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    1. 26th June 2013 Mix of various dreams

      by , 06-26-2013 at 11:23 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Some good recall today.

      Dream 1:

      I was doing some stuff at home, was going into bathroom but was constantly interrupted, then i was going to some kind store with some people, i didn't know way so was just following. Eventually we found it and it was kinda arabian store, we were searching for a specific movie but haven"t found it. We went through some city places and soon reached another store, which looked exactly the same. Vendor had that movie and he really liked it so he joined us in watching it.
      That movie was not a normal movie, but some kind of combination between movie and anime. It was about a group of badass dudes who were traveling through wasteland mountainy areas on the pickup truck and were fighting mutants and talking inbetween the fights. At one point the strongest looking dude got some kind of 'overcharge' power and started destroying lots of enemies, then there was one sniper dude with an irokez who had electrical powers that he should not be using, but then he got 'overcharge' as well, gaining yellow lightning around himself and his sniper rifle turned into laser rifle with red laser. It was quite awesome.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some video game that looked like Spore creature stage, except there were some kind of tree mazes and platformer elements all over the place and it was more like usual 3D platformer/adventure game, also there was huge city in background, i had trouble finding the right path around the level. At one point i kinda found the way 'into' background and there were weird statues around.
      Then after that level it turned to be RTS and was looking more like Starcraft 2 graphically, i was controlling group of soldiers and was scouting in some jungle-like place. Then i found some kind of enemy base but it was guarded by some creatures that looked like dinosaurs but had insect-like eyes and metallic roar. There were like four big ones than were glowing red or blue when angered, depending on target, and that was switching them to really overpowered mode, plus there were alot of smaller ones. Eventually i figured out the way to get group through, but it there were simply not enough forces to deal with them all.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was playing some japanese shmup and i had weird problems setting resolution, the screen was glitching out while i was trying to fix it.

      Dream 4:

      I was playing some game and there was global world map, i was able to control nukes and bombers all over the place and i was targeting a few places while fighting off enemy bombers. Then it transitioned into some flat land forest and i apparently could summon trees and they kinda had low gravity, plus there was a level boundary, trees summoned into level boundary were launched at crazy force. I still had access to global map and nukes so i was kinda switching between both, at times global map looked similar to waking world, at other times it was different.
    2. 3rd June 2013 Chase

      by , 06-03-2013 at 11:31 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I was searching through snowy forest and then found who i was searching for, there was a chase which turned into a shmup level, where i was controlling spaceship flying over some rocky area. The stage was easy but then there were bosses, and they were really danmaku heavy. One of bosses was small and boxey (and if i recall correctly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CET-2zHVFyA was playing) and it had one attack with circular pattern that also had bunch of homing projectiles and also X-like formation of lightning spawning on playership position. I was getting hit but eventually managed to defeat it. Then the view went to normal and i was in some cave and i found someone who was hiding here, he retreated on motorcycle and i was chasing him, then he turned into a car and chase continued. Someone was helping me and we were attacking car from two sides.
    3. 21st Apr 2013 WILDing in the dream again, Abstract shmup, Dragon, False Awakenings

      by , 04-21-2013 at 12:10 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap.

      I was at home, and i decided to do some WILD attempts, the room looked completely different but i didn't noticed. For some reason i was trying to do WILD in the uncomfortable corner of the bed, i noticed that and moved to the better position.
      Then dream skipped and i was going through some greyish town ruins and there were some zombies that i was shooting.
      After a while i was back at home and i was playing some abstract shmup. It was in the space and there were energy platforms floating around, enemy was attacking with spaceships and there were also tanks at the platforms. And out of everything that shmup was using Hellsinker OST for the music. I got through a couple of levels, each of which was ending with an boss fight versus some big abstract spaceship.
      But after i have done that game suddenly not just switched to the first person, but i was actually in the game. I was walking down an spiral set of the dark red spiral stairs, descending into the darkness. It was deep underground. Soon i have reached some kind of island, floating in the middle of the darkness. At the island there were ruins of the castle and a few more buildings. I crossed the bridge, and music started playing. As music was catching on, glowing white dragon flew out of the darkness and stopped above the island. Shortly dragon became darker and he started talking about something(can't recall what), shortly i recalled
      one of my dream goals and realized that i am dreaming, but before i could do anything, some force started attracted us together, and everything went pitch black. I feel weird sensation, like my body was changing in some way or getting fused with, but shortly everything stopped.
      I woke up but the room looks different so i am still dreaming, i get up and rub hands but dream fades out again.
      I wake up once again and it's daytime, i look at my hands, 5 fingers on the right, 3 fingers on the left, then suddenly back to 5 on the left. Balcony door was blocked by some garbage, so i decide to do small trick with the window nearby. I go backwards through it while expecting it to disappear and as i start falling backwards i notice that window is not there anymore. I feel the wings and fly around while randomly shouting commands for transformation and doing visualization(And completely forgetting how to do it properly ), i get my hands to slightly change, but once i look back at them they change back. I even try visualizing that dragon from before but no dice. After a while dream fades out and i wake up properly.
    4. 5th Mar 2013 TPS/Shmup hybrid, Spiral Knights: Easy shadow lair material?

      by , 03-05-2013 at 07:52 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      For once again, nice dream recall.

      Dream 1:

      Don't recall much about start of the dream, but there was some Third Person Shooter/Shmup hybrid game that people don't really liked but i decided to try it anyways. There was a team of five anime girls that basically were player characters and main part of game was third person shooter with platforming elements, but bosses were being fought like Danmaku Shmup bosses.
      Shortly i got distracted from game and was having problem that my mouse wasn't working, but after really heated discussion/arguing with everyone in the room i got it fixed.
      Back to the game, i was searching for some secret boss and eventually found activation hidden in some storage behind some green containers. The boss was some sort of black helicopter with green markings, i was waiting for shmup mode to start up, but it got delayed so i had to hide player character from boss for a while. Soon other helicopter(grey with red markings) arrived and this 'activation' sequence started: The player character girl sent signal to girl that was piloting the just arrived helicopter, she then sent it to other girl that was in mobile radar machine of sorts, which sent it to girl that was actually piloting spaceship, which then arrives and shmup mode starts. Dream ended shortly after that.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some sort of new version of video game named Spiral Knights. Don't recall much of start of the dream but there was this new mission available which could be played once per day like other 'event' missions and had random Shadow Lair material as a reward in the end(Really rare material in game IWL). I decided to play it then sell material later. The mission was happening in some electrical place/factory and it wasn't really hard, i was playing with two other people, don't recall much about it either because of dream skips or just not much recall.
      Soon i was at the end of the mission, and the end area looked alot like and had atmosphere of aurora islands area type from actual game, there was not much in terms of enemies obviously, i recall only having to deal with a few beasts, other than that there should have been that shadow lair material. I haven't found it and the other two people apparently were disconnected, i for some reason had to go to haven(central hub location in game) asap so i just disappointingly left. After doing some stuff in haven i noticed that the there was option to rejoin that mission.
      I rejoined it and noticed that two other people were back, they facepalmed at me and said that material was literally at the entrance of the area. And there it was, a bit to the side from entrance gate in the niche, how i could not notice it before? It was some weird material that i haven't seen in the game before though, icon for it looked like some white symbol on cyan background, i didn't checked it's name though. Also now there was also another elevator down, i was out of mist energy(Free energy used to go down elevators) but i noticed that i apparently had around 5k of crystal energy(Energy that is bought, can be used for elevators as well), i decided to go for it.
      It got us to some peaceful area and there was some puzzle with blocks. Other two players were beyond it already somehow and were challenging me to complete the puzzle 'hard way'. Can't recall much about how puzzle worked but it was something with destroyable blocks and blocks that disappear, either way i surprisingly easy done it the hard way and now was in the area.
      At this point dream switched into first person mode like i was actually in game. Also i noticed that the first player that was in team was using some unknown to me white-ish armor and the other used newbie armor. Newbie dude called me 'black man' for some reason. I took a look around and it seems this place was made just for fun, there was some super bouncy area and some arsenal building and some other things that i can't recall. For some reason arsenal building was pickupable(it was turning into box of sorts), so i decided to pick it up and throw it into super bouncy area, it started bouncing around and that was pretty ridiculous.
      Suddenly dream transitioned into me throwing blanket at the speakers, but after a few attempts i was back in game.
      Shortly the white armor dude asked me if i could trade him that material, i said that price is around 20k crowns(Currency in Spiral Knights). I said that i sold gremlonium(One of the shadow lair materials) at that price before, so i am not going to make it much lower than that. I also asked him how much crowns he has anyways, but he gave me 'perfect snowball' material for some reason and said that it's actually edible! I was about to eat it but the dream ended.
    5. 18th Feb 2013 Minecraft-like game and some sort of shmup

      by , 02-18-2013 at 09:40 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I recall being in some sort of shop.

      Dream 2:

      I was watching let's play of some game that looked like minecraft but was different in many ways, the level had less height variations and more walls that were unbreakable and ores could be found very easily on the surface, also there was the 'ore house' of sorts, which was made mostly from mossy cobblestone blocks and ore blocks.
      Shortly i find myself in the game as well and i was with someone who i was calling my dad(though he didn't looked like my dad IWL). We had some maps that showed items on them, but after a while they became pretty dirty and hard to navigate with. We were still able to find the items we needed(don't remember which, other than there was another map among them).
      Soon the game transformed into some sort of shmup and i was controlling the ship from top-down view. The only things i can recall is that it was pretty hard and i had hard time shooting down some enemies.

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    6. 7th Feb 2013 Some RTS, People trying to wake me up, Talk on IRC, The Battle

      by , 02-07-2013 at 08:43 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some realistic looking RTS, at some point was building base on the island and trying to figure out balance between factions. There was also mission where i had to move some sort of box with specific unit, while being attacked by enemies from air. Also i recall some scout unit finding some huge dark cybernetic city of sort.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was about to go to sleep and some people were interrupting me and trying to wake me up... by summoning various other characters.

      Dream 3:

      I was on IRC and there were some people chatting about something. D was posting some random images. Shortly i got into talk with D, it was mostly about Hibachi from Dodonpachi Saidaioujou. D made a pic of Hibachi singing with microphone and was talking about some hidden update or something. Then we started debating whether it's official update or not, then he remade Hibachi's sprite to look like singing with microphone as well. At some point i asked him for no reason if he's lucid dreaming at the moment(?) and he responded with something along the lines of "Why would you think about that" and i responded "Wait, nevermind"...

      Dream 4:

      I was adventuring with some characters through some ice area, don't recall much about this part other than that we had to climb some cliffs and that we was getting interrupted by enemies from time to time. At the end of area we got into some huge battle, view switched to top down and i was controlling some small ship like in a shmup, there was also another small ship on my side, also there was big ship right ahead and there were 2 big mechas, one on my side and one on enemy side.
      I was trying to attack the enemy mecha, but he had really unpredictable attack pattern where some parts of it's body switch between floating and homing at rapid speeds each few seconds. Other small ship went for big ship. After some time i got few parts of enemy mecha destroyed and it started attacking more aggressively, now the floating parts were cannons and were shooting. At this point friendly mecha decided to help me and jumped onto enemy mecha, i noticed that friendly mecha was piloted by three girls in colorful outfits(they may have been from some anime i was watching recently IWL, but i am not sure), and also that enemy mecha was piloted by some old lady. Shortly allied mecha had to retreat due to damage, but i have already shot down all the floating gun parts of enemy mecha as well, so the only it's way of attack was by detaching it's body and flinging it around. Soon i dealt enough damage to it and battle was finished.
      Cutscene started with old lady talking to some tiny magician, which i think was in the other small ship but now was outside. He was trying to convince her to give up on her plans, but she started to do some sound that was supposed to summon reinforcements or something. Magician copied that sound. Suddenly some huuuge three headed brown bear appeared out of nowhere and view switched to top-down, bear started wandering around aimlessly and dream ended shortly.
    7. 29th Jan 2013 Controlling the boss, Wake up, Lasers

      by , 01-29-2013 at 01:05 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Result of a few WILD attempts, not as good as yesterday or day before yesterday(I haven't posted both in DJ yet, need to find time to write them) but still one short lucid though, i need to practice to notice the shift to dreaming state.

      Nap #1(non-lucid):

      I and LV was playing an shmup video game with some sort of mspaint-ish graphics, i was controlling the level boss, LV was controlling the player character(both player and boss characters were girls). I was using various patterns looking at the list on the side of screen for the help on combos, LV was dodging them easily though. Then i figured out that being close to player character automatically shoots small projectiles every now and then. Eventually boss character ended up ramming player character and player character was somehow stuck outside of screen. Dream ended shortly after.

      Nap #2(non-lucid/lucid/FA):

      Not only i missed transition completely, but started the false awakening with closed eyes, i heard that my mom entered the room, but it wasn't unusual since sometimes she wakes up close to the time i was taking this nap. She started trying to wake me up so i opened the eyes and took off headphones, mom was indeed in the room, but before i could say anything i noticed that sound from headphones was still there, though i truly woke up shortly.

      Nap #3(non-lucid/fragment):

      I was shooting yellow lasers from my fingers and accidentally burned my food that way, whoops.

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    8. 24th Jan 2013 Mixed Videogame

      by , 01-24-2013 at 07:20 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I was playing some game, the first level was happening from first person perspective, the location was some cave and there was lava and some sort of castle, it ended on some sort of elevator(barely remember anything).
      The second level was 2D platformer and it was dependant on how fast 1st level was completed as well as a few other conditions related to stealth. Location was some sort of underground base area. I was replaying level a few times and the enemies in the first few areas were either some guards in black uniform or some small deformed mutants of two types, ones didn't had legs and were rolling around others had foot almost as big as their bodies and were jumping around. Either way there was cutscene in the middle of the level, again dependant on how 1st level was completed. If first part of level had guards then the cutscene was about some scientist going insane and turning everyone excluding player character and including himself into mutants, otherwise the cutscene was about collecting some data from computer and then being interrupted by mutated scientist. In both cases mutant scientist ran away into the second half of the level. It was filled with same mutants as the variant of first half, except there were also some triangle shaped mutants that could merge with the foot mutants creating something that looked like very distorted/mutated version of kirby. The level ended with the elevator similar to the first one.
      The third level and the levels later on were shmup levels, with the third level being dependant on the something from second level. The gameplay and player character looked like ones in shmup called Akashicverse, while background was similar to Dodonpachi Daioujou and most of enemies looked like built from virtual shapes similar to Warning Forever, except they were different colors. One of variations of the level had player weapon buffed with some additional yellow shots, that i in dream thought were dodonpachi-like. Dream was skipping levels beyond level 3.
      After completion of the game i was looking through resources and code of it for a while, and then i managed to do some edits. So next time i reached level 2 i was playing as the insane scientist! After the cutscene of mutation i moved him to the right and combined him with the triangle shaped mutant. Then i was having fun with that new thing. Dream ended shortly afterwards.

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