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    1. Make me better

      by , 04-18-2019 at 03:12 AM
      3-4nld.I was so despondent. So dejected, so discouraged, disheartened, despaired. I thought I didn't get any lucidity 2 days in a row. Well turns out it was only 1 day. But still I felt like giving up. I know I'm getting better, but I wish it was easier and simpler.

      Why can't it be more straightforward. If I needed to do tree pose for an hr straight everyday for lucidity I will do that. If I had to do a thousand jumping jacks then well ill do that too. But what am I suppose to do? I just want it to be easy! I just want it to be easy...

      But I do know the mistakes I made last night. I browsed on the phone too much. I was browsing for a reusable notepad to write down DJ in also himalayan pink salt. Although I meditated quite a bit, I was also exhausted and I probably didn't have the mental clarity in the dream.

      I don't know! I wish I could more easily gauge my progress. I just want to know that my efforts are not in vain. I just want to know that I'm doing it right.

      I just wish my dream will light the path for me... Yeah I know, lay still, I'm getting there but. I just want to know what to do, what to focus on...

      Do I do grc all day? If that will work I can do that.

      Do I focus on MILD and shadow work throughout that? I can do that.

      Do I visualize or incubate the dream I want? I can do that.

      But i just want to know... What to focus on...

      Someone or something guide me... I'm crying for help.

      Light the way, show me a sign
      Dry my tears face my fears
      Left or right ill make it alright
      As long as I got the goal in sight

      The despair in my heart dances wickedly
      Yet I will conquer it definitely
      Left but only clarity
      Practice always sincerely

      Just when... Right when I was about to give up...

      Magic happened because I kept going.

      Make me better than ever before.

      Yay! Now super-omnilucidity!

      Always super-omnilucid dreamer


      Dream about a dragon and something FA into another dream.


      Dream about a crime scene investigated by the police. I'm being unfairly accused, speak up get on with my way. I find the culprit on the top floor of the building. Looks like the tall square library. He's staying in this building and is like a hotel. He had some weapons and drugs laying around. I grab a missile launcher and launch it at him. And I leave the building.

      I'm waking by the river or lake, as I walk away from the building. There is a zombie, kind of an immortal thing thats just hard to kill. I had some drugs from the building and therew it. the zombie just entertained itself endlessly with it. I get away and something about the mafia happens.


      I dream that I'm at a kind gaming tournament. The rooms are like a bowling ball alley without the bowling stuff. I find myself taking care of baby moon. People are targeting the baby and I am running away with the baby. I must keep him alive!


      Always easily omnilucid

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