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    1. Competition - day 1

      by , 03-02-2023 at 09:20 PM
      - I'm in a group of people with new technology that allows you to erase bad memories. Only thing is, all the bad memories are building up and will eventually return to everyone. This scares the crap out of me.
      - A part with Batman on the roof of a rainy building, waiting for a villain to show up. I'm there too, but apparently that ruins the atmosphere.
      - I'm in a car with my friend, driving around my apartment.

      - I'm with my father. We walk through a neighborhood, and then through an empty field to the rest of civilization. The sky is a weird purple, and everything feels surreal. I mention to my father how the reason that the neighborhood is cut off from the rest of the urban space is because it was procedurally generated.
      - 3D sculpting a character's head
      - My sketches win a competition, and everyone is impressed, but I secretly just got them online. I feel guilty but don't know how to explain myself.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Spring 2023 Competition Day One

      by , 03-02-2023 at 09:16 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I am randomly lucid but I go with the dream plot which is something that has been happening
      a lot lately
      I am Batman and I am fighting Deathstroke. I win and take him prisoner in the bat cave. I try interogating him to find out who hired him.

      Later his daughter Rose wants me to free him. I try to take her prisoner but she turns into a cat! I trap her in a box so that she can't turn back into a person. Not long after I wake up to my alarm.
    3. Comp Day 1

      by , 03-02-2023 at 05:13 PM
      3-2-23 Comp Day 1 (attempted MILD, WBTB and Visualization while falling asleep)
      Dream Snippets

      2 points
      (WBTB Almost but Fail) As the vision of a first dream came to me I was still aware that I was soon to be falling asleep again. I was wading in water and I was able to see through the water and see that there was a paved path I was following. I was about waist deep looking down and watching my feet and then I saw some tiny minnows. I decided to swim and go under water because I knew that if I went under the water and noticed that I was breathing, Iíd become lucid. Well I did go under water, and I was able to breathe, but I didnít really go lucid. I was still aware that I was dreaming and I felt the feeling of swimming and even dove down and went deeper feeling that feeling of free falling even, but I lost awareness of it and any other memory past this.

      1 point
      There was an outdoor drainpipe at the bottom of a slight hill, someone was draining water from somewhere above on the hill into this drainpipe. Then it seemed like a storm came and a ton of water came down the hill and brought with it loose dirt and some smaller debris then ended up clogging the drain opening. There was another MDC that was trying to unclog the drain with some type of plunger as more and more water kept coming down.

      1/2 point
      (fragment lots more I can't remember) Another dream I had was about garbage everywhere and I was feeling annoyed because nobody had been cleaning up after themselves. The garbage which was like wrappers from food packaging and just crumpled up papers were piled behind stuff on counters. Nobody was throwing stuff away into the garbage cans and just left it all over the counters and behind stuff.

      1 point
      I came down these stairs, really old looking stairs, probably old cement and there was a sheet that was dropped from the ceiling to sort of shield the room and the stairwell. I walked down and peeked through an opening and saw some type of warehouse. There was a MDC and he seemed to be in a uniform, maybe military. I had coins in my hand, a few dimes, a couple quarters and nickels, maybe some pennies too, but the dimes were different. They seemed different from the US coin and seemed special. They had a straight edge design around the outsides. I went over to a large bag, it was made of a thick cotton off white color and I ended up dumping the coins into this bag. The opening was kind of small and seemed fuzzy with fluffed material so I couldn't see inside and I dropped one of the dimes. The MDC was just standing there watching me saying nothing and doing nothing. I got down and ran my hands along the floor till I felt that dime at the edge of the carpet remnant, and picked it up and dumped it into the bag.

      1 point
      I was in some kind of a vehicle and a MDC was driving, I was the passenger. The guy who was driving it was slowly approaching the edge of a very high cliff. I was expecting that he was going to stop before reaching the edge. But he didnít stop. He kept on going till the vehicle fell off the edge and started falling, but suddenly transformed into a helicopter and we started flying. I was mad and wasnít enjoying the Ďflight or rideí or whatever it was supposed to be because it scared me too much at first and I stayed mad even after I knew we were safe and under control. It was like he did that on purpose had I known we would continue over the edge and then fly; I might have enjoyed the dream more. hahaha

      1 point
      I was out doors when I noticed a swarm of wasps flying towards me so I started to run away from them. I couldnít run fast enough, but I made it into a garage which had open ends anyhow. As I got into the garage and all the wasps followed me in as well. There was a long counter on the left wall of the garage and it had a ton of stuff on it, but the thing I was looking for was a blue and white cooler. I opened the cooler and it too was full of stuff. I seemed to be looking for a container of worms. But for what purpose I do not know. (fishing did not enter my mind and thatís the only thing Iíd use worms for) At this time, I noticed that they were not landing on me and I did not get stung. They were landing on the ground. And the swarm seemed to have thinned out a lot. I attempted to swat a few in the air with a fly swatter but seemed to miss them. Then I ended up smashing a few that were on the ground. Suddenly I stopped killing them and I felt really bad because they were not attacking me.

      Total Points: 6.5[LINK_TO_ANCHOR][/LINK_TO_ANCHOR]

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    4. Impromptu WBTB Attempt & Dog Code Fragment (Wednesday Night)

      by , 03-02-2023 at 04:24 PM (Dreamlog)
      I remember seeing some kind of dog or animal. It had a chunk of its body missing, and there was machine or code running underneath.

      My smartwatch vibrate alarm went off at 4:45 today. I wasn't trying to do a WBTB, but the alarm went off because it had gathered enough charge to turn itself on, hence accessing the alarm from last time. Vibration was enough to wake me up from across the room. I figured I might as well salvage the situation, so I took the supplements I was planning for my next WBTB attempt (same as before, Yuschak Primary Trigger) and laid back down.

      I tried to sleep for some time, but my GF's alarm eventually went off around 5:30. I didn't manage to get back to sleep after that. Going to try a non-supplement-assisted WBTB this weekend, while making sure all alarms are not interfering

      2nd Yuschak Primary Trigger Attempt (8Mg Galantamine, 250Mg Choline Bitartrate)

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      Tags: code, dog
      dream fragment
    5. Giving a push (Spring Comp Night 1)

      by , 03-02-2023 at 02:36 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Some dream that was not lucid, but involved my lucid dreaming self. In it, I was asked to help push an interstellar colony ship using my flying powers. Then I found out halfway through the journey that the crew of the ship intended not to pay me/credit me for my help so I abandoned them and refused to slow down the ship at the destination system. Thus they were stuck with no primary drive system hurling through interstellar space for all eternity, unable to slow down.

      I was then flying through space on my own and found a solar system where four stars were stacked vertically on top of each other, hovering there impossibly, and a number of planets including a green gas giant with rings.

      NLD x1
    6. Spring 2023 competition 01/03/2023

      by , 03-02-2023 at 11:58 AM
      Iím being tested , itís a quiz about Elephants.

      My brother is showing me around a catacomb of gold, itís huge and has many varietyís of jewellery designs some of which look very old. He tells me Itís all the gold thatís ever existed.

      Uncle T and dad have found some old voice recording devices in the loft they try to listen to them but what is heard dosent make sense.

      Iím in a cemetery with G fry and my sister we have a fire going to keep us warm. Two lads walk past one of them takes some of my cake so I pick a fight with them.

      I need to use the toilet which is situated in the corridor of a pub, Jamie goes outside to wait for the rest of my work colleagues to arrive some of these are women, just when I decide to use the urinal, they all start walking in. So I immediately stop and a sense of panic is present.

      4 fragments.
      1 dream.
    7. First Spring Competition lucid dream!

      by , 03-02-2023 at 11:35 AM
      After an emotional altercation I left my grandparents house. This emotional state causes me to realize I am dreaming

      I tell myself "I'm dreaming" and at the same time my body starts to slightly levitate, I look down and see my Grandmas house and how incredibly high quality the dream is. I use this opportunity to take flight. I am in a residential neighborhood and my flight is rather uncontrolled for the first 5 to 10 seconds, flying at the same level as single floor house roofs. I notice my right leg is slightly hanging off though, and I use this to my advantage. I decided to use it like a control stick: when I moved it up I would go up and when I moved it down I would go down. Same for left & right. It wasn't perfect, my turning was not crisp at all and overall it was shaky -- but I had some level of control for a sustained flight.

      I am still just flying trough the residential area, I see someone and immediately I start to come crashing down right towards him. I wasn't going fast, but fast enough that when I collided with the Dream Character and he must have flown like 10 meters from the collision site. His body flew trough some kind of a wooden structure as he almost disintegrated in to it. I look at him, slightly expecting him to just make it like all my DCs do since they appear to often be immortal, he didn't though. He was smoking from the friction and soon collapsed to the ground. Oh well,

      At this point I look at my hands. It always has a nice grounding type effect on me, kind of like the concept of stabilization but not really. I notice that my left hands middle finger is about 90% missing, only a small stub being left behind. It looked so grabbable, so I did, and I just kind of pulled it. It didn't grow back, but I knew it didn't matter and that is why I spent only a few seconds on it.

      I am no longer in a residential neighborhood, I am next to a dark wooden stable like structure completely closed off from my side of the building. I see a very small bolted drain hole, now I think what better idea than to unscrew those bolts and enter the hole as miniature me. So I go ahead with it, I unscrew those bolts, take off the cover and try to become small. I couldn't pull it off right then and there, and the drain hole just became smaller until it was basically completely sealed off. I didn't want to deal with this I thought to myself and I continue to explore the area.

      It is all very similar. A farm like area with animal stalls right outside, there have must been 20 of these small square stalls right next to each other. As I'm walking right past these stalls I see that each one has a black dog laying inside. This place is ass, its bleak, empty, not pretty & completely gray with no color in sight. So I do the most logical thing /s, I summon a dream character and [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Ensues.
    8. Spring Competition 2023 - 02.03.23

      by , 03-02-2023 at 11:00 AM
      When I woke up I remembered 1 full dream, and 1 fragment, but I quickly forgot what was about the first one (If I remind then I will write).

      The fragment I memorised was about... Dream Views forum. I don't remember what I was doing, propably I was participating in Spring Competition. I remember I was writing something on my computer.
    9. Of course one power is enough!

      by , 03-02-2023 at 06:54 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday March 1st 2023
      Even one power is too much for normal stuff.
      I am sitting on a weird table, get up and prepare to leave the room I am on and become lucid.
      Once lucid prepare to leave and do my normal thing of invading worlds when someone comes up to me. We talk, the person dares me to prove to them that having powers actually means anything, they say I wouldnít be able to do anything to change the world.
      I ask if I can use teleportation and they say yes, so take that opportunity.
      (There were 4 more wake ups, but will just explain briefly)
      So first thing was get a high class job, used teleportation to mention stuff that was important to the guy who was doing my interview, then made myself important by getting information using teleportation on their customers.
      Once I had enough info, was approved to help with a building but they did not have enough resources. Thankfully I know how to make bricks out of mud, so used teleportation to make them as they were showing me the building and telling me I had to work in there.
      Also managed to talk to the people on the place and get a working environment set up while going up the stairs, because the newbies did not feel like working in a place that was mostly destroyed.
      As we were going down once the tour was done, repaired the broken stairs and rebuilt the place to be much better, the recruiter said he knew something was wrong with me and took me down immediately.
      I see a helicopter coming down and people pointing guns at me telling me to stop in a language I could not understand. Just ignored them while moving towards the person in charge, got shot and just moved my hand to teleport all the bullets to the heads of the people with guns, once they all died while shooting moved all their bullets to the heads of the ones in charge around the planet and got next to the guy who was now the sole survivor. He was speechless.
      Just got close to his ear and told him he would follow the plan I had devised for them with my working teammates and that they would never again see nor try to find me, he understood right away what it meant and everyone agreed to obey me once he tried to call his friends and nobody responded. Allowed myself to wake up at that point.
    10. Hoppy II

      by , 03-02-2023 at 06:19 AM
      It's a beautiful day.

      Clear blue skies, and a space shuttle landing on the moon.

      Hah, the moon! Look around, this is clearly Earth! The moon! You expect me to believe we're on the moon?

      I'm at the airport now. How did I walk all the way here? A woman parks her car in the most obnoxious spot possible. I realize I forgot my luggage and start running back for it; plane takes off in 30 minutes.

      I'm eating cakes. They are OK. A little too sweet, and the interior is hollow. I walk off and sit on one of those children's rides at the park you can rock back and forth with the spring at the bottom. Snoop Dogg is there. I ask him what his name means. He tells me it's just fun to say.

      I'm outside, and everybody is happy that they just won their freedom. A strangely Disney-like experience for a country supposedly recovering from a civil war. A woman outside has a jetpack, and she keeps flying into the wires. We're all worried she will get electrocuted.

      I walk and meet a supposed friend of my parents. I know I will be spending a lot of time with him.

      His dad shows off some strange demonstration where blocks fall from the ceiling and arrange themselves into a TV. I am convinced this is utter genius, and part of a family of games called Hoppy II.

      My new friend plays Hoppy II to open a little puzzle box. I appear semi-lucid at this point, as I'm convinced I need to remember this. Hoppy II is brilliant. Hoppy II is the best idea I've ever heard of.

      We play Hoppy II together now. There is a board. We put a fork into the board. The fork is a thing that happened. Hoppy II is about filling the board with "things that happened." I'm awe-struck.

      I'm back in the post-revolution place. They've really built it up since the last year I was here. I start looking around at the cacti near me, and the traffic, and the hint of fog. The air smells fresh and clean.

      It's a beautiful day.
    11. Mailed

      by , 03-02-2023 at 05:48 AM
      I was playing some competitive game and my rewards came in a stack of boxes. I think my boxes were orange ish and had lions on the front. The rewards I got in this box were probably related to how much I stole from other contestants.

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    12. Spring Competition 2023 - 01.03.23

      by , 03-02-2023 at 03:05 AM
      I totally forgot the competition is starting 1st march (for some reason I thought it is 5th march ), and so shame bc 28.02 i had short LD so its doesn't count Anyway, yesterday I had 1 vivid non-lucid dream and one regular non lucid dream. Because it was yesterday I dont remember these dreams so good right now (I have only tags in my notebook)

      1st one:
      I won some kind of lottery and my reward was studying on very prestige college. In general that lottery was for "rich studens" and I won by accident. I packed my luggage and black limousine come to me. I entered inside with one other guy. [...] We where in old part of town. Propably it was germany - I can recognize classic medival germany architecture. The limousine was drive along to river, and the sky was ligtht, clear and sunny. I very enjoy that trip. [...] My destination was some kind of seminary. When I come in to my dorm I left my luggage and I went on walk. I met my friend from high school.

      The Russian-Ukraine war was break out and army conscript me into. I dont remember what was my role in army, but some part of training I got in seminary.

      Funny thing is that in both of dreams I had education in seminary