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    1. When Reality-Check Knocks On Your Door (NLD)

      by , 07-03-2020 at 09:54 PM
      As a formless observer I see myself at the front door of the house where I'm currently staying. There's two other people with me. C stands beside the sofa and U. Ch in front of the kitchen table. The observer part in me locates an object approaching from outside towards the entrance. It is a square-looking thing that my dream self recognizes as my reality check (it is). It rolls its way up the steps and stops before the door. But my dream self denies it passage, explaining to my two guests, that because I don’t know what the object entails, unless we're to open the door and find out, then it would "defeat the purpose" of the reality check altogether, and so I couldn't invite it in.

      * * *

      Authorities are searching for a boy who has been missing. I'm inside a completely dark room covered in black drapes, accompanied by a creepy lady who holds the boy hostage. This lady, whose name is not known, looks like a very sophisticated clairvoyant dressed in black robes. The kid, who will never speak during the course of the dream, resembles a very young Anakin Skywalker. He is neither scared nor unfazed about his present situation. While we stand together, a bunch of computer screens turn on, revealing the face of FBI agents that know of the boy's whereabouts. The lady leaves the room and escapes.

      I'm left with the boy and convince him to tag along. We follow a tunnel that leads to the outskirts of a large castle. We change into new attires to match with the times and setting of this place. The boy in particular now resembles a very young Link, except for his blonde hair. We walk around a lake lying to the side of one of the castle's towers. As we reach the other side of the lake we sneak past some guards standing watch by a gate and reach what appears a small town.

      There's folk going by doing their business. The streets are crowded with merchants, women, and children. A string of houses lie on both sides of the street. The armors of the city watch shine under the light of the sun as they patrol around every now and then. If we walk close to any of the town's inhabitants a prompt appears above their heads like those in a video game.

      We make our way to the roof of these houses to remain hidden from the authorities and think about our best course of action. The kid seems to take this little adventure rather well. From above, an underground passage leading to a cellar lies to our left. When we reach the bottom, we find a large room of beds with people sleeping. I turn on some lights to see what we can use.

      Suddenly the agents (also dressed in armor) have discovered our location and reach the gate with a whole army to spare. I frantically search for weapons but can't find any. A lady approaches the inlet to the cellar. She interrogates the man who guards the entrance. He refuses to speak so she sticks a sword up his side and leaves him to die. She returns for her army but we take this opportunity to sneak out and run for our lives.

      We run around the corners of the town, and climb atop people's homes, keeping out of grasp from the city watch. On rooftop we find a long round door that covers a tunnel. It is a long path that leads to the other side of town, away from danger. We enter and I find three sets of sandals and shoes, mostly light to wear and white in color. They look beautiful and I can't help but store them in my bag.

      Outside we reach another gate surrounded by a dangerous current. The precipice is tall enough to prove deadly. I fall and in true "Dark Souls" fashion lose my "souls". Now I'm trapped on top of a very small hill while three crocodiles roam around in the water.

      * * *

      There's a door I keep opening and closing. I keep explaining to someone or more than one person about what happens when you open a door. I make sure they know that it takes at least three times for the person who crosses it while entering for it to mean something, and the same when someone exits the same amount of times. Was it perhaps, lucidity? Ah, the memory eludes me.

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    2. Nicholas Cage: Janitor to Hell

      by , 07-03-2020 at 07:06 PM (Zödra)
      I am with Laura, walking through a forest with a small clear stream going over some rocks in the middle. We are walking up it and people from our group seem to be leaving every once in a while. To my right is the north and the stream is heading downhill from west to east. We are heading east. I look south and see another stream identical to ours, when I look at it again, I realize that I can see the same people that are here over there except me. I tell Laura to follow me and she says “I don’t want to see anything freaky.” and we head through a knot of trees and a small pathway. “You can head back if you want.” I say, not looking to see if she follows. When we get there, we are with the same group, but this time, inside the knot of trees is a bunch of stairs.
      I take the stairs. The rock walls are replaced with smooth ones, I hear music. There is a bit of a “back room” as I would call it. There is a janitor cleaning some stuff up. A little kitchen/mop room, maybe something like a “break room” No north east south or west can be remembered here, so I will call part of this room North East South and west and do everything from there. North will be the far wall, I came in from the furthest south part of the west wall. The stairs facing east and west. As I walk in, there seems to be music past the door to the east. Janitor is in the mop area on the east part of the north wall (looks like it opens up to his own area from there). Table in the middle with some chairs, mop sink and the like on the north wall. Counters and sink and fridge and microwave to the south. The Janitor turns around. He is wearing what looks to be like a bellhop uniform or an old timey elevator guy or an old timey guy that works in the movie theater. Red and yellow hat, clothes trimmed in red and yellow, don’t need to tell you much about his face, since it is NICHOLAS EFING CAGE.
      “Hello there.” he says, turning around to talk to us. I notice now that my sisters are here too “I see you are wanting to visit the land between the living and the not quite dead.” He starts messing with some things on the east wall, different cleaning supplies and maintenance supplies.
      I stand there is silence, not sure what to say, I will let this play out.
      “Well, best get started.” he opens the door that is on the southern part of the east wall “As you venture further in, you will notice things get a bit more strange, but don’t let that bother you. This is slightly dangerous, but so is walking out your door every day, these are just people like you, so they are as dangerous and as peaceful as you.”
      He walks over to the door on the north part of the east wall and steps on through. I Step through the door. There are like seven people, all standing around some normal looking furniture. Lets go deeper I think as I see that there is another door on the east wall. I smile at the people and then as I walk through the door there seem to be more people, and I can tell I am also heading down further, maybe not even actually going east, this is just a bigger version of the same room. I realize I can use dream control to change what each room will be as I step through. I decide to freak the girls out and think about some aliens. As we step through the next door, the people are about 9 feet tall and their faces are shaped like aliens, but they don’t have eyes that I can see. It looks like human faces squished into that shape and their eyelids can no longer seem to open. Giant heads of course. They are all drinking some alcohol and talking all snooty and the place is decorated like madmen a bit, I find this kinda funny, but my wife starts talking about how hilarious it is that the heaven for these alien things is old style furniture from the 50s. I decide to keep going and imagine that the next place is “the destination” when I get there. I open the door and it is a huge party. I cannot see the other wall. We just entered through the front door, and there is a waiter waiting to take us to our table. On the south east side of the building (near the next door, so I guess it didn’t take me to the destination, I still think that this place is important though, so we stay for a minute) I sit down. A guy with a giant normal shaped head and a Jack in the Box mask on comes up to me and says “Excuse me” and bumps into me as he is trying to get the cake (the cake table is between me and the door to go further. This honestly reminds me of a wedding now that I think about it. “Don’t make a mess” he says as he sets the cake next to me and drops part of it on the ground.
      Part of me is instantly worried that I might get kicked out if I make a mess. I pick up the big pieces, but the cake is white frosting with vanilla inside and the floor is completely white. I get down on the floor and start looking for spots. Using my napkin from the table to clean it. The guy is back.
      “What happens if I don’t clean it?” I ask him
      “Just clean it up! I can’t let him know, you don’t want him to find you.” Now I am more worried, but the guy no longer has a jack in the box mask on, just a big head. Blonde hair his face looks a bit like the psychopath from breaking bad (will find his name later) but big head, so big face).
      So I seem to finish cleaning it up and I notice that people are just kind of standing around, except one couple, they are slowly making their way to the door.
      This is it, I think to myself and then tell my sisters and wife “don’t forget about coming back when I call, I can’t guarantee the next place will be as lively and fun as this one, stick with me if you remember.”
      “Oh hi!” the boy and girl say as they come up to us, trying to exit the conversation with the dream characters “We are Nancy and Paul, we are looking for our friends William and Stacy, have you seen them?” The party seems to hinge on this moment. The DCs I sense won’t like that we are going to leave if the plan is to leave the party. These people are like us though.
      “Yeah! I think they went right to the bathrooms this way.” I say and quickly open the door and step through. My wife does not follow, she heads to the west door, the DCs aren’t watching us walk through, but you can kind of tell that they are. We step on through to a forest.
      I am pretty excited, destination reached. The forest is kinda like a normal forest by all accounts, it is not overgrown anywhere though and there are lots of paths through the forest. The trees are all hickory trees and it is pretty bright in the forest.
      A girl is there in the forest, not really waiting for us. She starts talking about the best people ever WIlliam and Stacy and about how amazing it is being with them here. The whole world seems to revolve around them from what she says. The forest leads into a beach house and we walk into a beach party. I do my best to blend in at the party and my sisters immediately split up. The beach is on the south, the forest to the north. I keep talking with people, trying to figure out what they know. It occurs to me that they are all persistent with some convos about things going on. They all know that this place is the “place of the dead” and that this is where they live. I realize with conversation that I should be careful, I don’t think that they would like us being here. William and Stacy pull up. They look like complete tools, dress like they own the place, driving a camo golf cart. There are actually cars here, which I am surprised by. They talk to everyone else like they are better than them and everyone loves it. I think that the “dead” want William and Stacey to stay, so they are giving them everything that they want.
      The beach is pretty standard, volleyball, drinks and the like. I can see the ground all around the beach, so I don’t think it is supposed to be an ocean, just a man made beach on a lake or river. There are stands for drinks everywhere and everything is free. Honestly the whole thing seems like a honeytrap designed for someone else.
      I grab a drink, the only drink that they serve here, and it tastes very good. After some time of talking with people, William leaves to sleep. Stacey stays and I notice some odd things happening around her. Some bits of control here and there. She may be what is stopping them from leaving. The place calms down and Stacey leaves eventually. The DCs all disperse and it is just me in the forested beach area. It seems like something is controlling everything, because when I reach for a tree, and tk it in the air, it barely moves. The world is being sustained in this state by something or someone. I look at a tree, line up another tree behind it in my sight, close one eye and imagine that the branches from the second tree belong to the first tree as well, when I walk to the side, the second tree is gone. Perspective control is powerful, It is hard to use in a fight, but I should be fine.
      The sun seems like it is coming up after a few minutes. I can also splash sand around with tk easily and move the waves, I don’t know where my sisters are, this doesn’t matter so much, I know, but I’d like to stick with some of the story while I explore this land, I think about how this is kinda the closest thing I have been to that resembles “The unknown” from Over the Garden Wall. I talk with some DCs as they show up. Stacey comes up in the morning, I notice that Paul and Nancy are back and are being given the runaround by some DCs as they try to talk to Stacy.
      I walk over to a few dream characters and ask them (A couple girls) “Where is William?” and they both look at me and laugh.
      “Is that the name of a person or place? I have never heard of a thing called a ‘william’” They giggle.
      I look over and notice that Nancy and Paul are being separated by the DCs and they both look worried. Probably they were told the same thing as me. I am not complying with the girl DCs in front of me and they can tell. Oh no, they know that I am not under their spell. I walk slowly to a car, they seem to think that I may still be and are waiting for my proof that I am not under it while the others (Nancy and Paul) are there. Stacy, standing up on some rocks seems to be ordering them. She must have killed William, or had him done away with.
      I don't know if it will work. But I know we need to leave. I tap the side of the car to enter into it, kinda like a video game.
      It doesn’t work.
      “Hey!” someone yells and I turn around to see two people coming at me. I use telekinesis to stop one of them and try to move over to the other, but TK isn’t working well here, takes more attention. I seem to be able to stop them with just a thought, but can’t push them away easily, I try to grab a tree with TK, but as I do, I can tell that it is controlled by someone else. Oh crap, this place is being held together by someone, and they actually have control of themselves. That is why TK isn’t working like normal, gotta fight like I am fighting someone strong, with every one of them. I reach over and TK in front of me again, this time making the air straight to me and that guy shimmer and move, I imagine a giant hand lifting him up and the air shimmers into that shape and tosses him into the ocean. The other guy is coming to me, I TK the air between us and he can’t pass it. I see a car and decide to jump in, quick cuts style and I make it in this time.
      I drive off. My sisters jump into the car quickly and we all yell "paul and nancy!"
      "Okay. You drive to them, I'll hold them off." The car we are in is a green honda civic, but that shouldn't stop me. I don't look back and imagine the back being bigger. I hit a button on the dash to make the top open (that shouldn't exist). It slides back quickly and my sister hits the gas. The people are all smiling and keep chasing us. I knock down a tree with my finger. (Close one eye put finger "on tree" and knock it over, perspective) the people crawl over it. Other people come from the side on motorcycles. We pass by a chain link fence and turn through a gate. As soon as the gate pole passes by the other one from my perspective, I imagine it connecting from one side to the other as it flashes by and a guy turns right into the fence where the opening was just at and flips off. We keep going down a dirt road and my sisters slam on the breaks. We are with nancy and paul. Nice, I wasn't expecting them to actually find them.
      We all take off into the forest, continuing to head back west. No wall or anything, but a door is right in between two trees bent over. I notice that I am alone. I open the door and walk through, my sisters are there already, in the kitchen.
      “Well, it's good to see you made it back.” Nicholas Cage says as I open the door.
      “I couldn’t save William.” I said, a little sad about failing.
      “You actually made way for some other people to escape the almost dead as well, they would have all been stuck there if it wasn’t for you.” He says, motioning to a couple of teenage boys that were also part of the party at the beach. I never saw them attacking us, but they seemed part of the spell, maybe we broke the spell, maybe they were just better at acting like they were part of the spell than I was.
      I am getting ready to leave when Cage says “Take some cookies from on top of the fridge with you.” I look and there are some cookies in a clear container, similar to what you get from a kroger bakery. The boys already have them and are heading up the stairs. I grab one and notice that the cookies are square, but also seem thicker than most cookies. I think about the fact that I will be heading up the stairs and away from this cut off space and that the dream time will likely start ticking again as soon as I get to the top of the stairs, so I think about turning around.
      “You won’t be able to get back that way today.” Cage says, he is mopping the ground and has his back to me. I decide to head up the stairs. As I walk up, I start thinking about my goals so that I can do them as soon as I exit the stairs. As I bring the goals up, I realize that I am in bed visualizing. I open my eyes and decide to type this instead of sleeping more.
    3. WILD Attempts 8-10, and Danny DeVito as King Henry VI

      by , 07-03-2020 at 04:33 PM (Life's Recollections)
      Again I won't describe my WILD process other than what has changed. As before I set three alarms, but as you'll see below only two of them were used.

      I attempted both the "counting down (and up)" WILD anchor, as well as once trying the "FILD." All three were failures, though I obviously don't blame the anchors. I'm not sure what is going wrong, I just seem to be unable to keep my consciousness, there hits a point and suddenly I'm out like a light-switch.

      That being said, I had a few strange experiences last night that I can't remember the timing of.


      Normal dream
      Semi-lucid dream
      Lucid dream

      I went to be at 11:30 AM.

      11:30 PM - 1:30 AM

      I woke up and found I remembered no dreams (as yesterday, it seems 2 hours is not enough for me to get REM cycles going. I'll try 2h30m next time. I got up, peed, went back to bed and attempted a WILD. Almost no sooner than I laid down and closed my eyes, I realized it was 3:00 AM!

      1:30 AM - 3 AM

      I still don't know what happened here. Part of me thinks I may have succeeded in my WILD and had a false awakening, but I only remember turning off my 3 AM alarm once, so it seems like it had to be real. I should have reality checked, or maybe I did, I can't even remember. I just remember I laid my head down, closed my eyes, and without any dreams or even a feeling of passage of time, it was 3 AM and I was awake again!

      I learned for one: I need to start doing reality checks the SECOND I wake up. I keep telling myself to do this and forgetting, sometimes remembering as I'm headed towards the bathroom or etc. I need to do them as soon as I wake up. I also think I will get in the habit of recording a voice memo just saying, "I woke up at 3 AM, and don't remember any dreams" so I can be sure in the morning if I had false awakenings. Anyway...

      When I did this WILD, I can't remember if it was during the WILD or during a dream, but I have this weird memory of seeing a very white woman's face and upper body (I don't mean caucasian, I mean whited out, like a piece of paper, and featureless), against a light blue background. And just really trying to get my way inside what felt like a dream. It was as if I was looking through a telescope, and if I tried, I could get closer, but then I would slide back out again and the black circle around the image would close.

      3 AM - 4:30 AM

      I dreamed I was at my middle-school, but it was actually a college. Somehow, just like last night, I managed to lose my shoes at school, and ended up wearing a pair of white sneakers-- I was looking down at them walking through the hallways. I ended up walking outside onto the sidewalk where our busses used to line up (I've had many a dream about this particular sidewalk and missing the bus for some reason, then having to walk home-- perhaps a dream trigger).

      As I walked outside I noticed there was a hubbub regarding a giant trailer carrying multiple huge missiles sitting in the parking lot. Almost before anyone could do anything about it, the school principal (who was actually my high-school principal) jumped in a nearby bus, hooked it to the trailer, and backed it out of the parking lot into the adjoining parking lot-- so quickly that he ran the truck up onto the curb (causing us all to go, "ohhhh!"). The trailer smacked against the front of the bus after the collision, and put a huge dent in the back of it. Nobody seemed to know why this thing was here, but the principal took it upon himself to get the dent out. He took a giant wet sponge on a stick and just started beating the crap out of the back of the dent, shouting, "no problem! It'll be out in no time!" and similar.

      Now here was a time skip. I may have woken up temporarily, as evidenced by this next bit:

      I was now at my home, which was an incredibly ratty rusty shack built up on a hill in the middle of what looked like a literal dump. There was a ravine running near our house which essentially served as our driveway. For some reason, I was lying in my ratty bed in my room that was missing two walls (simply looking out onto the night-sky and this dump), and next to me was this giant missile launcher from school. I had somehow ended up with this thing in my house, though it wasn't on a trailer anymore, it was simple a computer console attached to a couple missiles.

      Now for some reason, I thought it seemed like an incredibly grand idea to set the timer on these missiles, which made a beeping noise, as my anchor in attempting to do a WILD... in my dream. So I set the beeping timer, and I realized I set it wrongly. I wanted it to go longer, because I obviously didn't want the missile to launch, I just wanted the timer to run so I could listen to it as an anchor. So I tried to clear the timer. And clear it I did, because the missile immediately launched into the air, changed direction and shot off. I quickly looked at the console to try and see where it was headed and noticed the coordinates were a few miles south-east from here. I got up from the bed and looked out over the demolished wall of my room and saw the missile land with tremendous impact, creating a giant mushroom cloud, and causing the entire city nearby to light up. All the nearby animals were barking and car alarms were going off in the middle of the night.

      Panicking, I ran back to the missile console unsure of what to do. How did I even end up with this? I couldn't remember. Would I be put in jail for accidentally launching a missile? I'm an adult, not a child, so I'd certainly be tried as a competent adult who did it on purpose. Why else would I steal the missiles? Then I noticed the timer was ticking again. Once more I panicked and tried to turn it off, and once more I immediately launched the missile, which shot off and landed in the same place with a similar explosion. I imagined everything within a mile of it was dead already, so it didn't really matter, but now I worried that somehow they could trace the origin of the missile.

      I ran into the other room and grabbed my keys, and snuck through the room where my dad was sleeping on the floor. I felt bad leaving him and like it was my duty to stay with him, but I knew I didn't have time to wake him up or explain. I figured he would be fine since it seemed easily provable I was the one who launched the missiles accidentally. I snuck through the room, and went outside-- but as I looked downhill to where my car was, I saw flashing red and blue lights. They were already rolling up and surrounding where I could exit, so I instantly turned to my left to try to run away, and saw a fence about 5 feet high.

      I ran at it and dove over it (and under the barbed wire about a foot off the top), and as I hit the ground on the other side I woke up in my bed, relieved I didn't have to really run from the cops!

      I woke up before my alarm set at 5:00! At this point I had quite a bit of dream to record, thought back through it, and instead of describing it all (which has taken upwards of 5 minutes some nights), tried to hit the key points in my voice memo and hoped I could reconstruct it in the morning. I also went ahead and disabled my 5 AM alarm. I tried another WILD, which I felt pretty much like I'd succeed at, but once again, nothing.

      4:30 AM - 9 AM

      I could only recall a dream fragment at this point. Before I went to bed last night I had been reading "King Henry VI - Part 1" in my Shakespeare's Complete Works book. Lately in my spare-time I've been watching "Taxi" (an 80's sitcom) on Hulu, as well. Both of those things are relevant, because:

      At some point before I woke up, I had a dream I was watching "King Henry VI - Part 1" being acted on Youtube, and the recording was from the '80s. But much to my delight, I realized as I turned it on and watched it that it was King Henry VI as acted by several of the main actors from the sitcom, "Taxi." The scene opened in some kind of cellar and inside were Judd Hirsch, Jeff Conaway, Tony Danza, and Marilu Henner acting as the various Dukes and Earls during the scene where Tony and Judd were acting as the Duke of Somerset and Richard Plantagenet arguing and getting people on their sides by having them pluck and wear white/red roses.

      Afterwards, they all headed upstairs to the courtroom scene where Richard (Judd in this case) tries to have his family status as Duke of York restored, and who else to play the young King Henry VI, than Danny DeVito! When the camera scrolled up to him he was picking his nose sitting on the throne and the audience gave a huge laugh. They came up and began appealing to him in Shakespearean words, with the correct lines, (you know, 'thee,' 'thou' etc). Danny DeVito simply looked down after a few lines and said, "What do you bums want? Speak regular!" which elicited another huge laugh.

      Unfortunately I can't remember almost anything else from this dream, which is a shame because it actually made me laugh when I woke up too. If only this were a real thing I could watch, lol.

      Afterwards I got up and went about my morning routine!

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    4. Parties!

      by , 07-03-2020 at 02:54 PM
      Before bed I did multiple prayers to increase recall, vividness and to remember to used SSILD after first couple alarms. Also recalled the events of the day while falling asleep.
      Fell asleep at 1:30AM.
      Woke up at 6:30AM, wrote down 1 tag
      Woke up at 8AM, wrote down 1 tag
      Woke up at 9:30AM, with recall no recall. Laid down for a while and wrote a bunch of tags.

      What to work on: Writing down tags upon waking from alarm and using SSILD
      Dream 1(party w/ roxanne): I was going to a party with a couple of the boys and when we entered we both decided to not say hi to anyone and go straight for the drinks. We thought that was funny. Roxanne hugged me from behind. I was surprised and happy to see her. She said she had something for me, we all sat at the table and she had a bunch of foreign candies. She gave a bunch to me and we talked about them. There were these green chinese candies I really like and then a knock-off version of them.

      Dream 2(Chill @ karleys w/ poop, sleeping, celebrate w/ kids, backflip, tired backflip):Some friend and I went over to Karleys place and were hanging out on the couch. We were there for a pool party. At one point Karley fell asleep on me. To get out of that situation I said I was going to go get my bathing suit. I came back and then asked katelyn about all the poop that was piled up on the table. She said it was her dogs, that was the room he poops in while no one is home and they put it there to throw it out. Later we went outside to the pool and grassy area. We were sitting at some small tables like for kids almost. Then a bunch of other people came to celebrate with us, like a bunch of parents and then a lot of small kids. After a while a few people started going to the pool and Matthew was going to do a backflip so the kids were cheering him on. He did it and they all really liked that. I wanted to get away from the kids so I went to the pool too but when I tried to back flip I was so tired that I kind of did a backwards dive without being stretched out.

      Dream 3(work, no labels, call): I was at work but it was a special event because we were not at our usual location. We were doing well but having a bunch of problems with the computers. Labels werent printing right and me and Dave were trying to get this working again. We were both trying to use 1 computer to reprint this 1 label and then the screen started doing some weird thing where it looked like it was slowly generating an image. He gave up and I went back at it. I didnt get it to work properly. I also got a call at one point and I took it in the back. I remember enjoying the call. At the end it was me and 1 other employee left.

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    5. amazing re-experience of dreams

      , 07-03-2020 at 02:47 PM
      A few months ago I had this incredible dream I title E N I G M A. It's not entirely lucid, but I hope this inspires people. This is re-typed up in a more usual way since the official entry (https://www.reddit.com/r/LucidDreami..._2020/fj5r395/) I tried to show how mysterious and unusual this dream was.

      The dream begins in New York City and I sense something out of my vision, so I go to check it out. I re-experience my best flying dream, SOAR, where I see the clouds trail by in the blue sky, feeling the wind blow past my face. I grab a cloud and feel it against my skin, with my previous shout "Sugoi" used as a powerful anchor. The scene transitions and I lower myself down to the ground, where I am in CHARISMABBY, a dream where I hung out with my crush in Taj Mahal. With the sweet nostalgia remaining in the background, I see a golden diamond trinket in the middle of the hallway, and pick it up. I then see myself in a big beautiful garden from my dream New Telekinesis, and pick a flower from below. This leads to another completely different scene: I'm in Ice, Ice Baby, where I had experimented with ice powers in a cold landscape. I see a hint of the northern lights, and I transition this to complete darkness, resembling TRUE SYNESTHESIA, where I had seen music as colors. Here the colors flow very nicely, as if the song originally from CHARISMABBY had been transposed to this dream. I become lucid and summon my dream guide to talk to her for a while. The rest of the dream is in darkness, but it is reaffirming the strength of the beginning.
    6. Lucid, looking for the master no. 2 and feeding birds

      by , 07-03-2020 at 09:20 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm next to the corner to the main street next to my house. I realize it's a dream and remember my goal about finding an avatar bending master that can teach me how to always be able to do all kinds of bending in my dreams. I see a weird person in front of me and scream out. "You are the mastere, teach me!". I don't get a clear answer and I try to summon some fire. I succed but it's only a very small fire in my hand. I remember it was a very long lucid, or it was two different dreams. In this next part I was also lucid.

      I'm flying and suddenly I'm next to my house. I see that it's a nice looking sky and decide to just take a good seat and spectate this amazing view. I fly up on my roof and find a perfect position where I see the sun glowing really cool. It's all beautiful and suddenly three doves come flying. I decide to feed them. I fly next to them and they first fly away but when I take the seeds they fly into my hands. It's a good feeling as I feel the birds against my hands.

      Notes: I know there was so much more to the dreams but I don't remember. I love birds and they are one of my dream signs.
    7. 27 ld

      by , 07-03-2020 at 07:31 AM
      27 ОС. Состав стены.
      11 декабря 2011

      Я был в незнакомой комнате. Сразу вспомнил про план - пройти сквозь стены. Подхожу к стене пробую - не выходит. Решил попробовать отодрать со стены обои. Снимались они поразительно легко, но под одним слоем находился другой слой, за другим третий и так далее. Мне это надоело. Решил по стене кулаком постучать. Было такое чувство, что долбишь не стену, а подушку. Попробовал ещё раз сквозь пройти - опять не вышло. Стал передвигаться вдоль стены и пробовать в разных местах - безрезультатно. Постепенно дошёл до коридора. Увидел, что за этой стенкой находится комната. Пнул ногой стену с края, и она съехала - задвинула дверной проём в ту комнату.
      Далее я пошёл по коридору и оказался у своей выходной двери. Попробовал пройти сквозь неё не вышло. Решил тогда сделать это с разбегу. Результат таков: меня выкинуло из сновиденного тела, и я со стороны наблюдал, как оно врезается в дверь. Нет, думаю так дело не пойдёт. Вернулся назад в тело. Открыл дверь, увидел за ней железную, как и в реале. Зрение стало пропадать. Закрыл дверь и стал ждать. На некоторое время настала темнота, думал сейчас проснусь, но не проснулся вернулся на то же самое место. Стал ощупывать дверь - тактильные ощущения реальны. Решил хотя бы продавить палец сквозь неё. Подставил большой палец и давлю - не продавливается. Мне это надоело ушёл в другую комнату, и там потерял осознанность. Уже в неосознанном состоянии помню опять сдирал обои только не со стены, а с чего-то наподобие стула. На этот раз их содрать получилось полностью. Далее увидел знакомых и уже даже намёков на план не осталось, начисто забыл, что во сне нахожусь =(

      1. Под одним слоем обоев оказывались другие слои. И так до бесконечности.
      2. Стена была мягкая, как подушка.
      3. Снова попал в позицию наблюдателя.
      4. Продавить пальцем дверь насквозь не вышло.

      27 LD. The composition of the wall.
      December 11, 2011

      I was in an unfamiliar room. I immediately remembered the plan - to go through the walls. I go to the wall and try - it doesn’t come out.
      I decided to try to tear off the wallpaper from the wall. They were shot amazingly easily, but under one layer was another layer, after another a third and so on. I am tired of this.
      I decided to knock on the wall with my fist. It felt like hammering not a wall, but a pillow. I tried to go through again - it didn’t work again.
      I began to move along the wall and try in different places - to no avail. Gradually reached the corridor. I saw that there was a room behind this wall. He kicked the wall from the edge, and she moved out - pushed the doorway into that room.
      Then I went down the corridor and ended up at my exit door. I tried to go through it did not work. Then I decided to do it with a run.
      The result is this: I was thrown out of a dreaming body, and I watched from the side how it crashes into a door. No, I think this will not work. Returned back to the body.
      I opened the door, saw an iron door behind it, as in real life. Vision began to disappear. I closed the door and waited. For a while it was dark, I thought I would wake up now, but did not wake up, I returned to the same place.
      I began to feel the door - tactile sensations are real. I decided to at least push a finger through it. I put my thumb in and press - it doesn’t squeeze. I got tired of it went to another room, and there I lost consciousness.
      Already in an unconscious state, I remember again tearing off the wallpaper not only from the wall, but from something like a chair. This time they were completely ripped off. Then I saw acquaintances and there weren’t even a hint of a plan, I completely forgot that I was in a dream = (

      1. Under one layer of wallpaper appeared other layers. And so on ad infinitum.
      2. The wall was as soft as a pillow.
      3. Again fell into the position of observer.
      4. It was not possible to push through the door with your finger.
    8. underwater

      by , 07-03-2020 at 06:41 AM
      Tab got closed and deleted what I wrote gjeaoirgjaeogiajergoijacvzb!

      I'll just summarize the parts I wrote.

      On second floor of Japanese school. Storage room. Magical transportation device. I was with a companion as we went inside. We met an old man under the secret passageway of a tunnel. He told us about the underwater city that we would be headed to. Explaning to us that we could not use firearms sort of things since they did not work underwater and to use only physical weapons. Me and my companion stayed in a bedroom or a spare room for what was like a day or 2 according to the story. There was a journal there, a picturebook journal that was explaining something... We head through a hole in the ground and head for the city.

      The underwater city looked just like a regular suburbs. We had something that helped us breathe normally and it really felt like regular city. But there were some particular differences there. I forget what we did there now though... I found Steven down there in the underwater city, there was something related to horse betting sort of thing I guess. I had recalled a story that I read prior and thought about it earlier during the day. That thought may be the initiator of this topic though.


      Some other dreams

      trying to dj inside the dream FAs
    9. 26 ld

      by , 07-03-2020 at 04:53 AM
      26 ОС. Знают ли персонажи меня?
      10 декабря 2011

      От студенческой столовой до меня стали доноситься запахи: картофельное пюре, котлеты горячие. То что запахи доносились до меня с большего расстояние меня не волновало.
      "Так стоп! Я же во сне не могу различать запахи. Так это сон.", - пронеслось у меня в голове.

      Вспомнил, что в неосознанном сне фотографировал здание, решил и сейчас достать фотоаппарат. Фотоаппарат оказался старый. Я быстренько сфотал, и положил его в карман.

      Перешёл дорогу и увидел машину, стоящую на тротуаре. Давно мечтал это сделать - запрыгнуть на машину. На капот запрыгнуть почему то не получилось. Вместо того, чтобы встать ногами, встал почему то коленками. На крышу машины умудрился запрыгнуть уже ногами. Было ощущение, что я иду не по крыше машины, а по батуту. Кстати в машине был водитель, но на мои хулиганские действия он никак не прореагировал, не соизволил даже выйти.

      Спрыгнув с машины стал смотреть по сторонам. Увидел пожилую женщину, считай уже бабушку. Сначала решил к ней не подходить, потом вспомнил свой план спросить у спрайтов своё имя, и подошёл. Бабушка шла довольно таким быстрым шагом, что мне пришлось ускорится, чтобы спросить её.
      -Ты знаешь моё имя?
      Отвечала она как то неохотно. Даже отвернулась, когда я спрашивал.
      Я остановился. Решил вслед спросить её какую-нибудь ерунду.
      - Вы не знаете как пройти на улицу Б2Р?(Первое что в голову взбрело).
      Ничего мне не ответила.

      Пошёл дальше, увидел трёх парней. Третий куда то отсеялся, осталось два. Я спрашиваю у одного
      - Ты знаешь кто я?
      - Нет
      - А ты?
      - Знаю.
      - Как меня зовут?
      - Назвал моё имя в уменьшенной форме, так как часто знакомые называют.
      - "Ну а у тебя моё имя не имеет уже смысл спрашивать", - сказал я первому.

      Лицо второго парня, который меня знает, показалось мне смутно знакомым. Этот второй зачем то протянул руку и стал дотрагиваться до моей спины. Я сделал то же самое и он убрал руку. Далее чтобы от него избавится, я его раскрутил и сказал:
      - Отведи меня туда не знаю куда.
      - Хорошо пошли.
      Сделал пару шагов за ним, потом подумал к чёрту мне это надо, ещё точно отведёт куда сам не знает.

      На дороге появились грузовики, но они просто объезжали нас. Я же развернулся и побежал. Несмотря на то, что бежал быстро, было ощущение, что эти парни меня скоро догонят. Тогда я решил взлететь. Взлетел и медленно направился в сторону, где я живу в реале. Решил попробовать метод расширения глаз, чтобы побыстрее оказаться там. Зрение стало портиться, причём правый глаз видел хуже чем левый. Возникло чувство, что левый глаз сейчас наяву откроется, я даже увидел свет, что странно, так как в реале нигде свет не горел. Сожмурил глаза. Зрение более или менее восстановилось. Пролетел ещё некоторое расстояние и проснулся.

      1.Осознался из-за запахов.
      2. Сбылась мечта - попрыгал по крыше автомобиля.
      3. Спрайт знал мое имя.
      4. Бежал довольно быстро.
      5. Удалось полетать.
      6. Были странные проблемы со зрением. Показалось будто бы открыл глаза, и увидел непонятный свет.

      26 LD. Do the characters know me?
      December 10, 2011

      From the student cafeteria, smells began to come to me: mashed potatoes, cutlets hot. The fact that smells came to me from a greater distance did not bother me.
      "So stop! But in a dream I can’t distinguish smells. So it’s a dream," flashed through my head.

      I remembered that in an unconscious dream I was photographing a building, I decided to get a camera now. The camera turned out to be old. I quickly took a picture, and put it in my pocket.

      I crossed the road and saw a car standing on the sidewalk. I have long dreamed of doing this - jumping onto a car. For some reason, jumping onto the hood failed. Instead of getting up, I got up for some reason with my knees. On the roof of the car, I managed to jump already legs. There was a feeling that I was walking not on the roof of the car, but on a trampoline. By the way, there was a driver in the car, but he didn’t react to my hooligan actions, didn’t even deign to leave.

      Jumping from the car began to look around. I saw an old woman. At first I decided not to approach her, then I remembered my plan to ask my sprites for my name, and went up. Old woman walked at such a fast pace that I had to speed up to ask her.
      -Do you know my name?
      She answered reluctantly. Even turned away when I asked.
      I stopped. I decided to ask her some nonsense afterwards.
      “You don’t know how to get to B2R street?” (The first thing that got into my head).
      She didn’t answer me.

      The face of the second guy who knows me seemed vaguely familiar to me. This second one for some reason reached out and began to touch my back. I did the same and he removed his hand. Further, in order to get rid of it, I untwisted it and said:
      - Take me there I don’t know where.
      - Let's go well.

      I went on, I saw three guys. The third one dropped out somewhere, there are two left. I ask one
      - You know who I am?
      - Not
      - And you?
      “I know.”
      - What is my name?
      - He called my name in a reduced form, as acquaintances often call.
      - “Well, it doesn't make sense to ask my name,” I said to the first.
      I took a couple of steps after him, then I thought to hell with it, I’ll definitely take me where I don’t know.

      Trucks appeared on the road, but they just circled us. I turned around and ran. Despite the fact that I was running fast, there was a feeling that these guys would catch up with me soon. Then I decided to take off. I took off and slowly headed towards where I live in real life.

      I decided to try the method of expanding my eyes to quickly get there. Vision began to deteriorate, and the right eye saw worse than the left. There was a feeling that the left eye would now open in reality, I even saw the light, which is strange, since in real life the light did not burn anywhere.

      I squinted my eyes. Vision more or less recovered. I flew some more distance and woke up.

      1. Confessed due to smells.
      2. A dream came true - I jumped on the roof of the car.
      3. Sprite knew my name.
      4. I ran pretty fast.
      5. Managed to fly.
      6. There were strange vision problems. It seemed as if I opened my eyes and saw an incomprehensible light.