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    1. What is norm

      by , 03-27-2019 at 07:54 PM
      So i don't think I had a dream today, had a tiny AP though.

      I was in my bed and felt that "feeling" when you know you can push yourself out. I got myself out, bedroom, things were clearer this time, no darkness. I rubbed my hands to stabilize or clear, but the experience ended soon.

      Things I shuld take note are:

      Yes it seems Ld experience every 2 days is the norm now, no doubt about it. Ld everyday is close... tomorrow! hehee, then every dream. Then focus will be on lengthening. Perhaps should begin that now.

      I might be rem depraved, probably will have extra dreams if I nap or next time I sleep.

      I shouldn't focus on stablization. Focusing so that might be a subconscious fear of things coming apart.

      My idea is to master the art of Teleportation. So I can leave this environment. Being in the bedroom might make you focus on your physical body and that gets you there.

      The teleport technique i been conceptualizing is to create a black hole, then transform that into a portal that people can walk in. I've previously tried teleporting by spinning but it doesn't work half the time and usually has side effects. Could also try closing eyes and visualizing.

      Lack of rem might be from gravity RC, it's making me really aware. It's working too well. I'm catching hypnogogic states immediately and getting too excited. RELAX MORE next time. Maybe not too much, need to find the perfect balance, like an acrobat on a rope. The rope being LD. I recall previous counts of people getting less recall from GRC initially--I believe this might be caused by this too much increase in awareness. Perhaps more SWS forced by the body from the workout.

      AND I got super advice from skipper regarding MILD. Now my MILD is unstoppable! I'll post what he said if I he says it's OK so that could help everyone who's working on mild. Shadow work!

      I'll add more in comments if I nap and dream or receive insights.

      Unstoppable like the force of nature yet rem depraved Lucid dreamin' Lucid dreamer
    2. Friday, March 22

      by , 03-27-2019 at 06:16 PM
      I am with Melissa, Dad, and Scottie. Iím pretty sure weíre going somewhere, but right now, we are sitting at a picnic style table right adjacent to a street intersection. Dad has a store bought card for Scottie, and I have made a card for Melissa. It is smaller and looks like a regular card except for its left side being the shape of half of a heart. Itís come out wrong though - it opens upside down or something like that. Scottie comments nicely on our bringing cards. I notice she is wearing a light lime green hoodie. The front is full of a list of Ďantií somethings in a white and all caps font; I notice ĎANTITRUMPí towards the bottom and the hoodieís pocket. I think about how supporters would take offense to this, yet nonchalantly be Ďantií many things. Iím now walking along a sidewalk, I think with just Dad and Melissa or Dad and Makayla. This neighborhood is not too far off the main road, yet it still feels removed. It feels like midtown/oldtown. The houses are smaller (some are two stories though, I think) and close to this street and to each other. The look somewhat whimsical. I notice an address in number plaques on the houseís wall - 5150 or something like that. I either think or say that I like this neighborhood. We now end up at the bottom of a long hill with a place sprawled across it. The long house/building atop is an off white. There are tall and droopy trees and an older cement pathway winding up the hill. There is a black man sitting outside somewhere here, rambling about something. I notice a few chains with hooks on their ends hanging down from something (the trees probably?). I know that theyíre for musicians to attach to when they play. I think I get an image of that scene in my head. I think they swing on them. In fact, the man starts rambling about this. I grab onto one as I ascend this hill and let it go when I reach the top. It mustíve shortened or something, as it doesnít swing back and hit me. I imagine what itíd be like or feel like if it did. There are circular patio tables and their steels chairs placed all around. The rest of it seems to be a pretty empty cement plaza. I think this place is called The Project, and I remember coming here a while ago and liking it. I am now by another house. This house also has a large grassy area and patio tables. There is an absolute plethora of tables though - I canít even imagine that many people being here at once. I enter the house, following Lindsey. There is a long closet on the entrywayís left. It is open or partially open, allowing me to see a row of hanging coats. There is a grey and a green one; the rest look like duplicates of either, possibly just in another size. I wonder why. Lindsey sees me looking, and it is slightly awkward for a moment. Weíre back outside now, in the back or side yard. I think I comment on all the tables. It sort of reminds me of an Alice in Wonderland type garden party. She and I each drag a chair a ways out onto the vast and lush lawn. She sits and is going to trim her pubic hair, I think with scissors. I think sheís wearing a skirt that she can lift high enough. I can see the very tops of her thighs, but not much else. She asks me to go get/do something, trying to get me to leave so she can be alone. I know what sheís doing, but oblige anyway by joining a blond kid that is running around. He starts to race, and I find myself unable to run as fast as him. I think it must be because Iím not even trying my hardest. I see the Dots game (that Iíve been playing on my phone) is being played in the distance, like itís projected onto the sky or something. It seems like dusk or twilight.

      I am in what looks like a cross between a warehouse and Winco aisle. I am with some others that I think are movie characters but that I know? We are slowly making our way down the aisle, punching packages of soda cans as we go. I punch one repeatedly and it will not break open, so I take out my pocket knife and dramatically slit the wrapping open. One of the guys is by me when I do so and for some reason derives great joy from it. It is somehow like an idyllic scene from a movie. I remark that 80s movies are really good, that 90s movies are okay too, but not as good. It feels like I/we have just been in a few 80s movies. These others agree with my sentiment. We are now further into this building and sitting around a square and fairly tall table. Two of the others are Ashley M from work and McKenzie Retzer. McKenzie is in very small shorts and a tank top. She is sweaty and lifting her arms to check for a pattern/ring of deodorant stain. She has some specific term for it. I can feel sweat all over my body as well, and I check for the same. I think I do have it but canít see it. Ashley, what is to my right, gives me two barbell weights. I sort of fuck around with them and then start lifting one straight away from my body on my right. She tells me my arms are strong. I am conscious/self conscious of being observed (by her and myself). I say that they used to be, which she repeats sarcastically/rhetorically. McKenzie tells me Iím scheduled for another workout next Saturday. I tell her Iím glad she signs me up for things or else Iíd never do anything.
    3. 2 lucid dreams

      by , 03-27-2019 at 10:36 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Had 2 lucid dreams and then woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. black peppercorns, dungeon, boss

      by , 03-27-2019 at 01:11 AM
      Might not have enough time to write everything so I'll just write what I can and add to it later if I can. It's nice to type on the pc, it's way faster than on the phone

      So I had 2 dreams I think. First one wasn't very clear so I don't recall it too well. Second one I believe was split into 3 parts so it could be considered 3 dreams, seperated by micro awakenings or so?

      So about the dream.

      +++dream1 to 3ish++

      So I was selling something to a dealer/merchant/noble. No, not drugs. As I tried to recall it harder throughout the day I believe it was spices or something similar. Although I felt like it's completely random upon further thought, I recalled that yesterday I was quite interested in black peppercorns in my dram last night. Sounds a little far fetched but the dreams are getting linked together! Very cool, would love to have continuation in dreams much like Hukif's DJ if I can choose to do that.

      So After Selling the peppercorn, I made a fortune. The setting was in a middle age europe kind of setting. It was times when spices were super expensive and worth more than gold. So yeah. I was balling.

      So around here my memory may be a little foggy I remember the details but I'm a little uncertain which happened first.

      So what happend was either I hired a bunch of people as my underlings or I began to explore a dungeon that was in that city.

      So maybe underlings aren't the right word. I just hired a bunch of people, either that or more likely they just became my followers and we formed a kind of a mafia/yakuza entity that was pretty powerful or something. Ofc I was the DON No we were not a evil illegal entity or anything but just not a standard entity. Maybe closer to being the final boss kind of deal, but we were totally good guys, I swear.

      Anyways I was deciding on who would becoming my right hand man or woman. I had this lady who ended up being my right hand. She was worried though that someone else might replace her position eventually and that I wouldn't give her the love she receives from me as her boss if she wasn't the right hand. I think she did end up being replaced but I assured her that I loved her all the same - mind you not romantic love totally just love of caring about someone else yep.

      So yeah I think the building he had was a japanese style old fashioned, with doors that you could open by sliding in one direction, rather than western doors where you pull or push. And the furnishing were of similar style; no huge furnatures and stuff, just a few mats that you could sit on.

      So our mission was to clear this dungeon that presided in the city. I'm unsure how many floors it had. But our goal was to reach to the bottom. I believe the closest range of floors it had was between 50 to 100 floors.

      I think the goal, which was to get to a treasure probably, is just my goal of Super Lucid Dreaming. Getting to the bottom of it or the treasure is achieving the GOAL!

      So as we were clearing the dungeon, we were doing some stuff that wasn't suppose to happen. We just skipped a bunch of floors to jump 20+ floors at a time towards the end, didn't manage to reach the end in the dream though. So we were finding glitches in the matrix or exploits much like in a game to get to our goal faster. Yep. Totally ethical and fair. Dungeon walls were brownish if I recall, A little earthy but solid.I think it was me and my right hand (the lady) who led the expedition. We'd get the ancient relic and proceed to WORLD DOM- just kidding.

      I think maybe around this part I replace my right hand. Didn't want her to get hurt or something maybe. She's plenty strong and competent but don't want to get all emotional if something happens.

      The scene ends here I think.

      Replay scene. Selling stuff again. But this time I get a bad noble or something who tries to rip me off. He offered 1/4 of a cent per some unit of measurement for my goods. I get mad and flip everything off. I think ended up getting a good nobleman who sorted things out and punished the bad one. Now I am uncertain whether I went to a dining room to dine with him in the beginning of the dream or at the end, but when I met the good noble (I think he invited me for food, either at home or at office dining room), it was a maroon or dark red kind of dining room. Relatively small, without any extravagant furnishing but you could clearly tell that everything was of high quality. The tables and chairs were of similar dark maroon color that matched the room.

      The dream ends here probably+++

      So if I was to use my imagination to piece it all together. Last night I've released my emotional blocks, found black peppercorns. The black peppercorns (whatever it represented), helped me raise funds for my expedition. And my expedition was into a deep underground dungeon that where I would discover my treasure/goal - Super Lucid Dreaming.

      So I also practiced a little Gravity RC today, it was pretty awesome. I kept getting the urges to try it out so I did. I realized it came naturally to me and it was similar to a personal meditation method that I did year prior. Anyways the two connected and I had this strange moment when I went to pee in the bathroom. I just began to feel the gravitational force in everything around me, inside my organs, outside my body. Pretty interesting. Also trying a new breathing method. I'm stacking the two together. If I do one, I will try to do the other.