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    1. Comp Day 2

      by , 03-03-2023 at 07:10 PM
      I haven't slept in over 24 hours because of a hospital visit so no dream today

      what a start to the comp lol

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    2. Nightmare and the Bandroom Jungle Cruise (Thursday Night)

      by , 03-03-2023 at 06:15 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm checking doors to make sure they're locked. It's cold and rainy outside. I realize that I might have forgotten to lock the backdoor after I took the trash out earlier. I go over and confirm it isn't locked. Suddenly, it bursts open, rainfall flooding in. My brother is there with a knife, stabbing at me. I slam the door shut and try to hold it but he is pushing back and stabbing wildly at the openings of the door. I hear myself making moaning sounds. I'm trying to scream through sleep paralysis. I heard myself because GF is waking me up.

      I'm in band class. My GF and I are near the front of the room, surrounded by a bunch of percussion instruments. There's a stack of symbols, and I carefully try to maneuver out of the center of them, and I dodge the first bunch. I sarcastically brag about it and then knock over a different one on accident. GF sighs. I make my way to my instrument case. I'm wanting to go warm up and get past being embarrassed.
      Some time later, I'm eating some sugary chocolate ice cream drink while wading through a pool. Apparently I'm on the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland, but in pool form. The group of band people is on the other side of a bar sitting and watching me wade across this pool expectantly. It seems like a positive experience, where the staff is encouraging me. The ice cream was actually pretty tasty. I make it to the end, and everybody cheers.

      I get up about 4:30AM and perform a WBTB (planned this time, no supplements). I stayed up for about 20-30 minutes. I fail to perform a WILD, and I don't have any recall after the WBTB. I'm thinking this may have been too long to stay awake for me.

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    3. Comp Day 2

      by , 03-03-2023 at 05:03 PM
      3-3-23 Comp Day 2 (practicing the affirmations before falling asleep but all attempts failed, I wake up and think about doing a visual technique, but then instead I spend the time trying to remember dreams instead, then as I fall asleep again, I do it without staying aware)

      D#1 - I ate chocolate. There was a tray full of these chocolate balls which were about half circles and open in the centers. The tops had been cracked open and I think the Ďstuffí that was supposed to be inside has oozed out. I remember eating some of it, but donít recall any taste. I needed to pay for this, or I was also ordering a drink, and I handed the lady a $5 and a $10 dollar bill. She took my money, but then when she came back she gave me change as if I had given her a $20 dollar bill. I told her this change was not right and that she had given me too much money back.

      D#2 - Maud was selling several items; I was interested in the bread cutting board which came with a nice bread knife. I had called her on the phone to discuss that item and while we were on the phone together I ended up seeing her on the phone with me down the dreamscape area we were in. There were many other people walking around between us so it must have been some type of artist market area.

      D#3 - There was a huge hilly area, pretty much just grass and hill and trails, that had an incredible trail carved into the hillside. I was on the back of a snowmobile and while the trail was not covered in snow, we used the snowmobile on this trail. The trail was just about the same width as the snowmobile. So it was fun and exciting and the trail got so steep in a few places it felt as if we were going straight down. We were going fast too. It was really fun. Almost felt like a roller coaster ride. We rode on this trail for a while just enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the thrill of the speed and tight turns, the ups and downs of it all. One spot along the edge of a very steep area, I remembered pointing out to the driver to just watch out there as the trail looked cracked at the edge.

      DF#4 - I was sleeping, then I got up and went over to my mom and snuggled up against her side as she was sitting on a couch, I rested my head on her shoulder and we just enjoyed that moment.

      D#5 - I was on the road looking into a chain linked fenced area of what looked like a huge flea market. I saw all these molds. Like silicon molds of different shapes. All the molds were colored. I really wanted to get some so that I could use the molds for clay projects. I had to pay $10 to get in. I pulled out several wads of cash. I had a lot of cash on me for whatever reason. And I handed over $10. But then after we paid, we had to stand in line to be searched/questioned at the security area. I was next in line and there was a male and a female security guard. I kind of wanted the female, but the male guard opened up first. He kept me there for a long while and all he was doing was talking to me. I have no idea about what, but all I kept thinking was dude, youíre too close to my face, I can feel your breath on my face. I felt way too close to him and finally said, Iím going in and left him. I donít remember going over to look at those molds, but a little bit later in a dream I was walking outside this area again and wanted to go back and look at those same molds. I never got to the molds.

      D#6 - I found myself walking down a sidewalk. I came to an opening to a ramp that went up to a higher level. As I took the right turn to start up the ramp, I lightly bumped into a guy who had his eyes closed and was sitting in a wheelchair. I noticed his eyes opened slowly from my bump but I didnít say anything to him. I just walked behind him and up the ramp. At the top of the ramp was a very large opening looked like a campus of some sort as there were building at the edges of the open area. Suddenly a ton of people all came out from building and were walking through the open campus area. I kept on going through, not talking to anyone. I crossed through it and ended up on the other side. I turned right again and found a construction crew working on the side between two building where the sidewalk was I wanted to take. I started to walk through it and they didnít want me to get my feet dirty or muddy as there was also some water and mud in the area. So I carefully jumped to the left side of this area and managed to get through and to the bottom of where they were working. But once at the bottom there was more water and it was deeper. They had these large foam blocks that sort of floated that I could use as stepping stones, even though they were not secure, I managed to hop from one to another till I got through this area. Then I ended up on one of the construction trucks. I was on the side of it barely holding on to something and hanging on the side. I donít know why I was hanging on the side of the truck. I looked up from the truck and saw a rooftop where more people were coming across and down from the top of it. A few ladies reached the roof's edge. I felt that they were too close to the edge, as it was a high building. But they didnít fall off the edge. Just then, a guy was getting into the truck to start it up. He was getting ready to leave, while I was still hanging on. Then a few more of the construction guys came over to my side of the truck, I asked if they were leaving and where they were going? They said they were going to end up in Canada and were going to attend a huge party of some sort where there would be champagne. I said slightly disappointed that I didnít want to go, that is would not be fun for me there as I had quit drinking alcohol.

      DF#7 - The ice skating rink. The ice on this rink was so full of different colors it was really pretty. There was a female ice skater who was performing and did a beautiful move and turned right at the very edge of the rink. I wondered how they got the colors into the ice like that.

      D#8 - I was in a boat fishing with someone and the water we were on looked really muddy, dark brown muddy water. The boat was just floating as we were casting into the water in front of us. Suddenly a full sized deer jumped out of the water from the general area we were casting, and it ran towards us then passed us to the right, and it seemed to run right across the top of the water. I thought how the heck did it do that? I was watching the water and could tell there at that spot there was a sandbar. The water level in that specific spot where the deer ran was just barely covering a sandbar so thatís why the deer was able to run on top of the water. The boat suddenly was banked on top of the sandbar. So I kind of did a wiggle to rock the boat until I felt us move off and were free floating again and continued to fish.

      Total Points 9

      WBTB = 2 (even though they failed)

      6 dreams plus two dream fragments = 7

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    4. Spring Competition 2023 - 03.03.23

      by , 03-03-2023 at 04:44 PM
      This night is difficult to describe for me. I woke up several times in night/morning and I remembered 4-5 dreams fragments but I immediately forgot most of them. Maybe later I will able to recall them but I don't think so.

      1st dream:
      I remember only a main topic. I cannot recall any memories from this dream, I remember only a topic. It was about working at ship. Because it isn't a dream fragment I will not count in competition.

      2nd dream:
      I was dreaming about Russian-Ukraine war (second time in this week wtf). My point of view was pretty similar to game "Heart of Iron 4" and I was playing as Ukraininian comannder. I made sea landing in netherland (name of city or port wasn't specified) but my troop was defeated. My point of view changed. Now it was similar to game "World of Tanks" (but it wasn't this game). I was "playing" as t-34/57 and fighting against 2 shermans (I don't remember what exactly model, I think it was M4A4 but i'm not sure). I was drive my tank around 1st sherman in this way I can avoid direct contact with second one. After destroing first sherman I focused on fighting with another one. I don't remember result. Even if I lost the battle, I was survive for sure. As a person I went inside some kind of warehouse and looking for something.

      And now, I'm not sure if next part was in the same dream because the next part is in the same warehouse, but I thing it was in diferent REM phase (I remember I woke up twice in night between these dreams). I will count both parts as 1 dream just for sure (anyway it is only 1 point difference, and I'm playing for fun not for points)

      I was in warehouse. I looking for something. It was very dark inside. I think it was night time. During exploration I was attacked by chupacabra so I just fled into forest. I joined to not specified group and our mission was to re-enter into this warehouse. During exploration I went into toilet and I was this time attacked by owner of this warehouse.
      Next parts of my memories are completely chaos. I have some pieces of memory but I have no idea where to put them on time axis.
    5. Double Classic Layer 1 (Spring 2023 Comp Night 2)

      by , 03-03-2023 at 01:19 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at my old job, walking around the back of the factory.

      I was applying for a new job (possibly same dream). We have to fill out this complicated sequence of forms on these old computers with beige cases, CRT monitors and so on. They look like computers from the 90's. Me and the other applicants are getting confused because the forms arent labeled. One of the computers crashes and has to be rebooted, but the form doesnt come back up. I realize this is some kind of test and begin thinking to myself 'this sucks', I don't want to work here.

      There are two people supervising our interview. One is this bureaucrat woman. She wears glasses, and her hair in a tight bun. While she is technically wearing a business outfit it is comically revealing, with her shirt unbuttoned showing the cleavage of a very pronounced bust and a very short skirt which is more or less only long enough to cover her bottom. She has dirty blonde hair and black heels on. I watch as she comes over and begins bending down to adjust her shoe and empty a small garbage can, getting too close to another applicant trying to fill out his form. The guy is trying really hard not to look at her. This goes on for a minute and the dude gets back to work on his form but the woman gets irritated and intentionally butt-bumps him. She then stands up straight, points at him and shouts at him for sexually harrasing her.

      The other boss comes over. He looks like one of those old political cartoons where theres always some fat capitalist with a red face and fat body and tophat and suit eating a bunch of money or something. He then tells the guy that he has violated the sexual harassment policy and is going sue the guy for a large sum of money. I then question to myself 'what does this company even do?' and realize the answer is sort of vauge. I then realize that this seems very staged and they are probably running a scam on false sexual harassment claims. I tell the other applicants, and two of them agree. We leave to go out to eat together.


      I am climbing the stairs in my old childhood home. I come to the top step and notice that the carpet is not what it was when I was a child. It is an off white material that is sort of made of small braided ropes. I also notice that the top step is somewhat wet. While I am climbing the steps I stop a few steps from the top and say to myself.

      "Is this a dream?
      Yes. I just have to become lucid. I should do a reality check."

      I preform a nose pinch reality check. It works exactly as expected. I am able to breathe through my plugged nose. I notice in my other hand I am holding a yellow plastic cup (one I used to drink from a lot when I was a kid). It is filled with water. Out of curiosity and possibly remembering it was a good way to score points in the lucid dreaming competition. I take a drink from it, and it tastes like slightly chilled water. I wake up, disappointed that I basically had a Layer 1 experience but happy that I managed some lucidity.


      There is another dream. I am at a "hill climbing park". It feels like steep ski slope in the summer. A high grassy hill rises up in front of me with deciduous/coniferous forest on either side. Some ways up it splits providing two alternate routes and there are signs at regular intervals indicating how far up one has climbed. I climb the hill. I see another set of dream characters, a black man and his child. The child complains that climbing the hill is too hard, but his father is telling him its important to learn to take on challenges.

      I keep climbing until I reach one of the signs and a sort of rest area where the slope flattens out. The sign is made of three scrap wooden boards on a single post and the information is painted on in drippy black paint, like a cartoony representation of a sign. The sign reads 98, though I don't remember if it is feet or meters.

      The dream then goes third person. Near the top the grassy hill transitions to a steep ridge made of sand and sandstone, like the sand dune parks in michigan. A narrative voice is telling me there are a million places like this on earth and describing the geologic process involved in creating such hills. He then says that the soil here is bad and when people moved in and began building roads and buildings they would sink into the ground.

      But modern engineers build buildings on wider foundations and build them higher than normal so they can sink slightly until they touch stronger layers, and then be at the level they were needed. When discussing this a portion of the hillside disappears and is replaced with roads and solar panels. The solar panels just seem to be laying on the ground. Then a small house comes in. It feels like new construction lacking paint or furniture on the interior.

      The narration voice explains that he is a woodworker and makes handmade furniture in his spare time and a table appears. I (or at least my dream self's typical avatar) is sitting at the table. It is made of some kind of marbled brown texture, like petrified wood and looks very out-of-place in the bland room. Narration voice says it would be a good table to sit at when I go on a date.

      "Heh. It would be funny if I dated the table"

      A second table, a copy of the first but slightly smaller appears in another chair. Leaning in such a way two of its legs touch the floor and the other two touch the top of the larger table.

      "Wait how did I make that happen?
      I must be dreaming."

      Upon realizing that I am dreaming, I snap into my avatar body for a moment, then wake up.

      NLD: x1 = 1pt
      DILD: x2 =15pt
      RC/Stabilization: x1=1pt
      Eat/Drink Something x1=5pt

      Total: 22

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    6. (Spring 2023 Competition Day 1) Oklahoma is an island

      by , 03-03-2023 at 05:09 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Last night's dreams are as follows...and I'm late to bed so this will be quick so I can get at least 7.5 hours of sleep...

      1. I cannot read my half-asleep handwriting. It says something about "workout myths" and "crips land". I cannot remember what this means, so I won't count it for the competition.
      2. (fragment) I left the door unlocked to something, and I was really worried about it. I watched some TV.
      3. (full) I was trapped in some prison maze, trying to escape from my captors, and I hid in many different rooms. But eventually I got caught by a guard. He started choking me while another guard played the song "Emma" by Mindy Gledhill on the piano. It was really odd.
      4. (full) Someone was explaining to me that most of Oklahoma was actually an isolated inland island surrounded by water, and a large chunk of the state was actually located somewhere else, I think between a few west coast states. When they showed me Oklahoma, I noticed the panhandle was missing, and I was really confused.

      Like man I've never even been to Oklahoma.

      Anyway, 1 non-lucid fragment and 2 non-lucid full = 2.5 points.
    7. Spring Competition Night 1

      by , 03-03-2023 at 05:05 AM

      Going to Class

      On my way to class. It is a class for which I am a teaching assistant. I am with someone else, and we seem to be running a little late. My companion takes a nearby elevator to the 8th floor, which is where the class is. I seem to be a little delayed for some reason, and the elevator doors close before I can get in. I spend a bit of time either trying to get back into this elevator or into another one. I find an elevator control panel which seems to just be attached to a wall with no elevator around, but when I press a button the floor nearby starts rising. It turns out that corner of the hallway was an elevator. I get into it, and somehow end up rolling onto my side or my back. The elevator lifts into the air, and turns over to deposit me standing upright in some kind of receiving pod a few floors up.

      ...At some point Iím trying to control where the elevator goes, as though it were a lucid dream (but I donít know if I was lucid). I might be trying to get to class here. I can imagine a door opening to one side, and leading to a hallway, then on the opposite side leading to another hallway. Then the front and back of the elevator...

      ...I make it to the classroom. My fellow TA is there. The students seem to be getting a little restless, and class has not started. I wander around a bit, and class still isnít starting. At least one student starts doing some homework. Then I start thinking that perhaps I was supposed to be teaching the class. Oops...

      Danger, gun, spaceship

      Walking back from somewhere at night. It is kind of sketchy in the neighborhood where I am walking. There are some people nearby that appear to be fighting, or something. They are in a lot off to the right of the road where it appears that a building has been demolished. I keep walking, going around a bend to the left. It is still kind of scary-looking now, but I have a gun with me. I tuck the gun into the back of my waistband, and under a shirt or jacket so nobody can see it. As I continue on my way, I see a construction worker, or something like that. I come across a factory that is open, and people are working. I go inside, since it feels a bit safer.

      I have a little apartment where I spend the night. I fear that people are out to get me, but I have my gun and it makes me feel a little bit safer. When I have the gun nearby or in my hand, I am able to relax enough to sleep.

      I seem to be on the starship Andromeda. On the Andromeda, part of the preferred reading appears to be the Bible. I see at least one Bible. Also, there is a room there where it seems safe. Itís like the captainís office or something. The trouble is that it has an alarm system that keeps going off, and possibly making a loud noise. In addition to the noise, it sprays stuff around the inside of a room. Someone else has taken this room before I could get to it, but I think they put me in another one just like it. It is supposed to be a preferred room because it is so safe (it still seems to be the theme of someone trying to get me). I find a room off of the main room that is a little quieter and where I wonít get sprayed with stuff.

      ...Something about people being held, possibly as prisoners. Or possibly as medical patients. Anyway, I go somewhere, and when I come back some ruffian-types have killed them. The ruffians were crew members, or something. It seems like they thought they had the legal authority to kill these people, but it would have been merciful to let them go and the killing was needless. I think I liked at least one of them personally. There might have been another set of these people though...

      ...This might have been related to my brotherís mushrooms. In waking life, he is growing mushrooms in his basement. In the dream, he ate three, but one of them was toxic. That seems to have been the way with these mushrooms Ė about two out of three with be toxic. Or something. His son might have gotten sick from one...


      ...People toward the end of a peninsula-like ridge. Maybe fighting? They come back toward us where we can see them... ...(maybe the same dream, but I donít know) a corner of the property that I have visited before [it seems like I have dreamed about this location previously].

      ...Driving down to a church that I used to attend. There is some function going on there. Family is with me, I think. Iím thinking about which Sunday school class they will attend...Leaving church, I think weíre planning to go to where my Grandmother used to live. I think it would be nice if I could stay there at least one night, but then I remember that my Mother and I came together so it would be hard to get back without her having to come and pick me up...We stop at a store (if this is the same dream).
    8. I forgor (Comp Day 1)

      by , 03-03-2023 at 01:07 AM
      As the title sounds :{

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