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    1. Short Experience

      by , 02-27-2023 at 04:40 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I have had a seemingly endless string of layer 0 and layer 2 lucid experiences in the past month. Most of which have been documented in my private DJ. Presently my main computer is out for repairs and my DJ archive is at my mum's house so I'm just going to post here. Conveniently this one is both lucid and doesn't pretain to anything personal so...

      There was an earlier layer 0 dream. I think it involved being stuck on an island waiting for my father while vacationing somewhere. Then as I gained a sublte bit of lucidity I transitioned to speaking with Manei. She was asking if it would be possible to go surfing and skiing/snowboarding in the same day. This seemed to be in the continuity where she lived on earth in southern california and my response was "sure". One could go surfing in the morning then drive across the state into the mountains and go skiing in the evening. (A quick check of google maps says, yes, this travel arrangement would be very possible.)


      I was at my old childhood home, walking outside. I was occupying my dream body and headed out into a heavy mixture of rain and snow. Though I was wearing nothing more than boxer shorts. I reminded myself "its a dream, I can't actually be cold from lack of temperature." I could still feel the rain though, it was cold but not in a way that was unpleasant.

      "Flight on. Maximum dream stability." I commanded.

      I pushed downwards in my traditional manner and jumped into the air hoping to initiate flight. Despite my best efforts I only got a few feet off the ground before drifting back down. I had no visual of my fire jets either. I tried again, glancing down to either side trying to make the visual appear and get more practical use out of my flying method. This seemed to work as I got two or three meters off the ground before I began to drift back down to the ground. When I did I had the distinct and vivid sensation of my bare feet touching the cold wet pavement of the street. I remember wondering why the dream control had failed. It shouldn't have been because of the weather or environment, the first time I ever used my fire jets it was cold and humid like this.

      Ultimately I resolved to simply conduct some other type of dream control. I remembered the next DV comp is starting in a day or two and that I should practice and I remembered the last time I scored a lot of points by changing sex in a dream. I thought that I should try and repeat that.

      Before I could initiate the transition, The dream destabilized. I could tell I was waking up, but it destabilized in a very interesting way. I felt like everything was shrinking. The whole world shrank beneath my feet. Houses, trees, cities and the entire united states. I was drifting away from it as it and the moon shrank away beneath me. I was treated to a view of the solar system with the orbits of planets depicted as blue glowing lines. I managed to grab onto them with the effect of strings. They all stretched into teardrop shapes as I preverbially and literally held onto the dream. I reached with my other hand to grab the sun, a tiny yellow-white marble which was warm and tingly to the touch.
    2. Dream Guide!

      by , 02-27-2023 at 04:30 PM
      I wrote this during the night, so I mostly just recorded the lucid part in detail. I might elaborate more on the non-lucid later. The child-man-ape things were rather creepy, and might be worth sharing.

      Up kind of late. It’s about 1:00 now. I took about 2mg of melatonin a bit ago.


      WBTB, read some scripture, went to the bathroom, tried a bit of meditation.


      Dream Guide (Lucid)

      Apes, and those four child-man-ape things. They want to attack me, bite me with their teeth. A monument that I think is not well constructed. Trying to sleep in the monument, then worrying about the cops waking me up. Guitar dog. Machine, which is my friend. It takes off down the road, and wrecks. I worry about someone or something being hurt. I go to see, and find that a couple of little animals seem to have been wounded. I feel it’s my responsibility to shoot them.
      ...I decide to hold off on shooting the animals until I look up whether or not they feel pain. Heading back out of the barn, I decide that I should do a RC for some reason. I do a nose pinch, and can still breathe. I’m dreaming! I think about how this is worth 10 points (possibly forgetting that the competition hasn’t started yet), and then think I should work on a task. What task? At first I think I try to find a place – I don’t remember what exactly. Having a bit of trouble finding it, and then I decide to try to find my dream guide. I start asking for the guide, or possibly saying something like “the guide is around the next corner”. Now I’m no longer in the barn, but in a larger building. I see someone up ahead. There is a short, but wide, flight of stairs leading to a corridor that runs perpendicular, and this is where the man is. I start chasing after him (there is something for a moment or two where there is someone else with him but I don’t know what becomes of the other guy) and catch up to him. He is a somewhat heavyset man, with a somewhat thin, sandy-colored beard. He is wearing some kind of shirt or jacket, I think, with words on the back. He has a kind of archaeologist feel to him, a bit of a cross between a couple of archaeologists I know in waking life and “Nigel” from the Jumanji movie.

      “Are you my dream guide?” I ask.

      “Yes, I guess so,” he replies.

      My memory is a bit fuzzy here, and I might lose lucidity for a bit. I have a couple of business cards that I try to fish out of my pocket and give to him. He is looking for a site to do some archaeological work, and seems interested in a place where I worked once. I seem to regain some lucidity, I think I want the guide to teach me something. He responds by pushing me down a set of stairs. I get the feeling that there is something he wants me to learn on my own, and at this point he isn’t going to help me (at least in a micro-managing sort of way). I remember thinking that he got me out of somewhere (a backrooms type situation, or something).

      Now I’m in a basement area. I seem to lose lucidity again. Someone is messing with an explosive – there is some chemical that makes people do weird things. I try to hide (with someone else?) while he sets off the explosive. Then there is something about going back in time, or trying again, to stop him. The solution is not to do something with the match as the man tries to light it. This makes him try to light it with a match that isn’t working as well (otherwise he would just start rubbing the now wood with his hand until it caught fire). Then I am able to stop him, although I think his hand and arm now look like a glowing, charred piece of wood. There is a large freezer nearby, and we go in. There is some conversation about whether or not I remember smells and such (maybe – the memory is kind of fuzzy). He seems to be hallucinating. He is also a reflection in a large mirror now, and is naked. I take the mirror out of the freezer, and out to where the burning stuff was. I think maybe the transition from the cold to the heat might cause the glass to crack, which it does. I think I drop the mirror. It falls backwards to the ground, and shatters. I worry that this might have been the only way to access my dream guide, but someone nearby says something about that not being the case.

      Elaboration on the Child-Man-Apes

      There were some people, possibly scientists. Actually, Charles Darwin might have been there. I get the idea that they may have been discussing evolution. They were going to do some test with an ape, involving it putting boards/shingles up against the wall of a cabin. I seem to be involved in some way. I think the ape attacks me. It is as though I've done something wrong, and as a consequence I'm now under attack not only by the ape, but by four creatures. These creatures look like a cross between large children, or sickly adults, and chimpanzees. They come after me, trying to bite at me. I seem to recall the thought of their teeth biting me was specifically repulsive. I think I go hide somewhere, also trying to sleep, possibly. But there is still that creepy thought that the creatures will find me. This might be where I come across the guitar dog - which is a sort of cross between a guitar and a dog. I really like this dog, and lay there petting it. It has some weird gelatinous thing lining the outside of its stomach. This eventually becomes a machine, I think, about the size of an automobile and with a couple doll-like pieces. I treat this like it is living. When I turn around and go back to where I had been laying, it moves away on its own and starts off down the street. I chase after, worrying that it might hurt someone. It does, in fact, wreck. When I show up to the scene, it appears that it has injured some small deer or rabbit-like things. I feel responsible for putting them out of their misery, and have a shotgun with me. I don't want to, but I feel like I should put them down. I try to catch, them, and go into a barn looking for them. This leads into the dream above...

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