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    1. Naps and REM.

      by , 05-01-2019 at 10:18 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Sometimes, I slide into REM very quickly. People say that this isn't possible, but it happens, so.

      I was going through an art tutorial, and fell asleep towards the end of it. Only for like 5-10 minutes. During this time, I had a brief dream involving being rescued by a lady from a body of water, possibly a pool or an ocean. My memory of this is very faint, but it definitely happened.

      Fascinating stuff!
      Tags: nap
    2. trying to journal more.

      by , 05-01-2019 at 04:21 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Well, it's been a few days. and I keep not remembering non lucids. So it's time to log some I had today. I had to take 2 melatonin today just to sleep in the afternoon. (I work nights)

      netflix and what?

      Just a brief micro dream while falling asleep of me and Jamie in my bedroom. we are lying on my bed, which is too small for the both of us but we are trying to manage. We are picking a show on netflix. she is using a remote. IRL I use an xbox controller.

      crazy ass Castle.

      I'm in some abandoned houses. There seems to be a whole district of them! As a lover of abandoned places I think i've struck gold. After exploring a few I notice some extremely shady homeless people nearby. I remember i'm on a mission or something to find a castle. I go outside and it's right there across the street. It looks really evil, it is really glossy back. It's also surrounded by a black glossy fence that looks like it would cut you if you tried to go over it. I cross the street to try to break in. but then I notice some women with black angel wings guarding the fence They are all dressed in black, and in Gothic sort of makeup. Every 20 ft or so another girl is posted. I avoid a mean looking one to my left and decide to walk on the sidewalk to my right. Another fence materializes on the side by the road, so I am walking between two fences. The blond gaurd comes up to me, She had a clack spear but doesn't threaten me with it. She asks in a friendly way where I am going. I say I am trying to reach someplace else. I was lying. She warns me not to tread further. She seems nice though and we start having some conversation I can't remember.

      Suddenly I am back in my neighbourhood talking to Jay, my neighbour telling him about the place I found. He mentions the abandoned district and says That's a very dangerous plave to explore.

      Transitions I am in my house in a different bedroom. There is a younger woman there and I have my arm around her. She seems to be my girlfriend in this dream.

      Transitions again and I am in a basement with my old co worker Jeff. We are watching UFC or something on a giant 80 inch TV. I ask him when he got an 80 in TV? He laughs and says he doesn't know.

      Transitions again, I seem to be back in the town where the castle is. I seem to live close by. Jay asks me to go into his abandoned house or something to retrieve something. I go but can't figure out which house it is. I walk further to catch a glimpse of the abandoned district again. Then I turn back.

      Back in my house now and my dad is there. I am supposed to get a screwdriver or something for him. He tells me to look in his bag. I check the one he asks but all I find is clothes. I go to tell him this isn't the right bag, and it's here my alarm wakes me.

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    3. Gotta get up

      by , 05-01-2019 at 03:29 AM
      I did not sleep very much. Yesterday's meditation time was different than usual. That could be the cause or more likely I wanted to know the ending of a book.

      Had very short micro rem.

      Had only a little time left to sleep

      I saw a scene in an auditorium or gym with people huddled together. Looked like a high school announcement in the gym. At the end of the row apart from everyone else sat a guy. He didn't seem very special or anything but all the other students were crazy about him. I felt or just read their thoughts and they belived he was really amazing badass. Truth is that he wasn't people just randomly believed in him.

      His back story was that he just ended up in bunch of circumstances that caused misunderstanding for everyone. Around here I remember I gotta get up soon so I decide to wake up.

      -I'm not sure if i was lucid, I was just aware that I had to wake up. Would I have been more lucid if I had more sleep?

      -I believe the guy in dream was incubated to a story I read a couple of weeks ago. He had a similar story.

      -the wanting to wake up was incubated from right before sleep. I probably could have incubated something else much better and turn it into an enjoyable Ld.


      I reached this higher frequency of buzzing in my head by focusing on it. Felt interesting could be beneficial. Or could have overdone it before sleep.

      incubation time still fast.

      Need to lay more still

      Feeling like I'm more confident about Ld in general

      Always lucid dreamin