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    1. 14 May: School reunion, climate catastrophe and surviving in a future deserted world

      by , 05-14-2019 at 01:45 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going to some reunion party with my old school mates, but although we grew up and got old, we all look the same. I am getting ready at my mom's house, have my old room there with my clothes. She is very worried and tells me she is afraid of boys' behavior. I laugh and say we are grown ups now and last time I was with them, they behaved like adults. No need to worry. She doesn't want me to wear short shorts, I do anyway, but complement it with a very modest blouse.

      On a boat with a large group. We are on a lower deck, because the upper deck is taken by some alien or mutant beings. We have a guard with a machine gun on the stairs, keeping them away, but sometimes they attack. They can regenerate missing organs and tissue but become still they are vulnerable after a few shots, so we have been able to keep them at bay.
      A group of us wants to reach the shore, but others in command prefer staying on water , despite the mutants danger, so we are plotting our escape in secret. My dog Soraia is on board and she is friend with a whale that takes her for a ride on her back.

      I am staying near my parents, who are still living together in an apartment. At dusk, they go to sleep, but I stay up looking through the window. There is some nasty weather. It's snowing and a lot of wind, like a cold hurricane. Then from the mountains comes an avalanche of ice and water. Some people are running in front of it and trying to warn everybody. I run to my parents, try to warn them. An abandoned ship passes by, dragged by this flood and we get in it.

      Then on the ship I have a brother and two younger sisters, besides my parents. We consider where to go. Europe is a no no, as it is now covered in ice. We decide for west North America. It is supposedly warm there. We have some accidents along the way, one day the boat is flooded with red water, like blood, but we manage to pump it out. Then we start seeing a little girl, we think she's a ghost, but not. Turns out she is an orphan who was on the boat already. She carries a tech device with her (sort of a tablet) where she shows us a film of her parents talking about how they were on a re-population mission and had a lot of gadgets to help survival and ask us to take care of their child.
      She then shows us the gadgets that are on board. First thing is a device like iron man's hands that allows someone to fly. My brother becomes the user and once we land in America, which is dry but deserted, he goes around exploring with this flying device. We assemble a high tech lab where we grows plant and have all sorts of gadgets to collect geothermal energy and grow fruits and we even have a high tech juicer, because juice is our staple food. I come to see my brother's latest plant acquisitions and I wonder what he is doing, because lots of plants don't seem edible, and seem of little value, except a weird bamboo plant that I rescued and is developing beautifully. Lots of weird insects are populating our greenhouse and I get tangled in a spider web with a nasty looking spider, but fortunately the spider falls to the ground and runs away.
    2. [11-02-2017: Survival]

      by , 02-11-2017 at 06:45 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With my family we were stranded in wilderness. We sheltered in a cavern that opened to enormous pit left by an earthquake. It was in a crossing of huge river, desert and a temperate forest. We quickly prepared the cavern for our living area, then set up a small farm nearby. Just before the harvest, during one night, some people decided to start a wild party at our farm and destroyed almost all plants. We got rid of them and set our farm anew, bigger than before. Then we started exploring the pit in search of coal and iron.
    3. 16-09-21 Defeating 'Thing', Survival Game

      by , 09-22-2016 at 01:10 AM
      This dream started as a nightmare. A pretty terrifying one. There was a person in bed, in a dark bedroom. She (I think it was a girl) started "changing" into a horrific monster, like in "The Thing". I think it attacked me. Next thing I remember, we're in a supermarket, and the thing is attacking me. I gained courage somehow, and remember getting pretty savage. I think I poked its eyes out with my fingers, and shoved my hand in its maw (it had a humanoid head, but slimy grey skin and huge teeth). I didn't feel pain, despite obviously being bitten, and I didn't expect to feel it, either. A subconscious sliver of realization that this was a dream? I rammed the creature into a glass... what do you call it... the glass doors of a refrigerated cabinet where you have all the meat products and whatever are on display. Next thing I know, the "creature" is on the ground, defeated... and it turns out it's a girl on stilts, wearing a silly suit! She's crying, and people are rushing to help her. I think they blamed me, and said I hurt her.

      I was in some kind of "survival game", played in an outdoor arena. There were ruins, bushes and some open spaces. It started with scavenging for weapons and gear, and then staying alive. I remember wearing body armor in one session, and a backpack in a later one (I suddenly felt my armor was now a backpack). I also had an intense standoff with a woman. She had a ponytail, and a pistol, and I had a pretty semi-automatic rifle. Not an AR-15, but longer and with a smaller magazine. We aimed at each other, kind of daring each other to shoot. She back away slowly, never letting me out of her sights. I wanted to kill her, by slowly pulling the trigger. I figured if I pulled it slowly enough, she wouldn't notice. The gun fired... but not really, because I had no ammo... luckily, she didn't notice it, and disappeared. I think I discarded the empty gun, and started scavenging some random parts to build a new gun.
    4. Water Bender

      by , 05-05-2016 at 05:36 PM
      Morning of Thursday, may 5th, 2016

      Survival situation where we can float on little patches of earth and also I can ride my cat high up in the air, it gets to a point where people come to us looking for water services because the group I was in could water bend and in this whole world everything revolved around water including stuff that doesn't need it in the real world. We would use the water to make us float ( standing on unstable patches of earth) After a while the people who came to us for help wanted to use water to smoke weed (yes my imagination loves to run wild with dreams, I know it doesn't make any sense but roll with it anyway) and in this universe we needed water to smoke weed but it required a large amount and we have not been able to conjure up the required amount through our water bending. I was tasked with something I cannot remember but in this world my housecat was very large in size and I was able to ride her by having the water push us up a great height and we just rode around like that and I was talking to her about what the other group wanted and I remember saying "We would need double the amount that we are riding on right now and that cannot be done.".
    5. 4 May: Birds

      by , 05-04-2016 at 10:50 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      ... On a trip to Paris, taking amazing pictures of the sights. Then strange things start happening. but not sure exactly what. I reunite with a couple of friends I had separated previously and they tell me there had been some situations with animals turning violent in the city centre and to be aware of it. We encounter a few dog owners whose dogs seem having rabies, but people try to go on with their lives normally. Then we're attacked by a bird and I see a lot of other angry birds gathering in the sky. I remember Hitchcock's movie and look around for shelter. I tell my friends to follow me to the nearest shop. We ask the owners if we can shut the doors and explain why. They find strange but don't say no. Meanwhile the birds start descending on people. At that same moment we see a mob rushing over to all places where they can take cover, including this little shop, but we do a quick math and realize we'll be crushed if everybody comes inside, so we decide to shut the door, because if we try to save a few, we won't be able to close the door later on. People and birds smash against the door and after some time of struggle, they can even open a hole in the door. A lady with blood on her forehead manages to push through her torso and she is crazy violent, grabbing one of my friends and attacking her with anger. To help her, we need to hurt her back. I feel disturbed with all this mess and violence, but I don't feel bad with the decision made.
    6. Fragments

      by , 09-23-2014 at 02:47 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I can recall I was partially lucid creating this dream where me and Manei had been stranded on a life raft floating adrift for a week. But the weird part was that I was the director, and also the character. Like I was at two places in the same time. We came across this island and realized we were going to have to survive there until rescue came.
      I can remember us taking all the supplies of the lifeboat and swimming to the island. There was a reef and we were going to have to abandon the boat.

      I can recall some dream about my mom adopting this jaguar that came to live with us. It seemed pretty friendly for a wild cat, and let me pet it. It also seemed interested in swimming in this shallow pool outside of our house.
      There was also something to do with with us moving to a log cabin up north.

      There was some part about these rock crystals sprouting out of the ground next to our cabin, that had something to do with the people of earth disappearing.

      There was a part of this dream where I was with K and I was telling her we had to leave for a remote area. Why? Because there was a nuclear power plant nearby and since everybody had vanished, there was nothing to stop it from melting down.
      I can recall this connected to both of the other dreams in some way.

      I woke up for a brief time.

      I went back to directing the dream about the life boat. There was some aspect to it, it was like a survival show and the people had to dislike one another and not agree with their ideas to make the survival more interesting. Therefore it couldn't be Manei and I since we actually get along.
      I repeated the scenario several times adding and removing characters from the life boat until it was about a couple of random, unrecognizable people.
      The people had now been floating on the raft for three weeks. There were four DCs. Three male and a female, and they were now fighting over the last food. Somebody had been accused of eating all four rations of food while the others slept.
    7. Some Stuff :P

      by , 07-07-2014 at 02:47 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Two men are making their way through a rural area on foot with few supplies. It feels like Minecraft and both of the men are wearing turquoise shirts and indigo pants. One man is slightly brawnier and clearly not very bright. The other man looks somewhat less fit but appears to be very smart.
      The two are being tracked by a woman wearing a red tank, cargo pants top and a grey baseball cap. The men eventually stop by a river to rest. They do not know that they are being tracked. The woman sees them about a quarter of a mile downstream. It was at this point I learned she was attempting to kill them. She pulled a bow from her backpack and left her supplies by the side of the river. She then proceeded to dive underwater and swim to the men, somehow holding her breath for way longer than was normally possible.
      Even though the water was murky, a red top does not make for the best camouflage and the men spotted her moments before she broke through the surface and fired on them. She missed. Both men grabbed big sticks and readied them like javelins.
      They negotiated with the woman and decided to work together to survive. They returned to the woman's pack only to find someone had stolen it.

      I am at high school (reality check, dangit! High school is over!) and I beat up some kid who was picking on me. I thought I was going to get in trouble, but everyone, including the school staff seemed happy for me.
      I then went to class. In the middle of class, S and C come in and want me to come see something going on in the hall.

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    8. 5/16/2014

      by , 05-18-2014 at 04:40 AM
      I was playing Counter Strike but with magical characters and powers. I was able to heal, become invisible, and was a girl. Since my team had lost the match, we were part of a survival type game with monsters. The objective 3was to escape without being spotted. The first monster was a big boulder thing that could run real fast. He was coming after me but I evaded him. I grouped up with my team and kept moving. We went through a crowd of people that were turning into zombies but ran the other way because we saw enemies behind them. My team ran off without me and I had to catch up. We made it into a room where prisoners were kept. I became invisible a few times to help me avoid enemies. We were almost out of the room and I saw a tank guarding the exit, so I tried going around it. The tank almost noticed me, which made it start patrolling. I had a plan to distract the tank and turn invisible but my team went back and used another route. I was mad and was about to go when I heard my team get in trouble. There was only a girl and a guy left and they took a wrong turn and appeared in the exit of the tank room. I heard gunfire and saw a guy get killed by some hovering robots, which ended our game.
      Everyone said good game and I decided to stop playing, which caused me to wake up.
    9. 4/12/2014

      by , 04-16-2014 at 03:57 AM
      I was with a group of people and some guy was having us go through obstacles. Whoever made it to the finish first would live. We were digging through some dirt to find something for the guy's wife. I found it and started running towards the next place. Suddenly some samurais started running towards us. I used a sword to kill one of them. One of the samurai caught up to me and said he's "Here to help". The man is a male in his 40s with Asian decent. He had balding hair. I wondered if he was my dream guide.
    10. Oct. 24 Dream Journal: When people stop being polite, and people start getting real!

      by , 10-24-2013 at 08:16 PM
      Dream one has me in a snowy town, possibly medieval Europe. I think it's the same town as the one from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, even though I've never seen the movie straight through, so I'm not even sure there was a snowy town in the movie. Anyways, it's night time, and there is an uneasy vibe going around. I'm sneaking from building to building, trying to avoid as much attention as possible, but every single building here has giant glass panes for a wall, and the interiors are well-lit by fireplaces. I only get as far as I could because no one bothered to tilt their heads and look outside. I can't say for certain, but I think the townspeople are afraid of me and would form a mob if they knew I'm back.

      I finally duck into a wooden building, the only one where there aren't any giant windows. It is apparently the home of two sisters; they are both redheads in their early 20's, and they are dressed like extras from Fable. Dream Knowledge tells me one is evil, and the other is good. Evil sister pushes good sister towards me in a "take her, not me!" manner. Luckily (for her and my conscience), the dream fades before I can do anything horrible.

      I'm next in a two-story house with eight or nine other housemates. Hijinks ensue in vignette format, but I can't tell/remember which order they go in for the most part. But the following happens:

      -I accidentally hit an old hippy lady wearing dreads with a basketball while she is eating. She is annoyed, but not mad.
      -One of my housemates is named Raj, and I work for him on his website downstairs in my office area. He is probably a dream version of my old boss.
      -We cook some sort of a spaghetti dinner at a really long table together. The dinnerware are really colorful.

      What I do know is that in the last vignette, I spar with Craig, who resembles a cross between Craig Robinson and the guy who plays Tyrese in The Walking Dead. Either way, Craig loves to watch 70's MMA on TV (yes, yes, my brain knows it doesn't exist back then. It just did that to troll the bros), and I'm the only one in the bunch that's willing to practice with him.

      Sparring with Craig causes my dream to shift into a Battle Royale setting, and I'm one of the poor fools trapped inside a Japanese high school. Only, this school is built like a tower on an island, and is tall enough to reach into the sky (hey, not the most efficient architecture, guy who designed this school). There are apparently 999 levels, and my goal is to reach the very top. Fortunately, my dream posits me near the very top, though the dream fades before I could do anything.

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    11. Alien Resistance Force!

      by , 10-16-2013 at 05:43 PM
      The scenario:
      In the dream, some sort of alien species has attacked earth and wiped out most of the human civilization. Those who are still alive, are living in small groups. Some just trying to survive and stay out of sight, others beliving that there is still a chance of defeating the opposing alien threat. This dream is about the "Alien Resistance Force".
      The dream takes place in some sort of forest, hard to say where, quite dense vegetation, but not quite as tropical as a jungle. High trees and a canopy that is so thick that almost no sunlight shine trough.

      I don't quite remember the appearance of the aliens, but they where about one and a half time as big as a normal human, and was blackish in their skin.

      The fragments of the dream that i can remember:
      In the dream i am either an observer, or a little child. (maybe both).
      The last resistance camp (not sure if in just this area, or in the whole world) had been exposed, and the aliens was moving in to attack. During this time, most of the camp was out patrolling and scouting.
      While i was watching one of the scout groups, the aliens moved in on the camp and slaughtered everyone, and everything. I remember seeing the camp in the aftermath, when a group returned. All that was left alive, was a badly injured cow, which was almost cut in half and sprayed blood out of its lungs every time it tried to breathe. It was a horrible sight.
      The scouting group was in an old ruin at the time the aliens caught up with them. The group thought that the aliens was not aware of their presence, so they tried to hide. It did not work, and the battle was futile, all but one little boy and his wolf was killed, with almost no alien casualties.

      The boy managed to escape, and made his way with the wolf pup up trough the forest and to the mountains. Where he would try to survive and train the wolf to help him.
    12. 03oct13

      by , 10-03-2013 at 07:28 PM
      [Dream 1]
      In a large building on the 5th or 6th floor. It room is quite large, and has multiple windows, but the room is still kind of dark. My siblings are there doing various things. But only one activity prominent in my mind. One of my sisters is upset about something involving pokemon cards.

      I take her into the hall way to talk to her and find out whats wrong. She's standing beside a desk thats placed in the corner of the space. Somehow as i ask her what's wrong she disappears, and it takes me a moment to figure out she fell into a ventillation vent under the desk. I jump down and pull her out of there.

      [Dream 2]
      I'm at the house I lived at in highschool. There's a bunch of Spec Ops guys there and we're preping for a training evolution. I'm packing my bag, trying to figure out what I need to bring; before I leave i remember noting there's a dog in the back. Also noted a wolf, but don't remeber it.

      [Dream 3]
      I'm on a bus with Spec Ops guys and we are passing through a gate to some military base or military area. We start driving into the woods and I mention it looks familiar to a guy i know who's there as well. He says to look again. I look and see a metal shed thats rusted and abandoned next to the dirt road and I tell him that yeah, i remember being here now.

      We get out and my group and I grab out bags and wander into the woods at night. We are suppose to evade capture. After not long we stop at a stream but then spot a bunch of running poeple and lights coming our way. The group starts scrambling away, but i run the opposite direction and shout to distract them. I get tazed but don't feel it, then tackled, and lead away. They bring me back to thier camp, explaining that we did very poorly. We get to and RV or Bus and I hang out there. Dream gets confusing then.
    13. Randomly remembered dream- Johnny Depp

      by , 08-16-2013 at 10:50 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had this dream sometime in the last year or so.

      My friend and I were walking down the street when suddenly I noticed Johnny Depp standing up ahead. My friend is completely in love with him so I told her I would go say hi and see if he would talk to her for a bit. I walk up to him and said "Hey, I noticed you were Johnny Depp and I was wondering if you could talk to..." While I was talking he started to walk away, so I started to follow him. "Excuse me, I just wanted you to say hi to my friend. It's not like I want you to sign her or anything like that. What is up with you??" All through my talking he had continued to walk away faster and faster while looking back at me over and over until finally he stopped and said "What!" I stopped and looked at him before repeating myself. He said "Ok, fine. But before I do I want you two to follow me to my house." We looked at each other and did as he asked. We followed him all the way to this red brick, square building and proceeded to follow him up these black, metal stairs like the ones you see on the side of buildings, except these were the way to get in and not the fire escape. He stopped at a door and we followed him inside. The room was dark with dark walls and in the center of the room was a huge, rectangular, solid, wooden table. Behind the chair that was at the head of the table was an odd, circular contracption. The chair itself was one of those big, elaborate, fancy chairs. There were also three other people in the room, all sitting on the left side of the table. The only thing I remember about them is one of them was skinny and ratty looking. Me, my best friend, and somehow my brother who had joined us at some point, all sat on the other side of the table. Johnny sat in the big chair and started talking about some strange ritual stuff, then started chanting when suddenly tons of ghouls and evil, devilish creatures starting pouring out of the odd contraption, which turns out to be a portal. Over the noise I hear Johnny say "There are different stages. The last one alive wins!" The room then changed red and a group of one of the creatures started to attack us. The skinny ratty guy was the first to die. I'm not sure how, I think he was just attacked to death. The room would change colors and every time it did a different type of creature would attack us. I remember running around the room amidst the chaos trying to survive. Ever now and then I would see Johnny sitting in his chair watching the events, completely unharmed and calm. Eventually the three other guys were all dead and it was just my brother, best friend, and I left. My brother was fighting the creatures off and my friend was avoiding them like me. The room had gone almost black and Johnny was saying something I can't remember, then I woke up.

      I honestly cannot remember where I was when I had this dream or when I had it but It will definitely be one of the most remembered.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    14. Dog/Zombie dream. FIRST TIME I FELT PAIN IN A DREAM.

      by , 05-18-2013 at 07:37 AM
      It started off inside my grandparents house, there were four or five other people I don't know in waking life, but I seemed to know them well in the dream.

      There was an inherent feeling of danger in the dream, and it was dark outside.

      I walked upstairs with two others, we were talking, and half way through the conversation they shouted something like "JUMP ON THE CHEST OF DRAWS!", I looked behind me and could see thousands of small puppy's running at me, barking.
      I jumped on the cabinet and they all started jumping up trying to bite us. For some reason, I immediately knew that they were 'zombies'. They ran away after about 10 seconds of doing that.

      We then walked down the corridor again, but this time ran into the toilet because they were coming again, but as I was running into the toilet, I saw thousands of zombie dogs at the bottom of the stairs, it went into almost still, slow motion, but I could think at normal speed about what I was going to do, so when the slow motion stopped, I ran into the toilet, and this bald guy that was already in there shut and locked the toilet, I jammed my feet against the door but noticed the bottom panel of the door was coming off, so I let it come off and jumped on the windowsill. I then noticed the two others were gone. One zombie dog jumped up and seemed to borrow into my skin but it didn't have any affect on me so in this dream, I must have been 'immune' or something. Another zombie puppy then jumped and tried to bite me, so, I grabbed it, and it dug it's claws into my hand, and I could actually feel the pain of this, and this was the first time I ever felt pain in a dream.

      I then ran downstairs and looked on the garden wall, and the three others that had disappeared in the bathroom were sat on the wall. They were all dressed in blue clothes, almost like hospital gowns. We started to pick up these toys from a wall, like a firetruck that could play songs, and a toy clarinet and a recorder and stuff and started trying to make songs out of them. They all then said "If you're wearing this, or can hear the sound of the text, you're really dead." They all then disappeared.

      The rest of the people in the house were my some other people I don't know in my waking life, but these DC's knew me well for some reason. Outside, there were hundreds of different trucks, and supplies. We then started to organize a convoy of trucks to go to a safer place, we then met with this other family that were sleeping in tents next to the house we were in, and firstly, the woman in our group was not happy about them joining, but I noticed they were a family and had kids, so we couldn't let them die here. I asked them if they wanted to come and they were happy about coming. We were then getting the trucks and supplies ready when I asked if I could drive my own truck, just in-case one of the others broke down, but the woman again, said no, and that "we don't want to make too much noise". I then ran over to some boats and tried to find a good one just in-case there was no escape on land, but all I could find was small, plastic, kid boats with holes in them. I dragged out the one in best condition and threw it on the back of the truck. Instead of us all getting in the trucks, we sat on top. The convoy started moving, and we started to drive down these dirt roads. One of the people from our original group pulled out the firetruck and started playing music on it, it was like country rock. It was actually a pretty cool part of the dream, being sat with other zombie survivor's, in a truck convoy, but annoyingly, most of the others got quad bikes or motorbikes and I wasn't even allowed to drive a stinkin' truck.

      This is were the dream ended. (sadly)

      That was probably my favorite dream in a long time.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    15. 11th Mar 2013 Weird world, Turning into monsters, Maze, Discussion, Turning into pokemon, Warcraft 3

      by , 03-11-2013 at 08:29 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was talking with friend over the skype(possibly LV) and then we were playing some sort of game together.

      Dream 2:

      Can't recall much of the start of the dream, i and some other people were is some weird world and we were exploring it, it was mostly forest with big trees and some hills.
      Then for some reason everyone including me turned into some kind of reptile monsters of various sizes and there was some challenge of the survival. Some fought with each other, some were forming groups, in the end i recall two of them being really huge and fighting each other. Dream skips.
      Everyone was back to normal and we were in some kind of underground area with walls/floor made of stone brick. Then we found a map and figured out it was maze of some kind, there were chests and we were supposed to open them all and collect what's inside. We had 'safe area' of sorts where we started, most of people were chilling out there while others were hunting for chests. Maze was pretty dark for the most part too, and it was not just simple maze, there were doors, rooms, switches and so on. We were also getting attacked by some monsters(can't recall how they looked like), we were fighting with them and were able to even beat them unless there were too many of them attacking at once.
      After getting a few chests we had some discussion going on, result of which was me going to chest hunt alone. Everything was going well until i got into area of the maze where was only one way back. Ofcourse monsters blocked it and i got to fight and hide for while, until i got mobbed completely.
      I was somehow back at the safe area, i guess i respawned like in video game. We had very heated discussion that it might be way too hard to get other chests, then one girl, that was sitting out the whole time before, got into discussion and apparently she had two purple creatures with scorpion claws on her shoulders, and i was pretty sure they were pokemon(though they didn't looked like any from the game or series). She was talking about that everything is fake and that she can show true way, but i and some of the people were against that, then i got knocked out.
      I woke up later, those pokemons were holding me in place and not letting me move while that girl was doing something to people in the distance, then she got back and explained stuff more in detail, that apparently we were not humans from the start and that she need to use something with specific recipe to turn us back to normal. I trusted her this time and pokemons stopped holding me in place. Shortly she finished the recipe and the room went foggy. Everyone started turning into pokemon, though i can't recall anything specific other than somebody turning into pikachu. I started turning into some kind of pokemon as well, but i don't got to look at myself. Only thing i know is that i had bunch of long white tentacles that could emit electricity and also could emit specific electro signal that could put anyone to sleep on touch. Everyone was sleepy, so i helped to put everyone to sleep with my ability. Then i used it on water to put myself to sleep as well. Dream ended as soon as i dozed off...

      Dream 3:

      I was playing some exploration map in Warcraft 3, there were huge areas of forests, seas, deserts and jungles. Map was really unfinished and all that was there under player control is some peasant unit, which could walk through anything. Later on i found some flying boat too and loaded peasant into it, it had better sight range and speed. Then i continued exploring the map for a while.
      Later on there was some problem with lighting not updating properly in the dream copy of waking world( ), so i had to fix it by forcing it to update with my shadow. ( )
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