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    1. What A WILD Ride

      by , 09-14-2017 at 11:57 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 5:00 AM

      DREAMTIME: 20 minutes of perceived dream time.

      Pre-Dream State:

      Yup, this is a WILD. Okay, so I went to bed at 12:00 AM, but I had also fallen asleep for 4-5 hours beforehand, so I think I was in a state where I could easily initiate REM even if I didn't want to, and I did.

      Out of nowhere, my body began to shift into REM Atonia (Or as I and many others like to call it, Sleep Paralysis) and I began to hear slight snippets of audio as I'm making the transition. I also began to see small flashes of light, and my body also felt like it was convulsing WILDly. I was almost scared shitless, the only saving grace being I knew I was going to transition into a dream at the end of it. I was scared that hallucinations of demons would pop up out of nowhere, but I had to keep my eyes shut and suppress those thoughts as hard as I could.

      For what seemed like an eternity of blaring lights, body shifting, and small noises, I had finally, finally transitioned into an LD. I think it only lasted for 30 seconds, but shit like that makes you REMEMBER stuff goddammit.


      Anyway, I transition into a sort of dungeon lit by torchlights. For some reason there are girls in front of me that are inside giant Tabasco sauce bottles (Don't ask). I walk up to one of the girls (I think she was brunette, about my age) and tilt the bottle forward, and somehow end up covering her with chili powder. I don't know if my subconscious was being clever or not but here you go.

      The other girls next to her laughed and proceed to egg her on about the whole thing, but my eyes were fixated on another row of girls to the right, this time not inside of oversized spice bottles. I think of striking up a conversation with them, but I dismiss the thought entirely, and end up walking up to some kind of large metal door with orange trim.

      I walk through the door to find myself in a wide open tundra. It is the most beautiful, yet the most frightening thing I have yet encountered. My mind begins to race with thoughts of freezing up and dying in my own dream, but I suddenly begin to realize how null my body is to the cold, and my worries melt away. I keep traversing this surreal white acropolis (Thumbs up if you get the reference) when I come across a nice, temperate looking area with orange grass and where you can see the sunset.

      It is almost alien in appearance. The saturated orange color of the grass itself accompanied by the fact it was right next to a frozen landscape. It was also a mountain high up in the sky, to add to the craziness.

      I wind up finding a couple of my real life friends (Though I can only remember one clearly(Let's call him E)). I talk to 'E' for a bit, Lord knows what the hell I was talking about, but the tone of the conversation seemed to be pretty lax all in all. And no, I didn't try to convince him it was a dream.

      I try to fly in this dream, but end up stumbling in the air (If you can picture that) and falling right back down.

      I go back to the frozen landscape I was in, and get lost in thought as I lose lucidity and thus lose the dream.


      1. My memory of the LD seems to be highly muddled by my other dream that I had right after this one, so details are a bit sparse.

      2. This was most definitely a WILD.

      3. The LD seemed pretty long (About 20 minutes or so). I didn't need to do any reality checks along the way either as I seemed to have a consistent level of lucidity throughout.

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    2. Rainbow spout

      by , 07-25-2012 at 03:48 PM
      Im in my bro house but it wierd beacuse I just got back from georgia I get this wierd phone call from this repair guy about my cari find this wierd beacuse I dont have a car.He's telling me to hurry up and make a deal or somthing and i tell him no thank you I hang up on him. There a half naked poster of a girl on the ground it just got hear but I dont know how and there a girl at my feet but I dont recognize her then I look at my hands and realize Im dreaming I start to spin to stabilize the dream but chrismas rapping paper is around me so I walk into the hall and look at my hands my finger keep geting longer and shorter and the marks on my palms keep changing I look at my forarm and it does the same thing but everything get clearer I study the door frame too I walk into the living room I start to float amd fly through the window of the front door as I look around its snow everywhere and the clouds are frozen blocks of ice in shape of clouds I want too fly but I keep floating back down so I tell my self gravity dosent exist hear it works a little but not much so I look for a flying aid. I try to make a jet pack apear but it dosent work so pick up a peace of ply wood it long and skinny. I stand on it and fly up as I do I see this rainbow spoutshooting up from a roof cover in snow as I pass through the cloud layer I see it countinues up too I float back down to the roof I drop the ply wood and step into the rainbow spout. it like steping over a heating vent I feel warm almost hot kinda uncomterbal I see rainbow colors dancing on my palms I breath in deeply and it feels like breathing hot air I fly up agian but everytime I pass a cloud layer there just another one I deside to fall to see what it feels like from this hight but the clouds are to close and I lose my sight I wake up for a second in bed but I dont move then I feel my self falling and im back in the dream im falling from realy high up and everythings in black and white I see a farm house and crop feild far below as I fall closer and closer I look at my hands but it too late I wake up

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    3. Airport extremely vivid dream!

      by , 09-09-2011 at 02:34 PM (The Universe of Infinite Possibilities.)
      This was one of my most vivid dreams I have experienced in a while. The scene began with me, my mom, and my dad standing at the airport in line waiting for this woman to get her bags checked. She opened up one of her bags and she had a scorpion inside her bag and in another bag she had a fish. The TSA stopped her and started questioning her, and we had missed our flight due to her stopping the line. We later came outside and started walking around. The dream then proceeded to me and my parents being questioned with other people in the airport. The TSA agent showed us a cool little toy that he threw at the wall and it came back to him. I believe it was a taser. Then a gunfight broke out and one of my relatives but not my mom or dad had died. It was one of my relatives but they were really far away from me meaning that they weren't close to me. So after a gun fight broke out and we all started shooting each other. I got shot and then I woke up.

      The second dream I had was me, dad, mom, grandma, and grandpa somewhere in Alaska. We had arrived and got into some car and we were driving and we saw about 100 cruise ships all leaving the harbor and I said to my dad that I was on one of those cruises(which I was in RL) and he said no! That's the Emerald Princess(which i was not on) and we later started driving to my grandparents house. It began snowing extremely heavily and we began driving faster. My grandma mentioned to my dad to start driving faster because the wheels would lock up in the snow. We started driving and then arrived at my grandparent's house. My grandparent's left the car and entered this creepy looking house. The dream ended after that.