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    1. Flipping a bunch of alcoholics off

      by , 03-22-2020 at 02:41 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      So I was in one of these pubs\taverns where alcoholists go usually... my friend was there and I told him to get out of there cuz its a toxic place , but he insisted on staying and drinking more
      then some alcoholic said something to me ,interfering
      and thats when I had enough...why even hide my thoughts from anyone, I should say what I think.... I hate all these people ,all useless recluses ..
      I told him to fuck off , then everyone else started to look at me , and then I was like yeah actually All of you can fuck off
      and flipped the finger at everyone , everyone erupted , and then I left the place.
      I thought I'd be attacked but nothing happened...
    2. Boats and a Cat Mask

      by , 01-01-2017 at 07:01 AM
      Dream #NYMB53.

      Morning of January 1, 2017. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 28 sec. Readability score: 68.

      My dream starts out with a typical water induction state (the most common beginning since early childhood as water symbolizes sleep and its dynamics in real time) and eventually becomes an area near a boat dock. It is in an unknown area near the ocean and seems to be late morning. I walk around as if perhaps looking for a boat to buy. Most are small motorboats. I look more closely at one near the outer wall of a commercial building.

      Someone says seven thousand dollars loudly and clearly, but I think he might be talking to someone else who is looking around at the boats (though this is not certain).

      I am sitting in a tavern. A person is sitting near me, and he or she turns to look at me. They are wearing a baggy cloth cat mask that covers their head. It is a pale yellowish cream color and almost seems like finer burlap in texture. It does not look quite right as if their head may be too small or perhaps slightly misshapen. I do not perceive any threat or sense of danger. I consider making an amusingly rude remark, but I do not. There is a sudden clear sound seemingly about five feet away that may be a bottle falling off a shelf.

      It was part of a sequence of about twenty different scenes, but these are the clearer and stabler parts. It stems from the kind where I watch hundreds of settings rapidly change like a slideshow, eventually slowing down and stabilizing. Sometimes I deliberately step into a setting. Other times I let it expand around me, and I am within my illusory dream body.

      A cat, though not a real cat here, is a witness to the dream state and a factor of circadian rhythms (associated with night). Being only a cat mask implies my dream is losing cohesion, but it is also a coalescence factor of the emerging consciousness that the color yellow also represents. It is also reminiscent of a scarecrow, a dynamic of physicality being inactive as is one when sleeping. It is also like having a pillowcase over ones head. The bottle falling was the waking prompt.

    3. The Void/TheBlackness (or a black cat?) [lUCID]

      by , 10-24-2015 at 06:42 AM
      Another lucid last night. Went in and out of full and semi lucidity, but maintained a thread of awareness throughout.

      I became lucid while looking in a mirror in a hallway. That is a common thing for me. Mirrors always induce lucidity. They're one of the absolutely fool-proof things for me. The mirror turned out to be in the hallway of one of my home bases, so I started off with the advantage that I was already at least partially anchored. I don't really remember, I think the mirror was near the door to the outside, because I believe that's the door that I opened later on. I should have paid more attention.

      Anyway, I immediately tested my suspicion that I was dreaming by attempting to push my arm through the surface of the mirror. There was slight resistance on the surface, and then my arm sank in. The mirror looked like quicksilver as I pushed my arm through it.

      Satisfied with the knowledge that I was dreaming, I spent a while playing with my appearance and examining myself in the mirror. I eventually managed to turn myself into more of a caricature of myself than my actual appearance, which I found very entertaining. While I was playing around with my eyes - moving them around, changing the size and shape, etc - I could hear my brother's voice narrating in the background that he at least liked this current character design better than the last (implying that he really didn't like either). I waved it off and kept playing around.

      I was really satisfied by my handiwork because I had trouble with this before. I then spent a little bit more time dressing myself up as a sort of elven-looking sorcerer. Just as fun as cosplay, and several hundred dollars cheaper!

      After spending some time tweaking my heroic cloak/cape thing (I settled on something asymmetrical and held up on one side by a nice brooch that I own in real life), I decided to meet up with some friends at a tavern.

      I opened the door to go outside, and The Blackness happened. Some people call it The Void. Instead of the outdoors or the tavern that I wanted, everything beyond the door was pitch black. I stepped through the door into The Blackness, hoping it would dissipate. Instead, it enveloped me, and everything went dark. I tried vividly imagining my hands and moving them around in front of me. I briefly saw them appear before they faded back into the darkness. Waving them around some more didn't make them reappear.

      I decided to try something I have never tried before. Instead of trying to make it go away, I would condense The Darkness into a form where it could no longer impede me.

      I held out my hands and tried drawing it into a form in my hands. It didn't work, possibly because I was unable to see my hands.

      I then put my hands behind my back and focused on trying to summon it that way. I felt fur and a small warm body. The Darkness disappeared as it was channeled into the form of a cat.

      I brought the cat around to the front. It was skinny, with soft shiny black fur and gold eyes. I petted it and set it on the ground, and it ran off.

      Now I could see, through the open door, not blackness but the brightly lit inside of the tavern. It had polished wooden floors and brightly burning candles and torches.

      I rushed to the booth everybody was sitting in and scooted in. The booths were tall, made of dark stained wood, and seats were made of leather. While we were waiting for our server, I lost the thread of lucidity and the dream faded.

      I don't really remember the rest of what I dreamed about that night.


      I'm pleased that I finally solved a long-standing problem and completed a successful completely-controlled scene change. I've felt so stupid about struggling with these basic things after even several years and the ability to WILD with regular success. I'm looking forward to honing my skills further, as this has been a serious road-block for me.

      One thing I can say is that my ability to maintain dream stability and my thread of awareness has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY better.
    4. Lair of mad scientist

      by , 08-10-2015 at 08:34 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a tall barbarian with huge muscles, wearing traditional armor. I was travelling with group of adventurers - a thief woman in green cloak, a warrior in full plate armor and a sorceress in purple cloak. We entered a tavern to discuss our mission. It was a two storey wooden building. There were travelling merchants, mercenaries and random people there, talking and drinking.

      We sat at only free table, at the back of the tavern. I ordered a huge mug of ale, and then we talked about our mission. We were going to capture a mad scientist, that builds machines of terror and destruction. He already destroyed nearby villages, and moves on to attack closest cities. When they were talking, someone gave me a weird look, which made me both uncomfortable and mad.

      I just standed up from my chair - the whole tavern become quiet. The man came closer to me, and tried to stab me with a dagger. I jumped back, took a chair and striked him in the head. This was enough to make him unconscious, and enough to start a tavern drunken brawl. Mugs and chairs were thrown. The bartender hidden behind a counter while drunk mercenaries were fighting.

      With group, we quietly left the tavern and moved on. I looked back, and saw city guards entering the tavern. We wandered the forest for a while. It was weirdly quiet. After a few hours, we saw a village in the distance. Only ashes and corpses were left after the mad scientist attacked. We moved through the village, and saw a castle in the distance.

      We entered the castle - it looked like it's inhabitants just vanished, looked like it was left in a hurry. After searching all the chambers, we found a hidden hatch to a dungeon, and entered it. It was dark. I could feel the stench of death in the air. The corridor was splitting to a few chambers, so we decided to split up - with me ordered to wait in the back for some reason.

      After a good while of waiting, I heard screams coming from random parts of dungeon. I said "That's it!" and ran to closest chamber. I saw sorceress, hypnotizingly walking around a table with clothing. I took a turn to the left, and saw a pile of bones near a strange machine - it had a weird mechanical arm, that could throw you into a flesh removing blades. It quickly drawn energy, but couldn't attack me. The machines had to be powered by magic, and I was magic resistant.

      There were more machines of death inside - from usual torture machines to weird objects, like a spiral with red glowing ball at the top. The spiral killed the warrior by striking him with lightning, but it haven't attacked me. I ran to the chamber with sorceress, and saw that weird man from the tavern - he was a mad scientist. I came closer to him, and then he grabbed a throwing knife and thrown it at me. I easily dodged, and when I was just about to bash his skull inside - he disappeared.

      I looked at the sorceress, the hypnotizing spell was removed from her. I went closer, and then she thrown her clothes down, and we did our thing.
    5. Tavern

      by , 08-31-2014 at 02:52 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #234: Tavern

      Wife and I are standing across the table from another couple, a guy with brown hair and a lady with blond hair. The table is covered with a messy array of partially consumed peanut butter jars and jelly jars, which were examining in order to do some kind of inventory.

      The guy and I are talking about how hard it is to find time for important non-work related activities like this jar thing. He says how impressed he is with his wife for finding time to run and that she wears SXN 400 running shorts. He says something about how hot Wife probably looks in those.

      For some reason, I dont find this impolite. Instead, I turn to Wife and tell her shes beautiful, and compliment her for staying in such good shape even with the challenges of having and raising two kids. She accepts the compliment without awkwardness (tough for her in front of people), scooches closer to me and begins a long monologue. Shes switching rapidly from subject to subject and Im having a hard time understanding her.
      I realize that I must be dreaming.

      I grab on for a nose pinch, remembering to calm myself and just breathe in and out. Wifes speech becomes even more rapid and confusing. I tell her that Im having a lucid dream, but shes talking over me. I walk around the room, continuing to calm myself and breathe through the nose pinch, but my vision goes dark, like the void. Wifes voice is still there, though, and I just keep walking, having faith that the scene will right itself.

      Now a doorway with a stairwell appears in my vision. Good. I walk forward, enter the stairwell, and walk down to a nearby window. I phase through the window and lower wall, my foot getting slightly stuck on the way out, but no problem. Im outside on a street again, and now I attempt to fly. I have some trouble with this, so I do a quick Hulk-jump to regain some confidence.

      I remember my intent to summon Dreamer and take her somewhere. Ill have to figure that part out later I guess. Dreamer, youuuuu are right around the corner! I say, just before turning the corner.

      When I turn the corner, there is a young woman there! She doesnt look all that much like Dreamer. Hair is blond rather purple, and her overall appearance is different. She's plainer, younger, shorter than Dreamer, but I dont worry about that. I figure that she'll become herself after I just spend some time walking around with her for a while.

      Dreamer! I say. Its you! Hey, purple up for me! (meaning change your hair to purple.)

      Hey! she says. Her voice is completely wrong, and she even has an American accent. I dont worry about it though. Normally I would, but Im just not feeling it today! Her blond hair instantly disappears and now shes bald as a cueball.

      With this, she races off in a run, and I run behind her to keep up. Shes really fast and Im having a little trouble keeping up. I encounter the sign from the previous dream that reads ←Tavern→ and remember it from before.

      We run down a few streets before entering what looks like a train station. I know theres something specific place Id planned to take her, but Ive forgotten it. I think Im supposed to take you to a tavern for Task of the Month. (wrong!)

      She seems to consider this. Whatever it is, Ill think of it soon. With this, she twirls once and runs up a set of stairs.

      I run after her, thinking that my plan was to go to a tavern with her and do some lucid drinking. Im not completely confident that this is right (its not!) but I go with it for now. As Im partway up the steps,
      the dream ends.
    6. City of Mithril

      by , 07-16-2013 at 03:01 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      City of Mithril

      This dream started with Lucidis, Chris, and Claire entering the city they spotted in the previous dream. The city was built on a large oasis with the desert river running through the middle of the city. The city appeared to be mostly medieval in nature. The buildings in the city were made with a silvery-blue metal. It looked beautiful and it seemed magical. Within the city walls, it also felt much cooler than out in the desert.

      Having just come out of the desert, they decided to take the day to relax and enjoy themselves. Chris and Claire decided to head to the tavern and rest there. Lucidis however wanted to explore the city. He was more interested in interacting with the people and learning about the city. By this point Lucidis had completely forgotten about the heart stone.

      Lucidis wandered the city for a while and talked with a lot of people, but I won't go into too much detail. He learned that the city was built upon a mine that is abundant with a rare mineral known as mithril. Many buildings in the city were created with mithril, which was what gave them the silvery-blue look. I'm not 100% sure, but I think Lucidis also learned that the name of the city was Arinok, or something like that.

      Lucidis also heard some stories about people disappearing in the mines and about mithril mysteriously disappearing. There was actually more to it than that, but I can't remember the details. Lucidis interpreted this as a quest and decided he would investigate it the next day.

      The sun was beginning to set, so Lucidis went back to the tavern where the group would likely be staying for a few days. There were quite a few people there drinking and having a good time. They were likely there for some sort of fighting tournament that was to take place that night. Lucidis managed to find Claire relaxing at a table drinking what I'm assuming was wine. Surprisingly, Lola was there as well and talking to Claire.

      Lucidis ordered a glass of orange juice and sat down next to them. Lucidis asked Lola what she was doing in Arinok. She told him that she and Rick were investigating some of the strange things that have been happening in the city. They were related to the stories that Lucidis heard earlier. It was then decided that both groups would try to complete this quest the next day.

      Chris soon came back to the table and he looked pretty drunk. He said something about signing Lucidis and Claire up for the fighting tournament. Chris said he wanted to win the prize, but he was too drunk to participate. I can't remember what the prize was though.

      Dream time skipped a bit and a large boxing ring was now present on the far end of the tavern. By this point the semi-final round was being finished by Lucidis. The final round between Lucidis and Claire was about to start. Lucidis was excited for this because it would be his first time fighting Claire with her stasis armor.

      I'm having trouble recalling the fight, so I guess I'll just skip that. I do remember that the dream ended in the middle of the fighting.
    7. Lucid #22 Park, Volcano

      by , 11-23-2011 at 12:25 AM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am mountain biking with a some random guys. I leave the bike at a small metal house. We start hiking. We suddenly start walking back. Someone sees a crack in a big rock. It's a BIG crack! Soon there is a giant lava pool in front of us, like a volcano. The ground starts shaking and moving towards the lava. We have to get out of here. We run back where we came from, but there is water everywhere... No second thoughts, we swim! The water is warm from the whole volcanic thing. It starts snowing... WTF? Something is wrong, that's for sure, but the only thing I think of is getting out of here as fast as possible! My bike is at the bottom of the water (like 5 meters down), but if i get it I will ride down the mountain faster. I find it with the front tire slightly damaged, but works. Off I go!
      Dream scene changes.
      I am in a city after that bike adventure. I reach a tavern and I see some other bikers in there too. I walk into that place, some guys are waiting for me. We sit in a big table and some random guys join us... Then the waiter brings us fried potatoes, but we hadn't ordered...

      Maybe after leaving the tavern, I find myself in a pretty big park. I go towards the road. I see some guy trying to un-park and another trying to quickly park there. They start shouting. I walk by the road and then I see some friends talking about the mountain thing. One of them seems confused, so I join the conversation to tell the story straight. The guy seems focused on the story. As I am talking there is a noise in my ears, like a bug flying around my head. No matter how hard I try to dissipate it, I can't actually do it, because I can't see it. I shout "STOP" and then it stops.
      I become lucid right away. The dream is clear and stable. I observe the environment. One of my friends is still here. So I start showing off... My control is pretty sweet. There is a plane flying over the city so I say "fall", and then it stops in the air and starts falling. I did that many times. Then there is a bus passing in front of us. I say "BOOM" and snap my fingers... Nothing... "Fire!"... Nothing. That seemed a little annoying because it was the only one that didn't work. I did many stuff like this in that dream, but I didn't get to write it when i woke up. I also remember seeing a wall with a word on it. The word (if it exists) had the letters A B D J. Then I see a intense, but not bright, light rising up. It's the sun, that came up within a few seconds. I don't think it was night before that though... The colors seem a little strange. I do a nose RC and try to feel my weight, but the dream is fading...

      In my last 2 lucids I wanted to look for my dream guide, but in both of them I got into stupid stuff and forgot my goals...
    8. The Adventures of The Pig Hunting Jewel Thief

      by , 10-23-2011 at 03:10 AM
      I don't remember all the specific details of this lucid dream, only that while I was in this junkyard area near a chain link fence and a railroad, I realized I was dreaming.
      It didn't take me that long...

      "There is no way I'm going to spend my dream in a place I could just as easily drive to in real life,"I muttered.
      I decided to use the "fall back" method of going into a different dreamscape, and briefly wondered what would happen if I found myself in bed.
      "I hope I don't idiotically think I'm up."
      Thankfully, or perhaps not, I found myself near a hotel and/or tavern of sorts at night. I had the sinking suspicion I had to find a jewel of some sort. I had nothing better to do--actually, there was a lot of things I could have done, one of which would have won me a lifetime trip to the penitentiary--so I went to look for it. Luckily, the lights from the hotel kept coming on because the residents kept hearing me rustling around the hideous bushes surrounding another building. I fell back again and found myself on a farm.
      ...Where I knew I had to find a pig.
      "A pig? A pig?! Unless that pig is codeword for breakfast sausage, I am not interested!"
      I left that farm in a hurry.
      I went to a bunch of other places using the fall back method, until I came across a pain in the butt family who knew everything about me and the real world.
      "You should totally live with us,"said one member.
      "Uh, no."
      "Come on, come on!"
      I tried doing the fall back method again, but I was so irritated (that family, while very friendly, was just too friendly) that I couldn't do it. When I finally managed to calm down, the morons pulled me so I couldn't fall back.
      "We don't want you to go! You're a fun person,"a girl said.
      A fun person?
      If I had a dollar for every time someone said that, I would be a very poor person.
      Anyway, I shook her off and...then I woke up.
    9. The Local Tavern

      by , 06-14-2011 at 11:28 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Notes| Dream|Lucid

      I guess i've been slacking off a bit lately.. heh.. I'll try and catch back up with what I missed. I've been lazy lately.. not bothering to write down my dreams when I wake up each night. I shall stop that silliness and write everynight! EVERYNIGHT!
      Anyway, here's the journal

      5th June
      I was at Jewells tavern with my small bunch of family, Dad and a few family members from Dad's side (uncles, aunties). Dad and I went outside for some reason, and then a lady that was cleaning the plates away from an empty table dropped a glass cup. Dad and I helped her pick up the shards of glass and a lady sitting next to us started a conversation with me. I don't remember the particular words of the conversation, but she was asking me about how much a slushee (icee) costed from the bar. I told her it was about seven dollars and we both agreed that it was fairly expensive for a slushee.
      I turned to Dad and said I wouldn't have enough time to finish my meal- I had to go to the gym with my cousin. My aunty came out and told me to just call my cousin and ask if we could go later.
    10. 23 Nov: Confrontation with a dark lord (incomplete)

      by , 11-25-2010 at 11:32 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:00 GMT

      Im walking on a very tall inclined ramp, which is supposed to be some kind of viaduct, but the cars on it just start to slide down, due to inclination. I was going up, but then Im really curious with this, because the cars then become people, pigs and kittens and they are all sliding down this ramp.
      At the end of the ramp, theres only a concrete floor, so I watch animals and people falling painfully on the ground and I feel sorry for them. I also slip but I can fly, so I land very graciously. Down around the ramp are people sitting on chairs just watching these other people falling. I wonder what is this horrible show about. A girl then explains to the people present that this used to be a popular anti-gay sport. (What??) She explained only the very manly men would have the guts to slide down this enormous ramp to land on this hard floor to prove they were really though. But now people use it as an equality celebration, so boys, old ladies, little girls with their kittens, everybody takes the slide and slams down on the ground. How ridiculous!

      Confrontation with a dark lord (incomplete)
      I enter a town. Im walking down a deserted street which reminds me of Lisbon downtown but more medieval. Then I see my reflection on some window and realise I also look medieval, with long straight hair and tiny braids. I make a U-turn at the end of the street and I see two bad looking guys coming in my direction. I feel threatened so I decide to fly away, but instead of just flying away, a machine materializes under my feet as I think about flying, like two metallic steps that hover and fly me away extremely fast. I reach the centre of the town and hover among loads of people who walk peacefully under some arcades. They look surprised with my gadget. Too surprised actually, so I decide to step down from it. But then some guy bumps into me violently and drags me accidentally to inside a tavern and we fall on the floor and my machine gets all broken into pieces. He his very sorry and offers to help me. Pays me some drink and we sit on the back table trying to put the pieces together. As we try to fix it I realise the pieces dont match and are increasing in numbers. Then I have a huge dj vu and tell him Weve been here before, doing exactly this!. He asks me Like time travel? and I say I remember being on this situation with you before and at that time we got stuck on it endlessly. This is a distraction maneuver, the machine will never be fixed. I must go. So I left.
      I end up in the middle of a group whos throwing a banquet. They hand me over some plate and I decide to join in. Its kind of outside gathering on a garden but prolonging indoors. I check some table inside with some food and I choose to take an omelette, some pasta, green cubes, some weird pinkish translucent steak-like thing and lots of sauce.
      Back outside I sense a strong darkness, I look up and I see him. He sits on a high throne overlooking the guests. He is all dressed in black and has long black hair. He reminds me of Severus Snape, but in a younger, scarier yet much more attractive figure... I sense his mind control over people, so I do a kind of voodoo thing to escape his control, by visualizing the food Im eating as himself: as I eat it (him), I gain control over him or at least he loses control over me. But I am not sure if it works. Then Im called to his presence and when close to his throne he says theres a cup of dessert which was specially kept aside for me. Others are looking jealous and seem about to eat my dessert if I dont pick it up fast, but I wonder if it really is a privilege or if its poisoned.
      Then I am chasing him around the town, but he can also fly and teleport so I lose track of him. I reach an internal square patio and I see an open door to a building. I sense that he went inside, so I enter and I see this long corridor. Its crowded with young people, like a university and I have trouble getting across.

      Then frustration, because I can't recall the end....

      6:00 GMT