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    1. Dream - You Can Use A Dream Guide

      by , 01-12-2020 at 01:30 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 23 OCT - 2019

      Dream No. 631 - You Can Use A Dream Guide

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in the car park of Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre with my family. One of my mumís friendís JA entered the scene but I forgot what she was doing specifically. She wasnít nasty in any way but she was behaving a weird and somewhat uncomfortable manner. I noticed that she was doing something in the black 4-wheel drive that the family was using in this dream.

      I then looked towards the entrance of Woolworths and noticed a glowing pink love heart hovering in-front of the door. This glowing pink love-heart meant that a dream guide could easily be summoned, so I took this opportunity. When I got close enough, Dreamy WB automatically appeared, though I ended up politely saying to the dream that I wanted 18-Volt. Dreamy WB walked off and then this energy prompted me to walk closer to Woolworths.

      18-Volt appeared in the entrance walkway of the supermarket from a visible field of energy; he was in his complete Warioware Gold appearance. However, despite his cartoon appearance, the cotton on his tracksuit jacket and pants were realistic. 18-Volt opened his arms and prompted me to lean into him for a hug; we ended up hugging for a really long time, for what felt like a few good minutes. He then picked me up and carried me back to the car and JA to help me with the original task I was supposed to do. I donít remember what happened for the rest of this dream or where the family were.

      Dream No. 631

      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB & 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Dream - A Sorrowful Thanksgiving

      by , 01-12-2020 at 01:27 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 18 OCT - 2019

      Dream No. 630 - A Sorrowful Thanksgiving

      I canít remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, it was day time and I was in the front yard of my old house. I wanted 18-Volt but I forgot why, I think I just wanted his company; so I started calling for him. Somebody, or rather something, was walking down the footpath, but it didnít look like 18-Volt at all. Rather, it was this sort of small and chubby, slimy green alien.

      I said that I wanted 18-Volt but then this alien kept claiming to be 18-Volt himself. Even though this wasnít a lucid dream, I still felt as if though I knew I had the power to make changes, and because of this knowledge, I demanded the alien to transform. I said to him ďtallerĒ, so the dream made the alien a little but taller. Then I said ďwiderĒ, and so the dream matched him sideways. He was now of a reasonable proportion again but I didnít think he was big enough to be 18-Volt yet. I said ďtallerĒ watched him grow, and then ďwiderĒ once again.

      I then instructed the alien to visually transform into 18-Volt but he refused to do so. I then saw someone walking up behind me from the opposite way, it was the real 18-Volt, but he had some transparency to him, like a ghost, the dream had him as an invalid being towards me. I was now demanding to the dream that I wanted the real 18-Volt. The alien was still innocently making excuse but I said I didnít care, I suggested that they merge.

      The alien then flew up into the air, and entered 18-Volt like a spirit. 18-Volt now looked complete as if he was an alive human. His appearance was based on his realistic Game and Wario cover art but with his features and objects having actual real life texture. Though he was wearing a different outfit than usual. He was wearing some sort of black Kathmandu jacket as well as a pair of medium-wash denim jeans. He was wearing his normal white shoes as well as his 3D glasses. After hugging me for a short while, he picked me up and walked me up the footpath and back.

      Later on the dream, it was night time and I was by myself again. I was walking up the main hill to get out of the area where my old house was. I looked around and noticed this castle in the valley; everything looked mysterious but lively as well. Then I looked back up the hill and noticed that there were purple lights everywhere, like stars. Apparently it was Thanksgiving even though I wasnít in America and neither do I live in America in real life. Everything was lit up purple as a symbol of mourning for all the people who had died.

      Still pitch black at night, I ended up on a beach area where my dad walked up to me. He came up to me and picked me up just like 18-Volt, but I didnít want this and this time, didnít enjoy the sensation. After a little while of my dad carrying me and me wanting to get off him, the dream ended.

      Dream No. 630

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
    3. Dream - The Outdoor Ghost Train

      by , 01-12-2020 at 01:25 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 9 OCT - 2019

      Dream No. 629 - The Outdoor Ghost Train

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, my dad, brother and I were in the dining room of our old house and seemed like we were chatting about some place we were going to go to, something that we were going to do. The next scene I can remember is that we ended up on what was a supposed ghost train but it was outdoors and it took different forms in different environments.

      The first environment was what felt like the creek-side track near my current house. I forgot the form of the vehicle in this part but there were actually real ghosts that started to appear and the energy I was feeling was very negative, I was uneasy throughout the entire ride. As the dream progressed, some of the forms were weird. For the second stage of the ghost ride, the vehicle split up and transformed into small rafts that would go up this channel of extremely blue looking water. I forgot what the scary parts here were but I know I had to try to stay on the raft and not fall off.

      At this stage of the dream, I felt like I didnít want to be on the ghost train anymore. To express this further, the dream had changed scenes. It was pitch black at night and I was walking down Gladstone Road. Even though I wasnít on the ghost train in this scene, I was still very distressed and was crying out for 18-Volt as I continued to slowly progress down the hill. He wasnít coming for a while but I kept calling as I was desperate to be heard.

      Eventually 18-Volt appeared but as it was so dark, I couldnít see him. Rather, I felt his energy around and then he came and effortlessly picked me up. Though in this dream, he was carrying me in a different way than usual. He was standing sideways, facing the road and he had his arms out in-front of him. If a person did this in real life, Iíd likely fall straight through them, but I was staying on 18-Volt with no problems, with the weight of his two arms only, like two perches, supporting me like a bench.

      Now that I was on 18-Volt, my distress had gone and I was completely relaxed. In-fact so relaxed that I felt like leaning into him. I ended up leaning the side of my head into 18-Voltís lower face but something about him felt rough and bristly, he had facial hair? Perhaps 18-Voltís energy was there but it was the body of someone else, he didnít speak in this dream and so I wouldnít know. 18-Volt slowly carried me down the hill as I just contemplated life.

      The scene then went back to the ghost ride and now it was the third stage of the trip, where it was actually one big train. In this part, there was also a train conductor but she was a really nasty person. There was an announcement by another staff member, who resembled Andy from The Block 2019, that we were going to receive Christmas cards from Santa but the things he was going to say about us were negative. He then handed out the Christmas cards to each of us and there was a really long message of hurtful and spiteful comments from Santa.

      My first thought was ďhow does he even know our name?Ē. Itís like the Andy guy could read my thoughts, he came up to me and reminded us that we filled in a form at the start that had our names on it. After a few minutes, it seemed like a spell had worn off as the card had actually turned into a positive message. Though as soon as the message became positive, the staff came around to take the card off us; they were satisfied in making us feel miserable and didnít want happiness on this ghost train ride.

      There were now prominently ghosts appearing again and I was screaming really loudly. In-fact, no one else was screaming, they were all quiet, but then there was me who was constantly squealing. The conductor came around and told me to stop screaming, violently threatening me. In a panic, I asked how could I stop screaming when everything is so scary. She didnít react well and rather kept yelling at me.

      The fourth and last stage of the ghost ride was to scale a cliff. The train broke up into small vehicles again and transformed into some sort of cliff-side elevator. It was odd though because I was holding my phone in my hand but at the same time, I had to hold onto an area of the elevator that would transform into the handle grip. At some stages, I thought I was going to drop my phone but I successfully managed. I forgot what the scary things were for this part of the ride.

      The ghost ride then reached the middle-point stop (yes, we had to go back as well). It ended up being some aged-care centre. There were all these residents sitting at multiple round tables and now my whole family were there, chatting and laughing with them. It was me, my dad, my brother, my mum, her friend CD, and CDís other friend. We were there for a while but I forgot everything that we did there.

      For the next scene, we were in a car, the six of us, driving somewhere, the awareness was there that we still had to go back on the ghost train but I wasnít going to have that. In-fact, there were 10 people, including us, that I had to think of way to get out of going back on the ghost train. I came up with a solution, I was going to call the dream guides to take us home. I told those in the car to have faith in me as I stuck my head out the window and made an announcement like a school officer over a PA. I announced something like ďCould Dreamy WB, 18-Volt and Murray please come and take each person home?Ē.

      It was a longer message but I forgot what exactly. There were three of them and ten of us, with each being able to carry two at a time. So I figured that Dreamy WB and 18-Volt would have to do two trips. I could feel the energy of all three of them increasing to enter into the scene, also with 18-Volt feeling like heíd be in the correct body this time, but before they appeared, the dream ended.

      Dream No. 629

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Dream - Area For Dream Guides Only

      by , 01-12-2020 at 01:21 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 1 OCT - 2019

      Dream No. 628 - Area For Dream Guides Only

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, it was at a KFC joint in the city with my mum. We went in there but my memory isnít clear as to what we did at the start. Later on the dream, we found out that we were only allowed access to a specific area of KFC if we had a dream guide with us. Eventually, Dreamy WB entered on her own and took both my and my mum to a table in the secret area. I forgot what she was wearing exactly but her appearance was accurate to her real life replica. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 628

      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Lucid?: No
    5. Dream - A House On Feather Point Road

      by , 01-12-2020 at 01:18 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 30 SEP - 2019

      Dream No. 627 - A House On Feather Point Road

      I canít remember much about this dream. From where I can remember, I was somewhere in a distorted version of the Dandenongs. I was outside the house where my parents were living and there supposedly some big party being held over there. There was a sub-scene showing all the food laid out on various tables and all these people walking around inside. The dream then went to another small sub-scene which showed the house that 18-Volt and I were apparently living in together; it was a small cottage-like house on 18 Feather Point Road. The dream went back to the main scene but I have forgotten what happened.

      Dream No. 627
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    6. Dream - Awkward Auditing Class

      by , 01-12-2020 at 01:16 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 29 SEP - 2019

      Dream No. 626 - Awkward Auditing Class

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at some completely unknown campus, which was rather a single house, but it looked somewhat like the style of buildings from my high school. An auditing class was taking place in the house but as our normal lecturer FH wasnít able to teach the content, we had someone else coming in. It was supposedly someone called JHam. who is an auditing lecturer at LaTrobe university but since Iíve never met her in real life, she was a stranger in the dream.

      JHam. was being really mean though, especially to me. This didnít feel like any normal teacher behaviour and so I had to find a way to escape and fast. I ended up getting out of the classroom before she could catch me and attempted to call out for Dreamy WB. The attempts were successful and Dreamy WB came to take me further out of the area but I have forgotten how the scene played out.

      I was now in a distorted version of Dandenong inside the supposed main shopping centre. I went outside and crossed the road, now calling for Edward (Ed) B, though I have forgotten why I wanted him. He also successfully came but I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 626
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Lucid?: No
    7. Toty #1: Ufo

      by , 01-12-2020 at 05:56 AM
      My lucidity began, and I was standing on my front porch. I knew I had to get to space to begin the challenge, so I jumped off my porch and tried to fly. This doesn't often work and this was no exception. I fell to the ground. When it doesn't work, I hold my hand out and summon a broom. It flew through the sky and landed in my hand. I jumped on and flew up. I went fast, and was in space in a few seconds. I looked around and saw nothing so conjured a ship out of my mind. I started to fall out of the dream and the ship was a grey blob in my mind. I rubbed my hands together and the ship started to load in like a video game buffering. Eventually it looked like a big ship, maybe enough to hold 20 people. I flew next to the cockpit and pressed a button on the outside to open it, and jumped in. I closed the cockpit and dropped my broom. Immediately I saw a distress signal and followed it. Like a video game, I had a hard time getting the camera angle of the ship right. Eventually I found one that worked, and caught up to the distress signal. There were UFO's everywhere attaching harpoons to civilian ships to kidnap them. I started shooting down the ship. One UFO had an exposive tied to their harpoon where if the UFO got destroyed it'd destroy the civilian ship. I dropped a bomb and detonated it far enough away from both ships that they wouldn't be damaged, but close enough that it jarred the harpoon loose, and it fell off. The civilian ships flew away after that, and I woke up.
    8. Wednesday, January 8

      by , 01-10-2020 at 06:48 PM
      I am at work watching cameras when I see two kids with backpacks walk up to the Levis section. I think theyíre both girls. One appears to hang a pair from the handle on her backpack so it is laying between her backpack and back. I think the other just puts a pair or two in her backpack. They then quickly head downstairs. It was all weird and quick, but itís still enough to stop them, so I go onto the floor in case they leave right away. They do end up leaving quickly, and I am a little behind them. It is very dark outside. There are two Sephora employees walking together that throw me off for a second until I see the kids ahead of them (now a girl and boy). They see me and start running, and I have to chase them. I ask for some backup but it seems no one comes. I think Laynie and someone else are working. I catch up to the kid and tackle him, despite the policy. I think I end up getting the girl too. I ask Laynie what sheís doing and she just says ďwatching PTZsĒ, which irritates me. I am talking to the boy and he seems young (6 or so?). Without prompt, he tells me that they are runaway kids. I know weíll have to get PD involved. He says he is 11 when I ask his age. I figure his birth date at 2009, but write 2007 at first. The kid actually tells me something impossible very confidently, characteristic of younger kids, like the day, two different numerical months, and the year. I write what he says, just to have it all down on paper. In blue ink, I cross out the 2007 and a few other things. I think about redoing the whole sheet later. The whole situation is stressful.
      Tags: chase, stealing, work
    9. A Cute Kingdom Hearts Dream.

      by , 01-10-2020 at 07:49 AM
      Had a very cute dream about Kingdom Hearts 3. The guardians of light had just defeated Xehanort powered up with the X-blade. We all get absorbed into Kingdom Hearts the actual place; not the game, and land in this open desert area completely illuminated by another moon. I am the first to come to and gaze up at the moon which is a small triangle instead of a giant heart now, but still bright as ever. I look around and spot the X-blade and immediately run over to wield it.

      Vanitas gets to it before I do and picks it up. Shortly after, Ventus grabs the hilt of the blade. The two fight over it. Cutest thing ever. I want Ventus to have the X-blade. I kick Vanitas away and Ventus holds up the blade triumphantly. Vanitas gets up, wrestles the X-blade from Ventus and attacks me instead. I stop the attack by catching the sharp end with my bare hand. Vanitas tries to wrestle the sword away from me but I am just in awe. Old man Xehanort gets up and finally wrestles the keyblade from Vanitas. I am like, who cares? We are in Kingdom Hearts. Other people transported wake up and we all start looking around. The scene transforms to something like inside of a mall. I know I saw a lot of vending machines. All I am worried about are, "Where can I find Oathkeeper and Oblivion."

      We race through the mall.
    10. Strange changes to recurring Mother, Sister, Car dream after trying lucid dreaming to move it along

      by , 01-10-2020 at 03:52 AM
      I have tired to use Lucid Dreaming on the dream about being in my grandads old Reliant with my sister and mom.

      The first night I tried it was Tuesday (01/07). The dream started out as always with my waiting in the car by myself buckled to the middle of the front seat with my sister then getting in and sitting down in the window seat not long after. In all of the previous dreams, my sister and I have spent at least 20-30 minutes in the car before my mom surfaces from the house. In this dream, my sister was trying to start a conversation with me a few minutes after she got in and her breath smelled really bad like it always does. I kept trying to tune her out and ignore her, but I just couldn't avoid smelling her breath. Finally, I had enough and reached to honk the horn on the steering wheel to let my mom know that I had been waiting long enough and she need to come out of the house and get in the car. I kept honking until she finally got the hint and came out of the house. Rather than getting in the car, she spent several minutes working in her garden in the back yard and then walked right by the car again and went back into the house. My sister and I had to wait for another 30 minutes before my mom finally came back out. While we were waiting, my sister keep getting in my face telling me it was my fault we were having to wait so long because I honked the horn. I was forced to smell her breath because she was coming into my space to make sure I knew she was not happy. I thought about trying to get out of the car to get away from her, but the drivers side door was locked and I couldn't unfasten the seatbelt because my sisters leg was blocking the buckle. When mom finally came back out and got in the car, the first thing she did was to get after me about honking the horn. This was the first dream where I ever noticed her breath and it was just as bad as my sisters when she was telling me how rude and disrespectful it was that I did that and she was hurt and would be really embarrassed if neighbors heard it. When my mom started trying to get the car started, it was the longest I can ever remember that part of the dream lasting. She got out at least 3 times to look under the hood and try to figure out why it wasn't starting. If I had woken-up a little later, I wonder if she would have given-up and I would have gotten out of the car.

      I tried Lucid Dreaming again last night (Wednesday 01/08). The dream started as I always does, but this time I noticed the car smelled really bad which I had never noticed before. After my sister had gotten in and closed the door, she also commented that something smelled although her breath smelled worse than the car when she talked. We waited in the car for the usual 20-30 minutes before mom came out of the house. My sister tried to carry on a conversation a few times and I kept ignoring her because I did not want to have to smell her breath when she talked. Unlike last night, she stayed in her space the entire time we were waiting like she normally does so it was easier to ignore her and tune her out. After mom got in, closed her door, and was adjusting the mirrors she noticed something smelled bad and asked me and my sister if one of us had maybe stepped in poo. We both denied it and I wasn't that worried since I hadn't been in the grass. As always, the car didn't want to start any my mom started to try pumping the accelerator after a few cranks. This didn't do any good, but she kept pumping the accelerator and turning the key and I kept hoping that the car would start up on the next crank, but the red lights kept lighting up and I kept hearing the buzzing sound rather than the engine running. While mom was pumping on the accelerator before trying another crank, her foot slipped out of her clog and she leaned her head down to put it back on. When she did this, she noticed that there was poo on my shoe. While mom continued to keep trying to get the car stated, my sister opened her door and got out and then I unbuckled from the middle seat and got out of the car to clean my shoe. I woke-up from the dream while I was in the back yard cleaning my shoe and could hear mom still trying to start the car while I was doing this. I don't know what ended-up happening with the car, but this was the first time ever in the dream that I was not buckled to the middle seat.
    11. Accidental nap at work, the psychopath, and space.

      by , 01-09-2020 at 04:40 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      So a few days ago, I fell asleep for a split second during a work meeting. It was at 2 PM, I believe, which is quite possibly the worst time to have a meeting. Anyway, for that split second I had this vague dream that Apple made their own smart car, and I had one. I also had an iPhone, iPad, a Mac, and a Windows PC. I work in tech, so I guess that dream makes sense. But if Apple actually ends up making a smart car for some reason, I called it first.

      The following night I had a dream that I was trying to save two guys on a boat in a river from an evil psychopath. The psychopath kept laughing as I tried to hit him over the head with a board, or something. I accidentally dunked one of the good guys under the water, as I didn't realize he was holding onto the board. This dream felt more real than my average dream.

      I also had a dream that was vaguely reminiscent of Star Wars. Or some other sort of space opera. According to my spotty notes, it including hiding behind a forcefield, different planets, and spaceships. I also had a whole backstory, as though I had been living out this grand adventure, and I was analyzing events in this dream based on said backstory. Sadly, I cannot remember what it was exactly. But this dream also felt more real than average, for some reason. I really hope to start having super vivid lucids soon.
    12. Another night of the Mother, Sister, and Car dream

      by , 01-08-2020 at 03:05 AM
      I had the same dream I have been having last night about being in my grandads old Reliant K Car with my mother and sister. This was the 6th night in a row I have had it and the 8th time in the last 10 nights.

      The dream started as always where I am alone in the Reliant buckled to the center of the tan vinyl front bench seat. Around the time I had finished checking my surroundings, my sister is walking towards the car and then opening the passenger side door and sitting next to me. We had the usual really long wait for mom where I try to avoid talking with her because her breath reeks and I have to smell it when she speaks. She tried to start a conversation a few times while we were waiting, but I just ignored her and turned the other way so I would not have to smell her breath. I really cannot remember what she was saying during this time.

      There was a change to last nights dream when mom was walking to the car. In every other dream, my mom has not surfaced until she is closing up the house and getting in the car. She has always been out of site in the house the entire time my sister and I are in the car waiting for her.

      In the dream last night, I looked over my should and saw her walking down the steps towards the car. Before she got to her door, I heard her answer to someone and then turn around and walk to our neighbors yard. My sister and I had to wait a while longer while she talked to her neighbor. I remember my sister and I talking about how rude it was that she was leaving us in the car and being willing to tolerate her breath while we talked about it.

      When my mother got in the car, there was the usual adjusting of the mirrors and then trying to get the car started. I woke up from this dream not long after she had started pumping the accelerator to try to sped up getting the car started.
    13. My Mom Cats Dream Came 2 Mine 4 DILDS

      by , 01-07-2020 at 09:12 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Had 4 Lucid dreams, it was lit.
    14. Recurring Dream involving my mom, sister, and old car

      by , 01-07-2020 at 04:38 AM
      I keep having a vivid recurring dream takes place in spring 1994 and I am 15 years old. I am in my grandads old Tan 1983 Plymouth Reliant K Car. I am buckled in the front middle seat and the car is parked in my parentís driveway. Soon my 11-year-old sister is opening the passenger side door and sitting down in the passenger seat next to me. She is wearing the same pink hypercolor shirt, red overalls, and tan sandals that she always wears in the dream(one of her favorite outfits during that time). She closes the passenger side door and then buckles her seat belt.

      For most of the dream, my sister and I spend waiting in the car for mom to come and get it. We are both buckled-up and ready to go and just need her to get in. We always spend a really long time waiting. Probably around 20 Ė 30 minutes. During this time my attention sifts between looking through the windshield at our backyard; looking at the gauges on the dash board, the tan steering wheel, and empty tan vinyl drivers seat; watching at my sister blowing on her shirt so it will change colors & putting her feet on the glovebox; looking at the a/c controls and radio that are by my knees; and looking over my left shoulder towards the back door of our house to see if I see mom getting ready to come out. I try to avoid have any conversations with my sister while we are waiting for mom as her breath reeks and I will have to smell it if she talks.

      Eventually, mom is unlocking the drivers side door and sitting down in the drivers seat next to me. She puts the key in the ignition and the car makes a buzzing sound until she closes her door. She then always spends a long time adjusting the mirrors. Once she has them adjusted, I see her hand reach for the black key in the ignition and turn it so start the car. The car fails to start as I see the dash illuminated with red lights and her the buzzing sound again. Mom keeps turning the key trying to start the car, but it doesnít want to start. I am focusing on her hand turning the key, the red lights on the dash, and the buzzing sound. Eventually she starts pumping the accelerator with her brown clog, but each crank still ends with the red lights on the dash, the buzzing sound, and the engine failing to start. I keep watching her pump the accelerator and turn the key hoping it will start on the next crank.

      In the dream last nigh, after several cranks and no luck starting the car mom became concerned that she had left the coffee pot on and when into the house to check, leaving me and my sister in the car. When she got back to the car, she tried pumping the accelerator and truing the key several more times but did not have any luck. After several more minutes of trying to start the car, she decided to go look under the hood and left us in the car for a few minutes. I woke up for the dream when she was turning the key the first time after closing the hood and getting back in. I have not idea if the car ended-up starting or if she had to give up.
    15. Lucid

      by , 01-07-2020 at 04:25 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just a dream of being in a dark room or something. Jamie was there holding me i think. I feel she's just letting me know she's still around.


      Was at my house outside.I flew up and became lucid. I wanted to visit Jamie. I was flying over a green field and saw a house with green peeling paint on the outside covered in branches. I tested to see if it was Jamie' house. knocked on the door and a young blonde woman answered. i asked if Jamie was there and she said, "yes,". I saw to the left a living room and a girl with long brown hair about Jamie's color got up from a couch and headed to the door. I was watching her friend, the blonde woman, Who was standing in front of a tv screen loading a game. The woman got sucked into the tv screen, and i saw another screen flash behind that one. I know me and Asuka Go into TV screens when we watch a movie... I wonder

      Sometime later I'm not lucid, I'm on a couch cuddling with jamie watching a movie. She gets mad for seemingly no reason and transforms herself into a man to seem unattractive. she gets up and shuts off my TV and surrounds herself with 3 tvs and starts playing fortnite... umm ok. I ask for the remote back because I wanna finish watching me show. She says no.

      Dumb dream.

      I was with a friend I use to work with at Mcdonald's. We went to a mall and met up with a fortnite youtuber I don't really care for at all. He seems really depressed at the mall like he's sick of the game he's playing. I forget all of what happens.
      Tags: asuka, jamie, mall
      lucid , non-lucid
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