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    1. Death in the House of Cards

      by , 07-01-2016 at 11:53 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Death in the House of Cards (Non-lucid)


      First one back. Pretty basic, but it's a start.

      I'm in the world of House Of Cards, in some sort of lab. There's some weird green insect, about the size of a small dog, being extracted from Frank--I don't know what for.

      A woman doctor is trying to not let me die, while undertaking some kind of operation, I suspect to make me stronger or something. The whole lab ignites from her intensely passionate concentration.

      As I leave, I see a guy flicking through politicians' profiles on his computer--including Donald Trump--trying to decide who next to target for whatever reason. He says to me, 'watch the exit'. Walking through the lobby of the building I see someone I recognise say 'I want to shoot someone today'. An innocent passerby overhears but it's too late, and one of the politicians I've just seen on the computer is killed in the crowd.

      I walk out the unguarded exit, as part of this was clearly meant to be a distraction. I look to the left to see Trump walking out of the building in a different direction, and I suspect he has been turned into a sleeper agent.

    2. Thanks for the tip✨

      by , 04-01-2016 at 11:16 AM
      Dild after wbtb wild attempt 🌺
      Went to bed around 9 pm and listened to WB audio book
      Had some dreams to record around 2am and lay saying mantras for a while feeling refreshed and awake ...till about 3 - then sat up saying mantras etc in proper wbtb till about 4am.

      Lay back down for wild with fan and earplugs and seriously supportive cushy bed I usually set up for wild attempts ✨

      Was in a dream where some wise ladies were helping me with an extremely painful lower abdomen...it was very painful and they were caring for me in a very comfortable place. They said they needed to perform an operation on me that had potentials to be dangerous and needed to be very exact with the surgery - They were going to have to knock very hard onto my abdomen at some point and then pull down that which did not need to be there any longer out through my vagina. I am terrified and ask for painkillers and rescue remedy. As far as I can remember I am getting ready for this operation ✨

      Later I find myself lucid in my dream - I am speaking with a girl who is encouraging me - ' I am lucid so I know I am dreaming!✨'
      ' Yes you are' she says
      ' How can I get better at lucid dreaming? Can you help me?' I ask her
      'You get better by having more Lucid dreams - it's the only way - through experience' she replies
      'Right - ' I say
      ' We heard you can fly right? So go and fly!' She encourages me kindly
      ' Yes I can - ok then I am going to go fly! 🌠' I am exited by her and the kind words she offers me...I feel she knows me well...
      ' OK bye then' I wave to her and gently put my hands then body very easily and fluidly through the walls that make up the room around us - it's an effortless move of my body throughout the wall, as if my body and the wall are made of the same pure light. I look at my body and at the wall for a few moments and see clearly we are made of the same ' partially invisible light ..,' - nice✨
      I move into the sky with a sweeping motion, gently flying not too high but up enough to get a feeling of the vast surrounding land. It's beautiful to fly again ...The light is bright and I feel very at home in the dream ... As I think this I have to be careful as my WL body becomes evident and the bright light comes in - ...I persevere and am steady again with my Lucidity ...

      I am suddenly beginning to fly back wards and feel I want to fly forwards towards the most beautiful sight that has just appeared in my view... I don't struggle too much but 'know' I will fly directly towards this magical looking place. And so soon I do - I have never seen anything like it but have heard of Lucid dreamers going to such like magical, heavenly beautiful lands! Wow - is this my opening to such a place 🌅 I can't help but think the girl who told me to fly knew I would see this amazing sight if I got myself up into the sky in fight, I feel very fortunate! The Heavenly Place looks like something from another world - nothing on earth like this - it's Amber and yelled hue's shine out showing a spectacular opening in the bright light that surrounds these twinkling gates. I so very much want to experience this place but as I fly towards it I feel my WL body ... I soon wake into the dream of my WL reality and lie in bed for a short time remembering the spacious feeling, sights I have just uncovered - it's time to get up

      🌺I am now determined to go to this place again ....soon 🌺
    3. Cernunnos and Chakras

      by , 08-02-2014 at 09:18 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      3:31 am

      I was with R. It was a sleepover of sort. He was saying something about trust. It was dark. Like a brownout. The room looks familiar. Our living room in our hometown. I looked outside through our glass window. I was looking to the front area of the house. Some people are there, coming in. I had the feeling they also live here, like it's a dorm. It looks like it's raining outside. One man saw me and waved (said "Hi."). I waved (said "Hi.") back. There was also a young man. He's semi-naked. They passed by close to the window to get into the house.

      I was talking with Re and some others about chakras, and how some people went to the extreme and actually had operations inside their bodies to connect (or remove?) certain organs, which is supposed to help somehow. I thought that was ridiculous. While I was "hearing" (and watching) that, I was looking down at my body (torso down) speckled with golds at certain areas in patterns that supposedly corresponds with chakras (or FMA style, I couldn't really see). The idea was to melt them and reform, which will then somehow represent my chakras instead of taking something physical from inside my body. The guy who had operations was said to be having trouble breathing now as a result of his operations.

      I was looking at the MRT station.

      I was in the forest with some people. I somehow found some water up in the mountain and thought of bringing it down to the people to sell. But then, I thought that some people might go up there and do the same. Nobody's stopping them. Then I thought that I'm getting it from a special source, protected by the deity Cernunnos. Somehow, I have a piece of horn from him, which protects me from the creatures guarding the lake/water area. I had another guy with me to help me with the horn and gathering water. My process was to drop a wide cloth and then catch the water like fish (it's like a net), and bring it up. It somehow works, and there were big areas of water sticking to the cloth.

      After a while, the water started to run out, but I already expected that, so I was already planning of doing other things to earn. I was looking at the creatures at the bottom of the quickly drying lake/marsh.

      I was in a different country. Not sure if it was India or somewhere in the Middle East (I have never traveled outside of my country, and I only see other countries via movies). There's a guy running, escaping. He touched (literally just touched the skin, nothing blatantly sexual in the dream images) a female child, which is forbidden in that country, and he had another guy chasing after him. In another part/area, he did the same, but the persons who were there were Western born, who don't follow the same culture.


      - Slept around 2 am
      - Drank coffee (Cafe Blanca)
      - Was reading chapter 2 of Social Psychology (D. Myers)
      - Watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
      - Did the 26-minute meditation (Sam Harris)
      - Set alarm to 4.5 hours (woke up in 1.5 hours)
      - I received a message before sleeping that parkour training in the morning canceled due to storm
    4. June 27, 2012 Wed - "The Red Ball"

      by , 08-24-2012 at 01:29 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      7:49 a.m.

      Operation. Hospital. I was gonna have the bump on the back of my head surgically removed. I asked if I'll have anesthesia. The doctor said no. I asked how long it's gonna take. 10 minutes. I can deal with that.

      Lied died in bed while I feel the back of my head being cut, and the "ball" removed. It's all red.
    5. Trying to get to my Operation

      by , 04-12-2011 at 11:55 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      I am in a hospital for some kind of proceedure, which keeps changing, some sort of operation. I'm walking, on the way to the OR. In the elevator we stop at floor 1. I'm talking to people in the elevator about my proceedure. Because we're so busy talking, I miss my floor. The other people get off the elevator and I try to reach my floor again. I reach my floor and get off to walk down a long hall. At the end of it there is a receptionist, whom I check in with.

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    6. Operation Game Version

      by , 10-29-1976 at 08:21 PM
      Night of October 29, 1966. Saturday.

      I am involved in a seeming prototype (first version of a dream theme that appears in more complex forms later on, especially after moving to a new home) of what appears to be a variation of the (originally) Milton Bradley game “Operation” (which is fairly new at the time). It reminds me just a bit of the “nostalgic” noise and lights of a carnival on a much smaller scale (and according to some sources, actually was based on games in funfairs so maybe that is a typical association). The main distortion is that it has a red telephone (receiver only, but probably only about half the size of a real one) in a recess on the left side, nested on its side though does somehow become full-sized at times. (This may be from a distortion of the actual shapes relative to real game sections, which are somewhat reminiscent of a telephone receiver shape.)

      I am not quite sure if the telephone allows you to somehow talk to the character in the game and receive information on his present status, but it seems a bit strange at times as if I am “expecting” an eerie “contact” at one point. No conversations ever ensue, however. My dream remains nonthreatening.

      Interestingly enough, I did not live in a home with a telephone until 1978 (we never had a telephone all the years I lived in Florida and only my sister had a telephone in the Rose Street building in Wisconsin).

    7. The Right Thumb Incident (Man from Saturn)

      by , 08-13-1976 at 12:27 PM
      Night of August 13, 1976. Friday.

      I am within a continuity of false awakenings. There is a somewhat uneasy sense that someone else - a stranger - had somehow gotten into the house. This is unrealistic, as my bed is actually blocking the unused jalousie-window door to the carport (which opens inward). However, there is a shadowy form that I am sure is an intruder. It turns out to be a balding man in a loose, white, robe-like outfit and with some sort of medical kit in a metallic brief case, similar in size and shape to my real-life typewriter case which I then used for part of my Matchbox car, Johnny Lightning, and Hot Wheels collection. For some reason, I get the impression that he is “from Saturn” even though he seems fully human and from Earth. This seems based on some sot of hypnotic muttering he continues with and it is something to do with male surrogate “pregnancy” for an experimental reptile-like offspring, the area of the thumb being the ideal location for several reasons (including a natural tendency to draw the hand forward in defense). I seem to be part of some sort of unorthodox experiment conducted by a publicly unrevealed department of government.

      I am unable to move or react as I am in a state of sleep paralysis, but not as vivid as usual. He injects something into my right thumb. I feel I need to escape as soon as possible. The utensil he uses is like a cross between a hypodermic needle, an ankh, and small scissors. There are various other objects similar to this in his case. I somehow manage to get out of my bed and try to get into the living room, but my dream “resets” and repeats a few times, and there is eventually a perception of needles moving on their own towards my right thumb, though possibly relating to some sort of implied magnetic remote control. They seem to fly “in formation” (like a flock of birds in a V-shape) at one point.

      This, being one of the few actually disturbing dreams I have had in my life, was part of a relentless change. A few days later in real life, there was a rather small lump growing from the outer side of my right thumb which I only absentmindedly noticed when playing around with a metal band from a cheaper dismantled microphone and wondering why it had not fit on my thumb as it had the day before. Within days, there were five very large egg-shaped lumps (all exactly the same size) going down from my thumb to my wrist. They were apparently atypical ganglion cysts but had hair and bone tissue mixed in (almost like a miniature part of a Siamese twin). The doctor seemed extremely puzzled about the condition of my hand, asked me some unusual questions such as if I had “been putting things in there” which seemed ludicrous to me as there were no signs of cuts or supposed entry points and I certainly would not do something of that nature.

      Because of the surgery and hospital stay, I missed the beginning of tenth grade, and eventually (when returning on September 13th), due to problematic scenarios in the school (such as a couple teachers not even spending time in the classroom while the students went crazy throwing knives and orange peels) I no longer went (stopping in October before I was legally “allowed” to though there was only one visit from the police) and got my GED in Wisconsin in 1979, getting told I had the highest results by any student at that time - which was not saying much based on how the other students looked and acted.

      This also related directly to a much older precognitive dream (with several levels of precognition at once including seeing a movie that did not even exist at that earlier time - the usually low-rated one with the giant rabbits called “Night of the Lepus”). There was a lot of legitimate mystery around this and I have mentioned this in a few other entries, including in the original “Old Shack” dream documentation.

      We left Florida in the last week of June of 1978 (with help from my sister Marilyn and her husband Bob). Looking at Google maps, I have discovered that my playmate’s house turned out to look exactly like it did in many of my earlier dreams - that is, abandoned, mold all over, and covered with vines. No one had lived there very long after my spiritual “outburst” after she moved (two different families actually going in for psychiatric help - Larry D actually killing most of his chickens, some escaping, after giving them a long speech about “not delivering eggs as promised”).

      Whether or not this was based on long-term physical precognition (or some sort of natural cellular awareness) because of the additional childhood dream of my right thumb becoming enlarged and painful or perhaps was additionally triggered by a vivid dream state (and the very strange sounds and energies that come with sleep paralysis), is hard to say. I know I have often healed myself in dreams and meditation (even as a toddler regarding the accident with my left wrist and almost losing that hand), so I suppose the opposite is just as possible or even likely, even with the foreshadowing many years ahead.