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    1. 2,987 words - selected parts in bold

      by , 06-25-2018 at 03:00 PM
      I went to bed around 8. I spent most of the day watching cartoons and playing on Pokemon Showdown, so it was surprising how many dreams I got.


      Round 1 of dreams.

      I initially remembered more dreams, and even re-remembered them once I woke up from round 2. But the memory had vanished by the next time I went to retrieve it! I was lucky to even recall this. There was actually a lot I initially remembered and I made sure to think about it a few times over instead of lingering on the one detail I was stuck on, to form a more solid memory.

      I think there was something at my nana's. Maybe with my uncle or Aunt C or more relatives.

      There was a part where I was at my college house. I remember being in the room 2 or 3 loft. There was something about a chimney leading up. A square hole in the ceiling.

      There was something about a T V show or movie. Maybe a cartoon. Something about 3 episodes. So I figured that all 3 fit in the half hour time period. But then 4 episodes were listed. So I figured 2 fit in a half hour and the whole show aired for an hour. The writing had a green background, with black text. I might have navigated a computer monitor.

      Then I was going down the stairs from this movie theater thing. Mr. Krabs from Sponge Bob was the manager. There was something about taking out insurance before going down the stairs.

      I woke up and recalled a good amount. I even remember the feeling of going back through it and being glad to remember further back into it. But I can't get it any more.


      Round 2 and 3 of Dreams. I think I woke up at some point in between these and fell back asleep but I'm not sure where. There were earlier parts that I forgot. I think I woke up with only one dream memory at first. Something gray. Then thought about round 1 of dreams and went back to sleep.

      I remember being in my high school. Mr. E had told me that everyone should be resting and relaxing, not working too hard. I got to the gym class. We were all seated in that lobby between the weight room and the wrestling room.

      I wanted to tell everyone that Mr. E said they should be resting and relaxing. Not working too hard. But I felt bad about telling them what to do. The person didn't really look like Mr. E, but just the same hair color.

      I was sitting in a line of people. I think M C was there. I wanted to change my socks. I had grey socks. But I didn't want anyone to see my feet. In the dream I imagined my own feet and didn't want others to see them. So I thought of going behind another set of doors to change my socks.

      I remember drawing an octopus, or trying to. I made it have a tongue thing poking out of its mouth. And I was going to give it lots of extra tentacles. I was drawing in pencil on white paper.

      I remember a part with C P. We had been friends in the dream. I wanted to tell him that I had seen his little brother one day in the nieghborhood. He said he already heard my story.

      I wished that he hadn't said that. I really wanted to tell him the story again, and had hoped that he would just sort of humor me by saying he had never heard it. That would be putting more focus on emotions than facts, which was what I think can be more important some times.

      I remember seeing lasers in the sky. It was night time. There were some yellow lines of lasers and some other laser things. R M had a remote control that he used to control them.

      Soon, we were flying above the high way, shooting yellow lasers at cars. I thought it was all just a visual show, and not really doing any damage. Then, one of the cars shot one white orb of light up at me, which I barely dodged. I realized that we had probably been blowing up the cars every time we shot a laser at them, so we could stop now.

      I remember getting down to the high way, and it was day time again. There was a truck which was said to contain oxygen. A rectangular vent on the side was open. The driver said to put the plug in it. The plug was another rectangular thing with black goo dripping off of it. "Are you sure you want this in the oxygen?" I asked.

      I remember a guy had pulled a prank which was not looked on favorably. I wanted to vouch for him because I usually support the under dog. But this one was too much for me. I had a yellow piece of chalk I was using to write on the bricks and pavement of the ground. As I went around thinking, 'Sorry, I don't know if I can help this time...'

      I remember arriving at a restaurant area. There was one restaurant which was built on a 45 degree hill. I looked around there and might have seen families dining.

      I kept walking along and got to an area with a high step up to the dining floor. My mom was up there, so I went up to see her. She was sitting accross from Uncle M.

      I wondered if I would sit next to Mom, or next to Uncle M. There was a chair next to Uncle M but it turned out to be wobbly. I went looking for another chair.

      The table they were sitting at rotated and then L N was sitting there. I think my mom was talking about stuff, and left. It was some kind of meeting. After my mom, or maybe it was another woman, left, L N went on to take their inventory and complain about them. I think complaining is great. However, something about how she took the woman's inventory reminded me that I need to go to A C A.

      I thought of an A C A meeting I could share on. I thought about what I would say in the 4 minutes. then, I realized that by the time I get to the meeting, I might forget all about that, or it might not come out right. So I just had the realization for myself in that moment.

      As I thought, I found myself swimming or body surfing in a body of water. It was very colorful with blue water and orange sun shine from the sun rise or sun set. I was able to do hydro kinesis. Meaning, I seemed to be able to pull the waves in various directions. I pulled them toward the center which was in line with the direction I was facing. I pulled in some bigger waves, too.

      I think I was doing a big crawl stroke. I reached a wall, which I guess was the destination, or resting point. It was a cement wall. I didn't have any fear of fish, even though it was deep water.

      L N and another woman were swimming behind me. Before they got to the wall, I reached for their hands. They looked tired, but I felt bad for taking away their chance to reach the wall them selves.

      I guess we were just supposed to turn around and swim to the other shore. But, I stopped when I saw 3 green turtles on the sand in the shallow water. I wanted to call out to the others. I looked closely at the turtles. They had pink dots for eyes. One had a few pink dots in one eye place, in a line, connected by a thinner pink line. Then some bigger, furry, green fish or badger things swam above them. I petted one of them.

      I forgot if there was anything else before the dream ended.

      I RBFA'ed but re-remembered it later.


      Round 4 of dreams.

      I'm not sure exactly when this one took place. But I remember being in the living room of my current house. And my dad had papered the entire place. Meaning, he covered all the walls, ceiling, doors, windows and everything with 8 and a half by 11 sheets of white paper. I thought it looked kinda cool, and wanted to do it in my own room.

      Near where the phone is in waking life, he had a tank with a bunch of lizards. There was a bright lamp glowing over it.

      I remember another part where I was in nana's upstairs bathroom. At the top of her stairs. I was on the phone with a kid. But what happened was he had been speaking a while so I just plugged in a recording device to the phone so I could record what he said and then listen later. But then I was listening back to it, and I felt bad, because he had been asking me a question, and it seemed like I had ignored him. So I was thinking of how to explain that to him.

      I remember being in a cafe kind of place. And seeing J L and M B at 2 tables at the end there. M B and J L were talking. I sat accross from M B and greeted J with a hand shake. I think M B asked me why I sat with them. I wasn't sure!

      I remember being at another table in the cafe thing. I was looking at a book. it had a black background, and white text.

      Someone was reading it to me. I saw that after the next page, the font became really, really tiny. Also, I didn't want people to overhear the content of the book. So I tried to turn it off.

      Then I was like, "Who is this?" And I guessed who it was.

      I realized it was K L. Then I realized I needed ice and water. I was almost out of water. I thought of what the best way would be to re-stock my ice and water supply.

      I felt like I was in the O B shopping area near the pharmacies and big food store. I was accross the road from one pharmacy, but instead of a factory, it was a place with a deli and maybe a beverage store kinda thing. But my car was all the way over in the grocery store parking lot. I realized I would have to run and get my car, then park it with the trunk facing the ice store, to fill it with ice, in coolers. I ran as fast as I could to go do that.

      Next thing I remember, I was still running, but this time I was near the high school bus drive way. There was an area of green grass surrounded by cement walk ways.

      An African American woman was the monitor of the place. She started to yell at me. "Don't cut accross that! You have to go around!" She chased after me. I pretended not to hear her. "I'm gonna tell those cops to stop you!" There were police officers up ahead, by the track.

      I switched from needing my car to get ice, to needing wool. I could hear the woman yelling but pretended to ignore her. If they asked, I would just say I hadn't heard her! Seemed like a plan to me. Also, I would say that I went around the yard last time, so this time I could cut through it. There had been a layer of sand or snow on the grass.

      I reached two or three guys at a little cart thing. They had the wool. The woman caught up, too. She was telling them her side of the story. I saw that the guys had sun glasses. I guess they were the police but also they were the guys with the wool. (The plot is kind of confusing to me.) "I get to tell you my side of the story after she finishes," I said. They acknowledged.

      Eventually that part passed and it turned out they didn't have any wool to spare. It showed a baby on a couch, playing with a rectangular pillow thing. Apparently, the pillow had a piece of cedar wood, and a book, inside it. Those things gave it good energy. And the wool around it made it soft. The baby was squeezing it.

      I felt some of the wool. It was tan and felt comfortable. But they couldn't spare any.

      After that, I woke up, recalled, and RBFA. but I re-remembered it later!


      Round 5 of Dreams.

      I remember being on the phone with someone. Or maybe they were right there, talking to me. While they spoke, I opened the fridge. And noticed that each shelf had big puddles of black liquid. Like olive juice.

      While they spoke, I took some towels to wipe it up. I was still listening, though. The fridge happened to be totally empty other than the black liquid, but I didn't notice that.

      I had another dream of being in that cafe again. I was journaling. I was feeling good because I had gotten calls from a few friends. And had some nice conversations.

      The journal entry reflected a much higher self-esteem than I have in waking life. I wanted to convert the font to times new roman. so i pressed "Control A" and highlighted it all.

      When it came time to select the font, I thought pressing A again would change it to Times New Roman, but it didn't. Instead, the letters became some kind of ancient ruins. They were gold in color. I thought it was cool but wanted Times New Roman. I navigated to the top panel of the word processor to do it manually.

      I had 2 false awakenings of waking up to use the bathroom. In one, I was near the restaurant from round 3 of dreams. I was looking into a card board box. It was empty. I was going to go to the bathroom in it. I kinda worried that someone might see me.

      I noticed more card board boxes near a fence. I realized that the conversations held at the restaurant were different from conversations on message boards. They weren't posted on line for later. But then some boxes were put out that had thread titles on the side.

      One thread title said that alcohol gives people a child-like glow in their eyes. I don't know why my dream said this. I think alcohol dimmed out the glow in my eyes, and it was only quitting alcohol that brought the life back to my eyes.

      The other box top beneath it said that it was a choice. Meaning I could choose to be full of life even without depending on alcohol. Maybe that's why. There was another box top saying something about the "top topics" of the night.

      I had another false awakening where I was trying to recall my dream. And got up to use the bathroom. But then I heard a really loud concert from outside my window. There was a female "soul singer" type of performer.

      I also remember hearing something like the intro to Bob Marley's "stand up" song. 'I gotta get my ear muffs and keep recalling my dreams,' I thought.

      I woke up and there wasn't really a concert playing. That was a relief.

      I stayed in bed and formed some memories of those. Then I re-played rounds 1 through 5 in my mind. After i was sure that I had finished sleeping I got up to make the outline. I got up around 7:30.
    2. Demon Hordes vs Google's Laser Cannon Robot

      by , 11-10-2014 at 05:38 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Traversing a rocky landscape with a friend, we descend a slope, scramble past some boulders and find a massive hole. Hundreds of feet wide, it has no apparent bottom. My friend urges me to taka closer look to see how deep it is. Nearly slipping on the steep rocks in the dark, I amble my way closer until I am right near the edge. With a flashlight, I attempt to light it up to get a sense of its size, but this doesn't work. I step even closer, dangerously close to the edge, and risk my life to look forward inside.

      Far down below, what seems like a mile, I see Buddha Avalokiteshvara run past, glowing with radiant white light. Wishing to be closer to Buddha, I jump into the massive hole. Landing on the bottom, it is a labyrinth of cave tunnels, filled with demon beasts. Most of them are asleep, but those immediately next to me are awakened by my mere presence. I run before they fully awake, but the caves are thick with demons, hardly even a gap to step my foot. I know Avalokiteshvara is in here somewhere so I call out his name continually as I run, waking up a massive horde of beasts, just at my heels now.

      I reach a large chamber and am spontaneously armed with a gun. I shoot many of these demons and free up some space, but countless more keep coming. I shoot to keep them at bay rather than to kill, partly out of compassion, and partly to save ammo and time. Even so, my situation starts to look hopeless as I am losing ground against them, even as I run and shoot like the best gunman who ever lived.

      My meditation teacher appears around the corner where I expected to find Avalokiteshvara, and at the same time as daylight quickly dawns. He is operating a flying robot, built by google, using facial recognition software, motion sensors, and laser cannons. This machine easily obliterates all the hostile creatures in an instant. I only notice it now mopping up the few stragglers who run at us from around the corners. Really confused by all this, I notice that I feel more peaceful now that I'm not running for my life. But those demons... Were they living beings or just personifications of something abstract?

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    3. The Smart, Hostile Mansion

      by , 09-08-2014 at 02:22 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was now living in this huge old mansion. I was a new resident. It was like a smart house (if anyone's ever seen the Disney Original Movie "Smart House") where it knew its residents and whatnot. When you walked in the front door, you were in a small living area. There were chairs and couches to your right, and a fireplace to your left. On the wall above the fireplace was a small picture that looked like it had fallen onto the mantle. If you were not a resident and a resident had not announced their presence in the house (they literally had to say their name to the house; the house couldn't detect who the person was, but knew their voice and their name), the picture would rise up onto the wall, expand and you'd see that it looked like a huge painting of a man's who looked like Beethoven's face and bust. He would take on an angry expression, would glow electric blue for a second, and then shoot electric blue lasers out of his eyes at whoever was intruding and instantly kill them, turning them into a pile of dust on the floor.

      I was in the car with my mom. She was driving, and I was sitting in the passenger's side seat. Someone else was sitting in one of the back seats, but I'm not sure who it was. We were going to meet up at the house I grew up in with a bunch of women from Dallas and I's wedding: My bridesmaids, mother-in-law, etc. Everyone was going to wear the bridesmaids' dresses that I had my bridesmaids wear. I didn't want to go. Not at all. We were going to be out late, and I didn't want to. I kept thinking about the next day and how I was going to the beach with my mom and dad, but I kept going back and forth on that one, thinking maybe I wouldn't go, but then deciding that I wanted to go because it was the beach.

      Anyway, so in the car, we were painting our nails. They had to be a certain color, brown, because all the ladies at the get together were doing it. I had a base coat of chipped purple nail polish on my toes already, but re-did the ones that were really chipped. My big toe on my right foot had some very chipped polish on it. I touched it with my finger, and it rubbed right off. Guess I needed to redo that one as well. I asked my mom to give me a base coat, except for I called it a "top coat", and she gave me some hot pink sparkly nail polish. I had expected her to hand me some clear polish. Apparently, you could pretty much use any color as a base coat. I started to use it. There was a lot of polish bottles around me now, the colors I remember being sparkly white, the sparkly hot pink my mom gave me, and a dark purple. I was using all the colors to paint my toenails with their base coat. At one point, I was using my finger instead of a brush. I was then painting either my nails or my finger nails now using what I thought was brown, at least it looked brown to me, but I was actually using the dark purple. I then noticed that it looked like a lighter brown with a shimmer because of the purple.

      There was also this bottle of off-white sparkly nail polish that looked like it had some red or pink in it from dipping the wrong brush into it. It got dumped out the window, my window, either by my mom or the other person in the car.
      "Don't do that! You're wasting it!" I said.

      My brother's fiance' then called me. She seemed a little irritated.
      "What time?" she asked.
      "7:30," I replied.
      "It's until 7:30!?" she then asked, thinking that she was going to miss it.
      "No, it starts at 7:30," I replied.
      "Oh, ok," she said. She then hung up.

      Then, we were at my new house, the mansion. Apparently, someone in the party wanted to see it. We would only be there for a little bit. We were then in the house, and I was standing on one of the chairs across from the fire place. No one that was with me went past the point of no return. I had also, for some reason, not yet announced my presence. A group of other people then came in. First, a girl who looked kind of dorky/like a girl scout came in, followed by a group of people who just wanted to see the mansion. Oh shit. They were all casually walking towards the point of no return. Some then started to pass it, angering the picture. It came to life and started to zap them with its laser eye beams. It sounded like photon torpedoes from Star Trek: The Original Series. Many people turned to dust on the floor, and the people behind them kept walking like nothing was happening! What the fuck! I was yelling at them to stop, but no one was listening. They eventually got zapped too; this thing didn't miss a beat. I noticed one of my bridesmaids was about to pass the point, and I told her not to, and she stopped and backed off. She was a girl I don't know IWL. She was quite tall and had on a long, blue and white tie-dyed flowy summer dress.

      The house then was raging because so many people had tried to breach the security. These holographic-but-real giant blue bowling balls started to bounce towards us. I was knocking them back and protecting myself from getting hit. They felt heavy, but not as hard as bowling balls. This went on for awhile. When it ended, my dad, who was apparently there, jumped in front of the fire place in a volley ball bumping stance, like he was ready to take on more bowling balls.

      I then looked out a window to my right that went outside, and saw the holographic-but-real guard dog, who was a little beagle. He was sitting under an overhang chewing on too-ripe bananas. They would pop out of their skin from one of their ends and splatter on the ground. I peeked around to see the splatter, which was just out of my sight, and saw the splatter was black. Weird. It had something to do with the trespassers, like a kind of threat or something. I then started to call the dog, seeing if I could get a voice recognition on my name.
      "Hey! It's Krista Glory!" I said to the dog a few times.
      He didn't hear me though. I "remembered" when I had told the house my name and the dog would appear and run up to me and be excited to see me. This dog must be set on some sort of mode to where he couldn't hear me or was programmed to ignore everything except for the security breach.


      I woke up and wondered where "Krista Glory" came from (my last name is NOT Glory and never has been IWL). Yay dream logic. I love it. XD

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    4. 29th Jan 2013 Controlling the boss, Wake up, Lasers

      by , 01-29-2013 at 01:05 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Result of a few WILD attempts, not as good as yesterday or day before yesterday(I haven't posted both in DJ yet, need to find time to write them) but still one short lucid though, i need to practice to notice the shift to dreaming state.

      Nap #1(non-lucid):

      I and LV was playing an shmup video game with some sort of mspaint-ish graphics, i was controlling the level boss, LV was controlling the player character(both player and boss characters were girls). I was using various patterns looking at the list on the side of screen for the help on combos, LV was dodging them easily though. Then i figured out that being close to player character automatically shoots small projectiles every now and then. Eventually boss character ended up ramming player character and player character was somehow stuck outside of screen. Dream ended shortly after.

      Nap #2(non-lucid/lucid/FA):

      Not only i missed transition completely, but started the false awakening with closed eyes, i heard that my mom entered the room, but it wasn't unusual since sometimes she wakes up close to the time i was taking this nap. She started trying to wake me up so i opened the eyes and took off headphones, mom was indeed in the room, but before i could say anything i noticed that sound from headphones was still there, though i truly woke up shortly.

      Nap #3(non-lucid/fragment):

      I was shooting yellow lasers from my fingers and accidentally burned my food that way, whoops.

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    5. [Discs of Light]

      by , 12-03-2012 at 12:28 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Sunday, December 2nd, 2012]
      (I'm going to start recording again.)
      Me and Alex were walking around at dark somewhere.
      Two bright white discs appeared in the sky and began to vaporize the area with razor-like lasers.
      Me and Alex ran... and my recollection of the dream stops there.
    6. November 3rd, 2008

      by , 10-25-2011 at 11:34 PM
      First, something happened and I had to bring mom back to life by using some sort of liquid. Then, there was a battle between yellow and blue robots. One part of the battle, the yellow robots gathered the blue robots together to shoot a giant rocket at them.

      Then, with the M.U.G.E.N characters, there as a fight in the some stages. EX: there was Sonic vs a better Sonic on a Sonic stage (the first level) but the stage was just ongoing and moving. There were lots of hills.

      Another part of the dream, a green bean thing from Mario and Luigi superstar saga was continuously falling, and Fox was shooting at him with Arwing lasers (pictured below). The lasers would hit the bean at the top of its head, and they would slide off. Then, fox shot a bomb at him from the ground.

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    7. Fragments for July 1-3 2011

      by , 07-05-2011 at 04:34 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm cripplingly depressed, but I'm riding my bike anyway to meet my brother behind an old Blockbuster in my hometown. The store has been repurposed into a porn store, and I go in and buy something. I see my mom exit from the nearby Walgreens, so naturally I drop the porn and meet her. Rest of DJ is unintelligible.

      2. I'm hanging out/jamming with my friend Scott A. in the basement of my house. Q and S.T. come over. I go to greet them, but in my clumsiness I start a chain reaction that breaks a bunch of lamps. None of my friends seem to particularly care, but I grab a vacuum cleaner anyway. As I go for it, I realize I'm hungry. I take the vacuum with me and grab my bicycle, heading to my college cafeteria. Along the way, I am insulted about my age by Nathan S. and other jackasses from college. I ignore them and head into the cafeteria, where I first enter the bathroom.

      3. I'm playing a Star Trek version of the TIE Fighter video game. I successfully pilot a starfighter against impossible odds, several capital ships at a time. There's then a "trench run" sequence as in Star Wars, where I follow a freighter into a massive building. It's decorated as a nightclub for giants, and there's a critical spot on the floor that I need to shoot. I can't keep my craft steady enough to shoot and use the tractor beam at the same time and fail the mission.

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    8. Night 1

      by , 06-22-2011 at 09:53 AM
      Roight, so my first night of attempted dream recall. After attempting to WILD as per KingYoshi's guide, and failing abysmally, i decided to go to sleep. What I remember of this dream (it may even have been multiple seperate dreams) is fractured at best, but here it is.

      I wake up to find everything more or less as normal, wander around for a bit, and went to check on the dog, who was in my father's bedroom (he had already gone to work). I find the dog asleep, and suddenly the phone begins ringing. I ignored it, and looked at the computer screen, which seemed to show a CCTV cam of a beach. I seemed to know it was in my home town, despite the fact that it doesn't look remotely familiar. I walk out the door and find myself on the same beach, with no memory of how i got there.
      I look around. The beach is wide, and curves round sharply, so there is sea in 3 directions around me. about 10 or 15 metres out, there is a very large crane-like structure protruding from the water- it put me in mind of some kind of giant oil-rig. I climbed the ladder, expecting to see someone at the top. When i get up there my mobile phone rings. I answer it, and speak to my father, who asks me what i'm doing up there. He tells me he is at work, and then hangs up.
      I go down the ladder again, and see a group of 3 or 4 killer whales in the distance, one of which comes very close to the shore. Up close, i see it's completely black, and looks more like a cross between a killer and sperm-whale. it then drifts onto the beach, and starts sliding along the ground like a snail. I start walking away from it, and it speeds up.
      Suddenly i find myself in my local cornershop, except that the interior has been rearranged. I buy a bag of shopping, the contents of which i can't recall, and walked out, except when i got out the door, everything in the bag was gone. I walked back in and asked the shopkeeper if she'd seen it, and she said it was still in the bag. I look, and find it still there. When i leave, however, it disappears again.
      I then appear to be in some underground place, which i thought was an aquarium, for no logical reason. A group of us were following the tour guide, who was talking about the revolutionary new A.I system they had in charge of the building now. As we walk, laser beams go across the corridor; these look like very narrow Hardlight Beams, if you've ever played Portal 2 you'll know what i mean by that.
      The tour guide clapped his hands once, and 5 people came out of a side room. These were dressed as the 3 musketeers. They continued down the corridor, dodging the lasers with mission-impossible music (but played on a Bass guitar, by the sound of it) playing in the background.
      ==Dream Ends==

      I did not manage to attain lucidity, but I remember more than I usually would in a dream. I've also come to the conclusion that my mind is, well. A bit weird. Agree?
    9. 5/19/2011 - Spartans, lasers, and Crossbows, oh my!

      by , 05-19-2011 at 06:31 AM (TheNinja's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I am on the ground floor of a concrete apartment complex and on either side of me are balconies covered with ivy. Persians and Spartans are fighting each other (both groups have spears but no swords) on the 2 opposite balconies. I throw spears at both groups and both throw spears back at me. At one point I catch a spear from behind me.
      I remember trying to escape through a fence, and I say to myself, "Don't forget the old Chinese proverb: It's not as important as having a hundred soldiers, as it is that they can all run away." At some point a Greek goddess gives me some sort of enchanted water to drink but after a few sips I drop it and the crystal glass shatters

      Dream 2:
      I am running through a series of houses with B and M from a wall of lasers that is advancing. We go through houses, narrowly escaping the beams. At one point, we climb out a window, jump from the balcony to a roof, climb down the fence that's attached, and crawl out of harm's way after pushing aside a bunch of rusted metal and barbed wire.
      I remembered another dream that I will write as soon as I can.

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    10. Dead Space 2 - New Dream Environment

      by , 02-17-2011 at 04:38 AM
      For a long time I've had Resident Evil themed dreams. Since Dead Space 2 came out, I've started having Dead Space dreams. I think its interesting because I loved Alien & Aliens, but rarely ever had dreams about them.

      I was in a social dream with people I don't recall. I walked down a hall way to find a bedroom that was massively gritty and futuristic. Lo and behold, I had the Detonator which launches proximity mines. It was the last weapon I purchased before going to bed and I hadn't used it yet verses any Necromorphs. The mines have three aqua colored lasers and the weapon was as realistic in the dream as it is in the game.

      I was now alone in a space station of tremendous detail and nearly identical to the game. I eventually came to a wall that was covered in bloody tentacles and gore. I launched a proximity mine directly in front of it, and it exploded when the wall began to undulate.

      What's interesting is that I hadn't yet seen a wall like this while playing Dead Space 2. Shortly after resuming my game the next day I did.

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    11. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 12-04-2010 at 03:32 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      íSingle Sentence Sizzler!«

      Evasion (Non-lucid)

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      Evaded extermination by using short range teleportation to stay one jump ahead of the red-laser wielding hunters in a rather confined, futuristic city-scape.
    12. Lucid Dream #19

      by , 10-22-2010 at 09:48 AM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 6/10
      Vividness: 8/10
      Length: 10 Min.

      I was in class and I was writing something down. Then I got up and tried to push up on the corner of the desk making it tip over. Instead, another top part of a table came out. So I looked at it for a minute and thought "wow, that's weird. I wonder if I could do it again." So I did it again. Then a little chime that was on a violin came on. I started screwing with the desks while I was saying "this is a dream, you can do anything!" So I did that for a while, turned around and saw Alisha. I thought "let's try sex again." So I did. I got into a conversation with her. I imagined her naked (in a tight body) and tried not to look. I told her to sit on my lap. So she did. I could feel her vagina. So we talked for a couple more minutes and then she got up, walked about 5 feet away, and stood there. I asked her to come here but she wouldn't. So I said "never mind" while running in the opposite direction. I was in a small grassy field with a wall of vines next to it. I ran through while dogs ran past me. They quickly turned around and tried to get me. I was on a beach and saw a bunch of buildings. So I jumped in the air and flew. The camera showed the dogs all pissed off, hitting the water. So back to me and flying. I was flying trying to make the dream more stable by being more aware. I concentrated on everything. Making it more detailed. Through out the land it was mostly trees. The buildings that I saw were grey with a bunch of bushes on them. So I was in the center of this city still flying and almost fell. I said to my self "you gotta make it more interesting" and I flew faster. So fast that when I flew near the ground I almost hit it. But instead of hitting the ground, I went past all the 2D towers next to me. So I flew up and to the right, back to the city. I got the hang of flying then. I saw a bunch of ladders and a corner of the deserted building. There were little black-red things on it. So I landed next to one and squished it with my hand. Feeling powerful, I walked down this narrow walkway until I found this one part of the building that had like 6 or 7 batteries for the little black-red things and some how I destroyed them with my mind. Then I heard someone say "mission accomplished" and I slowly woke up. I obviously tried to DEILD but failed.
    13. Nighthog's Journal: 25th June 2010

      by , 06-25-2010 at 07:07 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Gigantic Laser firing robots!

      It's a interesting dream. One I've had a couple times before if I recall correctly.

      I'm running around a city into building and out of them into other buildings. I try to be out of view and not hit by the gigantic lasers firing through the streets and buildings when the robots spot me about somewhere. It really burns to be hit by them. I'm supposed to avoid them to not be cut in two or several other pieces you would imagine the strong lasers do as they cut though bricks and mortar and steel as they do when they pass through the buildings. But only burn if they hit you.
      I'm running away from them and trying to go somewhere maybe. But to main idea is to run away and not to be hit to be killed. Mainly I spend my time inside buildings as it's more safe inside them as they can't see inside that easily unless they happen to see you through a window.

      I ran through some shopping malls and other businesses and to arrive at this larger complex where I request the fastest way to get to the ground floor. A employee recognizes and shows me instantly to take the large elevator used for goods down after she locked it up with a key. The workers know me. I'm some high dude who owns the place I think. I have some friends to join my rummage and T--- goes to go down below. and then we run a alley and I go to say some things to him about dreams. Soon I see this is a dead end as a giant robot is heading this way and we head back into the elevator shaft. But now it's just a dead end room with trash. We both note how it has changed from before.

      Later I'm running a street and see several lasers buzz by and I try to avoid them but get hit and feel the burning sensation but continue to go inside a building. Some laser zapped through the walls and floor for a while. People inside just looked strangely at me and didn't react to the lasers flying.

      One point I'm standing on another street clearing and I'm telling someone that the robots are only after me only. I'm their target. I'm the one who requested to have them built. But someone cracked in a last code to take them over and have me killed to clean the tracks. The robots are sky scraper sized. I'm some kind of rich scientist.

      Later I entered another structure and inside I decide I've had enough and start to use my telekinesis skills as smaller human sized units start to enter firing their lasers at me. I fly them in the air and crush them into them round easily here and there. I've had enough of running away as it's silly. I destroy several robots and people go to sheer at me for destroying them. Soon I walk outside and do the same to the gigantic robots of different sizes I spot there. They get crushed with ease as they hit the ground again.

      At a snowy mountain

      I'm walking in snow in thick warm clothing I spot a few others with me. We are traversing on a snow covered mountain. All I really see is we are high up and all is snow covered. I walk a few steps back and forth to then go and engage to try to talk to my companions.

      One is my oldest brother. But not? I later noticed he morphed to my other brother and other mixed characters. We were really confrontational with each other as I started to ask questions but never got any peep or squeak out as a answer... I demanded to know, the name, the day, the time, the month. Never got a answer to any question with silence and a bad stare back at me. He really looked uncomfortable trying to say a word.
      Lastly I just said I will hit him in the face if he doesn't answer. I did so soon after. It didn't feel like much but that I felt a slight feeling in my own face as I hit him, is it a DC? I just wanted to get rid of him and we were inside a building complex and had been to arrive at all the while me trying to get some answers from this morphing character. I pushed his face through a window after pushing a hole then decapitating him on the shard shards left on the bottom edge.
      Well at least I got rid of him I thought and went to walk away to see and do some other stuff. But no longer than a few moments later he was standing by stupidly like nothing had happened after I left the eye from that view.
      I just got pissed and disappointed and left it be.

      I can't now recall what I was doing for a while but it ended with me being with two kids. One my childhood sweat hearth and the other one of my brothers kids. I had just finished doing something with them and asked.
      "So, what should I set myself to do now?" Asking on what I should set as a goal for this lucid dream.
      "Buy a postcard and send it to ________" M--- said.
      "Buy presents for M--- & J---- for the 27th" my brothers children, one with me. A----- told me.

      I was surprised and was not expecting such a response. Dream faded before I could do anything much but stop and look at them for a moment and their answers.
      We had been wandering in the snow again.

      Wandering about My old friends house

      Should have wrote it down earlier, mostly fragments for now. I was lucid most of the time in this dream.

      Low recall being with my friend and being upstairs.

      One fragment was me walking downstairs at my old friends house nearby the entrance and the toilet, I had just walked quickly to check something in the toilet and was walking back. I noticed in the corner of my eye the reflection of myself in the mirror in the hallway. I had noticed something odd about my eyes.
      I went to turn back and check up on it more closely. I thought that my eyes had been blue coloured. As I inspected more closely they really were blue coloured I saw. It was unexpected. I didn't think that my dream body would have sky blue eyes. I have brown/grey eyes in waking life. Though I remembered my mother and brothers and sisters have blue eyes except my real brother who has same as me. My two elder sisters and oldest brother have another father and all have blue eyes. I thought maybe it had something to do with my heritage to show them as blue in my dreams.
      I made a mental note and went to continue the dream. I arrived in the living room. Vague recall on what went on there.

      At one point I wandered into the kitchen and once again saw that annoying bastard from earlier who had refused to answer a single question.
      I went to ask what the heck he was doing here again. I once again started to ask questions. This time demanding a name. He was now a another person. He actually answered with the correct name for that appearance this time. I soon went to confront him a little and went up close with mu face against his face. He was annoyed as me. It was a confronting attitude.
      It was weird though. As I went in close I felt this energy field around him and between us. It was a conflicting energy toward each other of hostility. It was distracting and also stability wrecking. I could feel it only around each others heads as they were close to each other.
      It made me disoriented and also to loose my dream stability and vision and other things. I didn't have such a thing intended and didn't want to start more hostility but wanted only to confront him a little as he had been such a bother earlier. I was a little wavery and lacking in confrontation and 'evil' intent but his for sure was quite constant in not letting back on hostility. I had thought in my mind about needing to do other things I had set out in the dream like engaging a little with the sister.
      As I left the scene with horrible stability I was afraid I would wake up but as I walked over to the living room entrance I remembered I really wanted to talk and be with her as the next goal. As I saw her I reafirmed my intent and refused to wake up the dream suddenly reaffirmed itself and the cloudiness from before vanished.

      I recall walking up to her next, she was sitting on the couch, I sat beside her. a little recall jump and...
      We ended up outside in the close proximity to the house. There was something to a kind of running competition about. I just got done with whatever I was doing with that and went to walk around with her now more again.
      We were getting closer and leaning into each other with heads together and me feeling the warmth of it. Soon I suppose I was carrying her on my right shoulder. We had a bible kind of book in our hands. It was black but it was rather about various details of history but with that thin paper and tiny text you usually find in bible kind of books.
      I was walking away with her around the street trying to think of a corner we could hide in to read.
      I asked her where she wanted to go.
      "No I don't want to be moving around, or go there" I was trying to go behind a bend to be out from view of her parents and others.
      "Where do you want to read then?"
      "Lets go sit by my father"
      I abided and walked back the street to where the others were. I noticed her father was sitting on a sunbathing chair on the grass next to the neighbourhoods shared community building. I walked over to sit with my back against the red painted wooden wall on the grass a couple meters away.
      She went down from my right shoulder to go sit down in my lap. She was sitting so I could see above her head and for a moment was struggling to get her hair out from my mouth. it was all cowered in saliva as I managed to get it out. I was a little worried but tried to ignore it. It hadn't been my intention.
      I took the book to hold it for her in front holding her in my arms at same time. I flipped the book around to see if there was something she wanted to read about. She found something and I stopped at one particular article about something from the middle ages for the local area. A kind of rumour. She wanted to read it. I soon turned a page but it turned like 20+ so I had to try find back to the correct one. She was trying to help but we had the book upside down instead. I turned it right and we found something that was as good to continue reading instead.
      We were reading about something related to dragons and soon my imagination started to run wild as we were reading it together and I was trying to suggest something in context of the dragon story. I was feeling the need to go pee for a reason and it interfered a little and distorted the idea and imagination to be back there with her.
      I didn't get to do much more as dream faded out.

      What my imagination went as we read the dragon story was something about a dragon and a post office worker. Someone was delivering mail with a flying dragon. At some point he boy had vanished and the dragon had been doing the work by itself. It was rather the boy raising a dragon and as a side also having to work as a mail delivery to sustain themselves and the dragon tagging along but soon having the boy die I think and then the dragon took up the work the boy had been doing.
      I saw a illustration of a dragon wearing a old style mail bag in the book page. It was like in the middle ages to a little more recent.