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    1. A photo in the temple

      by , 04-17-2019 at 07:16 AM
      I saw a photo in a temple, it was put there by my uncle apparently, it was strange it looked as if he was treating the whole thing as his own, I didn't like it but couldn't say a word as it's none of my business. I took it to see and forgetting where exactly I took it from had a bad time remembering and putting it back. I went on and wrote on the ceiling my handmark, to let people know that I contributed to the place somehow, but then it looked as if I was dishonoring the place so I tried to remove the sign, but wasn't very successful.

      Whole thing was about being confused what's going on and what I am doing about it.
    2. Unbreakable car

      by , 04-17-2019 at 07:10 AM
      I am driving after my cousins car on an empty road, suddenly I am reeling away, I don't know why but the car now is on the roadside and I see some road posts but didn't notice in time to do something so I went over them and then... nothing I was continuing to drive, after a while we arrived at a weird car wash so I looked at tires and everything was whole and perfect, I wondered at it, but somehow it wasn't for me enough to ask if I am dreaming! ((
      Tags: driving
    3. Worm on the table

      by , 04-17-2019 at 07:05 AM
      I am eating something with meats and suddenly I get the idea that strings of it look like worms, and ... one of such start to move on front on me, on the table, I am scared to death because I am still eating a portion so I start taking it out from my mouth and those too start to move and a moment after I am looking at rain worms.

      It's heavily raining out there, maybe that gave me association. Also worms is one of my biggest fears in life.
      Tags: scared, worms
      non-lucid , side notes
    4. Few fun gamey dreams, good shadowwork

      by , 04-17-2019 at 04:44 AM
      pretty fun dreams. Likely many trace memories of long ago. Some recent. Caused likely by ngf. 4-5 days or afternoon? Rem rebound perhaps. Did good shadow work. Time to level up.

      Making snowman


      At a computer lab. I'm playing wc3 tournament or something. There are the big Chinese pros and my hot keys stop working. Call the guys over to fix.

      D lu
      Zombies in subways fighting them off. Meet a nice little girl she might be important part of subconscious feel close to her. I am lucid. I embrace her. There is a guy he approaches us. Get a little excited, worried about waking.

      The little girl might be part of me.

      Wake into FA. In subway waiting or on train. I'm a mess, false dream memory that I fell asleep here. Guy across tells me I got something on my face. Wipes.

      I meet some cool guy we hang around for an afternoon. We meet young king of a desert country. We hangout and I try to make him some sausages. He loves it but I think it can get better. Tells him to come back again nex time ill make better sausage.

      Fear of waking put me in FA. Just relax.


      I'm a character from a game, d2. I had modded items and they were bugged after patch.
      Something about scary plants that grew in desert, had to fight against them.

      Could be homeland of the king from last Dream. Memory of games long ago.

      I am traveling with my mom in car. It's downtown and the traffic is bad. I think about using a portal and how that would be much faster.

      Maybe just memories of how bad traffic is in downtown areas.

      Back to plot about desert plants i guess. I find a shrine, meet a light goddess(or spirit) of sorts. Who is granting me blessings.

      I go around to defeat orcs and other corrupted creatures.

      I discover a dungeon or hidden entrance. It is a shrine of a dark goddess. I suppose Sister of the other one. She gives me dark power. Realizes I have the other blessing and is ok with working together despite differences.

      I go to the light goddess and she is furious. Crimson with anger that I'm working with the dark. Dark one was nicer.


      Light and dark. Yin and yang. I wanted to learn about yin Yang fusion so could be incubated.

      Perhaps feelings about people who preach goodness without the actions


      Relax. I guess I didn't wake. But

      Try to be more aware just as awake. FA was too realistic visually though.

      Shadow work was super today. Expecting super results.


      Trying meditating sitting on bed.

      Always do shadow work.

      Always omnilucid!
    5. Enraged at the customs

      by , 04-17-2019 at 03:04 AM
      Following another dream, in which I was actively searching for my room in a weird housing building, I found myself passing customs at airport, or maybe it was just a general check, anyway, there was some officers, one of whom had found my hat that I didn't care about and lost somewhere earlier. He looked as if he found an evidence of my guilt against the country or something, when I made it clear how preposterous his allegations were, he went on to get some pages out of my personal journals (maybe he has intercepted the images or found torn out pages) and presenting them to me showing the words and phrases I have removed, as if to say, "I know you are at something nasty!", at that point I lost all tact and fear and started to yell at him that it's none of his business and I am free to do whatever I want in my notebook.

      It's a strange dream for me, because otherwise I am a timid person and more than often see dreams in which I am running from someone, feeling fear and worry (as I do IRL), so I woke up from that dream quite good, not feeling happy, but it had some sense of reassurance.

      Before that dream, I was wondering along some streets, which I have never seen IRL, as well as those places in dream above. I saw a few cars without front tires, I rationalized that thieves probably have stolen them because they are usually in a better condition than rear tires (I have no idea about whether that is actually true or not).

      The interesting thing about dreams, about which is written in ETWLD of Stephen LaBerge, is the absence of critical faculty, how easy do we rationalize absolutely stupid things! Then I thought remembering his dream sign categories that in my case it's clearly the Place that is different more than anything else. I am always dreaming about places which I have never seen in real life though in drems they seem to be mega familiar so I never question their reality. I have to concentrate on "Where I am" more to attain lucidity with some better results.
    6. A glitch in the Matrix...Cars meshed with horses

      by , 04-17-2019 at 02:32 AM
      15/04/2019 - Non lucid - Choline

      I was in the old west and using an old fashioned camera to take picutes through a window half way up an wooden stair way.
      The stairs had two turns leading to the top floor, the wood was stained pine wood or a dark colour. I took several pictures over what felt like a ten minute period of the street from above via the window, one set of stairs up on a short walk way.

      The photos came out quickly like a polaroid and where there were horses in the pictures they had cars or different types mixed in with them much like a computer glitch when you see a character sitting halfway in a chair or standing halfway through a wall.

      For some reason this depressed me a great deal (it broke the magic?) and I left the building. The dream merged into dreamless sleep.