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    1. okay

      by , 07-01-2020 at 06:12 PM
      I'll write what I remember and add more later maybe.

      The first dream seem so vague now. I remember being questioned somewhere though. It was pretty long but that's all I remember right now.

      I recall being in some small apartment complex. It wasn't a highrise and it was 2 floors total I think. I recall being in this place in another dream though, or atleast similar. In that dream I remember I was following a girl or was it a man who was teaching me how to abuse the system. The system, was like a sort of a pyramic scheme that tricked you into borrowing money from them at absurd interest rates. They showed me a loophole in it where you could borrow an insane amount of money and barely pay any back since there was a bug or glitch in their software inside their office that had alot of computers for you to access your account.Eventually though, they were after me or the character and I recall being in a room similar to the one in the present dream right now. I'd hid inside the closet until they'd leave but one of them recognized that I was there.

      But anyways, in this dream I remember going into the closet or a secret passageway into a secret room. There was something there, recalling though... Feel like it might be influenced by a game or a previous dream since it does have familiarity to it. It was like a some sort of ritual room or warehouse where things were hidden. Yeah, now that I am typing it out, my memories are coming back. It was just a hidden room with bunch of things, old things being stored there. As I looked through some of them I hear a voice. How could there be a voice if there was no one here? There was barely any space for anyone to hide as it was a very small room. It was a farie. It came with me for the rest of my journey in this dream. I can't remember what we did right now though but I suppose it wasn't that interesting since I can't recall anything distinct. I just remember leaving the room, getting out and talkaing to some friend in their apartment or something like that.


      I was inside a house, it was a wide old house with 1-2 floors. Depending on how you'd look at it really. You could call the second floor the first floor if you consider the first floor as the basement. The outside fo the hosue was made of dark wood, or atleast painted dark wood material, pretty old but built pretty well. I suppose this house sort of reminds me of jack's house. Apparently I was living there in this story and there were guests coming. It was sort of a long dream, maybe felt like 4 hours. I was playing with the children of the guests most of the time. I had my own room there on the second floor, they kids came in. I think they went down after dinner was ready or something. And I recall the house changed or the structure changing somewhere around here. So thsi could have been a very easy sign to get lucid, so get lucid! But anywho I went upstairs after and went to the bathroom, the bathroom was pretty big honestly, there was a couch on the opposite side of the toilet and tehr was a TV on the side of the toilet. There was some sort of action cartoon or something that reminds me of power ranger that was playing, a kid's show really.

      Oh before noticing this, I recall stripping in the bathroom because it was hot here and people coming in the bathroom ran away embarassed after. So I was sitting down on the bathroom couch watching TV and I remember I was looking for a child earlier, one of the kids that came here but I couldn't find him/her and I was trying to find them to make sure they were safe. And the girl sitting in the couch next to me was cradling the small child or something so it was all okay.

      I remember there was so much more random stuff going on in this dream but oh well, maybe will add it on later or not.

      I also remember visiting a temple, it was a Japanese temple with one of those money boxes where you could throw in a dollar( 100yen) and make wishes sort of thing. It was a holiday in this dream I think.


      I could have gotten lucid by watching my thoughts more carefully in between awakenings instead of getting distracted by thoughts in between awakenings. Could have noticed that my thoughts were distracted and just the intention to LD probably would have worked. REMEMBER to NOTICE!

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    2. WILD Attempt 4, A Dream Fragment

      by , 07-01-2020 at 03:53 PM (Life's Recollections)
      First, the WILD (wake induced lucid dream) attempt (because it happened first):

      As per usual, went to bed and set an alarm for 4-5 hours out. This time I went to bed around 11 PM and set an alarm for about 4 AM. I probably fell asleep around 11:20.

      I woke up, peed, sat on the edge of my bed for my 15 minutes, and thought about my upcoming dream. I decided I would try to go into the spaceship I saw in the hypnagogic imagery (HI) from the night before that woke me out of my WILD attempt. I settled also on a simple mantra: "Enter," meant to mirror the immediacy of Sageous' "dive," while communicating the intention of entering the dream.

      I laid down on my back in the bed and began with my mantra. I tried shifting my attention inside my head more than I have the previous days and intentionally shutting out the bodily noise (both the feeling of my body lying there and the small sounds in the room). I probably only laid there about 20 minutes this time and encountered some of the usual problems (swallowing, an itch at one point). I found myself becoming a little frustrated and reflecting on something I had typed yesterday: I have a hard time falling asleep on my back, and it feels as though I could lie there for hours and never quite get there unless I'm very tired.

      In response to the frustration and the fact that I couldn't let the thought go, as well as remembering that the WILDs I have succeeded with happened on my side in the past (although I thought, really, that lying on your back makes more sense because it's harder to fall asleep totally as I tend to do quickly), I decided to abandon the position and roll onto my side. After awhile of lying there in such a way, still awake, repeating my mantra, I felt the need to move yet again. At that point I committed to just doing the sloppiest WILD I could to see if it would meet with success, by which I mean, every time I wanted to move, I moved. Every time I wanted to swallow or scratch or whatever, I went ahead and did it and returned to my previous position.

      My logic in giving over to this was that when I'm going to sleep, I tend to shift positions 3-4 times until I find the one I like and then I fall asleep rather quickly. I figured if I shifted positions several times while repeating my mantra and maintaining focus, I'd eventually find the position I liked, fall asleep within a few minutes, and manage to keep awake while doing so. Maybe. I didn't really know; I just figured it was worth a shot.

      Well, when lying in each of these positions I sometimes got as far as HI happening, but then would end up shifting and moving, and therein saw the flaw: my constant moving kept setting me back in the WILD (perhaps obvious in retrospect). But I figured when I did find the correct position, I'd fall asleep so quickly it would be as though progress wasn't lost.

      Ultimately, I probably moved about 3 times, eventually settled into one position, and as expected, I went out like a lamp. Unfortunately my consciousness didn't stay with me, and I had felt it fading already when I had moved into that last position so it's not surprising.

      • Just one main one, I need to experiment with either timing or position because something feels wrong about the 15 minutes up, and then lying on my back. I think both together are too strong of an obstacle for the WILD to culminate in me actually falling asleep, especially when I add in all the thought-work of repeating the mantra and visualizing the dream. My mind is so busy that lying in an uncomfortable position after having so much time to wake myself up pretty much just ends up with me lying there very awake and struggling to become sleepy.
      • In the sake of eliminating one of the above, I'll start tonight by shortening my WBTB to as long as it takes to get up, pee, and go back to bed (i.e. 1-2 minutes), but still lying on my back. This is against Sageous' advice, but I just think I should try it because my intuition tells me that it may help.
      • If shortening the WBTB does not help (I still have trouble falling asleep), I'll extend it to 15 minutes (or more), and I'll just begin the WILD on my side in the first place, and commit to not shifting positions. This is harder on my back because it's uncomfortable, but on my side I am comfortable and I suspect will fall asleep more quickly. That's why I will almost have to keep the WBTB longer in that position: otherwise I will fall asleep immediately.

      Now, the dream fragment:

      Normal dream
      Semi-lucid dream
      Lucid dream

      5 AM - 8:30 AM or so:

      I dreamed I was on some kind of comedy game show, and honestly I don't know how I ended up on stage. I remember being in the audience, but somehow I ended up performing/competing. One of the key elements on this stage was that there was a window which exited into a pool of water about a floor down, off the side. When people left the stage, they would dramatically be shown "diving" from this window (I guess as if it were a building window), and land safely in the deep water below.

      Unrelated to this, there was also this girl who did her act in a barrel. It didn't strike me as strange at the time but in retrospect it was very strange: she was always in the barrel even when she was off stage. Which means that she couldn't get back up to the stage without assistance, and lucky for her, the stage had these air tubes she could hop her barrel into, and it would shoot her up to stage level. After I had somehow ended up down where the pool was, I at one point watched her hop her barrel into this tube and be whisked away by air pressure.

      At one point, I somehow (sorry, there's skipping which is why this is a fragment, I can't remember everything) ended up back stage where these tubes connected to the stage. There was a room where there were four tubes in the floor, and two tubes which connected horizontally out to the stage. There was another girl in the room with me, and at the same time as this barrel-girl was getting off the stage by entering a tube, the other girl in the room shouted to me that they were sending up a back of bricks through the floor tubes (so they were going to potentially collide).

      She and I both began yelling through the tubes not to come through, but barrel-girl, now simply sitting on a pillow for some reason, but still holding the barrel-lid above her head like a hat, was already in the tube and coming. I jumped in-front of the tube and scooped her up as she came sliding out and pulled her away from the tubes while the aforementioned sack of bricks (why were they sending a sack of bricks to the stage...?) came hurtling through the tube she was headed for, going upwards, and was sucked in by the in-take tube towards the stage (powerful air!).

      Holding her in my arms (and I have to say, noticing how beautiful barrel-girl was with her wavy brown hair), I gave her a weak smile and said, "which tube am I supposed to drop you in?" and she just said, "the back left." I was already nearly standing over-top of it so with a quick nod, I simply let her go over the tube. I heard some clattering and a small scream and looked over the edge of the tube to see she had spilled from her pillow and dropped her barrel-lid and was sprawled on the floor of the tube. I called down, "are you okay?" and she just said, "yep!" and gathered her pillow and lid and took off. She sounded more embarrassed than hurt, so I minded my own business.

      I'm not sure what else happened but somehow I eventually reached the next day, where I waking up on what appeared to be a school campus. I walked down the sidewalk and was greeted by one of the women on the show with me, who performed some kind of gesture with the burrito she was eating as if she were pulling it from her pocket, and laughed. I had no idea what this meant, but thought it must be a reference to something that happened on the show, so I politely laughed and said, "yeah," as though I had any idea what this woman was doing, then I walked past her and entered the door on my right.

      It instantly went into a Hardee's (a fast food chain) and I began standing in line. Somehow the line got out of the way rather quickly (perhaps a time skip) and I found myself standing at the counter unsure of what to order. However, they had one biscuit which was piled comically high with various things, and I didn't see why not, so I ordered it-- it was called "Drew Crews' Biscuit". I had no idea who Drew Crews was but figured he must be someone famous. Unfortunately the cashier told me, "oh no, we don't have the stuff to make that right now, you have to order that earlier in the morning, we're almost done serving breakfast right now." So I apologized and said, "just give me a couple of bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuits then."

      And then I woke up! Strangely, with "Such Great Heights" stuck in my head out of nowhere.

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    3. At the theatre- (excercising w/ REM-Dreamer mask)

      by , 07-01-2020 at 03:20 PM
      I'm in a theater, there's a man DC sitting to my right. I see a lot of empty seats and I'm hearing some chattering behind, in one corner of the room. (I seemed to be distracted and don't remember seing anything on the screen, or if there was any screen at all. I need to be more aware of my surroundings!).
      Then the chatering gets louder and louder, I started thinking was a group of people that I know.
      My view changes to the entrance of the room, there's a robust lady, light skin and with some make up on..( I could see in the dark?! ). The laddy is waiting for a signal to turn the lights on. I look in the corner again and see a dad watching his kid jumping and making noises, seems to be autistic. I switch back to the lady and lights go on, not quite bright enough to brighten the whole room. Now I see the DC, next to me, wearigh a bright white shirt, stands up and looks at me, I say: have a good one..He turns around and walks towards the exit.
      Now I see a kid carring, or better hugging a cardboard box that's almost braking apart, he's strugling to carry it, as he gets closer and closer I see some leafy, colorful begetables. I want to help him but he doesent let go much. I'm barely holding it in one corner..I think: "probably he need some excersise carring stuff. We exit the room together, and now we're in a big bright hallway. As we put the box down I see he has lost a big amount of weight!, hes abdome is looking a lot slimer. (He looks like one of my special ed. students) I look at the box again, now opened, I see some carrots, a cabage, and other leafy greens.

      I have decided to wear the REM- dreamer again, every other day. I was able to wear the a REM mask almost all night!, usually I would take it off while sleeping; of course as I analize and highlited on red, anything could be a real disguise. From vegetables to the make up on a person.
      Blinking signals of the mask could also disguise as the kid jumping up and down; (not so much the noise since the sound mode was off)... And so on, it's a great tool but still requieres lots of practice and not recomended for people with seisures!
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    4. Yes theory video

      by , 07-01-2020 at 02:37 PM
      Changing the format of my entries to an previous format because I think it helped.

      Before bed I did multiple prayers to increase recall, vividness and to remember to used SSILD after first couple alarms.
      Fell asleep at 2AM.
      Woke up at 7AM, with recall, didnt write down tags
      Woke up at 8:30AM, with recall, didnt write down tags
      Woke up at 9:30AM, with recall. Wrote down tags for 2 dreams when I distinctly remember at least 2 others that I had then forgotten because I didnt write them down.

      What to work on: Writing down tags upon waking from alarm, recalling events of the day when lying in bed. When done meditate until I fall asleep.

      Dream 1(Yes video @ dep -> football): I was at the corner dep with someone from yes theory and they made a video in the depanneur. I remember buying ketchup and it was 6 for 3. The ketchup was like candy canes. After we left he said that whoever makes the best edit of that video will get a prize. As we were walking back home some guy came down the street behind us and said that they were supposed to have playd football with them. They immediately asked some nearby strangers for a football and start playing, then I realized I forgot I had a football in my hands.

      Dream 2(late for work): I was very late for work and was stressed out about that.

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    5. Swimming

      by , 07-01-2020 at 01:56 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I remembered much more when I woke up but ended up doing other things. Now I just remember this.

      I'm with some people that are friendly. There is water and there is a leader telling us we have two different options. I chose the one that includes swimming so I jump into the water and start swimming.

      Notes: I remember the feeling of jumping into the water. I swam in the sea with my cousins some days ago, that's why I dreamt this.
      Tags: swimming
    6. bugs

      by , 07-01-2020 at 02:55 AM
      Laptop bugs classroom

      The first dream took place inside a calssroom. The school was more of an westeren one, rather it was a western school. The classroom was on the first floor in a dark ish corriodor and I wentside for class. I had a laptop with me there and as I opened it up, I noticed there were alot of bugs flying around. Trying to get rid of them for a while. Felt like 3-4 hours of just idle times, didn't do much interesting things. Ideally in this long span of time I could have gotten lucid and done something more interesting.

      Left the classroom after a while.

      I think the bugs theme came from just having bugs in the backyard during the day.

      The dream was about a young man who was working part time or maybe even full time at a restaurant. He began working there after highschool and decided to keep going. I saw him go to work from the ahllways of his school. Maybe it's the same school as the previous dream, but I can't be for certain. I followed him up North somewhere or it felt like north. But it ended up somewhere downtown or central hotspot of the city. It was a quaint little restaurant, maybe Italian. The owner was a middle aged dark haired man, maybe he was slightly balding. Our protagonist greeted him and worked there, few other co-workers there, mostly female waitresses at the restaurant.

      Then it happend. He was let go of his job. Business was slow so he was fired, or rather I think the business just closed down. And he didn't know what to do really. I felt all his emotions swelling up within, feeling lost and all those kind of things. He'd been happy before that, just content with making a little money and just living day by day.etc

      I think this dream was related to a story I heard earlier during the day. It was about a man who was let go because the business was slow. His initial job was a dancer though, and was working as a waiter after. So that does appear to be pretty likely source of this dream.


      Power nap. Became aware during the end of nap. Didn't focus on lucid dreaming though so I just visualized some stuff. The sudden sense of awareness made it dissipate though. But I could have engaged my senses or forced it to have more sensations to make it realistic. I could have tried, I could have, even if the alarm going to ring very soon; I could have time dilated and made it last longer.

      Probably the best course of action was to DEILD, or engage senses like MR's techniques.
    7. Lots of shootings

      by , 07-01-2020 at 02:28 AM
      I'm outside in some unknown street, afternoon time and there seems to be a stadium behind me. Then out of the sudden I hear gun shots, and people started running. I dock a little and I'm a bit concerned because I don't see where the shooting is coming from. Then I see a car coming, my perception zooms and goes inside of it, there are about 5 coworkers from the school I use to work in. JO, a teacher is on the wheel, she steps on the gas as she comes near a curbside, near the side walk Im standing by. Apparently a gang, commanded by some french girls are shooting guns all over...
      I manage to go away from the shooting and now I'm calmer, I'm sitting on a bench, trying to read an e-sign with red leters moving from right to left. Then a DC, male, appears on my right and shoots me on the torso. I fell in slow motion while feeling a strong jolt from the shot impact, that transitions to WL. Then I wake up.