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    1. [Mushroom Rodeo]

      by , 10-21-2012 at 04:39 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Sunday, October 21st, 2012]
      I'm at a giant rodeo or an open area with a fence around it. There is manure everywhere you walk along the soft dirt. My Dad is with me, and so is Nathan.

      Nathan splits up from me as I go to help my Dad with work. I follow him around the area, just to lend a helping hand, when he tells me: "There are shrooms growing all around the rodeo.", and he pointed at the ground at a mushroom. He bent down to pluck it and placed it in a bag. He went inside a building and I followed him as he cut it up and shoved a slice into his mouth.

      "Hey Dad!" I was excited, "Did you know that mushrooms and humans have extremely similar DNA structures?"
      I paused as he nodded... Apparently, I had already told Casey and Casey had told him.
      "I hear some people talk about how experiencing higher human consciousness could be connected to mushrooms somehow."
      He smiled and nodded again. I aplogized if I was annoying him, but he dismissed it.

      He sat down in an odd chair that was built into the side of the wall, with a strange orange head-rest with a spiral painted on it. He leaned his head back and pressed a button and the headrest shoved his head forward, as if it were made to give him a concussion. He was leaning too far to his right and it didn't go off right, he tried it again and-
      <memory fades>

      I go outside and scan the ground for more shrooms. I would LOVE to do shrooms. I only see plucked stems and misleading tree stem stubs. I arrive at an open field area and find Nathan again. I tell him about the shrooms in the area and he's just as ecstatic as me! But his enthusiasm dies down and he starts to look around like a zombie. I look around and see only more stems...

      It's almost time to go, but I find one on the ground, carefully hidden from view and I shout, "YES!"
      I pluck it and plop it into my canvas bag.
      Me and Nathan leave with my Dad.

      <I wake up.>
      (I'm open my eyes and I'm still excited! FINALLY SHROOMS! Then I realize slowly that I don't actually have shrooms and I calm back down to sleep again.)
      <I go back to sleep.>

      I'm in an office-looking building and I saw my Aunt and I noted in my head that she looked really pretty. My Dad and Nathan were still with me in the room, sitting down. I pick up a phone and decide to call my Mom. She picks up and says that she's at a hospital? and she saw the Caller-ID and that it said Triad, so she picked up. She sounds unusually happy and I don't think she is mad at me anymore for not talking to her for a few days. I talk to her for a bit and actually have a sensical conversation that I would remember clearly in waking life. (I didn't because I waited so long to write this down.) I say goodbye and hangup. My Dad, Nathan, and I leave.


      My memory fades in to where I'm back at our house (I don't recognize it in waking life.) My brothers are both there and we're all in the kitchen. I'm holding my canvas sack of shrooms (apparently there's lots of them now) and I reach into the freezer to pull out a Melon-Cucumber Gatorade. I open it up and drink a bit and am extremely happy to have it. I talk to Casey and Brent for a moment before heading back to a back room.

      Casey is in the room with me and on the TV I hear someone say something like, "I'm alone in the room with this nasty chick-"
      Another guy interupts him on the TV, "Please don't tell me you bumped uglies with her."

      I repeated whatever was said (it was close to THIS, but it was actually funny. I wish I could remember...) and Casey laughed his ass off.
    2. My Own Death

      by , 05-10-2012 at 02:40 AM
      I'm in a small compartment, possibly a cockpit or car, I suddenly feel a concussive shock and extreme heat. Then I wake up and know that I died. My last thoughts are sorrow and worry for my 7-year-old daughter, after I am gone.