestry and thought to myself "oh I'm dreaming"


      Trying new technique of recalling things I did most recently. I decided on 3 things.

      Just very tired lacked sleep. Had to wake to do something so might be cause of reduced recall as well.

      Used practical alarm clock audio

      Felt like I had trouble sleeping so tried to find a mid way of focus and relaxation. That probably helps lucid.

      Combine meditation. Vestibular sound breath

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    5. 31 мая 2019

      by , 05-31-2019 at 01:35 AM
      Решил провести эксперимент. Вечером побрызгал свою подушку дезодорантом. Утром приснился сон. Я был в своём доме в подъезде. Подобрал внизу на ступеньках игральные карты. Стал подниматься наверх по лестнице. И тут я почувствовал запах. Запах был не хороший, похоже на гнилые яблоки. Стал смотреть по сторонам, откуда пахнет. Увидел мусорное ведро на подоконнике. Зашёл к себе в квартиру и стал спрашивать родных: "Кто и зачем оставил мусорное ведро в подъезде?" Проснулся.

      I decided to conduct an experiment. In the evening, I sprayed his pillow with deodorant.
      In the morning I had a dream. I was in my house at the entrance. I picked up playing cards down the steps. I began to climb up the stairs. And then I felt the smell. The smell was not good, like rotten apples. I began to look around, where it smells. I saw a trash can on the windowsill. I went to my apartment and began to ask my relatives: Who and why did leave the trash can in the stairwell?" Awoke.
      PS: Sorry for my English. I am writing through Google translator.