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    1. A short dream scene of playing tf2

      by , 03-01-2023 at 05:42 PM
      Playing tf2.
      I was on pl_upward, on blu team, as a spy. I was next to blu spawn, on the building where snipers usually sit. So I disguised as a blue sniper
      (Immediate few dream signs here. As a spy, I’d try being behind the lines of the enemy team, and I wouldn’t be disguising as a blue sniper anyway because I never disguise as my own team.)
      Looking to the left of the building, I see a mirrored version of it (which doesn’t exist in the real pl_upward), with a red sniper on it.
      The red sniper comes to the building I’m on. He appears to be friendly though.
      I look down below the building, and I see many players causing chaos and fighting.
      (I don’t remember exactly how many players were down there, but it was definitely way over 24, which is the player cap for casual tf2 servers. This is another dream sign.)
      That’s all I remember right now from this dream.
    2. Warm up to start of the Comp

      by , 03-01-2023 at 04:16 PM
      March 1st AM dreams (not counting for Comp since Comp doesn't start till 8PM but thought I'd see how this DJ entry works)

      3-1-23 am dreams snippets (MILD a moment of a LUCID DREAM Short lived)

      Just before 6am - I was at work, a combo of S.L. and an office job. I was at a table trying to enter the SRA data to the computer. Nothing was working right and my computer kept moving to the edge of the back of the table. I moved it back to the middle a few times, then I was just feeling weird like something was definitely not right. I turned to look at the office setting and thought about starting to say something is wrong with me when it dawned on me that I was dreaming! Turned Lucid right then. The first thing I thought about was to spin to relocate myself to another scene. I started to spin and while I was spinning I was saying and when I stop spinning I’ll be in the museum and will see (then I couldn't think of the name of the painting I wanted to see. I kept stumbling on names. While spinning for way too long now) Finally mona lisa came to me and when I stopped spinning; it appeared like nothing was there and soon after, I lost all memory of a dream. (NOTE TO SELF: remember to remain calm and touch something to get a stronger lucidity level first before rushing to do your task)

      Fox Puppie, he was so cute and friendly. I found him on the ground and picked him up. He let me hold him and cuddle with him. I ended up at a bar of some sort. There were a lot of people at this bar and I let someone else take the puppy from me. He was adorable.

      I entered an ice cream competition; vanilla with cheesecake; As everyone's bucket was moving to the voters area they were all stacking up in order. I felt I was in fourth place; they only announced the first three winners. There were handing out cups of all the ice-cream but I didn’t take or taste any of it.

      We were staying in this really expensive super wealthy looking and feeling mansion. There was a piano that was covered in a black silky cover which I bumped into the back of. The person I was with seemed to have gone over to the front of it to take a look under the cover.
      I was walking on a road and there was a large truck ahead of me but it was backing up. There were two items in the middle of the road that I needed to go move out of the way so he wouldn’t run them over,

      There was a table of 6 or 8 people. They all suddenly got up and left.

      There were two kids and someone had given them some type of candy. I had not got them candy this time, I was starting to feel bad about it because I did get them something last time I saw them. Later I went into an office where a FDC was behind her desk. She seemed annoyed by the kids. The little boy ended up running in through her door and tripped and fell flat on his belly. But he broke or split into two pieces. His head was several feet from his bottom half. He was tiny but I picked up his head and arms and found his other half and kind of pressed his body back together. The FDC came over and was right there with me when I reattached his body, we both looked at each other and wondered, how is he not dead? Why isn’t there blood running everywhere?

      I was telling a FDC about my lucid dream from earlier and she wasn't listening to me. It’s like she didn’t care and really didn’t want to hear about it at all. I ended up storming out yelling with frustration that nobody ever wants to hear about my dreams. (POS I and read something about someone yelling in their dreams on DV the night before)

      POS = power of suggestion
    3. No Recall (Tuesday Night)

      by , 03-01-2023 at 03:17 PM (Dreamlog)
      Starting the competition off strong by having zero recall day 1! Guess I shouldn't have had that energy drink at 6PM! It was darn good though...oh well. Sorry Team Rabbit!

      Edit: Just kidding. Competition doesn't start 'till 8PM tonight. I'm good!

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      side notes
    4. 3/1 - trying to catch the bus // field trip gone wrong

      by , 03-01-2023 at 02:19 PM
      As I was getting out of work, I realized I wouldn't have a car to go to school with. although my school is a 5 hour walk away, I figure that if I walk fast or even run, I may be able to get there in time for my 6 oclock class. A mile past my workplace, I realize I have been walking in the wrong direction and start getting very anxious now. I wont make it to my class and I wont get my attendance grade. The public transport here is very unreliable, but I decide it is the only way i can make it in time. The street up until now has been very realistic to its real-life counterpart, but as I walk to the "bus station" (which doesnt exist irl) the streets become more run-down with the grass being taller and unmowed and a lot more undeveloped plots. They start reminding me more of the rural streets in Korea. An entrance through a broken chain link fence opens the way to the bus stop, which is an old roman-looking amphitheater-like structure in ruins. There are about 50-70 people sitting quietly throughout the structure waiting for the bus. enough people to keep the bus stop from being comfortably empty, but too little to label as crowded. We were all waiting for our bus to show up in the center, almost like a character in a play. I think I sit next to somebody near the bottom few rows and try to make conversation, but my dream recall suffers here.


      I am chaperoning a field trip, and the kids are running out from the building we just exited. They are running onto the wide road and playing around in the middle of the road. There are no cars on the road and it is abnormally wide, about the width of a highway. On the other side of the street I see buildings which are like the ones on main streets of small Texas towns. I get so afraid and stressed out. I yell out to them to get back on the sidewalk. They don't listen to me, but my boss yells to them to get in line on the sidewalk. They immediately comply, but i find myself at the back of the line as a child now too. We go back into the building we had just exited and are made to walk in a long line until we are shown a video on a laptop. I dont remember the video but it was something about learning to be more feminine. We continue walking in line towards what I assume would be another video, but I wake up before this happens.
    5. Farm Fragment (Monday Night)

      by , 03-01-2023 at 07:05 AM (Dreamlog)
      I'm outside a vaguely familiar farmhouse. There is a goat inside an open-sided pen area with a roof. I'm concerned that it is time to wake up the animals. There is a farmer inside, but he is naked. I'm not bothered by this. Neither is he. I noticed that one of the goats is awake, but it has a big hole in its side and I can see entrails. This doesn't bother me either for some reason. The dream feels foggy and gray in general.

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      Tags: farm, foggy, goat, gray
      dream fragment
    6. Demons are fun to tease.

      by , 03-01-2023 at 04:38 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday February 27th 2023
      Yeah, I know you!
      I am home, everything is super dark. Become lucid while talking to mom and then she says something about needing to go grocery shopping, tell her she does not need to do that because I already filled her fridge.
      She goes to check and sees it filled, teleport out of the way before she questions how I did it at all and just end up in another planet.
      I recognize the signature of energy coming from a different planet from the one I am on right now so prepare to teleport over there when I am pounced by a giant creature made of metal like scales.
      It tries to bite on to my flesh but can’t actually cut anything at all, toss the creature away from me and then prepare to leave when it pounces AGAIN at me. I glare at it and let it know that if it moves I will kill it.
      It freezes mid-way and just stares at me, then gets down and just gets in a resting position while I start flying, still on a night sky.
      Can see a star not far from me and then once I am far away from the planet start using Scan to feel as far out as I can, want to revisit that place, I know that it was someone important that is not very easy to find, or more like I am not someone who visits them often enough and so should be doing that right now.
      Once I get a good feeling of their energy signature teleport over to that planet and finally figure out what was wrong. The poor guy is currently sealed and I Don’t know where exactly.
      His signature is all over the planet and it is the same amount of energy in the whole planet so can’t exactly pin point it, prepare to go about it by using scan but it seems like the memories of him existing are gone which makes things more difficult… will have to do a more specialized research based on missing or changed memories and go from there to find the guy.
      So far, I have been standing on a cloud and it seems someone notices me, as a Thunder attempts to strike at me and I just teleport down and change a bit my appearance as well as my clothes to fit what is normally used on this planet.
      How long has it been since I visited them? A few hundred years I think, based on what I read from Scan but it is hard to tell based on how much I travel around.
      Look at the location I am in, an abandoned house or school like place, it seems to be half in ruins from the looks of it but Scan tells me that the place is still in use and very regularly so, just not at this time of the night, unfortunately feel myself waking up and just let it happen.
      Back to sleep.
      I am walking alone in desolate hall, become lucid while walking and decide that I should stop walking and should start working on finding what I came here to find.
      Except that some people see me, they seem to be monitors. AHA! So this is actually a school, guess I was too focused on finding the guy and forgot to check the contents of the place.
      Prepare to place the girl to sleep with powers when she points at me and a fireball comes my way. Push it down to the ground and look at her a bit confused, she then tries to shot again and the same thing happens but this time I throw it to the side, destroying a bit of the school property.
      She gets mad and says that I should not be destroying her school “Just be quiet, I am a new student” say, since I made myself look younger before it should be ok to lie.
      She says there was no order to get a new student and asked me where my clothes where, so quickly used teleportation to get the robe and uniform on me then told her that if she didn’t mind showing me my room I would be glad to stop being a bother in the hallway.
      She says it will be fine but she will need to check my identity since I arrived so late, when some kind of ogre comes at us charging and is about to fully tackled the girl to oblivion; instinctively reach out my hand and stop it on its tracks then slap it to the ground making it faint. The girl seems surprised about what I just did and we are about to discuss what just happened when I wake up again.
      Back to sleep.
      I am talking to myself sitting across a room, it is super cold to the touch and prepare to get up when I feel myself heavy, a right this place.
      Get out of the room I am on and see the girl pointing at me and she is talking with a much older woman, they come to me and ask me how I was able to physically detain the ogre instead of using magic “But I did use magic” tell them, it is quite simple.
      Magic is but energy, and that energy can be wrapped around our bones, muscles, nerves and cells in order to increase our power output, they seem surprised and say nobody does that.
      The older lady who is obviously a teacher knows that it is true, but not many people do it, and it is mostly just recorded as history but with nobody being able to teach it; explain slowly to the teacher and she seems to get the hang of it.
      While explaining also use that time to extract information out of her in order to know what I need to know about the guy who is sealed, she has some information, some mages war broke out and they are trying to unseal this demon because he is the key to being able to move over to the other dimension, where much more powerful magic is available.
      They are dumb, since that is not more powerful magic, but rather just more skilled mages that will completely obliterate them in a few seconds the moment they can come in, sadly the explanation took way too much time and I wake up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting on a cold room, the sun is coming up so that is a good start and will be feeling warmer soon, get up and realize this is the same dream as before.
      Alright, so I am still in the same location that is both good and bad, I need to find the location of the demon.
      As I am coming out of the room hear an explosion that is coming from the right wing. Apparently the guy who wants to unseal the demon is attacking the school, they must know something that I missed before. Teleport inside of the place he is attacking and find a good stack of books.
      Start reading them as quickly as I can, or at least their titles to find some kind of clue but that is not helping. Use then Scan to go over them faster and find one with some info on sealed demons.
      Unfortunately, when I open the book to read it get slightly disappointed, because in order to prevent this information from being leaked instead of writing it down, it only has a list of names of people who may possibly have the information required! Alright, this is annoying.
      I spent half an hour reading books with Scan and actually reading them… also the guy outside kept sending attacks that I had to guard the place against in order to read in peace. End up waking up before I can do more than that.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting atop of a tower, become lucid while trying to get a hold of something and once lucid decide to just jump, but then remember the book from before.
      It had names, so now just have to Scan the whole planet and find who is actually in charge of the info by going through their memories so I can find the seal! Pretty easy.
      At least until some guy throws down thunder at me again… so the guy trying to unseal the demon is the one with the thunder? He does it again and it keeps me off balance and makes me fall, which makes it harder to concentrate on gathering the information I need.
      Teleport in front of him and push him back, he puts a cane in front of me and actually resists then see him chanting something, so raise my hand and create a magic sigil in my finger, then throw it at him as a giant fireball goes his way, the guy seems surprised but his thunder this time is bigger and he manages to block it, teleport in front of him and this time hit him harder.
      He tries defending with the cane again but just flies down towards the ground along with the broken cane and ribcage I just gave him as a gift; see him splatter a lot of blood and die so just teleport to the place I found where the woman who has the info on the seal is at.
      It was actually a nice, cosy, quiet place that had a lot of people that were not into magic all around and were selling vegetables which I actually wanted to taste, many were plants I had never seen before; there was also a nice kiosk to rest over at… oh yeah my goals. Prepare to go towards the woman and she reminds me a bit of my mother.
      Try to talk to her but she is busy with a lot of customers so have to wait, end up waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sleeping on the ground, sitting. Get up and become lucid then dust my legs and ass and look around, the woman is still there but she is about to close, damn!
      Why was she open in the middle of the night anyways, and why is she preparing to close as the sun is coming up? Go over to her and she says she is not attending anyone anymore “I want to break the seal” tell her, she is taken back and just looks at me in disbelief.
      I repeat what I said and she says she heard me, says she will be closing real quick and will need some herbs to be able to do it and then gives me a list as she hurries to leave.
      Use scan to find where exactly the stuff she is asking me for is going to be at and then go around the corner and teleport right in front of the store that will have the herbs, tell the woman what I am looking for, the specific names the woman gave me, one of the herbs is obviously poisonous but from what I can read if you heat, the poison will be cleansed and it will be pretty good.
      She asks me why I need those in specific and tell her a family member needed these and I am just doing their bidding, she says ok and asks for payment so create the currency of the planet in my hand and hand her over the money.
      Apparently I have a big one and she has too much so I won’t be able to get the stuff or will need to abandon my change, which I gladly do and tell her it is ok. As soon as she packs my stuff in a cartoon paper I take it and teleport back and see the lady closing her door and preparing to leave.
      Touch her in the shoulder and she jumps and says I took too long “You said to bring it before you left, and you are still here”, she asks me how I got it so quickly and then says she will not give me the info I need “Oh no, you don’t need to do that at all” tell her, she seems confused.
      As she is looking confused at me and trying to figure out things, just push my hand breaking her metal enchanted curtain and grab the thing with the seal, it is just a simple book that needs colouring in the right order and that will make the guy appear and break the seal completely “You made a deal, all I needed was to deliver and will be taking the stuff you promised, I am not a thief after all” say to her and start walking towards the kiosk with the book and making some colours appear on my hand while opening it.
      She tries to stop me a few times and says I must not, that he is way too dangerous, KeΦil Arni is a demon that must not be summoned or freed from his prison.
      She then tries to use time magic on me which I just break casually while continuing to colour the thing, but feel like I will be waking up soon before finishing… damn no! Place a barrier around me so the woman won’t be able to stop me and while waking up keep reading his name so this time I won’t forget it by the time I wake up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am back inside of the barrier, become lucid and start working again on colouring. Once I finish the thing starts to glow and then the barrier breaks as I can feel the door to the other dimension open up.
      The woman with me starts to panic and quickly runs away. I just stand up (was on a sitting position) and dust myself again while looking up at the seal that is breaking apart.
      Once it finishes breaking, the demon comes up. He has a funny face just like I remember and he quickly gives me a frown upon meeting me “Hey there Kil” tell him “You know that is not my name, human” he says annoyed and prepares to leave.
      Create a seal that won’t allow him to leave until we have talked and force him to stay “You may want to sit down” tell him, but he is much taller than me, only place where they got big enough chairs at is in the kiosk, and they are not chairs but tables. Alright, teleport us both over there.
      He actually does sit down, and I sit in front of him in an actual chair. He looks down at me “You look different” he says “You know I do more than just look different” reply back at him “Your real self is still the same, why is this one different” “You know me, crazy and all” reply.
      He keeps making statements and I keep replying with statements myself until he finally drops a question while we are talking about me getting banned by other demons in both realms “How did you manage to…” he stops immediately and looks at me, smiling back at him “Oh, thank you for asking I do appreciate the sentiment and will fulfil my duty to reply back and expect payment on it” tell him, explain what happened in as much detail as I can while also sharing the information mentally.
      He is obviously distressed about the whole situation and is not happy that I managed to bully him into this situation “So here is what I need as payment for that information” tell him, he sighs and tries to break free but can’t “I want you to not ban me like the other demons, that’s annoying as hell” tell him, he seems surprised but that isn’t a simple task, he says “You are a dangerous creature, this may be too much payment” he says “Oh, but now you know the name of a few superiors of yours that you did not know about before” tell him, he is again annoyed and angry, he gets up and screams and tries to make me afraid with his demonic presence, so I make him sit down by force using TK and the quickly goes back to normal “I could have killed you when showing disrespect to the one who did you a favour, you know?” he knows where I am going with this, while I break the barrier off “But I did not, oh would my request be too much to ask for as payment for saving your life?” I continue and jump off the kiosk onto the ground.
      He follows suit “You are not going to be banned to speak to me in either realm, but I will not make any contracts with you, simple talk is all we will do and I will lie whenever I see fit” he says “And that is perfectly fine for me, didn’t break your seal just out of the goodness of my heart, we have a lot of things to talk about and will be asking how to speak to you in my realm, no recordings I know the rules” tell him, he agrees and asks if he can leave now “Until we meet again, please look forward to it” say to him and let him disappear.
      Now the only issue is that the mages on the other side saw the opportunity and are already preparing to kill all the humans on this side.
      I am going to wake up in like 5 minutes and from what I can gather using Scan they are preparing their forces. This planet has way too many humans but the ones on the other side are annoying and I will be exterminating both, or at least kill enough of them in order to make myself comfortable that other creatures will be protecting the planet. Anyways both armies will be ready in about an hour so just allow myself to wake up without a worry.
      Back to sleep.
      I am back to the same planet from before, this time resting on the kiosk and become lucid super quickly.
      The issue is when I get up, the war has already started… and they are destroying the damn landscape! But Scan said… oh, I am still inside of the time barrier the woman made and then I broke, so been here for a few hours already, how long did I stay inside talking to the demon then?
      Break the barrier and then see a spear flying my way. Let it hit me and then just fly over to the location where the dimension barrier was breached and quickly close it down, they are causing too much damage.
      Once I close the place quickly use a vine trap in this planet to kill anyone who is annoying using Scan and then make the star shine brighter and choose some creatures to protect the planet from creatures such as humans.
      Once I am done teleport to the other planet and first kill the people from the original place, the ones in the other planet think they have won and ask me if I killed them as a way to show we are surrendering.
      I start scanning this world and ignore the guys, one of them throws a spear at me so just grab it before it reaches while still doing Scan to know whom I will be killing and whom will be staying alive and which specie from this planet will become its new guardian.
      Some new spells start coming my way and just block them, find there is a dragon-like creature that the people from this planet have subdued and they have a weird relationship with humans; they respect their power but despise their actions, seems like a good one.
      A meteor starts coming down, finally notice my surroundings since I was mad at them throwing a small meteor down at me (only a few kilometres wide), so start flying towards it and hit it with a fireball that melts down some of the meteor then insert a virus that melts other elements in a similar way, the meteor quickly loses force and a big river of magma is flowing down from where I am floating on falling towards the desolate area below me.
      One of the guys raises a staff and a huge wave of energy comes my way, so use the same infection and this time make his energy wave become a wave of energy that gives force to plants, so teleport seeds over to the location from a different planet, they are heat resistant and thrive in places with high volcanic activity or insane heats, which seems to be the case for this place.
      The seeds fall behind me from the portal as the energy is absorbed by them and as they get closer to the ground with the lava they start sprouting and growing slowly.
      One guy gets below me and shots a huge ice thing from below, so I make the plants grow bigger and redirect the heat of the lava towards the ice, melting it near instantly as they wrap around me like an egg for the bigger ones and the smaller ones take root on the ground; the once desolate location is starting to look good.
      Some more guys are starting to come, so this time I teleport in front of the guy who shot the ice at me and take off his shirt with teleportation, grab his arm when he tries to move the staff and blink to create a huge gravity field that brings everyone with the same type of DNA as him down, which is basically all the human-like things on this planet.
      Once they are down start pushing my hand down the guy and absorbing his DNA code with my body and enzymes and then create a new virus that will target them, take my hand out and let him fall to the ground dead.
      Make the egg from the plants where I was at grow enough that they are giving out their giant flowers, and then fuse my virus with their pollen. It is already set up so only like 90% of humanity will perish, before setting up a strong wind that makes it start blowing through the place; the guys next to me start dying from the symptoms right away, bleeding profusely and letting their blood become food for the plants while their flesh will stay in good condition for other animals to eat in the meantime; once I am done, just allow myself to wake up.
    7. The Dream Ever

      by , 03-01-2023 at 12:21 AM
      Me and my cousins raided a home we used to live in apparently. It gave us XP. I think it was for a fortnite challenge or something. Anyway, there were ants all over my floor and soon to be cops at my door, and I wasn't getting any XP. I found a broken version of my dice tray. Then we got back on a school bus we'd been riding.
      Something else we used to travel is a bike with seats, though it was kinda slippery to control.
      Another part of this dream consisted of fighting and killing a woman out of self-defense with my cousin, and then fighting her husband. Her husband was Gandhi. Anyway, he stopped fighting us and respected our strength. When he learned we were half Saiyan, he led us to Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
      It turns out Dwayne was also half Saiyan, and his father was in the room, but stoic. He always wore a full suit of futuristic knightly armor and never talked.
      Later in the dream as we were doing the stealing and XP stuff (because that happened after) we were about to leave on the teleporter to go rob something. Apparently Dwayne's dad knew shanks from one piece and they were good friends. To tell shanks it was time to go, Dwayne's dad took off his helmet and spoke. He looked like he was a little undead and for some reason, had an Australian accent.
      As everyone was getting in the teleporter, Dwayne's dad held me back. Apparently, we had to take the school bus.
      To sum up, my cousins and I fought Dwayne The Rock Johnson's parents, then robbed our own house for battle pass XP.