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    1. Game Baby, alien, God four petal orb

      by , 04-01-2019 at 08:14 PM
      Maybe 2 of the dreams not recalled. Will add info later if I recall or to add detail.

      Can't recall notes I made in the darkness of night was too messy. May have been just hypno.

      Game Baby
      Twitch stream of wc3, added surround skill to orc. I thought it was op. Watching TV, I see a lady with a baby. She asks me to hold the baby for a while. Had trouble holding, this baby was big and kept moving. I drop a little near the ground 2 inches so it's ok. Hold the baby again.


      More hypnog image. Appears and disappeared when I blink the inner eyes.

      I'm waking up and feel an AP thing coming so before I get there I quickly think of (I feel it could be short) something to do. I think "meet aliens" as I get vibrations. I hear an ear piercing sound that is kind of beep boop but doesn't pierce me. Perhaps alien language. Stayed relatively calm but experience ended.


      (there may be a dream right here)

      Art class. God? Petals
      I'm inside a classroom. I'm exploring and find a small room that's partitioned from the main class. I enter it and there are a few students there. There may have been familiar hs classmates. I'm trying to read the interesting t-shirt or something of a girl there. It's hard to read but she walks away. I was really curious. "I was reading that!" she says something, I forget.

      I go to another room of the same class and the class is about to start. All the kids are getting ready but where am I suppose to go? I find an empty desk and I see others looking, or telling me like I'm suppose to be in the class. But I'm not! I haven't been in art class for a long time.

      "Is this real?" I suppose I gained awareness. I questioned what is reality. Is what is in front of me, that appears so real the reality? Or when I am awake, in my physical body in bed the reality? What is the ultimate reality? These thoughts overwhelm me.

      I felt tiresome of it all. I did not feel like following the dream plot or go exploring. I just sat on the desk, placed my head on it and began sleeping. I just thought "I don't care what is real anymore, I just want to be with you (God)"

      I'm feeling my body in my bed. With the ap feeling. I feel buzzing and focus on it while four green loctus petals appear in the middle of the darkness. The buzzing comes on an off, it's more gentle than the alien time... It's buzzing similar to the time when I met the man in my LD who said would teach me true meditation. The buzzing I got then was similar.

      Each time it buzzed, the loctus glowed. Like firefly. This continued until the petals were replaced with a magnificent orb, glowing brilliantly in bright w light with every color of the rainbow. It also glows stronger with every buzz. It was so peaceful, serene. Loving and pure, just like that time...



      Dreams clearer lately

      believe the ap ish thing that happens will last a long time.

      Getting alot of hypnogogic that disperses. These became Ld before, what changed? Look into a way to make it stable. Could be a great wild. It disperses while blinking or staring. Perhaps this will automatically improve when grc becomes auto.

      Getting consistent lucidity but,
      Need to plan something specific to do, when lucid. Maybe add that to mild or visualize.

      Progress is great

      Do mild, shadow work, grc!

      Lucid dreaming all the time!

      ++extra edit notes
      Thought of art class in between sleep. Likely the source of dream, very fast incubation time.

      "is this for real?" is lyric of lucid dream song i made and sing sometimes. May have helped. Should I share it?

      Green is heart Chakra, 4 is root. I often visualize a world where everyone loves each other. The base (root) of that worlds existence is love. The orb is a thing. Source of all. As portrayed to me in a Ld.

      Perhaps practice visualization more again, I think those times I could turn hypno into Ld easily.

      Super lucid dreaming always

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