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    1. Super AI Milk

      by , 04-20-2019 at 01:00 AM
      I was heading down the long pathway down the large hill. It was a path I took as a child attending a certain elementry school while in Japan. The path was about 8 km. I was heading down this path with myself and two other kids. The two kids were the grandchildren of some music and artists people. We headed towards the school.

      After getting there I was in a classroom. I think I had trouble writing out the character specified by a teacher. It was the character for "east." MA. The teacher was talking down on me. I reprimand the teacher, telling him how they'd have similar trouble if they were to learn english.

      Anyways I have makeup on or something. It's way too much and orange/yellow themed. It's too drying and a DC tells me that it's bad for your skin. Also told by DC to moisturize.

      -likely memories of the pathways
      maybe dream telling me to moisturize

      I am doing a team sports. Kind of like soccer. I am a talented young boy who is playing that sport. But I do not show my true abilities since there is someone who is suppose to be the ace to I try to make them shine instead. We lose though. There is a hulky stud on the team I'm suppose to be in love with. He is mad that I am being emotional and not analytical in the sport. We play a couple more matches. Loses.

      MA transition

      So me and the guy we are trying to get away or something. It's like everyone else is an enemy. Everyone is trying to rid of eachother of sorts. I forget what exactly but we could absorb talents or knowledge with something. So we do.

      I am transferred into the body of a cat and we escape from the mob.We are going through long pathways that's kind of like the 2nd floor of a small. We absorb stuff from stores and whatnot. Eventually Does it become 3rd person? Strange stuff were absorbed and the MCs become like zombies. Just wanting to eat icecream. After eating icecream, they'd get a brain freeze, then eat icecream again,, then freeze... etc

      -memory of like a mall, perhaps team activities, sports, gaming team.


      Trouble recalling. About a man who creates clay children. Children made of clay.


      I am in a scientific lab. It's a large lab that could fit a hundred researchers and I'm one of the scientists there or something. The team leader is trying to figure out a way to improve the lab, to take it to the next level. He orders a super power supply thing that would power up an AI or Super computer that can take usto the next level. However there is trouble running it. Itt would take the power of the whole city or something to make it run.

      So I head out, going around the research building looking for a way to improve the situation with couple of others from the team. We do this for a while and look around rooms that kind of look like rooms from school.

      One friend, Alison, wants to buy some used supplys, equipments tools and etc... To move and use. I agree to help her and I want one of the equipments too, I think it'lll help our lab. So we begin moving the equipments.

      We move the equipments 3 times since the dream replays the scene 3 times. Perhaps we failed couple of times. But on one of the times, there was a evil fat and ugly blond guy. I just tell Alison he stole something from her and she kicks his butt. Lol. Sweet.

      But anyways we are still moving the equpment. What I'm moving is a somewhat antiquated electrical system or old computer that is about the size of a large bookshelf. We are moving the stuff through the building and putting them into different rooms throughout to each person who wanted them and eventually I get back to my lab.

      I'm moving the thing back to my staion and I see something marvellous. Large piping that could withstand the power supply going up into the supercomputer. Did it finally manage to solve the problem? It did. The super AI created a sort of milk, it had created it from stuff it had on hand and said it's the solution. No one dared to drink it though.

      So I went ahead and drank it. It tasted like milk, at first. But eventually it began tasting very metallic and battery like. It had an electrical tingle that numbed my tongue. It was so cool.

      DV Members as Animals-document-20-apr-2019-03_10_3.jpg

      After drinking the milk I transformed! I was magical. Lol. Maybe was researched.

      -memories of rooms in school, some people,
      -magical milk!

      Last couple of days I had some feeling of something big coming. A big change.

      I am noticing I am becoming more verbal in my dreams.

      I partook magical milk of omnilucidity! I am now magical!

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