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    1. 19-02-11 Putin

      by , 02-11-2019 at 08:50 PM
      I was at some kind of major event on a city square. I think the city was Barcelona. There were LOADS of people. The person sitting next to me just so happened to be the one and only Vladimir Putin. We talked a bit, and he seemed like a really cool guy. I asked him how likely we were to get a nuclear war between Russia and the West. I guess I wanted to assuage my recent fears of nuclear holocaust. In the end, I grabbed his hand and took off to give him an aerial tour of the city (!!). I flew over the city a bit (another massive square), making a wide turn (I was surprised I pulled it off, I'm not the best at maneuvering in mid-flight) and returning to where we came from.
    2. Megalodon // Parachuter // Ice Mtn

      by , 02-11-2019 at 05:17 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of being with Jonah Hill and James Franco. We were all in a canoe in the ocean, about 20ft away from a very small island. I remember the water being so incredibly clear and calm. They jumped out and were swimming while I tossed Ritz crackers into the water. Small fish would come up and eat. Then eventually small sharks came and ate the crackers. I joked about there being sharks in the water, but the guys just joked back calmly.

      I tossed one of my last crackers in and noticed the water below us was quickly becoming darker and darker, almost like something was casting a shadow. Then it started coming into focus. A giant mouth as wide as the canoe full of teeth seemed to materialize below me. This was the biggest shark I had ever seen. The teeth scraped against the metal briefly before sinking back down into the depths, unseen.

      "Guys... GUYS WE NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE." I started screaming at them to get out of the water. We all panicked, thrashing through the water until we got to the short, steep beach. A wooden fence blocked our path, but we managed to find footholes and use the branches of a tree on the other side to make climbing over easy.

      "Wait, I need to go back." James Franco said. "What, why??" James jumped down from the fence and grabbed the canoe, pulling it higher up on the shore, where it would definitely be safe from high tides. Good thinking.

      On land was an abandoned mansion. The inside was crumbling and full of old junk. I felt like we had been here before, and I knew there was nothing good to loot. At least not what I wanted. I vaguely remember a small hyena like animal jumping out from behind a pile of junk and biting my ankle. I swatted at it with a broken piece of wood, managing to shoo it away. I walked over to the pile and grabbed and even bigger piece, breaking it in half and letting out a ferocious roar that echoed through the building. I was letting every inhabitant know I was not to be messed with.

      I dreamed of being at my house I lived in through high school. It was one of the coldest days of the year; snow covered the ground but the roads were clean. I was avoiding talking to one of my neighbors because I knew they were the type that wouldn't stop talking. I walked around their house and back towards mine as I heard their garage door open.

      Looking across the street, I saw someone wearing a parachute. They were riding the brutally icy winds no more than 50 or 60ft in the air above someone's house. I was incredibly curious, but thought they were kind of dumb to be doing this on such a cold day. It must be miserable.

      I dreamed of being in a mountainous region in the winter time. I was on top of a cliff that had a rope bridge leading to another cliff on the other side of a 15ft gap. The valley below was only about 30ft down sheer cliffside, and was made into a walking path. I had my camera bag with me and was looking to take a landscape shot. I noticed Native America looking people in nothing but deer skin loin cloths walking across the snowscape.

      For some reason I was considering moving out here. Maybe it was because I liked the seclusive aspects. But knowing that tribes were nearby was a turn off. I didn't want to encroach on their space, and I didn't want any kind of hostility in any form. I packed up and started looking for a way to get off this cliff.
    3. Chunks...

      by , 02-09-2019 at 08:50 AM
      I was searching for some medical equipment in a doctor's pc, idk what.

      The dream was fragmented, had bad, short sleep last night but vividness was better. I am convinced it's because of "nofap" as I head from too many sources that sexual energy is a must for awareness.
    4. first lucid dream of 2019

      by , 02-09-2019 at 04:40 AM
      forgot to tell you guys about this, but i had my first lucid dream of 2019 [usually i have unexpected lucid dreams 10 times a year]

      uh so basically,i was in m y room, and there were my little pony characters everywhere and i was trying to explain it to this girl and stuff and she kept calling me an animal abuser, and when i mentioned the cutie marks i just explained them as 'tattoos that you get during puberty' then she told me it was abuse to the horses and animals
      then she walked away and right when i walked outside i became lucid, and i didnt know what to do so i was just like 'ALRIGHT IMMA FUCK YOU!!'
      So i spawned her back in, and then pushed her down to the floor and raped her and i started moaning and stuff, then i realized i was just on my bed then i fell off of it,
      i went outside and tried to fly... AND SUCCEEDED!, But the first few seconds felt like i was pulling on all my muscles and bones and it really hurt, THEN I FINALLY FLEW, BUT I WENT WAY TOOOO FAST as a song was playing in the backgroumd, i forgot what it was, but I felt really sick when I was flying then I woke up.
      Tags: lol
    5. Log 1381 - Celestial Warp Travel and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 02-09-2019 at 01:35 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 08 February 2019

      Really need to start posting entries here more frequently again. Anyway, I got several dreams today, including an LD loop.

      Spoiler for Kinda long again:

      Updated 02-09-2019 at 04:39 AM by 89930

      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. What's eating Jamie?

      by , 02-08-2019 at 04:17 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Harry Potter?

      Haven't had a HP dream for a while. This one I'm on the back of a dragon following Harry who is also on a dragon that is Voldermort. Harry Jumps off the dragon mid air and throws something on the dragon's back. It looks like food. Harry floats down to the ground by himself. The dragon rolls whatever Harry through down it's back and flips it's tail up causing the object to float a bit and then the dragon eats it. The dragon then loses it's form and turns into voldermort on the ground. I'm following close behind them on a field. I see someone near the field pull up grass and it turns out all the grass is a fake plastic mesh sheet and he begins pulling it up. I keep watching Harry go up to Voldermort and they finally face eachother. They are about to duel when I wake up.

      Jamie is quiet

      Just a dream of sitting with Jamie on some steps. she is quiet and not talking but I have my arm around her.

      Not this again.

      Okay, before I started logging dreams again I did have a couple where I was working at Wal Mart again and Jamie was there, but was dissociating around me. These were extremely uncomfortable dreams. In this dream I am workign there and see her and say, "Hi," to her. She looks startled and uncomfortable, then makes an exit quickly. One of my mcdonald's co workers is there Chris. I start talking to him for a bit and the dream fades.

      Steps again

      I see Jamie on the steps again. She is totally quiet and not looking at me. I ask her a few questions or something and she doesn't respond. Just seems to ignore me. I ask her if she wants me to leave her alone for a while. She looks concerned about that and then pulls me close into a really tight hug. It feels nice. I guess that's a ,"no."

      Had a lucid somewhere but forgot it.


      Had a dream I was in the fortnite game in fatal fields With roland from the Dark tower. Heis frantically searching for a gun. Dara emmerges from the house and hands him a gun. She says she made it herself. The gun looks like it's made of pipes made from under taps. Roland draws it so quickly that I can't almost see and shoots a bush. The bush explodes as if it were in game. I think it's cool. I ask Dara if I can have a similar gun. We walk into the house and she shows me how to make one. What's she doing back in my dreams...
    7. Grey dull pinch wave

      by , 02-07-2019 at 12:29 PM
      so I was in the astral plane about April 1st 1991 may first then It Started To Eclipse from a Corner my voice sounded like a pinch girl then I was making out with a couple of girls on the tv screen I started try to move when I started to gain form to my motion I drench in Deep Unconscious pinch where my Voice Let out A grey Dull pinch wave as my voice was Eclipsing In A pain Dull gloss A Flamming Gloss Dull A hole in about six people in front of me then I walk up with a Permanente marker In my Hand Laying down In bed as I Woke up it fell on a floor in a Old Apartment complex that I use to live in
      Tags: dream
      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare
    8. Eating eye balls Rat Food Dream

      by , 02-07-2019 at 12:16 PM
      So I wake up In a dull Pinch and try to get to a Corner of a room then I notice a Invisible Stealth walking rat I didn't pay it no mind then I started Seeing flashing images as the rat got closer A smile clown enter the room then I Some Monster shit GLoss Form Comes out the tv I try to wake up as fast as I could then I notice The rat again pinch in my mouth like its teeth was grinning dead I could shake the feeling then it rage attack then started eating my eyes over and over again
      Tags: dream
      nightmare , false awakening
    9. My Ex is Upset *rolls eyes*

      by , 02-06-2019 at 11:45 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      Strange dream about my ex. Random details that aren't important, but for the sake of being a diligent journaller, I will write my entry.

      I dreamed of being in a house where someone had just started a girl scout party. I had no idea who they were and I was about to leave, because why would I be at someone else's girl scout party? I don't even like their cookies. That's when I ran into my ex.

      She was visibly upset about something. Still being civil, I asked what was making her sad. She said she heard a rumor about me moving. Typical of her to be upset over a rumor, and such an unimportant one at that. But I clarified. I was just moving to a different room inside my house.

      Just then, a friend of a friend named Tyler came out of nowhere. Apparently he wanted to take my old room and claimed it right then and there on the spot. Which was perfect because we were looking for someone. Strange that it happened so quickly, but I wasn't arguing. I liked the guy.

      I was suddenly in a military hospital. My ex had talked to a doctor and walked off to go to a private room where she had an appointment. For some reason I had a red balloon I wanted to give her. I don't think it was even mine, just something that I knew she would appreciate. She turned the corner and I lost her. I fast-walked down the hall after her, dodging military personnel, nurses and doctors. I ended up putting the balloon in a paper bag for zero reason other than I had it already. I woke before I could manage to find her.

      That's two dreams that involved my ex in the past week now. The relationship ended for a reason, but we have a need to keep things civil between us. I dunno. Left over emotion I suppose. NEXT!
    10. The Shade is a Tool, a Device, a Savior

      by , 02-06-2019 at 01:01 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I asked my subconscious to let me meet the devil in the other night's nightmare. I wanted to make amends and understand more. Maybe I didn't really want to, but I ended up dreaming this instead.

      It was a warm, bright summer day. I stood on the top of a hill under the shade of tropical trees. I overlooked an empty beach with several small islands the size of basketball courts nearby in the gorgeously clear water. The one closest to the beach looked to be in the shape of a sea horse. It almost seemed man made, as it was translucent. The water surrounding it looked sectioned off by plexiglass. Live sea horses were being raised in square sections. The other islands looked natural, untouched by human hands.

      The beach curved to my right and I saw a restaurant made from a brown, two story house. I ducked out from my cover and ran for the building. The sun was so bright and hot if I stayed in it for too long, my skin would burn. I wanted sunscreen, because I wanted so badly to go swimming in the crystal clear water. Dashing inside the restaurant, my eyes took a second to adjust to the dim interior.

      I didn't see a single soul. The tables and booths in the main dining area were all empty. The staircase to my right lead to the second floor indoor balcony that was also empty. Behind the bar counter I finally found someone. A nerdy high school girl greeted me. She seemed to be the only one working. I didn't see any sun screen (or anything other than food and drink), disappointingly. I picked up a menu and began looking through. I saw a picture of what looked like a pizza rolled into a giant burrito, but I didn't know what you would call it. The girl kept talking on and on about how her school runs this restaurant and how they're doing a terrible job at it. Without me uttering a word, she answered the question I was thinking.

      "That's called a hoagie, I think."

      "Oh, thanks..." I muttered.
    11. Friday, January 25

      by , 02-05-2019 at 03:21 AM
      I am inside somewhere - a house maybe or somewhere that feels sort of homey. There is a boy and a girl here, around my age and unfamiliar to me. They are each in a separate room. The rooms are pretty bland; I think each only has a wooden table. (This feels more like I am watching a movie, especially since I switch between observing each room). I watch as, in the boy’s room, a chair is slid away from the table seemingly of its own volition. It startles the guy, and he sort of gasps at the occurrence. To me it all seems kind of campy. Now in the girl’s room, we see her seated with another woman. When we glance back, this woman suddenly has an ugly, ghastly face (very similar to the Nun) that produces a twinge a fear in her and myself. I feel the adrenaline’s warmly numbing sensation move down my body. A few other paranormal and cinematically cliché occurrences ensue.
    12. Some dreams

      by , 02-05-2019 at 02:25 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Had many non lucids that I don't remember.

      Jamie dreams

      First one I am out at some bar or something. I run into Someone that looks like Jamie from behind, she's wearing some tacky brown leather jacket. I say hello to her from behind but when she turns around she looks a bit different. Her friend is asking who I am Jamie also looks at me as If she's not sure she recognises me or not.

      One dream I am with her in a bedroom um playing checkers. Very verbal checkers...

      Another dream kind of like that.

      Then a kissing dream.

      All of those were a few seconds long.

      Dreamed I was in a house sitting on a chair and Jesus came up to me and threw a sacred heart at me for some reason. But it was all green. FA, Get out of bed and I am dreaming from jamie's perspective. It's the middle of the night. I go to a walk in closet with some mirrors. I don't feel good so far so I check myself out in the mirror, I still look good and am at least happy with that. I go to pick out some things to wear. Then I notice another side mirror. This one isn't reflecting my face but another face instead. Some Demon girl. It scares the hell out of me.

      Dreamed I was on a farm or something. Jamie is by a fence with a horse on the other side. She is looking at me and smiling. She says, "I wanna be with you." Ditto. Waiting on you, girl.

      After, her attitude changes. I run into her downtown. We had planned some meeting but she didn't show up. I ask her about it and it seems like she doesn't know me.

      In another dream I find her on a subway, She's with a friend. I talk to her but she seems distant. We decide to go somewhere but can't remember where. Her friend sys something like, "Why are you going with that trash anyway?" I get mad and grab her friends head and slam it against some metal thing the I start punching her in the face. Dream self is violent hehe.


      In a game where me and some people are in some shooting game. It's in some old asian setting. I have a sniper and quick scope a japanese girl right in the forehead. Her head tilts back but she's still aware She waves at me as if to say that was a good one and falls over. This all happened in super slow motion.
    13. The Devil Wants Me

      by , 02-05-2019 at 01:17 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of the apocalypse again.

      I was over at my ex's parent's house. It was this big, lush mansion with tall ceilings, red velvet carpet and white walls with pillars in the corner. I heard something that caught my attention. I can't remember if it was over a radio or TV, but some weather channel was calling for very extreme and sudden weather. So much so that word spread like wild fire. People were running on foot, cars were end to end. I jumped in my car and sped off down the driveway and made my way into the city as quickly as I could.

      I felt very late to the party. The stores had mostly been cleaned out of supplies. Shelves were empty and bare with the exception of a few plastic packages of mini-weenies. I grabbed them and headed to the counter. No one was there so I opted to just leave instead.

      Many people were running frantically in all directions. As I stepped outside, I heard a telepathic message broadcasted into everyone's mind. Everyone froze, rooted where they stood in pure fear. The demonic voice said "This is the end of everything you know. I'm coming after you especially, James." (My names not James, but I know it was meant for me.) I looked up and saw bolts of electricity spark from a small point high up near the glass of a tall building. A human sized red devil with the bottom half of a goat and tall horns on his head spawned.

      People began screaming in terror, some cowering in the fetal position on the ground, some tried running. The devil spawned large trucks and bulldozers, driving at very high speeds. He sent them in different directions, crushing anyone in their path. One came speeding down the road towards me, but I side stepped it and felt nothing but the gust of wind it carried behind.

      The wave of vehicles ended. I took off running, but then small storms began spawning at head level. They were no more than 8ft by 8ft big, but I knew I would die if I got too close to one. I saw a small thunderstorm and a small tornado blocking my path. I carefully moved around them and kept running, knowing I was being watched.

      I made it to my friend's house nearby. He was in the basement having a panic attack. I knew I was being followed so I frantically tried looking for an escape from this hideout. Looking out the basement window, I saw the devil no less than 15ft from the house, charging full tilt, pitch fork in hand. He slams into the chimney viciously and relentlessly breaking apart the brick with the pitchfork. He had a very evil smile across his face.

      I knew this was it. There was no escaping. I did the only thing I could think of with my last remaining moments. I turned to my friend and began to console him. I told him everything was going to be alright. No matter how futile it all seemed right now, no matter how wrong it was, I hugged him and continually consoled him.

      I woke up.

      I've dreamed of devils before, and they have to be one of the few but worst kind of nightmares I have recently. They're these unstoppable forces of death and destruction that kill everyone around me and follow me until they get to kill me and drag me to hell with them. I'm not religious in the slightest. I should get lucid and fight one. Devil dreams don't happen often, but they always leave me feeling shaken.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    14. Woman in the high rise

      by , 02-04-2019 at 02:49 PM
      I woke up in bed after feeling a bit uncomfortable, i didn't feel too well, and i had a bunch of swirling thoughts in my head.

      I put on an indie rock playlist as i fell asleep, its on YouTube somewhere called "Slowcore/shoegaze mix" or something.
      It was very relaxing and i started to feel really good.
      After a while, i begin to visualize, visualize my PR, then another while passed and i started to feel insane vibrations, like i was floating, i knew for a fact i was astral projecting, but i could still feel and tune into my physical body.

      I start floating like a ghost around my house, down the steps, next to the front door. Even though the eyes on my astral body didnt see a damn thing... I sorta felt what it looked like. Hard to explain.

      Then i started visualizing again, i tried to go outside but something.. OR someONE... told me not to go out there, it.looked dark and spooky so i just kept visualizing again, but this time i popped up in a place within my PR!

      It was in a separate universe called "the heartscapes", has a very nostalgic, big city nights vibe to it.
      (My pr is insanely massive, it spans 3 universes..)

      Anyways we are in this high rise and there is this beautiful woman there, we started talking about something idk... I was just so damn mezmorized as to how awesome the buildings aesthetic felt, how high up we were, the lighting, the mood, it was all so lovely, and i was especially interested in her.

      We were in this lounge sorta deal couches, open space, ect.
      She had on a light blue/periwinkle type of outfit on, and i felt insanely good around her. Like. UNBELIEVABLE.

      I think we were talking about how i got there, what i needed to do, and such, just like a guide, well. Spoiler alert, she is a guide and i knew her wayyy before this dream/obe

      So yeah that was fun!

      When i woke up, i felt amazing and had this new perspective on life as well
      lucid , memorable
    15. 2/4/19

      by , 02-04-2019 at 12:13 PM
      Thisdream was weird as hell, a bit gross mind you, but weird as hell!!.
      if you don't mind hearing about peoples ten thousand inch transgender penis then continue reading...

      So, it started out in school...i was in class, then this classmate came up to me and said that he was sorry for some reason. Then I decided to sign him out of my class cause I didn't like him, after this I got bored and went to the school windows and drew ROBLOX porn, then i wrote 'lol im not drawing roblox porn' then had the intent to draw roblox vore! which i didnt do since the dream transitioned to where i met my partner in real lie again, and we were gonna have sex or something but we went into a car and he took off his clothes and showed me his 543583535487348573485345837583753485734853748 inch penis and it was so gross, then he ended up in a car crash and he got sent to hospital but i wasnt allowed to go.... i felt really sad.

      to compensate i got a cat and it really hated me, the end!!
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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