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    1. 02 Jul: Reptilians rise to power and persecute vampires

      by , 07-02-2020 at 09:55 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening[/B]

      Among humans there are reptilians and vampires living peacefully as humans. They are so integrated nobody even cares about who's who, basically people have vampire or reptilian blood so diluted over time they don't even manifest powers, it's just traces of genes in their blood. But some reptilians started to manifest shapeshifting powers again and secretly organized and decided they want to rise to power. They are deeply infiltrated in the police and with the support of a large police force they attack a vampire "church". They aren't even able to fight back and they are totally massacred. I was nearby with friends and we watched it all in shock. Curfews are implemented, horrible stories of random groups and people being attacked and killed and heads cut off. But then some degree of normalcy is established and the authorities themselves implement rounding up all vampires, supposedly for their safety, but we know they re being sent to concentration camps or killed. I am in school when a letter arrives and the teachers call me in front of everybody. They are telling the other kids that people like me are being taken to beautiful camps with leisure activities and they even have a brochure to show me. I call BS and tell them all I have watched massacres and kids like me being beheaded and serving as food for reptilians. And there is something they don't know about me, I can fly. So I quickly jump on a window and fly away. The teachers sound the alarm and they activate a chase but they can't fly like I do so I get to a safe distance quickly. I draw plans to get a compass and a map and fly at night and hide during the day, so I am not spotted, until I reach the neighboring country which seems not to have descended into madness.
    2. Wild Attempt 5, 6, 7, And a Few Dreams

      by , 07-02-2020 at 04:16 PM (Life's Recollections)
      Today I won't bother to describe the specifics of my WILD attempts so much, not much has changed other than this:

      I read KingYoshi's WILD technique last night and took away a couple things (I'm still following Sageous' class, I just wanted to see what other information was out there that I could mix with his to fit my situation):

      • It reinforced my idea that maybe I should just freely move as a way of helping myself fall asleep more quickly, which seems to work for him. I don't know if it's "right," but it seems right for my situation. However I have to find a way to strike a balance between moving whenever I feel like it, and moving when if I waited a little longer I would have made it.
      • I can make multiple WILD attempts in a night. This hadn't really occurred to me, so last night I set 3 alarms, woke up, did very quick WBTBs (went and peed if I needed to, went back to bed).
      • If I make multiple WILD attempts, not only my chance of success goes up per day, but also I have plenty of chances to improve my dream recall.


      Normal dream
      Semi-lucid dream
      Lucid dream

      11:30 PM - 1:30 AM

      I woke up from my first WBTB. Here I struggled to think but couldn't recall any dreams that had happened. After just 2 hours this wasn't surprising, but I attempted a WILD anyway, and fell asleep unaware.

      1:30 AM - 3:30 AM

      I woke up for my second WBTB and had some dream which I traced backwards and then recorded in a voice memo!

      I was in some kind of store and ran into my friend from high-school (I need to start doing reality checks whenever I see or think about a friend from high-school because they show up a lot and I don't see them much irl...) whom we'll just call Sean. Sean was hooking up and demonstrating some Call of Duty in VR, as if the store were his house. I watched what he was doing, and we may have talked I can't remember (this is at the edges of what I could recall from this dream).

      After watching him, I wanted to play it too. So almost out of nowhere I pulled on a VR headset and started up the game and began playing some kind of tutorial section. However, not long into playing the game, another friend of mine (we'll call him Brooks, and we do still talk)'s mother showed up and said something about the game, so I paused it, and she made a comment about how the game had frozen up. I told her I had just paused it, and she just laughed or something and walked away.

      After the distraction I decided not to play anymore and took the headset off. At this point, I turned my attention towards this connected room in the store which was a bathroom and a had a shower in it. I had this shower-head attachment that my mother wanted me to install for her, so I attempted to do so. The instructions were kind of complicated and had like a 6-step process for after it was installed, about using it 2-3 times in various conditions, then taking apart and running it again, and etc.

      I installed it and then ran it a couple times, and Brooks' dad now (who is a handyman type) shows up and offers to help, kind of criticizing my work jokingly. I hand him the thing and he takes it apart, and he's reading the instructions and starts to tell me to do something, when someone walks up and starts talking to him about some kind of event or something (I couldn't remember what he had been saying, I was looking at the shower head thing, and noticing how it was put together inside).

      While this was happening, I heard piano music coming from outside the room behind me. I thought this was Sean in the other room now playing piano at first.
      But it turned out to be my alarm going off and its piano music, and I eventually woke up!

      3:30 AM - 5:30 AM

      I was at a convention, standing on the edge of a tall roof of a building inside a ginormous warehouse (HUGE, the size of a city) and I was trying to get art commissioned for a friend, when I ran into ANOTHER person from high-school, Zach (man, they might seriously be a dream trigger after all) who agreed to do an art commission for me. However, he told me he wanted to do it of me, and he wanted to paint me as Spider-Man. Amused, I just said, "yeah okay, sure," and he told me there was something he wanted to show me and asked me to follow him. He suddenly stepped off the building and flew away over a couple more buildings, so I jumped off the building too and followed him-- suddenly, I had Spider-Man's powers, and I was using web to stick to buildings and pull myself up and over. As I went overtop one of the first buildings, I made a parachute out of web like Spider-Man does in the comics and hovered down to ground level where some construction was happening.

      Down there, they were working on this enormously tall tower which consisted of just one extremely skinny midsection going up hundreds of stories in the air, culminating in a big wide platform-- basically the most structurally unsound thing possible. So I somehow get up on the tower, I don't know how, and as we're standing on top, the thing predictably starts wobbling. The floor is shimmying side to side, and suddenly, it collapses and the 10 or so people standing on it go down the 100 floors with it, but I remain just hovering in the air for some reason, I guess because I saw myself as a superhero at this point (though not that much of a hero because I didn't even try to help them, lol, though they were all somehow fine anyway).

      So there's all this stuff still stuck to the ceilings and walls where they were working on the tower (it was near the roof of the warehouse), so I glide down and ask them if they want any of that stuff. They name a few things so I fly back up with my fists in-front of me like Super-Man, and bring down some bags and drop them off, and then I'm getting ready to leave the convention-- I exit the warehouse, jump in my car, and am driving home through a path I'm not sure I really recognize (in-fact, I'm feeling pretty lost).

      For some reason, I suddenly got pulled over by some cops. Also somehow, I realized I was driving from the backseat of the vehicle. At this point, my real life alarm started going off, but in the dream I thought that the alarm was coming from my phone (which it was, in real life lol), and afraid of pissing off the police officer because I had music playing, I took the phone and stuffed it in the glovebox (... on the back of the right back-seat) to try and quiet it down.

      The cops then came up to the back door, two of them, a younger and older guy, and I put my hands up on the back-seat to show where my hands were so they didn't see me messing around in my glovebox. The cop started questioning me, and he took my license. Beside me in the cup-holder I had an almost empty Powerade, and he asked if it was alcohol. I said it wasn't, and he reached in the car and took it out and sniffed it and said, "Yeah, it smells like alcohol." I protested that I didn't even drink, but he handed it to his partner who took it and told me they'd be testing it.

      Then for some reason he asked for my keys, and I was pretty sure that wasn't allowed of him to ask but I just took them out and handed them to him anyway, and then next thing I knew he was asking for my shoes (lol), so I took those off and handed them to him also. Now him and his partner got in the car with me, still in the backseat, but driving from the front-seat and his older partner riding shotgun. Somehow, suddenly, I was scooted over to the right seat and now also some blonde woman was riding in the back-left seat.

      At this point I suspect this is not a normal police stop (lol), and as we're driving along his older partner pulls out his gun and starts waving it in the air and I realize he's extremely drunk. They continue driving to my house, weirdly, and eventually his partner starts getting really wild and starts turning around in his seat pointing the gun at me and yelling. I just put my hands up and try not to agitate him, hoping they'll let me out soon.

      He then grabs my left hand and puts the muzzle of the gun up against at point blank, and at this point the woman is panicking too. He tells me he's gonna "shoot my hand off," and I don't know what to do, and he starts counting down, so I just lie there thinking "well this is about to really hurt," and wait. Then he counts down to 0 and pulls the trigger and the gun clicks because it was empty, and he laughs but keeps holding my hand.

      Next he puts the gun barrel in-between my fingers and starts shooting real bullets out the back-window of my car through my fingers for some reason, not hitting me, just between the gaps. At this point his partner slams on the brakes and pulls him out of the car, as if this was too far. I try to get up and notice his partner is now pointing HIS gun at me from outside and he's dragging this guy away. As they both walk away, carrying my keys still (!), there's a time skip and I realize I'm on a bus.

      The bus stops at my house and I get out, and start walking up the driveway with no shoes on lol. I also now had this giant convention bag, which I didn't know where it came from but I was just carrying it with me. As I was walking, my brother drove into the driveway in his car, rolled down the window and said something to me, and as that was happening I woke up!

      When I woke up I realized my alarm had been going off for 10 minutes lol. I guess I need to make it a little louder.

      5:30 AM - 9:00 AM or something

      I tried one more WILD, was unsuccessful, and this time didn't even remember my dreams really, I thought about it a bit and just eventually got up and ate breakfast. I think I woke up out of REM or something because I couldn't remember anything at all.

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    3. Half-Life Alyx

      by , 07-02-2020 at 02:52 PM
      Before bed I did multiple prayers to increase recall, vividness and to remember to used SSILD after first couple alarms. Also recalled the events of the day while falling asleep and meditated till I fell asleep
      Fell asleep at 2AM.
      Woke up at 7AM, Dont remember
      Woke up at 8:30AM, with recall, didnt write down tags.
      Woke up at 9:20AM, with recall. Wrote down tags for 2 dreams and tried to use SSILD to fall back asleep for 10 minutes before alarm went off again.

      What to work on: Writing down tags upon waking from alarm and using SSILD
      Dream 1(Sexy time in Alyx building and quiet room): I was with this woman I have had recent sexual relations with and she really wanted to have sex in my room. My siblings were home so I was very hesitant and she didnt seem to care. She even made loud moans to show interest and I was telling her to be more quiet. Her eyes lit up and she told me she hadnt done butt stuff before so she wanted to do that. I wanted to get a condom so we left my room and did something near the kitchen and then when we came back the whole scene had transformed into something like from Half-Life Alyx. She climbed up these pipes to get to a platform with 2 ladders. I told her to kick one down like we do in the game but she didnt and she jumped down the other side. She still wanted to get sexy over there.

      Dream 2(zombie wave shooter, 3 sinks, leela): Maybe a continuation of the last dream but I dont remember how they were connected so I'll say its another. I was at a military looking facility. At one point I was alone and I had a few guns and I was supposed to be shooting a bunch of mercenary looking guys, just like a level in Half-life Alyx. I was overwhelmed by them and died. Later I was more on top of that building with a friend with me this time. I killed a few and then the next wave was coming. My friend was in an adjacent room and I heard him get mad that he had died. Then a big monster came out of that room and killed me. At another point I was inside the big building and was with a group of people. We were all preparing for the invasion. I was talking to someone and then leela smash was right next to me, she wanted to say hi. She got so close to my conversation that I had to stop and say hi, we discussed that she was new here and I could show her how things work. There was a 3 compartment sink so I shower her like hey the dirty things go here. I cleaned a strainer and put it in the sink next to a managerial looking person and then they told me to put it back in the sink which I had just put a few dirty dishes because thats the one with the sanitizer. I realized I messed up there.

      At some point I was crawling under a desk and found a ton of hidden ammo.

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    4. Lucid, looking for the master

      by , 07-02-2020 at 08:36 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in a city and I get lucid. I remember my goal about bending different elements and try to summon a fire but nothing happens. I remember my goal about meeting the bending master and decide to meet with the master. I scream out loud. "Master! Master!", but no one comes. I fly over the waters to an island and meet a group of people. I ask them where I can find the master of bending. They tell me to go back the way I came from. I fly to where I came from and think about how the trip to where I came from is different from when I fly the same way back. My vision is getting darker and I recognize this feeling. I'm going to wake up in my bed. It's all black and I feel my bed against my skin. I do a RC and know it's still a dream. My vision is black for a while and I walk against the window to fly out. The floor on the streets are gone. It's just white void there. I fly over a house and experience some special experiences. It's like I fly upside down and I'm not the one in control. The void is beautiful and I just hang with the dream. I remember my goal about meeting with the master again and start to fly to where I was going before. The flying is going pretty slowly and I try to speed it up pretty often, but it doesn't work. I finally come to the right place and I see a castle. I meet up with Klaus there and he greets me and says. "Ahh, you have come here to forfill your goal!" with his typical way of talking when he is to tell a joke that he thinks is funny. I say yes and ask him where the master is. He points into the castle but it is divided into three parts so I have to ask which part I shall go into. He says the one to the right. I enter it and I suddenly only have my dad's white underwear on me. I think to myself that this is a castle and I need better clothes if I want to meet with the prince. Some people with fancy suits comes up. I punch one really hard in order to take his clothes. I am disappointed over myself because I used violence against my DC and decide to just walk into the next room with only my underwear on me. I walked pretty quickly because there were people who saw me when I hit the man. There is a biograph and the prince of Sweden is the one hosting it. There are brown blankets on each chair and I take one to cover myself with. The prince says something and he is the master I've been looking for. I decide to watch the movie before I talk to him. The movie starts. Someone in the movie says something about hands and shoulders (all my dreams are in swedish) and a woman in the audience repeats the sentence as if the sentence had wrong gramatics in it. I repeat the sentence in my head but decides that the sentence was right. After a while the move comes out of the screen and I see it right in front of me. There is a dirt pile and some insects fighting each other. I wonder when it is going to end so I can meet with the master. I interact with the dirt pile and move an insect. There is a dog and a child too. I feel as the dream fades...

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