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    1. 2 Cups to Save the World and the man with the black tipped pointed nail- non-lucid

      by , 04-09-2019 at 03:37 PM
      The cup is golden, with ornate stripes on the outside, and about the size of an espresso cup. It vibrates to the point of ringing when a certain mountaintop is mentioned. This cup is destined to save the world from impending doom. However, it is in the hands of the wrong group of people and they are headed to the mountain top to gain what will be gained...

      But this small group of good guys are trying to figure out a way to save the world, for pure reasons.

      A guru had been granted ancient wisdom, along with a second cup, to provide insight to the ones he believed could save the world- but, only if necessary. It appears that is the case, now. So he advised us about the destination and the cup, granting it to our group.

      We make it through the first mountain tier and camp for the night. The second tier is surrounded by chain link fence- there doesn't appear a way around, so we will need to devise a plan.

      As we are doing so and conversations are taking place, there are explosions elsewhere- indicating our need was ever dire. One of our younger members decides to tell this gentlemen (and would-be suitor) about this second cup. This man is neither bad nor good, but does not know the importance of keeping this secret.

      The bad guys know we are devising a plan, but do not know what- as of yet. On the news, they show one of 'our guys' doing something bad- punishable by death. He is being pursued by soldiers.

      I am observer in this scenario. One of the soldiers, neither good nor bad, was pursuing our guy through a door, when he glimpsed the same visage turn the corner around the building. So curiously, he pursues this other man and points his gun to him.

      Should he shoot? Who is he? This man in front of the soldier was older than the one he had been assigned to pursue, but had the same beard (short, brown) and the same long nail on his right middle finger- black tip.

      This man was from a future but from a different timeline- in which he sided with the bad guys.

      I think the older version may have intended to infiltrate our group by saying the reason for age progression was from x,y, or z- something that would not make us question his loyalty.

      Back at camp, we hear the parties going on- celebrating the frame job (our guy was captured- the world was now 'safe').

      Due to the ignorance of the would-be suitor, as he had seen the news clip- he lets the bad guys know we have the cup.

      The bad guys arrive and the woman in charge uses some sort of magic- knocking us back and the cup loose. She took the cup and walked off triumphantly. Now they have both cups!

      But hope is not lost. The would-be suitor recognizes his mistake and wants to make amends. We all sit and devise a plan, but there should only be two that set off for the mountaintop- he will be one of them. The other will either be the most wise, or the young female who told the would-be suitor of the cup.

      Before bed I listened to this song:


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    2. Sleeping in the forest

      by , 04-09-2019 at 02:24 AM
      April 5, 2019

      I'm in a pine forest near a cabin, getting ready to go to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground. It's a beautiful warm night, with lots of stars in the sky. I'm looking forward to sleeping outdoors among the pine trees. My wife comes out of the cabin to see how I'm doing. I tell her I'm fine. But then, right before our eyes, a vertical crack opens up in the trunk of the pine tree closest to me, creating a crackling sound. It's maybe a foot long, 1-inch wide, and 2-inches deep. I point it out to my wife, but she's not really interested and goes back inside. The crack then gets a lot bigger, with more crackling sounds. It's now maybe 3 feet long, 3-inches wide, and 6 inches deep. Then, after a few more seconds, the entire tree falls over, with a loud crash. It fell away from me, but if it had hit me I wouldn't have survived. I'm now wondering if it might not be such a great idea to fall asleep out there with all these trees around me.

      Comments: Didn't take any supplements, but my wife came home from a trip and woke me up almost 2 hours after I'd fallen asleep. Interesting that it was a dream about wanting to go to sleep, but in an environment where sleeping was a dangerous thing to do. Maybe my SC was trying to make me think of sleeping so I'd realize I was dreaming and become lucid. Too bad it didn't work. Would have been fun to be lucid in a forest on a warm summer night.