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    1. Waking Hallucinations

      by , 07-22-2018 at 01:06 AM
      This has happened to me on several occasions now. I can dream while 100% awake and walking around. All that's needed is being tired enough. These episodes only last maybe two seconds, but enough for a random image, thought or sound to manifest. If there was ever a case for 'time compression' in dreams, it's this.

      On one occasion, I saw people through my closed eyelids because I took a little bit too long to blink. Extreme exhaustion.

      On another, I saw a street scene on our coast. And cars. It all looked so real, and yet I was awake and walking around. Not just minor hypnagogia, but sights and sounds.

      Years ago, I was on the bus when I was suddenly 'teleported' to a street not far from there. I manifested in the middle of a street and a car had to brake really hard to avoid hitting me. We drove past that location later.
    2. 18-07-17 Pennywise Grants Power, Kill Bully

      by , 07-22-2018 at 01:01 AM
      Pennywise from 'It' and I made a pact. He granted me a power, telekinesis. I approached a guy who had always been bullying me. He was perhaps 10, and I think so was I. I wanted to just lift him with TK and pull him towards me. To scare him, maybe hurt him. But when he was suspended in the air in front of me, he looked dead. Like, I'd accidentally snapped his neck by pulling him so violently or something. That's when Pennywise began haunting me. I could feel the terror building inside of me as he got creepier and creepier, but then my real-life alarm clock went off and saved me. Phew.
    3. Straight outa Benghazi

      , 07-22-2018 at 01:00 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally, FINALLY a cool dream and I remember it! Thank you so much. Lately, I'm just so tired, not getting enough quality sleep. Even when I get a glimpse of a dream I just woke up from, it fades before I can remember it fully.

      It almost happened to this one as well. I woke up at night, not remembering any dreams, then it just came back to me, so I retold it to myself while falling back asleep.

      I'm in a commercial airliner with others. There is some malfunction or we got shot at. It feels military. We are crash landing, trying to assess the area and I feel it's hostile.

      I end up with others in rooms from red bricks, that looks like a war zone. We are watching a doorway which has no doors, no paint on walls, only some crumbling walls. I can sense the enemy combatants gathering outside. Some of them are peeking inside. We have no weapons, so I know I have to grab one of them to get his weapons. I go closer and drag one of them inside by his throat. He is no longer moving. I throw his side arm to another person and I grab his Kalashnikov. I'm thrilled.

      (I often get weapons in my dreams, but getting them is always hard. They are never where I know they should be, or they are not working, or there are no bullets, or they are not shooting, or when they shoot, bullet travels 5 feet then falls down, or it has no punch at all.)

      When another bad guy looks through the opening in the wall, I aim at his head and pull the trigger. His head, very satisfyingly, explodes. Yeeey, my gun is shooting and it does what it's supposed to. I know we have only that one magazine, and one more, which I also took off the first enemy combatant, so I aim for the head and squeeze of single rounds instead of automatic mode (this situation reminds me of the movie 13 hours - story of attack on us compound in Benghazi, Libya. Such an intense movie, I really liked it and I was thinking how it would be to fight like that.)

      This way we get another AK and then more. They keep coming and we keep taking their weapons away.

      I like being able to protect myself.
    4. 18-07-16 Hallucination at Work

      by , 07-22-2018 at 12:56 AM
      While at work (very much in real life), I was walking around back and forth (I'm a guard of sorts). I was dead tired, having slept very little the night before. While walking, I closed my eyes for a second. I saw people in front of me, including a man whose face changed the harder I focused on it. I tried to call out to them (mentally, I didn't speak in reality) but obviously the hallucination ended when I opened my eyes again.
    5. Log 1179 - Uncreative and Impatient WILD

      by , 07-21-2018 at 10:00 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 21 July 2018

      Got several things to note, including a DILD and a WILD. Pity I've forgotten much of the former, and that I was neither creative nor patient enough to deal with the hurdles I faced during the latter...

      Scrap Group 1
      At a supermarket.

      In an unknown house. My brother was there, apparently sheltering people. I got lucid, and flew around in the place.

      Non-lucid repeat of forgotten portions of the dream above. Something about a people being held captive in an apartment or office building?

      Dream 1 - Uncreative and Impatient WILD

      WILD transition in bed. Felt a bit more rigid than usual, and my covers were clung fast onto my face. I roll off the bed, falling slowly in the void.

      Multiple awakenings and reentries. Repeats of the above numerous times. I later actively flew around blindly in the darkness. I wanted to force a transition, imagining various different scenes and sounds, but that didn't take.

      Lingering doubt distracted me, prompting me to feel around more thoroughly just to be sure I was dreaming. In further descents, I spun around albeit slowly. I then thought of changing the shape of my hands. And indeed, as I rubbed them, I could feel them morphing, if only into useless prongs or stumps. This gets me to give more tries at manually pulling the covers from my eyes, but again, nothing.

      Plenty other repeats until I woke up for good.
      lucid , dream fragment
    6. Sunday, June 17

      by , 07-21-2018 at 09:06 PM
      I am in a room that has a pool or multiple pools. One of them is pretty crowded. I am now sitting in it though, with Veronica (from high school). She’s wearing a Grateful Dead tie dye and is sitting a little too close to me. She is also turned towards me and is not so subtly coming onto me. I’m not very comfortable with it.
    7. Friday, June 15

      by , 07-21-2018 at 09:05 PM
      I have driven out to Kelli and Carl’s. It looks like nobody is home, but I also knock on the door. Nobody answer, so I go in. I call out ‘hello’ and get no answer, but I round a corner and see Carl. i continue into the room (doesn’t really look like their house) and Kelli and another girl on a black couch come into view. They’re watching something on the larger TV that is loud and probably why they didn’t hear me. I give Carl a hug and then a handshake. He offers me a margarita (I see one out - it’s in a green can that’s fairly tall: a Lime-a-Rita?) and I pause and think briefly before accepting. He goes to get one and chuckles, saying maybe I can have another or more and stay here. I am now on the couch and watching this movie with them. I am pretty sure the girl on the couch is Kelli Ann. I am not sure which can on the square coffee table is mine, but I feel pretty safe picking up the heaviest one. This film seems to be in the opening sequence - short clips of sea animals and people? with cool color tones and drab music, if any at all. Scenes keep repeating, so much so that we think there is something going wrong. After a repetition, however, there is new content, so we realize this was a purposeful stylization. I think about how that is very dream-like.
    8. Thursday, June 14

      by , 07-21-2018 at 09:02 PM
      I am looking at a map that must be on a computer (it looks like Google Earth) with Melissa. I start zooming in on Nevada, and we can start to see streets and buildings while the whole country is still in frame. I continue zooming, trying to pull the northwest portion into focus. There is a street that seems to transverse just about the whole state. As I get closer, lines of houses along the road pop onto the screen. Some of them are in pairs, facing each other and diagonal to the road. Melissa says something about it being by her neighborhood. I scroll a little to the left, and we see on the map an image of someone walking. I get closer, and we see that it is Melissa. She is wearing her work smock. I think this must’ve been when she was still walking to work (She never has, though).

      I’m outside in a back or side yard? seated in chairs with Dad, Jon, and another. We are talking about beer; Jon mentions a [some flavor: peach?] ale. I think it sounds good. It is dim/dark out.

      There is some type of long and thin dock. At the end of it, I have dropped something into the water. It is deep, but not too deep - 10 feet? It is cold though, so I wouldn’t want to submerge myself. I end up prodding some pole down and only needing to extend my arm into the water a little bit to retrieve this blue mop head?
    9. Tuesday, June 12

      by , 07-21-2018 at 08:58 PM
      I am hanging out in a house with Melissa, Daylen, and one other. I am not sure whose house it is. I am sitting a little ways from them, and Daylen is trying to be alone with Melissa. I am not sure why they need to be alone right now, and I’m not really angry, but it does make me feel a little weird. I look up and they are gone. I stay here for a bit, eating one of those glazed chocolate pies as well as one other sweet, but then decide to go outside and find them. This neighborhood consists of similar houses, one street that I can see, and an abundance of lush lawn. It is almost labyrinthine. I start walking along a narrow section of lawn between the houses and spot the three walking along the street up ahead. I crouch-run up to a chain link fence and get down behind it. Melissa is either in front or behind, not too near either of the other guys i now know they are trying to catch Katydids. In fact, two different ones fly up and land on my arms before flying off again. I now head back to the house, and these passages of lawn are now inside. This ‘inside’ seems to be a corridor (with walls of a house?) with the lawn as the floor. It does not proceed straight ahead, but turns slightly in both directions. There are openings along the walls, either to rooms or to full houses. I think that the floor being grass is for fire protection. I imagine a fire coming through here.
    10. Monday, June 11

      by , 07-21-2018 at 08:56 PM
      I am outside somewhere that looks very familiar - very similar to Frenchmans. There are three lines of people, with about 20 or less in the largest line. I get into the ‘Lovebug’ line and none of the people my age in it look familiar. Someone clarifies that we have ‘moved up’ to Fireflies, so I move over. The lines now proceed up a moderate hill on an old, overgrown dirt road. I am wearing pants and long socks. The socks are kind of annoying on my ankles and the pants are hot and not giving me as much flexibility as I’d like. Someone walking with me makes a comment about them taking us on a strenuous walk. I don’t think it’s bad, but as I look at the incline and overgrowth, I could see how it would be for someone not used to it. We’re now reaching a crest in the hill and a building up here. I end up in this building - a bar and grill or something - with Dad. We’re seated at a table close to the corner and the bar, and we’re going to try a beer here. A lady comes over, I think we need a little longer, then it takes a while for her to come back. Looking out the window, I think about how there’s still a little ways to go. I am now back outside and walking. I’m with Jon, and we’re on more flat but forested terrain. It is greener and almost more inviting. The air is cooler and it is more dim and not as exposed. There is also a small river up here. I think there may also be a house, as Jon is saying and keeps saying something about ‘Jim’. He also keeps saying something about a spider (the image in my head is a large, black one, maybe a black widow). There are multiple wooden bridges across this river as we move onward. They are dark wood pieces placed parallel with the river, creating a flat bridge with supports every few pieces. When I watch Jon walk over some of them, the pieces move, swiveling, like a bead on a necklace. He’s been fine so far, but when he jumps onto one of the bridges, quite a ways from the bank, the pieces give way, causing his legs to slip through and him to be caught on one of the supports. He does have a grasp, but appears mostly stuck. I end up by him (in the water?) and am going to help him up. He places a small, circular, water-logged piece of meat onto the wood and then proceeds to clamber out of the water that seems turgid and turbulent yet somehow still.

      I am outside somewhere that seems like a college campus or some other communal area. It seems slightly dim out. I have a pack of cigarettes and am smoking one. Others here are doing the same. I hold it between my middle and index fingers, noticing that everyone else does too. I think Niki is here. This carton is overly large and light blue. The inside slides open, revealing the cigarettes that also seem too large and like they’re made of plastic. I smoke one down, self conscious of my aggressive in and exhales, and want another, ashamedly. I think I smoked it too far? and it felt like the soft plastic piece sort of broke off when I got to the end. I think I now go somewhere with Niki - though it feels not as if we’re going together - but simply to the same place at the same time. Chelsea is here. It is brought up how she’s all but kicked a heroin habit, but is about to take it up again. We try to dissuade her, but she is blank, resolute, inconsolable. It is brought up where she would find the substance, and they say you need only follow this street. My gaze follows it down. It’s well known that it’s not the best place, and must be known for a prevalence of the drug. I think it’s residential, though it seems dirty and desolate out here.

      I am outside and moving through some dirt trail between houses in a fairly rural neighborhood (almost like Dad’s). It seems I cover a lot of ground too quickly, almost like I’m watching it happen, instead of actually walking or running. I come to a straight-away that ends in a left turn that dead ends at the side of a house. On top of the path is a dilapidated train track. It follows the straight-away but is a few feet/a body’s height off the ground when it rounds the corner. I wonder how I am going to move along this, as it twists right before the house and may be incomplete in a section. The wall that the track runs into is a neutral color (light blue/grey?) and is slightly aged and worn and bare except for one large window. Through the window I see a partially drawn curtain and two chairs. I can hear people moving about talking inside, and these people are moving out of this house. It’ already pretty bare, but I start moving cups and other everyday items off a shelf. I think the people here don’t know that I am here? I now start moving stacks of DVDs (the ones we have at Mom’s, I’m pretty sure).


      Later today, I go on a walk with Mom, on which we seem to come to some realizations about the first and third dreams from last night. What prompts these realizations is the sighting of a small bridge being constructed in a front yard. I find this significant, as the bridge as of yet only consists of the support pieces. I liken this to the recounting of my dream bridge and its support pieces and other swiveling pieces. I tell Mom that this dream involved multiple bridges over water and Jon jumping onto one, only to become stuck and in need of my assistance. I find it necessary to detail the background to this dream having any significance, that being me viewing the movie Hereditary on Saturday night and consequently contemplating a séance of my own with a plausible intention being contact with Opa. mom and I agree on the bridges, water, Jon, and my helping Jon all being symbolic in strict relation to Opa and his passing. Mom is the one what mentions that Jon was the one not present and therefore behind in coping with the situation. I seem to be helping Jon in this process and to me it seems to be because of my recent inclinations towards the idea of performing a séance to contact Opa. i believe the bridges are direct symbols of the ‘bridge’ to the ‘other side’. As I write this I begin to experience chills when contemplating the ‘turgid and turbulent yet somehow still” water, probably because it represents what the symbolic bridge physically bridges. Is probably significant that Jon surmounts the bridge. I am unsure of the piece of meat, as well as any meanings ‘Jim’s house’. During a pause in writing this, currently being unsure of the presence of ‘Jim’ and the spider, I go to the garage. Kneeling down by the fridge (which is right where the Black Widow used to be) I get a pre-recorded phone call in which the voice tells me his name is Jim. i immediately think it’s odd that it’s a Jim, but it isn’t until I’m recounting to Mom that I got a phone call from a Jim that it hits me that it was right by where we had the black widow, the one from the dream. Later on, still unfinished with this analysis, I text Kat telling her briefly what happened and asking if she’s had anything happen that has to do with Opa. She tells me a little while ago she had a dream of him in a silver Subaru, then she mentions how he is probably wishing he could’ve been at the graduation. It then hits me that the very beginning of the dream is probably a representation of the graduation. In it, I say ‘moved up’, which directly relates to Opa, while the whole scene can stand for Makayla’s graduation. As of now, it seems that the annoyance of my long socks and pants is the only part without apparent symbolism. As Mom and I started discussing the bridges, I realized that the train track in the third dream bears much resemblance to this image of a track or some sort of conveyance with missing or otherwise inoperable pieces. I believe this represents the contact or attempt at contact with Opa. The train tracks are an overt reference to Opa’s involvement with the V&T as well as a visual metaphor. The neighborhood is significant as well. I also feel that the tracks dead-ending in the house seems to be significant, as the house is another symbol for Opa or for the ‘other side’. The window conveys pretty much the same meaning, and the two empty chairs do not feel arbitrary. Mom mentions the two chairs that were always in Opa and Oma’s living room, and though that is true, the chairs in this dream were wooden and straight-backed, facing each other slightly, seemingly symbolizing conversation. I think it is symbolic that I never really see the people but only hear them (an image of the ‘spirit world’ or the impression of people contacting it) and also that they are moving out of this house. After all of this, I am left with the feeling that these dreams did not by chance occur so noteworthy and significant-seeming directly after my inclination towards conducting a seance. I with impressed with their impression, considering my lack of detailed dreams for quite a while, and believe that alone makes them significant. And then the sighting of the partially constructed bridge was the conduit for the deeper, real meaning. Every association produced varying levels of chills, which is enough for me to know that I have found the dream’s real ‘meaning’. I believe the dreams were some spiritual connection to Opa or an affirmation towards the idea of contact, with the same feeling of knowing I had about the dream in which he came into Starbucks when I was working, though not quite as understated.
    11. Mokaner's DJ 5

      by , 07-21-2018 at 07:22 PM
      Dream 1
      I was in the house of one of my grandmothers, however it was more empty than usual and had some extra rooms. First, I went upstairs until I reached the room right beneath the roof where a friend of mine had slept, together with his girlfriend. There was also a third person up there, but I don't recall, who. After talking to them for some time I went down into the room I had apparently shared with another friend, whom I wanted to show some picture on my phone. I could not find it at first and got pretty nervous because there were loads of porn images I had to scroll through (wich differed from waking life, I might say), but soon after I somehow ended up in the YouTube-App, where I noticed something was off. When I checked the name of the app, it read YouTube Red, so I figured it was alright. Next up I opened up a game I did not know wich turned out to be an Idle Game I had never downloaded nor seen, but my friend said it was pre-installed software so I stopped wondering and kept on playing. It was morning soon after waking, however I do not recall having a false awakening.

      Dream 2
      I had to do something with my bike wich involved spinning the pedals. My brother kept drawing the chain out wich at first was alright but then only made things worse, and he wouldn't stop when I asked him to. I was really close to just hitting him right in the face but just tried to drag him away, wich broke the chain due to him holding on to it. I then fixed it by attaching a steel wire in a transparent tube to it.

      Dream 3
      I was in a house, trying to get upstairs alongside two children (small boys the age of 9 or 10). One of the rooms had the staircase hidden behind a bed in a way that made it seem as though it went into the wall but no further. I appeared to remember this setup but could not tell where from. When we arrived at the top there was a meeting concerning the 'Lord of the Rings'-movies, more precisely it was about Gollum/Sméagol. Peter Jackson was present in the room, looking as he did almost two decades ago, when he shot the trilogy.

      Excursion of a youth group I am a part of, one car I recogized parking.

      Dream 3 and the Fragment may have been one dream, at least I believe one of the boys I was running upstairs with is also in that youth group.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. July 21, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 07-21-2018 at 06:38 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene is in this house that seems like it has trees or a jungle surrounding and also in it. It felt like there wasn't a roof. It was about midnight at the time. We were with Mason's family and I know moo/owen were there as well. He had some extended family there with us that we were meeting and talking to. We might've been drinking too. Suddenly, a lot more of his family came in and I felt a little overwhelmed to meet them. There was a girl with pink hair and her boyfriend. It was as though we had just gone to a function with his family and everyone was crashing back at this house. I fell asleep in the dream and woke up around 2am to people actually going to bed. Eventually it was around 6am and still dark when I got up and decided I wanted to stay up. I considered drinking a coffee or soda. Moo said he was going to leave so I went with him.

      We ended up in this technology building that was open with a lot of huge windows and a big floor space. There were different rooms. It felt like this was a fun place where people play games like sports games but also an arcade vibe. We went into this room and the idea was we were waiting to play a fortnite or paintball style game inside of this place while all of the other stuff was going on. We were in a queue getting ready to play but I had to go do something and so did Moo. Kolby ended up being there too waiting. We told them to hold our spot while we left. I was in a car driving down a highway but remembered I didn't have enough time to go wherever I was going so I took a U turn and went back to the building. We were ready to play and there were these other strangers we were playing against.

      The game was strange. In my head it was this massive shooting game taking place in the building with all sorts of possible strategy involved, but when we started to play, we all huddled around this pool table and were playing this strange game of pool. Moo went to break but accidentally hit a colored ball. The other team was saying that that had counted but we argued a little bit. People were taking turns hitting balls but there were other figurines and pieces on the playing field. We kept screwing up and both teams were trying to bend the rules as we went. I remember at some point there was a bag of ice on the table, like the ones you got when you got hurt in elementary school. I picked it up and looked at Owen, asking if we should move this. He sorta shrugged like it didn't really matter if it was there or not.
    13. Resetting the Mandrill and Ready for Flight

      by , 07-21-2018 at 06:33 PM
      Morning of July 21, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 2 min 5 sec. Readability score: 79.

      I am with Zsuzsanna for the first time in my dream. We are as we were when we met in February 1994. However, where she lives is different. The house seems to have only one floor. (There have been many dreams where we were together for the first time, each as an alternate timeline, but typically with blissful associations.)

      We plan on going to America to live, rather than remaining in Australia. We are walking through a park late at night, and several unfamiliar people are present. It seems we are walking to the airport. (The area looks like a park I was only in once when I was six years old when my parents and I were traveling from Wisconsin to Florida to live.)

      There is a sudden unexpected eerie mood as a creature comes out of the dense woods. An incredibly loud roar echoes throughout the area. It is a big mandrill that emerges from the forest that borders much of the park. Most of the other people look alarmed. Some begin to run. Zsuzsanna and I quickly go in the opposite direction as the others. At first, I think the animal will chase the others, but it looks toward us and charges. We go atop a log that is tipped slightly from a tree stump near another tree. The mandrill starts to eat us both at the same time, swallowing our hands first. I am annoyed at this outcome and subliminally reset my dream to begin from the same point but without the creature.

      We arrive at the airport. It is still night. Zsuzsanna is elsewhere for a short time. I am uncertain what airplane to get. An unfamiliar woman who works at the airport and is standing with a few unknown members of the public talks to me. Referring to Zsuzsanna and me, she clearly says, “You are the two special people on this world. Yin and Yang.” She says she is an angel. From here, I wander off and ask if there are angels in the airport, but no one else says much.

      Zsuzsanna and I are soon sitting in the back of the plane. In fact, we are so far back, there is only room for us in the area, as it tapers somewhat.

      The perception of movement is extraordinarily vivid and like being on a real airplane that is taking off. However, when I look out the windows to my right, we have not yet left the ground. I consider what could happen. The airplane might explode in midair or crash, but I am unconcerned. I continue to feel the movement throughout my body. I notice that we are moving on what seems like a highway bordered by guardrails. It is curiously in the form of a complex winding roller coaster shape that continues to go higher. I do not consider this as odd. The pilot is doing his job well, and I trust him. He makes a sharp turn and continues up the runway. I decide to sleep until we arrive in America. It will not be long before we are in our new circumstances.

    14. Dream - I'm Sorry I Didn't Hear You Earlier & Ditching A Dreamer For Croatia

      by , 07-21-2018 at 01:03 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 21 JUL - 2018

      Dream No. 379 - Separated Sections

      Dream 379 A - I'm Sorry I Didn't Hear You Earlier
      I don't remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was out on the nature track near my house but rather than just being one straight track, it sometimes went off into many different directions. I wanted to do something but I forgot what specifically. I remember calling out for Dreamy WB but no matter what I did or how hard I tried, there was no response. I decided that I would go and look for some shade so I wouldn't be scorched by the sun the whole time I was calling for her.

      The scene then moved to me being at my other grandparents' house. Despite the location, I felt as if I was awake, having no bizarre surroundings or dream events happening. I stood beside the dining table and the little bench next to the wall and was checking my phone; apparently I had received a Facebook message from “WT”, which is the legal name of my dream guide. The only weird thing is that she had the same profile picture as WB and the actual WB had a completely different profile picture. The message from WT (Dreamy WB) read, “Hey I'm sorry, I didn't hear you earlier”. She was actually referring to when I was calling her back at the track. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 379 B - Ditching A Dreamer For Croatia
      I can't remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, it felt like yet another false awakening. I was in my bedroom and I was listening to what my parents had to say while they were in the kitchen, which is just outside my bedroom. My mum was stating how she, my dad and my brother were going to go on a three month holiday to Croatia. My dad states something like, “What about Karla?”. My mum states back to him that I don't like lifts and so I would just be nothing but trouble when they were stopping over in Singapore. My dad said something back and then my mum answers, “I'm doing this for you, and for NB”.

      The next part of the dream showed some sub-scenes of the three family members in Croatia, visiting various towns and various relatives in them. There were also sub-scenes about what I would be doing at home with grandma. In-fact I wasn't offended at all that I would be staying at home, I actually much rather preferred this myself. Some sub-scenes showed me driving around places in my mum's car and then one of also driving my grandma to her friend's place in the vicinity of Narre Warren. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In case of extended absences with Dreamy WB, train Murray on how to provide in-dream discipline to unruly parents (Achieved? No)

      Dream 379: Results (Competition #5)

      379 A

      Competition Night: 20
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      379 B
      Competition Night: 20
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 6.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - 5-Day Recall Chain (5.0)

      + Previous Total: 98.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 104.0

      I find it cute how after the scene, Dreamy WB became aware of me requesting her presence, and so she apologised by messaging me on Facebook for her not turning up.

      Updated 07-23-2018 at 11:11 AM by 93119 (Wrong Title)

      non-lucid , false awakening
    15. Dream - Spyro In The Caverns & Pathetic Craft Materials & Calling All Reinforcements

      by , 07-21-2018 at 12:54 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 20 JUL - 2018

      Dream No. 378 - Separated Sections

      Dream 378 A - Spyro In The Caverns
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I seemed to be in an environment that resembled the Thran Asteroid Caverns from Ratchet and Clank 3 but it had a more magical, cave-like appearance. The music that belongs to the area of the game in real life was also playing, with an accurate melody. Apparently I was supposed to get to the other side to meet up with Murray.

      When I was moving through the icy caverns though, I didn't feel like myself. I felt very light in my movements across the slippery ice and at some point, I would even glide... I felt like Spyro. As I got further and further through the caverns, I felt myself becoming more and more like Spyro. At the end of the cavern route, I could even feel some wings flapping about on me as I charged through to the end. I was completely not myself anymore.

      The next dream scene played, where I was observing from a third-person mode. On what looked like a Spyro trilogy game landscape, there was a raised hill, almost like a pedestal with cliff around it and above, the sky being a beautiful gradient arrangement from yellow, and then to orange, and then to pink. I now discovered that I was in-face playing the role of Spyro in this part in the dream. Murray was waiting on one end of the grassed area, in his Sly 2/3 appearance, and when Spyro lept up to him, Murray gave him a massive hug and held him for a long time. The dream then ended there.

      Dream 378 B - Pathetic Craft Materials
      I can't remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, it felt like I was back in primary school but I was at my current age that I am in real life. The other kids though, who were my classmates, were back at their primary school age. My old year 6 teacher was there and apparently I had just entered the room to craft time. He showed me all the supplies he had brought but when I picked up a marker out of the bowl and used it, I was not impressed.

      I tried a few more markers to make sure the first one wasn't a dud but none of them seemed to be working. I then went to try the pencils and I made the conclusion that they were of a very bad quality. I thought to myself, “what is this?” while giving my year 6 teacher in the distance a strange look. I then thought that maybe I could do something with the small bottles of glitter glue. When I checked how many I had, I realised I forgot to bring my collection from under the desk back at home. There were some colours that were acceptable though and so I used them. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 378 C - Calling All Reinforcements
      The dream started with me in this big, empty room that the dream claimed to be a clinic. To me, the room looked like the inside of one the headquarters on a reality TV series called The Block. My mum came out of one of the side rooms and asked me to come into it with her. When I came in, she shut the door behind me and then she introduced me to this other lady, sitting in one of the three chairs facing a round table. Apparently my mum had made an appointment for me to see a psychologist and this was done without my permission... I wasn't happy.

      In this dream, I refused to be friendly and interact with the psychologist, rather, I was going to let my mum know how I felt. I said something like, “You do not... I'm calling in the guards”. Just then, three small women came into the room one after the other, one to attend to each of us. The first one was to stop the psychologist from being able to do anything. The next one was to restrain my mum and the third one was to look after me. Still, it looked like my mum and the psychologist were still tempted to try something on me, and so I told them I'm calling in reinforcements and that's when the psychologist gained a look on her face like, “I'd better not mess with her”.

      Three more little Asian women came into the room and so now there was two of them on each of us. My two took me back outside while the other four restrained their respective person. I had noticed that the “guards” that came to help me were wearing a blue and white chequered bib-like apron over their clothes. When I was outside, there were masses of guards in the room, all in the blue and white bibs.

      One came up to me though that wasn't wearing anything and she told me that she was a cleaner. I had a different coloured bib for the cleaners, they were pink and white but with the same chequered design. Apparently she didn't like that colour though and asked for it to be changed. As this was happening, a guard in a blue bib came up to me and suggested something subtle like she would of preferred if I actually saw this psychologist. I ignored her remark and changed the cleaners' bibs to red and white. The dream then showed me handing out multiple red and white bibs.

      In the same scene, I was now carrying around a full colour set of bibs, the colour options to go with the white were blue, red, black, green or yellow. I then wandered into another room of the complex, still in the bricked area and started calling out for Dreamy WB. It took a while though before something happened. Someone was then walking out from a corner but Dreamy WB had a different appearance, which surprised me. She looked more like a middle-aged woman and her skin was much darker than usual. In fact, she looked more like Michelle Obama rather than Dreamy WB herself. To add to the personality, Dreamy WB also gained an American accent in this dream.

      So while she slowly marched in from the corner, I continued walking towards her. In this dream, we didn't feel the affinity to hug each other. Instead, she presented me her cheek and signalled for me to do something but I forgot what it was. I leant my cheek on hers and pressed against it. Her cheek felt hot but in a pleasant way and despite the distorted appearance and persona, that sense of familiar, pleasant, and lively energy was passed onto me quite effectively.

      For the next scene, I was by myself again, I think with my dad though. I was standing on an empty beach, just outside some nicely rendered shack-like restaurant. The sky above me though was a really menacing dark grey and it felt like it was about to rain. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In case of extended absences with Dreamy WB, train Murray on how to provide in-dream discipline to unruly parents (Achieved? No)

      Dream 378: Results (Competition #5)

      378 A

      Competition Night: 19
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Murray
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      378 B
      Competition Night: 19
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      378 C
      Competition Night: 19
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: Guards
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 4.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Have A Dream Guide Appear Automatically (0.5)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Summon Dream Guide (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 94.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 98.0