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    1. October 1, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-01-2018 at 06:39 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm with my class in school but we're traveling. My teacher is very innocent, I'm not sure who she is possibly my fourth grade teacher. I'm walking in my elementary school now and there's a bunch of the teachers from back when I went there walking around. I can hear people talking about how they used to be bad or good. A teacher I used to have specifically for math walked out of her classroom and I thought "ms. so-and-so's fourth grade math was the best." I did enjoy it IRL. We're in the classroom now but it's really strange. Everything else is the same except the floor is gone and in it's place is this giant open expanse of outer space. Hanging between the walls are these rickety wood bridges. On the far side of mine is a large piece of the bridge missing and a few of us are squeezing onto the remaining panels of wood. I accidentally drop my phone into the galaxy. I'm not really freaking out I'm just laughing and a little embarrassed. There's a stereo there with a screen in the class that I somehow am hooking my music up to. I start shuffling through songs and hearing different ones until I hear one I think everyone will like. I turn around and ask "does anyone like Tame Impala?" and people started nodding and one person was freaking out. I played "Past Life" for a little bit speaking along with the speaking part of the song. I started shuffling through again and played songs I didn't think people would like but no one was really saying anything. The dream faded away.

      I'm in another country, possibly Italy. Kolby is there with Eva and I believe JP. We're in a hotel and it's early morning. They are woken up and talking about going to drink somewhere. I'm still technically asleep. The dream opens up into a video game world in another country. Tyler R. comes up to me and hands me a christmas present which I open to find a few different video games. One of them is a racing video game featuring these cute little characters. It reminded me of that Sonic the Hedgehog racing game. Anyways we're in the middle of a race track and the game starts to play so I'm now racing around the track. There are little blue mushrooms similar to Mario Kart mushrooms that boost you along. One part of the course goes under water a little bit and you have to find a bubble to bring you back up to the surface. Another part has giant brick walls like a maze you have to get through. I randomly meet this guy along the track and he invites me to join his party of 10 or so people playing the game. Randomly Arttu shows up and we're racing to the finish. At the last moment I get 3 blue mushrooms and speed to the finish. He its me with an item but I barely pass over the finish line to win. Another track starts to load up and I'm thinking there's no way I do as well in this one since I've never played it.
    2. From Map to Territory

      by , 08-09-2018 at 04:11 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      In the earliest part of the dream I can remember, I'm reading a news article online. Itís about an odd discovery that was recently madeówhat seemed to be a fossilized person on a bicycle.

      I pull up a map website so that I can have a better idea of where the places Iím reading about are. It starts off as a map of Europeómore or less. The only major difference I can remember was seeing a series of small countries along the (more or less) Baltic Coast.

      The place Iím interested in is further west of that, around Luxembourg, I'd say. I zoom in until itís more like looking at a satellite map, and I can see the spot the story is talking about: a place in the woods where the grass gives way to gray rock, and in the rock, the figure of the cyclist can be clearly seen in profile, looking rather cartoonish.

      I look up and find Iím not looking at a screen on a computer anymore: Iím actually there in the forest. And thereís only one way thatís possible: Iím dreaming.

      The gray rock isnít there anymore. Thereís just forest in every directionódeciduous forest, with foliage that isnít so thick it blocks out the sunlight. I pick a direction and start walking, not having any particular goal in mind.

      The forest is quiet and still: there donít seem to be any animals around. The only notable feature of this place is the mushrooms I see growing in small groups among the undergrowth every few meters. Theyíre red with white spotsóobviously fly-agaric. I recall a recent discussion on DreamViews about hallucinogens in lucid dreams: what would happen if I ate one? Iíve never been curious enough to try it beforeóI wasnít even curious enough to read the thread, for that matteróbut here they are, and here I am. Guess Iím going to find out.

      I get down close to a group of them, pull a piece off a small one and put it in my mouth. But then I see that the mushrooms arenít mushrooms anymore: theyíre red flowers now, poppies by the looks of it. Still in an experimental frame of mind, I pull off some petals and chew on them. Theyíre completely flavorless and slightly cool. It is an extraordinarily realistic experience of eating flower petals.

      Shortly afterwards, I wake up.

    3. [06-02-2017: Undead settlement, Fragmented dream]

      by , 02-06-2017 at 11:36 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Undead settlement

      I was driving through a countryside, on a forest road. I was driving with my pal in his car, it was a red painted sports car. It was a road surrounded by trees and going up to some fields. My pal was controlling the car, though at first he didn't do anything and I had to rescue us from incoming truck, then reminded him that he is driving. We passed by some old buildings, both waving goodbye to ghosts living there. We continued on the road until something pulled us off to the fields and our car got an extension like combine harvester. We drove through wheat fields, harvesting everything. The cut wheat grain landed in a nearby tall farmhouse with a windmill-tower. After we drove through whole wheat the car broke and people left farmhouse. I recall a young, blonde woman with long hair in a white dress. There were other people, angry for the wheat. We said sorry and asked if they couldn't repair our car, but they wanted a lot of money for the wheat first. Seeing that this won't do, I decided to leave and wandered out to a hill behind the farmhouse. It was getting dark, I reached ruins of a village. I knocked to doors of a house that looked inhabited and a corpse of woman opened them. Upon seeing me, she said that I should see a corpse named Pendalion, living in a place close to where my parents lie. I continued trudging between old and creepy houses until I reached another inhabited area. There were some guardians there that immediately rushed to attack me as soon as they saw me. Somehow I opened up a command console and used a "set_fight 0" command to stop them, then entered one of houses. There was another corpse woman in long, brown robe. There was a little box with name over her head "Henande". I saw some strange, small machinery powered by deep blue crystal. She said that it's her project of "resotrative crystal". I left the house and met guardians again. I used console command again, but more of them appeared. They started fighting between each other and those that won let me pass. I took stuff of the fallen and went back to previous part of village. It was dusk, I opened some big arched doors and a intriguing tune started playing somewhere in the background. I entered some ruined palace, through another big doors I entered some great dining hall. Glasses with alcohols were still on a table. I saw some fireplace and sat down beside it.

      Fragmented dream

      This one was highly annoying, I dreamt that I was lying in bed, having troubles with sleeping, and fragments of dreams coming time after time. First "dream" was that some two fat and suspicious women were invited to our house by one of our friends. I seen them take some stuff, so i outright warned them that I'll call police should they take some of my stuff. They didn't cared. We all moved to streets to meet with pal and his family, when suddenly those fat women called thugs with knives. With sister we ran back to house, calling police immediately. We reached our backyard where we warned father and then grabbed anythig we could defend ourselves with. Sister took some shovel, father had an axe and I took a pickaxe. People gathered on our backyard, fath women came with thugs. I replaced pickaxe with some enormous pitchfork and started fighting with them. Then I woke up in my bed and "tried to fall asleep" again. After a while I found myself in some cliffside mansion made of white marble. I went through it and found myself at my backyard, it was an evening, just after rain. I went to the backside of my house and behind barn I saw fields of mushrooms going on all along the horizon. Some of them were the size of younger trees. Again bed fragment. Then I saw a fragment in which I shot from a tank, rockets breaking into fireworks as they flied. Next I was lying in my bed, it was dark all around. I thought about lucid dreaming, but that idea seemed curiously boring at the time. Then I found myself at some military station built on a swamp, going to barracks to take my clothes as it was a free day next day.
    4. [18-04-2015]

      by , 04-18-2015 at 10:44 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Bloodbath and sword of shrooms

      I was playing Blood in Bloodbath mode. The map I was playing on belonged to a od or expansion, as it wasn't part of an original game. It was dark, with apocalypse setting. It was placed in cliffs. The sky was red. There were many power ups scattered around, that were never in the game.

      Suddenly another player joins me. He had a nickname "bone2boons". We started to fight. He wanted to shoot me down with a sawed-off, but I was quicker and shot him first. I ran for another weapon. I jumped down the cliff into some kind of plateau.

      There were many weapons and power-ups there. I picked up spray can. He ran towards me. I prepared lighter, and sent him a wave of flames, which incinerated him quickly. Then he ran back towards me, and picked up one of the new power-ups: vampire suit.

      I tried to shoot him down, but I missed all the time. When the power-up respawned, I picked it up and transformed into vampire. I flewn up, and we fought in the air. We both used shotguns. I killed him another time. The punctation was weird, as after three kills I had 110 points.

      Suddenly he disappeared, but was still present on the server. I looked for him in the cliffs, plateau and a new chamber with skeletons I discovered. He started to use chat:

      b2b (bone2boons): The skull and skeletons.

      Suddenly I found a new way up to the mountains. When following it, I saw a huge cavern. Then a huge, terrifying skull jumped out of it with it's undead army. It killed me before I could do anything. I respawned on the plateau, and ran back to the skull.

      When it spotted me, it started to chase me. I jumped down the cliff, and survived using vampire suit which then lost it's power. The skull killed me again. I ran back to the cavern. Bone2boons started to write again:

      b2b: the cavern.

      b2b: take the sword, the heritance of shrooms.

      I entered it, and took a sword made out of mushrooms. The cavern changed to my kitchen. I saw somehting lying up on the wardrobe. I climbed up the furniture, and found evidences of kidnapping. Suddenly I heard a voice:

      - Wow! You're getting good at this!

      And then a text appeared in the middle of my vision. The letters said "Desert". I realised that I'm inside some kind of TV show.
    5. 12 Jan 2015 - Some Pony Stuff.

      by , 01-12-2015 at 04:03 PM
      Though I may have dreamed more this is what I have so far:

      Rarity from MLP: FIM and someone else were traveling in a mushroom patch with large mushrooms along a river, avoiding a beast that would harm or kill them on their way. Then two others showed up by them and eventually those two took a path to the right which would lead to a cycle, while Rarity was still considering the one to the left that may have led to death. Eventually I think they all went to the right, then I saw where it led: Somewhere near Applejack (Who may have been a TF2 engineer) and Lyra Heartstrings was tied up near the hole in the ground that the four came out of.

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    6. Loving Mycology

      by , 08-05-2013 at 04:09 AM
      5 Things About You-image.jpgI grew very large perfect mushrooms then harvested them by picking them at the base, removing the cap, and breaking the stem into smaller segments. There was a beautiful flower imprint to the gills of the cap, exactly like the petals surrounding the second chakra (svadhisthana) in its charachter depiction.
    7. 4/14/13 - The Ware house games/Somebody killed Princess Jasmin

      by , 04-14-2013 at 09:55 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I am in some really big ware house, something like costtco. I'm standing in front of this booth out of many booths, other people are standing here with me & we're all waiting for something to begin. It's some sort of survival competition, & invisible robotic authority wants amusement from us. The authority seems to drops the rules in our head because we never hear anything but we now what to do. I can even read some of the peoples minds. I know one of the competitors is the girl I love in waking life, but my subconscious never seems to re-create her perfectly. There is the boy who I know likes her too. I can't see his face through his black hair though. The authority intends to drop a big pile of clothes in the booth, and wants us to hurriedly grab some clothes and put them on. I know which clothes the boy wants, so I'm first to grab at some clothes and I grab the pants and jacket the boy wants, which isn't a problem because they were the pants and jacket I wanted too. I can tell he's irritated and I grin to myself. It's like I'm so bent on besting him that I don't give any attention to the girl, but people are beginning to group up in allies, and I just run off alone while the boy walks over to the girl I like & they silently walk together. I get kind of annoyed but I was to caught up in the wrong side of competition or something. Then the authority makes the clothes disappear off of us, and it dumps all the clothes into another mixed up pile into another booth we all have to get to from the places we ran off to. I'm already near the booth I just have to run up to it, I see the boy running from my left and the girl walking fast behind him, so I sprint into the booth and find the jeans, and another pair of jeans, and then I see the jacket right as he comes into the booth, I grab it, then he puts his hand on it and tugs but I pull it full force out of his hand, then he says "I thought we were supposed to fight for the clothes?!" then I say, "I just did", and I run off to put the clothes on and I'm disappointed that I must look like a jerk to the girl. She doesn't know the boy is an even bigger jerk, I know his intentions.

      Me and some of my family are in a SUV going to vegas. I'm in the back seat playing on a tablet different games that seem to merge into each other. It is hot, very hot. My grandma pulls over at a gas station to fill the car up. My two cousins get out to throw all their ridiculous amount of trash away in the gas station trash can. A gas station worker is standing there and notices, she says that the trash cans are only for trash that comes from the convenient store, not from cars so she tells us we have to leave, and we didn't get gas yet. My two cousins just laugh they don't care, so my grandma says we're going back home we're turning around, and I'm bummed about it and think they ruin everything. When we get to my grandmas house they leave and it's just me my grandma and mom. I ask her are we still going to vegas? and she whispers in her ear that only us will go when she goes to visit her friend and I'm excited again. While she's walking out of the yard I see something, it's fresh dug dirt in the shape of a body and there's mushroom growing on top in the body shape, I know somebody must've buried a body there and I tell my grandma but she doesn't believe me at first so we get up closer and the fresh dirt turns to light grey plaster in the shape of a human body, my grandma flicks at some of it near the head area, and it clears away some and we both see princess jasmins hair and headband and she wigs out and runs off somewhere I assume to get someone. Then I whispers to my mom to come look and I tell her the same thing and my mom looks and we wonder who the fuck killed princess jasmin.
    8. Recurring Dream: The Shaman

      by , 12-28-2012 at 08:55 PM (Woodstocks Wonderfully Weird World of Wackiness, Warlessness, Winged Wolves, Weather, and Ducks)
      I've had at least 3 or 4 dreams in the last few weeks where a shaman is teaching me how to make ayahuasca, find psilocybin mushrooms, identify salvia, or make mescaline tea. The shaman is almost shapeless, I don't really see him as a person or anything else, I just know he's there. I don't remember a name either. It's always in the same place: the edge of a grassy field near the woods. There is always a fire and sometimes meditation or drums. We haven't actually used the entheogens in any of the dreams, he just showed me how to make or find them.
    9. [Mushroom Rodeo]

      by , 10-21-2012 at 04:39 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Sunday, October 21st, 2012]
      I'm at a giant rodeo or an open area with a fence around it. There is manure everywhere you walk along the soft dirt. My Dad is with me, and so is Nathan.

      Nathan splits up from me as I go to help my Dad with work. I follow him around the area, just to lend a helping hand, when he tells me: "There are shrooms growing all around the rodeo.", and he pointed at the ground at a mushroom. He bent down to pluck it and placed it in a bag. He went inside a building and I followed him as he cut it up and shoved a slice into his mouth.

      "Hey Dad!" I was excited, "Did you know that mushrooms and humans have extremely similar DNA structures?"
      I paused as he nodded... Apparently, I had already told Casey and Casey had told him.
      "I hear some people talk about how experiencing higher human consciousness could be connected to mushrooms somehow."
      He smiled and nodded again. I aplogized if I was annoying him, but he dismissed it.

      He sat down in an odd chair that was built into the side of the wall, with a strange orange head-rest with a spiral painted on it. He leaned his head back and pressed a button and the headrest shoved his head forward, as if it were made to give him a concussion. He was leaning too far to his right and it didn't go off right, he tried it again and-
      <memory fades>

      I go outside and scan the ground for more shrooms. I would LOVE to do shrooms. I only see plucked stems and misleading tree stem stubs. I arrive at an open field area and find Nathan again. I tell him about the shrooms in the area and he's just as ecstatic as me! But his enthusiasm dies down and he starts to look around like a zombie. I look around and see only more stems...

      It's almost time to go, but I find one on the ground, carefully hidden from view and I shout, "YES!"
      I pluck it and plop it into my canvas bag.
      Me and Nathan leave with my Dad.

      <I wake up.>
      (I'm open my eyes and I'm still excited! FINALLY SHROOMS! Then I realize slowly that I don't actually have shrooms and I calm back down to sleep again.)
      <I go back to sleep.>

      I'm in an office-looking building and I saw my Aunt and I noted in my head that she looked really pretty. My Dad and Nathan were still with me in the room, sitting down. I pick up a phone and decide to call my Mom. She picks up and says that she's at a hospital? and she saw the Caller-ID and that it said Triad, so she picked up. She sounds unusually happy and I don't think she is mad at me anymore for not talking to her for a few days. I talk to her for a bit and actually have a sensical conversation that I would remember clearly in waking life. (I didn't because I waited so long to write this down.) I say goodbye and hangup. My Dad, Nathan, and I leave.


      My memory fades in to where I'm back at our house (I don't recognize it in waking life.) My brothers are both there and we're all in the kitchen. I'm holding my canvas sack of shrooms (apparently there's lots of them now) and I reach into the freezer to pull out a Melon-Cucumber Gatorade. I open it up and drink a bit and am extremely happy to have it. I talk to Casey and Brent for a moment before heading back to a back room.

      Casey is in the room with me and on the TV I hear someone say something like, "I'm alone in the room with this nasty chick-"
      Another guy interupts him on the TV, "Please don't tell me you bumped uglies with her."

      I repeated whatever was said (it was close to THIS, but it was actually funny. I wish I could remember...) and Casey laughed his ass off.
    10. -School Photos in the Mushroom Kingdom-

      by , 07-25-2012 at 11:08 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      -School Photos in the Mushroom Kingdom-

      I was in high school, a common place in my dreams. From the looks of things, it had rained only recently. The concrete was damp with puddles far diluded from heat. There was a large group of kids, all wearing black coats and slacks, even if they were female. Still, they were talking of school photos and stuff, and how bad they must have looked. Either way, I hadn't taken mine yet. Worried as I was, I asked a nearby teacher, a ginger haired tall caucasian wearing a red suit, if I could still take a picture and where I'd go to get it taken. She says I can, and she tells me a really weird pair of directions that I don't remember. Boom, I'm in the mountains all of a sudden, and I am worried. I'm thinking that I won't make it, and I realistically wouldn't. These girls drove up to me in a car shaped like a red mushroom from the Mario game series. Regardless, we drove up the grassy dirt roads of the mountains on the request to take me to the photography place. Soon, we came across a sort of village made of the same kind of mushrooms, only these
      were buildings. I went into what I thought was the photography place, but to my demise, no one was there. Bam, I was back to school. Everyone was gone, except for my father, just standing there. He sighed, and I said "Dad, I can explain-" and he interrupted "Yeah. She gave you the wrong directions and you didn't get your picture taken." I was actually surprised on his calmness of the whole situation. That's how it ended, as well.
    11. Flying through tides, old buildings into the ocean

      by , 08-23-2011 at 06:34 PM (Exploring the Unconscious - Bob's Dream Journal)
      Had a short LUCID! W00t!

      Can't remember a whole lot from it. But I do know that I went lucid. I remember being in the ocean just off the beach, because I remember water and tidal rocks below me. I remember the sensation of flying and the more distinct sensation of realizing I was in a dream.

      Outside of that, I remember trying to grow magical mushrooms with a friend. We were collecting spores from some kind of moving reddish-green algae from a pond. My mother wasn't into the whole thing, but somehow I talked her into it.

      Belated entry from 8/22/11:
      I remember being told something about forgotten, ancient cities. Then I was on top of a sparsely grassed cliff overlooking the ocean. I saw a modern city coming from the far West, running out to the ocean. As the building neared the ocean, they became older and older, slowly moving from metal to brick to stucco, with the very last of the structures to the far East quietly being swallowed by the ocean, decayed and barely recognizable. It was a beautiful scene.
    12. New Journal

      by , 06-04-2011 at 07:03 PM
      Bought myself a nice new leather-bound journal a while back to write my dreams in. Here are the first few entries:

      1. (5/9/11) I remember taking a test and thinking that it didn't apply to me.

      2. (5/10/11) Had a New York City dream. On the bus somewhere, I was hearing this announcement over a PA system about tennis rackets. We stopped at a Walmart for food. I feel like it was morning so the stop was for breakfast. I remember Julie telling this story to the people who decided to stay on the bus when we stopped. She said that she and her family were all coming back from a trip when they were in Dundee. They all got sick outside of this gas station and as an apology, her dad bought the biggest mushroom the store had. It was slightly larger than a basketball. They took it home, cut it into people shapes and put the little mushroom people on their Christmas tree. Julie's story was the end of the dream.

      3. (5/11/11) I remember Eric getting on the microphone at DJ trivia and announcing something.

      4. (5/12/11) Two fragments:
      • Took place at a house in the country and I feel like it had something to do with senior ball, or what went afterwards.
      • Me in the car with my dream-mother talking about something hilarious. I know that this dream was video-game-based and it took place immediately before I woke up.

      5. (5/14/11) Dreamed I was in TWO three-day comas. both from car accidents. Wrecked the truck, then the Honda.
    13. 24/08/2010

      by , 08-24-2010 at 02:25 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)

      I was at my family home in Masterton. My brother had left an i-phone there. I took it with me, he wasnt even at home so I didnt think he would mind. I ended up at my old school, the old principle was there and he was very old. He wanted to say something to everyone so I helped him to the front of the auditorium. He started talking about i-phones. One of the kids in the audience pulled out his i-phone and started showing everyone a movie or something. The principle was impressed and I think he wanted one. The it ended and I was waiting out by the corner where I used to wait to be picked up. It was night time, my mate came over and started talking about some mushrooms on the ground, I told him they wernt the right ones and would make him sick. I started telling him about the new mushroom patch I found at home but was careful not to tell him too much as he would definatly go pick them. I told him how we took too many and lost our minds on them. I then realised it was daytime, I was sure it happened way too quickly so I RC'ed and my pinky finger didnt pop out of my hand! Dammit the first time this RC has every failed me! I ended up having an FA and writing down my dream only to wake up and do it for real haha


      I only remember a fragment. I was Drizzt Do'Urden and thats all I remember. Gutted cos this dream would have been apic as fuck!!!
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    14. Mushrooms.

      , 06-18-2010 at 11:50 AM
      I dreamed dreamt that I was with TW in Sweden (!) It was really weird/cool actually. I got there and there was this escalator thingy I had to go through. Damn and then I wrote - "eurgh I cbf typing it all out"

      Another dream I had last night, I had this bag of mushrooms and I was delivering them to some place or person. I took one out and ate one, and was like "shit this is a magic mushroom", even though nothing actually really happened, I just suddenly knew that they were magic mushrooms xD Then because I was carrying them, I was afraid of getting caught and ran away or something. It was like an adventure actually, it was fun.



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