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    1. Monday, July 29

      by , 08-03-2019 at 07:43 PM
      I am in some room, maybe a kitchen, in a house or building that seems to be by a beach, probably on the ocean. The place is dim and seems to be empty, except for Dad, who is here celebrating his birthday. There is no one here, so I assume it is just too early for them to be showing up. He shows me a little machine on the counter top that has a few tap handles. There is what looks like a thin, green hose. On it is a circular piece with an indentation (like one for a screwdriver), which corresponds to a piece on the machine. Once inserted, it can be turned and creates a sound like it is adding carbonation or something similar. It also allows the beer to come out. I look at the options and choose a witbier. I pour it into my Artown cup at a 45 degree angle. It seems to pour quickly, but doesn’t produce much head. I take a sip and it is pretty tasty. I look at the other options, two being home brew?, one IPA, and a Revision IPA with a pretty cool graphic (space?). I think the others are more eclectic, constituting a pretty decent selection for so few handles. I think I am going to go sit outside.

      I am seeing a video of Dad at some circular bar counter that looks to be encircling a pool. The whole thing is not very big, but it looks pretty cool. I think we’re supposed to be on a family trip and he’s already there without us. I then see a filter or location on the video that says he’s only at an airport (in Vegas?). Now I am where I think we are going, I think with Makayla. The place is a fairly large and high ceilinged room with a large, rectangle pool in the center. Along the walls around it are what look like doors to hotel rooms. We start looking for one that’s open. You can’t really tell what’s locked or not by looking at it, and I feel weird trying all the door knobs. It seems like most are locked. I get towards the end of the row and hear movement behind one of the doors. The very last door then opens, and coming out of it is a boy probably in his late teens, with long and center parted dirty blond hair, wearing only what looks like boxers or small swim trunks. I assume he is about to swim. I consider asking him to see the inside of the room, but think it’d be a little too intrusive.

      I am with Sage and her old friend Sierra Fiester in some large room with a bouldering wall. The bouldering wall is not too long, but it is pretty tall and slightly overhanging. I am attempting a problem and its big move. There is a thin crash pad on the ground that I have them move, since it is not where I’d need it if I were to fall. I ready myself for the big move out right, but never commit, afraid to fall. I end up just using different holds to climb to the top, a little disappointed in myself. I still try to make it harder, with big moves and small holds, including small crimps. I use a large half-moon shaped hold (the one from Rocksport and Basecamp), I think getting a hand or two and a heel on it at one point. I am making loud vocalizations of effort at each move.
    2. 21 Feb: German crush from yesteryears, werewolfs in fortress and labyrinth hospital

      by , 02-21-2019 at 09:24 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With Zilla and other people. Her German cousins are visiting. She tells me her cousin, for whom I had a crush, is this fat guy with a squeaky voice. He already has a daughter, he is very friendly, but it is a disappointment for me.
      We are at a fortified town and at night people go indoors and warn tourists about a werewolf, but tourists either don't believe or are excited with it. I am hiding at a high view point of the fortress, I notice some movement, some people are outside and sound the alarm and the creature climbs to rooftops and terraces and tries to escape. I follow it. Goes inside the castle where there is an event happening and people are still there. He attacks and a couple of persons are bitten, adding to the chaos, as at least one starts turning. I hide at a locker room where some ladies are changing, unaware of it, and then a few more people hide and lock doors. I don't want to stay put, as I find an exit leading to an old hospital. It is not empty, it is just quiet, cause it's night and some hallways are closed to the general public, but I dress as a doctor and wander around and no one suspects. Then I can't find a way out and becomes surreal. I hide from some female doctors in an area with rooms or apartments for doctors to rest. They sense my presence but I sneak out from room to room and they don't see me or just have glimpses of me and think are hallucinating. Then I find a secret door leading to a chamber and then another door to a toilet and god knows why, I have to climb inside the toilet and flush to open up a passageway to exit this place. But I hesitate, I am afraid of doing it and look for some normal exit. End up by the side of a bed where one doctor wakes up and sees me again but assumes I am in a dream, so I just lay down by her bed and pretend I am a character of her imagination and wait for her to fall asleep. I finally exit this place. Go to airport where the security stops me and I lose my plane.
    3. At the Airport

      by , 09-26-2018 at 08:41 PM
      I'm at an airport watching airplanes take off. So far, there have been smaller planes with strange wings, but now I overhear the pilot radio requesting takeoff for a Boeing 747. I head out to the balcony which is open to the outside to watch it take off. The airport itself seems relatively small with only a few runways with some trees surrounding it. I see the big plane at the end of the runway. It rolls out onto the takeoff stretch and begins to accelerate. I can hear the 4 engines from where I'm standing. It accelerates quite fast, and as it reaches the closest point to me, the sound is so deafening that I have to turn around and go back inside.
      Tags: airport, plane, sound
    4. Not Quite An Airport

      by , 05-05-2018 at 10:26 AM
      Morning of June 23, 1987. Tuesday.

      I am in a completely unfamiliar region in late afternoon. I am exploring an area that seems to be somewhat like an airport, though quite strange in design. There is a high scallop-shaped platform (with primarily black, silver, and red decor, including a black carpet or softly textured floor) that people have to climb, fairly steep, but somewhat miniature steps to get up to, seemingly a bit inconvenient - and it seems people have to take all of their own luggage up to the high platform. It is probably about two stories as I believe there is at least one landing above ground-level. The steps go up from the side opposite the fan-shaped expanse. There also seems to be a semicircular railing on the highest part of the structure; the side opposite where people are mostly sitting at ground-level below. After time passes, I start to think that the airplanes are probably more like hovercrafts or flying saucers (though of entirely human design and origin), as I do not quite understand how the system works, as I reason that airplanes cannot really stop in midair at any time, which is what the scallop-shaped platform seems to indicate (that is, for flying craft to stop or hover right near or above it). I get the impression that one flight of steps may be an escalator but I am not certain. I am also considering whether or not I really need to be here, though it seemingly relates to my “mystery girl” at one point.

      Vestibular system correlation happens continuously throughout REM sleep and has been the primary cause of autosymbolism in my dreams since earliest memory. This is mainly influenced by the dream self unable to viably perceive the status of the physical body, especially in regard to the dream self discerning itself as vertical when the physical body is horizontal. The design of the platform validates this, as a seashell is associated with inner ear dynamics (balance) and holding it up to one’s ear to supposedly “hear the ocean”. The common “staircase as consciousness shift” autosymbolism also occurs here.

      Tags: airport, seashell
    5. A bunch of slightly feverish fragments

      by , 12-30-2017 at 07:06 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      I've got the flu atm, and I dreamt a whole bunch of short, disconnected dream fragments over a cycle of falling asleep and waking again. I remembered 4 of them. I remembered a 5th at some point, but alas I forgot it after falling asleep again.

      In the first, I was heading towards an airport because I had to catch a plane. There was an apparently short route on the left and an apparently long route on the right. I took the short route, but that led to the back side of the airport. I talked to some people to ask for directions, and they sent me on some way which I discovered I would've ended up on much quicker if I just took the "long" route. I'm not sure what made me think the right route was the long one. I did catch my plane just in time! Inside of plane it looked more like the interior of a submarine, however.

      In the second, I was working on my software project with my colleague. He turned around to talk to me, and pointed to the sky. In the sky I saw the structure of my project, and he pointed to a problematic part in it. He asked if our project was supposed to support smart contracts or not (even though in real life it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or smart contracts). I told him that my original designs of the system was supposed to support smart contracts, but it's not terrible if we ended up going for a simpler and more limited solution. He said "good, let's go for the simple solution then. we're running short on time, and if we don't finish the project, we'll fail the exam". (Somehow, the whole thing switched from working on a project for my job to working on a project for a college exam.) I suddenly started to feel stressed because I remembered that I had exams to do, and I hadn't studied anything, I only focused on the project, and I'm barely even managing to finish that. I tried to enumerate all the subjects I had to study for in my head. For each subject I remembered, I got stressier, because I wasn't prepared for any exams at all. Luckily the dream was over before the exams started.

      In the third dream, I was sitting in the living room of another family as a guest. They had 2 tvs. One tv was on the "MTV" channel, where the highest bidder can promote their music to popularize it. Next to that tv was another channel, called "Payback TV". This channel took all the music and programs that were cancelled from MTV, and rebroadcasted them there. I was interested in neither channel, so I went to check out the garage. In the garage there was a bunch of trash, and in the pile was a 3rd functional tv that was on another channel called "Trash TV". It turns out that if a program stayed on Payback TV for more than 6 months, it got cancelled from Payback TV too, and continued on to looping on Trash TV forever. The Trash TV screen was black-and-white. It was playing music videos from a very obscure band that I'm a fan of. I was more interested in that, so I watched Trash TV in the garage instead. At some point I felt like I needed to pee and took a piss in the trash pile. Then I awoke, feeling that I need to pee in real life, glad that I didn't accidentally wet my bed!

      After the toilet break I fell asleep one more time. In this dream I was looking for a solution to a caching problem in my project for work. A solution had been proposed to archive every page as a static html, rather than rendering it anew every time it's visited. However, there was a problem that the application I'm making is a very context-sensitive - the system behind the user permissions is very complex. So each user basically gets to see a different view of the page. I imagined every possible variable in the context as a dimension in a multidimensional grid. I imaged a process running constantly in the background, trying to fill all the cells in the grid with caches, evaluating a priority function to decide the next cell to cache. I imagined cache invalidation as the clearing of a whole row in either dimension. The background process tried to catch up with the cache invalidation as fast as it could. As I imagined this visually, it turned from an idea into a video game. The player is the cache and tries to fill all the cells, while the difficulty lies in the computer frequently clearing rows of the grid. Since it was simply a grid of coloured squares, the game looked like an Atari 2600 game. It was a very annoying game to play.
    6. August 12-13, 2013

      by , 06-09-2017 at 04:01 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/12/13 (L) Value: 0 | Airport, Zoom-In Calendar
      I became lucid after a preceding dream scene. When I became lucid, it was at an airport, where a DC resembling Grandpa told me to zoom in to a calendar with my eyes before I stabilize the dream. At that point, I knew that I should stabilize the dream early on. So what I did was, I told the DC “I can’t do that!” It was a belief problem, so I said, “I believe I can zoom in.” I then used my fingers to twist my eyes in opposite directions like lenses, and sure enough, I zoomed in on the calendar. When I stabilized the dream by rubbing my hands together and looking at them, I went outside. What was right outside the airport was what was right outside the front door of my house. That is what it also became once I headed outside. Also, outside, standing in a group, were some DCs. I didn’t know who they were, but one of them was Dad. Now, I walked to the right and noticed that I started to wake up, so I spun around while looking at my hands, and dream clarity returned. I said, “Oh no you don’t.” to the dream. At that point, I was trying to remember exactly what my dream intention was. As the dream began to fade again, I spun around and clarity returned again. But a few moments later, the REM period came to an end, and I woke up instantly.
      Time: 1-3 minutes

      8/13/13 (L)#20 Value: 2 | Partial Success For Custom Form
      Once I became lucid, I was in a situation where I had a car next to me that I could drive, and Dad was there in a vehicle on Highway 3 down by the bay. I said to myself, “…and I don’t want to get in trouble…” for driving the car that wasn’t mine. Once I was heading for a hill in the distance, the car became a bike without me noticing, and I ‘ran’ the bike like I didn’t care. I discarded the bike to the side of the road, and then I found myself on the residential hill in the distance. I wasn’t in as much of a vivid state as some of my other dreams, but enough to remember that I wanted to transform into my thought-up body. I started with fur this time. As I grew fur on my legs, I began to wake up. I made the dream return by spinning, and I continued to grow fur. After a few seconds, I woke up faster than the last time. This time, I had no time to think, but I did witness myself waking up.
      Time: 2-4 minutes
    7. Dream - Boarding The Plane

      by , 06-03-2017 at 03:58 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 3 JUN

      Dream No. 125 - Boarding The Plane

      Although the girls in my year level were 17 or 18 years old, they were classified to be in year 7 in this dream. I remember we were at some unknown airport and boarding a plane to head back home. One group was the class of St. Gerard and St. John. It was strange because each homeroom could have fit on a plane separately but instead, it was decided that some St. John girls would go with the majority of St. Gerard and vice versa. The dream was so well simulated with waking life that even our year 7 homeroom teachers, Mrs C and Mr B were there with the correct class.

      So what was I doing? Once again, I was trying to find access to the boarding area via stairs. I did manage to find a small, cold stairwell and catch up to the rest of the year level. When we got on the plane, I remember another teacher, Mr CB making some comment that the route home wasn't going to be as simple as I thought... I forgot his exact words in the dream. That's all I can remember.
    8. More fragments.

      by , 05-02-2017 at 06:13 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Last night, I only slept about 6 hours because I had to leave at 4:45 AM to catch a 7 AM plane flight.

      So the only dream I remember was some guy asking about tuplae.

      I also took a nap for pretty much the entire plane flight in order to make up for lost sleep. I had a (not particularly vivid, but ok) dream that I was going through airport security again. I realized that I had already gone through security, so I had to be dreaming! I then tried my new telekinesis reality check suggested by someone on here, and it worked quite well. I think I walked through security without finishing, saying something like "screw you" to the guard (I promise I'm a nice person irl c: ) and then used telekinesis to throw some random toy guns around. It worked great!
    9. The Airplane Conspiracy

      by , 01-16-2017 at 07:16 AM
      Morning of January 16, 2017. Monday.

      There is some sort of conspiracy related to a hospital serving as an “airport” for certain flights, this being unknown to the passengers. Apparently, they experiment on the passengers or harvest their organs.

      There is a scene where I seem to be on an airplane, though I also see an unrealistic degree of additional details outside the airplane. The airplane lands on a boulevard near the hospital (in an unknown location), seemingly without any traffic mishaps. It even taxis into a special hangar inside the hospital.

      I somehow phase through the airplane even though I am aware that everyone else on it has gone into some sort of suspended animation (obvious autosymbolism for being asleep and dreaming). I am in the hangar and see several other people who work at the hospital approaching the airplane. They seem happy that a lot of passengers are in it. They do not even notice me at first and by the time they do, I am almost out into the hall. They start to chase me but I close the door and lock it behind me, the act of which immediately makes my dream much more vivid. (This is called “doorway reinduction”, as doors are usually autosymbolic of the implied exit point of a dream, though I have used this knowledge all my life to sustain and reinduce my dream state awareness.) The lock is a rectangular part that extends only a short way out from the face of the doorknob (by almost its full diameter), which I rotate to the left as I close the door (dream state reinduction orientation as I sleep on my left side). They cannot continue to follow me.

      Later, I notice unfamiliar patients in beds in the halls. Some of them join me as I then decide to leave the hospital rather than create any confrontations. I see doctors talking in the hall. I see at least one police officer, but I am not sure if he is corrupt and working with the hospital. Rather than going down one hall where we could get caught, I take one on the left of two choices, where there are no people who would question us or follow us. It seems to be a very simple evasion. We all get to the end of the hall and are able to escape.

      This is a very basic “return flight” type dream with the same overall patterns as always; the subliminal anticipation of the waking shift (which sometimes includes a falling sensation and which creates precursors that include a number of different flight symbols, though which also include elevators and staircases), the liminal space of the hall, liminal awareness of being asleep (a bed as a dream state indicator), and a doorway at the end of the hall to exit my dream though after having sustained its length a little bit by locking the first door. There is no direct preconscious factor here though it is a rather sustained unusual dream just for being based on vestibular system correlation. The organ harvesting was related to a movie we saw recently (“Inhale” from 2010). Still, it seems to imply that the collective unconscious is “experimenting” on the collective conscious, the logic being that the sleeping passengers would represent conscious selves sleeping and the hospital staff being minds active within the dream state, though I suppose it could also just be a simple metaphor for lucidity and how I am often lucid in dreams while many others are not (though I myself am not viably lucid at any point in this dream other than having a degree of the typical liminal dream control, that is, control of the dream state without in-dream awareness that I am dreaming, though my second attempt to reinduce and sustain my dream instead results in slowly waking by way of doorway waking autosymbolism, which has happened in childhood even when choosing the left door).

    10. #203: Airport checks

      by , 09-02-2016 at 01:57 AM
      I'm in an airport. I believe it's supposed to be London. I'm going through the security checks right now. I walk through an area, unsure of where exactly to go. There are barely any people. There's different checks for citizens of different countries. I'm not to sure which one is for EU citizens. In my mind I have a British passport. I finally pick where to go and am submitted to another check. I realise then that I need my passport for this check, which is in my bag. I rummage through the pockets of my clothing, pretending to be looking for it, when a display shows that they already have my passport. I am asked to sit off to the side with a white, male security employee. Of course I am. I always am. I lay down on something. I feel as if I'm at a psychologist on the couch. The guy starts talking and asking me questions. He explains that they're just gonna check if I'm really the person who I claim to be. He starts with my birthdate. "So your birthday is on the 20th of December?". No it's not. I give him my real birthdate. I realise this is a check. Why not just take my fingerprints? He continues talking to me and I reply. They're stupid questions and I realise it's more about how nervous I react to being interviewed than anything else. I stay calm, as I'm totally legit. He's carefully paying attention to my speech and asks me to speak up and be really loud. I reply along the lines of: ah of course, if I speak louder you can more easily hear the trembling and such in my voice. I have half a mind to continue talking softly. My explanation for my soft talking would be that I've lived in Indonesia, where people talk softly.
      Tags: airport, english
    11. #252 - Airport / Plane

      by , 06-30-2016 at 08:49 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember it was night and me, my friend Lajja and some other guy were hanging out. I had flown to Wellington in order to hang out with her, we were all going to fly back to Auckland tomorrow.
      I woke up in the morning and there was some issue with the flight, like Lajja had forgotten to book her tickets or we missed the plane. We have to go and get new tickets, I'm not really stressed about any of this though. We're in the waiting room which is split in two by a set of folding shutter doors. I sit in the second room while everyone else sits in the first room. I think I did it because it was quieter? The air hostess comes to tell the next few people to proceed, this happens a couple times but not once does she alert the 2nd room. I'm aware she's not doing this, the first time it happens I opened up the shutter doors a bit so she wouldn't ignore it. The 2nd time she still ignores it, so I pull the doors open all the way... The 3rd time she does it again, fucks sake. I just get up and head out instead of waiting, telling myself to just go ahead since Lajja and the other guy went with the hostess the 3rd time. I see them down on the floor below, connected to my floor by a set of escalators. Lajja and the guy are holding hands for some reason, I find this weird since they're not dating and Lajja has a boyfriend already. I head down to meet them and ask if they got the tickets, the guy says "Oh yeh, but uhh whoops I forgot yours, sorry mate". I instantly pick up that he did it on purpose, he's trying to sit alone with Lajja on the plane. I have to go buy my own ticket now.

      I'm on board of a plane, it's a sort of continuation from the last dream (though I definitely recall waking up between them). The plane is quite small with 1 or 2 seats on either side of the walkway. My dad is on the plane next to me or in front of me, we're talking and I briefly look away from him mid-conversation. When I look back at him it's my mum instead. What the...? I'm a bit confused, wasn't I just talking to my dad? Or maybe it was my mum.. Everything feels real, I decide that 'maybe' it's a dream (although I don't even feel like it is). I do a reality check and it succeeds much to my surprise. I stand up and try to stabilise, recalling some advice about making the most of lucids by maximising lucidity and awareness. My mind is a bit chaotic though... I try to force the lucidity to the max and it sort of works but the dream isn't very stable. I can tell because it was bright at first and the world was gradually getting darker and darker. I'm in my flat room now, kind of feels like everything is spinning. I try to escape the room, thinking that maybe moving and engaging the dream will help extend it. I fly out through the window but end up awake. Crap. I do a reality check and succeed, I guess I just had a false awakening. I'm in my bed, I clamber out of it and I'm wearing heaps of clothes which are a bit restricting, it's quite dark and getting darker... I wake up for real.
    12. Instant Travel to Germany for no apparent reason

      by , 03-18-2016 at 05:58 PM
      I just awoke from a bizarre dream. I went to DFW airport in a matter of seconds, then was on a connecting flight to Germany (which was instant), and then I was in Germany, however I don't know which city. I was then at a rather large house and my dad was with me. I was attempting to have a nice lady assist me with my passport or visa, and for some reason she couldn't help me without my brothers help. My brother lives in Dallas, TX and it was something like 3am when I called him and told him the situation. Well, next thing I know, my brother and my mother were at the house in Germany. After all of that effort, I had just missed the passport/visa lady because she had left. I remember feeling angry at the lack of communication. However the anger subsided and I remember the four of us walking towards a beautiful sunset or sunrise and we all felt happy. Dreams are so weird.
    13. Flying Home

      by , 01-18-2016 at 05:10 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Morning dream:

      I was at a school. I have a duty. Shin. Game . Withdraw.

      Afternoon dream:

      Night. There were zombies. We were going to take the train. I saw the train: it's a bullet train, and the sides are open but people inside don't seem to be flying out nor do they seem worried. The mood is like that before or after heavy rain. The surrounding looks destroyed. Some buildings were leveled; none were more than 1-storey high. I can see the debris all over the place, but the train looks new and undamaged.

      We walked. We took a bus? We passed by the airport. I saw Jm on the stands, like in the sports arena. People there are waiting for their plane. He's going to take a vacation outside Manila, I thought. He didn't see me but he was looking at something in my direction. We went on. I was going to take the plane too. I was going home.



      - The Afternoon dream happened in a 1-hour 45-minute sleep.
      - I took phenelephrine before sleeping but also coffee. The medicine was stronger than the coffee.
    14. Lifes waiting room

      by , 01-07-2016 at 07:03 PM
      I spent multiple dreams stuck in the same queue in an airport. maybe things are about to take off?
      Tags: airport, holiday
      dream fragment
    15. A green ghost inside of the beast! Better dream recall!

      by , 12-30-2015 at 05:25 PM (Awake to take in the view...)

      Since I've last updated my DJ, I've only had one lucid dream. It was during a nap, which occurred after a night of only 4 hours of sleep. It was a few weeks ago. The nap wasn't long at all - maybe 25 minutes - but apparently it was still sufficient for my body to go into REM sleep.

      I don't remember much about it now, due to poor note-taking on my part (hence why I've resolved to get better! see below). But what I do remember is this: Some other people and I were going to go into the "belly of the beast". We went inside the stomach of this monster. Inside, there was a whole world. Aside from a short period of time, it didn't really feel like we were inside of something.

      There was a ghost inside one of the chambers. It was green and vaguely hominid, but cartoony. I remember it singing in a haunting voice. It came closer to me and grabbed me, but oddly enough I wasn't afraid. Just entranced. It started dancing with me, swirling me around this chamber inside of a beast, and I remember thinking there was something very beautiful about that. Apparently my heart was racing too quickly out of exhilaration, because I woke up after that. My body was still in sleep paralysis when I woke up, so I kept it there, not moving at all. I tried to go back to sleep, but despite being able to stay paralyzed I wasn't able to get to sleep again.

      Then I had to wake up and take a final. D:
      Now I have resolved to get better. I've bought a new dream journal for my bedside - a 90 page spiral notebook. I had a mini composition book, and that was too small for me to record everything without having to turn pages in a sleepy fog. It didn't go over well. This one, though, is a lot nicer, and it has anchors on the front of it, so I can prepare to sail on the sea of dreams.

      Last night's dreams are as follows. Unfortunately, they were all mild to moderate nightmares of some sort. -_- And they weren't lucid. On the bright side, I woke up after each and was able to record them!

      1. I was with my dad at an airport (possibly - it was some sort of public transportation, most likely an airport). He was in a rush and getting angry at me for getting too slow. Then, I was with this other girl. (Never seen her before in real life) She was in a rush, too. I knew that she would also get angry if I was late. But I kept forgetting and dropping stuff. At one point, I lost a suitcase completely. She was getting angrier by the minute. There simply wasn't enough time for me to keep up with her.

      2. I was living in this house/shack. There were a few people living there, supposedly the same religious faith as me, who were doing drugs in the house. (Drugs aren't exactly okay for my church!) One of them was a man. I don't remember who the others were. They spoke of a red-eyed ghost cat who lived in the basement of the house, but I didn't believe them until I went downstairs. And there it was, staring directly at me. Looked kind of like Bunnicula in cat form. I freaked out, hardcore. (This is funny because I actually love cats in the waking world. Just apparently not ghost ones.) Aaaand then I woke up.

      3. I was inside of this large, white, tower-like structure. A green forest surrounded me. I was trying to get away from a group of "bad guys", as my sleep-fogged notes say. I am not sure why they were bad or what they were trying to do. It was very difficult, nearly impossible, to evade them. I somehow managed to lose my (left?) shoe and my insole to that shoe. It floated up into the air and I couldn't get it. My younger sister, standing on a platform a short ways above me, caught it and gave it back to me.

      A few more things happened (mainly being chased) that are too fuzzy right now for me to recall. Then, someone made a joke about God and Adam (or some ancient prophet? idk) being converted to the gospel. That someone looked a lot like this guy Zach from back in high school (on my sports team).

      I don't remember exactly when, but I believe that I woke up sometime during a chase scene.

      And that's it.

      As an aside, I really hope this next semester doesn't kill me. -_- Last semester was exhausting and I didn't get enough sleep. This coming semester I'm only taking 12 credits, but I'm trying to apply for a major that only accepts 40-45% of its applicants, and I've got a lot of work to do in order to get my portfolio to an acceptable level. We will see what happens.

      To anyone who may have actually managed to read this entire thing: Hope you have a wonderful day.
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