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    1. Of magic and other worlds

      by , 05-09-2019 at 11:35 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I dreamed about using the magic system I'm currently designing for my novels. I used it to hide it from people who I knew that had betrayed me (not sure what the context was). I teleported behind a stage curtain using my visualization and logical sequencing that I've been working on; I can't remember if there was an incantation or not. But there should be once I finish it.

      I also flew. And I made windows in walls to escape from when they didn't previously exist. It was the night and very beautiful. At one point, when someone was trying to harm me, I used my magic and his hand went right through me. They were convinced that I was about to die, or possibly a ghost. It was super cool and pumped me up to keep working on it!
    2. Give Me Jesus

      by , 05-09-2019 at 04:50 PM

      I walk down the hallway at the graduate school where my father teaches. Two or three other people pass me. I look an old man in the eye and realize I'm dreaming. What to do with my lucidity? I know, I'll look for Jesus himself!

      Show me Jesus!

      But he doesn't come. Maybe he's around the next corner?

      I'm waking up and I instinctively jerk myself out of sleep.

      In waking life I've been listening to Bart Ehrman's audiobook, How Jesus Became God. Next time practice some stabilizing techniques and try to stay asleep.

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    3. 30.04.16

      by , 05-09-2019 at 05:35 AM (squidnapping's journal)
      Staying at my friend Reese’s house, although it looks like our place. Reese’s dad’s camera is charging by the water tank in the backyard, and it’s currently also downloading a movie that her little brother wants to watch. I want to take photos with my camera but I accidentally use his. Afterwards I delete the ones I think were bad (though they’re mostly videos now as I go back through to delete them) and I plug it back in. There’s a computer there with nothing open on the screen. Reese’s dad comes over saying what I need to do, but he sees that I stopped the download, and is annoyed but not angry at me. Reese’s mum is there too, and reacts similarly. I repeatedly tell them that I’m really sorry. I know they rented this movie and they have to return it tomorrow (maybe it’s an online rental, and it expires tomorrow). I tell Reese too as I go inside the house that we could use my computer for the movie. Then I think I tell her Dad? I set up my computer in my brother’s room (which might supposedly be Reese’s brother’s room) and sit on the bed, and then there’s a small problem with an ad coming up.

      A group of us are walking around the house, including my Year 10 health teacher (Mrs L), like it’s a tour. The northern end of the house seems specifically of interest. At one point, we’re talking about something and I say that Jess would do that, meaning my friend Jess who was also in our class. Mrs L. says, “Jess would?” and I realise she thinks I mean Jess Day from New Girl, because she knows her too. I say “no,” and then, “wait, why’d I say Jess? That’s not even the name of the person I was thinking of,” deciding I actually meant Esther. But then I realise I’m wrong and I did mean Jess. We walk into the next room - we’re in the southern part of the house, by the dining room perhaps, though the whole house looks a bit different. I sit at the right end of a couch, and Mrs L is standing, and we’re all talking. At some point I notice Sarah Wayne Callies sort of curled up/lying ‘between’ me and the person beside me (she was really lying on us), and I guess I say, “hi.” Sarah knows my name, and that’s because she’s taught me before. I say, “how did you remember my name?”, and either she or someone else says “you never forget the names of people you taught,” or something. I think of Mrs L, who seems to have forgotten me. Sarah has I think now stood up, and I say “you were my health teacher,” and then “oh no, that was Mrs L,” and I realise Sarah must’ve been my English teacher, and I seem to have an idea that it was for about three years. During this time, I wanted Mrs L to have noticed me and said my name, but she still hasn’t at all.

      Dad and someone like Amy or Annabeth Lisbon show up. I offer them drinks, and Amy/Annabeth chooses some kind of camomile. I ask if that’s just like a camomile tea bag, and she says yeah. I boil the jug, and then it’s later that I’m pouring the drinks and trying to remember what to do with each one.

      Down the other end of the house, there are beans from a beanbag all over part of the floor, and our cat Jill’s playing there, so I look around for a beanbag she might’ve torn open. I’m standing in the doorway again, and then I see a mattress-kinda thing standing on just its corner, and then it falls, as the CD or movie that’s playing plays a couple of notes of victorious-sounding music. I find it funny and want to tell people, and go back down the other end of the house. I end up pulling James down because it’ll be easier to just show him. We get distracted, and when I finally tell him, I realise the mattress thing isn’t around. I go to Henry’s room and see it either there or in the hallway under another mattress or several. The CD/DVD player is off, and maybe the beans are gone too. James helps me come to the conclusion that I must have imagined it. I find it kind of crazy and kind of cool that I imagined that whole thing.

      Jonah (guy I like) turns up. He’s in a onesie - it might be a duck onesie, or maybe I’m in the duck onesie. Either way several people including him and me are in onesies. I’m talking with Amy/Annabeth, who gets called Anna by someone like Murray (friend of Amy’s), and then later I don’t know whether to call her Annie or Anna or Annabeth. We talk about the TV show The Family, because she’d said she has the whole first season. It’s still being aired, so I ask if she only has what’s been aired already and she says yeah. She starts describing the original premise of the show, and then I say “oh yeah, I’m watching that!” We go into the laundry, where she draws, two big love hearts and something else, on the bug netting across the back door. They actually look pretty cool. I say, “do you know who my favourite character is? Hank Asher. Hank. I just think he’s so unappreciated!”

      TV series The Lying Game - Sutton’s back as herself. They’re at the table, maybe her family, and there’s some conversation with her sister Laurel, might’ve been about putting her name down for or agreeing to something; then Sutton’s turning away maybe doing up her shoes and is about to get up and leave.

      (Some names changed)

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    4. Rubicks cube, spinning dvd

      by , 05-09-2019 at 01:42 AM
      Had 2 dreams both lucid.

      I was in an upstairs of a house not the most familiar one. Maybe ldings house. There was a pc there looked like mac aio ones with large screens. I realize I was dreaming and ask R who was there "you know this is a dream?" and looked at me weird. Solved the rubicks cube at the end.


      I was spinning around in a large cylinder. I come out and I appear to be in a school. Lucid. Looks like the elementry/hs one bc. I looked around and found a girl from hs. I think her name was Sarah. She began spinning something she had into the air just levitating in the air. I had some dvds that I was holding. I tried spinning it but had some doubt and it was reflected and fell. I tried again with more oomph but still had a little worry it worked but crashed against the second floor and fell. Dvd broke. Dream giving me a plot apparently I'm suppose to be dating in the 90's setting.


      Little prophetic regarding mac

      All dreams recalled were lucid! Hurrah
    5. Hospital hall

      by , 05-08-2019 at 12:15 AM
      Update with more info if needed. Two long dream. Short ld

      Hero group, air balloon. Magic travel with ?? To Pizza place . Something super powers.


      One more dream here trouble recalling now. It was long something to do with friend and mall.


      Laid still trained like last 2 days got HI. Saw vision of amusement park and b became a dream

      walked down University road. Scene change to hospital hall dark . Lucid now. Look behind me bright and fuzzy. Look front getting fuzzy. Touched wall and got clear, also licked wall for good measure it was grainy. Tried touching floor too tried to lick but woke. May have focused too much (vision single spot) and broke rem.


      Should replay dream in head instead of writing if feeling lazy.

      Progress is excellent.
    6. When you in your dreams is completely different than you IRL.

      by , 05-07-2019 at 10:29 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      A few weird dreams last night. I've been trying MILD to launch me back into LDing, but I've gotten nothing yet. Haven't been repeating the mantras enough, probably.

      First dream: I get really mad at my parents because they won't let me play with toys (which makes no sense because I'm 25 lol) and I was building with Legos and a toy globe. I said something akin to "I don't want to live in this world anymore" and they flipped out. I...really don't know where that dream came from ._.

      Second dream: My journal says "veil vs. not" and I'm not sure what that means. People were changing appearance/personality -- also don't know what this means. Black metal vs. pop with cats (on posters, I think?) -- I vaguely remember this, probably because I was looking at the Dark Lord Cat Facebook page shortly before bed.

      The last line in my journal for last night says "We all started hearing his calming voice deep within our thoughts." I don't remember what that means, either, though I do have a vague recollection of it happening. Creepy.
    7. Friday, April 26

      by , 05-07-2019 at 07:29 PM
      I am at work when I notice a shorter, pudgy blond boy holding a shirt and standing right by the mall entrance. He is sort of obscured by the racks of clothes, but i still see him conceal the shirt somewhere on him and then exit. I know Iím not cleared to stop people by myself, and I donít know where Lainey is right now, but I run after him anyway, feeling that it is justified. I go up to him and just tell him that he needs to come back. I let him lead, staying pretty close to him, noticing how young he looks. I ask his name and he tells me. I ask his age, and he tells me something like 13. I think about how old kids are looking for their age these days. At some point a girl has started walking with us, like sheís with him. When we get to the door, I tell them to put their bags and phones up on the desk. I recover the merchandise, hanging it on the wall. There are Nike sweats, two things from Pink, and something from another store. Now, there are three 20-somethings sitting in here, in three chairs facing the desk. They have grabbed the paperwork and are filling it out themselves, nonchalantly. The guy in the middle is even reclining and has his phone set up and playing a video or something. I take it and set it on the desk. Now, it is the boy and girl again. I look over and notice the girl playing a game on her phone. I hit it out of her hand, saying ďGet off your fucking phone, Iím not fucking kidding.Ē Now, it seems a little later, and Iím being invited into a house by a slightly older looking Nathanielís dad. I get the impression that the two earlier were Nathaniel and Beatrice and he wants to talk to me about it. He plays a tape or recording and I hear myself saying what I said earlier and hear the phone hit the ground. He politely tells me that he thinks I was being aggressive. His mom is here now too, and I tell them that Iím very quiet and so I have to try to be more assertive. I tell them we never try to be mean to people there, that we tell everyone it can be easy and we want it to. They seem understanding. I also tell them that like half of the people we get are homeless and that itís saddening.
    8. Wednesday, April 24

      by , 05-07-2019 at 07:22 PM
      I am in what looks like a large fitting room (sort of like one in the Leviís fitting rooms) with Dad and Makayla. The lighting is dimmer and the back wall is encompassed by a mirror and a bench. Weíre standing at the entrance when I, recording on Snapchat, throw a sock into the room and watch as it is thrown back before it even hits the ground. I throw it a few more times, the same thing happening each time. Now, I seem to be on a roof of a building, on a long ledge. Dad and Makayla are down on the ground. I am asking ĎCharlieí to reveal himself and actually bracing myself for it to happen.
    9. Tuesday, April 23

      by , 05-07-2019 at 07:17 PM
      I am in what seems like a large, dim room. The building seems industrial and empty/abandoned. There are only a few others here. They are doing some sort of bomb test. I think I ask someone if itís a hydrogen or atomic bomb. I think they say itís a big bomb, but not that big. Now, the bomb (that looks more like a grenade) is being throw from the other side of the room to over here. There are actually two of them, and they land in a corner/inlet to my right. There is a wall between them and me, but still I panic a little. They then detonate with a much smaller explosion than I had expected. The explosion looks like mostly black smoke in a sort of mushroom head. After a moment it sort of goes off again, sending a powerful wave of aftershock. There are people against a fence on the far side of the room; I watch as they are violently thrown up and against the fence. I go look at the location of impact, finding two small craters. The bottom is bright yellow orange, like it has turned the ground molten. I think about sending a Snapchat of it.
      Tags: bomb, explosion
    10. Monday, April 22

      by , 05-07-2019 at 07:07 PM
      I am climbing at what looks pretty much like Basecamp. I boulder around, and it feels pretty easy; I feel strong. Granted, I am only climbing easier problems, but I feel in control and unfatigued. It seems uncrowded and also a little bigger than it really is. I start a red taped problem on a slight overhang. I start with both hands each on a hold, noticing that the hug my right hand is on is the only starting hold. I donít really care, since Iím just climbing for myself. After a move or two, a dyno is required to get to the next hold. I come down instead of attempting it, not feeling quite ready for it. Though I probably could do it, I donít feel committed. At one point, I am making up my own route, using side pull slopers and heel hooks and small holds with ring/rung features (almost like handles). I now try a problem that starts low on a triangular feature on a slight overhang. These small, yellow holds are loose and move around when I pull on them, so I come down after a move or two. A girl comes up and nicely explains that she needs the holds to not be moved, to stay exactly where they are. I think it occurs to me that she must currently be setting this, so, feeling a little bad, I tell her I am sorry and wouldnít have climbed on it if Iíd have known. I now climb up a short problem on a pillar. Now, I am by the rope walls, which really arenít much taller than the bouldering walls. There are about four groups climbing next to one another, very close together. An older couple comes up and asks if I can belay them or something. I give some excuse not to. They seem a little put off, like I was obligated to or something. Iím not even sure itíd be safe for me to belay right now itís been so long since Iíve done it. I do go over by the top ropes and start moving one. Itís so close to the pair using the one next to it that it gets tangled in their rope. I get it free and put it back, a little surprised that I can still tie the figure eight (albeit a little too short).
    11. Dreaming of Dreams of Dreams

      by , 05-07-2019 at 06:51 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 05-07

      Regular Dream -
      Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Note: I just has the longest and most epic dream I have had since forever! I took a melatonin pill last night to aid in recall and I have been reading dream journals here and thinking about dreams, and I think it is really helping! At least it did last night!

      I am at school. I am in a computer class and we are dividing up into groups. Allison is in the class, and a couple others that I know. I am wanting to be in Allisonís group but she ends up forming a group with others and I am left out, so I end up getting placed in a group where there is still room. I donít know anyone else in my group and I am not happy with it. Class lets out and we all leave class. I am upset and I avoid Allison, but a bit later we both end up at a pool that is at the school. I was going to get in the pool but Allison and her friends are there. We get into it, we have some pretty heated words, it ends up with both of us really pissed off at the other one and we part ways.

      Later on I go to bed. I start dreaming. I find myself walking down a path at night that looks like some kind of fantasy forest. There are over-sized mushrooms that I think look like fairy houses and there are strange lights glowing amongst the trees. I think this fantasy world is not real, I must be dreaming. I do a nose pinch RC and I can breathe while pinching my nose. I become lucid.

      I now remember the argument I had with Allison and I feel awful about it, I want to find her in this dream and make up. I continue down the path, now I am calling out to Allison, hoping I can find her in the dream and apologize for my part in our earlier argument. I want to say I got more upset about being in a different group than I should have and we canít all be in the same group so itís no big deal, I said things I shouldnít have. I get no answer, but I find a town. I fly over the town, calling Allison. There are people in the town looking up at me and pointing and talking. I keep flying and calling, looking for Allison.

      I fly over a larger city. I see a big display screen thatís showing the news. I get close enough to hear and I realize I am the news. The reporter is talking about the woman flying all over the place looking for her friend Allison and anyone with information should call in immediately. I keep flying and I see someone waving to signal me. I fly down and a woman says she saw Allison. I follow her to a theater that is dark and empty except for a few people. Allison is in one of the seats looking as upset as I feel. Her other friends are seated around her glaring at me. But they donít interfere when I go over and sit down beside Allison and apologize for getting so upset. We make up and have a friendly hug and then I wake up.

      But it was a false awakening. I wake up in bed and sit up. I start talking about the dream to record on my iPad that I have set up with a voice activated recorder. I record as much as I can remember and then I stop. I rub my sleepy eyes and then my itchy nose. Then I notice that even when I had my nose pinched almost shut while rubbing it I could still breathe freely. I do a full nose pinch RC and I find I can still breathe. But that canít beÖ am I still dreaming? I repeat the RC and become lucid as I realize I am still dreaming.

      I leave my room and I find my mom on the front porch of our house. She is just watching the birds around our bird feeder. I tell her that I am dreaming. She doesnít believe me but I tell her I can prove it by making us both fly. She decides to humor me and let me try. We walk over to the stairs and I help her into the air. We both fly away from our house. My mom is amazed and now believes me. I fly with her down over the city, though the city is much larger than the actual city of Tucson where we live. My mom looks at a billboard that shows an advertisement for a live action version of the anime series Voltron. She seems interested in that so I tell her I can give her a better preview than that. I fly with her over to a tall building and we land on the roof.

      Once we are on the roof I walk over near the edge and yell, ďVOLTRON!Ē The sound of my shout sounds like I just did a thuíum as done in Skyrim, it is extremely loud. And then the five lions arrive. The black, blue, green, red, and yellow lions fly in from different directions. I take my mom into the air again to get her the best possible view of the formation of Voltron. All five lions come together and Voltron is formed. The huge robot clearly has my mom impressed, which surprises me. I had never thought she would be interested in Voltron. I look at the advertisement billboard again. It lists the names of the pilots, but they arenít the same pilots as in the anime. I specifically notice that the pilot of the blue lion is different, though it is still a woman.

      As Voltron seems to be showing off I see something else going on. A giant robeast version of Freddy Krueger has arrived on the scene! I land on a building with my mom where we can see what is going on without being in danger. Voltron engages the robeast Freddy Krueger in battle. The fight goes for a bit, but then it looks like Voltron is losing! Voltron forms the Blazing Sword but Freddy knocks it aside! Freddy is laughing and knocks Voltron down into some buildings. Voltron isnít getting up.

      I tell my mom that maybe I have to stop Freddy because an actually dreamer has to do it, an element of the dream wonít be able to do it. I leave my mom and fly towards Freddy. I use my voice sounding like a thuíum again, but this time I say, ďI have the power!Ē I transform into something that looks like She-Ra from the old cartoon, but Iím too small! I repeat the thuíum ďI have the power!Ē several more times, growing larger with each repetition. Now I am equal to Freddy in size. I am ready to fight him now.

      I go over to engage Freddy in battle. We grapple for a bit, I push Freddy away from me and then fus him right in the face with one loud and powerful, ďFUS RO DAH!Ē Freddy flies backwards and crashes into a couple of buildings, landing not far from Voltron. I go over to the fallen Voltron and pick up the Blazing Sword. Freddy gets back up and comes at me, I fight him using the Blazing Sword as a single handed sword. I have him retreating, he is trying to block sword attacks with his finger knives and it isnít proving too effective.

      Now Freddy backs off a bit, he seems to be trying to connect to the dream around him with tentacles that look like those of the daedric prince Hermaeus Mora from the Elder Scrolls games, the tentacles are grabbing onto and boring into the dream world, changing it into a nightmare wherever the tentacles touch. I take flight and cut the tentacles with my blazing sword as quick as I can to keep him from transforming the dream. When I have cut all the tentacles I fus him again and this time while he is down I run the sword right through his chest where his heart should be. This time it works, and he lets out a loud cry of rage or pain or both before he turns to dust. I am looking at the huge pile of dust when I wake up to my catís meows. I am annoyed at my kitty because Iím afraid she will keep me from remembering the dream. I do a quick nose pinch RC to find I really am awake this time.
    12. Fight, game, ap

      by , 05-06-2019 at 11:00 PM
      I was at hschool with my friend steven. We were hanging out and I met my neighbor Tony. We ended up scheduling like a fight, like a cage fight of something. I realized I wasn't that prepared so just walked around tried to find people to train me. We went to a mall and ended at the mall cafeteria. Eating foods and there were some indian people there. My wallet or friend's was missing. But there was only visa in the wallet so all was ok.

      Replay scene. At the mall cafeteria. While asking around for the wallet, the Indian people were a group of elite assassins and were out to get me? Get away from there.


      I am in a classroom connected to the school before. We went on a school trip to the nearby spot at the north with a mountain. People were skiing and having fun. Back to classroom. We had to play a terrorist/cop kind of game with the class split in each team. What we had to do was write down numbers on a sheet of paper, indicating where each person would go to and where key items would be placed. I was on the tero team. The teros would go first, writing down how many people they would place on the left/right side like 1:4 or 3:2 sort of thing and then the cops side would look at them. The cop side would then decide to counter the number of people to put on each side as well.

      So my team decided to put it as 3:1. Our plan was to lure them into the 1 side and bomb it or something. After everything happens things are just confusing and it looks like it didn't work as I thought it would.

      -probably influenced from playing counterstrike from long ago

      I woke up

      Listened to some monroe stuff again fell asleep though. Woke, tried doing same things as yesterday and just tried to relax after that and see images. Saw plants again. Practiced seeing HI while twitching eyes. Moved to the side after twitching the body too much. I moved on my back again, in a broken tree pose since that felt very comfortable.


      Got vibrations. I focused on it and it got stronger. Things weren't looking too good though, I had doubts and I was familiar with the sensations, it was getting stronger but felt like one of those that wouldn't work.

      Then I had the bright idea to move my eyes around in circles. I believed that maybe this would induced an artificial REM.. And it worked! I just jumped right out of my body (gravity slightly too light when landing on floor). However vision was not there. Part of me was uncertain if I was in an AP or just really did get up. I walked around with my eyes closed, rubbing hands to try to see things. Did not work though. I walked around the bedroom and somehow knew where I was going. I was by the door and decided to hop a little. I felt that gravity was off, slightly too light. Walked back towards the bed, rubbing hands again. I jumped against the bed and did a half back flip onto the floor. Pain, but slightly off. Then I was back on bed.


      I probably should have touched the floor or the wall. That helped me gain vision last time.

      Circling/rolling eyes is very interesting. I need to try this again! Try this when doubts arise or try it next time when vision is not there. I think it might just work. Maybe do this when dream is collapsing. To create an artificial REM?

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    13. Dream - A Simple Chat

      by , 05-06-2019 at 02:57 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 26 MAR - 2019

      Dream No. 567 - A Simple Chat

      I canít remember much about this dream at all. The only thing I can remember is that I was chatting to Edward (Ed) B in some unknown setting, he was wearing a black hoodie over his base clothing, with the hood over his head even if it wasnít raining.

      Dream No. 567

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    14. Dream - Voice Actor Sleepover

      by , 05-06-2019 at 02:51 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 23 MAR - 2019

      Dream No. 566 - Voice Actor Sleepover

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at my house and there were two voice actors from America staying over. Edward (Ed) B ended up having my bedroom and so I was sleeping in the front room. Kevin M had another room that doesnít exist in real life. There was one point in the dream where I was in the kitchen of a distorted layout. Ed was about to come out of the bedroom as it was apparently morning but I was nervous about this. I didnít want to see how scruffy and disorderly Ed would look after such a long sleep.

      The dream was trying to tease me as it kept quickly switching back and forth between me and then Ed who was trying to wade his way out from under my sheets. There was eventually a quick snippet of him and he seemed to be wearing an orange high-viso construction vest over his outfit. Both now in the kitchen, I was making something but I ended up getting slightly upset as Ed was insinuating that he didnít want to try my food. On the other hand, Kevin, who wasnít in the room, was emitting this energy that suggested he was really keen to try my cooking.

      Later on in the dream, it was just me at home. My dad was now making something in the kitchen and I think it was with some salami, some cream sauce, and basil. I asked why he used the ingredients he did and he said that the basil was to cool down the salami and the sauce. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 566

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Dream - Beachside Rendezvous

      by , 05-06-2019 at 02:49 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 22 MAR - 2019

      Dream No. 565 - Beachside Rendezvous

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was on some unknown beach when Edward (Ed) B ended up approaching me from the distance. He was wearing a red short sleeved t-shirt with black pants and white shoes. We ended up greeting each other with a very quick, informal hug. I donít remember anything else that happened in this scene.

      The next scene was later on in the dream but still in the same location, Ed was no longer around though. It was some unknown African man that was talking to me and he was mentioning something about these three people who taught Dutch at a high school. He mentioned two of them with a title of ďBrotherĒ and other of ďSisterĒ, I have forgotten their names. The third one mentioned was ďBrother EdĒ, so apparently Ed was one of the ones now teaching Dutch at this high school. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 565

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
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