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    1. Oh boy

      by , 06-26-2020 at 10:26 PM
      It's been some time since I last had a lucid dream. This morning I woke up in Hell.

      I found myself waking up in a strange bed in a strange home. I don't know how I got there but I was not in fear because I felt I somehow belonged there. A person I didn't know came up to me and I felt I was with a friend when he asked me if I slept good. I asked him how long I was out and he replied it was for quite awhile. I said I was thirsty and would like some orange juice, so he opened the sliding door out to a patio and said to follow him.

      There were large speakers on the patio playing odd music very loudly and he said he needs to collect a glass on a table in this other room across the patio to put the orange juice in. We enter that room which was dark except for the light coming in from the patio and the room appeared to be a dining room. The glass he picks up is seriously filthy and he says "of course I'm going to wash it first." So I follow him to the kitchen and he only rinses the glass then fills it with OJ and hands it to me with a smile. "Enjoy!" he says. I take a small sip and began to feel dizzy. Spotting a day bed near a table, I had to sit down but instead I lay down and pass out. When I awake, he is with me and I apologize for napping there but he said it was not a problem and was happy to see me fully awake. "You like horses, right?" he asks, and I nod my head. "Come, I have something to show you."

      So I follow him outside and up a small steep hill is a dilapidated barn and going up the hill to it is his father on horseback followed by two small children. When I reach the barn with my friend, his father is bringing the mare to its foal. Hanging from the rafters by chains are two bleached skeletons of foals. "She's been spitting them out like rabbits" he says, "but we're not having much luck keeping them alive." I also see three mongrel dogs chained up near the foal just out of their reach but the way they were chained was bizarre cruelty.

      One had several meat hooks in its body, each secured to chains. Another had a large fish hook in the corner of its left eye which was swollen shut and a rope was fastened to it. The other was tied up by its collar but it had been beaten severely with bloody scars all over it. The foal attempts to take suck while on its back because it can't rise up and the mares mammaries begin to stretch and droop very surreal like. The children laugh from the entertainment they're experiencing.

      As I begin to say to my friend that he could end up in jail for animal cruelty, I realize he's not going to jail for anything but that I am in Hell. That's when I really woke up. I am in Hell. Just look around and see the whole world gone mad. Who is it fanning these flames? The authoritative mainstream media with the power of Hollywood under the direction of the CIA and DARPA which is all controlled by Communist Zionists. Duh. How will this story end? Very ugly I'm afraid, because the poor sheeple would rather be slaughtered than take responsibility for allowing Our Garden and all the children in it be vandalized by these enemies of righteousness and workers of evil. The End.

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    2. 6/26/2020

      by , 06-26-2020 at 03:29 PM
      Dream 1(Things might not be sequential here): I was at my cousins wedding in this huge grassy hilly area. We were celebrating and taking pictures when we started moving uphill towards this cave looking thing. My cousin told a bunch of us to leave but I was one that was staying. We then went towards this cave looking system with trees and plants. We drove this car like we were in a video game as fast as possible down this system smasking down trees and wrecking havoc. After a certain point we got out and split up and I lost them. I opened up my minimap and I saw they had gone into a hidden room that I hadnt found yet. I joined them and continued the adventure. Also at some point I vaped weed from a modified dynavap M so someone could send a video to my aunt who wanted on. Later I was in a hardware store with someone else and we were making videos with the garbage cans inside. Someone told me we had to stop so we left. We got in a car and Ryan Reynolds was driving. We drove into the cave system again but Ryan was much more cautious than other players and he drove super slow.
    3. Mind reading

      by , 06-26-2020 at 09:43 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      It's dark. Suddenly my brother's thoughts are coming to me. I know it's a dream but I don't have the power to act because it's all dark.

      Notes: I had more dreams but they ended up forgotten because I did some work and ate breakfast before I wrote in my DJ.
      Tags: mind reading
    4. Pink Bird & Wee Heid

      by , 06-26-2020 at 09:33 AM
      I haven't put up a dream journal entry for a very long time - but I had a lucid dream last night! First for years!!!

      I'm beside a long, tall hedge, I have my binoculars. There is a small bright pink bird at the top of the hedge. I realise there are NO bright pink birds in Scotland and get lucid! Yes!

      I stare up at the bird, it's basically a Sparrow but dark pink on top and a lighter pink under its wings. It preens itself for a few moments then dives into the hedge.

      I decide I might as well walk on and see what else I can find.

      The hedge ends and I start walking along a wee path surrounded by grass. There are a few people in the distance and someone starts approaching me. I hope (even though I'm lucid!) that they will observe social distancing and they pass me to my right. I stare directly at them. It is a woman, she is wrapped up well. Her head is slightly larger than a tennis ball. She has dark hair and eyes. She stares at me with a look that suggests it would be unreasonable to ask why her head is so small. I shrug to myself and walk on, hoping to encounter something else. Unfortunately I then woke up!
    5. 25 LD. Questions to a friend. December 7, 2011

      by , 06-26-2020 at 07:46 AM
      25 ОС. Вопросы другу.
      7 декабря 2011

      Я шёл с другом по незнакомой местности. Вспомнил про свой план и стал расспрашивать: Ты кто? Как тебя зовут? Друг отвечал медленно, приходилось переспрашивать. Имя он ответил правильно, а вот вместо фамилии сказал нецензурно: "сукин сын". Далее я спросил, что это за местность? Сам же несмотря на то что местность незнакомая воспринимал ее, как знакомую местность О. Друг же ответил: своротка на Б. - тоже реальная местность. Подумал, что у нас разное восприятие сна. Что он скорее всего сейчас спит и видит эту своротку. Далее задал ему два личных вопросов - на один он ответил иносказательно, хотя для меня ответ был понятным, на другой ответил кратко нет. На этом я проснулся.

      1. Был уверен, что встретил во сне своего реального друга. В реале друг встречу не подтвердил.
      2. Во сне я решил, что разные сновидящие по разному видят местность сна.
      3. Забавно, что друг назвал вместо своей фамилии матершиное сочетание слов.

      25 LD. Questions to a friend.
      December 7, 2011

      I walked with a friend in an unfamiliar area. I remembered my plan and began to ask: Who are you? What's your name?
      A friend answered slowly, had to ask again. He answered the name correctly, but instead of the last name he said obscenely: "son of a bitch."
      Then I asked what kind of terrain is it? Himself, despite the fact that the unfamiliar area perceived it as a familiar area O. The friend replied: the turnaround to B. is also a real place.
      I thought that we have a different perception of dream. That he is probably sleeping now and sees this roll.
      Then I asked him two personal questions - he answered allegorically to one, although for me the answer was clear, to the other he answered briefly no. On this I woke up.

      1. I was sure that I met my real friend in a dream. In real life, the friend did not confirm the meeting.
      2. In a dream, I decided that different dreamers differently see the terrain of dream.
      3. It is amusing that a friend named instead of his surname an obscene combination of words.
    6. Tuesday, June 23

      by , 06-26-2020 at 06:15 AM
      I am outside and in some body of water, maybe a small lake. There is a stone wall that I and some others are jumping into the water from. I think it or part of it is mostly submerged though? Now, Iím looking at a stone arch - like a doorway - with a tree behind it. There is an older man who climbs the arch and then starts climbing the tree too. I guess heís going to be jumping from up there. Now I think thereís something about him getting stuck and falling. I see him lying on the ground.

      I am about to play a game with a guy about my age who is unfamiliar to me. I know that this is a 200 year rivalry? and so I become somewhat anxious. The guy is darker skinned and much heavier than me, which worries me. The game begins now, and itís like air hockey, except on the ground and with a stone? puck a foot or two across. We can only use our feet to move it, and I grasp the siding of the small arena for more force. I easily score goal after goal until I think thereís no way heíll be able to come back.
      Tags: game, lake, tree, water
    7. Monday, June 22

      by , 06-26-2020 at 06:09 AM
      I think I am in New York City. I am outside of a somewhat smaller building that has at least two climbing walls attached to the exterior. There is a line (I think mostly of kids) for each. There are a few police officers that seem to be letting people in. I think I donít really need to climb one, but end up doing so. I think everyone is trying for speed and I know that I could beat them due to my age and experience, so I just climb it regularly. I think I only have socks on. I also think thereís something about not thinking Iím on a rope, but then discovering Iím on an auto belay. Now, I am walking around the corner to deposit a check (or make a withdrawal or something similar). The building has older columns and a white stone staircase. I pass by a few sketchy people, then enter into a tiny room. Thereís one other in here, a girl who seems to be friendly with the female bank teller. I have to sort of make my presence known. I now give her the slip and think I get it and a receipt back. I also think I did something wrong, since itís been so long since Iíve done something like this, and have to go back.
    8. 24 LD. Mu double.

      by , 06-26-2020 at 02:23 AM
      24 ОС. Двойник за окном.
      7 декабря 2011

      Осознался у себя дома на кухне. Попытался найти спрайтов, чтобы задать вопросы кто ты? Что это за место? и т.п Так как спрайтов не оказалось решил задать вопрос вслух. Раздался голос. Эффект такой будто часть моего сознания на эти же вопросы и отвечает, но несёт бессмысленный бред. Тогда я подошёл к окну и увидел какое-то двухэтажное здание и в нём был Я (мой двойник). Всё это на уровне окна, при условии, что я живу на 4 этаже - явное искривление пространства. Я задал пару личных вопросов - тот я ответил, но тут меня выкидывает в мою спальню. Ответы я не запомнил. Начинаю тереть дорошку руками, чтобы закрепиться. Тактильные ощущения реальны. Но увы не получилось - зачесалось физическое тело. Проснулся.

      0. 7 декабря я видел два ОСа за ночь.
      1. Столкнулся с эффектом голоса сновидения.
      2. Увидел за окном с 4-го этажа здание. Причем второй этаж этого здания, был наравне с 4. Явное искривление пространства.
      3. Видел своего двойника в том здании.
      4. Тактильные ощущения реальны. Но закрепиться не удалось.

      24 LD. Double outside the window.
      December 7, 2011

      Confessed at home in the kitchen. To ask questions, who are you? What kind of place is it? It did not turn out that he decided to ask the question out loud. There was a voice. The effect is as if a part of my consciousness answers the same questions, but carries senseless nonsense.
      Then I went to the window and saw some kind of two-story building and in it was I (my double).
      All this at the window level, provided that I live on the 4th floor - a clear curvature of the space.
      I asked a couple of personal questions - that I answered, but then me throws me into my bedroom. I did not remember the answers.
      I begin to rub the powder (carpet) with my hands to gain a foothold. Tactile sensations are real. But alas, it did not work out - the physical body was combed. Awoke.

      0. December 7, I saw two LD per night.
      1. Faced with the effect of the voice of a dream.
      2. I saw a building outside the window from the 4th floor. Moreover, the second floor of this building was on a par with 4. Explicit curvature of space.
      3. I saw my double in that building.
      4. Tactile sensations are real. But failed to gain a foothold.
    9. Monkeying around...

      by , 06-26-2020 at 01:24 AM
      The monkey kid

      I'm surrounded by people as I watch a Kid wearing a monkey mask made out of paper. Hes going to sing a silly song if we pay him..he starts a demo, sounds like some kinda cumbia-rap and I start laughing.

      A Complex mechanism

      I'm picking up smaller pieces of some machine, on a sail boat's deck, from the 1900s? a man is explaining each of it's functions, and he's also folding biger pieces of the complex machine; it's astrong material that I don't know of.
      I believe I'm still at the boat's deck
      As I'm staring at a couple I say out loud: "every where I go I find some humble people. A voice says everywere? Yes, in every experience, I say as direct to the cople: "yes you two" a man and a woman in their 40s. To my surprise a character vanishes poof!! leaving a black smoky cloud!, (like that one in D. love intro).. Just like if he was waiting for me to say it.. Then in my head.."I know them from somewhere".

      Then I see this other DC, slim and pale, sitting alone..I try to say a complement as I get closer. He turns me away with a unfriendly look, I tell him "oh that's ok..I keep walking by and try to show calm..but didn't expect his reaction at all, I'm feeling a little embarrassed.
      Hes worried or concerned about something.
      Then my perception then shifts to the front of the ship. I see a small silver statue of an elderly man, he seems to be trapped in the rigfront side of the ship. I feel he need to be released from some kind of curse.

      Fragmented ones..
      DC pulling another character that refuses to walk, he escapes and goes over over wall, more like a small room without roof, then drops some items from above.

      Cesar, a friend from my old town, Medellin, Colombia. critices me for having some belly.
      At the same time another friend, female, is offering some beauty products.
      Then I tell Cesar, I need to do more resistance exercises, instead of just cardio..He's looking more muscular than ever. We ride a short distance together, in some scooters.

      Eating dessert at a some event. I offered to some people. I getting very close to a sexy blonde, with green eyes sitting down, on panties, with her legs bent and crossed...
      A stage filled black giant puddles, seems to be a show or contest, as they're lining up, they turn into bizarre human characters.
      The one I remember is a headbold guy, white complexity and is covering a red nipple, with dog's hair..

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