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    1. Alaska Snake Bite Bass

      by , 01-28-2017 at 10:20 PM
      I was in a house or an apartment. It might have belonged to my Dad. The floor was sand like at a beach. There were holes in the sand which seemed to be nests for snakes or insects or something. I was filling some of them up by moving sand around with my foot. My Dad asked if I could have it done by the time of some party he was planning. I said that I would try but that I wasnít sure because it takes time.

      Then things changed so that I was no longer working on a sandy floor, but instead working on a bed or mattress, filling in dips and holes in the mattress. At one point our late dog Elvis was in one of the holes as I was moving pillows around and he came out.

      Then I was in Alaska on the road and I was running into travelers. Somebody was traveling with a bunch of young women who may have been prostitutes. I met a couple travelers who were headed to Oklahoma. They said they had begun their journey in Pennsylvania. I replied that they were really taking the long way. They said that they really wanted to visit Alaska.

      The scene changed. I might have still been in Alaska but I was at music club and I had been given an upright bass. I was just starting to fool around with it. There were two guys, one of whom had a beginnerís music book. They kept telling me to play different simple 3 note songs. At first I went along with it. But then I moved the upright bass over a divider into a corner of the room. As I moved the bass I made a joke to a man that was sitting close by that I hope I didnít stick him in the privates with the stick-like stand that protrudes from the bottom of the bass.

      I began to play a David Lynch-type jazz scale. I was kind of managing to play that. Then Peg said that when I hit certain notes it hurt her feet or her knee. She was sitting close to the bass and it may have been bumping into her. But I said that I needed to hit those notes and asked her to be patient with me.

      So, I was playing that Lynchian piece and I had my hand high up on the neck of the bass and there were snakes up in the corner of the room and they began biting both of my arms repeatedly. I was okay, though. I posed for a photo for Peg, showing off the bites, because we thought it would look cool. Then she moved out of the way so a man from the press could take a photo.
    2. Alaska

      , 07-31-2016 at 11:45 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night went to bed at 6pm. Slept till 3am

      Had at least 4 distinct dreams. Last one, we talked about traveling and comparing sand from some beach to sand from Nile.

      Yesterday's dream:
      I'm in Alaska.
      Somebody has a problem with 2 spirits, a boy and a girl spirit. I'm recommending someone to take care of it, but then we realize tha person has connection to spirits as well.

      I'm walking on a street. I have only regular shoes on, so I'm careful not to slip. Streets are covered with ice from snow that melted then froze again. It's very slipery, has some puddles and it's not even. I get to some stores and restaurant that have an awning and that makes the walkway a bit more safe. I'm thinking I should eat there some local Alaskan fish, since I'm in Alaska.
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    3. Dire Wolves

      by , 03-03-2015 at 02:58 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      After messing around with magnets, and having a mixed drink, I'm driving down the street with my step brother. There's no one on the road, and we're cruising along at around 40 mph. We both spot something coming right at us up ahead in the road. It's moving fast. I slow down in case it hits us. Bigger than our car, it is a massive wolf. The head of which is a good 5 ft long, and really really big. He bares his fangs at us, and turns his head as he runs past us along the road in the opposite lane.

      Feeling very vulnerable, even in the car, the road gets too snowy to drive on, so I have to get out and walk if I want to make it home. It also gets really steep. Apparently, I'm crossing the continental divide over the Rocky Mountains to get to some town in Colorado. But man is this steep, and with snow up to my chest, it's really hard to push through it. I see a few more of these beastly wolves all around me, just off the side of the road, watching me slowly make my way up the road. I get the feeling that they are guiding me, and probably won't eat me. Just probably though, so I keep my eyes on them. Luckily, I have a towel with me, so I use it to lay on, pushing the snow down to make it easier to wade through.

      Since this might take me a while, I put on my hat and mittens that were in my pockets this whole time. The wolves watch me to do. I nearly lose sight of the road with so much snow, but see a massive wolf laying down in the snow ahead of me, so I walk toward it. Or to my death, but it's not like I can out run them anyway. To my left I see a few snow mobiles and four wheelers abandoned in the snow, just lightly dusted with fresh snowfall, but still with the keys in the ignition. Several of them are still running.

      I think about stealing one, but decide against it. I bet whoever owns them would be pissed to come back and find it gone. So I walk past them. The road disappears, and I am looking over a 300 ft cliff. But in actuality, I'm just standing on some snow that is packed into the branches of a huge tree with snowmobiles stuck in it. Before I get the chance to even think about how this situation might have happened, unusual as it is, I feel the snow start to give way. I run toward the tree and grab onto the trunk as the snow and machines fall to the ground far below. I hear the tree start to crack apart too, so I grab a falling branch and swing down on it to the midway point of the tree. I feel incredibly lucky to have survived that, and now bear hug the trunk to slow my decent as I slide straight down the icy tree.

      Landing hard in the snow, the tree starts to tip over toward me. WTF! I run super fast and dodge it while also noticing some people on the opposite side. I decide to see if they need any help, but I'm going really fast the opposite direction, so I drag my feet stopping like a hockey player, just with a 40 ft slide. Just in time though. As I stop, I notice a fence around the whole area where the tree fell, on the outside of which are a lot of those massive wolves. Just a whole lot more menacing and vicious looking than before. Growling, barking, and drooling, they give me the deathliest stares I've ever gotten from an animal. I bet if I had crossed that fence I would've been killed. Luckily there is a small town here that has some sort of magical wolf boundary or truce. Seems like a small town from Alaska.
    4. Plane Ride to Alaskan Bar

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:37 AM

      I am on a plane, looking down on the passing ground far below. The ground looks muddy, brown and boulder strewn. Either the sides and floor of the plane are transparent or I am able to see through the opaqueness. I am seated on the floor of the plane, not a seat. I have the feeling that my mom is on the plane with me, possibly in a seat behind me, however I am not sure as my recollection is spotty.

      As the plane begins to descend, a large hill, of the same consistency as the surrounding ground, suddenly appears. The plane skims over it and may have ever so slightly hit it (spotty recollection). Many of the passengers on the plane freak out as this happens. I myself am calm and serene while this happens. I know, somehow, that we wouldn't crash and that the danger was not real or immanent (slight lucidity?).

      The plane lands in what I vaguely think is a layover in Alaska. The passengers head to this bar-club-restaurant(?) owned by the pilot. There is an outside bar with an overhang connected to the main building surrounded by vague Alaskan forest (no snow as far as I can remember). The outside bar is moderately crowded, the inside looking more so.

      I am at the outside bar looking at their beer menu. The menu is a single page, white paper and laminated/plastic-covered. I think that it is a pretty decent selection with Abita, Palm and a few others that I don't recall, however nothing really interests me. An older women walks out of the inside portion of the building and strolls to the outside bar, directly next to me. She is holding a drink, possible two in her hand(s). She asks if I am getting the vodka, presumably what she is drinking, and tells me it is great. I then ask, either the bartender or women (poor recollection) if they had a *Moscow Mule. I remember nothing else.

      *I found out about the drink and tried making it at home a few days ago (real life).
    5. Airport extremely vivid dream!

      by , 09-09-2011 at 02:34 PM (The Universe of Infinite Possibilities.)
      This was one of my most vivid dreams I have experienced in a while. The scene began with me, my mom, and my dad standing at the airport in line waiting for this woman to get her bags checked. She opened up one of her bags and she had a scorpion inside her bag and in another bag she had a fish. The TSA stopped her and started questioning her, and we had missed our flight due to her stopping the line. We later came outside and started walking around. The dream then proceeded to me and my parents being questioned with other people in the airport. The TSA agent showed us a cool little toy that he threw at the wall and it came back to him. I believe it was a taser. Then a gunfight broke out and one of my relatives but not my mom or dad had died. It was one of my relatives but they were really far away from me meaning that they weren't close to me. So after a gun fight broke out and we all started shooting each other. I got shot and then I woke up.

      The second dream I had was me, dad, mom, grandma, and grandpa somewhere in Alaska. We had arrived and got into some car and we were driving and we saw about 100 cruise ships all leaving the harbor and I said to my dad that I was on one of those cruises(which I was in RL) and he said no! That's the Emerald Princess(which i was not on) and we later started driving to my grandparents house. It began snowing extremely heavily and we began driving faster. My grandma mentioned to my dad to start driving faster because the wheels would lock up in the snow. We started driving and then arrived at my grandparent's house. My grandparent's left the car and entered this creepy looking house. The dream ended after that.
    6. Visit to an Alaskan Dog Breeder

      by , 06-25-2011 at 10:21 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm talking about traffic density with one of my brother's classmates, Sam S. We have a nice visual aid as we discuss, a projected map of Earth with different traffic patterns as different colors. There are black/white and red/blue modes that show routes of transit quite clearly. Sam gives the example of dogsled races as an unforseen variable that brings lots of traffic to untraveled areas, and illustrates this with the map. The display changes to a 3-D view, showing the swath of tree destruction caused by tourists to the races. Obviously I'm disturbed by this, so I get my family to travel to Alaska to check it out.

      Transition to outside the home of one of Alaska's most prominent breeders. We talk about the science of breeding; for whatever reason my parents call heritable traits "actions." Conveniently, the breeder has a poster that's basically an illustrated Punnet square for nose shape, with each genotype's phenotype shown and discussed. My dad talks about technique, and speaks of backcrossing by "taking the best female dog and getting offspring with her son."

      We continue to walk to the breeder's backyard; I feel a cool breeze quite vividly. Finally we see the breeder, who is on a deck high above us. He pays us no notice, as he's managing an owl on his shoulder with an unusually big head. He releases the bird, and as it flies down to earth it seems to grow larger. It's practically human sized as it hits the ground in the neighboring yard. This belongs to an apartment complex, and two pretty girls clad only in towels giggle (and maybe flash us) as we look up at them. I comment to myself that it must be cold up there, but the owl has my attention. I marvel at the breeder and say "I want to be the guy!" My dad smirks and says, "You probably already are." Dream ends, but that's probably the best dialogue recall I've had in a long time.

      2. I'm playing a Terminator 3 arcade game. It's quite high-tech, with Kinect type technology, but it keeps glitching and showing the body recognition data instead of the game proper.
    7. Porcupine, Yellowstone, OCC crew

      by , 02-14-2011 at 09:13 PM
      A few dreams that I liked from the last few days

      2/12-13. 130. 8. Somewhere camping? Have an RV. Thereís a group of us. Then a porcupine comes out and is following me because it likes me, but Iím trying to keep away from it so it doesnít stick me. Try to get onto the RV, but another guy is trying to do the same

      2/11-12. 1030. Going to Yellowstone but itís in Alaska. Coastline looks like Unalakleek, AK coastline (see it as we fly in, but looks like I see it from space). Go to a National Park and it has a huge crystal blue lake, very round. Visitor center is a tall building that is a mile high. Sean is there. Weíre talking to the information desk person and I lean on the glass window to look outside and realize Iím afraid of heights, become anxious. I buy a glove for some reason, but itís just one. Later (in a darker room a few floors below the information desk floor) I try to buy a set of gloves but they cost $65. Mom is there and tell her the price

      2/10-11. 1130. 410. Riding bikes. Almost out of gas, but have enough to get home. On the freeway, then bike cuts out so I pull over where thereís an onramp. Sitting in the area between the the onramp and freeway. Vinny and Paulie from OCC are with me. ďItís riding funny.Ē Vinny is kind of mad. My bike has ape hangers. Iím able to loosen the bars by twisting the screw that tightens them. Paulie jokes and calls his friend to help out. Vinny shows me a shop he bought called Lipps ĎLectric (or ĎLectrical). A little rundown looking and in what looked like an older part of the town. Was like The Showcase at some point, and then Iím in it and thereís some girl talking about the best played here and kids would get punched in the head. Punk scene. Area was familiar from another dream
    8. Walking from Alaska

      by , 07-30-2010 at 09:45 AM
      The dream is a pretty vivid one. I am with my mother somewhere in Alaska wandering around on the small, snowy streets. We get into a shop which was actually more of a bar. Some people are inside drinking on the massive wood tables. I want to buy something but all i can buy is bubblegum. Therefore i decide to get some but my mom disagrees. After a share of weird replicas like" But i want to" i get some. We walk outside and head forward. From behind a man walks past us. He looked awe-full and was walking randomly in the same slow pace. After this encounter i find myself in Radauti(a small city near where i live) in some sort of hospital. IRL the place is a glasses shop but i was there with a doctor and and one of my colleagues from school. In that place there was also a piano but i guess because i listened to some piano covers before going to bed. The rest of my classmates were outside just walking in circles. Presumably they were headed to a club but in that rithm we'd have to wait for one to be built near us . I keep moving between the hospital and my the group. At one point some kids start shooting at me with some toy guns. This is probably my first dream in which i feel pain. The dreams just goes like this with me waling around and talking to my friends , looking at the kids, at a patient in the so-called hospital and refusing a friend who asked me to carry their backpack home.
    9. 7/27/10 Why am I in Alaska?

      by , 07-28-2010 at 09:33 PM (WarriorTiger's Visions of Misconceptions)
      I meditated again last night before going to sleep. I again remember a dream... It makes me kinda wonder if this is going to keep working!

      I am in Alaska with my family. All of my cousins are there, and everyone from my mom's side except my Aunt Lisa. I run off to go find her. Somewhere along the way I find a sort of roller coaster water slide. It was also a sport thing. Anyway I climb up it and slide down and end up making the longest jump ever. My Aunt had been watching the entire thing. She came over and was very proud of me. It was like before she had her accident. My parents after some time came to find me. They met up with Aunt Lisa. I was in the bathroom changing. All of my clothes were soaking and it was chilly in the air. Something happened and a sort of fight broke out. I don't know what, I just know it was between my mom and Aunt.

      The rest of the family vacation went off without a hitch. I went back the next year to compete in the competition again, making sure I wore a wet suit. Some guys were there too. Apparently I had told them that the winner of their competition could marry me.. They had been fighting about it for a while.
      I woke up before I knew who won.
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