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    1. Heavyarms Army!

      by , 06-26-2017 at 03:34 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I Started into this dream through SP. It took me several tried to get into this dream. The first time I accidentally broke out of SP in fact it was many times I ended up messing up from moving or jerking around too much. The second problem was a memo leak of some kind, what I mean by this is that upon entering SP I would end up forgetting what I wanted to dream about and what to focus on. I lay down and after a while the SP comes back along with the memo leak then the furnace comes on and creates a new problem.

      Now there is heat blowing on my back and the sound it is making is amplified and loud. The air on my back causes discomforting sensations and the rare pain in the back type SP so I break out, turn onto my back then reenter the SP. Then I began to get irrelevant HI. The HI consisted of a strange cartoony DC that looked like a green and blue sun with a black stick body. There was a sky behind him and it appears as though he was in a pine tree, looking down at me. I get a monkey/tropical feel from this and opened my real eyes to get rid of it. I was still in SP and didn't move I was still forgetful about what I wanted to dream about and broke out.

      Instantly my memory is normal and I think about the heavyarms Gundam and reenter SP. I get it back just in time as I entered the dream. I'm at a strange place that feels like my recent home at Burton and I get out to walk outside but my mom is there. I tell her that it is a dream so that she doesn't worry about me going outside. And I go straight outside through the back.

      It is daytime and there are pockets or fog around, the air is heavy and humid and worst of all there are people laying on the ground all around. I get the feeling that these people were sick because this place was radio active and realized that it was not a good idea to be outside, at all. I start to go back indoors when my awareness spikes up. I don't have to worry about this stuff nothing will happen. I turn around and began my walk, looking at stuff and more people came around. Some were standing up and milling around while others remained on the ground. As I walked around I started seeing sand piles and I avoided them because of ants. But then more started appearing closer to me and I yelled at the dream. "Get this shit put of here and away from me!" The sand disappeared and I ended up shifted back indoors.

      I reopen the doors and my jaw dropped. Milling all around a construction site like place were hundreds of Heavyarms. There was some talking to each other and some standing around looking at stuff. I start to go out but something told me that there was one right outside the door way I opened. There goes one right there a voice said. Standing off to the side, I can see part of heavyArms shoulder and chest poking from around the corner. I walk out to get seen on purpose and it looked down at me with it's green Gundanium eyes, pointed at me and motioned with its finger for me to come here. I shook my head and avoided him. I ran down some steps but ended up grabbing the attention of a few other Heavyarms and ended up with three of them after me.

      There were some spiral stair in front of me with a computer at the top and I ran up those. As I did so I realized that the steps went to no where and the other Gundams start to come up behind me. I jumped over the sides of the stairs and tripped as I landed, allowing them to catch up to me. I seen one with it's arms up in the air, looking at me with his chest all puffed up like he was gonna open it. Shoot I don't want that to happen. I got up and purposely tripped again and this time the three of them ran up on me and started kicking me while I was on the ground. Didn't hurt though but I was glad they wanted to fight. "You wanna fight do we? I can make that happen." As I stood up to get ready to battle I ended up waking up.
      Tags: gundams, mecha, robots
    2. Not lucid, but epic mecha war

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I really had the cards stacked for a lucid last night. Went to bed at 9:30, attempted 3 WBTBs, all of them failures, and lets not forget the brute force autosuggestion.

      I can recall some dream where I in photoshop was retouching a photo of some beautiful woman standing on the beach at sunset.

      I can recall that there had been a house developed in the soccer feild by the middle school. I later discovered that, In fact there were a couple of small buildings homes connected by a dirt path. I was walking around them looking for my bike or something.
      I thought that the houses were abandoned, or waiting to be bought, but I eventually I found that there was a big group of people having a party inside one of the houses. A few of them came outside and nagged me about being on their property.

      But by far the best of what I can recall was a dream about a post-apocalyptic world. Me, A and some of my other friends were a part of a mech fighting corps. In this corps, there were squads of 5-10 pilots. Missions were often very difficult so an entire squad was needed. Also, every squad had a matching emblem and a unique coloration to their squad.
      Our squad, I think had a skull and crossbones emblem, and we all used an ice-blue digital camo best suited to missions in arctic. In fact, I think our squad had a reputation for our effectiveness in tundra and arctic missions.
      We geared up for our mission in a huge hangar bay. My mech was actually out for repairs, after having taken heavy damage on our last mission. A was injured and unable to pilot his. so I had to pilot A's mech. Our squad was deployed to a foggy mountain valley area, and from what I can recall it was only me and S, piloting his own mech. S was also the commander of our squad.
      I think that our last mission had involved heavy losses on the part of the squad, many of our members had been killed and/or had their mechs destroyed. But the nation we were working for was deploying the two of us out of desperation.
      I can recall our mechs walked for some time. A's mech that I was piloting was a medium weight design that could 'run'. It had huge missile racks on either side and two machine guns for back up. I can recall the machine guns were designed for long missions and had a large ammo stockades mounted on them. I was grumbling a little about the design choices in his mech, having been more used to my own custom design.
      We arrived at the rendezvous point. My view went into a 3rd person chase cam, like I was playing a video game. We were in a mountainous region with huge boulders and steep cliffs creating a maze of passages. There were rivers in the canyons, but they were shallow enough that our mechs could easily traverse them. It was foggy and visibility was low.
      Our mission is to defend a vital communication outpost from enemy forces. The outpost is a huge satellite dish based atop one of the mountains. There is also a large derelict concrete pyramid that used to function as a base and and had room for a single mech inside. I had 'flashbacks' to the early days of the war. Before entire squads of mechs were common. I had been one of the very first pilots, and I had been stationed at that pyramid structure.
      S went inside of it and explained that the concrete channeled his radar and he would be able to easily pick up incoming enemies.
      "You got two scouts coming from the east!"
      "We just got here!"
      I turn. The enemy has very simplistic mechs. I get the feeling their technology must not be as advanced as ours. I open fire, testing the weapon systems on A's mech. I make a note that the rocket pods do not carry much ammunition. Their armor sucks too, I tear them both apart with a few good hits.
      S calls out more enemies coming from another direction. I turn and see what I 'remember' being called accelerator tanks. They are large four wheeled vechiles with their wheels on long struts that can bend and compress thanks to springs and joints. They are designed to go fast, even in rugged environments like this. They do not however have very powerful weapons or thick armor. I dispatch them rather easily as well.
      S calls out more enemies. I turn back the way the first group came and see both enemy mechs and more accelerator tanks. I unleash a hail of missiles thinking this is their main force and take them down just as they come over a nearby hill.
      "Uh... we've got a problem..."
      I turn and look. Cresting a hill nearby are about three dozen enemy mechs and several more accelerator tanks. They open fire. I run behind the pyramid and S backs out of the hangar bay. His mech has some type of mortar weapon. Using the pyramid for cover, we are able to hold our own. The enemy is advancing on us, but just as it looks like we are about to turn the tide, there is a blinding flash of light and a huge explosion, knocking my mech over.
      I turn to see where S's mech once stood there is now just a pair of mechanical legs with burning stump atop them. A glowing plasma trail highlights the air. I follow it to see an advanced enemy mech, a huge six legged beast, painted all black with a massive rail gun mounted on top.
      My mech gets up and the rail gun resets and prepares to kill me. I'm already pinned by the enemy squad we were fighting, and am pretty much doomed to die by the hands of this enemy.
      Just as he is about to fire, an artillery round strikes him, causing him to miss. An allied squad of 8 or 9 custom mechs from our nation enters the fray. This squad has a red and orange camo and uses a yellow falcon with a gun in it's talons as their emblem. This is another squad, one that I 'remembered' being very famous. The commander of the comes on the radio, who I think was a female, and asks if I could use a hand with these guys. Of course, I say yes.
      What followed was a full on battle. Now I'll admit that the dream up until this point was pretty cool. But a 10v100 battle in ten story combat mechs. What could be cooler?! The battle was insane, and this red squadron is really good. Some of their mechs have these advanced laser weapons that are cleaving the enemy mechs in half and cutting their legs off and such. I am more than holding my own though, using the machine guns to take out as many as I can. I think I may have started to get too overly excited after awhile. I can remember the dream fading out to a chaotic crossfire of machine guns, rockets and lasers.

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    3. Random Bits

      by , 05-18-2014 at 03:35 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was missing all of my fingers on both hands save for my thumb and index finger.

      There is a war going on in outer space and I am watching it unfold. The war is over this tiny cube-shaped planet, no more than a few hundred meters across. The planet has a blue and grey marble texture and orbits another, much larger planet similar to mars. Various factions use spaceships to deploy ground units such as tanks and mechs onto the tiny planet to do battle.

      I am in some valley or canyon feeling area, inside of some cartoon. There is a villainous snake with a mustache that I am fighting.I become lucid while fighting him and try to use some dream control but most of it seems to fail. Our battle seems to repeat over and over.

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    4. 3rd Oct 2013 200th lucid and more

      by , 10-03-2013 at 03:42 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps. Yay for 200th lucid!

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was piloting some mecha and there was battle with more mechas.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing spiral knights and was chatting to SilentEternity, apparenty there has been an update that completely reworked the ingame market and changed the place, auction house has been removed and bazaar closed off 'for repairs'. I've been moving character around checking things and haven overall looked rather damaged and old, then i was chatting with SilentEternity about it.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      There was some story about two draconic characters defeating enemy army or something.

      Dream 4(fragment):

      I was on some cliffside.

      Dream 5:

      I was at home and i was watching some videos, there was some fraxy video that mentioned some old bosses and someone was playing them, but they looked different. There was one boss which was attacking through 'ceiling' but player's attacks broke the script somehow and it was not working correctly.
      Then i get up and think for a minute about those bosses and
      realize that it"s a dream. I almost immediately shift to quadruped stance and feel my wings, i fly and phase through ceiling and now i am outside, there's some weird loud noise like construction site or something and i start flying around. Then after a while dream fades out.
    5. 24th June 2013 Anime about mechas

      by , 06-24-2013 at 11:15 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I was watching some anime about mechas. There was something about different countries, alliances and ofcourse fights between huge mechas. Characters has some discussion between fights and there was one woman who really liked being in water, up to the point of having her mecha set up to be able to make a bath about everywhere.
      At some point group of the main characters were assaulting some kind of prison which looked like huge area under a dome from inside. Also there was one really badass dude who was once surrounded by some big robotic enemies during one fight under the dome and he was able to deal with them with bare fists and get out of the fight without even being scratched.
    6. 13th Mar 2013 Recording games with friend, Piloting Mecha, Watching Epic Anime,Weird Version Of Game

      by , 03-13-2013 at 07:15 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some games with LV and we were recording some games as well. There was some strange version of 'I Wanna Be The Guy' which was apparently 3D and there was one level we been stuck at which was happening in some kind of channel and there was moon falling. Then we were chatting for a bit on skype and our friend DP was with us as well. Later we finally managed to beat that one level, and decided to update YouTube channel before editing videos, then we were finally done with it and were talking about subscribers.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was in some big room with metallic walls and ceiling, and ice floor, i was trying to pilot some sort of mecha then i used it to break through ice and then was been able to move around underwater with it.
      Then later i was watching some anime about people who had power to transform into some combination of beasts and mechanical parts. I recall there was final battle between main character and bunch of enemies and it was on stadium of some kind. The main character of anime was really overpowered by that time and could freely take on two enemies without even using any advanced powers, then there's a ton of people were attacking him and he used his transformation, his powered form was some sort of big brown cat with stripes and green glowing eyes, piloting some sort of floating mechanical head. Then he went to final battle with main enemy, but only thing i can recall is that it was pretty epic.
      Later on i was watching apparently some episodes i missed, there was one that was telling something about time before those transforming powers were found. There were some kids watching show, which was ridiculously bad and people who was setting it up haven't even tried. Then one of people who was setting up show started telling some story about bizarre version of game he seen. The game started normally but once player got control his character was one hit killed by some black figure, which was saying 'sorry~' and even with cheats figure kept killing it.
    7. 28th Feb 2013 Didn't worked out as well as planned

      by , 02-28-2013 at 07:21 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Fallen asleep during recall, again, oh well, i guess next time.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I recall something about two games, also something related to ladders.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      Something about mecha of some kind.
      Tags: mecha, non-lucid
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. 12th Feb 2013 'Ice Element', Distractions in the school, Steampunk Heli, Sharks and Short DILD

      by , 02-12-2013 at 08:38 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      An awesome recall for once.

      I am at home, i discover some sort of mechanical thing in the rest room, i call it 'Ice Element' for some reason. It looks like small blue toy soldier like thing, that slowly grows and transforms into some blue mecha thing size of the whole restroom when the restroom door is opened.
      I don't seem to recall much after this point, only that i was in some sort of village, talking to various people, but i recall this part ending with me watching grandiose battle in some sort of water cave with number of big waterfalls, between 'Ice Element', which was transformed into some huge mechanical light blue 'core' thing surrounded by many huge mechanical floating constructions/parts size of at least half of the cave, and something else don't remember what sadly. Dream skips.
      I seem to be in school(there was something between dream skip and that, but i can't recall anything particular at that point at all) and there are some computers on tables, i go to one and chat with some people on skype. After some time i notice some people on different computer are watching some battle between an ship and an submarine. I feel like helping the ship for some reason, and i contact some pirate through skype, and shortly i look at that screen on which people are watching battle. Pirate indeed comes on his sailing ship, which apparently is more powerful than more modern ship which is being attacked.
      Soon submarine gets into alot of trouble and i am now being contacted by submarine crew through very same skype(), but they don't seem to have idea that i am the one who called pirates and are asking about something else, and at same time some other people suddenly decide to chat with me on skype, including Rock Lee(I am not sure if it was indeed character from Naruto or just someone using his name as nickname), i am getting distracted in different chats and suddenly one of people from the other computer comes(I think he looked like one of classmates from the time when i was indeed in school IWL) and says that he knows that it's me who called pirate. I dunno what to say, mostly because multitasking in a few chats, and he goes away and talks about something with other people on that computer. He goes back and screws up the phone number note or something that i had, using luting. I get angry and end up 'cleaning' my note all over his face. Dream seems to get distorted and shortly-...
      I abruptly 'wake up' due to being attacked by half-life 2 zombie, i kick him down the hole in the floor and look around(And forget to do an RC...). I was in some sort of rusty steampunk-ish cargo area, there are few more of those zombies, also looking down the hole in the floor i notice that this area is part of some sort of flying vessel. Some other person enters the area through the only door and gets rid of zombies, we talk about something and i follow him through the door and some stairs.
      We enter control deck and i realize that the flying vessel we are on is some sort of huge steampunk helicopter and it's flying above the sea, view switches and i see it from the outside for a while. After view switches back i notice that there's a tree in the control deck and some fantasy elf is standing by it. I talk to him and he's apparently commander of this helicopter.
      View switches and now i see some arabian city near sea. There are two people that are trying to hide from army of villagers. They talk to each other and one of them mentions that all the villagers are possessed and they are last ones left who are not. View switches back to me, and now i was in some boat with paddles under the helicopter. There was some other person who used said paddles, and also there were many more boats with people around. Apparently our mission was to save those two people that i saw during an view switch earlier. We start moving towards that arabian city, but rather slowly, so i say that it will take ages to get there. Someone else says that it will not be a problem, and shortly some wild dude appears, riding some sort of brown shark. The shark summons an huge wave that speeds us up quickly to the beach. On the way i see 'Ice Element' again, it's standing in water and this time it's in huge mecha form and it's attacking some ships that look like the modern ship from earlier on.
      As we get to the beach, i run into the town and quickly find the people we were searching for. I rescue them while everyone else is fighting the villagers. As we go on the boat into the sea, suddenly scene dramatically changes and i suddenly go underwater. I am surrounded by those brown sharks, but i feel to fear or anything. They vary by sizes and by form, there's also some voice in background(don't seem to be able to recall what it was talking about). Shortly one of the sharks comes to be and bites my right hand off, i feel no pain and i still feel no fear or anything, the ring appears in the place of hand and an huge red gem grows out of it. I get great power and end up compressing that shark into nothingness. The sharks are still all around, scene fades out.
      I wake up, this time in my bedroom. I start recalling the dreams i just had and shortly go to the restroom(forgot to do reality check mk2). As i enter restroom i see... 'Ice Element'! I close and open the door a few times, don't i was like just now recalling seeing it in dream, wait a second...
      I do 'looking at the hands' reality check, right hand is fine... but left one has six fingers, so i am dreaming indeed!
      I haven't recalled any goals for some reason(and i forget to stabilize dream as well) so i end up just doing random stuff. I enter the restroom again and grab 'Ice Element', it starts forming into some sort of weapon around my hand, i feel it's metallic nature. I went to different room, the Chandelier(the recurring 'DC of sorts' in my dreams) was there and it was transforming to be ready to something. For some unknown reason i decide to throw 'Ice Element' at it, they end up transforming together into some sort of weird steampunk-ish panel that hangs onto the wall. I feel that it's unfinished and notice a lamp to the right from me. I decide to practice dream control and decide to try to use telekinesis to move it to the panel. I pull the hand towards the lamp and attempt to use telekinesis. At first i am having hard time, but then i recall that for dream control i need to know that it will work and to be perfectly sure. I get more confident with telekinesis and end up moving the lamp towards the panel. It merges with the panel and the panel starts working, shortly i hear some noise in my head and dream ends.

      I seem to have some problems recalling my goals while lucid, still was fun though!

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    9. 7th Feb 2013 Some RTS, People trying to wake me up, Talk on IRC, The Battle

      by , 02-07-2013 at 08:43 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some realistic looking RTS, at some point was building base on the island and trying to figure out balance between factions. There was also mission where i had to move some sort of box with specific unit, while being attacked by enemies from air. Also i recall some scout unit finding some huge dark cybernetic city of sort.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was about to go to sleep and some people were interrupting me and trying to wake me up... by summoning various other characters.

      Dream 3:

      I was on IRC and there were some people chatting about something. D was posting some random images. Shortly i got into talk with D, it was mostly about Hibachi from Dodonpachi Saidaioujou. D made a pic of Hibachi singing with microphone and was talking about some hidden update or something. Then we started debating whether it's official update or not, then he remade Hibachi's sprite to look like singing with microphone as well. At some point i asked him for no reason if he's lucid dreaming at the moment(?) and he responded with something along the lines of "Why would you think about that" and i responded "Wait, nevermind"...

      Dream 4:

      I was adventuring with some characters through some ice area, don't recall much about this part other than that we had to climb some cliffs and that we was getting interrupted by enemies from time to time. At the end of area we got into some huge battle, view switched to top down and i was controlling some small ship like in a shmup, there was also another small ship on my side, also there was big ship right ahead and there were 2 big mechas, one on my side and one on enemy side.
      I was trying to attack the enemy mecha, but he had really unpredictable attack pattern where some parts of it's body switch between floating and homing at rapid speeds each few seconds. Other small ship went for big ship. After some time i got few parts of enemy mecha destroyed and it started attacking more aggressively, now the floating parts were cannons and were shooting. At this point friendly mecha decided to help me and jumped onto enemy mecha, i noticed that friendly mecha was piloted by three girls in colorful outfits(they may have been from some anime i was watching recently IWL, but i am not sure), and also that enemy mecha was piloted by some old lady. Shortly allied mecha had to retreat due to damage, but i have already shot down all the floating gun parts of enemy mecha as well, so the only it's way of attack was by detaching it's body and flinging it around. Soon i dealt enough damage to it and battle was finished.
      Cutscene started with old lady talking to some tiny magician, which i think was in the other small ship but now was outside. He was trying to convince her to give up on her plans, but she started to do some sound that was supposed to summon reinforcements or something. Magician copied that sound. Suddenly some huuuge three headed brown bear appeared out of nowhere and view switched to top-down, bear started wandering around aimlessly and dream ended shortly.
    10. Of crabs and gods

      by , 07-31-2012 at 05:28 PM
      I'm not too aware of my surroundings. They seem to be a large concrete island with some alien constructs on them - think forerunner designs (halo). I'm in a mechanical hardsuit that looks like a crab. As I walk along near the water's edge, two men come over and start to attack me. They're both in cartoony greek dress and I somehow know that one is zeus. The other one is a god, but I have no idea which one.

      As they charge at me I 'pause' and turn on god mode. We fight for a long time, toe to robo-toe, and plunge into the dark water. As I move the suit to surface, I see Zeus aiming a huge barrel at me. He fires, and a harpoon pierces through the suit and through my left kidney area. Nonetheless, I burst out of the surface and face them. They ask me incredulously how I survived, but I don't tell them about the god mode.
    11. 1st dream battle!

      by , 06-06-2011 at 02:28 PM (Exploration of Dream Consciousness)
      I started the lucid dream by doing a reality check like I did in real-life (for some reason the plug your nose one works really well) The first part of the dream eludes me somewhat, after I did the reality check I decided to try to fly and did it on the second try. At some point I made it to a large building. In this buiding there were a few uninteresting people and a door. I smile and think to myself what I want behind the door, a ton of hot girls. Unfortuneatly it didnt work and there was a class class of small kids so I get pissed and decide to leave the room by phasing out of it throught the wall. After another failed attempt I try to phase again but only my hand goes through. I use the door. Now, I come in to an entirely different room than I anticipated. There are many long cafeteria style table strewn around a large white painted room. The people in it seem to be uniteresting but some of them are soldiers. One of these soldiers and I come up to each other without provocation

      "Who are you" I asked
      He says his name- in the dream I got annoyed that I forgot it so fast, i think it had 3-6 letters though.
      "and this is past my 20th life kid, you have no idea what it feels like"
      For some reason I wasnt surprised.

      Immediately while we are having the conversation a large machine-like gole with black chains surrounding it appears out of the ground and everyone scatters except for the person I talked to earlier and his large friend. it immediately attacks me with a ranged attack (bullets I think) I easily dodge to the right. It then attacks me with a laser and some missles, they hit me but I smile and get really excited as I willed it to do no damage. I stare the thing down. It trys to punch me again but i jump on its arm, run up onto his back and shout in victory as I conjure large white balls of energy in both hands and slam it into it and destroy it completly.

      At this point I felt my real life arm move a bit and decided to wake up feeling awesome.

      The only other battle dreams I remember from my life is one where android 17 totally beat me. This time is was the one on top!