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    1. 14 May: School reunion, climate catastrophe and surviving in a future deserted world

      by , 05-14-2019 at 01:45 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going to some reunion party with my old school mates, but although we grew up and got old, we all look the same. I am getting ready at my mom's house, have my old room there with my clothes. She is very worried and tells me she is afraid of boys' behavior. I laugh and say we are grown ups now and last time I was with them, they behaved like adults. No need to worry. She doesn't want me to wear short shorts, I do anyway, but complement it with a very modest blouse.

      On a boat with a large group. We are on a lower deck, because the upper deck is taken by some alien or mutant beings. We have a guard with a machine gun on the stairs, keeping them away, but sometimes they attack. They can regenerate missing organs and tissue but become still they are vulnerable after a few shots, so we have been able to keep them at bay.
      A group of us wants to reach the shore, but others in command prefer staying on water , despite the mutants danger, so we are plotting our escape in secret. My dog Soraia is on board and she is friend with a whale that takes her for a ride on her back.

      I am staying near my parents, who are still living together in an apartment. At dusk, they go to sleep, but I stay up looking through the window. There is some nasty weather. It's snowing and a lot of wind, like a cold hurricane. Then from the mountains comes an avalanche of ice and water. Some people are running in front of it and trying to warn everybody. I run to my parents, try to warn them. An abandoned ship passes by, dragged by this flood and we get in it.

      Then on the ship I have a brother and two younger sisters, besides my parents. We consider where to go. Europe is a no no, as it is now covered in ice. We decide for west North America. It is supposedly warm there. We have some accidents along the way, one day the boat is flooded with red water, like blood, but we manage to pump it out. Then we start seeing a little girl, we think she's a ghost, but not. Turns out she is an orphan who was on the boat already. She carries a tech device with her (sort of a tablet) where she shows us a film of her parents talking about how they were on a re-population mission and had a lot of gadgets to help survival and ask us to take care of their child.
      She then shows us the gadgets that are on board. First thing is a device like iron man's hands that allows someone to fly. My brother becomes the user and once we land in America, which is dry but deserted, he goes around exploring with this flying device. We assemble a high tech lab where we grows plant and have all sorts of gadgets to collect geothermal energy and grow fruits and we even have a high tech juicer, because juice is our staple food. I come to see my brother's latest plant acquisitions and I wonder what he is doing, because lots of plants don't seem edible, and seem of little value, except a weird bamboo plant that I rescued and is developing beautifully. Lots of weird insects are populating our greenhouse and I get tangled in a spider web with a nasty looking spider, but fortunately the spider falls to the ground and runs away.
    2. #14

      by , 10-20-2015 at 08:18 AM

      Dream 1: Number
      I'm scrolling through my Whatsapp conversations. I see the name of the girlfriend of my housemate. I see a message popping up that she has accepted me as a contact. I figure that it must have happened through Line [whatsapp alternative]. I had her number, Line automatically added her, which notified her and allowed her to accept me.. and that passed through to Whatsapp.

      In reality I don't have her number. The process through Line is accurate, but the Whatsapp part makes no sense.

      I'm talking to my friend T. She asks me how the Amsterdam Dance Event was. I tell her it was fine.

      I went to ADE last weekend.

      I see my ex-girlfriend dancing. She's always been a good dancer. Her moves look good from the waist up, but if you look at the feet it looks really weird. A ballerina on her toes, but that doesn't fit what she is doing at all. Her feet are covered in bandages

      Dream 2: Cars & girls
      I'm standing in front of a counter with someone. There is a girl working behind it. It's like a reception desk, made from wood. There is a box-shaped item on the counter and from my perspective, in front of this item are her car key and another key. She mentioned something about keeping our stuff safe and in return I mention that her keys are here and I could've swiped them if I wanted to. I also say I did it once when she wasn't looking, though I didn't. We try using the clicker, to see if it will unlock her car from here. To my right is the exit which has some glass walls and immediately after is the parking lot. She tells me it works. I ask her where her car is cause I don't see it. She mentions a car type, but I can't recall which one, just that it didn't make much sense and I still didn't know what to look for. I scan the parking lot from left to right and see her car to the right all the way in the back. I recognise it from the orange lights blinking once you unlock it remotely. Her left passenger door has opened cause of it. An older man who is walking by closes it.

      My cousin and I are getting a ride home from Sophie, a girl we met years ago and haven't seen since. I'm sitting in the back to the right. Sophie is driving, her steering wheel on the right side.
      In the Netherlands, steering wheels are on the left side. She has a cigarette in her right hand, but has crossed her arm over her body so that her hand is to the left of her body. I look outside. We're in my mom's street. The playground looks awesome! There are a bunch of canoes about 3 meters from the ground, connected through pipes or something alike. Some men are chilling on top of it. I notice quite a big spot of sate sauce on the interior of the car [on the plastic 'wall' to the right, which has a brown/beige colour] and mention it to her. I manage to wipe some off with a banana peel. She looks behind her to see what's up. It's a straight piece of road now, so it's ok for a moment. I tell her to watch out, cause there is a 90 turn to the right ahead, and a car parked just ahead as well. She reacts really slowly. Less than a meter before impact I reach over for the handbrake, but I'm too late. She has already hit the brake though and miraculously not hit the parked car. Her car came to an immediate stop just a few centimetres away from the parked car. We both wonder if she didn't hit it. Well we didn't feel a bump, so...

      It's now my best friend and I who are getting a ride from his sister. She parked the car in front of my mom's house. She gets out, I get out, my friend is still inside. He's somehow laying all the way from front till back, apparently exhausted. His sister says that she knew she he wouldn't be able to make it home the moment she saw his bike. I look at his sister attentively. Wait.. am I starting to fall in love with her? No way. His sister! I look again. She isn't even attractive to me, braces and all. Why am I falling for her?
      It feels as if the feelings for Sophie [who we thought was an attractive girl] are projected unto her.

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    3. Toy Vending Machine

      by , 02-22-2015 at 08:22 AM
      Morning of February 22, 2015. Sunday.

      Dream #: 17,597-03. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      My gadget dream starts with my youngest sons birthday (which was in real life recently). My attention is on a miniature Coca-Cola vending machine that changes over time. I look into it from the upper part of the back, and it is bigger inside. I see metallic mechanisms in the inner compartment. The toys are within the mostly hollow mechanical sections instead of the front for distribution.

      I retrieve a couple of items from it. I look farther down and notice several cut-out daily black-and-white comic strips taped upside-down over the internal silver walls. One, with four panels, features crows flying around and seemingly attacking Mary Worth. I think about taking the comic strips out to read, but I do not as they seem too far down to reach and pull out.

      After I examine the inside of the toy vending machine, I give my son two of the presents from it. One is a raccoon figure (possibly a windup toy) and the other a jigsaw puzzle, made from packing peanuts, of a squirrel. It is in a small transparent pillow-shaped bag. Zsuzsanna cheerily complains about its quality. We leave it unopened because of already having an identical puzzle (false memory). I suspect the pieces are too soft to stay connected, and they also crumble. We will likely discard the duplicate.

      The raccoon figure is likely an association with one lost at a previous address, but which had belonged to our oldest son. The puzzle is an association with being in liminal space.

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    4. Gadget Dream

      by , 01-26-2015 at 02:40 PM
      Morning of January 26, 2015. Monday.

      This was a type of typical gadget dream where most of my dreams details are rendered fairly close to my perspective with the in-dream environment not being that clearly rendered or defined.

      I am looking at a toy that I think belongs to my youngest son. I think it may need to be repaired or at least taken apart and checked. I am not sure what it is meant to do. It is like a large plastic device that resembles a suitcase in some ways or perhaps an older toy movie projector. Inside one part is a VHS tape but which functions as a timing indicator perhaps. There also seems to be an 8mm film of Donald Duck which goes all the way around the VHS tape (closer to the outer edges of the containing section) when the device is working, although I have removed and apparently changed certain parts. Over time, the device just seems to serve as a container for some sort of View-Master-like toys in different compartments. The general appearance and inside changes quite dramatically by the end of my dream.
      Tags: gadget, toy
    5. 23 Nov: Confrontation with a dark lord (incomplete)

      by , 11-25-2010 at 11:32 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:00 GMT

      Im walking on a very tall inclined ramp, which is supposed to be some kind of viaduct, but the cars on it just start to slide down, due to inclination. I was going up, but then Im really curious with this, because the cars then become people, pigs and kittens and they are all sliding down this ramp.
      At the end of the ramp, theres only a concrete floor, so I watch animals and people falling painfully on the ground and I feel sorry for them. I also slip but I can fly, so I land very graciously. Down around the ramp are people sitting on chairs just watching these other people falling. I wonder what is this horrible show about. A girl then explains to the people present that this used to be a popular anti-gay sport. (What??) She explained only the very manly men would have the guts to slide down this enormous ramp to land on this hard floor to prove they were really though. But now people use it as an equality celebration, so boys, old ladies, little girls with their kittens, everybody takes the slide and slams down on the ground. How ridiculous!

      Confrontation with a dark lord (incomplete)
      I enter a town. Im walking down a deserted street which reminds me of Lisbon downtown but more medieval. Then I see my reflection on some window and realise I also look medieval, with long straight hair and tiny braids. I make a U-turn at the end of the street and I see two bad looking guys coming in my direction. I feel threatened so I decide to fly away, but instead of just flying away, a machine materializes under my feet as I think about flying, like two metallic steps that hover and fly me away extremely fast. I reach the centre of the town and hover among loads of people who walk peacefully under some arcades. They look surprised with my gadget. Too surprised actually, so I decide to step down from it. But then some guy bumps into me violently and drags me accidentally to inside a tavern and we fall on the floor and my machine gets all broken into pieces. He his very sorry and offers to help me. Pays me some drink and we sit on the back table trying to put the pieces together. As we try to fix it I realise the pieces dont match and are increasing in numbers. Then I have a huge dj vu and tell him Weve been here before, doing exactly this!. He asks me Like time travel? and I say I remember being on this situation with you before and at that time we got stuck on it endlessly. This is a distraction maneuver, the machine will never be fixed. I must go. So I left.
      I end up in the middle of a group whos throwing a banquet. They hand me over some plate and I decide to join in. Its kind of outside gathering on a garden but prolonging indoors. I check some table inside with some food and I choose to take an omelette, some pasta, green cubes, some weird pinkish translucent steak-like thing and lots of sauce.
      Back outside I sense a strong darkness, I look up and I see him. He sits on a high throne overlooking the guests. He is all dressed in black and has long black hair. He reminds me of Severus Snape, but in a younger, scarier yet much more attractive figure... I sense his mind control over people, so I do a kind of voodoo thing to escape his control, by visualizing the food Im eating as himself: as I eat it (him), I gain control over him or at least he loses control over me. But I am not sure if it works. Then Im called to his presence and when close to his throne he says theres a cup of dessert which was specially kept aside for me. Others are looking jealous and seem about to eat my dessert if I dont pick it up fast, but I wonder if it really is a privilege or if its poisoned.
      Then I am chasing him around the town, but he can also fly and teleport so I lose track of him. I reach an internal square patio and I see an open door to a building. I sense that he went inside, so I enter and I see this long corridor. Its crowded with young people, like a university and I have trouble getting across.

      Then frustration, because I can't recall the end....

      6:00 GMT
    6. 22 Nov: Naked and robbing a temple again

      by , 11-25-2010 at 10:42 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      Well, the quality of my dreams changed a lot lately, but I'm cool. These things work in cycles. Now for some reason I'm having these steam-punk themed dreams and I'm kind of a Lara Croft type, stealing gadgets from secret societies and being "approached" by some really weird dark forces... Let's see where it takes me.

      03:00 GMT

      Naked in public
      I am at school or some public place surrounded by old school colleagues. Im wearing a tiny skirt which looks more like a tiny towel wrapped around my waist. And I dont think I have any underwear. I dont feel uncomfortable though. I feel sexy. But then some of my colleagues start harassing me and its becoming too unpleasant so I leave the place. I take an elevator and notice two male colleagues (luckily not the harassers) also took it and they are also wearing only towels around their waists. Then as the elevator doors open, were taken to the middle of the street and I am now certain that I just have a towel around my waist and I'm also topless! I wonder how this happened. I still feel sexy. I think other people may be way more embarrassed than me.

      Vintage shopping

      Then Im with my mom shopping at a really cool vintage clothes shop (I guess I really needed to buy some clothes, right...), but she is complaining that all the amazing dresses we see are 75 to 100 EUR. But I tell her they also have cheap stuff, we just need to look around. We then find a corner with stuff just 5-10 EUR, but nothing looks really interesting. For some reason she adores an outfit made of a top and a tiny plaid mini-skirt, in a red and white stripped fabric. I cant even imagine myself wearing it, but she insists I must have it. I think, well, if it makes her happy, I might try it out with some red leggings.

      Stealing again from a temple
      A chase scene on a very old building which vaguely reminds me of a temple.(...) I and a few others are trying to escape our chasers and we run up and down stairs, we cross corridors and finally we lose them in this labyrinthic place. We get inside some room to catch our breath and we discover we just got into the office of whoever is the big boss around. We see a series of really cool gadgets steam-punk kinda like machinery. On the desk I see what looks like an old-timer alarm-clock, but it actually indicates the perfect time, according to cosmic alignments and conjunctions, to do... whatever! The machine indicates whatever is the perfect activity to develop at certain moments in time like... gardening or getting married or... rule the world, whatever! Really practical! It looks like those snow-flake globes but inside theres a copper-coloured mechanism with pointers and gears. I grab it and put it in my pocket.
      Then we sneak out and we find a connection from this place to inside a museum. We try to cross it and get to the exit, but there are security guards looking at us suspicious I guess because they didnt see us coming in. A lady guide I think she is the museum curator, but she comes to us as if she is a simple guide comes to ask who we are. We say were a group of art students. She doesnt totally swallow it so she asks us to comment some of the art works there. I use many expensive words to describe it but she then asks whose influences (from other artists) I think the artist picked up. I bullshit a bit more, saying the influences are there, pretty obvious, but so numerous it is really hard to pick one or two. Then I complete by saying the really important thing is that the artist mingled them all so perfectly and came up with something totally original, that his innovation is what bursts out more remarkedly. She makes a funny face but let us go. Actually she invites us to the next room, where there is a model of the temple so it really was a temple! they dug out and is still being recovered. She mentioned that only part of it was still up, the rest had to be rebuilt, or not.
      My sixth sensetells me that the alarm in my pocket is about to ring and I feel the urgent need to move but cant do anything weird or theyll notice. I excuse myself with something and go quickly to the entrance lobby. Many kids are there making a lot of noise and I keep the alarm in my pocket, so it rings, but nobody notices its sound. Because Im standing in the middle of the lobby with a hand in my pocket holding down something firmly, the workers at the ticket counter are now looking at me, trying to figure out what Im doing. Luckily a giant turtle passes by and I pick it up making it look like that's exactly what I was looking for. So I take the turtle to outside.

      8:00 GMT