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    1. Thanks for the tip✨

      by , 04-01-2016 at 11:16 AM
      Dild after wbtb wild attempt 🌺
      Went to bed around 9 pm and listened to WB audio book
      Had some dreams to record around 2am and lay saying mantras for a while feeling refreshed and awake ...till about 3 - then sat up saying mantras etc in proper wbtb till about 4am.

      Lay back down for wild with fan and earplugs and seriously supportive cushy bed I usually set up for wild attempts ✨

      Was in a dream where some wise ladies were helping me with an extremely painful lower abdomen...it was very painful and they were caring for me in a very comfortable place. They said they needed to perform an operation on me that had potentials to be dangerous and needed to be very exact with the surgery - They were going to have to knock very hard onto my abdomen at some point and then pull down that which did not need to be there any longer out through my vagina. I am terrified and ask for painkillers and rescue remedy. As far as I can remember I am getting ready for this operation ✨

      Later I find myself lucid in my dream - I am speaking with a girl who is encouraging me - ' I am lucid so I know I am dreaming!✨'
      ' Yes you are' she says
      ' How can I get better at lucid dreaming? Can you help me?' I ask her
      'You get better by having more Lucid dreams - it's the only way - through experience' she replies
      'Right - ' I say
      ' We heard you can fly right? So go and fly!' She encourages me kindly
      ' Yes I can - ok then I am going to go fly! 🌠' I am exited by her and the kind words she offers me...I feel she knows me well...
      ' OK bye then' I wave to her and gently put my hands then body very easily and fluidly through the walls that make up the room around us - it's an effortless move of my body throughout the wall, as if my body and the wall are made of the same pure light. I look at my body and at the wall for a few moments and see clearly we are made of the same ' partially invisible light ..,' - nice✨
      I move into the sky with a sweeping motion, gently flying not too high but up enough to get a feeling of the vast surrounding land. It's beautiful to fly again ...The light is bright and I feel very at home in the dream ... As I think this I have to be careful as my WL body becomes evident and the bright light comes in - ...I persevere and am steady again with my Lucidity ...

      I am suddenly beginning to fly back wards and feel I want to fly forwards towards the most beautiful sight that has just appeared in my view... I don't struggle too much but 'know' I will fly directly towards this magical looking place. And so soon I do - I have never seen anything like it but have heard of Lucid dreamers going to such like magical, heavenly beautiful lands! Wow - is this my opening to such a place 🌅 I can't help but think the girl who told me to fly knew I would see this amazing sight if I got myself up into the sky in fight, I feel very fortunate! The Heavenly Place looks like something from another world - nothing on earth like this - it's Amber and yelled hue's shine out showing a spectacular opening in the bright light that surrounds these twinkling gates. I so very much want to experience this place but as I fly towards it I feel my WL body ... I soon wake into the dream of my WL reality and lie in bed for a short time remembering the spacious feeling, sights I have just uncovered - it's time to get up

      🌺I am now determined to go to this place again ....soon 🌺
    2. Advice in a sanatorium

      by , 09-19-2014 at 06:48 PM
      I've spent the past few scenes in this huge house, and I'm currently walking through a door that I expect to take me back to a place I'd been in earlier in the dream - there's a character I'd intended to meet up with again. Instead, I find myself in a room I think of as resembling a sanatorium - there are long rows of beds on each side of the room, with a few curtains here and there for privacy. On each bed there's a woman in a hospital gown, writhing like she's in a bad demon possession horror flick.

      I go lucid and try to remember if there are any lucid tasks I'd wanted to perform of the ask-a-DC variety - no, there aren't any. But I believe dialogue is the only lucid trick I can do right now. So I ask something of the various women and get short, boring answers - I don't remember what I asked or what those boring answers were. The last one I asked gave me a longer answer involving a reference to an earthworm - I noted her response as nonsensical but phrased poetically, which I thought of as a step up from the straightforward and boring responses from the others. I'm now mentally comparing them less to demon possession horror flicks and more to Greek spirits - Furies or such.

      Towards the end of the row of hospital beds, there's a woman who's much older than the others. She objects to me - calls my behavior intrusive. She takes my hand in hers, saying this will help her see me - representing that this should be a two-way conversation, rather than just me one-sidedly questioning them. Closing her eyes for a moment, she asks what's blocking me. My first instinct is that she's referring to meditation, mysticism, that sort of thing. But since she didn't say so specifically, I go with a safe response: I talk about general life concerns. She cuts me off and clarifies that she was indeed asking about meditation and mysticism and such. I, sounding annoyed, say I was getting to that - which is a lie.

      But we continued talking about general life concerns anyway - specifically career things. Everything we said on the subject sounded sensible (even after I woke up), and she pointed out a good solution that I disliked - I thought it sounded like more effort than it was worth. She quite reasonably laughed at me for that - for wanting a perfect solution to just come along without any effort.
    3. Dream Guide Meeting

      by , 05-22-2014 at 12:35 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I'm in a room and see a door in front of me. I remember having just rolled over in my bed so I know I'm dreaming. Everything starts to fade slightly, like when I stand up too fast after sitting for too long, but I just use my other senses to get around like when it happens in real life until it passes. Then I get the idea to say "Where is my dream guide?" and immediately I see a beautiful girl in the doorway and make eye contact with her. I just sense that she is my dream guide, and don't think to ask if she is or not. All of the sudden, I'm standing on the ceiling, and am really disoriented because everything is now upside down. She walks over and we give each other a big upside down hug (first upside down hug for me). Then she is standing on the ceiling with me and everything no longer seems upside down. I ask "is there anything you're trying to tell me?" and she answers, "go to userve.net and play level 11 with the machine guns and just look at the scenery." I take a moment to try to comprehend what she had just said, and it almost makes sense. Then she asks "Isn't there anything you want to ask me?" I think about how I have applied for so many jobs and don't know which one I really want so I ask "which job would I be better off with?". She says something sympathetically about how many shitty jobs there are out there and how they're always the easiest to get and goes on to say I should go for the job my friend's dad offered me. I ask her about the landscaping job I was inquiring about that pays really well that my mom's friend Jim said he'd get me into. She says "Jim already has a job." Then she asks what I want to get out of the marine corps. I tell her I don't want to join the marines. We're now lying on a bed and she changes her appearance to another hot girl and tells me to count how many bug bites she has on her chest. I count at least 10 of them all on her boobs and say "I see at least 10". She tells me she'll see me after the next day and to play with her hair. I tell her my hands are cold and she breathes on her hands in a way that tells me to do the same. I give my hand a breath of hot air but it's still cold. I decide to warm it up on her nipple, but this didn't go over very well. I apologized and started to play with her hair. I grab one of her curls of hair and run it through my hand.
      lucid , memorable
    4. Extremely Repetitive

      by , 05-07-2013 at 02:16 PM
      Every night it differs between two scenes...
      I need to get control of these or i'll go insane.
      1st Dream Journal Entry but ive been having these dreams since i was a child....
      Hidden message i cant decode without gaining control...
      so here we go....wish me luck...

      Dream 1:
      I ''wake'' up outside of my fathers old house a large thatch roof house... im in the garden..
      There are soldiers everywhere they're searching for something..
      I have no control of my movements or actions...
      My feelings are fear... All of a sudden i am noticed by some soldiers who start to chase me wielding shortswords.
      I run with all my might but i am small in my dream and one step to me is five steps for my chasers.
      i see a fence that can be scaled and head towards it my heart is pounding i am afraid in my arms im holding a teddy bear of sorts and hugging it closely well i run..tears are streaming down my eyes....
      i start to scale the fence and peak to the top..
      My hope rises and as i reach the other side...
      There are countless soldiers surrounding me...(out of the pan into the fire)
      One walks up to me with a smile on his face...he says everything will be alright...
      he takes my teddy bear away from me gently...
      and then proceeds to force the shortsword deep into my stomach piercing through my clothes and sliding it in as if it were nothing..
      i go cold...it is such an odd sensation...not pain but uncomfortable....as he lays me onto the ground i start to black out blood running out the side of my mouth...
      he places the teddy into my arms and they walk away calmly...
      as i slowly fade into darkness i wake up into reality from this dream..
      My stomach feels uncomfortable after this dream...i am short of breathe and sweating as if i was running...and my nose almost always is bleeding....
      So yea i guess this is my first dream journal entry...comment if thats possible insight would help...i need to learn to become lucid...if i can just escape there or change my path in the dream....or something...i'll post the second dream shortly..i know this was a long one and i apologize just needed to get it out...i just recently joined this site...hoping for positive feedback...maybe even somebody who can relate to this and help me..
      Have a Great Day Everyone

      The Bear
    5. The Important Seeming One...

      by , 06-14-2012 at 03:22 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      I don't really remember anything from last night, so let's go back through the archives and post one of the most standout dreams I've ever had which was lost when that hacking incident occurred. This is a slightly smaller version of the original post due to me forgetting a lot of it during the interim.

      It has a really vivid series of characters, most of whom I know from real life but only in vague sort of ways.

      Shit gets a bit full-on at the end and I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on it:

      10th of February, 2012

      It was mine and Nooks' wedding day but I'd forgotten to organise a suit or even groomsmen.

      Eventually that fact changed and the wedding was to be tomorrow instead, so it all worked out. To celebrate this new fact, I went to a casino-type place and ate oysters covered in absinthe and vodka (*shudders*)
      After a fair bit of rowdiness and haziness, I awoke in bed with Danni (a random girl who sold Nooks her car) but it was a purely platonic thing; I was just sleepin'.

      Danni told me that her wedding to Arin (her boyfriend at the time) had been particularly average at best, and that he'd most recently just gotten her porn for her birthday. She was pretty upset and we talked for a while with her warning me to do my best or some such thing.

      At one point I must've left because I next found myself coming home, where I discovered a bunch of people (Danni included) moving our bins out onto the kerb for collection. They were bringing them out of a strange little indoor glasshouse/bike shed so I went to help them and casually mentioned that today was my wedding day.
      To clear my head I went for a stroll/ride down the street where I bumped into Seon's dad, who was apparently a doctor. He looked at me then ran into the street and began yelling out this amazingly lovely speech about me- things like "His eyes are truly open!" and semi-profound dream statements like that.

      During his little moment, Arin came up and was talking to him and crying. We asked him what was up and he said that he and Danni had broken up but that it was okay because she was beautiful and wonderful, but not the girl he really loved.

      After that he went off and began working at a corner-store which I followed him to and ordered a spring roll. He got one from a bookshelf and gave it to me and I thought it was only half cooked coz it was all soggy on one side. Turns out it was actually half cheese, half spring roll. D'uh.

      I realised I'd left my phone and wallet on a table outside at that moment, so I went out to collect it and eat my gross lunch. From the doorway, I noticed Tabitha taking my money and gleefully counting it. I accused her of stealing but she refused to give it back so I started getting physically violent with her. I decided that the best course of action was to have a People's Court and asked those around what they'd seen. Somehow they sided with her so I grabbed her by the throat and threw her inside the store, warning her that "I reckon at least one prostitute is killed by a man every day... It's a bad day to be a prostitute." Then I laughed coz it was a bit of a stupid insult.

      Somehow she became a deputy of some kind that I reported to a Sheriff who was having a cup of coffee nearby. As I was doing that, I noticed a TV playing in the background which I entered the vision of:

      It was a woman sitting on a deck in a rocking chair, slowly cutting up a baby in this profoundly, excruciatingly, extremely graphic nature; just sort of peeling it and getting covered in blood. The baby was just sitting there staring straight at me and blinking every now and then. Not making a sound as she slowly cut off it's arms and feet. It was mortifying but I couldn't look away.
      After a while of watching this I began to vomit grey goo over the railing and then I woke up, disturbed yet intrigued by the contents of such a dream.
    6. Coffee Break with Dinner, Running After a Criminal

      by , 03-25-2012 at 12:20 PM

      A woman is explaining something to someone else. It was about something mechanical, I don't remember what exactly.


      I'm at work and we're having a coffee break. It's not in the normal coffee room, but at a larger one, in another building. There is also a group of people there that I don't know, but apparently they belong to the same organization, they just organized the coffee break this time.

      There's some food also, but the breaks seems to be over and all the food has been eaten. I'm kind of hungry and I'm looking for something left over. There is a kind of a buffet at another part of the room, but there isn't much left there either. There's some rice in a kettle and some vegetables. They even have a waitress working there, for the coffee break, and she's putting things away. She says something to me about there being nothing left.


      I'm going on a trip with a group of people. One of us cannot cross some border because he doesn't have the appropriate medical papers. We talk about it and decide that he can see a doctor and join us in a day or two. When we come back, i believe a week or so later, he is still at the border station. He has been to the doctor but he has some minor health problem and getting the papers will take some time.


      I'm with a group, possibly the same as in the previous dream. We park out car at a small parking lot, next to a large mall. We go in and there is a carriage that belongs to the owner of one of the cars outside. I try to lift it and think that it's too heavy. At this point I'm aware that a crime has happened and I suspect there's something hidden in the carriage.

      We go back outside and talk to the owner of the carriage, a young man. We have no proof but I try to intimidate him by mentioning the weight of the carriage. He gets scared and runs away, towards the woods. I run after him and some of the others are running too, but they're a bit farther away. I cannot see him but a follow a trail. The train splits and I ask one of the others to check the other way.

      There is an opening in the woods and I see him. He tries to run around me and turn back, trying to trick me somehow. I circle a bit farther than he did to force him to run on the path, where on of the others catches him.

      There is a group of young people standing nearby, they were playing before we came. One of them, X, a girl a bit younger than me, wants to join us, thinking it's a game. I tell her that I can try to catch her but if I do, we throw her in jail. She runs towards me and starts to pretend I've caught her.
    7. Darkness

      by , 10-27-2011 at 11:34 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Recall: Not Sure.
      Overall: 3
      Non-Lucid Lucid Comment Aids

      Suplements: 200mg B6
      Mantra: Spent 5 minutes "I'm Dreaming"

      Very odd lucid, no vision, some feeling and hearing.

      Complete darkness, I believe I am at a supermarket, tescos maybe. I'm on my motorbike, I hear the engine rumble beneath me. Spark of awareness occurs, 'why can't I see', I attempt the finger though palm, it goes through with some effort. The dream is way too unstable, I hear a friends voice offering advice about my bike.

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    8. Astarius, a vampire-thing, advice from my bioelectric guidance system, the guy was crowding me

      by , 06-18-2011 at 10:54 PM
      galantamine 8g
      choline 500mg
      melatonin 1mg

      wake @ 3:30am
      sleep @ 6:00am
      wake @ 7:45 am

      Astarius and the Whiny Vampire-thing

      -I was lucid, in a bedroom by myself. I was trying to stabilize in the dream, and it was really dim. I was rubbing myself all over and saying, "I am lucid, the world is vivid" over and over. I got out of bed, and saw a small black creature on a long chain, on the bed. It looked like my sister's small dog, but I couldn't be sure. I wanted to let it go, but I didn't know what it was so I kept trying to get the lights on, saying, "lights on" and "I have the vision of the eagle" over and over, and finally tried to use the light switch, which didn't work. (Note to self: try "vision of the owl" or "night vision" in the future)

      - I was becoming lucid, and realizing I was surrounded by a crowd of shadows pressing in on me. I stood up to one guy, and was asking him, "what do you represent? what do you want? do you have a gift for me?" I backed him against a wall, turns out he didn't have a gift for me so I pulled a ruby out of my heart and gave it to him. We were kind of at a standstill, and I asked, "God, what do I do with this person?". A ceramic mask appeared over the guys eyes, we both felt relieved, he said "thank you". I walked to the front of the house and came to a window. I carefully pressed on the window and it maybe cracked slightly but I dove through it pretty easily and flew out.

      -Lucid - I was flying around and asked the dream to "show me something important". I was transported to a room where a (guy?) with a slight build was lying in fetal position on the floor, facing me, dressed in black. He started to tell me some kind of story about helplessness, and he bared his teeth which looked like vampire teeth...he started to tell me about how he "had" to be a vampire, he had no choice, some really whiny poor-me story. Then he bit my index finger on my right hand and latched on. I tried to shake him off by slamming him against the floor and the wall...and then I called out, "ASTARIUS!" The wall in front of me opened up and Astarius appeared and with his usual amazingly bright smile and attitude, said, "YES!" I held my hand out to him with the thing stuck to it which was becoming mush by that time and I was realizing it was not as it seemed...and asked him, 'what do I do with THIS?" and he pulled out a tissue and said, "let me help you with that, it's just a little sumpin' sumpin'. I expressed gratitude and appreciation for him and told him I'd let him get back to bed (he was dressed similar to the way he always dresses, except it looked like he was in jammies pattern).

      Still lucid - Flying on - I tried to fly up into the black night sky. I couldn't get very far so I called an angel for help, as usual an angel never came so I just started wondering if some part of me would help me. A guy who looked a lot like Taylor zoomed alongside me and helped me fly and I asked him what he represented. He said something like "your bioelectric system" or something. He had a blue rubber headgear that looked like a superhero costume. He told me that "it is IMPERATIVE that you continue to take physical action", which I agreed, I understood it to be connected to something I thought of for solstice, as well as being kind of lazy about sitting back and waiting for the universe to hand me things. We flew to an ice rink where people were ice skating, and I remembered I had ice skated before and liked it and didn't suck too bad.

      Flying around somewhere else later - I arrived at a building that had an opening to the right and spiral steps carved into the building going in and down, a purple light was glowing from the center. I thought of it as "Astarius's place". I tried to get in through the stairs, but they did an Alice in Wonderland on me and changed and got smaller and smaller or I got bigger, and couldn't fit. So I tried to get in through another entrance, the wall opened up to reveal something that looked like a desk, and there were boxes of pens in UV pastels all laid out. I was trying to dive in through without messing up the order, and tried to dive in but it was a little solid and so I tried moving everything out of the way telekinetically and stacking it all to the side and diving it, for some reason I don't think I made it in.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    9. Sopranos and knife fights

      by , 06-15-2011 at 03:53 PM
      I dreamt I was with the Soprano's family waiting in a lounge room.

      There was an unpleasant woman who spoke to me in irritation about another cast member when I explained to her that hating someone is not a pleasant pursuit and will do nothing to the person you hate but will hurt you by creating hate within yourself.

      I made a marvellous argument and lay down and even repeated a point to myself and laughed about it. She later had to share a car with Tony's wife Carmella who later related to me how much the lady had changed which was due to my enlightened chat.

      Later I was having significant trouble cooking rice and each batch was spoilt.

      I realised at some point that it was a dream and I had an uncontrolled side dream about hanging out with people and having to hold a knife in fear of them attacking me, which they did.

      Then later I realised that since it was a dream that I didn't have to put up with all the fear and uncomfortableness and began floating about and checking light switches.

      I tried to imagine myself in a location that I once camped in but my dream faded. I then woke up hoping it was a false awakening but sadly it wasn't and the lamp was turning on and off as it should.
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    10. 4/12/11

      by , 04-12-2011 at 11:15 AM

      Today I had a lucid dream induced through binaural beats. It was Such an awe inspiring feeling. It started off with my family in my brothers room , as we watched a movie. Something odd happened, to which my little brother mentioned that I should (somewhat jokingingly) reality check. I looked over at the clock and couldn't tell if it was 6:55 or 5:55 because it was to far away, I almost figured that that was good enough, but decided I'd walk over to the clock-which was on my computer- and make sure. The clock changed! This is the second time where the clock I'm using to reality check in my dream 1: was a logical time, and 2: only changed by a minute, going back in time. Again, lucidity washed over my body like a wave, making me smile. I remember in my dream think how clear everything around me was, but can't really remember even ten minutes after waking. I immediately asked my brother if he was my dream guide, for the second time in a dream, and he replied in a somewhat rushed or maybe annoyed way "yeah uh sorta," or something like that. For some reason, that didn't really excite me, because I immediately started heading down stairs. As I was leaving I heard him quickly giving me a chain of advice. This the third time this has happened to me, and I need to listen next time!! Downstairs, I passed by a plaque on the wall, not reading all of it. It had in order the layers of a lucid dream, all the way to the deepest layer. I wish I would have read it further, or completed a LD goal in this dream, but I didn't recite my goals before I went to bed, and didn't remember them. I think it's also worth noting that this is like 99% of my other lucid dreams, starting in my house. Anyways, moments after I walked passed the plaque, I could actually feel that amazing feeling of awareness leaving my body, almost like a drug wearing off. I turned as passed by the plaque again, but this time it only said some cheesy saying about family values or something. Soon after I woke up. Either way, this was one of my most enjoyable lucid dreams, and sorry if there's typos I'm tired...

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    11. This Aint No Garden Party

      by , 03-08-2011 at 02:32 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      There's a party at my Grandparent's house, and I'm sat at a table with a few other girls out on the lawn, facing the ocean. One of the girls is getting married soon (shock and surprise, this dream sign did not shake me), and I tell her I have some advice for her as I got married recently (I didn't). I go looking in the house for my notebook (actually the one I was looking for looks just like my dream journal). I find my cousin in the kitchen, she's really drunk and irrate. I see that she's trying to make a small plate of nacho chips for the ladies, but for some reason she's put a dollop of whipped cream on the top. In her drunken state, she's accidently squished that dollop under her chin. The remnants of the whipped cream are still hanging there, off her chin. She's ranting about something, now she seems more upset and sad. I tell her she should slow her drinking down as we will be going all night, and she needs to pace herself.
      I go back to the table to impart my wisdom upon the girls and the dream ends.
    12. WILD | Need Help

      by , 08-10-2010 at 04:49 PM
      So I have never done any sort of lucid dream and I am just getting into it. I keep failing at attaining lucidity by doing a DILD for the last few days so I decided to try a WILD. So what I tried was I went to bed at 12 am and set my alarm for 6:30 am, i woke up had a coke and some chocolate. I set another alarm for 7:30 am, once that alarm went off I went back in bed and lied on my back. I just relaxed and focused on my breathing as much as possible. I kept thinking I starting to vibrate but it was just my pulse getting stronger and stronger. I can literally feel that im not going into sleep paralysis for a long time when ive read only takes like 15 minutes. I get up and look at the clock and its been 45 minutes. I am now posting this in hope someone has some advise for me cause ive lost a little bit of lucid motivation. Any advice would help, thanks.